warrenellis Inextricably linked with spring nights, in my head. From a long, long time ago. I wonder if you're still alive.


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terranaomi Tongue in cheek or not...hmmm....do normal people relate to the words of this song in a literal way?
mistersplice it's been stuck in my head for a couple days...now it's your turn:
mistersplice this song is from the other day, but I wanted it on my blipstream. later I will find another new song for you peeps.
mistersplice anthony perkins had a son. black is the color of a strangled rainbow. dearland is where these things converge. have some shampoo:
mistersplice I haven't found a worthy song in a few days, so here's one of my favorite new discoveries from 2008:
mistersplice what can one learn from a rock opera? this alternate meaning for rake: a fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous habits.
evablue mmm... thoughts of blue waters and beaches...
mistersplice the world was built on ego / it was built on slaves / the world was built on a tickle / between our legs (the darkness of mankind stirs in us all)
mistersplice one of these songs was the best in february, part 1: this is the von bondies and their perfect crime:
mistersplice one of these songs was the best in february, part 2: lily allen's right....everyone *is* at it:
mistersplice one of these songs was the best in february, part 3: emmy the great says "one man is the parachute and jack bauer is the knife that cuts the brake"
mistersplice one of these songs was the best in february, part 4: don't ask N.A.S.A. where they've been (way down):
mistersplice almost forgot to share a song today, so as a last minute choice I pick metric...better luck next time:
mistersplice "Never Goes" by Dear Reader: a (South African) song (is anyone listening to these?) from a few weeks ago (on *my* music clock)
mistersplice I always thought she was more exotic (non-American), but Mirah is from Portland. Mirah, I missed you. (Portland, I still miss you.)
mistersplice ♫ PJ Harvey & John Parish, take 2. Volunteer your soul for murder with PJ & JP and some Black Hearted Love:

Black Hearted Love

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urSkek My personal favorite version :)
mistersplice oops...missed a day or so. here's a completely random thing:
mistersplice blip was down for a bit: "Blip.fm Rebooting System... Please wait..." their machine is not immaculate, sound the alarms:
mistersplice *I don't wanna be down* I've been banished because of it, but the vitamins will save me soon.
ladypn Seen him run outside looking for a place to hide from his father, the kid half naked & said to myself what's the matter here?
DJVee Had this on my mind all day


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mistersplice not new Silversun Pickups, but new to me: I know what books are for / and I'd like to help myself // oh, you Booksmart Devil //
mistersplice Thanks for introducing me to this girl, urSkek. As she says, "this is a new one." -- it's also live. (& wtf is a "mexican wave"?)
mistersplice O+S: "it's not a New Life...it's the same old one, just different"

O+SNew Life

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mistersplice Silversun Pickups again? This time it's a new one and It's Nice To Know You Work Alone:
mistersplice "I'll be your why, your reason why" in the fields of paradise, "but only for tonight"
mistersplice Miss Li says, "I Heard of a Girl." I have not, however, heard of any girls though.
mistersplice (trying to catch up on the days of songs that I missed) here's the sound of hush with some bee gel:
mistersplice one of these songs was the best in february, part 5: couldn't find this one online before...
marisssa My current cheer-me-up song. 'Cause static electricity isn't all bad.
mistersplice "Pulse Conditioner" from Cougar, the masters of emergency rock. warning:this one is instrumental. (like...without vocals, not "important")
mistersplice oh, honeyhoney...here's a little something to get the morning started. (& I <3 this line: "shiny and black like shoes on a rat")
mistersplice a random song (with acid!) by one of my favorite (nuclear!) bands from 2008
mistersplice haven't found anything else from this nimble armada of foxes that I like, but this song...I dig it.
mistersplice I've been keeping my ear to the ground, but I haven't encountered very much new stuff to share...this will have to do.
mistersplice here's the unsigned California band Warpaint with "Elephant" (a song a day is so difficult)
terranaomi Heard this earlier today for the first time in a while and remembered how much I like it!


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mistersplice song I used to love, circa 2002: that "Torn" girl says, "I’m tired and I’m right / and I’m wrong / and it’s beautiful"
johncabrera This song is NOT for you. Okay? Seriously.
mistersplice it's el five-o de mayo(nnaise) so here is "Lady Jesus" (hay-soose) by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour
mistersplice maybe not "the best of all," but these bees certainly are thoughtful. ask ruby jean.
mistersplice another one from the same girl as earlier. not from her new album, but worth a listen because the message is *classic*
DJrainndietrichwilson GREAT NORTHERN! How is this not one of the biggest bands in the universe. New album explodes. Also check out this cool vid: http://tinyurl.com/q72vrr
mistersplice "and we danced all through the night..." (two.) there it goes again.
mistersplice oh no! I'm sorry to report that it's happening again! (three.)
mistersplice Dwight from the Office actually turned me on... to this band. & I dig 'em.
DJMaxPower The White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
DJMaxPower @musicfanmic: Great blip - gotta give you credit - been looking for that one too. (reblip)
johncabrera I'm blipping this for @michellemg who I'm sure will one day get an account at http://blip.fm
mistersplice you know the geeks? and the future? apparently the geeks were right.
mistersplice somehow I overlooked Cut Copy in 2008. this is a perfect example of why that was a mistake:
mistersplice Here's "Orchard" from the Honey Trees...the girl kinda sounds like one of the Eisley sisters.
mistersplice lie back and (listen to) Think of England. i(amx) just can't.
mistersplice "your body goes to waste every minute you don't give it to me" (woke up with Electric Six in my head...not this song though)
mistersplice she's cute, but why does she have a catapult? (just clean up after yourself and you'll never need to know)
DJMaxPower The Cardigans - My Favorite Game
mistersplice @kflay is el fuego & fucking owns this song. I wanna have her babies. or make a song with her. I can't decide.

MC Lars & YTCracker -- We Have Arrived (featuring K.Flay and the Former Fat Boys)

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mistersplice time for a cover song. some Australian guy, a guitar & "kids" from the artists previously known as the Management.
mistersplice I don't *only* listen to girls, see? this reminds me of something, but I can't place it.
mistersplice it's the dub version of Franz Ferdinand's "Turn it On"
mistersplice this recession even has established artists concerned about pennies. I'm more interested in *my* pennies.
mistersplice Here's some "Bitter" Placebo that has already expired (since can't find the songs that I like from the new album)
mistersplice time for some bluesiness. don't like this one as much as "Alone," but, really, how could it possibly compare?
mistersplice Now it's time for some culture. Can you say "Avramandole"? ...no? This song's for you then.
mistersplice this song randomly chose itself. & more reminiscence to come. can you believe me now?
mistersplice I didn't hate the *entire* decade. my #80s seems different than what normally gets referenced from back then though
mistersplice I guess today it's the #90s (with a slight nod to the 80s). more to follow.
mistersplice oops, I guess it's not time for the 90s yet. Here's another #80s track with specific memories attached to it.
mistersplice more #80s - though this one might not work for everyone. I like this best starting right about the 3 minute mark.
mistersplice A note upon my deskP.S.bring me home some #80s A video on the download-oh-Is that the best I can do?So came my reply:but on the desk is where I want U
mistersplice back to the #90s - I <3 the girl who sings for her supper. ...even though there's no reason to even remember her now.
mistersplice kickin' it middleskool to wake up your Sunday.
mistersplice "companionship is where you find it / so I take what I can get" guess how I feel today.
mistersplice if he didn't hate me I could relate: "no one laughs at God in a hospital / no one laughs at God in a war"
mistersplice remember God...y'know, from the previous song? well... "this goes out to dirty dancing cursing back masking backslidden pastor's kids"
mistersplice Dance with me. I like to disco. Clap your hands if you want some more. Cuteness.
mistersplice it's been a long time: the quality on this recording is low, but I really dig this track.
mistersplice another spektor: "they marched along the railroad tracks / and smiled real wide for the camera lenses"
mistersplice I picked out this song specifically for you. No, not you. :: sighs :: *You* That's right, you.
terranaomi Oh my god I love this song. Best thing on the radio right now. So good that I can't actually believe it's ON the radio!
mistersplice can't say I was a fan post-Thriller, but I wouldn't want to live in a world where Michael Jackson had never existed.

Say Say Say

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brianwood This is the sort of song that gave me story ideas for projects like Demo and Local
mistersplice "Ghetto Love" by ( http://bit.ly/18esN5 ) I have got to get me some of that. (...to use the vernacular)
marisssa I don't cook and I don't clean. But laundry? I'm all over it.
mistersplice "I guess I keep on gamblin', lots of booze and lots of ramblin' / It's easier than just..."
marisssa There's a payphone on the corner.


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mistersplice "you blink when you breathe and you breathe when you lie...you blink when you lie"
mistersplice This was the song in my head when I woke up this morning.
mistersplice This was the song in my head when I woke up yesterday.
mistersplice this is the song that has been in my head from the moment of wakefulness until the current moment.
mistersplice my girl Blasko knows me better than I know myself and she's written my current theme song.
mistersplice maybe it's just the instincts that I inherited from my werewolf ancestor, but I'm digging this. "Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers"
mistersplice my eyes might be bright, "but me I'm not a gamble..."
mistersplice "you stuck back in the day, but homie it's 2009 / every thought you think is a seed you plant that grows within your mind"
mistersplice "you know you're my queen of hearts" (you might recognize the voice if you know plenti about international police organizations)
mistersplice 3 specific songs on this album *& this song* were the perfectly perfect soundtrack for my drive home from the cuddle party. <3 <3 <3
johncabrera Whoa, of COURSE I'm the bitch of the bitches! Thank you for reminding me of that @ainodeluca! (reblip)
mistersplice "Dance Little Liar" hasn't been ported to the intertubez yet, so here's a little game that I like to call...
gina702 Tell me this song doesn't put a smile on your face "Bad Things"
mistersplice The mouse was modest, but the rat was king. And what about the fish? Well, they sailed the seas...people-ing.
mistersplice tonight: http://bit.ly/q4q1M and a couple of other yeahs shall drip with alchemy ...for my benefit. rawr.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Roll"

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mistersplice she makes single-person symphony seem so simple. just about as impressive as KT Tunstall and her loop pedal, but with strings :D
mistersplice I swear to god, in this light and on this evening, this song's become the best Editors thing indeed
mistersplice don't you realize...I long for your lips? let's crash into the stars. or something.
mistersplice Jay-Z & his various and extensive collection of yeah, 'sup, I'm ready, c'mon, what'sup & uh-huh comments can't even ruin this, but ohgod, he tries
mistersplice I just found a song from a Cadillac commercial that I had forgotten all about...it's totally "metal"
mistersplice A song to listen to while we crash rockets into the moon: http://bit.ly/26wwFI - impact time: 7:31:19 EDT, 4:31:19 PDT
mistersplice kinda outdated, but totally groovy. goodnight, tweeterville.
mistersplice you kinda can't go wrong with Jimi, most times. even when there's too much confusion and you can't get no relief.
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