Apple_chic Aye g'night @Arth and indeed blipstars in general. Be safe bleeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Apple_chic Whores freaks saints and angels. All beautiful. All dangerous.

Whores, Freaks, Saints and Angels : Dirty Beatniks

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Apple_chic Yay. Am glad you had a good one @toobad. Tis getting a bit brrrrrrrrrrrrrr down here now, but the sailing is lush! :) Welcome back! ;)

BentMagic Love

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Apple_chic Whoop. Blips, squeaks n hops this is Monday
TheRealFLUIDITY :~) Consider it picked! What up? @Yan: "need to pick up some unknown prophets" ♫ Unknown Prophets ft. Slug - Never #WhatHipHopIs #RealHipHop (reblip)
ZOEBOE ah sum DnB for my Wed morn rb--> @DjMANOTAS (what up!) (reblip)
AlyG okay i've gotta go acquire some lunch. starrrrvvvved.
AlyG we're understaffed today so i spent some time on the floor and sold a bunch...busy = relief/good. plus i had the perfect customer. (reblip)
thegoddess and good to be seen @everythingispop [Paul Westerberg - Seein' Her]
RHYTHMjunkie reBLIP@Nymph: "getting sleepy too." (reblip)

Moon Pulls / múm (unofficial)

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WIGSTA oldie but a goodie


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craftygal out of props early for @megg & new-to-me@JBradley35 - follow, kids - it's not been a disappointing morning.

The Love Language soundcheck Lalita in Brooklyn's Bell House

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craftygal i can't decide if i love or hate jemina.
blinkstwice Thanks to Beirut, I'm finally enjoying my iPod again...

New Beirut video- Postcards from Italy. Director Alma Har'el

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RHYTHMjunkie I was reblipping this and you beat me to it rb@ShesAllWrite: "Via @dochugo ~ The Radio Dept. – Always A Relief" (reblip)

Coldplay -- Lovers in Japan Lyrics

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RHYTHMjunkie Ok @ShesAllWrite -@DependableSkeleton has the right idea just the wrong songs - This song has been scientifically tested with a demographic algorithm.
AlyG rb@Cosmix: "Ah-ah-ah-ah!@antenaweb there he is! Hola Buenas!Que tal?" (reblip)

Passion Pit-Little Secrets (Manners)

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LisaWorld @chiride: "I've always love this song" (reblip)


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RHYTHMjunkie reBLIP@ladypn: "Hey sweet @ambit! Its Dance Friday! Nothin' will chill ya like moving on the dance floor. Join me! ;) " (reblip)

Cold Play-Viva La Vida (Lyrics)

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ZOEBOE It's 10/23 - 4:16PM in SF.-> what were u doing at this exact moment in 93?
ZOEBOE @bendrix why don't I show u instead? This is right about where I was sitting..I had a perfect view. It was a great show :)

PAUL VAN DYK "For An Angel"

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Mt Eden Dubstep : Mirage (HD Processing)

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ZOEBOE @jambands Peace & love (Jay Dee love since it's Friday ;) ) 2 you too! So HAPPPPPPPY it's Friday!
1001queen yeah you right@GR8FL ,she's here @nvaquero hi sweetheart =)
ZOEBOE BHAHAHA! OMG ty so much 4 the laff! U made my day!That's an awe-sum outfit! rb-->@jambands: "$ZOEBOE hmmm not sure might be the mustard man again ha" (reblip)
AlyG i just got an apology letter from someone and i'm wondering why she even bothered...i hate apologies like that..."i'm sorry, but..." ridiculous.

Twenty Zero One (Electric Master Remix)

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Apple_chic Ooh I hope it goes ok lovely! @tannyt. Has been ace to see/hear you too! :)
Apple_chic Ooh. @tannyt is here too! What a treat. Hope you and the littl'un are ok ladyshapes :D

Imogen Heap The Walk

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Apple_chic Quit job, split up with boyfriend, moving house!! @DaHilster. It's all go in Kernow. Hope things are good in England! :)
Apple_chic is probably something of a One Trick Pony actually. Contrary to Nelly's lyrics.
AlyG hahaha nooooothing...i'm just as guilty of tearing up too. (reblip)
ZOEBOE @DjRustik Don't you flying babies and half naked girl for them to land on? ->
djilo Loved this kitten. Thanks! :* @ZOEBOE: ":} sumthin soulful for @djilo @nuffced " (reblip)

N'dambi 'Soul From The Abyss'

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fugees - wyclef jean - stayin alive

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ffluxx Missy Elliott ft. Timbaland – Pass Da Blunt - rb@CargoCulte: "@honeygirl ;)" Good Ole Missy! Thanks! (reblip)
ffluxx Ini Kamoze – World A Music
ffluxx Common - Heat ---- it has been a bloody hot day ... too much heat ....


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ffluxx DJ Sneak – You Can't Hide From Your Bud
ffluxx EPMD ft. LL Cool J – Rampage Pete Rock Remix
ffluxx Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (Donovan Remix)
ffluxx Rechenzentrum – Absent Minded - @LYRIC Hello there sweet : ) Nice to see you too!
AlyG @GarlandGrey: "@secretlycrafty "I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear." Now THAT is a line." (reblip)

Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

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ZOEBOE Great Friday to be in SF... Free lunch today, the sun is out and I'm HOPING I get to sneak out early..

"San Francisco Anthem" ft San Quinn, Big Rich & Boo Banger

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ZOEBOE Yes he did make everything better, didn't he?
djilo Ok, I'm gonna go chill out after that last session :P Thanks for all the fun @LYRIC@DJs_Choice@romanus
djilo Luv (Sic) (Modal Soul remix)
djilo Stumbled onto this. Haven't listened to the rest, but I think this is ILLie! Check it :) @ZOEBOE@Thnikkaman@bduubz@DjMANOTAS@WIGSTA

COOLEST BREAKBEAT MIX EVER!:Disfunktionality Volume 2 Part1 (2008)

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ZOEBOE gotta reblip this one :) rb--->@Thnikkaman: "Feeling nostalgic today." (reblip)

A Tribe Called Quest- Lyrics to Go

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black sabbath-children of the grave

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ffluxx Massive Attack – Daydreaming ---- My Time Is Up. Thanks everybody! : ) See U all later!
ffluxx Deee-Lite – What Is Love [Holographic Goatee Mix] - rb@Atomik: "What Is Love?" --- Brings back good memories : ) (reblip)
ffluxx Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood [12" Version] --- @Atomik dude I love you for this!!! Thanks!
steno "...ladies and gentlemen..."

Tosca - Chocolate Elvis Dubs - 04 - Rocker's Hi Fi Vocal Version

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ZOEBOE thought about getting "made in china" tatooed on my behind..kinda like those cute little plastic cupie dolls. rethought that idea.
ZOEBOE @KiahBoo16 for your love theme. JUMP for my love LIVE Pointer Sisters! ------------->

Pointer Sisters- Jump (for my love)-Live

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Pink Floyd-Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part VIII-IX

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Pink Floyd-Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part VI-VII

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Pink Floyd-Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part I-II-III

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ffluxx Thievery Corporation – Facing East
ffluxx Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Juxx Remix)
ffluxx Prince – Gotta Stop (Messin' About) --- @LYRIC : )
ffluxx Les Rythmes Digitales – Jacques Your Body --- @LYRIC thank you for that lovely gift : )
ffluxx Doctor Rockit – Cafe De Flore - Hhm can't sleep : ( .... rb@LYRIC vi@bendrix Hi! Love this downtempo track : ) (reblip)
gohardndapank Too Short – Shake That Monkey
whak Why haven't I heard this 'chill out' music before?!
AlyG haha kind of like last night. i wish today would disappear for me...there is still SO much left. i'm ready to snuggle with my bunny.
MapleLeaves so long kiddos... maybe i'll see you at my show tonight at The Smiling Moose... maybe i won't. either way, loud-ass rock is on tap.

The Black Keys 'Same Old Thing' Live @ Abbey Road

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AlyG i don't know how to describe it other than i get the same feeling when i'm's so fun. i think you would like it. (reblip)
AlyG never been on a horse?!?!? hollllly mollllly. it's my favorite. well. that's an exaggeration but i used to ride a lot when i was younger. love it. (reblip)
AlyG @nastysurprise72 WHAT?!?! that's worse than when my parents told me there was no santa!!!good thing i carry around a strap on horn.oh that sounds bad. (reblip)
djilo Nice!! @retiredprodigy: "@djilo - i'm in amsterdam :)))))" Maybe @ZOEBOE can hook up with you. I think she's flying out today. :) (reblip)
djilo Dutch Rhythm Combo - Come On (Sket remix)
djilo Ate One – Love Thang

Gang Starr Code Of The Streets

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pagemac damn typos.. @RandyElliott how are you @Happy4U

Too Young To Love (Delorean Remix)

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Daniel Merriweather "Change" (feat. Wale)

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djilo David Morales - Needin' U
H2theC indeed it does @CrimespreeJon: "Feels like a Split Enz afternoon" (reblip)

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher

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ffluxx so nice ..... rb@LYRIC: " Whatever U do, do it with Passion~ words 2 live by :)" <--- Hello! So nice to c u. : ) (reblip)
ffluxx eventually everything will start to work ---> rb@chiron08 [Von Haugwitz – Nakisch (Original Mix)] thx! (reblip)
ffluxx rb@LYRIC: " methinks that @ffluxx TheFantastical will dig this (Rhythm & Sound – Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive Remix) w/ Jah Cotton) too ;) <-- I do :) (reblip)
ZOEBOE hehe funny I was just listening 2 this cd this weekend rb-->@Thnikkaman: "Remember how good this one is? #ZOEBOE" (reblip)
MapleLeaves i'm off to dig District 9 'cause i heart sci-fi... i also heart this track immensely... surprise b*tches... thought you had me pegged didn'tcha?
TenseIntense "badadam badadadadam - everybody now!"

Headphones on your Heart

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ffluxx old skool nighmares brought to you by rb@chiiQ: "Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath" <--- Hi! : ) (reblip)
djilo Kyle Watson – Doubting You (Tom EQ Trust Mix)
djilo GusGus – Moss (Greg Churchill Remix)
djilo Richard Murray & Paul Deighton ft. Kaysee – Set Me Free (Jedset Freedom Wanted Remix)
RHYTHMjunkie Great nature slides with this ambient beat


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DJ Premier in Deep Concentration

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MissM773 uh oh! rock it girl :) @MelBee: "rockin' the blips 2day...props 2 @JAE82 & @MissM773" (reblip)

Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock It Takes Two

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MissM773 rb@MelBee: "Pleasure principle - correction it's "Ms. Jackson" if ur nasty lol thanks Nicky" (reblip)
calamari #nowplaying Little Dragon - Twice (The lead singer's voice is awesome. Reminds me of Esthero)

BOY GEORGE The Crying Game

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SomeMoSir I will carry you...

Citizen Cope 'Hurricane Waters'

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thegoddess [A.C. Newman - The Palace at 4AM]
calamari @melodyofyourlife Hey!!! Yeah, I started at a new job that's super busy. So lately, I've only been on blip late at night after work. :)
ishibutsu RB@NotDrugs: " don't sleep." (reblip)
SomeMoSir epic.

Sia- Breathe Me (Mylo Remix)

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honeygirl how did i miss this?! RB! @CFallerRun: "This song came on the radio today. Bleeped out of course, yet EVERYONE knows all the words. Amirite?" (reblip)
BluJulius must make for heaviness in the shower being@never_nude ;) (reblip)
ladypn Sorry, I crashed it on the way to Baskin Robins rb@ShiaoMei: "..@iMickeyD@DeAnn ..Where's the BUS?!!!?@Fortharrison, @BarbieRay..or @TidyCat?? !!?!?!" (reblip)
BluJulius where would i be without my baby<3@Lingerie_Girl xXx

Put It On Me (Explicit)

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BluJulius u play good tunes!;)@Jaxtraw12: "@droolius: "rB! Thanks 4 listening and welcome to My listeners list.........although I can't tell you why!" (reblip)
nastysurprise @HardCandi I'm frustrated by my inability to give you props. OOP.
austincityslacker Smooth enough to finish the night. Have a good weekend :)
austincityslacker Is Lindsey Buckingham my favorite guitar player? This song makes a very strong case. (reblip)
TheRealFLUIDITY I am trying to cram some time into a jug! Doesn't work as well as a bottle. @sir_edward_ross: "RB @TheRealFLUIDITY: "Jim Croce – Time In A Bottle"" (reblip)
djilo Nice one baby girl =) RB@ZOEBOE: "I know a girl from a lonely street...cold as ice cream but still as sweet.." (reblip)
RHYTHMjunkie Are you realy heer or half hear? 1st listen reBLIP@space_cadet: @arcticarab, pretty. (reblip)
RHYTHMjunkie rb@space_cadet: "I'm thinking about being here... :) @InKiostroBianco: "space_cadet you're not here !!!"" (reblip)
Apple_chic i need those little words

Ginuwine-Ride My Pony

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ladypn What a great track! Thank you & rb@makinitrite: "Heaven" (reblip)


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ladypn I knew, cuz I've been there before... Thank you for the reblip @Daeflyn!: "@ladypn: "Jem – It's Amazing"" (reblip)
Annimallover Was a better version of this- was our prom theme....Photographs & Memories The GREAT Jim Croce
honeygirl i'm all about the herbal! ;)@DJLOPZ: "@CargoCulte @honeygirl Oh there's other types of therapy? " (reblip)
1001queen MAAS – Look at me now,Falling (I-Cube simple mix)
honeygirl OF COURSE! blaze it up!@mairsplaylist: "packing it now...hope you're around...xo@honeygirl" (reblip)
Tylerc230 KInda like this version better actually and the video is hilarious.
ZOEBOE Time to go drown my beer and good seafood. Hear ya later :)
ZOEBOE It was all a dream.I used to read Word Up magazine..
honeygirl whoa! very nice @MsButterzworth ! ;) "Niiiiiiiiiiice makes me wanna salsa! #dillafriday " (reblip)
by_starla [Trespassers William-Broken]

"Broken" by Trespassers William

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ZOEBOE Reblip time! rb--> @aktovoir: "More hotness from Blu" (reblip)
Apple_chic Dark and lovely. Oh my. Could I love this anymore?!?!?
Apple_chic Rbing @Cod. This is wicked. How the devil are you Sir? x (reblip)
Apple_chic RBing@Gregdtc - Tomorrow never comes until it's too late! (reblip)
Apple_chic Aw @donkeyrapist. You still got man flu? You need some sea air! All feel betters, lemons and honey atcha. x.x.

Passion Pit Visual Mix

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lafabrock They're loud and messy. They make their own kind of electro music. They're from UK & they're gonna saturate your ears// @Mysterymix @djwttw @chiron08
lafabrock rb@GERK: "WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane (Kasper Björke Remix)" (reblip)

WhoMadeWho "Keep Me In My Plane" Kasper Björke Remix

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lafabrock These californians rockers have a dirty noisy lo-fi sound ! Love it !

WAVVES- "so bored"

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michael sembello Automatic Man マイケル センベロ

| play
ZOEBOE Special gig eh?? Sounds fun! Guess you'll have to call in sick on Friday @Corts ;)
ZOEBOE Röyksopp is playing tomorrow night..hmmm..
ladypn Great addition to "L"! Thanks @jmaquino: "a suggestion with "L" for @ladypn" (reblip)

The Doors Love Me Two Times

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ladypn Thanks@backtoback!: "letter "L" for @ladypn" (reblip)

Lionel Richie Lady

| play
ladypn Absolutely, keep them coming@backtoback! All are welcome to add to the "L" parade! ;) : "do you want me to send these @ladypn" (reblip)
thegoddess [Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance]
fullmetallotus intellect and long vision


| play
fullmetallotus good at being what he's not
SheLuvsHipHop You are the lifesaver, don't leave us! #prayforguru
fullmetallotus until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation
fullmetallotus if it's love that you're running from, there is no hiding place
Apple_chic GORGEOUS. As are all of you! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmity Pie RB vi@Blippo: "Paradise Circus ... for my blipfam @estrogen @Apple_chic @LYRIC & @bendrix" xxxxx (reblip)
Apple_chic Dance dance dance my pretties. I'm going to drink wine and watch a film with real people!! (reblip)
Apple_chic Cheers @bankaiAP. Saw the Easy Star All Stars w/ Horace Andy @ Glastonbury last year. This is a sweet cover. Also for @solid_au, whom I always miss!
Apple_chic Allo love @CargoCulte. How's the springtime comin' on Oregon way?
Apple_chic How are you? @Arth? I have been distracted by life n ting and missed my blippity blips! How's Meg-rah?
fullmetallotus everything is real i see

Nas.feat.Jadakiss/made you look REMIX

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Apple_chic hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha. This is possibly as good as this video
Apple_chic Wow tulips! It must be spring! @anjuscha! I love this track, but it lodges in my head for days on end. For you! ;) x
Apple_chic inspired by @Thnikkaman's blip for his wife and sweet piece for @sweet_energy. also this one reminds me of lovely @Blippo. Hugs for you all
fullmetallotus i'm so grateful that you are here.

Raphael Saadiq "Staying In Love" LIVE from AB, Brussels 10.18.09

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fullmetallotus someone there to stand behind you when your world ain't working right

Feist- Inside and Out

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Tylerc230 These guys are from japan
fullmetallotus i read horrors and books written by forbidden government authors


| play
ffluxx 4Hero – Hold It Down ... another version
by_starla [Them - I Can Only Give You Everything]
by_starla [of Montreal - Days (Kinks)] @the_night_manager-not sure if you have heard this cover....
franfer all the people i love are drunk
franfer @TwizzleSG so fly i feel like i'm skydiving
fullmetallotus feeling well: fargo

Big Sean "Supa Dupa Lemonade"

| play
fullmetallotus absolutely no reflection

Robin Thicke The stupid things

| play
fullmetallotus gravity's my enemy


| play
Tylerc230 I like this song. I don't know why. Relaxing. (reblip)
SheLuvsHipHop home for the day, my bestie just has her baby, today is a beautiful day <3
franfer @solid_au almost sounds like didge >> or one of these (what are they called??) (reblip)
franfer hungry! out to get some brekkie, laters blippaz
franfer perfect packing music, for me: feel like throwing everything up in the air
ZOEBOE @bendrix not sure if you've heard this, but it's Yukimi (and can ALWAYS be played again):}
fullmetallotus thanks to @Saptosa135th i got a late pass on "welcome to mali." greatness.


| play
iceblink Trying to expand my Hot Chip repetoire.
Brizza @SmoothBabyhead: "I had no idea this existed." Neither did I, who knew the Vandals were prophets. (reblip)
ffluxx Michael Jackson – Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix) --- The last one.. Going into weekend mode. Thanks everyone. PEACE! (reblip)
fullmetallotus not to mention: smelled good, looked dope.

Got To Give it Up Aaliyah & Slick Rick

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Ever Fallen In Love-Nouvelle Vague

| play
franfer Where we at - a souvenir for Keith and for Jason who aren't on Blip but should get on it soon, not too uptempo for this time of day ;) #musicmonday
bduubz goodnight

Bah Samba & Isabel Fructuoso _ Calma

| play
salleegal Sly and the Family Stone --If you want me to stay

Hott 22 Before I Let You In

| play
franfer end of my blipnight, enjoy the rest of yours everybody
ffluxx Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix) --- inspired by @byAMTstudio
ffluxx Fela Kuti – 5 Billy Jean R2 Rendered 1-22
ffluxx Michael Jackson – Human Nature ... @Blippo @anjeee @BohemianChick so sad (T_T)
JonReedofJonERPcom Another pop classic from the "Off the Wall" album.
ffluxx Michael Jackson – Rock With You --- May you rest in peace. Thanks for the wonderful music....
MapleLeaves nice. @karnevil: "this is one of them eternal songs" (reblip)
ffluxx The Karminsky Experience – Departures ----> Must leave .... Thanks everyone. PEACE!
ffluxx Una Mas Trio – Clear As Water (Mo'Horizons Restyle)
mtdanielson If you grew up in the 80's it is impossible to ignore the influence and pure power of Michael Jackson...
ffluxx The Stone Roses – Fools Gold
ffluxx Goldfrapp – Happiness --- @LYRIC @Atomik @GR8FL --- Let's enjoy little things in life creating Happiness ----- Last one ... for now ... Thanks


| play
ffluxx Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) --- @Atomik I couldn't agree more
ffluxx Prince & The Revolution – Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) -- RB@DubFreakz: This = brilliant and 2 think this = a B side THX! (reblip)
ffluxx Prince & the Revolution – Darling Nikki --- Something just snapped and made me go back to eighties ....
ffluxx Prince – Cream (Hot Trax Extended) <--- Have U heard dis 1 B4?
ffluxx Rockwell – Somebody's Watching Me -- RB@Bobbin: "at one time everything he went near was gold. " <--- Haven't heard this one in ages. Thanks! (reblip)
ffluxx Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Instrumental Remix by DJ Demtone) ---- Good Day Peeps!

don't stop till you get enough (Michael Jackson) remix instrumental Dj Demtone

| play
ffluxx Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Remix) --- @Blippo @LYRIC
ffluxx Arrested Development – People Everyday
rguimaslima Remember me so happy times @Gen22 @b_s_lynn ; ) @ocliao @jong @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @olgaduarte thxs 4 props & to listen friends !!!
Huich_ This remix is even better than Justice one... In my personal opinion!
Terryjack Dragons live forever, but not so little boys, painted wings make way for other toys, one day Jackie Paper came no more....
franfer From the upcoming Herbaliser's new album, what do you think of it? ( @thatmanandy pop by my office, i've got the mp3)
franfer night to thefunkybunch @tometty @nuffced, laters everybody
franfer @AnitaBreakSoon --- haha! def not

Dangerdoom- Old school (feat. Talib Kweli)

| play
Request_Line I'm hearing "Rosanna" in those drums... ;) Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Fool In The Rain

| play
AlyG yeah...i love it. it's pretty perfect. i am more about rain than sun...@A_Quiet_End...perhaps my personality...hmmmm. (reblip)
missmoony goodbye, apartment... until we meet again.
franfer this is the last time you hear me, i'm out now - in a hurry.. but had to find the time for at least one blip
bduubz @kooi dude, i'd settle for thursday - long weekend, w00t
franfer did i already blip this one yesterday? not sure, but who cares
franfer nice (imo :))

Platinum Pied Pipers- I got you ft (Tiombe Lockhart)

| play
bduubz @bendrix @LYRIC last one for now - have a good night / day!


| play
ffluxx Grant Agent – The Jig Is Up -- RB@Deesound: "(::) ..." OOP ... as usual :D (reblip)
frenchy_rjp music: OldSkool, still funky!! Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World - wiki
dj_AM You got it ;) @whistlin_indie: "expect to hear a lot more from Pet Ghost Project; join facebook group for them here:" (reblip)
dj_AM LOVELY acoustic version: Metric - Help I'm Alive
djilo Had to reblip this b4 I left. Great vid! Thanks :) Barry White & Don Cornelius are so cool =) @Kingsalien: "Barry White – I've Got So Much To Give" (reblip)
franfer for u @thatmanandy mash of night & sirens & ...spiderman :D haha, it's cheesy :D

Benga & Coki Dizzee Rascal-Night Si

| play
Barbarellalala AAARGH, I go crazy... Need. More. Iggy. Beautiful spaces...

Iggy PopSweet 16

| play
Stereopathic Newest tune from J Tillman (drummer for Fleet Foxes) recorded by very good friend of Stereopathic, Kory Kruckenberg (
Jacidbazz [♫ Talib Kweli – This Is It ♫] Doin' good thx @Ashakur - had a day off blip and caught up on some work ;-)
Jacidbazz [♫ Capleton – Danger Zone ♫]
Jacidbazz [ Slum Village – Hold Tight Feat. Q-Tip ]
Jacidbazz @nuffced - Damn, this is DOPE! And yeah, that J.Period mixtape blew my mind when it came out. Awesomeness. (reblip)
rafaellosso Here's what we should be doin' sittin on the dock of the bay... (reblip)

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

| play
rafaellosso Happiness is a warm laptop.
Jacidbazz [♫ Casiopea - Promenade ♫]

Casiopea - Material - 09 - Promenade

| play
DCMikado Wasn't on blip. Now it is. Enjoy kids.