mmemaledicta (A Lily - Leanna Is a Quiet Meow) @5easypieces wow, 99 degrees in NYC? You're right, that's too hot.
mmemaledicta I wrap myself in hematite, and just try not to get caught by them. If they catch me, they suck me dry. they lure with favors. It isn't ever worth it.
mmemaledicta love this band. keyboard is swirling. too much benadryl is a hallucinogen, apparently. can't work like this. the song's title translates:10:14
mmemaledicta Is there a trend amongst dream/gaze bands of naming the band after the 1st names of the male&female founding members? that's so lame.
mmemaledicta chère France: pourquoi est-ce que le rock meilleur vient `a France? Le réponse: parce que le plus de meilleur choses viennent toujours `a France.
mmemaledicta wise words: never let your antique bike into the undercarriage of a regional bus, if you can help it. I had 2 rebuild my nexus hub bc of that today.
mmemaledicta it must have dawned on an entire segment of bands, that joy division was really awesome. some people hate the "we're the next JD" movement, I love it.
mmemaledicta I have missed this sound, the sound of dynamic deep bass lines and singers monotonously waxing poetic. The hymns of my youth...and yours?
mmemaledicta deep, irresistible craving for matzo brei. Why? I have no idea.
mmemaledicta now, more than ever, I need something upbeat. going on break in exactly 30 seconds.
calamari If you haven't heard of Mew yet, then click on this Blip. You won't be disappointed.


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dmonner They're back for a second US tour this fall!
dmonner @mmemaledicta: Tour dates at -- You better believe I'm gonna be at that DC show.


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mmemaledicta #monolith I seriously never get sick of this song. Reminds me of Rogue Wave, whom I also love.
mmemaledicta makin: chickie schnuggets n' hangin' with a friendo. thanks to Blip support for the clarification on HTML entities! ☠♥
serks aller a la maison d'ete, peut-etre manger certains moulin rouge...... oui bien sur.


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mmemaledicta making a tea to hopefully cause me some relief. My whole physiognomy is out of balance, and I want it to just be OK again.
mmemaledicta I really like this particular song, but the jury is still out on the band. They sound enough like J&M chain that I am inclined to like them.
mmemaledicta The thing that sucks about looking for this band is that their name can be spelled a bunch of dialectic ways, and abbreviated, making a search hard.
mmemaledicta going on break, back in few...yes, I was working this whole time (as per the usual).
mmemaledicta it must be getting ready to pour rain on us here. I'm too young to be riddled with arthritis, yet I am, and one can trust my aching internal barometer
mmemaledicta @pixelbrazil: welcome! I too ♥ metric, you love the little symbols as much as I do. Automatic cool-points.
mmemaledicta finally, the song I love off of War Stories is here again :)
mmemaledicta this is so good, it makes it worth it to listen to their music through a one-ear headset in a loud cafe,though their music is so dynamic, that's hard.
mmemaledicta I made a bad decision not eating until 7 pm today. Now I'm sorry.
mmemaledicta I got some good news this week. confusing and mysterious problems solved. it's a good thing.
mmemaledicta I can't wait to finish this and go to bed.
mmemaledicta @jeff: hey, thanks! We're happy to have a dumpling, and I'm glad ppl seem to like the blips!
mmemaledicta I just noticed that I acquired the 1k mark while I was too preoccupied to notice! What an honor! Thanks blipsters!
mmemaledicta @icreatethings: thanks! Took out my headphones for a moment, and the postpunk BS they were playing was over, and this song was playing. Love it.
mmemaledicta @clarkowitz: Thanks, and also to you! In other news, isn't it a shame that we can't just hijack Sarcoszy and make him president here???
mmemaledicta My friend, loaswearargyle, on LJ, says that this is what fall sounds like. Those of us in the know, we know he's always right.

Shayo Records - In Gowan Ring - Hazel Steps

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DareToEatAPeach @mmemaledicta Funny, there are so many songs I adore and so few of them I would even describe as "beautiful" (this is one).
calamari War Tapes are playing at the Fillmore here in San Francisco this Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!!
aleph_null Going to where the milfs are at.
mmemaledicta I love this band for their greatness, but I also love them as a linguist, b/c an American English speaker might not believe they're singing in English
mmemaledicta @TheSun: no, if that were the case, I could grip the TA's heart and certianly get an A, being a writer and linguist by trade, but alas, only technical
DareToEatAPeach new music. @emmaru Is the Belmont on Friday a hotel party or a crash-landing pad post party? (think you missed this 1st time I asked)
mmemaledicta I feel very alone in my views on just about everything, but mama always said that rebellion was a lonely road.
mmemaledicta @lunarboy: yes, currently stationed at GMT-7 in Boulder, Colorado. nursing a vicious headache in a dim computer lab.
mmemaledicta alright blipsters, this might be the last blip for now - see you all later on.
mmemaledicta I am afraid that this is what I'll have to say about every question on that test I took today. Quantum chemistry in a remedial class. Sing it Prof.
mmemaledicta @ZachsMind: maybe not cancer, but possibly public humiliation XD LOL! (I am groovin' to that remix in my figurative music closet - A LOT!)
mmemaledicta this isn't fair. I looked at my grades, remedial chem class. a's and b's on homework and quizzes, an f on the test. Avg was in the 60's. WT...?
mmemaledicta hey look, @clarkowitz, it's a beautiful piece of modern classical. discovered that I own this the other day. How it passed me - I'll never know.
mmemaledicta This is actually what I was looking for when I found the Zapp version. Still laughing.
mmemaledicta I don't like Moby (I know, peeps say: "what???") but I love Mimi Goese, the guest on this song, former frontwoman of Hugo Largo.
devobrain Another band that has got some serious shoegaze chops.
brandyflare This is a great song. I like it A Lot!
mmemaledicta I heard this song (weirdly) for the first time today in a cafe. now guess: man or woman singing?
stepsix Recently signed to Fat Cat Records, quite possibly my new favorite label. Its been quite a year for them...
mmemaledicta wow, I know NOTHING about this band. but I'd like to. someone knows something. Enlighten me?
davidwatts1978 and thats me, good night pop-pickers, bliptastic
mmemaledicta discovered by accident. And what a delightful accident! I think they call it "serendipity":
by_starla @rebolado ok, i'm really going to sleep now-- but was just listening to this song, and it was so peaceful i wanted to send it to you. :)
loumartins Sabe saudades da infância? Então, é isso...
mmemaledicta I think about bands like this one - e.g.: chameleons UK, Danse Society, Chapterhouse...and I wonder: why didn't they become super-huge?
JustinThiele Could this band name and song title be any longer!?!? LOL! I haven't listened to Trail of Dead in awhile. I should check out their newer stuff!
80sAirwaves 80s Music ~ Now Playing: Siouxsie & The Banshees - Halloween (1981)
stepsix Opening track off their 5/2008 release
mmemaledicta @newwaveclassics, if 1k listeners, u ought to CELEBRATE. Stuart Smalley would tell u:"y'r good enough y'r smart enough and doggone it, people like u!"
mmemaledicta I had forgotten how good ME is, since the media and advertising has butchered the crap out of Melt With You...good to remember again.
mmemaledicta @www: I speak French, so I can *sorta* decipher some spanish. What I can translate is really nice :) so thank you!
mmemaledicta forgot to get a present for a family member's wedding tomorrow - so were off to "stupor target"... a bientot
mmemaledicta oh totally! sm1 UL'd it! WOO! (*still gonna sit in back*)
mmemaledicta ok, @RealtorLefebvre, now you're not even the neighbor of the beast. Kyrie Eleison! :D and you're welcome!
davidwatts1978 shout out to Nmarie and his great music collection, get yourself on blip
by_starla @CargoCulte have you heard this? i uploaded it the other day--i am amused by the way they sound like they are about to wind down completely.
mmemaledicta @by_starla, I hope the time difference wears off for you :)) and I too, love autumn. Too bad almost all the leaves have fallen!
mmemaledicta I can't believe I forgot how much I absolutely adore this song! I really do.
mmemaledicta I am pretty sure I need to quit it with the blissful foods. Right now: vanilla cream top yogurt, summer peaches I froze, marionberries, fresh pears.
mmemaledicta @devobrain: that seriously sucks. Those awful Santa Ana winds aren't making it better...
mmemaledicta reblipping from @rtsnance. Every subsequent version of this song gets better, I think, bc it is such a fantastic song to begin with! (reblip)
mmemaledicta this is like if The Cult decided to have musical babies with The Editors. I like it.
mmemaledicta what I was looking for was this!
mmemaledicta wowza, nice song here. Class let out early, so rather than let some other person have my paid parking space, I'm studying for 15 min.
mmemaledicta feels like it today, although I think I have only walked a mile. This semester needs to end so I can stop doing that deleterious activity daily.
mmemaledicta blipping a song I have come to love intensely here really lately, in commemoration of the 500th prop I just got (thanks to @der for #500)I love u all!
mmemaledicta well, this is good. I am trying to study for a test, and the prof. puts the former year's tests online, but not this time. Oh well. I still adore her.
mmemaledicta Anyway, I'm home now. and thanks to @nixe, @ventolin3, @TryphOrGriffin, @riwi for the reblips (Hope I'm not forgetting anyone!)
mmemaledicta reblipping from @by_starla, because I had forgotten that this song is one of the best ever! (reblip)
mmemaledicta wow, how appropos! 3 more to go b4 this wretched semester is over! I can haz cheering then!
mmemaledicta that last blip meant to go out to @Nightshade - But I apparently can't capitalize! [title] might be my fate. Or maybe I'll just go to bed anyway...eek
Nightshade Ahh such dulcet tones...This is why I have been a goth 26 wonderful years..This speaks to the soul not the genitals like most modern music
snapper @bendrix they're one of my favorite bands, their first 2 albums are indispensible imo. hell, i blip them every day.
camden no not sad just liking some mellow stuff today
6ft5 Quick interlude because this needs to be played. See you kids later :)
by_starla @RealtorLefebvre my computer not behaving very well today with blips, so i could be crazy-but the tempos seemed the same. (where is my metronome? :) )
mmemaledicta I don't have any props left to give you either, @gigia, but like you said, reblips will do the trick! BTW, this is a seriously awesome song! (reblip)

KoopCome To Me

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gigia @davidwatts1978 Your Kings subject reminds me some Convenience. (what a bad pun!) LOL clarkowitz @threebears
melsie73 this time i mean it

kd lang - Hallelujah

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mammara this was a hit in the dark discos of the eighties
mmemaledicta recommended to me by @lelliesandremains - blacklist. RIYL: She wants Revenge, Joy Division, (maybe even Bauhaus)
mmemaledicta Another one you may or may not have heard of - I certainly hadn't until recently - RIYL: Gotan Project, Cafe Del Mar, Portishead
mmemaledicta @PlasticRobot: I srsly love Gregor Samsa. everything he touches is magic! @Dillin_Chillin: of course! The Crow sndtrk! This, RIYL: Lloyd Cole, Chills
mmemaledicta @CargoCulte: I am so with you on that! @kormann: much love for all things JD! This track, RIYL: Sun Kil Moon, other ambient indie stuff
mmemaledicta A reminder: I'm not playing anything off the usual playlist, only stuff you're likely to have never heard! This no upload thing is cramping my style!
mmemaledicta @PlasticRobot: this might be right up your alley if you like Gregor Samsa. RIYL: Mazzy Star, Allison Moyet. Ok, it can be coffee time NAO. bye 4 now !


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mmemaledicta @Nightshade, I'm back! You're invited to coffee! Too bad you're not here in Denver, or I'm not there in Philly - we'd hv a good time @ coffee IRL!
mmemaledicta lovely and, depending on your outlook, either somber or romantic, I don't know what to compare it to just listen. You've probably all heard this band.
mmemaledicta Reminds me of Rosetta (Clone...ahem...)Stone meets The Faint. Heavy bass guitars, nice melody, enough electrosynth to make one dance- c'est parfait!
mmemaledicta @PlasticRobot: oh indeed! certainly worth the reblip! THX! (reblip)
mmemaledicta RIYL: Wolfsheim, maybe even something like Melotron
by_starla @mmemaledicta hope you are starting to feel better--here's a quiet song from Isobel Campbell for you. take care.
mmemaledicta Unbelievable - this band became Underworld? We're talking "Born Slippy"? I am blown away, bc they are SO good as this band!
mmemaledicta another, this 1 was very popular at the time it came out on college radio. I remember really liking this song back in the day. Wow. Still blown away.


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mmemaledicta oh too bad there's not more here by this artist! How fantastic this is! RIYL: Bel Canto, Arcanta, maybe even This Mortal Coil
mmemaledicta I think, @Ludwig, you are thinking of the toilet canard when you are blipping the swans. LOLz!
mmemaledicta yeah, this is where it's at, @PlasticRobot. Did you really pass Anthony of the Johnsons on the street the other day? ah, c'est la vie en New York (reblip)
devobrain Side project of ex Slowdive member, Simon Scott. This was a song from his first E.P back in 2004.


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PlasticRobot @bendrix In case you've missed out on this one, featuring Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). Craig Armstrong has done strings for a number of artists.
mmemaledicta This band is seriously something @Nightshade; I can hear some old, old goth in here, and its very interesting to me. They are tagged as "electroclash"
mmemaledicta hey @gigia: I show that you are on my FL, I'll just send you a msg, K?
mmemaledicta alright blip peeps - gotta go - this lab will be used for a class in 5 minutes, and my meter will run out. Talk to you all later, responses in kind...
mmemaledicta ok peeps. It's snowing out, and I have 45 miles to go on my morning commute. Which means that 6 am just turned into 5. What a goodnight all
mmemaledicta @snapper, saw it after I vamoosed, this isn't just lab worthy - it's totally adoration-worthy. I would hv made myself late to that class to hear this! (reblip)
mmemaledicta this is seriously an awesome song! I don't know about the rest of menomena's stuff though; the jury's still out.
mmemaledicta snapper says: mmemaledicta's continuous lab soundtrack ~ indeed, you have the ear for it! This is simply breathtaking, thx! (reblip)


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mmemaledicta this paper gets hard to write sometimes, as I have to review the life of Alex, and his death. And that hurts me, b/c I know he was loved by Pepperberg (reblip)
mmemaledicta if you like Sigur Ros, listen to this. It will blow you away. It's loveliness is unsurpassed. Found them on pg 54 of my own blips, but wouldn't play.
mmemaledicta page 53 of my blip history. seems like a fitting end to this weird and surprising year, revisiting the months before a baby made everything different. (reblip)
mmemaledicta naming scheme for shoegaze bands: they look at the first thing in front of them. Oh! it's a 7-up can. name it after something on the can. SWEET. (reblip)
mmemaledicta taking the beloved grandma-train to shoe-town today...XD Good morning to you too, @PlasticRobot
holaphil We've all let someone get away. This is for that 'one'.
mmemaledicta hi @by_starla, I am sorry to hear it was a hard day yesterday. I hope today goes better. BTW, this is a brilliant Stars track! (reblip)
mmemaledicta here's something you probably haven't heard before, courtesy of the explorations of @Ludwig. We gotz ta go, but everybody have a safe and blessed NYE


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mmemaledicta reblipping a reblip courtesy of @snapper. back to business, here. (reblip)


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mmemaledicta wash-a-licious, on Ulrich Schnauss' listening list, looks like that's for a good reason.
mmemaledicta oh. my. GOSH. Whomever put this on their server is my hero forever. I was just wishing it was here earlier. Whomever you are, BLESS YOU


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mmemaledicta oh my this is absolutely lovely - check it @PlasticRobot @snapper...@everyone!
mmemaledicta @daretoeatapeach: yeah, I'll say! I'm pretty consistently impressed with them anyway though. totally reblipping! (reblip)
mmemaledicta indeed this is cool @DJStromer. and amens to your amen, LOL! (reblip)
mmemaledicta making curry chicken for dinner, and getting ready to throw that bad little cockatoo in the bath. No those two are not related. (reblip)
mmemaledicta also had better far so good (reblip)


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mmemaledicta apparently, the first time I blipped this, I was looking for a paintbrush. LOL. I am excited to see you Thursday too, @lelliesandremains! (reblip)
PlasticRobot via@gabasanchfor Awww, Thank You! It's gorgeous. I love it! @PlasticRobot I think you will like it (reblip)
newNEWwave This song has a great atmosphere.
newNEWwave It doesn't matter if it is Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft or Jeremy Enigk solo, he creates some great music.
newNEWwave This comes from another good album. Would have loved to post Second Best though.
newNEWwave Thanks so much @mmemaledicta!!!This one is for you.
mmemaledicta so good...I grow to love them more by the day. I especially love this song. give it a minute to get seriously thematic and epic. *speechless*
mmemaledicta @Epicrates said:"One of the best newer tunes I've heard in awhile...def Joy Division influence here..." yeah, fer real on all counts. Bravo and thx! (reblip)
mmemaledicta these are DJs whom I have listened to their page in entirety, and I have rarely or never hit skip: @jawi, thx 4 this reblip you rock see next 4 list (reblip)
mmemaledicta Seriously lovely @newNEWwave. I am so glad you liked that track @PlasticRobot. One of my faves. SOMEONE GO CROWN @by_starla she UL'd that Kate Bush! (reblip)
mmemaledicta @Epicrates, I love this. @RealtorLefebvre, thx 4 props, voted for you because I really do think you're a winning fellow :)) (and you crack me up!) (reblip)
mmemaledicta it's been an incredible week thusfar, so I haven't been around much. Questions: R @nixe and @nixie the same person? R @jawi and @jawii the same too?
mmemaledicta @mammara, {title} : indeed sir, and how! (BTW, this song is AWESOME, reminds me of Pulp, London Suede. it's magic.) (reblip)
mmemaledicta hey @omaru: I love this song, haven't heard it B4, love back to you :)) (reblip)
mmemaledicta yes indeed, happy Caturday to us all! @redroulettes (r/b via), @by_starla @xtcdukes @Dillin_Chillin *waves 2 U All* (reblip)
mmemaledicta back to working, with a darling quaker parrot perched on my laptop's screen *squee*
mmemaledicta horribly uninspired today, as my normal workday got cancelled and now I have to do it from home :( (reblip)


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mmemaledicta @snapper: reminds me of typewriters, the sound of wind through the ivy that covers the windows at the uni, and crickets. More perfection! (reblip)
mmemaledicta @snapper: ah, how could I forget Archestra One? they are what Cafe Del Mar always wanted to be, and only sometimes were. (reblip)
mmemaledicta @snapper: lab-a-licious and shoe-gaze-a-licious: what more is there??? (reblip)
mmemaledicta @snapper: all of them are perfect *adds to file* (reblip)


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mmemaledicta @iceblink, this is, indeed, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. wonderful. (reblip)
yamamiya Cortney Tidwell - Solid State
mmemaledicta @astronymous this is fantastic (rb via) adding to "maledicta's lab sndtrk" thx! (reblip)
mmemaledicta @bendrix this is wonderful, reminds me of This Mortal Coil actually, worth reblipping w/out a video, tho vids are what I'm blipping this AM (reblip)
Stay19 Xela – Softness of Senses<><>Beauty. vi@curatEar (reblip)
Stay19 Strata – Coma Therapy<><> i wanted to feel like this forever...
PrettyAsAPosie I haven't blipped this in a long, long time. I love this.
mmemaledicta an eerie little video, somehow

Sleepy Town Manufacture: Latatoo (Lackluster remix)

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mmemaledicta @Atomik: rb via - hey this is an awesome song, thx (reblip)
mmemaledicta beautiful and haunting - one of the 20 billion reasons I love having @DJstromer19 on my blip radar, thx 2 u sir or wouldn't know about this
Epicrates what a great track #14 from my recent top 20
Epicrates quite welcome @by_starla..have a great trip! =)
Epicrates goodnight @SabriESC @mmemaledicta...I'm out..leaving w/the 37th greatest song of alltime...cheers! =)
mmemaledicta wowee, what's this I hear? Never heard of this band, but they sound older. Did I miss something?
mmemaledicta dealing with the new face of Mariam: crazy monster baby who's learned to hit. *head/desk*
mmemaledicta interesting band I found following a bunnytrail on foxytunes
mmemaledicta finding I am a bigger fan of Port Salut than Morbier (cheese)

Grayson Gilmour | Letters To Beethoven

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mmemaledicta yay for new music (new to me anyway)
mmemaledicta yes! I like it! God bless the reliable foxytunes bunnytrail...
mmemaledicta speaking of the [title], there are some little muppets that need to get fed...
mmemaledicta wowee, mark this for the Maledicta lab soundtrack! do you know of this band, @snapper? And how are you these days?

SignerOur Home

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mmemaledicta spectacular woven soundscapes. Again, foxytunes never fails...
mmemaledicta @DJstromer19: "@mmemaledicta thoughts are with you. " thanks my friend, it's very appreciated. (reblip)
mmemaledicta I thought this band might not actually exist. I have an mp3 disc where this is the name of the band, thought: drug-addled friend, u typed this wrongly


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mmemaledicta title of last blip: "distract" because I am trying to work, and I am getting distracted by missing people that I really love, some I will see 2day


| play
mmemaledicta @snapper, I vote for this band to be added to the lab soundtrack. BTW, that track you sent over the other day was FAB, thx U


| play
mmemaledicta it'll send a chill down your spine.

Prizeman: Sancte (Libera)

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mmemaledicta there aren't many other composers quite like Debussy, unrivaled for the dreamy, ethereal power of his compositions. ^_^
mmemaledicta Foxytunes planet is almost never off base


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mmemaledicta can I just tell you? My least favorite slang term in the whole world is 'ginormous'. It makes my skin crawl.
mmemaledicta oh I'm such a sucker for anything that mentions a cockatoo - though my own sometimes bugs the crap out of me
mmemaledicta in case you're wondering, I'm following foxytunes planet down the rabbit hole, looking for music to support my cognitive pursuit which displaces sleep
devobrain Here is a sampling of Alejandro Cohen (Languis) and Nick Brinkman (Over the Atlantic) side project. If you like New Order or 80s check this stuff out

Psychic Powers-Wellington

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mmemaledicta @DJstromer19: " <><>they could be as bright as your memories will ever get. " love it, on fire, burning up with cool... (reblip)
mmemaledicta @MsRedPen, I used to do the "friday list",comprised of blippers whom I could tune to their page and just listen and never hit skip. You'd be one! (reblip)
das_Vakuum Vielen Dank für das Däumchen @klitoria. Bekommste dann beizeiten zurück ;-)

Lusine IclAbaft

| play
mammara @DJFrankie: "Good afternoon @dojodub @jojofm @jamreilly // mammara, do you remember these guys?" i've heard of them but i've never known well. (reblip)
mmemaledicta @GarlandGrey: out of props for you! I'm gonna have to go look at that xiu xiu blipathon, LOL! (reblip)
gingerlipstick i can see lights i can feel love i can see ♫ ♫ ♫

Gui Boratto "Beautiful Life" Video Clip

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mmemaledicta Ok, so I am seriously NOT a Sibelius fan in the least. But I love this piece. I was surprised, listening, to find out it was he who wrote it.
mmemaledicta @nichiyoubi, you're on fire today, I love everything you're playing, please don't stop! (reblip)


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Gamera Adam Freeland just settled with the Black Eyed Peas who ripped this song off. Good show, Adam!


| play

Kronos Quartet playing Sigur Ros

| play
mmemaledicta @Totengrber: "rb@wahwahwah" yeah, I usually think anything with 'Goth' in the title is EPIC FAIL, but this is EPIC WIN actually :)) (reblip)
mangor @mmemaledicta: "@DJstromer19: "you will see something new restored. its good to see back home." this is seriously lovely, but I never expect less... (reblip)

other lives black tables

| play
mmemaledicta DO NEED to reblip this! pg 96 (reblip)


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DesertLily Filme maravilhoso. Obrigada :)) @FernandaW: ":-) DesertLily, periferica" (reblip)

Play / Red Movies

| play
mmemaledicta captain bringdown here...

Sun Kil Moon -Heron Blue[HD]

| play

Tarmac notre epoque

| play
mmemaledicta @Rollerballrocco: "Elite Athlete...liking this ambient electronica...'cut it out' ep out now" stealing also for #cogscilabsountrack (reblip)

Elite Athlete

| play
mmemaledicta @catdumpling: "why? because Big Country and Kate Bush are both full of awesome...that's why!" Oh, and HOW! (reblip)

Kate Bush & Big Country -The Seer

| play

Sleepwalking § Radical Face

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quorum Props Only :: 2116 songs left :: Pudder's Law: Anything that begins well will end badly. (Note: The converse of Pudder's law is not true.)
mmemaledicta @anatos: "☾" This is lovely. Wonderful. (reblip)


| play
dANGELofLOVE Hi My #Woderful #Friend! You Always Put A Smile On My Face! Thanks For Beautiful Song! A Must RB @diamondgal: "Here Comes the Sun>>>@dANGELofLOVE<<<" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset ~ Well, ya, but I've been MIA a bit myself to get some things done @katsu815 ;-)
mmemaledicta @asterion: "i like both of them..." man, this band is kickin' ass and taking names! (reblip)
MONIKKA Boa noite, querida!! Blipped something to you before but I think you didn't see it ... How are you? @GR8FL: "good evening @MONIKKA" (reblip)
GR8FL should have gone to Al Anon instead...
MsMercurial Curve: Sinner = Inspired by @RunswithCizers So glad to hear that you ♥ Curve as well! Thought it was just me, @serveauxx, & his alter DJ doppelganger!
mmemaledicta sometimes, Groove Armada is just SO COOL
moloko_sp White Apple Tree – Passed Out
mmemaledicta Un piece de musique de nuit magnifique pour vous
mmemaledicta @impossiblesoul: ""got an empty bottle so the day don't follow me..." I wish..." nice song, seriously (reblip)
mmemaledicta @DareToEatAPeach: "@mmemaledicta I will! But not tonight. It's past my bedtime. Again." me too. anytime you feel like it. (reblip)


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mmemaledicta @Carmilla: "Oooo Oooo Oooo!!! Gavin Friday is putting out a new album...DL the new track here: (reblip)

Gavin FridayAble

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mmemaledicta @Ian_Aranda: not even @Ludwig, my husband, is on that list. My best friends in the world haven't made it to that list...but you have. same taste FTW! (reblip)
mmemaledicta no, @mammara, I was not aware! Good band, decent Kate cover...but I am mostly anti-Kate-Bush-covers. It's just hard to do her justice IMO.
aquamarines Hammock – You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes ... not :) ... g'night Djs &thx | gute nacht | bonne nuit | buona notte | buenos noches | おやすみ
asterion im of the opinion that politicians should be presented w/ Sid Myeres Civilization on the lvl of diety before being allowed to take office for openers
mmemaledicta merci @twentyfour, this is seriously interesting music and I love it. (reblip)
mmemaledicta surprise to me: why did I not ever know that this band was Mahogany's chief influence?
mmemaledicta it does not surprise me that every time I hear of a heavy influence on the band I love to love, Mahogany, it's something I love too.
Epicrates @SabriESC: "Hello there Epicrates. Fancy meeting you here." excuse me? do we know each other?? =) (reblip)

The Merry thoughts The sun and the rainfall

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mmemaledicta go ahead and gush about how much you love this...I will
mmemaledicta thanks to "where the sun hits" on FB for this
mmemaledicta So like some of the works of previous darkwave artists like loveliescrushing, Black tape for a Blue Girl, etc. Good.
mmemaledicta dear horrible girl at the bar: This song is dedicated to you. Because the "Ocean is deep" and I wish you'd go drown in it. Yeah. Negative, right?
mmemaledicta friend this FB page if you love the 'gaze. I'm especially recommending 2 my dearies @Epicrates @redroulettes and @SabriESC, & all you gazers out there
MsMercurial @MsMercurial: "Team Sleep : Paris Arm, Woody Allen's latest is awesome!! Midnight In Paris" --->@eubieland (reblip)


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MapleLeaves working on a mix with which to wallow... it's coming along depressingly well.

Jónsi -- Tornado(Go Quiet Acoustic Version)

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mmemaledicta stunnning. Sometime Phillip Glass really wows me.

philip glass: glassworks

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faithlesshaze That's new for you, did it tickle a little?
die_Kalte ugh, you too? everyone lives in snow :p @mmemaledicta "die_Kalte@obzHere's another for shoegazewednesday, which I am using to forget about snow" (reblip)


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mmemaledicta @ayogafriend:.".insp @me, @CatfishFriend" I ask you, Friends: how could you not love this??? TYVM @ayogafriend (reblip)
die_Kalte @mmemaledicta ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it. They are one of my fav' of many :)
mmemaledicta @die_Kalte: "I likey!@SoMuch: "Superhumanoids -- March of the Pigs"" whoa, this is brilliant (reblip)
mmemaledicta playlisted! (hear it over on Black Planet on Strangeways)

Lebanon Hanover -- Gallowdance [official]

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The Boss (Dexcell Remix)- James Brown

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axefield Stillhead – Pounds Of Gold - feat Zoe Ellying
mmemaledicta at the 3:54 mark, is maybe the best shoegaze guitar solo maybe ever, IMO. Marking for my own info. (reblip)
mmemaledicta @mmemaledicta "seriously appropos, this song. Where IS my beautiful car? where IS my beautiful house???" first blip 10 years ago today. wont play, np. (reblip)
mmemaledicta @mmemaledicta: "I gotz listener! woo! Hey @arandanos, this tune's 4 you. playing: Danse Society - Somewhere" won't play, but commemorates listener #1 (reblip)
mmemaledicta I make new memories here daily. 2Commemorate being beloved. My good friend and I admitted we're in love with one another, I want to remember forever
mmemaledicta this place means more to me than you can ever know. Thanks you all, all the listeners over the years. I am so grateful for all of you

INXSDon't Change

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mmemaledicta for Mariam, the sweetest and most meaningful person ever in my whole life, and the reason the last 10 years are the best of my life #10years

Joanna Newsom :: Swansea

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mmemaledicta how the last 5 years felt


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mmemaledicta but tomorrow, I finally get to turn the page
zoja01 hello Luna, good day and happy week :) rb@77Stars (reblip)

Pearl Jam ~~ Black ♥

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axefield Caribou – Sun (Altrice's Only What You Gave Me Remix)
mmemaledicta #shoegazewednesday last song of the show. Seeya in two weeks *waves at you from Denver for the last SGW b4 I move away*

Pastel DreamShell

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mmemaledicta getting right into it, bc I got a really important convo to have tonight still (no worries, it's a super good one, miraculous even) #postpunkthursday
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