mnemosine And, Michael, you would fall / and turn the white snow red as strawberries / in the summertime..
mnemosine can't get all the lyrics but i love the winter mood of this song
mnemosine what i have in my head


| play
cloudhopper On heavy rotation....

Regina Spektor :: Genius Next Door (Album Version)

| play
nearvanna Va bene! :) Paolo Conte - "Come Away with Me (Vieni via con me)"
mnemosine hey now now!

Cloud Room: Hey now

| play
Upsidwnflowers If you go chasing rabbits & you know ur going to fall Tell 'em a hookah smkin caterpillar Has given you the call Call Alice When she was just small.
organicsue Good Morning Everyone! Hugs & luv to you all! Doing Great Here! Overcast & rainy. ~The New Kingston Trio – Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot

Benjamin Biolay / Nuits blanches (HQ Video)

| play

Leila: Deflect

| play
amphore :)) rb@wild_divine so chilly ... Kruder & Dorfmeister – Heroes (Kruder's Long Loose Bossa) (reblip)


| play
mnemosine the perfect sunday song
nicola_favero Colonna sonora per sogni d'oro
marienie Bajka sang in many collaborations, latest was with Bonobo, but her own debut will only appear 2010. check this unofficial collection
JaimeLee And I really ain't bothered what you think of me 'Cos all I want of you is just to let me be.I don't care anymore
Alturn8tive {The National – Green Gloves}
Chekkov Sorry only the imeem version is available... // And know I'll continue my w@rk // CU @ll :-)

Dustin O'Halloran Opus 23 video

| play
mnemosine ooh yess!! :)) @danilikko: "@mnemosine - another of their best :-)" (reblip)

Rolling stones-paint it black

| play
Vampyress Sarah Blasko - Bird on a Wire

múm "Sing Along"

| play
DirtyUrine TY!! HOW THOUGHTFUL! ~ @sarahcarina: "One last RB !!! @DirtyUrine: "very nice acoustic work, but it is Zakk Wylde !!! "" (reblip)
mnemosine #music I’m counting the boats in the bay,As they float they seem to say-‘I’m counting the waves, I’m counting the waves’

Never Think/Twilight Soundtrack

| play

Perpetuum Mobile

| play
LS22 stuff to do this morning, back later blip!
mnemosine @Faddic attempt to get under 80% of blue ;)

I'm A Fool To Want You

| play
strangebrew Gotta see these guys/gals soon

Zero 7Swing

| play
mnemosine there's the sun but still.. can someone go over the 100% of blue? ;) ty @Faddic + @ronironi: "this is it - check the real mood" Check today's level :) (reblip)
Article_Dan "Thou shalt not question @stephenfry"

dan le sac VS scroobius pip "Thou Shalt always Kill"

| play

Universo Cristina Dona'

| play
Engagin_The_Flow UNREAAAAL to watch the sun go down too!!!
mnemosine Lady & Bird – La Ballade of Lady and Bird
mnemosine EZ3kiel – Le lac des signes [love the video]
mnemosine Bjork – Bachelorette
mnemosine Clogs – 5/4 - ops, this is the right one without talking over


| play
mnemosine Smoke City – Underwater Love
mnemosine LA ROUX - IN FOR THE KILL (SKREAM REMIX) (reblip)
mnemosine a young cibelle with a [sadly now dead] genius - this song is amazing RB @Kingsofdabeatz: "Suba – Sereia ...@fluffyboots @rsmac" (reblip)

100 monkeys Smoke HQ not live

| play
ciro_bizarte @CalMa: "Questo dialogare complice, indiretto, ambiguo, asincrono. Ininterrotto." (reblip)


| play
mnemosine Soap&Skin – Turbine Womb
jchernandezjazz The Animals- House of the Rising Sun HIGH QUALITY RARE!! @GaiaMix: "Great blip, RB@shawnystar&@wishingwhale!" (reblip)

The Animals- House of the Rising Sun HIGH QUALITY RARE!!

| play
mnemosine The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (1961) (reblip)
mnemosine Vashti Bunyan – Where I like to stand #music [i'm counting the waves i'm counting the waves] my song of the evening

The Beatles-Across The Universe

| play
mnemosine Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither while they pass They slip away across the universe

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
mnemosine Universal Hall Pass – Dragonfly
mnemosine Universal Hall Pass – Katrinah Josephina
mnemosine Universal Hall Pass – Sally's Song
mnemosine Ornella Vanoni & Carmen Consoli – L'appuntamento
mnemosine Ornella Vanoni – Rossetto e cioccolato
dimstudio [Trip Hop] Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
mnemosine @cherryflav prego! bella collezione di canzoni [cremonini a parte :PP ] ;) ciao! (reblip)

Eskimo Joe- Thunderclap

| play
mnemosine "Wings wouldn't help you / Wings wouldn't help you...down / Down fills the ground, gravity's proud"
mnemosine i would have slept all day ;) good..afternoon madam ;) @marienie: "@mnemosine get up, lazy Madam :D " (reblip)
mnemosine Mia Doi Todd – My Room is White
mnemosine Ilya – Bellissimo


| play
mnemosine The Real Tuesday Weld – Bathtime in Clerkenwell [dancy mood anyone? :) ]
mnemosine Beautiful Tango | Hindi Zahra

Beautiful Tango | Hindi Zahra

| play
mnemosine Martina Topley Bird – Baby Blue
mnemosine Diane Cluck- Phoenix and Doves

Diane Cluck- Phoenix and Doves

| play
mnemosine Laura Marling – My Manic And I
mnemosine Red Snapper – Belladonna
mnemosine Io sono metà – Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti
mnemosine Emily Jane White – Blue
mnemosine innocence mission – Moon River
mnemosine Portishead – Magic Doors
mnemosine Zenzile – Eolian Blues
mnemosine Lhasa De Sela – El Pajaro

Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens "What Have You Done"

| play

Devil or Angel--The Clovers

| play
sangawa Melissa Laveaux - Needle In The Hay
mnemosine RB @zanson: "Just heard an Acapella version by Band Wise Guys. Good stuff!" (reblip)

the ballad of henry darger

| play
mnemosine RB @sangawa: "Melissa Laveaux - Needle In The Hay" (reblip)
Marcus22 Great aint it;)>@CynDyn: "would go see 'em just for this song, @whirlagirll26: "Luv this one!! TY you and @Gregdtc" (reblip)
Schlu for all Blippers ; )

Gare Du Nord (Marvin & Miles) - Sex 'n' Jazz (G.)

| play
mnemosine A Silver Mt Zion- Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire Are Falling From the Sky!

Silver Mt Zion- Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats...!

| play

The Ugly and the Beautiful

| play
B42 @mnemosine: "Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus" [mmmm, w/ peanut butter plz] (reblip)

The Puppini Sisters, "Jilted" (dir: Alex de Campi)

| play
mnemosine i have butterflies, who needs the moon? i don't! ;)) @Stendhal @bthecat @hodhod @midnightwalker @PORTERla @santamistura @avivao @Mysterymix @MrDali

Butterfly Nets-Bishop Allen

| play
mnemosine {ricorda, lavagna}

Omaha by Tapes n' Tapes

| play
mnemosine i've got to save the world from loving you...

Nicole SimoneMELT

| play
mnemosine im fading into you, dear headache
bthecat @LolaLulu: "...ℐᵃᶰᵉ ℬiʳᵏiᶰ...ℒⅇˢ ƭɪɭɭᵉˢ ᶰ'ᵒᶰᵗ ᵃᵘᶜᵘᶰ ᴅέɢᴑûʈ... @randyhate (reblip)

Jane Birkin, Catherine Jacob, Caroline Cellier "Les filles n'ont aucun dégoût"

| play
mnemosine @bthecat yeah i would get the black too, or the pink for when i feel particularly frilly. not often though :P --- @Michizukizuki @kami_usha @CalMa
mnemosine @bthecat indeed, i want it too now! but the italian shop ran out of sizes y__y -- {song found on the @parisrockin playlist}

CamilleMoney Note

| play
nofrills David Essex – Rock On #70s

David EssexRock On

| play
mnemosine sunday should always be happy and sunny
mnemosine minimalism - i'll listen to electronica till the day i die
SergeStray @mnemosine ..................It really works!

Bobby Hebb "Sunny" (1966).

| play
mnemosine welcome new listeners! @Lunaladee @SergeStray @LunaOnirica @tapirekitten @IbexEarth @GarlandGrey /good morning blipland,hope the sun is shining there!
kou_kou_roukou Been travelling far and wide Wondering who's going to be my guide
mnemosine i keep naming crafts items after songs, this time it's "where the wild roses grow headband" #shamelessselfpromotion
mnemosine ok last one! :P a more recent version sang by vanessa paradis herself

N10 Vanessa Paradis-Joe le taxi (Concert Acoustique) 22/11/2009

| play
Gioca too much rain, need Good vibrations @ZONE & Hi @Mysterymix & Ciao @sweet_energy

Thievery Corporation - Good Vibrations (Gioca)

| play
ZONE Guru Ram Das..........for our sun-sender @mnemosine ....thank you............ wonderful moment to @all later......: ))))
hodhod vabbè po' fà...! @JunglePablo: "@mnemosine @hodhod > ma invece del deserto, una bella spiaggia proprio non ci piace?" (reblip)

Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой

| play
p_ferd Hey there :)) You 2 rb@spiraldelight: "greets,enjoy weekend :)" And you must latest Oskar action shot, heh – ;) (reblip)

LIGHT by Akira Kosemura

| play
mnemosine buongiornogoodmorningbonjourgutenmorgenbuenosdias! [parto dall'est-est oggi, poi dove si va?@hodhod @JunglePablo] [@CalMa questa vale 1000 punti! :P]

Everything Is Illuminated Soundtrack-Amari Szi Amari-Csokolom

| play
outoforder Olá @sandra__. És da Madeira? Grande desgraça! Ainda bem que estás bem. Obrigada. ... Thanks @MrDali. - UUVVWWZ - Berry Can (reblip)


| play
mnemosine più a sud

AVION TRAVEL "Dormi e Sogna"

| play
SlowLife {@jimmybog : Hope you watched Into the Wild. Excellent!} -> will do, tonight :) thank you!
mnemosine oh and how's te movie? i adore this one rb @SlowLife: "rb {again} @Mysterymix : just saw the movie last weekend and instantly remembered this song" (reblip)
mnemosine "current 93" moment - ok last one. maybe. maybe not.
pierrot_noir Goodnight, my 1st day on is already over. Thank you all. @mnemosine Thanks for the invitation! :)
GarlandGrey 78. The Low Anthem (+) // If you like Bon Iver, you might give this melancholy melody a listen. // "Who could heed the words of Charlie Darwin?"
GarlandGrey 82. Imogen Heap (+) // @mnemosine I'm earning the lvl 3 hotstreak badge, and I'm numbering them to make sure each one is propped. // Rehearsal cut.
mnemosine that was a great start earlier this morning! thank you! rb @ladypn: "we get together we're a song" (reblip)
mnemosine i'd love this song inflected in every voice and every melody. the lyrics are just astounding.
mnemosine how did the talk go? is the weather better? cheers! @bthecat
SlowLife Can't get enough of this one too..
SlowLife Very first Blip on there :) thank you @mnemosine <3
mnemosine ue' oggi scatenata eh? ;)) @hodhod


| play
mnemosine actually london [UK in general] is up in the list :)) @bthecat - i have just to persuade my cat to move abroad o.O
pierrot_noir @mnemosine Thanks for the postcard :D @SlowLife And I'd love to get some postcards from France, because I have never been anywhere :(

Big Black Car

| play
giuliozu mi accorgo che i riferimenti biblici nei suoi testi mi toccano molto: forse perché quella biblica è una conoscenza che spesso si rivela piacevolissima (reblip)
mnemosine @bthecat have a good day! -- #coversthatdontsuck

Madeleine Peyroux "Dance Me To The End Of Love"

| play
SlowLife rb {again} @Mysterymix : just saw the movie last weekend and instantly remembered this song (reblip)
mnemosine another cover of joe le taxi - i like this better than the previous one, more minimal
mnemosine i need to be hypnotized, just like that. {i want to make collages now, i want to make collates now}


| play
mnemosine "never never never work with friends" that's what i will tatoo on my butt - no better, on my forefront so i can read it anytime
mnemosine ending the day with this - cheerfully {thanks to @endomeso} (reblip)
mnemosine goodmorning blippers!day is rainy but started with a good news: dark dark dark new EP is out! listen to it here #news
mnemosine janis joplin moment [sorry i can't stop!]
mnemosine anni fa, altra città, piogge monsoniche e mack the knife

massive attack protection

| play
mnemosine per @CalMa and for everybody: vera baxter she has many free mp3 on i suggest 'la voz humana' #freemusic

Sophie (Vera Baxter)

| play
ladypn Hello @Archibaldo! How are you? Thank you for this beautiful track!: (reblip)

I Really Want You -- Arkestra One feat. Nina Miranda -- Kas

| play
mnemosine i need to start a collection of songs about the sea

Dirty Three: "The Restless Waves"

| play

sinéad o connor thank you for hearing me

| play
mnemosine cibelle is always amazing #music @cibellecibelle

Cibelle in: 'Lightworks'

| play
IOU @MONIKKA 12:50 PM here - going out for a walk - I wish I had a iokolaila
threebears Am I overblipping this? YES!!! Because I can't give it up ♥♥♥♥♥♥

The xxInfinity

| play
mnemosine uh uh i'm happy! i sold something at my dawanda shop ^__^ and gogo with the shameless self promotion! >>> <<<
mnemosine buondì cara @Michizukizuki! il popo sta bene, rompe le scatole come al solito :)) te come va? ancora neve a milano?

KIDS MUSIC-The Cat Came Back

| play
mnemosine i never do anything twice 'cause it never tastes right

The DodozTwice

| play
mnemosine #freemusic thanks to :) @Davrocks: "sounds nice and you can download their whole album for free if you like it." (reblip)

Magic ManDaughter

| play
mnemosine and saying goodbye with this one, have a good evening everybody!
p0rter niiiice. @DJ_HeckaCool: "fo sho. I can't believe I still don't have this album. Cheers!! @sasskarooni: "can't really get enough o this beat :) (reblip)
mnemosine @MrDali yes it was!i was so happy even thought i couldn't remember a song of ours LOL and it had to be COAL instead of cake :P good morning blipworld!
Mysterymix goede middag ²@YvV: "Oldschool clipje & lekker van Mishal Moore - A Fool" (reblip)

A Fool Mishal Moore (R2B remix)

| play
mnemosine #coversthatdontsuck - inspired by @Mysterymix - dear norvegian or swedish friends, what's the pronunciation of 'ane brun'? i'm wondering since ages!
hodhod @amphore: "now really goodnight :-))))))))))))) Suite Bergamasque III – Clair de lune, Debussy ......." (reblip)
ChambersvsDolph @winggirl I do like them. I hadn't heard "girl" that was pretty awesome! What else do you have for me? (doesn't have to be The Heavy)

The HeavySixteen

| play
mnemosine ty so much! this goes to my blue songs collection! :) @TarinnAdaria: "@mnemosine --Jeff Buckley – Bluebird Blues" (reblip)

Chanson LOL : Everybody's Got To Learn sometime

| play
mnemosine 'isobel cambpell & mark lanegan' moment

isobel campbell & mark lanegan

| play
parisrockin parce qu'il y'aura toujours des fous ...
mnemosine inspired by @sasskarooni - i prefer the original one over the remix ;)


| play
mnemosine merci, adoro! pure io finite, sic :)P @Michizukizuki: "Mi piace, questa. Bellissima!! Ma oggi out of props dejà pour toi!!@DeeKay (reblip)
giuliozu da @brodo prima che snobbasse blip (che a me continua a piacere perché qui puoi condividere l'ascolto dell'intera canzone e non solo dei primi 30 sec) (reblip)
mnemosine woke up with this one in mind today - good morning blipworld!
amphore Alter Ego – Daktari (Original Mix)
mnemosine ok, this is going to be an 'isobel cambpell & mark lanegan' moment
mnemosine actually it's via @CalMa ;) - @rittinergomez: "rb@CalMa vi@mnemosine" (reblip)

Calypso Blues

| play

BRIGITTE "La Vengeance d'une Louve"

| play
mnemosine fabrizio de andré moment {thanks @hodhod :} (reblip)

Fabrizio De Andrè La Ballata Dell'Amore Cieco

| play
mnemosine oh so it's a cold! then drink, stay warm, some aspirine and bed! ;) i wish i could send you sun but today it's stormy here :P @midnightwalker
mnemosine spreading italian music - i'm not a fan but she's great to see live, and i feel like the last album might be great

Carmen Consoli Mandaci una cartolina anteprima radio 2

| play
mnemosine for the sun, when it seems like springtime
mnemosine welcome new listeners! @ishibutsu @TrevisLeroi @Naestopaz @astraljazzman @kattegat @guakanagary and happy sunday everyone! finally the sun shines here
mnemosine haven't been much around today but my props are with you! @hajoni @Mysterymix @Kingsofdabeatz @redoctopus @InKiostroBianco @Gioca @ladypn @Sensa1111

Jay-Jay Johanson -Even In The Darkest Hour

| play
mnemosine spreading italian music [which often is better to see live]


| play
DJC2 Loituma – Levan Polka (the official video). This is just a lot of fun! Cheers@crasin2me@Atomik@mnemosine@TidyCat@gotlandgirl@dharshaw@elae Done4now...
mnemosine this has been the soundtrack of my days of uhm 6 years ago *faint* @SlowLife
mnemosine @nastysurprise72 had to google and indeed, no translating for shucks ;) or maybe just a 'ma grazie troppo gentile!' sort of thing :P
nastysurprise @TheFish I was getting frustrated that I couldn't copy & paste your name after multiple tries, then I realized that typing "thefish" is insanely easy. (reblip)
mnemosine @MrDali not sure it fits your needs... :)
mnemosine i had played another song by her! and i've just found out she's the voice who sang with damien rice in 2 albums o.O @cloudhopper (reblip)
mnemosine ·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·.¸¸.·´¯`·
cloudhopper Lille - Lisa Hannigan ... something @mnemosine played yesterday made me think of this.
pierrot_noir Nomak ~ The Mind ...aaaand Goodnight!

Nomak"The Mind"

| play
SlowLife @mnemosine mais je connais en fait! je ne me souvenais plus d'elle :) j'aime!
mnemosine no drama! we're not here to prop but to blip :P @pierrot_noir
pierrot_noir @cloudhopper Thanks for the hint at MSU & Nat Johnson! Know these guys? (The John Punch Band - "A Time With")

A Time With

| play
pierrot_noir @mnemosine ...and maybe a colorful tune might help?
mnemosine good morning blippers... or good afternoon?already 12.20.... sic! @SlowLife @pierrot_noir @cloudhopper @Michizukizuki @kami_usha @bthecat @Mysterymix
bthecat @mnemosine wondering how many mosquitos will fly out when i open my cases :) hola popo⚇
mnemosine oooh...! :O @Michizukizuki: "Shishido Hinata - A Seed : one more beautiful tune for u @kami_usha @mnemosine ciao ciao!" (reblip)
pierrot_noir So many songs you cannot blip :((( Let#s try with this one: The Roots & Erykah Badu - "You Got Me"
pierrot_noir It takes a bit before it starts... This I heard taking the 5 a.m. train home and sighting deer on the misty fields to my left in the early morning.
pierrot_noir Been loving this video & tune for years! <3 (UNKLE & Thom Yorke ~ "Rabbit In Your Headlight")

Rabbit in your headlight by UNKLE

| play
SlowLife I feel like dancing. right now!
beingtheo Many thanks to you! @Zubenelgenubi @Sandman5 @iReignMusic ~ The Beatles - Till There Was You

The Beatles- Till There Was You (HQ)

| play
amphore :-)) @ZONE: Dance with Waves................rb@hodhod and rb@amphore, thank you to U2..: ) ... and @CalMa (reblip)
mnemosine ci sei mancato oggi! il cazzeggio [poco in verità] non è stato uguale senza di te! ;) @JunglePablo (reblip)
pierrot_noir Hell, I love this one. (Tricky ~ Hell Is Around The Corner)

Takagi Masakatsu "Come March"

| play
exit_music I remember feeling this way, not so long ago...rb@Annamira: "more PaperART.." (reblip)

Jeff and Mychael Danna- Under High Branches

| play
mnemosine thanks! i advertise lfmseek also beacause i know the guy who made it :P [and it's good of course!] @MrDali: "Try as well." (reblip)
pierrot_noir Original vs. Cover version, Round 4: The cover (Alarm Will Sound ~ Fingerbib)
SlowLife @cloudhopper Yes I have sunshine today too, lucky I am =) ->@mnemosine, I'm sending you sunshine too, and caloree!


| play
SlowLife @mnemosine @pierrot_noir and @cloudhopper "i want the sea i want the whole sea (and endless cherries)"
mnemosine oh! no i don't know them! love the song, TY dear! :)) RB@rodinator: "@me Do you know these French guys?I thought you might like them if you don't" (reblip)
mnemosine aah! my song! so many maybes, so many doubts!
mnemosine hellow babies! i know, not enough electro in my blips lately :( @Sensa111 @Stendhal @Mysterymix @Schlu @kaoruo @nofrills @amphore @Atomik @formalhaut
mnemosine i want to watch it again and again!! rb@SlowLife: "the video is just a-ma-zing ♥" (reblip)


| play
mnemosine i dreamt this one before i knew she had made a cover for it.
mnemosine another treasure found on the @parisrockin weekly podcast! #electrolove
koiheart rb@philsalt: Don't know why this hit the spot right now, but boy it's like magic! Thank you kindly good friend (reblip)
figmentspot Spring will come back and light you up again -

gabriela kulka - krolestwo i pol

| play
M_Zu Susumu Yokota - Purple Rose Minuet
naomi_u About the picture: it's a scale model of a tornado landscape by Matthew Albanese. The tornado is made out of cotton!
Houdinial Catch y'all later - have a good day xxx
M_Zu Alaska In Winter - Close Your Eyes We Are Blind : Beautiful melody vi@telekinesis (reblip)
mnemosine and goodmorning blipworld... odd dreams and gloomy day - this is the right song for this day

Hotel de Ville: Millennia

| play
pierrot_noir This one!!!! *nod* *nod* *nod* *nod* (Battles: "Tonto")
pierrot_noir Okay, music with a gloomy dark atmosphere is welcome. Suggestions? (Burial: "Ghost Hardware")
pierrot_noir Oooh, it's getting dark... (Massive Attack: "Angel")
p0rter aaw:) grazie cara. @mnemosine grazie! posso dire lo stesso di te, cara *inchino* @ PORTERla: "Hai molto gusto in fatto di musica!"
mnemosine patrick watson moment. [lovely video too]
SlowLife awww I've always had a special crush for him ♥ (you see @mnemosine, this is an exception, I like him singing in French =p)
mnemosine What i should do with my life / How i should spend my time


| play
mnemosine one of my fav movies. and song. instant rb! @redoctopus: "welcome@adrianad: "And so it is.."" (reblip)
pierrot_noir @mnemosine Oh yes, God knows how much I love waltzes! Tam-da-dam Tam-da-dam...
mnemosine è il caso di fare una danza del sole direi! @Michizukizuki @JunglePablo @CalMa @hodhod

One SelfSunshine

| play
mnemosine ommioddio che tristezza T___T pure qui diluvia @JunglePablo: "per quanto riguarda roma forse questa è più adatta...@Michizukizuki @CalMa @hodhod" (reblip)
M_Zu Piano Magic - Snow Drums : snowflakes in Milan @hodhod @JunglePablo @CalMa @mnemosine @Sensa111 @hawk_pl
endomeso My fave film of the moment Moon...Clint Mansell - Welcome to Lunar Industries

Welcome to Lunar Industries

| play
pierrot_noir @mnemosine Oh yes, speaking of sunny songs... You might like this one.
SlowLife @mnemosine and this one, feel like dancing? it makes me dance each time I listen to it!


| play
mnemosine can't find nor think of sunny songs today. mpff.
mnemosine i declare this now: i will rb or prop anything by andrew bird, ane brun, feist, yann tiersen. anything. because everything they made is so damn good.
mnemosine you saw him live???? i'm envious. he's my secret love. @pierrot_noir: "Wow, a mastermind. He's even better live than on vinyl. (reblip)
mnemosine one of the love songs i love the most
mnemosine "Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Fled is that music: - Do I wake or sleep?" JK
pierrot_noir @mnemosine Based on a poem by García Lorca. Greetings to Popo! :)
mnemosine have to update the declaration: i will rb or prop anything by andrew bird, ane brun, feist, yann tiersen, keren ann - because etc etc
mnemosine i knew this by her @bthecat @SlowLife @pierrot_noir --> what are you doing there?!? :P
nastysurprise Elliot Smith, Jay Reatard, Vic Chesnutt, now Mark Linkous. Next time you see a favorite artist give them a hug. This is bullshit. :(
p0rter Such a beauty.

St. Vincent "Black Rainbow" w/ Andrew Bird

| play
mnemosine :O @pierrot_noir: "["I don't care if time burns and flies, I don't care!"] @mnemosine (Bright Eyes - "Tourist Trap")" (reblip)
Mysterymix RB@DJrainndietrichwilson: "Top 19 greatest cover of all time? Calexico doing Love's "Alone Again Or"." (reblip)
mnemosine lovely rb@straywebsurfer: "♫ Federico Aubele – "Contigo" for @Lovecat" (reblip)
rinzwin rb @NCA : Zimbabwe – African Music Legends - Oliver Mtukudzi (reblip)
mnemosine no secondo me dobbiamo fare gli indifferenti. poi tanto quando meno ce l'aspettiamo lui esce [il sole] @hodhod @JunglePablo - @SlowLife @pierrot_noir
mnemosine le soleil ne dure pas toujours...
SlowLife strange day today / @mnemosine do you like the song?
mnemosine another song from the past - i had forgot this! and love it again.


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mnemosine have to reblip this - inspired by @Mysterymix
zamfir Lior – This Old Love
mnemosine oh my, monday again. >.< good morning blipworld...
mnemosine for the title, a google search will easily help you :P @pierrot_noir
mnemosine uhm j'aurais envie de mettre 'cel' ecrit dans DA <.< qu'est ce que tu dis? @SlowLife
mnemosine ecco qui un po' di primavera per te! :) @pierrot_noir

simone white - the beep beep song

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mnemosine ok last song from the past - this is one of my fav of 9 years ago. oh dear. wish a lovely saturday night everyone!


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mnemosine ok ci sto *fischietta* @hodhod: "senti..famo i vaghi: s'il ne pleuvait pas @Michizukizuki @JunglePablo vi@honeycriminal" (reblip)

mayra andrade - comme s'il en pleuvait

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cloudhopper @mnemosine - re: Percussion Gun ... Burundi Beat, no?
pierrot_noir @mnemosine Another one for your collection of "blue songs": "Green doesn't matter when you're blue" (Lambchop: - "Ohio")


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cloudhopper Brazzaville. Really, you could take away all my music and just leave me with Brazzaville.

Minerva & Brazzaville, The Clouds in Camarillo

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mnemosine e i clienti rompicojoni che non vojono scorre la paggina pe' legge un testo. dice alan, come non vole gira' pagina pe' legge un libbro. eh, dico io.
mnemosine "I'm looking for you in the woods tonight, / I'm looking / Looking for you in my flashlight, I'm searching / From in the high or down the ocean [...]"
mnemosine eeeh questa... eeeeeh questa!!! bellerrima. 10++++ a palla de foco! @hodhod: beccateve què da senti a palla de foco @JunglePablo" (reblip)
mnemosine i'm turning electro. rain faults. balcan mood faded and gone!
JunglePablo follow the day and REACH FOR THE SUN!!! @mnemosine @hodhod avanti con le danze!!
mnemosine ok last one for now, see you later blippers! #keepthismood


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mnemosine ho visto un raggio!! aspetto i tuoni? ;P@hodhod infatti se c'è il sole cmq ripiove@mnemosine@JunglePablo: ho visto un po' di sunshine! @Michizukizuki
mnemosine and this version is amazing as well ... "Let them trace the raindrops under soft black stars / Let them follow whispers and scare away the night ..."
mnemosine With yr feet in the air and yr head on the ground Try this trick and spin it,Your head will collapse But there's nothing in it And u'll ask yourself
mnemosine "I am a lone wolf / A beauty and a beast / Both hunter and hunted / Soft tongue and sharp teeth / I toned from my travels Yet raw from this road.."
mnemosine lovely ballade "Je tisserai des chants / Au soir et au levant / Un point pour chaque étoile / Chanson de toile ..."

Emilie Simon ~ Chanson De Toile

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