mogadon Pixies cover JandMC, have I died and gone to heaven?

PixiesHead On

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mogadon Go wild at the disco kids

The PoguesFiesta

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mogadon I was a space cud-ette
mogadon One of my desert island discs
mogadon Saw Polly Jean on her debut tour. My one way love affair has never dimmed.
mogadon Fantastic stuff from Tanya.


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mogadon I went a long time not caring much about this song versus their first album, but man it has rehit me. This song is amazing so early in their careers.
mogadon Cue stage invasion

JamesSit Down

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mogadon No matter their personality foibles, this rocks.
mogadon Peel rated new songs with 1 to 5 stars. He liked "Teenage Kicks" so much he awarded it 28 stars.
mogadon From Seamonsters, which is the greatest album
mogadon Odd fact. The word "tonight" has appeared in the titles of more UK #1 singles than any other word.
mogadon I loved Blur long before this, but I love this too.

BlurSong 2

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mogadon Have I already given out the "best band ever ever!" gong?
mogadon "All you fascists" has got me on a Billy kick. He is the man.
mogadon One of the most under-rated and maligned bands I can recall. They coulda been a contender Charlie.
mogadon Pop-tabulous, quite literally.


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mogadon I like the song, I like the band. I shall blip.
mogadon So good

dimming of the day - richard thompson . for by_starla

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mogadon Hey Boots – Cud

CudHey Boots

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mogadon I may be a big man, but I only have...

PulpA Little Soul

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mogadon dirty old town – the pogues
mogadon My last Al Green blip turned out to be van Morrison.
mogadon The USA needs something like knighthoods. Aretha should be Dame Aretha Franklin.
mogadon Continuing my obsession with death...


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mogadon Another amazing Frank Black track on Blip. Hoorah!
mogadon May have blipped this before, but I don't care. It is superb.

Skunk AnansieWeak

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mogadon Nick Cave is to Pulp as x is to y.....should have thought that through.
mogadon I blame Billy Bragg, and Philip Roth

National anthems Soviet Union (Russian Red Army Choir)

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mogadon Rockets and bombs versus kidney machines
mogadon Clutch empty milk bottles to their hearts
mogadon I am clumsy too Johnny.

Johnny CashHurt

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mogadon I am loving some Johnny Cash right now.
mogadon Man I do love me some strokes

The StrokesSomeday

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mogadon If you think that a kiss is all in the lips...
mogadon @Mousefacekitteh, ok this one is probably more about stalking than love, but if we were not married I'd prolly be stalking you, so it still fits.

REMThe One I Love

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mogadon Live version of a truly great song
mogadon Six foot girl, gonna sweat when she dig.

PixiesNo. 13 Baby

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mogadon Nick and Peej, could life get any better? I contend that it could not.
mogadon Dublin Dundee Humberside - thanks @warhorus (reblip)

The SmithsPanic

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mogadon @Mousefacekitteh please stop polluting his mind

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

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mogadon I used to sing this to my baby boy to help him go to sleep.
mogadon And now for something completely different

Lenny Kravitz - Mr. Cab Driver

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mogadon Slicing up eyeballs


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mogadon Second hand living it just won't do

PixiesHead On

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mogadon The frayed colour of ice

PixiesBrick Is Red

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mogadon there's a horseshoe on my door
mogadon Andrew Strong was ~17 when he sang this. Unbelievable.
mogadon @alsof Thanks for the prop, here's more Franky boy.
mogadon @caxaar: No argument here :-) This is a little more my scene. (reblip)


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mogadon he loves you, but it's not the same
mogadon How high? Well, I can kiss the sun

CharlatansHow High

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mogadon I found a way, a way to make you smile
mogadon When your heart is black and broken....
mogadon every member of parliament trips on glue
mogadon ...the other side's not

PixiesBrick Is Red

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mogadon way down in this.....


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mogadon The standard to which all cover versions must aspire.

the charlatans-just lookin

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Electric Version by New Pornographers (Snow Party)

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mogadon And when the comet hit the sun


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mogadon Then you said, "No. I'm not from the south...."
mogadon Since you learned karate chop
mogadon from the album produced by Jack White
mogadon I really like these. Wonder which one is the dutchess?
mogadon Decapitated all my dolls

belly gepetto

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mogadon Our 5 year old sang along to this when he was 2. Cracked us up.
mogadon Your twisting my melon man
mogadon Odd couples #213

Marianne Faithfull + Johnny Marr, As tears go by

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mogadon Nancy's been smoking it
mogadon the memories can't be stopped

KingmakerHard Times

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mogadon Hell yeah!


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mogadon Following a synapse which fired without permission
mogadon Kids don't know what's wrong wi' mum
mogadon Morning blipsters. Today is our (me and @Mousefacekitteh) 10th wedding anniversary and she is Simply Beautiful.
mogadon @Mousefacekitteh A song for you, my true love, on our 10th anniversary. We're still alive...

Pearl JamAlive

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mogadon Boy oh boy, Johnny Cash is superb

Johnny CashOne

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stone roses Elephant Stone

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mogadon I am more Clark Kent, actually.

REM - I Am Superman

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mogadon It is in Raleigh, I can vouch
mogadon Clutching empty milkbottles to their hearts
mogadon Everyone needs to love this song

PJ HarveyThe Dancer

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mogadon But to me you're a....

AshShining Light

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mogadon Coz you do it to yourself


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mogadon I wrote this song 2 hours before we met
mogadon Gimme big mac gimme fries to go
mogadon Forgot how great this song is. Thanks @CooperHarris (reblip)

BeckLost Cause

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mogadon Apologies for the long run in, but worth the wait.

Put the message in the Box

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mogadon I never stop to wonder why

Way down now

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Sinead O'Connor MANDINKA

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mogadon Gone but not forgotten

CudRobinson Crusoe

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Pulp - Common People

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mogadon Me too @JessieMoon: "big BIG B I G love for this song." (reblip)
mogadon Thanks for this @dj_AM - flippin' marvelous song (reblip)

Smashing Pumpkins Disarm video

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mogadon @leClaw I was craving some Dinosaur Jr....ty. (reblip)

Dinosaur Jr.The Wagon

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mogadon Welcome @leClaw delighted to have your ears

Dinosaur Jr.Over It

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mogadon rb @stevthory: "I keep pulling at my beard. Hurts. Annoying and compelling like a mosquito bite." (reblip)
mogadon In awe of your fine blips...ty @daisyx (reblip)
mogadon Congrats @Dakeek: "I got new badge today :) "level 1 Hot Streak" Thanks for the Replies and blips to you all... YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE !!!" (reblip)
mogadon Been trying to meet you...@Mongoloid (reblip)


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mogadon Thanks for the props @sidair: "Bat For Lashes – Daniel" (reblip)
mogadon RB @dj_AM thanks for the props, you are v kind (reblip)

Kings of LeonCRAWL

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mogadon rb @eleniap: "Beware of promises broken before they're made! _]" (reblip)

The StrokesSomeday

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mogadon I'll take a quiet lifem thanks @lazysunbather: "@HendyArief nih buat potong bawang, radiohead - no surpises huehuehuheuee" (reblip)
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