morganh Despite all the complications you could dance to a Rock and Roll station.
morganh London. I can still feel the dampness in my bones.
morganh Classic Oyster

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

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morganh Like the typewriter intro
morganh Give me the change you said would do me good.
morganh I found myself living in a shotgun shack - in another part of the world!
morganh Can you name them all today?

B 52s52 Girls

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morganh Will the planets ever collide?
morganh Let's see if they have the Magazine version.
bcb @chuckboycejr @edeusebio [because Feelings wasn't available] I guess I was going for soft rock ("yacht rock") instead of sappy...

Patsy ClineCrazy

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morganh You've got guts to spill and no one trustworthy...
morganh I met some people along the way...
morganh This here music mash-up nations.
morganh This one goes back. Still good.
morganh Just like a dragonfly...
morganh Now it's another day here.
morganh For my friend Julia who loves the furs.
morganh Theme song for road trips with bands...

The DoorsL.A. Woman

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SlipperyDistortion Have you heard the story about Minnie?
randymatheson Red Hot Chili Peppers cover Iggy & the Stooges
morganh Other one expired.

David BowieStay

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morganh Yesterday's favourite...

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It

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morganh Six blade blues...


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morganh Get up outta your rocking chair grandma!
ThePassenger 19th Nervous Breakdown – The Rolling Stones
morganh Even the stars are ill at ease...
morganh These guys are so weird...
morganh Heard a lot of good stuff about Tindersticks


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morganh I like this one...


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morganh He worked as a car salesman, of course!

johnny todd-pink cadillac

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subschema Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.
morganh I see the bright and hollow sky.
randymatheson there ain't no easy way ~ no there ain't no easy way out
randymatheson see where looking pretty cool will get ya!
morganh Now the whole world is here for me to see...
morganh Hey honey I'm in a rock & roll band...

Lou ReedSweet Jane

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calamari @gmona Thanks, my iPod is doing fine. I added some songs by Dave Clark Five to it's library over the weekend. How is your iPod this lovely morning? :)
bandini A mixture of Joy Division and the madchester sound
morganh To the center of the city in the night... (reblip)
morganh The worst crime that i ever did was playing rock & roll.
morganh Met this band once...


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morganh See that man...


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morganh I don't like reggae...

Dreadlock Holiday

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boamorte imprescindible @Exile # 15 los viernes.......
morganh Live version that rocks...
HungryKid ...

dead kenedys - viva las vegas

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markmac may or may not have heard this before. either way i dig it @miixxy (reblip)
morganh I don't mind you coming here...
morganh Let's take a ride and see what's mine... (reblip)
morganh What happened to Dave Allen...


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Simchabe Doing it my way... coming soon 2 a startup near U

Sid ViciousMy Way

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Figgywithit Shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep. @rkmonkey
tbl92666 Love and Rockets - Ball of Confusion - Yin and Yang didn't work, but this works just fine.
morganh Sort of minimalist dub version...
randymatheson 50 - Debaser - Pixies... RS 100 Greatest Guitar Songs


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ZiraZeta Hey @morganh look what @DJFrankie found! Pato Fu cover! Never heard it before. * Junkie XL - Cities In Dust (reblip)
augustjordan but i prefer this version to the 12" mix
Stolen Exploring the outer reaches of designer impairment.
by_starla one of the best song choices i have seen from @daretoeatapeach to commemorate her becoming @TheUnwelcomeGuest 's listener #1000--well done! :) (reblip)
thegeek74 The Smashing Pumpkins covering Depeche Mode's Never Let Me Down Again...a good one to say good night to!
valia Stray Cats – Stray Cat Strut
morganh Rebel Rebel put on your dress...
evelet me too! @misslazarou one of my fav bands: Tindersticks – Can We Start Again? (reblip)
ashtabula maybe I'm just like my mother...she's never satisfied!
iisabelle Minor Threat - Filler - reblip from @adultcrash (reblip)

Minor ThreatFiller

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morganh Check the film "Blow-Up" 1966...Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page...

YardbirdsStroll On

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morganh Let all the children boogie...

David BowieStarman

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DJJazzyJacq @Flusch not only a first blip but a first class one! (reblip)
Louis19 From "154", fave Wire LP: Wire – The 15th

WireThe 15th

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morganh You run like a the sea. (reblip)

U2One Tree Hill

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morganh I said "He ain't here 'cause he went out..."

The ClashJimmy Jazz

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DJJazzyJacq smell that whiskey burning down at.....
by_starla @ababelado--you're sweet to say so--if i do, i'll be sure to let you know! for now, drink some sake for me. :)
adbert @Christinekorda [The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun] Madame Marianne "LeSoleil Levant" (= "Rising Sun" in French) had a brothel in NO.
morganh You didn't leave me anything that I can understand...
morganh vi@davidwatts1978 Leornard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan, then we take Berlin! (reblip)
morganh Like Prometheus we are bound, chained to this rock... (reblip)
misterscience @morganh The DCD song you blipped always makes me think of this tune
morganh The Chosen One (Mark Knopfler in the mix too).
morganh Sometimes I forget that we're supposed to be in love...
morganh And even though we lied, we swore we'd stay this way forever...
morganh vi@0vlad There is no other Troy for you to burn... (reblip)

Sinead O'ConnorTroy

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ladypn rb@estrogen I LOVED this TV show! (twin peaks) (reblip)
DownLow rb@ilbis: "Thievery Corporation - All That we Perceive" (reblip)
steno Track title: "So Com Voce" from "The Mirror Conspiracy" '-)
TroyHolder "Chinese Radiation" by Pere Ubu
ladypn Thanks darlin'@devlps!: "Done@ladypn: "Please show@NAdsNaME some of the Blip spirit by adding her to your faves!" (reblip)
straywebsurfer ♫ The White Stripes - "Blue Orchid"...TY~ rb@axefield (reblip)
morganh rb vi@Undine: "Teddybears – Punkrocker (ft. Iggy Pop)" (reblip)
morganh The Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan
morganh Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
morganh Urban Verbs - Next Question this love...or just a feeling...
morganh Wire - Feeling Called Love
morganh Bruce Cockburn - Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Bruce Cockburn "Lovers In A Dangerous Time"

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morganh Juliette & The Licks - Got Love To Kill (reblip)
morganh Anna Calvi - Love Won't be Leaving

Anna Calvi 'Love Won't Be Leaving' (Live at Luminaire)

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briangreene Infidel Zombie (bank) The Dickies – Dawn of the Dickies - Infidel Zombie
RockinitClassic Patti Smith – Smells Like Teen Spirit
mark_till Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart I sorted through about 20 of these. This was the best I could find audio-wise.
morganh Laurie Anderson - O Superman
morganh Wire - Please Take (2011)

WirePlease take

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LindyLuv Peter Gabriel ~ "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" ~ thanks y'all #outnow
Scott_hn The Wipers – Misfit // late 70s Portland-Punk

The WipersMisfit

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Tuneaholic This will brighten up your night :) @burcin Evanescence – Heart Shaped Box
morganh Lydia Lunch - When I Get My Cadillac ...Time for lunch!

Lydia Lunch- When I Get My Cadillac

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morganh Monochrome Set - He's Frank
MDiversidad One things leads to another, spiraling down..

Lisa Gerrard The Sea Whisperer

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Fluffybootz Vibrators : Sonic Reducer : Punk Vinyl.- far better version than Dead boys( have this argument all the time)@Scott_hn@pcurl@EarwaxOfSatan@Sven777

Vibrators : Sonic Reducer : AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

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