tillykey @mrrodd thank you for the prop, tell me what you think about this song, it's my friend Hope, check out my own music Tilly Key, love all-ways

HopeWho am I to say

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mrrodd Finding my own way, All or Nothing
mrrodd Nice One @chickenkatsu: "Here's some Flava mrrodd @ShiaoMei" (reblip)

Katchafire-Mr. Flava

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mrrodd TY @pendulem Great Track! ~ Mr Big (reblip)

FreeMr Big

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mrrodd Thug Like Me Rastafella Remix

Thug Like Me Rastafella RMX.wmv

| play
mrrodd We are one and the same


| play
mrrodd We were Supposed To Grow Old

Justin Nozuka-Supposed To Grow Old

| play
mrrodd True <3


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mrrodd Great Selection! @Chittamani_tara: "It Must Be Love..." (reblip)
mrrodd They've got so much Things to They Say right now
mrrodd Through it all I'm standing tall 'cause I heard your call. Sing it out y'all

Mat KearneyPoor Boy

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mrrodd You can say that again! @release_me: "Gentlemen - lyrics like these will never go out of style - they're right up there w/Bruno Mars' Just the Way..." (reblip)
mrrodd I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a force when we're together @KWright You Make Me Better!!
mrrodd De La Soul + Shaka Khan (All Good)


| play
mrrodd Cry Baby Cry

carlos santana feat joss stone, sean paul cry ba

| play
mrrodd Walk out into velvet @KWright nothing more to say cos you are...

Number 1Goldfrapp

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mrrodd Smokin' Gun

candy dulfer..smokin Gun

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mrrodd Sweeeeet...Candy and a Cookie!!
mrrodd Pick your diamond pick your pearl, there is Beauty In The World


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mrrodd Great Selection! @matriax: "rb,ty@acriacao: "LKJ - Hurricane Blues"" (reblip)

LKJHurricane Blues

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mrrodd If you want it, just break free and walk away
mrrodd Beautiful @ladypn luv this track!: "I write this song just to get me through ... " (reblip)
mrrodd We got to make a Better World
mrrodd Nice One! @Sobk13 Not necessarily in that order! :)) "Chains, beats and bars: ... #FF" (reblip)

Tina ArenaChains

| play
mrrodd Talking to the moon trying to get to you in hopes you're on the other side
mrrodd I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
mrrodd HEY @DJKatalina Great Selection! Hope you found a little time to chillax today!: "..........No Ordinary Love (Sade) ♥" (reblip)

Sherrie Lea ~~ No Ordinary Love (Arnol T Chill Mix)

| play
mrrodd You gotta Keep Up wit me

20 East feat. AKON Keep Up

| play
mrrodd I Ain't Mad Atcha

Chris Standring I Ain't Mad Atcha

| play

CHRIS STANDRING-groovalicious

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mrrodd Inspired by @KWright Come a Little Closer

'If I Knew" by Jimmy Sommers featuring Vikter Duplaix

| play
mrrodd It's that time BlipStarz. Have a great evening!
mrrodd Hey BlipStarz!! Everything Can Change ~ If You Will Change
mrrodd Wish I could Keep You Much Longer
mrrodd It's like Moving Mountains... hey, but I keep climbing

usher ft. akon- moving mountains ( full song ) + LYRIC

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mrrodd He ain´t heavy, he´s my brother

Gotthard He ain´t heavy, he´s my brother

| play
mrrodd I was Born Free...Free, like a river raging Strong as the wind I’m facing.
ginatruvy in me you can confide when no one's by your side...
mrrodd That's great @patita and should be fun...takes lots of pics!!

GOTTHARD Sister Moon 1996

| play
mrrodd Be Beautiful

Mindi Abair Be Beautiful

| play
mrrodd Come on over, down to the Corner and enjoy the Symphony
mrrodd Cherish The Day (Ronin Mix)
mrrodd Best to keep it in the family @Sandalicious TY! : "Shabba! Ranks ft. Patra - Family Affair ..." (reblip)
mrrodd Sound|Stage ~ Bright|Lights

matchbox twenty bright lights

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mrrodd Go on and Do It, Do It, Do It Til Your Satisfied...whatever IT is!
mrrodd I Got Your Back

TI- Got Your Back ft Keri Hilson

| play
mrrodd Got you on ice

tami chynn feat akon - frozen

| play
mrrodd Beautiful! @S4W2E0D one of my fave: ":)" (reblip)

One And OnlyAdele

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mrrodd Barfly, just a Barfly baby

ray lamontagne Barfly

| play
mrrodd The Bubble

The Black Seeds-The Bubble

| play
mrrodd What's your Flava?

Marion Meadows Flava

| play
vnss549 Nate Dogg – Backdoor

Nate DoggBackdoor

| play
mrrodd I'm from the jungle with the Concrete Streets
mrrodd It Feels Good, Feels Good, Feels Right

Feels GoodPitbull

| play
mrrodd Hey BlipStarz, I Just Can't Get Enough!!
mrrodd I've Learned a Lot

Amos Lee 'learned a lot'

| play
mrrodd I hope you're ready @KWright @Cheri_S tell the DJ play it All Night Long :))
mrrodd Once I throw on this, once I throw on this, it's over girl
mrrodd Good 2CU2 @Angie74 hope the weather is cooperating! I like the new avi...whatcha drinkin? :))

The SeedNo More

| play
mrrodd Let’s put all the cares behind us and go where they’ll never find us
mrrodd Thanks @Babygirlxx8 Don't worry about that Wake Up Call...it's the weekend...N'Joy!!
mrrodd I was lean and solid everywhere, Like a Rock
mrrodd Nice selection! @MrsRobinsome: "Powderfinger – Nobody sees" (reblip)
mrrodd These Dreams of You, so real and so true


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mrrodd Sometimes we know, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we give, sometimes we won't.
mrrodd Hey now, hey now don't dream it's over
mrrodd Oh, it'll take a little time, might take a little crime to come undone now

Duran Duran Come Undone

| play
mrrodd lol YMW @DJKatalina Any time is good for Vangelis!: "Thank you! How'd I miss RBing Vangelis? Prolly cause I've put off getting reading glasses?:D..." (reblip)
mrrodd Shout, shout let it all out
mrrodd Say what U need 2 Say

John MayerSay

| play
mrrodd Got 2 Luv U


| play
mrrodd Let's get a little wet, I like the way you’re workin’ me out
mrrodd Tell me what's on your mind


| play
misssabado a different sound-- for phillip barrett, missoula montana.

pumajawwe spin

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mrrodd So, so Scandalous


| play
mrrodd Give thanks for what you've got

daville give thanks for what youve got

| play
mrrodd Dancing barefeet through a dream, looks like the best thing you’ve ever seen
lilmel_ all, eventually, we. Camo & Krooked – All Fall Down (ft. Shaz Sparks)
mrrodd Before Today

Everything But The Girl-Before Today (Live)

| play
mrrodd Dirty Laundry....I don't mind
mrrodd I got it Bad for You Baby
mrrodd Hold on to your Dream

Lenny KravitzDream

| play
mrrodd Show the Lights...check out the Cool WebGL music interactive experience @ http://lights.elliegoulding.com/
mrrodd I was holding on long enough to know I should be Letting Go
mrrodd YMW @QueenyKay This one is for you ~ Step Back and N'Joy!!

Jess HarlenStep Back

| play
mrrodd It will be a while before I can...Come In From The Cold...

AMAZING Bob Marley Clip

| play
mrrodd Spending All My Time

Aaron Fresh ~ Spending All My Time ~ Full Song

| play
mrrodd Hit me with an Encore

Jason DeruloEncore

| play
lilmel_ slipping into something a lil funky. uh. huh. Fujiya & Miyagi – Uh!

Fujiya & MiyagiUh!

| play
mrrodd TY @busylizzy ~ Hope your Tuesday was Groovin' @ work today!
mrrodd @Nicsey We've been on the run, driving in the sun...California here we come (reblip)
mrrodd Forget the Wake Up Call

Maroon 5-Wake Up Call Hd

| play
EvangelinaElliott Best Jazz House mix by WSM 2011 - swing swing swing ;) @mrrodd

Best Jazz House mix by WSM 2011

| play
mrrodd Go ahead, work your Magic

Pussycat DollsMagic

| play
mrrodd What about now? What about today?
mrrodd Maria Maria

Maria Maria (Santana / Wyclef Jean)

| play
mrrodd Catch this one @RainyDays cause you know What One Dance Can Do :))
mrrodd Brick by Brick, we can build it from the floor

Brick by BrickTrain

| play

Ana Vidovic

| play
ipekb Gary Moore – Separate ways (live)
mrrodd All of these things I do for you

Aloe BlaccIf I (clip)

| play
mrrodd MmmHmmm CanD~n~a~Cookie!!

Candy DulferCookie

| play
mrrodd I'll never be the same Without You
mrrodd Closing My Eyes

Neon Heartache Reviewed: Closing My Eyes

| play
mrrodd Oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on

RiverSarah McLachlan

| play
mrrodd One of my favorite covers ~~~> Many Rivers To Cross
mamirabelle Since you like Ray Lamontagne, here's a great one @mrrodd
mrrodd Push to make a better way

Lenny Kravitz PUSH official new video

| play
barbsurvives doin' a Drive By today ~ Train

TrainDrive By

| play
mrrodd It's time to Run BlipStarz...Have a great evening/night!

Collective SoulRun

| play
mrrodd Baby, baby please don't go away
mrrodd You've got me Hypnotized

hypnotized Fleetwood Mac

| play
mrrodd S A I L

AWOLNATION- "Sail" (with lyrics)

| play
mrrodd I call, you call. I smile, you shine inside...
matoart vanity of women who become #blues at this time, everything is a dream ;)

Rebekka Bakken -Powder Room Collapse

| play
mrrodd Sooner or later You'll be loved
mrrodd The pieces don't fit anymore

James Morrison- The pieces don't fit anymore (live@Swr3 New Pop Festival 2006)

| play
mrrodd In My Secret Life

LEONARD COHEN In my secret life

| play
mrrodd YEAH @jewels Christmas Cheer is almost here!: "We southern girls rock!" (reblip)

James Slater- All I Want From Santa (Is A Girl From Atlanta)

| play
mrrodd I Cry, just a little when I think of letting go

Flo RidaI Cry

| play
mrrodd On Ya

Meital-On Ya (Feat. Sean Kingston)

| play
mrrodd These Battle Scars, don't look like they're fading
mrrodd Hi @QueenyKay hope you're having a great week and ready for the weekend! ~ N'Joy Le Passeur

Wasis diop

| play
mrrodd You are the reason that I am at all
mrrodd :) TYVM @Sobk13 It's not too late right? Show me the way :))
mrrodd Great selection! @Masha__: "Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect" (reblip)
DarkLady Marisa Monte - Pale Blue Eyes

Marisa Monte Pale Blue Eyes

| play
mrrodd You're going to miss out ~> @DJetLag ~~> Zero days off 'til 7/6! :P
mrrodd Heading straight into the Fade Out lines
mrrodd Sending out an SOS ~> Bring That Beat Back
mrrodd Take me down like I'm a domino... :) @lightblu: "damn this love is skin tight ~ baby c'on ' D" (reblip)
mrrodd Inspired by @TheDaybreaker ~ Its Easy, hard as it looks :)

Dragonette Easy

| play
mrrodd You keep me Running

Jessie WareRunning

| play
mrrodd That's Phoenix in the Summer @Silhueta2012 let it Rain. :)
mrrodd I'm the beast in you, the beast in me. You can say I'm mad, you can say I'm crazy, but I'm only as bad as the maker who made me.
mrrodd I'm not lost, I'm not lost, just Undiscovered

James Morrison-Undiscovered(live@Swr3 New Pop Festival 2006)

| play
mrrodd Barfly, just a Barfly baby

Ray LaMontagneBarfly

| play
mrrodd Boogie Chillen

John Lee Hooker with Rolling Stones & Eric Clapton (HQ)

| play
mrrodd I knew it :) @Nikkibgood good spin!: "My Soul is good, it's the rest of me that's bad! | Soulgood (Original #Mix) #deep #housemusic #funkyfriday" (reblip)
mrrodd I need this old train to break down then I could take a walk around

Jack JohnsonBreakdown

| play
mrrodd Marooned

David Gilmour Marooned

| play
mrrodd Starlight...just put your name down

Gotthard Starlight Video

| play
mrrodd Shut the phone off, close the shades

Joss Stone My God

| play
mrrodd Hope is what you do when you can't see into the future
mrrodd I hear you calling INNdiA
mrrodd Inspired by @DarkLady ~ I feel love again


| play
mrrodd Yes it does, HOTT!!

Feels Like Fire

| play
mrrodd ~ Chill Out Land of Beauty ~

~Chill Out Land of Beauty~

| play
mrrodd Some say I'm bad, some say I'm good...but I'm misunderstood

Macy GrayHelp Me

| play
mrrodd Calle Ocho vs Hot Mashup

inna feat pitbull

| play
mrrodd Go Slow, baby don't you rush now

Nolan feat. Amber Jolene ~ Go Slow (Finnebassen Remix)

| play
mrrodd This Is My Life #Remix ~ I'm chasing a dream that fade away in the night
mrrodd For your SUNday {{@QueenyKay}} ~ Eblouie Par La Nuit
mrrodd No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached-Stacy Barthe Ft. John Legend (February 2012)

| play
mrrodd Driving Towards The Daylight

Joe Bonamassa "Driving Towards The Daylight" Official Music Video

| play
mrrodd Hi @matoart Hope you're having a great SUNday! Enjoy the Violin Beats. :))


| play
mrrodd N'Joy this Smooth & Chilled Mix @playfulx
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