mrrowe8 great song great singer and fun jack killed mom ...try it
mrrowe8 feeln my age today jb mans world

1966 James Brown - Its A Man's Man's Man's World

| play
mrrowe8 i wish to continue to give the man the finger today ,cause i am in a screw u mood some sex....pistols

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

| play
mrrowe8 lets stay with the good tune idea the only good phil collins song in the air tonite, in memory of one of the best tv shows ever miami vice
mrrowe8 highway 61 revisited good work music
mrrowe8 these guys will be big if they can keep this up ..cage the elephant
mrrowe8 how many of you are on this highway with me ,the highway to hell
mrrowe8 thats right fols let stay in the old school with a little buddy holly
mrrowe8 lets go old school can i get a hell yeah for elvis
mrrowe8 did these guys do a bad song?? think not Queen fat bottom girls
mrrowe8 sam cook the greatest voice was gift from heaven bring it on home to me
mrrowe8 well it will not play the dead or stone so screw it let go for the fun sly and the family stone
mrrowe8 three for stevie turn it up start groovn were you are ,dare you not to start groovn

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
mrrowe8 this is were i find myself and damn map quest is no help
mrrowe8 go to the way back machine and white man blues
mrrowe8 lets close on some one often over looked Robert Palmer Doctor Doctor
mrrowe8 this guy is just cool take beck, neil young and bob dylan and make one guy this what you get
mrrowe8 a shame these guys could write some damn good music
mrrowe8 now come who doesnt like prince even in small doeses
mrrowe8 the band was a group often over looked but this is a smart great song and timeless as hell
mrrowe8 what ever happend to the fat boy?
mrrowe8 lets start this beautiful day with some foot tapping ,i plan to go light on the tunes want to hear some new stuff wow me
mrrowe8 more girl love the female elvis wanda jackson
mrrowe8 let close strong higher ground ...sorry chilli peppers but he did it first and better
mrrowe8 lets go old school can i get a hell yeah for elvis (reblip)
mrrowe8 please listen to this dude we often forget how good a singer he was
mrrowe8 yesterday was earth day so 2day is funk the world today please everyone think of the best funky songs u can country rock or rap anything just funk
mrrowe8 lets go almost old school public enemy ..come on people funk the world day free to fly the freakn freak flag
mrrowe8 some thing about ELO ,wrote the best pop songs no doubt
mrrowe8 three for stevie turn it up start groovn were you are ,dare you not to start groovn (reblip)

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
mrrowe8 ok folks lets start with alittle marvin gaye
mrrowe8 feel'n' nostalgic today guys ,I am feel'n' real and this music is as real and honest as it gets
mrrowe8 there three songs from youth that floored me, ironman is #3
mrrowe8 the tie was with to me the greatest of all time musicians Jimi Hendrix hey joe
mrrowe8 gottta run but lets leave u for awhile with pink floyd and "shine on you crazy diamond"
mrrowe8 hey i am back let do some temptations papa was rolling stone
mrrowe8 lets change it up for fun pepe and the bottled blondes
mrrowe8 more mid 80,s tears for fears ..shout
mrrowe8 this was the best disc i have heard in a long time radiohead" in rainbow"
mrrowe8 i will repeat this, this could be surprise disc of the year "cage the elephant ""in one ear"
mrrowe8 one more let hear another oh hell yea burning love
mrrowe8 feeln my age today jb mans world (reblip)

1966 James Brown - Its A Man's Man's Man's World

| play
mrrowe8 no more scooby snacks for me to old and kids be good example and all, but good memories like traffic and dear mr fantasy (reblip)
mrrowe8 remember it is Van Halen NOT van hagger and david lee IS the ice cream man

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man

| play
mrrowe8 another guy that could be great Ezra Furman take off your sunglasses
mrrowe8 she is so good and not to many remember her
mrrowe8 many forget how great dean was as a singer

AC_DC - Dirty_Deeds_Done_Dirt_Cheap

| play
DrFloyd ... hope i might say this: as far as i can seen u have the best avatar pic in the blip universe ;))) @mrrowe8
mrrowe8 just start the foot or pen tapping now cause you will (reblip)
mrrowe8 "you don,t need permission 4 anything" johnny rotten

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

| play
mrrowe8 yes it does and lock it in crack it up
mrrowe8 does anyone hear clap.. of thunderclap newman....ok it was stupid but what the hey something in the air
mrrowe8 if an angel had walked the earth and saw all ,that angel would sing like Mavis Staples.weary but still believen (reblip)
mrrowe8 i love the black crowes just a throw back to get stoned and grove to tunes..nothing wrong with that,just no driving, hey i am a dad now ...
mrrowe8 feeln between rockn in ur face and slow smooth hip shakn groves kinda stuff you dance to even if you cant dance
mrrowe8 the white stripes are clearly in antoer place compared to others,their just sooomuch better
mrrowe8 ladys and gentlemen i wish green day was as good as the foxboro hot tubs even though its them

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Mother Mary

| play
mrrowe8 the Marshall Tucker band & the grateful dead in english town nj anyone else remember ,Can't you see crank it up
mrrowe8 4 Lucas and my beautiful wife Sarah and great rainy day music Some kinda wonderful (reblip)
mrrowe8 lou reed ,another late summer afternoon tune,walk on the wild side
mrrowe8 lets stay in the lou reed type theme w David Bowie & the jean genie
mrrowe8 Lola such a pretty song then you really hear it ,damn the kinks r so smart,now thats art

The KinksLola

| play
mrrowe8 does anyone else remember Madness &mtv one step beyond
mrrowe8 promise, one the last pool tunes but come on eileen ,u know you no the word so let start singn
mrrowe8 another tune that lets you know your in a club not a bar,


| play
mrrowe8 ok enough pool crap ,now 4 the real deal Al Green Love &happiness crack this and dance w the dog the kids a co work
mrrowe8 lets stay spiritual plane ..get it spirit in the sky..ok stupid .but u c
mrrowe8 anyone ever c johnny winter? dude can rip on guiter
mrrowe8 Against me , is so strong and 1 of 3 newer band i love .don't lose touch
mrrowe8 time to kick ur fuckn ass,Rage against the machine ,guerilla radio..please turn it ,fuck the neighbors
mrrowe8 common folks u no u want 2 turn it up,screw the neighbors icky thump
mrrowe8 ladies and gentlemen hair of the dog, made loud to play loud (reblip)
mrrowe8 Against me , is so strong .don't lose touch (reblip)
mrrowe8 one of the best bands to fuck u to the pistols lonely boy
mrrowe8 please turn it all the way up and let it infect ur soul,get some chills ,chain of fools (reblip)
mrrowe8 more real american music, I never been to spain...why has no one ever recovered this great tune?
mrrowe8 why dont u get a job ,offspring more summer music
mrrowe8 this one never gets old, even as i get older, it get truer, i tell my kids this all the time, hope they get it ,just "Let it be",

Beatles - Let It Be

| play
mrrowe8 common folks u no u want 2 turn it up,screw the neighbors icky thump (reblip)
mrrowe8 Remember when L.L. cool J was real ,and not doing shtick for commercials" Mama said knock you out" 2 bad wish he'd come back
mrrowe8 let stay in the old school ,lov this stuff edge and about b ing in ur face Ice T,not like now were its product&sucks
mrrowe8 Remember when L.L. cool J was real ,and not doing shtick for commercials" Mama said knock you out" 2 bad wish he'd come back (reblip)
mrrowe8 this is 1 of the only newer rappers that gets it, Eminem,"old time's sake"
mrrowe8 4 my sons Lucas and Al &my beautiful wife Sarah, Some kinda wonderful (reblip)
mrrowe8 I really lov this song,"Never been to Spain" a shame u only hear it on oldies, cause its way better then that
mrrowe8 lets start slow ,and build,oh by the way i am back,Night Time Is the Right Time
mrrowe8 this dude can make anyone dance ,bet ur foots a tapping ,that's how it start ,then your legs ,once it is in ur hips ur done
mrrowe8 Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come ,just a sweet voice,
mrrowe8 Seven Nation Army ,we all in this army right,
mrrowe8 another even better journey tune ,turn the fucker up ,it s real ,and good fun
mrrowe8 And now 2 me Queens BEST OF ALL TIME, find a better 1 "Fat Bottomed Girls"
mrrowe8 and the grand daddy of all that era , do not say u do not know what i am talking about cause u do,u had a mullet ,and u in haled

Foghat-Slow Ride

| play
mrrowe8 This album change everything we all danced to it in the clubs ,mullets,feathered ,redneck ,it didn't matter it was every were ,admit it ur smiling now
mrrowe8 this makes every one smile ,and anyone over 35 knows it,Dexy's Midnight Runners "Come On Eileen",if your home bet you dance with the broom
mrrowe8 another one that makes us happy why ?who knows ,maybe thats why it makes me smile,
mrrowe8 The best song guns and roses did, and its soo close to perfect, Paradise City, bet it been a while ,I heard this in bottle clubs ,after hours bar,
mrrowe8 just great song should be on everyones ipod some where,Whats Going On
mrrowe8 i remember when this was a club song
mrrowe8 don't touch that dial we're coming to u from the mother ship
mrrowe8 Do u feel it ? it starts in ur thigh, now hip, then just takes you over," we need the funk" i wonder is this on air force1 playlist
mrrowe8 need to bath so a little bath music 4 me,
mrrowe8 was anyone haveing more fun then van halen
mrrowe8 this is the ringer for my wife,cause she does..and its great
mrrowe8 and who doesn't LOVE & NO this 1 come ,sing the chorus you'll feel better swear 2 god Stealers Wheel – "Stuck In the Middle With You"
mrrowe8 if pepe can't wake you up go back 2 bed
mrrowe8 along those lines who didn't like hammer,2 legit 2 quit ,& yes i had hammer pants , come on u no u did ,who else did?
mrrowe8 lets stay in the memory mode while its clear, C&C Music Factory – Here We Go
mrrowe8 and the #1 riff of ALL TIME anyone wanna fight on this 1 ,Purple Haze
mrrowe8 dude you can taste the real in this one sorry but he is that good,Eminem – Old Time's Sake (Featt. Dr. Dre)
mrrowe8 I hear pete seeger wasn't to fond of some of these, sorry 2 hear that, its a damn fine piece of work& brought u back to public mind
mrrowe8 hey@ Metal_brad how about alittle old school Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane
mrrowe8 lets stay with tough as shit band ,to bad they couldn't keep it up ,4 u@Metal_brad
mrrowe8 and how can we not give nod to my favorite tune ,sex on a stick cool, & written by Springsteen.The Pointer Sisters – Fire
mrrowe8 not in the mood for any weak dick shit ,sorry,Nazareth – Hair of the Dog
mrrowe8 Damn it now I am doing 90 down memory lane ,Rocky_Horror_Picture_Show_-_Time_Warp


| play
mrrowe8 another smoke'n hot sound track even if ur a rocker your grooven 2 this and think 2 a day long ago in a far away galexy,Bee Gees – Stayin Alive
mrrowe8 Another band that reminded us what rock was ,ours!Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
mrrowe8 The only tune she did like this but damn its smoking hot,Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason
mrrowe8 best &greatest heart breaker,true power ballard ,why has no one like beyonce done a real cover of this,Meat Loaf Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (blip.up)
mrrowe8 does any 1 out there remember "THE GUITAR ARMY" The Outlaws ,if so give me a oh hell yeah,damn these guy were fun


| play
mrrowe8 I am telling u this is soul healing music ,come on healthy , Mavis Staples – Wade in the Water
mrrowe8 while its not happy friday music but somewhereethis is happening so we need to nod 2 those peeps (reblip)
mrrowe8 and even better , this one rocks bet some of u( all ages) r grooven ,and singing, and wonder how do u no the words, its in our dna
mrrowe8 here is one i found ion dusty shelf in way back machine , oh hell yeah , great forgotten tune.."Children Of The Sun"
mrrowe8 anyone &i mean anyone remember this show or the man from uncle
mrrowe8 Ok here really is a damn fine blast from the past
mrrowe8 Hey guys "Let There Be Rock", I am back soooo hello& good fucking morning 2 all ,turn it up and tell the neighbors 2 piss off !!!
mrrowe8 WORD UP ...nuff said ,oh and oh shit another dusty cool tune from the hazy days that were my 80's experiance

CameoWord Up

| play
mrrowe8 probably the best known guitar riff of all time ,anyone that has learned 2 play tried this i right ,give me a hell yeah
mrrowe8 the littlest Rowe is up , time to be Daddy& it is the coolest job in the whole fuck'n' world...he makes me remember what being alive is all about.
mrrowe8 hey all, here is a Friday blast from the past ,those of u like me that r old enough to have a past
mrrowe8 hey r there any real blues fans out there here is one for you,sipping whiskey type of blues
mrrowe8 Bruce was the only one to stand up and say the dixie chick were free to say what want,"cause blind faith in ur leaders or anything will get u killed"
mrrowe8 sing along time nothing wrong with it,these are songs that r part of the earth just put ur ears 2 it and listen
mrrowe8 like the last one ,keep ur ear 2 the earth swear 2 god you'll hear it ,feel it ,starts in the feet, tapping then u smile &bam it takes u over
mrrowe8 killer video and the song it 2 bad either
mrrowe8 sorry but this is the last strong song they did ,not sure about the new shit ,but lets 4get that,and rock, oh and turn it up fuck the neighbors

Mötley Crüe-Primal Scream

| play
mrrowe8 can i get a oh hell yeah for the three dog night,good no check that great tune,turn it up ,good grilling tune ,hey look at me i am grilling

Never been to Spain (but I've been to Oklahoma)

| play
mrrowe8 ok is there any 1 old enough to remember this when it was new me,...the song i mean
mrrowe8 it is a true tune not black or white a no skin color tune, we all know it a have say will make ur foot do what its doing now,tap so turn it up
mrrowe8 another 1 that just demands to b turned up, cool tune ,stands right there next to anything new ,& i bet u know the words even though u don't how

dion & the belmonts the wanderer 1961

| play
mrrowe8 i don't normally relive the old days but damn i feel good,"so put ur hands in the air like u don't care"...if u know whats next u were there with me,

CameoWord Up

| play
skyroots had to reblip to wake me up @fluffyboots: "had to blip this to WAKE ME UP! " (reblip)

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

| play
mrrowe8 from the days when MUSIC WAS KING &THERE WAS NO VIDEO JUST ROCK'N 'ROLL ,and damn did WE freak'n' rock ,can't do this now feel sorry 4 u punks
mrrowe8 were there is smoke there's fire ,here's a band that never lost site of music,good movie by the way
mrrowe8 were is my mullet gang ,remember this was us dudes, these kids now just ,well i feel sorry for them, were we or were we not the shit then

Loverboy- Working For The Weekend

| play
mrrowe8 hey @MJIC @iconoguy @PhishPhanatic2 @cjh, 4 u ,this is the video&tune we broke out the bong 4,long ago in a far away day
mrrowe8 another video that rocks ,almost makes me want dust off the bong
mrrowe8 my friends out there,it is sing along time ,come on now,u know the words,join to the chorus ,u know will soon as u hear it,who doesn't like this 1
DaveDoyle Bee Gees - Lonely Days Lonely Nights...many thanks @hawaiibuzz @midnightbeadery @gpharley @velvetunderground @Skull_300 @babybeluga

The Bee Gee's Lonely Days

| play
mrrowe8 when we ruled the world before we were mom &dad ,it was the 1-2 punch ,1st fire,then this ,smell of sex was in the air,c'mon u remember&now ur smiling

The Commodores-Brick House

| play
mrrowe8 this video rocks on so many levels
mrrowe8 here's one i haven't heard in a long time ,any1 else GOING DOWN – Jeff Beck Group
mrrowe8 so good ,a version almost as good as the original, if u haven't heard this, it just flat out rocks, Natalie Merchant – Sympathy for the Devil
mrrowe8 fine older tune ,that 4 me never gets old or dated, just reminds me of a good places & people i've met

Brandy You're a Fine Girl/Looking Glass

| play

Bugs bunny Wins by a hare

| play
mrrowe8 when the stones took these dudes 2 court over this tune u knew they were in take ur money n run phase ,Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

| play

ELO Hold on tight to your dreams.

| play

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday

| play

Bobby Vinton -Mr Lonely- 1964

| play
mrrowe8 we talk about jack johnson and others but their work has got no soul ,this is real, fun and from the soul, Jim Croce – You Don't Mess Around With Jim
mrrowe8 wake the fuck up ur ,probably like me ,up cause u gotta, so lets get this day off rt.
mrrowe8 4 me the Beatles always is good morning music or trip music ,but rt now we r in the 1st camp, The Beatles – Yer Blues
mrrowe8 truly the band that helped redefine videos cause up till this point it was hit or miss
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