MrFlinger Hootie and the Blowfish - Let Her Cry
mochamomma Today's theme song going on in my head as I smile & think, "Fuck you" to certain people. "Paradise"

Ana Serrano Van Der Laan::Paradise

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MrFlinger born to shimmer, born to shine, born to radiate, born to live, born to love, born to never hate (reblip)
mrsflinger Another friday night in which we party harty: Blip! Whisky! Code! And @MrFlinger grooves to "50 Cent vs Bee Gees" (reblip)
MrFlinger Give him som'n he can feel ladies! (you know, in a good way)
mrsflinger Keep that blip style up, @MrFlinger and you know you're nevah gonna get it. Oh, not this time....
MrFlinger ahem... @mrsflinger Don't be frontn', you know Whatta Man you got." (reblip)

Salt N Pepa ft. En Vogue | Whatta Man

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mrsflinger Especially for @sarcasticmomLC because truly, there ain't no party like my nana's tea party. Heeey! HO!
schmutzie The Paper Cranes – I'll Love You Til My Veins Explode (reblip)
mrsflinger It's OkkkKKKKkkkkk Dadadadah It's OkkkKKKkkkkk Dadaadaddah...
MrFlinger "I ain't s'posed to be here but maybe you can help me find my way." Sister Hazel - We'll Find It
MrFlinger Marcy Playground - Poppies
mrsflinger Pretending like my toddler didn't wake me up at 5AM. Gotta make it a good day... (reblip)

Greg StreetGood Day

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mrsflinger "I just want to be ok be ok be ok be ok" Turn that fown upside down! <--- geek
mrsflinger I gotz a man that can't spell worth shit but oohhhh he's got a sexy lady. Hey Sexy Lady.. @MrFlinger Lemme hear you say THAT. Booyah.

ShaggyHey Sexy Lady

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MrFlinger Can't argue with that @mrsflinger. Upstairs. You can leave your hat on.
mrsflinger See the pyramids around the Nile, Watch the sun rise from the tropic isle, Just remember darling, All the while, You belong to me

You Belong to Me (Jason Wade from Lifehouse)

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mrsflinger Like Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie (love this video of them just playing)

Death Cab for Cutie-Brothers On a Hotel Bed (Studio)

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mrsflinger The kind of song that makes you tap your foot while working on a holiday weekend.
MrFlinger Barenaked Ladies - Some Fantastic

Barenaked Ladies- Some Fantastic

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mrsflinger @MrFlinger Rondevu then I'm through with you...

Eve 6Inside Out

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MrFlinger @mrsflinger you just keep on using me, until you use me up.

Bill WithersUse Me

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MrFlinger Ohhh @mrsflinger you're just playin with me? You got the devil inside.

INXSDevil inside

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schmutzie Josephine Foster - Little Life (reblip)

Josephine Foster Little Life

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mrsflinger Did you know I've been thinking of you all day, All day all day for days and days.... I'm wonderin' if you're wonderin' about me....
thisfullhouse Well, because, this side of the rainbow looks good, too....sometimes
mrsflinger Colin Hay is NEVER wrong. Also, I really had to get that Abby Cadaby crap outta my head.
mrsflinger @AnnissaMayhew Buhaha! You know it sistah. This is my new motto. (reblip)
Cheaty Beautiful, sunny day for a walk.....
mrsflinger I love his voice. Apparently I'm a sucker for the harmonica. Who knew?
mrsflinger Case in point. Raspy Voice Guitar Example #2.

Matt CostaSunshine

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secretagentmama If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be, that we are all ok..


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mrsflinger Just found this Twitter Song. OMG. TWITTER!
mrsflinger I freakin' love this song.
tgaughran I would marry Tom Waits. If he'd have me.
secretagentmama My Prom theme!

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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mrsflinger Reminds me of before I had LB. I used to listen to this and rub my belly.
mrsflinger Great to code to. Or, you know, not.
temptingmama This will forever remind me of @karensugarpants dancing in our hotel room


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greeblemonkey Love the whole album, but especially this song.
mrsflinger Seriously how do you not love this guy? :: taps feet ::
MrFlinger Makes me want to hug m'lady and m'kids.
MrFlinger "Children spin around until they fall down..." Zee Avi - Bitter Heart (reblip)

Zee AviBitter Heart

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MrFlinger "1 - 2 - 3 and a..." Zee Avi - Kantoi (reblip)

Zee AviKantoi

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MrFlinger "La budda bum bum bump bum... " Zee Avi - Honey Bee (reblip)

Zee AviHoney Bee

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mrsflinger Happy Birthday @MrFlinger!! I love you!

Happy Birthday!

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MrFlinger To all those in rainy locales today... the sun again will shine. Slackstring - Sun Again Will Shine" (reblip)
MrFlinger Like this goody. Always makes me all like, contemplational <--Yup. Martin Sexton - The Way I Am. Oh ya, and the high notes used make my dog howl.
MrFlinger "Slow down. Gotta slow down and taaake iiiit eeeaaasy. Oh ya." Reel Big Fish - Slow Down
GoonSquadSarah RB @Hmmm (I guess I'm going to have to watch the "True Blood on my DVR) (reblip)

Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy

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MrFlinger "You got you to blame for what you do to you" (so unfortunate... and true) Eric Hutchinson - You've Got You (reblip)
MrFlinger Great toe tapper! "Eric Hutchinson - Rock & Roll" (reblip)
karensugarpants You know who you are. Fuck off already.

Lily AllenFuck You

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MrFlinger This one whispers in my ear... "Leave this kids with g'ma and g'pa. Seek sun" Can you hear it?
MrFlinger I have become Cumbersome to this night
mochamomma I worked all this time and @sassafrassjess sums up the day for me. @veepveep told me to take a listen, too. "Dickhead" (reblip)

Kate NashDickhead

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MrFlinger "Nothing's as beautiful as when she believes in me..." True. Thanks @mrsflinger ! Ben Harper - When She Believes
MrFlinger @mrsflinger One for you. Bless the telephone, twitter, email, telepathy and ahhh, the voice. Labi Siffre - Bless the Telephone
MrFlinger Check it now Funk Soul Brothers. Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
MrFlinger Keep thinkin... Good Day. Awww yeaahh

Greg StreetGood Day

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