mrsheather_e We're falling apart, and coming together again and again...
RealtorLefebvre 13 more votes will bring this race home for the good ole USA! Unless of course you're happy with CANADA whipping are arse...
RealtorLefebvre Is it possible the Gap is closing? Help me drop a bomb on @kyegrace with your vote:
mrsheather_e i never learned to count my blessings, i choose instead to dwell in my disasters...
EmLocke My karaoke number of choice. Sadly, I often end up solo-ing this "I've had it up to here with you and your games" duet.
ZachsMind Artists I Would Blip More Often If Were Currently Knee Deep In Bootie: Barry White ..Reason: Duh! All ladies give it up for THE Barry White. (reblip)
veg4life What a nice peaceful song for a Sunday. She did great at Obama inauguration.


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murnahan Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun (reblip)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

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karlbrian This song I heard from my fav brit tv show pretty much sum up my weekend...
mrsheather_e ...and all i've got is your hand.
maip23 Song Of The Night: "Baby, We’ve come a long way, baby. you know, I hope and I pray that you believe me When I say this love will never fade away"
moderndaymicah Memories of riding home from high school with friends... (reblip)
sign543 After a 15 hour shift at the hospital, only kd lang can console my soul. Oh, and a wonderful Leonard Cohen song. And...a double!! *grin*


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i_Dea @ladypn thank you... I was looking for this one :) (reblip)
kattibrie78 Hey, I did it my way... sing with me:
DrewAStewart Who's the last good thing about this part of town? Me! Dammit.
EssexMachina This song reminds me of touching acts of devotion I do not bribe or manipulate men for. (reblip)
matthek Another great song -- just came on my iPod an hour ago! (reblip)
TaraRobs Yes, I have the entire CD playing on loop on my iPod
secretagentmama Feel it falling off like clothing. Tasting rolling on your tongue. See the lights above you glowing. Oh and breathe them deep into your lungs.
secretagentmama I don't feel that I deserve the sunshine's rays....
TaraRobs The lyrics are still open to debate. "...revved up like a deuce..."

Manfred Mann - Blinded By The Light

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Sarahndipitea never fails to make me giggle


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Sarahndipitea sometimes, it's all you can do I remember the exact location I heard this song for the first time. It still moves me the same way.
TaraRobs "But if you asked me to I just might change my mind, And let you in my life, forever ..."
mrsheather_e and you flashback to when he said forever & always..
TaraRobs "...In the dark, I like to read his mind, But I'm frightened of the things I might find..."
Kimmy6313 now the lesson's learned / I touched it I was burned / oh, I think you should know / cuz when I'm with him I am thinking of you (reblip)
Sarahndipitea You are my sweetest downfall ... I loved you first, I loved you first
rockdrool only whispers of some quiet conversation


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Sarahndipitea because this is the right way to go
Kimmy6313 as the storm blows on / out of control / deep in her heart / the thunder rolls
2Serenity If you saw the movie Love Jones, you know this song is the JAM & that the soundtrack is ESSENTIAL to your music collection! : D Love Dionne Farris! xo
Sarahndipitea after this I eat, then I lament elsewhere


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secretagentmama Ooooo This could be messy, but you don't seem to mind. Ooooo Don't go telling everybody and overlook this supposed crime...
tcar As if I'd never noticed, The way she brushed her hair from her forehead
mrsheather_e I am changing/I'll be better than I am/I'm trying to find a way to understand/But I need you, I need you/I need a helping hand
mrsheather_e since it's pouring, and i love him. totally appropriate.

Joe Purdy - I Love The Rain The Most

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mrsheather_e there's no need to feel no shame/ relax and sip upon my champagne... ;)
rootedinstyle To my friend in high school, david couch :)


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TaraRobs '...In a wood full of princes, freedom is a kiss. But the Prince hides his face from dreams in the mist...'
TaraRobs '...You’re not sure what you want to do with your life/ But you sure don’t want me in it...'
sergiovds Sorry, I´m late, too late - Another Day - James Taylor
TaraRobs '...I’d kick it with who I wanted/ And I’d never get confronted for it...'
TaraRobs One of my favorite books and movies!
TaraRobs '...Will you stay with me, will you be my love...'
EmLocke There's a reason why people don't stay where they are
mrsheather_e Who's gonna watch your back? Who's gonna reel you in? Who'll make surprise attacks? Who's gonna be there at the end?
Sarahndipitea Love this, Heather! :: Who's gonna watch your back? Who's gonna reel you in? Who'll make surprise attacks? Who's gonna be there at the end? (reblip)
jencvs Reblippin' Night // Nothing like Coldplay's fix you followed by Pixies- where is my mind & beatles- fixing a hole (reblip)
mrsheather_e lord knows we've learned the hard way, all about healthy apathy.
TaraRobs 'she said I need you to hold me/ I'm a little far from the shore/ and I'm afraid of sinking...'
TaraRobs 'Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell/ It was love from above that could save me from hell...'
Zoeyjane Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout what is true and fake
mrsheather_e oh i know i was wrong/ i won't let you down. (reblip)


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secretagentmama We belong to the light/ We belong to the thunder/ We belong to the sound of the words
secretagentmama Some people do and some people don't....
rockdrool you're the kind of person who believes in making out once. love 'em and leave 'em fast.
rockdrool i feel stupid. but i know it won't last for long
rockdrool sooner or later it's over. i just don't want to miss you tonight
rockdrool one of the best female voices...ever.


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mrsheather_e where can i turn/ 'cause i need something more/ surrounded by uncertainty/ i'm so unsure
organicsue You Can Call Me Al....... @>-------
TaraRobs 'I know you think that I shouldn't still love you/ Or tell you that...'

DidoWhite Flag

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TaraRobs 'Would you hold my hand/ If I saw you in heaven?/ Would you help me stand/ If I saw you in heaven?'

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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TaraRobs 'Sometimes everything is wrong...'
avivajazz ♫ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Enforced Performance
sasaloves give me miles and miles of mountains and i'll ask for the sea.
suds Took this from my playlist ,Something@dsb1218played awhile back and i liked it -Goodnight everyone (reblip)
aubrey0199 "Oh, why'd you have to be so cute?" Good night everyone!
Sarahndipitea too late to apologize? never. growth comes in the wake of forgiveness
daytea it's 5.42 am. and this song is pretty. #songforpastlove

AdeleFirst Love

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mrsheather_e the earth moves & you find me, alive but unworthy/broken & empty but you don't care..


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mrsheather_e & all I really want from you is to feel me/ as the feeling inside keeps building/ & I will find a way to you if it kills me..
mrsheather_e &when there's no storm/ then how can i feel the calm/ if there's nothing left to lose/ then what is this feeling that keeps on bringing me back to you
mrsheather_e this will be our first dance as husband and wife :)<3
jet333 Larry Carlton & Lee Ritenour – "Low Steppin'"....jazz guitar:)

Adam levine feat alicia keys- Wild horses

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mrsheather_e oh otis, you are so lovely <3333 and my favorite new song to sing on the piano.
mrsheather_e but who's gonna break my fall, when the spinning starts/ the colors bleed together and fade, was it ever there at all/ or have i lost my way
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