simplesmente Eu sei você vai rir da minha cara...meu sorriso é só disfarce !!!
avivajazz Stan Getz / La Fiesta // Thanks, RB@rentedmule (reblip)

Stan GetzLa Fiesta

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musicaddict92 i almost always listen to this song!!!
musicaddict92 lol this song is still my party song
musicaddict92 i'm always listening to this song

ZahoC'est Chelou

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musicaddict92 super jam!!!

DAMIAN MARLEY Welcome To Jam Rock

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musicaddict92 saw her at lacma, great time

Sara Gazarek performs "Makes Me Feel This Way"

| play
musicaddict92 pretty song good message

Les NubiansMakeda

| play
musicaddict92 i had never heard of this song until it was recommended to me and now i listen to it all the time
musicaddict92 anyone whose willing to dance to this i give 5 thumbs up!!!

Mambo Caliente Arturo Sandoval

| play
musicaddict92 good version

dance me to end of love

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BoundandTyed @cyberdiva ;-) Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew
musicaddict92 you can't help but be happy with this song
musicaddict92 senora messenger introduced this song to me
musicaddict92 hells yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Ojos de Brujo: Techari Live cover of "Get up Stand up"

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musicaddict92 yes it is ;)

Bob Marley Is This Love

| play
musicaddict92 me and vera's jam!!!!!

Sergio Mendes- Magalenha

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musicaddict92 now that's the blues!!

Lukas Nelson Bonnaroo 2008

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musicaddict92 love this song


| play
musicaddict92 great choreography great song, whose bad??? lol

Michael JacksonBad

| play
musicaddict92 lol i love this music video, sooo funny

Lily AllenSmile

| play
musicaddict92 once i start on this song you have to force me to stop playing it!! lol
musicaddict92 absolutely great voice, sooo soulful

'Right as Rain' by Adele on Q TV

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musicaddict92 she did a really good job on this version
musicaddict92 i always admired the creativity of the video, it's kinda wierd but really cool
musicaddict92 @avivamagnolia: "Joe Hisaishi – Solitude" what a beautiful rendition (reblip)
musicaddict92 you have to be crazy not to feel this

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

| play
musicaddict92 this song was is and will always be cool
musicaddict92 this song makes you wanna go out and dance on the beach!

"Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest

| play
musicaddict92 who hasn't felt like t his before?

Joss StoneJet Lag

| play
musicaddict92 what a good song no?


| play
musicaddict92 this song is so beautiful yet so sad
musicaddict92 it certainly can be a losing game sometimes
musicaddict92 baby come and sway me!! hahaha

pussycat dolls sway live

| play
musicaddict92 amazing rendition and really cute guy lol

verde que te quiero verde- manuel carrasco

| play
musicaddict92 straight miami sound!!!!


| play
RevDrLuv got a lot o things I got ta do

Eric Clapton Bell Bottom Blues Unplugged Live TV Recording

| play
musicaddict92 say what you need to say :)

John MayerSay

| play
musicaddict92 i loved the music video of this, lol i have sang along with a hairbrush to this song alot lol
musicaddict92 lol i remember this song

donell jones : U know what's up

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musicaddict92 classic!!! who doesn't love this song!
musicaddict92 unfortunately this is still true, great song though!!!
musicaddict92 i used to really hate this song but i kept hearing lol (reblip)

Coldplay-Viva la Vida

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musicaddict92 @comicmama: "@KodaiSusumu: "i agree wake me up when September Ends" Totally "what a great song!" (reblip)
musicaddict92 give it to me easy! lol great song
musicaddict92 good memories with this song


| play
musicaddict92 @octoberthirtyone: "I'm just sippin on chamomile... u? @BunnyHoney" such a good song, haven't heard it in a long time (reblip)

No DoubtHey Baby

| play
musicaddict92 never heard it before, but this is a really good song!!!! (reblip)
musicaddict92 beautifully done

Why Should I Care Diana Krall

| play
musicaddict92 JUMPI JUMPI!!!!!!! como guay!!!!! fiesta!!!!! lol

Sergent GarciaJumpi

| play
musicaddict92 this song always makes me happy!

Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On

| play
musicaddict92 how true is this song

Till it happens to you-Corinne Bailey Rae

| play
musicaddict92 never heard this song but wow i love it!!!
musicaddict92 SOUTH BRONX SOUTH SOUTH BRONX!!!!! lol
musicaddict92 love this song!

Woman Tonight ~ Felt (Slug and Murs)

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musicaddict92 okay so i know it's nowhere near christmas lol, however i'm one of those lame people who listens to x-mas music all year lol
musicaddict92 my friend sent this to me once, i think he just sent it because it had spanish in the title lol (reblip)
musicaddict92 i love this guys voice, but i know no other songs by him suggestions????
musicaddict92 okay so who does it better michael or smokey??
musicaddict92 a down in the mexi-cali!!!!! lol
musicaddict92 lol everyone always asks me why i like this song, all i can say is it's so real that you just have to like it

Addicted amy winehouse!

| play
musicaddict92 okay so the song without mos def was great, buuuuuut with him it's fantastically amazingly wonderful lol
musicaddict92 i love this scene and song, this scene made me want to learn the tango, and i did lol
musicaddict92 the beat on this is killer!

Jay-z- Public Service Announcement

| play
musicaddict92 the night time is the right time to be with the one you love" - soooo soulful
musicaddict92 love this song love her

Sade "Is It A Crime"

| play
musicaddict92 I always feel like I knew this song from when I was a child, whether or not i do, I love it now!!!! VERY PRETTY!!!
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "@ladypn: "Do you promise me a change is gonna come???"" (reblip)
musicaddict92 I love this song :), this entire time period of music was great!
musicaddict92 I love you baby just not like i love my guitar!!! lol


| play
musicaddict92 this song is so cold, the lyrics are great lol

stronger than me amy winehouse live at jool holland

| play
musicaddict92 lol this song is kinda dumb, but it's super catchy, vete Puerto Rico!!!! lol

N.O.R.E Ft. Big Mato,Nina Sky....- Mas Maiz

| play
musicaddict92 I can always listen to this song, both this version and the other ones by him, truly a timeless song!!!

Sergio Mendes "Mas Que Nada" feat. The Black Eyed Peas

| play
musicaddict92 estoy lista ir a BRAZIL!!!!!!!!! quien quiere ir conmigo??? lol
musicaddict92 i've never heard this before, but really really good!!!!
musicaddict92 lol I hate bananas but i love this song lol
musicaddict92 how did i miss this cd???!!!!!! every song is great!
musicaddict92 such a pretty, sweet song! if someone could sing this to me lol that'd be great lol
musicaddict92 Talking bout my generation!!!!
musicaddict92 really great song!

Bob Dylan-The Times They Are A-Changin

| play
musicaddict92 it was fascination, who doesn't dream of a romance like this lol
musicaddict92 instructions for life. smile :)

Nat King ColeSmile

| play
musicaddict92 this is a beautiful song, alot of talent

Alicia Keys Live

| play
musicaddict92 @cjh: "Little Wonders – Rob Thomas" good song (reblip)
musicaddict92 lmao i remember this song, soooooooooo catchy!!! lol

Mambo Nr 5

| play
musicaddict92 this song makes you wanna dance no?

Take The Lead-Teach Me How To Dance (Che'Nelle)

| play
musicaddict92 tonight!

sargento garcia mi ultima voluntad

| play
musicaddict92 Chain chain chain!!!!


| play
musicaddict92 quieres te bendo _ _ _ _!!!!! u fill it in lol

Pitbull"Culo" video

| play
musicaddict92 i love this song, now tell me why almost all my guy friends know and are virtually obsessed with this song lol
musicaddict92 :) sweet song

Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

| play
musicaddict92 can you follow the beat?!!! lol yo puedo

Esperanza Spalding: I Know You Know

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "Ive got to take this cut from you!!!! HA!@musicaddict92: "solo tu "" @Boogie78 just this once lol (reblip)
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "I prefer this version!!!! HA!!!!!" @Boogie78 not bad not bad at all, tenor sax no? (reblip)
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "AHHHHHH but maybe its in vain!!! HA!@musicaddict92: "bonita, dulce"" @ Boogie78 shhhhhhh lol detalles! lol (reblip)
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "Goodnight!!!!!! Peace and MUSIC!!!! OWWWWWW!" CIAO :) (reblip)
musicaddict92 woah woah woah!!! lmao look at that dancing

Tom JonesShe's a Lady

| play
musicaddict92 great base!! rofl t his mans ego is sky high and above

Tom Jones dances like HELL! (Treat her right, 1968)

| play
musicaddict92 this mans ego is sky high and above this dancing is crazy, i don't even think it's good crazy it's just straight crazy lol but it works cause it's him (reblip)

Tom Jones dances like HELL! (Treat her right, 1968)

| play
octoberthirtyone Aerosmith - Amazing

Aerosmith Amazing

| play
musicaddict92 i'm like a bird-nellly fertado

Nelly Furtado I'm Like a Bird

| play
musicaddict92 oooooooh fiesta!!!! no hay igual!
musicaddict92 love this music video!!!

Gwen Stefani What you waiting for

| play
musicaddict92 i still have no idea what a hollaback girl lol

Gwen Stefani: Hollaback girl

| play
musicaddict92 Hella good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

No DoubtHella Good

| play
musicaddict92 that's what i'm talking about!
musicaddict92 welcome to the united states, land of the free home of the slave!!! ouch lol (reblip)
musicaddict92 maya called this guy the french eminem lol
musicaddict92 love this song time 1000!!!

diams et china

| play
musicaddict92 lol i don't really get this music video i just really like the song lol

Move Your Feet Junior Senior pop up video

| play
musicaddict92 when i first came to america this was the first song i heard, and I fell in love with it right off the bat, i listened to it everyday back to back
musicaddict92 i can't decide which is better her or donny, they both have beautiful voices

A Song For You (Christina Aguilera)

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78 i didn't have to go underground to find this lol (reblip)
musicaddict92 I wish I knew the actual name for this song!!!! I really love it!
musicaddict92 okay so i was going to try to say that this song isn't as bad as it sounds...but it is lol
Boogie78 HOT ISH!!!!! Salaam Remi!!

Michael Jackson "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

| play
musicaddict92 she's a little odd, but i like the song lol

FeistMy Moon My Man

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "HOT ISH!!!!! Salaam Remi!!" (reblip)

Michael Jackson "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

| play
musicaddict92 love this guy

Wonderful World-James Morrison (with lyrics)

| play
musicaddict92 never heard this song before pero que buena!
musicaddict92 it took me a long time to get into this song, but once i did it kinda hooked me lol
musicaddict92 even though i know it's too cool of a song, i still vote we do this at bh!!!!!

Sergio MendesOdo-Ya

| play

Veronica Verdier ~Asi se Baila el Tango~

| play
musicaddict92 por favor se respeta!!!! lol
musicaddict92 and this is how we close the night, hasta manana a todos!!!! ciao!


| play
musicaddict92 wow haven't heard her or this song for a while (reblip)

I try-Macy Gray

| play
musicaddict92 lol ali used to really like this song lol
musicaddict92 definately had this happen before lol

you sent me flying- amy winehouse

| play
musicaddict92 lol this music video makes me laugh. chamon!!!! rofl
musicaddict92 when it's over, that's the time i fall in love again! love this song
musicaddict92 you can't play with my yo yo!!! lol

Yo Yo-You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo

| play

Amy Winehouse- What It Is

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "Im glad that Kweli made a song for LAURYN HILL! LOVE YOU! " (reblip)

Alicia Keys - Unbreakable

| play
musicaddict92 it would be nice

Bebel Gilberto. So Nice.

| play
musicaddict92 i wish i could play like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tu sonrisa

| play
musicaddict92 CORAZON ESPINADO!!!!!!!!!!

Corazón espinado-Maná-Santana

| play
musicaddict92 @bradysbeau: good how are you, your burning up with the music tonight! (reblip)
musicaddict92 lol i love this song and music video!! lol so funny. lol i so do this when a song comes on
musicaddict92 you like the way that i dance the bachata! lol
musicaddict92 y espanol

Run The Show (spanish Version) by Kat Deluna feat Don Omar

| play
musicaddict92 @DJLOPZ: buenisima cancion!! (reblip)

Pete Belasco "I'll Come To You"

| play

Pete Belasco "I'll Come To You"

| play
musicaddict92 okay i've found a new favorite, gracias a DJLOPZ
musicaddict92 i can't believe i've never heard of this guy!

Pete Belasco-Love Train

| play
musicaddict92 hooked from the beginning

Pete Belasco-All In My Mind

| play
musicaddict92 so far i love everything by this guy!

Pete BelascoDeeper

| play
musicaddict92 nueve vidas you quiero nueve vidas!
musicaddict92 pompa boo pompa rofl!

Janet Jackson-That's The Way Love Goes

| play
musicaddict92 so pretty, where did she gooooo!!!!!!
musicaddict92 i remember listening to him when i was 7
musicaddict92 creativity manifested in a spectacular way
musicaddict92 This song, i love, it's really beautiful!!!!!!!! listen if you want to be taken away
musicaddict92 this was my them song for like 2 years lol
musicaddict92 he did a great job on this!
musicaddict92 very cool take on this song!
musicaddict92 vete antonio! lol

Los Lobos & Antonio Banderas

| play
musicaddict92 @sakapfet: "thanx 4 listening@MsButterzworth: "Happy Birthday #Nas!! ~If I Ruled The World-Nas ft Lauryn Hill~"" (reblip)
musicaddict92 check this one, its a very cool version of the song!!!!!!!!!!

marilyn monroe-sexy back

| play
musicaddict92 welcome

DAMIAN MARLEY Welcome To Jam Rock

| play
musicaddict92 such a cool song, funny music video

Elton John-Benny & the Jets

| play
musicaddict92 pretty baby you are the soul that snaps my control!!! great lyrics (reblip)
musicaddict92 i really love the feel of this song!!
musicaddict92 she needs to come back with the album already! lol

SadeSweetest Taboo

| play

Lenny Kravitz, "I Belong To You"

| play
musicaddict92 love it

Bob Marley Is This Love

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: "Im in love with her just because of this song!" (reblip)


| play
musicaddict92 this song really makes me smile :)
musicaddict92 this song is so pretty!!!!!!

HopeRain Don't Last

| play
musicaddict92 ok i lied lol now goodnight, this song might just be pretty enough to break your heart!!!!!!! lol

Debussy, Clair de lune (Twilight soundtrack? piano music)

| play
musicaddict92 lol me and martin were singing this today...we got bored lol
musicaddict92 bottle it up

Sara Bareilles- Bottle it Up (with lyrics)

| play
musicaddict92 he did a great job on this song!!!!
musicaddict92 next stop, vegas please!

Vegas-Sara Bareilles

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: UH yeah that would be you!!! lock this man up! lol (reblip)
musicaddict92 lol everyone always ask me why i like this song lol idk!! it's catchy lol

Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell- Let's Get Blown

| play
musicaddict92 sweet song

Ingrid Michaelson- The Way I Am

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: No buddy that would be all youuuuuuuu!!! (reblip)

Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell- Let's Get Blown

| play
musicaddict92 classic!!!!! lol if only i was from alabama! lol
musicaddict92 oooooh party lol!!!!!!!!

Another Part of Me

| play
musicaddict92 @Boogie78: rofl it's innovative i'll say that (reblip)

DweleFlap Jacks

| play
musicaddict92 i think i could listen to this song all night (reblip)
musicaddict92 what a pretty song, evanescence is really great!!! (reblip)


| play
musicaddict92 okay so now i finally sleep, hasta manana, besos abrazos y amor!!!!!!! (reblip)
spacespencer this one goes out to M.-Street in Triest to @DChain ! ;) (aka Nelli-Schnelli-Road)

Jay-Z's "D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)" Video!

| play
musicaddict92 very cool

Clocks Buena vista social club

| play
musicaddict92 represent cuba!!mi musica!

ORISHAS Represent Cuba (video made by me)

| play

20 ans Amel Bent & Diam's

| play
musicaddict92 wierd music video but catchy song
musicaddict92 @DJLOPZ:Very soothing, super smooth sound (reblip)


| play