e_rizzle This was me, years ago. I'm so glad I'm not there anymore...it's tempting to fall back sometimes though.


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musicalmind Yah yah yah yah yah, yah yah yah yah yah. Who-haaaah! Wickety-wack!
musicalmind I am picturing some "I Dream of Jeannie" like montage. Definitely conjures imagery from the 60s.
musicalmind Classic Cake. One can never have too much Cake. :)
briangreene SOMALI PIIRATES!! is now following you on Twitter! wow. and 6hrs ago I helped cart an out board motor out of the dinghy in the garden!
musicalmind One of the more memorable songs from Jennie Livingston's documentary film, "Paris is Burning." Featuring vocals by vogueing legend Willie Ninja.
musicalmind Don't nix this song though. ;-)
Veronique @eveblackorwhite, thank U for all


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jaknight Fergie looked so good on Idol last night...she is my work out inspiration!
jaknight that Weezer cover made me crave this song

MGMT- Kids

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jaknight this song blows my mind every time I hear it
MissMarian @djLop: "Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You " (reblip)


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fishdeleuze Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street
fishdeleuze Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me & What's Going On (live 1980)
fishdeleuze Queen - Love of My Life

Queen Love of My Life

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jaknight enjoying my day off

The Strokes REPTILIA (Koyaanisqatsi)

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gchance This one certainly deserves a reblip: Queen, "Innuendo" (reblip)


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RARE-Morrissey-14 The last of the famous international playboys ,31 October 1991

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Some Girls are Bigger then Others 12.12.86

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JohnnyAngellsBrother Keith Jarrett - Tokyo (reblip)

Keith Jarrett - Tokyo

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Shukitty i like tiny little robots. they are cute.
squidbrain YES. This riff is VOLCANIC. It will NOT BE DENIED.
shortygal Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks
gchance How about this one: Breakfast Club, "Right On Track"
gchance Robbie Robertson & U2, "Sweet Fire of Love"
squidbrain @mellomatic I got back from a wedding. Currently metabolizing too much liquor. Will have you know that roughly half of it was consumed in your honor.
melodyofurlife i dig Jason Molina's voice

Magnolia Electric Co_Talk to Me Devil, Again

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TJFAgain Basement Jaxx Feat. Lisa Kekaula – Good Luck : lesser known basement jaxx track.
musicalmind Cut Copy's record label, Modular Recordings, is also home to other amazing groups like Wolfmother, The Presets, New Young Pony Club, & The Avalanches.

cut copy "far away" music video

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JohnnyAngellsBrother Breakfast Jam - The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let Me Go

Shaman Distant Thunder Best Quality

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shadowcastFM Lonely Dub band, shouldn't work...yet in a strange way it does...almost!
musicalmind think tree r an acquired taste. ;-)
musicalmind Remember this one?!!!!!

Dub WarStrike it

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musicalmind in a bollywood state of mind. :)

Mc Nadde and Dj punjabi sadi-gali

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musicalmind still awesome.

Flunk Blue Monday

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Adnarim You give and we take it You build it, we break it You sign and we erase it You feel it, we fake it
Adnarim Deadlight holiday Killing time to make us stay Hollow as the promises of yesterday

The Birthday Massacre "Holiday"

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nextstage Dolla Dolla Bill yah

Wu Tang Clan "C.R.E.A.M."

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toobad vi@fabuleuxfab this being one of my favourites – it will surf my consciousness as i head to the beach +) (reblip)

Blue moon Ella Fitzgerald

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Stephane pompougnac Ghost & Roses

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musicalmind just a phenomenal series of albums.

hotel Costes 3 (Chill out)

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the smiths....you just haven't earned it yet baby...

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musicalmind Calgon, take me away. :)

BabbleTake Me Away

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musicalmind the person 2 whom i'm dedicating this song knows why i'm dedicating it 2 them. :)
musicalmind this song is dedicated 2 all those ppl basking in the beautiful sunny weather today.


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Veronique @patricia_coelho thank you, and I'm really tired this evening, I've written patita_coelho! Thinking to both of you and sorry! (@patita to) (reblip)

Nitzer EBB and Die Krupps -The Machineries of Joy

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toobad time for me to hit the hay pardners... ciao all x :)
toobad vi@danieldiver / @Erwin1974 – soundtrack for a timelapse flight to Ibiza (reblip)
musicalmind having a metal moment here. 4 those of u who don't like metal, stick with me & i'll get back 2 the other stuff soon enough. ;-)
musicalmind and now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

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musicalmind have always loved this. what a lush song!

Down To Earth-Peter Gabriel With Lyrics

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Peter gabriel The rhythm of the heat

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musicalmind yes, that's phil collins on drums.
musicalmind notice something similar about the drums in this song & in the last song? hmmmm, where did the idea for that riff come from?

phil collins in the air tonight

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marilovisky It's sooooooo cold today! (And I love it!) Beautiful blue sky, gorgeous sun and a pleasing cold³ wind! (My cheek is freezing!) Morning, people! o/
toobad planning a lazy, sexed-up afternoon...

BT Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)

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musicalmind if u haven't heard this song, u must have been living under a rock when it came out. :)

BTFlaming June

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musicalmind "Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn...."

Kraftwerk-Numbers/Computer world

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musicalmind now it's time to take your vitamins! ;-)

U.N.K.L.E. feat. Richard Ashcroft

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musicalmind the video footage says it all. :)
musicalmind get to know your electronica history. :)
musicalmind yes, it's time for some popcorn with some hot butter. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Butter
musicalmind here's the guy who recorded the original 1969 version of "Popcorn," doing a Beatles cover. :)
marilovisky M is for meetings! Oh, well! Im not in the mood to talk, to listen to and to wait for a decision. You know, sometimes, somedays, thinking hurts. :/
musicalmind here ya go. some more electronic music history 4 ya.

(Bach) Switched Off Bach / Invention #4 / SH-1000 vs SH-2000

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Annakonda-Wheedle's Groove

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musicalmind pls excuse me, i can't help this blip. :) (reblip)


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ZOEBOE Reblip time. Feelin the rollercoster :} follow the blip trail>> @djilo @Tranquil rb@bunq (reblip)
MeeJong Thanks @shrillczar: "It's time to take a certain holiday..." (reblip)

The Mambo Craze- De Phazz

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MeeJong Happened across @ryanfellman through @evablue 's comment and had to reblip this one from his list. (reblip)
SlinkySpectator I backed my car into a cop car the other day...
musicalmind We all have our moments. :)


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lilwldchld I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong or what's right....
PHyX8 /me <3 this shit! my god, how could i not have known about this kick ass punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carinhoso (Pixinguinha/Braguinha)

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marilovisky Hello, there, @crispast! How's life been treating you, dear? I hope you're great, Cris! ;) Oi, @mastercelo! Boa noite e muito frio! :)

Brakes Hey Hey

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marilovisky Sharing* Bono... day in and day out, @crispast! :D I love this one and the vid is so special! Yep, 'frio'! It's so cold here, Cris! Love it! :)

U2 (In A Little While)

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marilovisky Melzita! Youre on! *\o/* Welcome back, @mellomatic! How are you, my friend? :) Still shopping a lot? :D Take a breath... :D
marilovisky Absolutely! :)

Hard-Fi-Living For The Weekend

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fuzzygroove @BlipNBeerSF sorry I missed the party tonight, but we're making the site more betterer.

FRED EVERYTHING (Ft. Lisa Shaw) HERE I AM (Sensual Mix) NEW

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Miriam Makeba with Hugh Masekela- South Africa freedom song

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musicalmind This takes a while to get into, but give it a chance....
musicalmind Hmmm, think I like the live version better.
musicalmind Yes, today's theme of the day is DRUMS. :)
musicalmind Yes, we are musically travelling through the subcontinent again.....
musicalmind Am wondering if one of the alternate name selections for this band was "Honky Town"? ;-) JUST kidding.
musicalmind Yes, this is one of the songs that they are well known for doing, except that this version is a live acoustic selection.

Spacehog live -- In the Meantime on Jonesy's Jukebox

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musicalmind And here's the original album version.
musicalmind What the heck ever happened to Spacehog anyhow? Royston Langdon married Liv Tyler & then the band disappeared from the map. Was that a coincidence? ;)
musicalmind OMG, I remember this song. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. ;-)
musicalmind what a songstress. this is how you interpret a song. masterful & lush.
Shukitty I need an afternoon pick-me-up ...but i don't really like any happy music. I've got issues.
Shukitty @FunkShoi thanks for the props ^.^ Working for vacation over here. Going to Travers City this weekend for a wedding. Hopefully it'll be fun.
musicalmind A little late 80s nostalgia 4 ya. ;)
musicalmind still luv this song after all these years.
musicalmind this 1 goes out 2 my grandma, because i know how much she likes this song.

Stardust Artie Shaw 1940

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musicalmind And this is the version that most people usually know.
musicalmind And here's the original source of the Stardust sample which forms the hook for their song, "Music Sounds Better With You."
musicalmind But of course..... I'm having horrifying flashbacks of Dionne Warwick and the Solid Gold Dancers. Nooooooo, please make it go away. ;-)
musicalmind this ought to blot out the mental imagery of what came before this. :)

Anges-On And On

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musicalmind Hahahahaha! Nice lyrics. ;-) ICP has faced jail, legal troubles, & feuds with Eminem. Why is none of that surprising?!
musicalmind This song hits deep.

Youth Of The Nation

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BohemianChick I was just thinking about this song...thanks! @RnBE: "Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper" (reblip)
BohemianChick @RnBE: Thanks again...I betta step up my blogging skills! ;-)

What's It Gonna Be?!

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Get By (remix) - Talib Kweli - Mos Def - Jay-Z - Kanye West - Busta Rhymes

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busta rhymes break ya neck

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Busta Rhymes "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See"

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fugees-ready or not 1996

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BohemianChick @mediaspawn: Thanks! ;-)

Abyssinians - Satta Massagana

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Bob Marley, Fugees, The Roots (cover song)

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BohemianChick @broadwayg: welcome big bro! @TheLenzyme: you're welcome...thank you too! I love Queen! @RnBE: welcome! ;-)

Super Cat- Ghetto Red Hot (Reggae remix)

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Stay19 Telepathe – So Fine (Chairlift Remix)<><>
BohemianChick LOL! @Singersweetie: "Aretha Franklin – Natural Woman Yes u do @RnBE - @BohemianChick gets ya in trouble lol (reblip)
Stay19 so we meet again<><>
Stay19 St Germain – Bohemian Sunset<><>
Stay19 Morcheeba – Undress Me Now<><>
Stay19 DZihan & Kamien – Slidub (Superdub)<><>
Stay19 Novika – Silence is pure<><>

Ozomatli-City of Angels

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Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"

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musicalmind @siana_mia thx! glad u enjoyed. here's another u might like. :)
marilovisky Oi, @luiz_com_z! Tranquilo? Espero que sim! :)


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Final Fantasy: Advent Children "Guilty" Gravity Kills

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Infected mushroom-Rinat Shaham "Messiah is here"

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Butterfly messiah-It's time

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Stephen Malkmus: Dark Wave

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THE CURE- Burn / HQ Audio (Soundtrack THE CROW)

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You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart

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BohemianChick Blipping my favorite song to...myself! Happy Birthday to me!! ;-) (This aging thing just keeps happening!) Good night BlipStars!!

The Talented Mr Ripley

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medieval babes

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