musoSF Gods of electro. Flawless album.
musoSF Oasis has disappointed me many times...with this album/song they finally redeem themselves.
musoSF Guaranteed to get you moving, even on a Monday morning.
musoSF I dare you not to shake it to this one.
musoSF Let this hypnotic melody carry you away.
musoSF Perfection in 2:10. One of many shining reasons why "I ♥ Huckabees" was so great.
musoSF Soulful, surging soundtrack to my second YouTube video...long since deleted (cursed copyright issues!)
musoSF Gotta reblip this... @daretoeatapeach somehow found my endorphin HQ. (reblip)
musoSF Sending a blue sky to my friends who don't have one today...
musoSF Mmm...electroglam. Switch me on, turn me up.
musoSF hip. hop. to the hippy hippy hop and you don't stop. Except when you go electro.

Telepopmusik Genetic World 05 Free

| play
musoSF If Radiohead were Swedish...


| play
musoSF Yikes, this track is 8 years old already! But these descending chords still draw me in.
JoeRigs As long as I'm playing remakes, this one seems fitting. 12.8.80
musoSF @JoeRigs I loved that movie and song. Here's another movie song, I was so happy they used this in "Zack & Miri".
Ralfonzo83 The new single. It´s funny :)
musoSF Seemed pretty appropriate for my first blip of the day...

Kent - Music Non Stop

| play
musoSF Behold the majesty that is Hedwig.
Ralfonzo83 Don´t stop me to post good music! ^^
musoSF Could it be? A great Beatles song that everyone hasn't heard 50,000 times?

05 Your Mother Should Know

| play
musoSF How I love driving down a twisty road to this song.


| play
musoSF A bouncy rock bass gets me every time.
musoSF Liverpool's favorite sons...well, almost.
LilCav68 Giving you props for this one (blip won't let me give you more today). Beast is listening to it on his account now. *claps* (reblip)
musoSF One of the reasons why Radiohead picked these guys as an opening act.
musoSF Glitchy found sounds make me grin.


| play
musoSF This guy is quite the tunesmith.
DareToEatAPeach @agentorange I was just about to play them but you beat me to it. So reblippage for you. =D (reblip)
musoSF Why didn't this band do better in the States? A mystery to me.
musoSF A jaunty groove. Yes, jaunty is the right word.
musoSF I want to see this band open for Metric. That would be a dream bill. Yet another local band I have to get out and see sometime.
musoSF warm fuzzy buzzing oscillators.
musoSF album out early 2009 according to their myspace!
bendejo inside out is a bad way to feel.
LilCav68 @musoSF hmm, makes me visualize you breakin' it dowwwwnnnn...
musoSF Where have all our trip-hop chanteuses gone?
DareToEatAPeach =D Great DJ – The Ting Tings Adding titles sometimes just to help out confused folks that may be following me on Twitter.
DareToEatAPeach Not quite the upbeat mood I'm feeling, but definitely worth a reblip! (reblip)
musoSF I like Simian Mobile Disco but I still miss this sound.
musoSF Separated at birth from Kaiser Chiefs. But this band came first.
musoSF There just aren't enough strings in pop music.
JimmyHook "You make me feel like I belong under the sun..."
musoSF The Human League is one of my pillars of synthpop, and this is one of their most perfect songs.
musoSF Just simply fucking brilliant. Melody and drama. Drama, drama, drama.
musoSF More melody and drama. Or should I say Drama!!!
DareToEatAPeach @NyQuilDriver My hatred for Humpty Dance kept me listening to Golden Oldies for +years. If it weren't for MTV or I would be ignorant of early the 80s!
NerdFighter4 This is the rockin out song!

PinkSo what

| play
musoSF of my all-time favorite cover versions.
musoSF @anakin1814 Ummm...Emiliana Torrini is good and sings beautifully, but don't go dissin' my Björk.
anakin1814 This is such a great song. I wish it wasn't on such a douchbaggiery soundtrack!
musoSF Thomas Dolby produced this pop gem. Wow, I just realized how much Amanda Palmer's voice sounds like Lene Lovich's.
musoSF She is brilliant - worship her, worship her. Can't believe I missed the chance to see her in Toronto.
musoSF @anakin1814 Jack Johnson? I call him Jimmy Buffett for a new generation. As an antidote, here's another Outside Lands headliner I much preferred.
musoSF @anakin1814 That's OK, the person you called a bitch isn't the person who sang this. So we're cool. An umlaut makes a HUGE difference.

BjorkPlay Dead

| play
DareToEatAPeach I don't remember this one, but it is sparkly good! (reblip)
musoSF speaking of umlauts...have some Röyksopp!
musoSF @anakin1814 wow, that was one beautiful but depressing Radiohead track. I have to perk myself up with this sprightly tune now.
musoSF Ooh I haven't listened to BDB in quite awhile.
DareToEatAPeach Last night camden & NyQuilDriver and some others pulled an 80s skate jam set. Hope I didn't lose too many cute hipster boys & gals. ;)
musoSF Intricate melody, gorgeous harmony, and handclaps!
DareToEatAPeach oooooooooh mmmmmmmmm...oooooooooh ooooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
musoSF Sadly, they never reached this pinnacle again.
musoSF Gotta love a babblicious title.
musoSF Seems this band is about due for a new disc.
musoSF They fell prey to the sophomore curse. *moment of silence*


| play
DareToEatAPeach @fuzzybunnyluv Add me as one of your favorites. I'll be sure to play lots of stuff you'll can I compel you...? xoxoxo...
musoSF Another song crying out for a montage.
DareToEatAPeach @fuzzybunnyluv The melody of Sjel av natten is palatable but I don't like the way he screams. This chick's screaming is sexy. Got metal w/ piano?
musoSF This one makes me wanna dance like Molly Ringwald.
musoSF "I Melt With You" wasn't their best song.
musoSF As Wire once recreated New Order, here Moev recreates Wire.
wanderingalex tight... czech this oot @daretoeatapeach ... thanks for alerting me to this site, i'm having fun :) (reblip)
Dinzla When they make a movie about my life, this song will be played somewhere in the early middle part ^_^
musoSF Trippy, blissful lil' nebula of sound.
musoSF Wow, just found this and it's a perfect little instrumental confection.
musoSF Wrong holiday, but anyway...
DareToEatAPeach Cold hearted orb that rules the night Removes the colors from our sight. Red is grey and yellow white we decide which is right & which is an illusion?
musoSF I'm getting lost in this foray into digitaland.
musoSF I am such a sucker for a jaunty song full of melody and harmony.
musoSF @lilcav68 Yep, and here's one that he can sing right now! Costume optional. :)
anakin1814 I always liked this one as much as "Take on Me," and yet, they consider them a one-hit wonder here in the US.
musoSF @anakin1814 They are still making good's a more recent one.
JimmyHook You call yourself "intense".
RiddleSpider 9-year-old listening to this asks "When is he gonna sing?" ROFL!!! (reblip)
musoSF OK, awake for real now. But not speaking.
musoSF This is my friend Mark, who records some pretty damned good synthpop.
musoSF Just in case the Bay Area gets some of that fabled snow.
klingklangmusique amazing track..even if it is a b-side
DareToEatAPeach Last song walks a little trail that ends here.
musoSF I never met a Lillian song I didn't like.


| play
musoSF OK, I must admit I only know two Lilian/Lillian songs. But both are good!
musoSF It's a blah day outside...I need to happy up.
musoSF These guys were amazing on Friday night. Here's one they didn't play.
musoSF Each bass note is a dashed line on the road.
musoSF I guess I couldn't think of Nick Lowe without Dave Edmunds being nearby somewhere.
musoSF These guys may have been amazing Friday night, but I'll never know because I got there too late to see them! Grrr.
musoSF @andymooseman Speaking of songs not heard for decades...
musoSF My favorite Clearlake songs aren't here, but this one is pretty good too.
musoSF Good song for a chilly, rainy afternoon.
musoSF One of my favorite songs of all time. Sheer perfection.
musoSF And now for something completely different.
anakin1814 I loved this psychedelic era with the Revolution.
musoSF Little gem of a pop song here.
anakin1814 Prince was everywhere back then! Okay..NOW I'm done with the Prince stuff.
musoSF This song is left-field gorgeous...and with a title like "Edit", the videomakers among us have to love it.
musoSF I once saw Merrie open for Aimee Mann...very talented songwriter.
musoSF Strange lyric to play on a Sunday, but I just needed to hear these strums.
musoSF For a minute there I lost myself.

Bjork & Thom Yorke - I've Seen It All

| play
musoSF Yet another discovery from the brilliant movie that was Shortbus.
Figgywithit Love this one. Used to call AM radio stations and request this when I was a tot. Didn't know he was singing about a dude until later. What a drag. ;)
musoSF Thom isn't the only melodically-gifted Yorke.
musoSF The most-overlooked album from a most-overlooked band.
musoSF Wonder how this band was on Friday night.

CSSJager Yoga

| play
musoSF Let's take off together and then we can live wherever we land.
musoSF You and I are on the outside of almost everything.
DareToEatAPeach Sold-out show on Friday. NPSH is like Lisa Frank come to life, audience knew all the words. Tons of energy & jumping & THAT's just the opening band.
musoSF YAYYY!! Just found this, never heard it before.
DareToEatAPeach Since I love their Lykke Li remix so much, I wanted to see what else they had.
anakin1814 Back in 2005 when this song kicked in, it meant a U2 concert was ready to start! Bono? Edge? Larry? Anyone?
musoSF Everybody bounce your pouffy hair and bolo ties around!
musoSF Ooh I haven't heard this band in awhile.
musoSF Someday I'll stop obsessing over the Shortbus soundtrack. But not today.
musoSF Wow, almost forgot about this one.

Greg Khin Band - The Break Up Song.MP3

| play
DareToEatAPeach Makes good use of the quarter rest...that little pause, thrills my heart! When will the beat start again! & there it is.
JimmyHook Life is so strange when you don't know...
musoSF There's something R.E.M.-ish about this.
JimmyHook This one should be as popular and enduring as "Stayin' Alive", etc.
LilCav68 Ok, there are going to be a few more Cars songs... Just what you needed right?
LilCav68 Let the good times rolll....

The Cars Let the Good Times Roll

| play
musoSF I hope Bright Eyes goes electro again. This was fun.

Bright Eyes D Arc of time(time code)03

| play
DareToEatAPeach Does it Offend You Yeah remixes the Faint. That is, offensive in the best way possible.
DareToEatAPeach @NyQuilDriver re: Pearl Harbor Sucked... where on Earth did you find that?
musoSF @anakin1814 Are you gonna make me tell my Rufus and Sean story AGAIN?
musoSF Pretty stringy lovey lilty dovey.
musoSF One can see more of the Milky Way from the southern hemisphere. Some located there even write songs about it.
musoSF I just fell in love with this song all over again.
musoSF One of my favorite Cure songs, gone bossa nova brilliant.
musoSF I'll wait for the winter to lie at my door.


| play
anakin1814 From the best series finale ever...

SiaBreathe Me

| play
musoSF The first single ever sung in Hopelandic.
musoSF Must remember how effective single, repeated piano notes can be.
musoSF How did he get the idea to jump up at the end of every other line like that?
musoSF *gasp* just found out there will be a new Metric disc in '09! And a new single is already floating around!
musoSF Beck auditioning for Nouvelle Vague.


| play
musoSF Yay! Yet another cool group with new music coming in 2009.


| play
musoSF Was looking for XTC's original, but this is pretty cool. And you can't beat their name.
anakin1814 It's 1:00 AM and I have to get this website proof ready for a lunch meeting tomorrow and I still have an hours worth of work to do! Pressure?
anakin1814 One of the best performances at Live Aid.
musoSF This one needs a long, straight, empty road at dusk.


| play
musoSF And you're shining like the brightest star, a transmission on the midnight radio. Sing it, Hedwig.
chuckboycejr the weather's fine


| play
musoSF Did someone mention Aimee Mann?
klingklangmusique [Jeepster – Marc Bolan & T. Rex] top tune! (reblip)
musoSF Step with me into the wayback machine. Destination: 1996. Synthpop goes underground in the face of a grunge assault.

Anything Box - answer me

| play
klingklangmusique i was 19 when i first heard this...a babe in my arm, beer in the hand, bare chested, vicky park...a long hot summer, waiting for exam results :-D


| play
DareToEatAPeach @Hooly I appreciate the feedback. I wasn't sure if it was clear what I was doing or if peeps will be all, WTF? Why'd this girl send me this song? =P
musoSF One part '60s girl-group pop, one part '70s DIY punk. Who else could this be? Best of 1976.
musoSF A new millennium, and electroclash makes synthesizers cool again. Many $$$ are made selling old ARPs, Rolands and Korgs.
musoSF 1997: suddenly the sounds of the '60s are all over the radio again, with trip-hop beats underpinning them. Burt Bacharach must have been proud.
AndyPliskin Okay, not very holliday-esque but still a great song.
fantasticbabblings I love how this song is just a few very long phrases strung together.
qiranger A newer tune that makes me think of home...
musoSF If only every one of my favorite TV shows came with a Pet Shop Boys song.
anakin1814 I would have to disagee with @AndyPliskin. I'd say this is their best song...although Clocks, Lost, and Viva La Vida come close! Oh yeah, and Yellow.
DareToEatAPeach Time to eat, actually. For real, not pretend.
anakin1814 Thanks to @musoSF I found this amazing cover by my gal Aimee. She's a bit stand-offish, but I think we're falling in love. :)
JimmyHook It's a Strange Invitation...


| play
musoSF @JimmyHook Wow, I didn't know this one. Sounds like a cross between David Cassidy and Neil Diamond. (reblip)
JimmyHook Suffragette City – David Bowie HEY MAN!
JimmyHook Superstition – Stevie Wonder
musoSF And the music was soothing, and they all started grooving!
musoSF There is a place for this song in the La-La-La Hall of Fame.


| play
DareToEatAPeach Because we were very high we wrote this soooooooooong. Becauuuuuuse we weeeere hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
DareToEatAPeach Maybe hearing a band you love cover something overplayed brings some of the magic back to it. [Kaiser Chiefs cover the Beatles].


| play
musoSF Oh yeah. I almost forgot about this.
anakin1814 @musoSF I was looking for Elliot Smith and found this one instead. Sounds like this is from a dream. Anybody know who this is?

Across The Universe

| play
JimmyHook Bang A Gong (Get It On) – T. Rex
DareToEatAPeach Seriously the best cover of this. Give it a chance! You won't be disappointed.
musoSF I love the music. I like the TV show.
musoSF Yet another completely brilliant roadtrip song.
musoSF A little violin in the arrangement...that's all I ask.
DareToEatAPeach You love Wilco. You love the Beatles. You will be pleased by this track.
musoSF OK, a thumping bassline and some "oh-oh-oh, woh-oh-oh"s are never a bad thing either.
musoSF From a surprisingly good movie (Music & Lyrics).
musoSF @lilcav68 And Ted Leo is in my yoga class. OK, no he's not. In fact, I don't have a yoga class. Damn, you win. :(
musoSF This song is genetically engineered to put me in a blissful trance. No dirty looks or cats involved.
JimmyHook @marilovisky If I could give you 100 props for this one, I would. Nice! (reblip)
AndyPliskin This song can calm me when ever I get too stressed. Ah the Kinks...
brojoghost I love this song. It reminds me of the time I was dressed up as a Saxon, running through the woods in the rain, and with a wool cloak and a sword.
RiddleSpider 5 feet of snow? Maybe not but it feels like it while I am shoveling.
ranblv If anyone needs a reminder :-)
Ralfonzo83 I dedicate this one to @muserine ! ;) What a great song!!
ranblv we all need to make a change!
ranblv Another one of my favorites from that era, sounds metallic but a lot of heart

Soft CellTorch

| play
LilCav68 @Ran.... I want you to get up and dance. Don't look at me like that. Just do it :0)
ranblv The voice sounded so exotic to me as a kid :-) only later i actually got the meaning
ranblv what a turn in style this song was for depeche mode
ranblv to me better than the original and thank you david cook for introducing us to this one.
DareToEatAPeach playing some good stuff that was sent to me. (reblip)
ranblv talk about great voices, nothing like Peter murphy
musoSF Wow, another song I'd just about forgotten.
musoSF Love this synthpop phase of Ministry's...something reminded me of it.
ranblv one of the best harmony/rhythm ever
ranblv starts slow but when they get going ohh baby :-)
musoSF Listen, if you care, to the genius that was Elliott Smith:
musoSF I think this song mesmerized me for an entire year.
musoSF To anyone that thinks Pet Shop Boys disappeared after "West End Girls". This is from 1996.

PetShopBoys - Up Against It

| play
ranblv well if r.e.m was the second stage this is the current one LOL
ranblv one of those timeless songs that sounds like no other
musoSF Yeah, it's reminiscent of "Just Like Heaven". But I still like it.
musoSF Ooh I totally forgot about this! I dare you not to tap, swing, or shake something to this one.
LilCav68 My nieces have no concept of songs w/o videos. So sad :(
musoSF The one bright spot on a brilliantly dark album. Pretty digital bells.
musoSF This one probably goes simultaneously into the Bassline, Guitar and Keyboard Halls of Fame.


| play
musoSF Of course, DJs do have their detractors as well...
musoSF Beautiful Indian pop that I found while traveling there. Himesh Reshammiya has a fantastic voice.
musoSF I guess I should take Prozac right, and just smile all night at somebody new. Have I mentioned the genius of Stephin Merritt?
musoSF A flawless diamond of an album.
musoSF I worship this woman. Of course, I don't think there is any other type of relationship to have with her.

PeachesI U She

| play
musoSF Perfect song with which to stay cozy on a rainy Sunday.
DareToEatAPeach @Figgywithit Gave you props for being the only other blipper for having played Sportsday Megaphone.
musoSF @Dinzla While honoring the Robot, this band came to mind. :)
musoSF Everybody e-everybody: Nominate blip founder for a Twitter award at His username @jeffyasuda . Thanks @daretoeatapeach !
musoSF I must find a karaoke bar that has this song.
musoSF The spirit of Kate Bush continues to find new vessels to fill.
musoSF Somewhere there is a butterfly who should adopt this as a personal theme.
musoSF I need to take this song on a date to a dance floor.
musoSF Just give in to the oscillators.
anakin1814 Recorded in Berlin, this goes out to @Ralfonzo83 and @speedyconkiwi

U2The Fly

| play
musoSF @anakin1814 Here's some hometown boys from your City of Blinding Lights.


| play
musoSF @LilCav68 This oughta finish off the skank, if there's anything left.
Figgywithit Most powerful song I've blipped since Love Bomb by Nick Cave. This song kicks major major ass.
ranblv Thomas Dolby in another perfectly orchestrated tune with a great bass line.
ranblv from the only true rock album bowie ever made :-)
ranblv @andymooseman here is the one I like best from RS
musoSF @JimmyHook They deny it, but this song HAS to be inspired by Floyd. And the word "subterranean" made me think of it.
musoSF I'm trying to break your click-track heart. Pure substance for wannabes keeps you beating to a click-track heart.
JimmyHook That's awesome, Mike@musosf! Hadn't heard that before. I heard this, and thought you might like it. I thought--"That's a Mike song"! In a good way!
musoSF Ah yes...that classic Madchester piano riff. You're twisting my melon, man.
DareToEatAPeach Doing some research for blip_tales.
JimmyHook What Is Life – George Harrison
musoSF Album coming in a few short weeks! *bounce bounce bounce*
musoSF Have to thank @bendejo for turning me on to this one. It's an exercise in restrained, then released, energy and exuberance.
DareToEatAPeach "tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef, That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him."
musoSF @Curtzilla I think you will like this one, if you don't already know it...
musoSF Perfect for riding a horse on a beach in the moonlight. Not that I know what that feels like.
DareToEatAPeach I don't love a man in uniform. I do love this song though.
adrianovieland //juxtapozed whit u (Super Furry Animals) # Indie Radio
ranblv such a great beat never gets old


| play
DareToEatAPeach Really terrible advice with a fantastic beat.
DareToEatAPeach Nominate blip founder Jeff for a Twitter award at His username @jeffyasuda PASS IT ALONG!
rtsnance @paeix yes some in SLO but also in the Inland Empire (ontario, redlands, yucaipa).
musoSF In this sometimes-cruel-and-wrong world, David Mead is not huge.
musoSF One rolling "ooohhhhhooohhooohhhh" in gorgeous melody and harmony and I'm a goner.
musoSF I never, ever get tired of this song. It just pulls you right along to the end with its downcast perfection.
musoSF What I really wanted was "She-Devils Of The Deep" by Future Bible Heroes, but this is good too.
musoSF Amazing what a little pitch-bend will do to make a bassline more hooky.
rtsnance @paeix that area of manhattan... yeah, i don't know it too well. close to diamond district, yeah?
ranblv nice tune and the best bass player ever to play poop music, Mark King FTW!
Figgywithit Bands Blip Brought Me - Take 3. Only had one Sufjan song on my ipod prior to discovering
Figgywithit Bands Blip Brought Me - Take 6.

Mugison2 birds

| play

OasisBag It Up

| play
musoSF @Figgywithit Thank you! Your blips are really cool too. It's an avalanche of great tunes, hard to keep up. That's a good thing.
rtsnance @thundercunt i was at Columbia. Too the M60 bus from Astoria straight across harlem to school. I love sunnyside. good foods.
rtsnance @thundercunt i am in [song title]. yeah, go abroad. go. and why not france, really? it's nice. i'll be paying for my Columbia for my whole life ;-)
musoSF Hmm...I wonder if there is any song with hand claps that I don't like?
musoSF A bit of tasteful banjo is never a bad thing.
DareToEatAPeach Any excuse to play the Knife! It's 3,000 megawatt electro Xmas.
ladypn @by_starla Blip is the best Christmas gift ever! All the musical delights I've discovered, like Snow. Happy holidays to you too! (reblip)
musoSF @ranblv Oops Ran, Annie's birthday is actually the 25th. But Ian Burden, who joined Human League for this album, truly was born on the 24th.
ladypn We've 11 inches of snow outside where normally we'd have none, is it wrong to dream of warm sand?
ladypn @briangreene So disco! Where's the lighted dance floor? ;) (reblip)
ladypn @musoSF, I hale from Gary In, via Minnesota for YEARS, which is why we live on the west coast now, except the snow & cold have followed us!
musoSF On our way back to the Paisley Underground...
musoSF Dead center of the Paisley Underground. I miss being able to buy paisley things in every department store.
musoSF Paisley Underground banner-wavers, before Top 40 became their home.
musoSF A Jellyfish refugee whom I discovered when he opened for Aimee Mann.
musoSF Jon Brion and Jason Falkner in the same band? Guitar pop perfection.
musoSF Half of Jellyfish reincarnated as a new-wave band...YAYYY!
musoSF Earlier today "Gone Hollywood" came up on my iPod. Couldn't find that, so here's another Supertramp gem.
musoSF Yet another fantastic psychedelia-tinged track from Oasis' spectacular return-to-form new disc "Dig Out Your Soul".
musoSF How'd you get your teeth so pearly? Dunno, how'd you get your b-side so perfect?
musoSF All that paisley and psychedelia got me thinking about sitars.

Yes - It Can Happen

| play
musoSF Moving on from the sitar to the tabla. Save your dry and joyous shout for the day poor skeleton steps out.
musoSF @anakin1814 Did someone spit out something about a brat?
musoSF Dunno why I suddenly thought of this song, but it is one of the best one-hit-wonders ever!
musoSF Playing "Band On The Run" in Guitar Hero made me think of my favorite Wings songs. "Venus And Mars/Rock Show" is definitely one of them.

Venus and Mars Are All Right Tonight

| play
anakin1814 I always thought this was a bizarre track when i was young. As an adult, I just hear an all-out amazing guitar track. I want to go back to 5th Avenue!
musoSF Sitting at the airport, I needed a song that spoke to me. And had handclaps and strings, bleeps and boops. Thank you, Small Sins.
musoSF Something to cheer me up about going back home after vacation.
ladypn @musoSF you mean the fact that you don't have any of THIS in Ca doesn't cheer you? ;)


| play
musoSF Going home. I've never stayed up as late as this.
musoSF Well here is something we share, @ladypn . :)
musoSF Turning my thoughts to March now. Come to my fair city March 26-28, YouTubers...please!
bendejo shout out from one Ben to another . . .
bendejo what gay kid hasn't faked their way through a pep rally?
bendejo I want a backless dress like that.
bendejo wicked sick. who knew our most common element could be so evil?


| play
bendejo A soda-pop for you. Handle carefully and don't shake before listening.
bendejo I like to switch the pronoun on this one. Don't ask.
bendejo I think I see reindeer when this song ends.


| play
ladypn @CookStar its a group called "The Do" here's a vid of the duo, Dan & Olivia. I think from Paris? (reblip)

The Do-06-Stay (just a little bit more)

| play
ladypn I'm starting a new mini-blip-a-thon. Artists with the name Anna. ;)
DareToEatAPeach I always figured this song was so brilliant the movie it's based on must rule. Probably poor logic.


| play
musoSF Wow. Just heard this for the first time and it blew my mind. Trippy psychedelic classic.
musoSF An appropriate song for heading to Macworld this afternoon.
musoSF Mr. XTC lends his genius to a television show.
musoSF One of my favorite discoveries of the past year.
musoSF This woman was doing bitter freak-outs when Alanis Morrissette was still a teenypopper.
musoSF One of the brilliant lost album tracks by this under-remembered band.
musoSF Wayy more groovy than you'd ever expect from these guys. Track recorded for a '97 greatest hits compilation.
musoSF Directly descended from "I Feel Love" on the Synthpop Family Tree.
ladypn @DoctorMemory Its just made me smile too! ;) Hey by the way, Doctor, do you have anything to help me with my memory? ;) (reblip)
ladypn @PlasticRobot I think this was one of the first few songs I blipped! I love it desperately! (I'm a hopeless romantic.) ;) (reblip)
musoSF My brother-in-law gave me this album because he thought it would perfectly bridge my Zeppelin and Rick Wakeman obsessions. He was right.
musoSF I remember hanging out the passenger window going up Lake Shore Drive, screaming out the lyrics to this song. Yeah, I was a rebel. (eyeroll)
musoSF @andymooseman Given that last story, I couldn't resist. :)
musoSF @andymooseman Speaking of drunken singing, I remember this being a theme song for the Chicago White Sox. "Kiss it goodbye" referring to a home run.
DareToEatAPeach Speaking of He-Man, how have I not blipped Crystal Castles lately? That must be rectified.
musoSF Wow wow wow the latest Kaiser Chiefs is damned good!
musoSF This really stood out a few years ago when I first heard it.
musoSF Hmm...Perhaps headlining Coachella 2009? They've played it before, but the timing is smack dab between their new album release and European tour...
musoSF This one just whips on by.
musoSF These chords lull me into hypnosis...then the brilliant bass line kicks in.
Jenocidal [title] is the only reason I am still stuck here.
musoSF @Atomik I saw Yaz in LA too...great show! But I was bummed they didn't play this song. (reblip)
musoSF I need to grow my hair out a few more inches so I can flop it around to this song.
musoSF Starts quietly, then becomes a rousing rocker before you know it. Hedwig And The Angry Inch - film and soundtrack - are perfection.
musoSF It's a lazy Sunday. Curl up under this blanket of synth-organ.
Ralfonzo83 I'm looking for a new infection.


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musoSF Biting sarcasm set to a loping rock groove...kinda like me. :)
ladypn Hmmm, first time I've come across a song about me. ;)
musoSF New single next month, new album April...I am WAYYYY on edge.
musoSF Found him in the movie "Shortbus", continued follwing him on YouTube, finally have a whole album from him!
musoSF Suddenly remembered these guys. Never seen so many effects pedals.
MaddyTheSongWhore wow..this song just gets me pumped!!! I'M A STAAAAAAAAR!!!!!
Jenocidal your blip was cut off, this one is okay :) ...Ha! Thanks! @redroulletes (reblip)

Thompson Twins-If You Were Here

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MaddyTheSongWhore i try to laugh about it.... hiding the tears in my eyes...
Jenocidal Day On The Green #3 1983 - we got the tickets from the band when they went through McD's drive-thru and invited my best friend, Christine...SCORE!
musoSF I can't get enough of this band's perfect mix of synths, guitars, driving beats and tight, tight melodies.
musoSF 22 bass notes and I'm hooked.

CSSJager Yoga

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musoSF Love and forgot about this song. And never saw the awesome video, thanks @Figgywithit ! (reblip)
musoSF It's a suicide mission that has us by the balls.
musoSF The happiest song I've heard all day. Doo, doo doo, doo doo, doot doot doo.
musoSF "Odyle" by Heloise and the Savior Faire. Fish food for electro eels.

Track 02

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DareToEatAPeach Always some sweet keyboards on Sportsday Megaphone's tracks.
musoSF Had to import this sucka from the UK, but it was worth it. Plaintive, melodic, gawjus pop.

IAmKloot - Ferris Wheels

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musoSF She's so good to us...releasing one-offs like this to tide us over between albums. Follow her new album's progress on Twitter: @imogenheap
musoSF A haunting little Möbius strip of a melody.
DareToEatAPeach Takes it somewhere new by changing the lyrics. If the DJ adds an element they played/sang themselves, does that make them more of an "artist"?
musoSF I was underwhelmed by the latest Keane album, but this track was an exception. Mostly because of the bridge: "I'm gonna turn up the volume..."
DareToEatAPeach ok I couldn't find the original Tree Friend Tree Foe. But this is what Bolt Action Five sounds like. I think you'll find the remix much changes it.
ladypn Just stumbled upon this, something I like about their sound.
anakin1814 Another song that fits on my "best harmonies" of all time list. Definitely channeling old school Beach Boys here. Minus crazy Brian Wilson that is.

REM - At My Most Beautiful(2)

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musoSF This album is definitely on my "Best of 2008" list. Anyone out there not snagged it yet? DO!
MaddyTheSongWhore i'll be a diode, cathode, electrode overload, generator, oscillator MAKE A CIRCUIT WITH ME!!!
musoSF They use lots of Eels in "United States of Tara" - yay! Including this song "Flyswatter".


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musoSF An entirely different - and fabulous - book of love.
musoSF One of my favorite New Zealand artists.