by_starla [Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero]

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

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sheryonstone tonight I have even no idea what people are saying to me @mushka.....Is Eddie your brother ? ^_^ (reblip)
by_starla [Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods]
muzicmajic this really cranks...grinding blues-rock
muzicmajic i get lost in this one...every frigging time!
by_starla [White Rabbits - Kid On My Shoulders]
muzicmajic interesting Peter Gabriel cover! I like it!

sr-71in your eyes

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muzicmajic good evening all! I just listened to this album for the first time in a while on the way home from work, and fell in love all over again! awesome! :)
muzicmajic Army Navy - My Thin Sides...rockin' with the military! hehe
muzicmajic velvet crush - hold me up>>>> I love these guys! yessss!
muzicmajic Hey there fellow blipsters! I'm on fire!...need to go put it out...have a great evening/morning...see you sometime Saturday!
MissMarian I have not blip this for some days and i absolutely love it!
muzicmajic well's Sunday (even here on the west coast)...but I really like this tune!
muzicmajic like this one too! (it's a marcy playground fest!--what can I say?)
muzicmajic in the four weeks or so that I've been familiar with Maria Taylor, she has REALLY move up my personal charts. I really love her sound!
muzicmajic just heard about these guys...hearing them for the first time!
melodyofurlife @evablue your right The Letterman tracks are great

Jenny Lewis & Elvis Costello@Letterman

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DJFrankie rb@farkus: "Another great album that just came out. Passion Pit Manners. Go check it out. " And better yet, go see them live, they don't disappoint. (reblip)

Let It Whip-SR-71

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Aluciel Feeling sleepy again...going to try to do the sleep thing. If it doesn't work out, I'll be back. If it is a success: Goodnight, my blippers! *muah*
muzicmajic LOL--@Samanthai--any time! I love finding new musical treasures myself. And love helping others do the same! =)
muzicmajic i haven't listened to Sonic Youth in a while...damn this is soooo good! Thanks!@mellomatic (reblip)

Sonic Youth100%

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muzicmajic I do, I do! thx!@Samanthai: "Fingers crossed this plays, Bombay doesn't always play well on blip.. u likey @muzicmajic? love these dudes (reblip)
muzicmajic an old fav! Love this band...when they were a band, that is! ha
muzicmajic this song is irresistible! feed the addiction!
muzicmajic good stuff! thx guys!@katost: "thanx @CoSlive for the Friday Mixtape [The Silent Years – Madame Shocking ....]" (reblip)
voxxrad this says it all.........

John MilesMusic

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muzicmajic this song kicks! i'm falling... enjoy your evenings/mornings...i'm turning in for the evening. Busy day tomorrow...sweet dreams--see you soon!
muzicmajic not the desired effect huh? bummer...
muzicmajic still have Kills flashbacks!..Alison is pacing on stage like a caged lion...pure animal magnetism!!! wow!

The KillsNo Wow

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muzicmajic Kills flashback weekend!....i did say it could last ALL weekend,didn't I?...sorry =}
Stay19 ATB - Peace = Illusion<><>

Final Fantasy X ( ATB-Peace illusion )

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GR8FL think I understand the rules & regs... until they are suddenly changed without warning... evening @redroulettes @buchmamsell @klitoria @Erwin1974
RustyBrown There's some mod in your I, dude...
GR8FL rb @Cosmix have been a fan of the the for a long time... thanks :) (reblip)
muzicmajic I Got Da Feel!~~~time to get up and boogie...right into the kitchen to find something to eat...:)
muzicmajic yeah...please keep that in mind!
livtiludi If you love the 80's then you'll love this time capsule.
amiblue Anybody out there know where a music geek I find a copy of a Pezband CD?
muzicmajic not imeem-free, sorry. Love this song from another 70-80s era German rock band...

LakeParadise Way

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tubilino thx! @paulastudio: "@tubilino- that's so nice ya gotta blip it twice ;)" (reblip)

PeachesTalk To Me

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muzicmajic this song is great! haven't heard it in a deserves the ole self-reblip! hehe (reblip)
muzicmajic I know i'm early...but this song totally rocks!
Samanthai @everythingispop's true, you CAN have too much of a good thing... not often, but sometimes :) (reblip)
muzicmajic ahhh the memories...I loved the one album of theirs that I ever heard...
muzicmajic could resist another...

Novo combo sorry (for the delay)

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muzicmajic oohh...this is good too! feed the addiction! :)~

Novo ComboTattoo

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melodyofurlife ThE The: with one of my favorite Tunes ever!

Novo Combo Too Long Gong

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Samanthai I'm so outtta props, what a shock!@J2ad: "Excellent @Samanthai! Now you're really living. ;)" (reblip)
muzicmajic jus' call me the <<<Diamond Hoo Ha Man>>>!!! HOOO HAAAA!!
muzicmajic another looney song! gotta love it... ;>)

Harvey Danger - Flagpolesitta

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Samanthai I've had this song in my head for a good hour, let's set it free, shall we?.. good night all-fab night! @J2ad @ArthrReeeeD @DownLow @badtemperedzombie
muzicmajic no, we're NOT talking about the one between your ears! :)~~
muzicmajic Hey all! I'm back from a computer-imposed blip vacation...Another round of blippage before the ole crash n' willing!
muzicmajic not gonna happen! i need my zzzzzzzzzzz's...
muzicmajic good night all! time for the ole crash n' burn! TY for all of the props! I leave you with a big wet <<<Kiss Of Life>>>sweet dreams!
muzicmajic I love these guys! need to catch them live the next time they come around...thx!@jennyleepenny (reblip)
sheryonstone here is to a little happiness


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muzicmajic I had not heard this before...I like! nice find! ;)@DigitalJEdwin: "hi @muzicmajic! have you heard this? my new fav cover..." (reblip)
muzicmajic check this out! if part 1 is this good, what are the other parts like? being stoned is not an absolute requirement! lol
muzicmajic wow..that Animal Collective song was intense! I'm going leave you with the traffic and weather report. Thanks for the props and reblips! g`nite all
muzicmajic parachutes ready? don't get the lines tangled in the blades! ready? JUUUMMMMPPPPPP!!!!
by_starla RB@Epicrates: "thinkin about doing a Shoegaze roots song from now's my first =)" i do love this song-never get tired of the guitars :) (reblip)
muzicmajic As is yours I things don't change! ha!@jennyleepenny: "Ah, a quick peek... nah, I am holding out for a King who gives me daily access! (reblip)
muzicmajic this is great! first listen for me! thx! (love True Blood too!)@Samanthai: "oooh @everythingispop I love Vampires... (reblip)
Samanthai @listeningsky: "Love discovering new music and listening to favs like these guys.:)"...tis my first love as well-excellent music-this now added, great (reblip)

I Am KlootProof

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muzicmajic let's try another...hopefully it won't stop every 10 secs or so...
muzicmajic @muzicmajic: "let's try another...Stuart on lead vocals..."make that co-lead vocals! :) (reblip)
muzicmajic yeah buddy! ;)@jennyleepenny: "OMG! I love Jackie Blue!! "Moonlight and stars and your strawberry wine ...." vi@muzicmajic: "an old fav..."" (reblip)
muzicmajic you certainly have a way with words! lol ;)~@jennyleepenny: "I am a little hot for this song!! I keep playing it. It's dreamy grooviness ... (reblip)
amiblue dude, this is sooo cool!!! @CamelWalk: "I need one of those egg-shaped chairs." (reblip)
muzicmajic these guys are great! another recent find for me...(they've been around)
muzicmajic watch come the reaper!

The RedwallsHangman

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muzicmajic the more i hear, the more i like...


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Stay19 Chairlift – Evident Utensil (Sinden Remix)<><>
sheryonstone good nite cute cat :) see you soon. was fun blippin w/ ya today @brenobm and sleep well =^.^= (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach I'm requesting for Blip to scrobble ONLY the songs we blip. Vote appreciated if you can spare it. @antenaweb (reblip)
thomasmmm RB @kelliemurfski pretty-pretty-pretty-pretty-girl (reblip)

Beast Of Burden by The Rolling Stones

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muzicmajic <<<Sebadoh ~ Willing To Wait>>>
muzicmajic this sounds great! i haven't listened to Michelle in a while...thanks! @Aluciel (reblip)
muzicmajic <<<Office ~ Oh My>>>oh my, indeed!

OfficeOh My

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ladypn From sundown to sunset it's all in the air You hear it everywhere No matter what you do it's gonna grab a hold on you - California soul
muzicmajic I love the song...not the premise...
muzicmajic <<<New Man>>>yep...feeling it!~

French KicksNew Man

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doubledrat Ride – Vapour Trail

RideVapour Trail

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adbert #VideoClip [Mandy Moore – Only Hope] Olá @patita Boop!

Mandy MooreOnly Hope

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nastysurprise @jennyleepenny @muzicmajic More from half of Supergrass. Nigel Godrich is producing. Can't wait for album.

The Hot RatsBig Sky

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muzicmajic i really like this....!@nastysurprise72: "@jennyleepenny @muzicmajic 1st time I've heard this song." (reblip)

The Hot RatsEMI

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muzicmajic <<<Summer Days>>>...summer daze?

PhoenixSummer Days

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muzicmajic <<< Jarvis Cocker ~ Tonite>>>mezmerizing!

Jarvis CockerTonite

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lurgee @LOLPIZZA: "thinks it's impossible to not feel a little happier after hearing "California Stars," unless you just don't like music, or happiness." (reblip)
muzicmajic wow! who knew...this lady is my second cousin...@Shukitty: "bleh. I think at some point my fun gene got excised. I don't think i have one any more. " (reblip)
muzicmajic feeding my addiction with some Morphine....<<<Take Me With You>>>
muzicmajic I like this! thanks for the listen! :)@MrsASoprano: " Always Be My Baby" (reblip)
muzicmajic one of my discoveries today on lastfm... feed the addiction! yesss!!
elfgirl kinda diggin on this band too!


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muzicmajic knock my socks off! just another morning....
muzicmajic one of my favorite things about this movie! yeah, ok, Salma Hayek had something to do with it,but this song is hauntingly awesome all on it's lonesome
DareToEatAPeach Little Boots live. I thought she was just a singer. I'm more impressed with her since I first played this.

Little Boots 'Meddle'

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muzicmajic love this! <<<The Big Bang Jump!>>> sounds like too much fun! ;)~
muzicmajic heya @NikkiPixel ! how are you doing this evening?
threebears Haven't blipped any Hooverphonic for at least 9hrs 9mins & 9secs! :(
MrsASoprano Still thinking about that Ferry song ~ hmmm

Bryan Ferry "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (Live)

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muzicmajic grabbing the <<<Headlines>>> !
muzicmajic ...and I followed the siwy wabbit down the hole...

Low-FiRabbit Hole

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FineNGood @deadwood4: "nice thanks @CooperHarris worth an RB or 2:" Thanks, one of my favorite songs and the chick that sings has a great voice. (reblip)
FineNGood rb @Bubbly3: "@CooperHarris: ok, I will :)" Always remember CooperHarris equals confidence ;-) (reblip)

3oh!3Don't Trust Me

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muzicmajic <<<Office ~ Company Calls>>> love this!

OfficeCompany Calls

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muzicmajic upside down , inside out...turned about....
muzicmajic a flashback to last Wed. night...Emily was amazing!

MetricSick Muse

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muzicmajic persuasive charm don't fail me now... ;)~
muzicmajic <<<Autumn>>> can't come fast enough! summer, I surrender!
muzicmajic <<<The Riverwinds ~ I Want You To Know>>>
muzicmajic talk about crankin'! i love this band....they need more publicity!
MrsASoprano We'll keep that in mind - LOL @Fortharrison:"When U R out of vasoline,& have no gel available, Butter is best☺@MrsASoprano@lisa_michele@flinndc@shook" (reblip)

Boney JamesButter

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muzicmajic this is the second of two bands opening for the Dodos. I really like these guys! ...should be a great show! :)
tuatara One more day, one more day...@muzicmajic: "that last MP song sounded soo good...let's do another! <<<It's Saturday>>>...i'm there! :)" (reblip)
muzicmajic <<<Imaginary Friend>>>...his mom won't let come out and play... :(
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # 'Obviously Genius-Making' Oasis B-Sides # -> "Acquiesce"


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muzicmajic ahh come on! come out and and play with me! ;)
muzicmajic good afternoon @all !!! taking apps...who wants to be imaginary friends? afterall..imagination is key! :)
muzicmajic <<<Ian MuCulloch ~ The Flickering Wall>>>
muzicmajic hey dancing is dancing...improper? maybe it depends on alcohol content? =)~
SabriESC rb@newNEWwave: "Ahhh - here's the one I was looking for - love it!" (reblip)

Deastro-Michael, The Lone Archer Of The North Shore

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muzicmajic more like indian summer here...could be worse i guess....
muzicmajic I love these guys! cool song...


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muzicmajic that's right, make me pay for reaching for the stars!
muzicmajic something for all of us to look forward to!
muzicmajic <<<Empire of the Sun ~ Half Mast>>>
muzicmajic you are VERY welcome! thx for listening! :)@indieearcandyforeveryone: "heya @muzicmajic thx for the tunes!" (reblip)

The Mary Onettes "Pleasure Songs"

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muzicmajic red flags, red letters...seeing red!
muzicmajic thanks for the recommendation! first listen... I like!@FUZZYFM: "On the subject of Bromheads Jacket. If you haven't by now, you really should .." (reblip)
muzicmajic not asking for much...just a little miracle!
muzicmajic @muzicmajic: "good evening blipsters! <<<Do The Whirlwind>>>...yep, been doing the whirlwind all week long! TGIF!!! how is everyone?" (reblip)
muzicmajic dashed, thrashed, and thoroughly dismantled...
muzicmajic you think the world revolves around may as well do what you do...nothing else matters....
muzicmajic a couple of things in very short supply...<unfortunately>
muzicmajic nothing "late" about it...ha! it's demise has been prematurely reported...<think Dewey!>
muzicmajic from her fingers....her very, very magic fingers! ;)~
muzicmajic the ole suck-fest trifecta! oh what the hell...double up on the stoned!! ha! +}~
muzicmajic sleepy time in the western world nears...
muzicmajic my Paul Weller binge continues...awesome! :)
muzicmajic these guys are in town in a couple of weeks...thinking about getting tics...whaddya say @amiblue ?
muzicmajic I'm NOT sure i've heard it either...but i do like it! thx! ;)@ladypn: "Would you believe a Santana I can't recall hearing before? (reblip)

santana havana moon

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muzicmajic true devotion is such a rare commodity in today's society...sad, but true....>>>>off for a blip break, be back later....

Viva VoceDevotion

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muzicmajic all i need, all I want, is my own slice of heaven...
muzicmajic the more I hear, the more I like....just got into this band!
muzicmajic beautiful, mezmerizing,...immerse me and let me drift off...
muzicmajic good evening @all! oh yeah! loove this tune....
muzicmajic hhmm....a cheap date? better check the futures market on alumimum...
muzicmajic I've never heard this before...I like! thanks! @everythingispop: "@BeautifulSorta As long as Bleople can deal with all of the sighing... ;)" (reblip)
muzicmajic good evening/morning @all!


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muzicmajic boy do I have a story for you...

Great NorthernStory

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muzicmajic yeah, but you should see the other guy!
muzicmajic sometimes you're just too damn logical!
muzicmajic as long as it's just a piece....a small piece...
ladypn @encite I listened in spite of the threat, & I like! Thx!! :) : "This song is incredible if u don't listen to it I will haunt your dreams forever (reblip)
ladypn "Everyday, every hour..." LOVE this! Thanks to@Blahzy!: "Awesome Audio/Visual Combo!@ladypn" (reblip)
muzicmajic Forever fades away, hopefully you won't...
muzicmajic <<<Galaxie 500 ~ Oblivious>>>
muzicmajic now for a change of pace....

RadioheadAll I Need

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muzicmajic time for me blip outta here. thanks for the props/replies/rbs and the great tunes! Have a great Sunday...bye @all!
muzicmajic good morning/afternoon blipsters! how's the Sunday treating you?
muzicmajic this is good stuff...i need to listen to them more!
muzicmajic <<<The Low Anthem ~ Champion Angel>>>
muzicmajic and it's an offer you can't refuse... ;)
muzicmajic flashing back to my last concert...(once again, thx @TheJabberwock for the upload!) :)
muzicmajic flashback #7: this band opened the Dodos concert. Very, very impressive! became a quick fav of mine....
muzicmajic flashback #11: Metric opened for Phoenix....another amazing night of musical nirvana!

MetricSick Muse

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muzicmajic <<<The Jealous Sound ~ Hope For Us>>>
muzicmajic ty m'dear! I'm doin' ok! I hope you are as well! :)@ShesAllWrite: A very happy Monday to you. I hope you're Feeling Good -- My Brightest Diamond" (reblip)
muzicmajic aren't we all? ...yet everyone still expects miracles on a daily basis....
muzicmajic i love this! crank it up .... and chill right on out....amazing!
muzicmajic I don't care where we go, don't care what we do...just take me with U...
muzicmajic on the lookout for <<<Someone Great>>>...taking applications and setting up interviews in the near future...;)
muzicmajic <<<Viva Voce ~ Red Letter Day>>> of my new fav bands!
muzicmajic just give me a few pieces, a couple of clues....where do I go, where do I look...are you really out there? searching for me as I am for you?
muzicmajic tell me a story of great adventures, desires, and dreams...

Great NorthernStory

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muzicmajic <<< deep dish ~ flashdance >>>

deep dishflashdance

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie # My Best Albums Of 2009 Highlights # : Golden Silvers 'True Romance' -> "Please Venus"
muzicmajic ah you say...
threebears My eyes are closing and my bed is calling. Thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine - in any order. ^_~

shivaree - goodnight moon

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muzicmajic Mrs. Steve Earle...gotta give the wife equal time! ;)
deadwood4 nice blip thx @muzicmajic: "...same as clic logic? it all boils down to the logical lack of logic...." (reblip)
muzicmajic a couple of good whacks and it all comes tumbling down...
muzicmajic I always had high expectations for this band....they never really reached the heights that I envisioned for them...too bad, they rocked!

Big Country - In A Big Country

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muzicmajic Between Something and Nothing>>>goodnight @all! Time for me to head off to dreamland. Have a great evening/morning! See you tomorrow...
muzicmajic continuing my flashback Thursday...
Gen22 rb.@djLop: "wow that's a nice long weekend- it's my b-day tomorrow and it's snowing like crazy!!! Over 30cm already! "Ryan Adams – Two Hearts"" (reblip)
muzicmajic i love this band! you been on a roll today...and i'm long out of props for ya! keep them a-comin'! thx! =) @nastysurprise72 (reblip)

OfficeWound Up

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nastysurprise @muzicmajic: "could happen in my area this week...<where it usually doesn't>" I've been addicted to this song for awhile now. (reblip)
anothercraze Real Estate = doubleplusgood @starchedhandfulshake. And closest to a Nirvana dvd is Van Sant's "Last Days"...lame I know. Hope awl is welllllllll.
michelle_528 your last blip made me think of this @muzicmajic
muzicmajic i haven't listened to Tracy in a while...
muzicmajic the perfect greeting song! Evening/Morning @all! ;)
muzicmajic tell me a secret, tell me a story...

Great NorthernStory

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muzicmajic time for some lunch....see ya later blipgators!
muzicmajic i was supposed to go eat....but my blip addiction is holding me fast...eyes glued to the screen, fingers to the keyboard. the nearest chapter of BA?
BeautifulSorta @nastysurprise72 here's my contribution to songs I can't play around my family.
muzicmajic automatic rb! I love Shearwater! thx!@by_starla: "[Shearwater - Rooks] #birds ok, butting out of the theme blipping now- (reblip)


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by_starla [Maria Taylor - Time Lapse Lifeline]
muzicmajic trying to pay bills and blip at the same time...wanna guess which one is winning out?
muzicmajic great tune! long time no hear....thx!@1980s: "Awwwwwwwwww!!! ♥ @hawaiibuzz: "The Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her ? @1980s"" (reblip)
muzicmajic exactly what I do...if it sounds good, i'm there! ;)

Smoking Popes-Follow The Sound.wmv

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muzicmajic oh, it's been awhile..../// <<<Midnight Comes>>> 'tis approaching the witching hour here in the west....
muzicmajic love this! it's bound to make you grin, smile, smirk, and/or
muzicmajic take the <<<The High Road>>> from James Mercer (the Shins) and DangerMouse (Gnarls Barkley)....:)
muzicmajic time to show your "hand"! ;}
muzicmajic <<<Loverbboy ~ Turn Me Loose>>> an old fav... =)
muzicmajic from Journey's second album...with original vocalist Greg Rolie! back when journey REALLY kicked a#s! whatcha think?@Louden

Journey On A Saturday Night

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muzicmajic 2009 concerts>>>i saw these guys open for Jason Falkner! nice!@droolius: "I kno I do ;)@kristenboyd: "You might like this one @Alturn8tive"" (reblip)
muzicmajic 2009 concerts>>>Cass and his band opened for the it!

Cass McCombsEquinox

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muzicmajic Wishing all of my blipfriends peace, love, and understanding in 2010! Tranqulitiy is a good place to start...:)
muzicmajic <<<Bishop Allen ~ The Same Fire>>>
muzicmajic this is new to me! love it! thx! :)@MONIKKA: "Danke (is it right?) @Frauenpower: "super schön :-) @MONIKKA"" (reblip)
muzicmajic take wild guess! ha! heya @Echo_L>>>lurking and blurking tonight, are we? ;}