mylenechantress "Let it slide, let your troubles fall behind you. Let it shine, until you feel it all around you."
MiraSan Love This Music. (☆ ▽ ☆)♥

Lena ParkOrdinary

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MiraSan Love This Music. (☆ ▽ ☆)♥
EndSpiele ~ 3 Doors Down – It's Not My Time
Magicmoon Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Blueskies Yep..It's been a beautiful's to many more x

U2Beautiful Day

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Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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DJ_Kelly_Kel All I can think of is Rush and singing this over and over and over and over....
organicsue You know we can Change the World. Come with me!!!
HuMBush oh yeah... thanx & hi vi@digitpt =P Wierd day 2day. Been here, all day listenin. Silence is golden~ Duct tape is silver or somethin like that... (reblip)
Gen22 Guns and Roses 'Patience'
dindongbell Hahaha. I added this to my very first R/H mix. Special memories.
mylenechantress Every color & every hue is represented by me & you. Take a slide in the slope, take a look in the kaleidoscope! FRANCISM will always be remembered!
WardStudios Whaler was a good album, but this is the one hit that made people remember Sophie B. Hawkins.
sanderschenk Talking Heads. Coincidence or influenced by my reply on your blog? BTW, you got some serious catching up to do... ;-) (reblip)

Talking HeadsHeaven

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WardStudios It's my first fully scored symphony for orchestra. A little different from my usual. =)

Jason's 1st Symphony

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franfig É para ver estrelas: Simply Red – Stars

Simply RedStars

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michael_messina life can be so hard, so short, so unpredictable, I hope that you'll take the wheel too, Jesus can't do it alone either
joc868 reminds me of beaver creek, co. lol
Rebeccamom One of my favorite mellow mood songs.

Nick DrakePink Moon

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Request_Line Natalie Cole - Miss You Like Crazy #jp

Natalie Cole - Miss you like Crazy

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LeeHiller Modern English – I Melt With You #music
Punched :: Judy Collins – Send In The Clowns ::
jazzyjenny Toni Braxton-Breathe Again... this song takes me back.. i have all Toni's cds!
mylenechantress Check this out, beautiful song.. Walk Away by Juwita Suwito (a Malaysian singer.)
rayla é música é ótima, pra animar minha terça feira <3 [Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me (feat Regina Spektor)]
mylenechantress Time out with English music, I'm craving for some Kpop.. Awww! my Double S cuties...
mylenechantress 비 - 정지훈 ( Jung Ji Hoon) - Why

Bi RainWhy

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its4am Thanks @Atomik! While I wish you a fab day :) ...It will be sunset in 2hrs for us... Hope you're sleeping better now.
chicklitgurrl Need something to get me started on WORK!
designsbybriana Where have all the good men gone/And where are all the gods? Where's the street-wise Hercules/To fight the rising odds? (reblip)
mylenechantress Always cracks me up! Haven't heard this for ages... Don't do this to your ex to be lol!
mylenechantress Greetings from 'Miles Away' & thanx + welcome to my new listeners @TDUNC, @Amchunki, @Babuxoxoxo, @dindongbell, @ManBusinessForBritney

WingerMiles Away

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sheeratoo @mylenechantress.. Come on and join your fellow man! Village People - In The Navy
chutzpah It's the first of May! Outdoor fucking starts today! :D
KellyOlexa I'M NOT GONNA LIE. I heart N Sync.
mylenechantress But it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives..>RB@lilacs4amber : very true (reblip)
mylenechantress Finally found it! One of my fave song.. From the movie "8 Seconds" starring Luke Perry
11mercury So simple but so true, "Eres Tu"

MocedadesEres Tu

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mylenechantress Gosh finally found this one! This is Fra Lippo Lippi's best song ever, for ya @its4am, @Atomik, @RightNowRadio, @Gaz50, @mamamiaellen, @sjoes, @WJIM
mylenechantress Been looking 4 this, my personal anthem LOL! goes to ma lady @its4am [Thnx dude RB@ATG: "Take me as I am; you'll just have to be extraordinary. ;-)"] (reblip)
emoloz been a few years since I have heared this, legendary

Mayuko AokiKimi he

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notulysses CHEESEBALLS, I KNOW. But if you've watched the Blackpool Serial from the BBC, and if you know of my Tennantphilia, you'll understand. <3
AgustinaMB ♫People come and go and walk away... but I'm not going anywhere... I'm not going anywhere♫
mylenechantress Me too! It's like the whole world starts to listen when you tell me you're in love. "Say It Again" [RB@RosalieHaleGirl: "love this song"] (reblip)
designsbybriana Desert loving in your eyes all the way / If I listen to your lies would you say / Im a man without conviction
WardStudios Here I am @mylenechantress. Been very busy with moving and work. Wonderful to hear from you, you've made me smile. Thank you.
TomAllen1965 it may take some time to patch me up inside......
dindongbell I keep trying to find my way and all I know is im lost without you
mylenechantress Forget all d crap surrounding about this gal, I have to say I LOVE d meaning of this song. Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.. "The Climb"
mylenechantress Sweeeeet!!! RB@TrixieBray: ""summer breeze makes me feeel fiiiiiine"" (reblip)
sanderschenk A close friend used to play this all the time. Too bad he moved to another city. A classic.
FullaEnergy Anne Murray – Snowbird

Anne MurraySnowbird

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LaBelladiva_ @doreenatdms: "signing off now, folks ... you're all awesome! stay beautiful" >>>>>> have a beautiful day :-) (reblip)
mylenechantress Got a "Peaceful Easy Feeling" coz I feel loved thnx 4 d props/blips @WJIM @vidabatine @anjRulz @vaniakg @PsychoRoadie, @DVBL [vi@mamamiaellen -thnx!] (reblip)
mylenechantress When you have no light to guide you, and no one to walk beside you. I will come to you.. @rickevinj, @its4am, @miera_belle, @durian_girl
ShiaoMei @verawooten: :D U changed a photo!! I like it! <3 ~~~remember Wilson Phillips?~~~
mylenechantress Luv Kelly's ver. great find! RB@1980s: "Dedicated to @designergirl @mr_spillis ♥ "Birds high up in the trees serenade the clouds with their melody" (reblip)
dabliub Only for the girls in the house.

Faith No MoreEasy

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mylenechantress "Hello my friend, we meet again. It's been awhile, where should we begin? Feels like forever, within my heart are memories!" @its4am <luv u sis!

CreedMy Sacrifice

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mylenechantress "Do you spend your life going back in your mind to that time?" hmmm.. sometimes I do lol, wish I could turn back time!
Songbird_ @oregonblip,@mylenechantress another toe-tappin' from Edwin, If it takes all night might be 12 o'clock or 3...
mylenechantress Feel like playing this song & reminisce the past while driving home lol! Guess it's not a good idea. Thnx for being with me! Love ya all dearly! Bye
zantha rb@kbuech: "Ben Folds - "You've Got to Learn to Live With What You Are" thanks 4 this blip - couldn't agree with the message more! (reblip)
oregonblip Blessid Union of Souls – I Believe ::: Do you believe in yourself enough to help those in need and extend a hand to someone that needs help?
mylenechantress I miss this song, thanks 4 blipping this>RB@kchferragamo: "promise me you'll wait for me..." (reblip)
mylenechantress TRUE!! RB@zantha: "@kbuech: "Ben Folds - "You've Got to Learn to Live With What You Are" thanks 4 this blip - couldn't agree with the message more!" (reblip)
mylenechantress Wendy Moten – Come in Out of the Rain
mylenechantress Thnx a lot 4 tuning/props/blips @iddybud, @nakatake, @GR8FL, @MrsASoprano, @nakatake, @ZachsMind ~ vi@bluebrummie: "The Beatles - In My Life" (reblip)

BesourosIn My Life

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schau [Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back]
schau [Lindsay Lohan – Confessions Of A Broken Heart]
MusicWithMsB Ah... the memories that Disney films bring. Can you just see all the little animals flitting about Cinderella?
mylenechantress Last blip 4 tonight! Thnx 4 keeping me company, I did enjoy listening 2 ya all.. thnx a lot 4 props/replies. "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" INDEED! Bye
laks_srini Ah! nothing like the open road.... #road thanks for the props @verachimscholli, thanks for the lovely musique @DJDolceVita, @mylenechantress, @pifpof
kchferragamo Love this song =) thanks for listening and props @ttimechitchat @charmstep @mylenechantress @JeanetteJoy @laks_srini @Rella

Passenger Seat...Stephen speaks

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kchferragamo lovely! rb @superdeliciousness: "Sheriff rules!" (reblip)


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bedejey hello there! I blipped some nice eighties songs today @mylenechantress
mylenechantress Jani Lane is f***ing cool & this vid is f***ing awesome! He's so good & beautiful back then. One of the greatest! @MetalRocks @1980s @lipsync @PS1968
abhi7 Alaine - No Ordinary Love

Alaine- No Ordinary Love

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kchferragamo (Steps - Last Thing On My Mind, Stomp, Deeper Shade Of Blue - Medley) thank u so much @JeanetteJoy @eraser @davislove @zantha @laks_srini @digitpt
kchferragamo Wang Lee Hom & Westlife - You Raise Me Up (Live) Hao shuai!!!

Se7en singing La La La + Girlfriend in Korean Film Award

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kchferragamo F4 (Vic, Jerry, Ken & Vaness) - Liu Xing Yu

F4-Meteor Rain

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DjVaricool Guy Sebastian - i've Been Loving You To Long, Otis Redding Classic.
kay_wilde love just leaves you bruised...

Ben FoldsBruised

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Atomik POWER BALLAD - wheres the lighter?
mylenechantress [Anthony Callea – Rain] he's a cutie.. been looking for this for so long, thnx to YouTube lol! @its4am, @Miera_Belle, durian_girl in Twitterville

anthony callearain

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mylenechantress [Standfast - Carcrashes] Welcome my dear new listeners & thank you @BunnyMoonRe_Mix @AgentSpymonkey @DJMicheee @josephh777 @sean48 @megg @ivan_filios

Standfast: Carcrashes

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mylenechantress [Lee Seung Chul - No One Else] My fave song since it was released.. haayyy such a sad song yet so beautiful *sniff* *sob* I played it day & night...

[MV] A Story Sadder Than Sadness OST- Thats Not Anyone Else Ver 2 Lee Seung Chul

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mylenechantress [Lee Seung Chul - Can You Hear Me] Another fave of mine.. I added English subtitles in this video, beautiful Korean song! @its4am bo go ship da!

[Eng Subbed] 이승철 (Lee Seung Chul)- 듣고 있나요 Music Video

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mylenechantress Hottie & funny guy Daniel Henney a.k.a. Agent Zero singing Diana (from his movie My Father).. just to lighten up your mood :)
mylenechantress [David Pomeranz - Got To Believe In Magic] THANK YOU :) @bedejey @KathysArt @mrrodd @hajoni @PsychedelicBabe @star45 @tigeladakawaii @mamamiaellen

Got to believe in Magic by David Pomeranz

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lolaaudu So grateful for loyal people in my life....Michael W Smith - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
mylenechantress TaeYeon - 들리나요 "Though I feel scared, I guess I cannot stop this love. You make me restless, you make me cry. Like a fool, like a child." hmmm mushy!

TaeYeon(SNSD) :: Can You Hear Me @ 081009 M!Countdown

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mylenechantress Jasmine "Fish" Leong - 情歌 (Love Song) I love this song & I love "敗犬女王 /My Queen/Defeated Queen" :)
mylenechantress [Florence Warner - Hello Love] Oldie but goodie! thanks to ya all @DJPrimitivo @lipsync @pajaritos @1980s @mamamiaellen @sheryonstone @babybeluga

Hello Love

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mylenechantress "A person often meets his/her destiny on a road he/she took to avoid it..." ~ Michael Bolton - That's What Love Is All About
mylenechantress OMG! she can sing too! Imagine 2009 World Champion figure skater Kim Yuna singing while skating? How can you not love this girl?! Korean pride indeed!
Atomik @HerrKirsch - thanks for sharing, sending you good luck and love
mylenechantress Awesome song!!! I'd rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else... @rickevinj
mylenechantress 梁靜茹 - 無條件為你 (Jasmine "Fish" Leong - Yours Unconditionally) I love the lyrics.. Awesome song!

wu tiao jian wei ni

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mylenechantress 김범수 (Kim Bum Soo) - 보고 싶다 (I Miss You) Bo Go Ship Da... one of the best Korean song ever!!! One of my fave :) @its4am @Miera_Belle @durian_girl

Kim Bum Soo-Bo Go Ship Da-

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rubikoO Chicago – Color My World
mylenechantress RB@SaoRibeiro: "I´m so sad this guys have broken apart! Still one can always recall their songs! At @tequilakitty@crookedeye@madzzzb via@CaboCrazy" (reblip)

CreedOne Last Breath

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tonyvisme Billy Ocean "There'll Be Sad Songs" I'm not going to cry...I'm not going to cry... damn it ....
mylenechantress Gotta "Say Goodbye" for now! Thank you for keeping me company! I had fun listening 2 ya guys! Thnx for the props & sweet replies. Goodnight! *waves*

Say GoodbyeSkillet

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mylenechantress [Heartland – I Loved Her First] This beautiful song goes to all the wonderful DAD's on board.. this is for ya all!!!
mylenechantress "Close your eyes, listen to my voice, it's my disguise.. I'm by your side!" Me toooooo.. I heart this :) ~ RB@Miss_Bella: "awwwww I LOVE this" (reblip)
mylenechantress [SS501 (Triple S) - Because I'm Stupid] Awww! KyuJoongie kyopta! SS501 jjang ee da.. AJA!!!
mylenechantress Sisterettes *tears* brings back a lot of memories, those sleepless nights hehe BoGoShipDa! @its4am @Miera_Belle @durian_girl @leandrosxxi on Twitter
mylenechantress Kim Bum Soo - More Than Blue.. From 2009 movie "A Story Sadder Than Sadness/ 슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기" such a beautiful song yet sad! Kim Bum Soo is the best!!!

《 LIVE 》Kim Bum Soo 김범수 ─ Sad Story (A Story Sadder Than Sadness OST )

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mylenechantress Lee Seung Chul - No One Else <From 2009 movie "A Story Sadder Than Sadness/ 슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기" Thx 4 indulging me dear listeners! Luv ya all! Luv him 2!

《LIVE》Lee Seung Chul 이승철 ─ Nobody else 그런 사람 또 없습니다

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Mtii hello, come with me..." 1, 2 3 4.." @mylenechantress

Plain White T's1234

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rickevinj Awesome song... to all my listeners, thank you!

LongerDan Fogelberg

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swilson Corinne Bailey Rae - Since I've Been Loving You || This is arguably almost as good as my last blip...
Mtii hi to.."everything changes but YOU...@Vinha @angiece @mylenechantress @PsychoRoadie @QUEENRO

Take that-Everything changes

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sheeratoo My best friend gave me the best advice! Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day
mylenechantress I love this perf... for my loyal listeners & fave DJ's.. also welcoming you with hugz @westham999 @orangy68 @JmShirl @Meli016 @anlamecha @nikki_0429


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mylenechantress You may not like these lads, but I swear this song is pretty good! I luv the lyrics... :)
mylenechantress Lovely afternoon to everyone :) how's your weekend so far? Don't forget to give dad some lovin' :) please keep me company!
mylenechantress "All of us get lost in the darkness. Dreamers learn to steer by the stars. All of us do time in the gutters. Dreamers turn to look at the cars.."

R U S HThe Pass

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mylenechantress Doesn't anybody stay in one place any more? @its4am @durian_girl @Miera_Poulain @leandrosxxi on twitter.. you're so far away indeed! Flying kiss :)
mylenechantress Last blip for tonight! Keep on smiling :) thanks for keeping me company.. Have a lovely weekend guyz, take care.. Goodnight!
DanielleRicks @BJAZZAY: "Will & Rachelle work this to the bone" *Will he see, will he leave or will he stay anyway* (reblip)
ttimechitchat Interesting version of Poker Face...(via @DJMonaLisa: "rb @sassy2cute) (reblip)

DaughtryPoker Face

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PoetaChica "One In A Million You" by Larry Graham. I'm on fire tonight, baby!!!!
mylenechantress Hello my friends! Wazz up? Hope everyone is having a good time.. just an Ordinary Song for all of you ;))

Ordinary Song

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I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me

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mylenechantress Thanks to you>>@its4am @Atomik @D_Doyle @SpinninSara @SaoRibeiro @Carlin @Chise ~Lovely! vi@robmac2008: "Lorraine Davies - Fly Like You've Got Wings" (reblip)

08-Fly Like You've Got Wings

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