MaddMatt Missed ya the last couple of days @ladypn I knew I'd see you again!
naapstermaan Led Zeppelin cover :) me likey
geehamster Thanks, @naapstermaan! ! ! ! Led Zeppelin cover :) (reblip)
Fated (bjork-wanderlust-ratatat mix)
naapstermaan my favorite pumpkins song by soooooo much :)
LiesbethCamille Such a good mash-up! love both these songs.
naapstermaan ugh Blip didn't have alt. wave??? i haz added :) and @katdabrat77 yup ill get on skype and send it
TheBrettRosenberg one of the best songs......ever made. yes. WIShhh I was ocean siiiize.
naapstermaan i would marry this song if i could <3
naapstermaan BEST MASHUP EVER!!!!! Radiohead's "Creep" vs. The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" vs. Pinocchio "I've Got No Strings" :)
naapstermaan omg.....this mashup has the following artists in it: ACDC, The Cure, David Bowie, Police, Prince, Paul McCartney, and more!!!
star45 Coheed and Cambria – A Favor House Atlantic
RhythmRush vi@johno- interesting remix - slowing it down, I still like it (reblip)
naapstermaan The Clash vs. The Killers (Rock the Casbah vs. Somebody Told Me
naapstermaan @katdabrat77 this mashup was made just for you. It's a mashup of a bunch of Beatles songs :)


| play
naapstermaan GUNS N ROSES VS. FOO FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!
naapstermaan Metallica vs. Aretha Franklin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
naapstermaan JT vs. SWR


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naapstermaan Led Zeppelin vs. Johnny Cash vs. Beastie Boys vs. Ted Nugent vs. The Beatles
naapstermaan so epic.....Jason Mraz vs. Howie Day vs. Five for Fighting vs. Angela Ammons vs. Boyzone vs. 3 Doors Down
naapstermaan amazing mashup. Includes Jack Johnson, Green Day, Joshua Radin, Atomic Kitten, Wyclef Jean, and more......
naapstermaan omg lol!!!! can't believe he covered this
naapstermaan man the original by AFI is so good but i think offspring took the song to a new level :)
naapstermaan Shadowville has some of the sickest instrumental songs
naapstermaan brand spankin' new the cd 'Coaster'
naapstermaan dis is awesome. Chemical Brothers ("Galvanize") vs. Star Wars ("Imperial March")
naapstermaan Modest Mouse bluegrass style :-)
naapstermaan i think it's obvious i love Iron Horse's covers :) here's another Modest Mouse one
naapstermaan Blur vs. Gorillaz


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Fazzle taking a quick break from oldies night again, to blip the Garbage cover for @naapstermaan
JasonLar1izzle i love hearing this classic song striped down and accustic
naapstermaan totally rediscovered this song tonight :)
naapstermaan havent listened to this in a while :) hey everyone!!

DenaliYou File

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naapstermaan "Bittersweet Symphony" vs. "Yellow" vs. "High Cool"
naapstermaan some lesser known 30 Seconds To Mars....bit heavier :)

The Club Headliners - 80's Mash-Up

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JLane_ I Look At All The Lonely People And Think *Thrice*
naapstermaan this is pretty frickin' awesome. Metallica vs. RUN DMC!!!

DJ M.i.F - Tricky Sandman (Metallica vs. Run Dmc)

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naapstermaan Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Timbaland :)
naapstermaan KiD CuDi vs. Evelyn King


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naapstermaan The Cars vs. Lady Gaga :P


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naapstermaan Oasis vs. Green Day vs. Kanye West


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naapstermaan Radiohead vs. Justin Timberlake


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naapstermaan britney actually adds a cool dimension to that QOTSA song :)
MissDiggity @ naapstermaan you got me in the mood for this song :)
naapstermaan haven't heard this song in forever!
naapstermaan according to VH1 this is the 59th greatest hip-hop song of all time :)
naapstermaan lol i just made this mashup with some cheap free software :) Garbage vs. Imogen Heap ("Supervixen" vs. "Hide and Seek")
naapstermaan @Fazzle lololol you like my DJ name?? (radiohead vs. imogen heap)
naapstermaan just made this for @mr_spillis, hope you like it!!! (Seether vs. Nirvana)
naapstermaan weeee @SnomanDave @Fazzle @katdabrat77 (radiohead's "i might be wrong" vs. live's "lightning crashes")
naapstermaan @Fazzle dude this one actually kinda works!! (Incubus "Are You In?" vs. Imogen Heap "Speeding Cars")
naapstermaan dispatch is like.....really good
naapstermaan this actually turned out pretty cool...Radiohead ("Street Spirit") vs. Zero 7 ("In The Waiting Line")
naapstermaan rb @opomegranate couldn't agree more, ratatat is epic! (reblip)


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naapstermaan off with your 'til you're dead
Fated little known fact that pandas frequent dungeons (dungen-panda)


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naapstermaan check 'em out. Kind of a mix between Radiohead and Oasis.
JoesRobot wake up everyone, it's not too late to save the remnants of our hearts, stop giving up
naapstermaan @Quel_Frusciante love the name and ur playlist! (oh and John Frusciante rocks!)
naapstermaan Ginuwine song cover. Super awesome.


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GarryHall An epic song. This will give you chills when it's over. SOUNDGARDEN - Like Suicide
naapstermaan best mashup everrrrrrrr. (nirvana, johnny cash, blue oyster cult, new order)
naapstermaan the shock and terror keeps me sane
naapstermaan @DJJoebot uhohhhh Ducks take the early lead :) .....i think this band fits the moment lol
naapstermaan INXS vs. Coolio vs. Chemical Brothers vs. Depeche Mode vs. Ciara vs. Survivor vs. helluva mashup!
naapstermaan epic! Queen vs. Paramore vs. Three 6 Mafia vs. Twisted Sister!!!
naapstermaan "McLachlan"

Sarah Mclaughlin - Building a Mystery

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naapstermaan It's a hard knock life.....for...... The Postal Service
naapstermaan Jackson 5, Daft Punk, Deep Purple, and Beastie Boys.....
naapstermaan Jamiroquai vs. Sly & the Family Stone vs. Grand Master Flash vs. Svinkels
naapstermaan such a classic...."don't push me 'cause i'm close to the edgeeeee"
naapstermaan Police vs. Eminem vs. Bloc Party
naapstermaan ACDC vs. B-52's vs. Dandy Warhols!!
raejrsal this song almost has the same effect as listening to U2's Beautiful Day first thing in the morning @T_Bone_Rex
naapstermaan will you bite the Bloc Party that feeds???

Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical (1)

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naapstermaan lol i love it....Snoop Dogg cover!!!
naapstermaan holy shit i actually found it lol....Beatles "Let it Be" vs. RHCP's "Under the Bridge" plus a couple other songs thrown in. ♥


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naapstermaan MIA, Nine Inch Nails, Pavement, Run DMC, Bob Marley, Van Halen, and atleast 15 others in this mashup.....
naapstermaan this is amazing....Green Day, Jack Johnson, Wyclef Jean, Joshua Radin, and more...all acousitc
naapstermaan ♥ love it....Oasis and U2 ("Dont Look Back in Anger" and "One")
naapstermaan ψ Faith No More vs. Queens of the Stone Age ψ
naapstermaan •• Gorillaz vs. Billy Idol ••

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naapstermaan ≈ Soul Asylum vs. The Supremes ≈


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naapstermaan this song used to be hella popular :)

SR71Right Now

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naapstermaan prolly my fav. Radiohead song ♫ ♪ ♫


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naapstermaan so this is where Tupac got his beat and chorus for "Changes"! (reblip)
naapstermaan this is the point of no return, i can never go back
naapstermaan so chill

My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus

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AlyG i could listen to this song all day long. rb @pianzihip-hop classic. pharcyde are definitely under-appreciated. (reblip)
naapstermaan this song just makes me happy
naapstermaan can't keep runnin' away ♫ ♫ ♫
mofoinla been lookin for this since i heard it months ago RB @astudentofhistory Oh Hai, I just gotta testify: Lupe Fiasco? Love him in this. (@michael_anne) (reblip)
naapstermaan freakin' love this song ♫ ♫
naapstermaan mirror in the bathroom please talk free
naapstermaan awesome!! so this is where Eminem got the chorus for his song "Like Toy Soldiers" ;). thnx @JODYGIRL162!! (reblip)
naapstermaan George Harrison showing off the mad sitar skills =)
mofoinla what is the meaning of life?? LISTENING to this SONG
Overmind12812 It's Massive Attack time. One of my personal faves here.
naapstermaan major reason i'll watch Jimmy Fallon: The Roots are his band!!
naapstermaan forgot about this one. very cool.
naapstermaan check dees out @katdabrat77!!! Lennon vs. Temptations & Jim Morrison
naapstermaan where Notorious B.I.G got the chorus and beat for his song "Juicy"
naapstermaan Offspring bluegrass cover!! love it!
2fast4u You've already won me over in spite of me Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
naapstermaan wooow. i think the whole crowd is one giant mosh-pit lol

Korn- Blind (live at Woodstock '99)

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naapstermaan wow awesome video rb vi@AlyG: "yesssss" (reblip)
naapstermaan yes found it! epic cover of Depeche Mode's "It's No Good"

Chevelle- No Good [Still Picture]

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DJ Shadow: Building Steam From A Grain Of Salt

| play
naapstermaan one of SP's finest

Smashing Pumpkins: Daphne Descends

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naapstermaan @Goofy, i think you'll like it (Feeder ftw!)


| play
naapstermaan one of my current favorite songs =)


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naapstermaan another good title - "Karma in the Metro" =)
JefDrus @NikkiSoul This ditty definately is. Its track six.


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naapstermaan great mashup. Radiohead vs. Beatles.
naapstermaan ramones vs. queen vs. david bowie vs. nine inch nails....
naapstermaan TV on the Radio vs. Rihanna
naapstermaan black sabbath vs. queens of the stone age (this is highly awesome)
naapstermaan "part of me made it"


| play
naapstermaan metallica....ting tings....beastie boys
naapstermaan oh my...queen vs paramore vs three 6 mafia vs twisted sister
tubilino reblip with thanks @MrsDalloway :) /// @J2ad ...sorry,I said "good night", but didn't say that I'm going ...really come here :) (reblip)
naapstermaan discovered this band last night. Great stuff so far. Kinda shins/pixies/band of horses type of stuff.
naapstermaan i got a new low, all 52 cards in a row
naapstermaan sick song. 8 of the 9 members get a verse in this.

Ratatat ft. Eminem: Wildcat Stan

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naapstermaan haha i got this random cd off ebay and it has some pretty awesome stuff
naapstermaan lovin' this one from my random ebay cd =)
EverGreenT veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrry gooooood cover!!
naapstermaan rivals the cover the Ataris did
naapstermaan fav pumpkins, and it's an acoustic version!
naapstermaan we are always running for the thrill of it
naapstermaan hella similar intro to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"

A Tribe Called Quest -Lyrics to Go [Dan the Automator Remix]

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naapstermaan awesome. *nods head along*
naapstermaan this would be a sick song if asher roth wasn't singing lol
naapstermaan wish rap still sounded like this today
naapstermaan New Order cover ftw!!

FlunkBlue Monday

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naapstermaan whoaaa had no idea Opeth did this..nice! (reblip)
naapstermaan ahhh totally heard this on the radio today!
naapstermaan not a typical slipknot song, way more chill


| play
naapstermaan thanks for the adds @goyaaargh and @gorester and everyone else!
naapstermaan Dido's "Thank You" pops up yet again =)
naapstermaan where Ice Cube got his beat for "It Was A Good Day"...awww yea
naapstermaan wow not a bad cover at all! vi@Th3LastDJ: "Them Oklahoma boys do us proud!" (reblip)
naapstermaan NIN's "Love is not Enough" vs. Smashing Pumpkins - "Zero".....*salivates*
naapstermaan niiiice thanks for this vi@MongrelArchitect: "Tool covers "Comfortably Numb" from Pink Floyd" (reblip)

Korn- One (Metallica Cover)

| play
naapstermaan some serious bass work in this version
naapstermaan another Queen cover from that cd :)

Sum 41- Killer Queen

| play
naapstermaan fuck....yes...Iggy Pop & the Stooges cover