Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix)

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naomi_u Good evening! Random shuffle on my Blip account tonight, hope you'll enjoy :)
naomi_u I'll make a focus on french electro bands tonight, hope you'll enjoy!


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Gorillaz Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)

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naomi_u Paranormal mix now playing, do not hesitate to contribute, soon I'll be running out of ideas :)


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naomi_u Paranormal mix is over, thanks for listening! Please share your themes ideas :)


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fabuleuxfab James Holden - Lump d^_^b Only 4 hours away from getting a #marathon #badge...

James HoldenLump

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naomi_u @fabuleuxfab More microhouse!

Popof - Mr. Orange

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CLARITY When was the last time you ate a lima bean? I realized I haven't seen lima beans since I was tiny and under the age of ten.
naomi_u My objective is the Level 4 DJ badge... It will be on my profile in 30 days maybe?
naomi_u I'm on like a child in an amusement park

The Whale Song Modest Mouse

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naomi_u Any theme or genre you would like me to focus on today? ☼
naomi_u Another leak from Midlake's upcoming album. Beautiful as usual!


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naomi_u @hizki Thx, I didn't know this one from Infected
naomi_u Thematic mix begins! You can take part, too
naomi_u Thematic mix is now playing, please feel free to contribute to the playlist :)
neitzen Everybody's dancing....ooohhh yeah
naomi_u Starting a random selection from my personal tracks
naomi_u Afghan Raiders - Future Thinkers / Glad I've finally found a good quality version of this track! :)


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naomi_u This world was made for ending
naomi_u Last one for the road, thanx to yall for listening ♥
naomi_u Squatting my neighbour's connexion... It's slow!!! ><


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naomi_u The more I try to erase you, the more that you appear
naomi_u So how are things on the West Coast?
naomi_u Everybody stepped away from my blip account after this Bloody Beetroots thing... ^^'


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naomi_u Enough for tonight, I'm retiring into the shadows, goodnight :)

Ghinzu Mirror Mirror (Lyrics + High Quality)

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naomi_u Jacaszek (electroacoustic / ambient) took care of this week's mix podcast on Resident Advisor ->


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naomi_u Röyksopp at their beginning, and they still are doing very well ♥

RoyksoppRemind Me

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naomi_u @fabuleuxfab: Des blip stats? Où ça??? Il faut croire que je suis une n°1 fan :)
naomi_u This one is for my favorite blippers ♥♥♥ @twentyfour @fabuleuxfab @sanaponic @dito @pulplion ♥♥♥
naomi_u This version is 1000x better than the original, love it! :) rb@sanaponic (reblip)
naomi_u I really dig Flying Lotus! ♥
naomi_u You can listen to more Mark du Mosch on Valerie Collective's blog:
naomi_u Happy birthday @Apple_chic, a #1980 -themed video for you! :)
naomi_u Pink Computer - Inside my Soul / Welcome to my new listeners! @idkfa @DavidCFL @greentree @BootyB

PinkComputer - IMS Original Extended Mix

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naomi_u I really digg the video

Yellow Moon Band "Barehed"

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naomi_u Another one from Breaking Bad s3 ep2
naomi_u ♫♫♫ Welcome to my new listeners! @danielbisous @xos @lostsoulgee1 and @DeckHead ♫♫♫
naomi_u ♥ this album! rb@pulplion (reblip)

CARIBOU Leave House

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The Black Keys -- Howlin' for You (feat. Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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naomi_u The Dodos - Paint the Rust

The Dodos Paint the Rust

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Scars Ft Kelis, Chipmunk & Melka Basement Jaxx

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naomi_u rb@fabuleuxfab: "I only expect delights from you d^_^b rb@Thnikkaman: "Anyone in the mood for some Unexpected Delight?"" (reblip)
naomi_u ♫♪♫ Welcome to my new listeners! @thisisnew @Da_Rose and @VJVixen ♫♪♫
naomi_u Mirwais is a Swiss electro musician. I wonder why DJ Bobo is more successful than him...
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