Greenie good by winter, hello spring!!! (i think.... ) thx @markmac (reblip)

The DodosWinter

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cdub i remember the first time i heard the minutemen - i said to mike larson my friend - "man, i love music. i mean i really love it."
Greenie some old 97s for the morning.. vi@TimMothE (reblip)

Old 97'sJagged

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cdub hold on to yer hats folks -
cdub good night good blippers - hear you on the other side - blip hard
vinny2jays Everything let's me down...and then there's you. (reblip)
nemesisurchin wow @toasterfuk... had to throw this up on the social sites... seems so appropo. ; } (reblip)

CakeRuby Sees All

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vinny2jays This song makes me restless....


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DJFrankie "I heard a few heads say that hip hop is dead. It's not, it's just malnourished and underfed." Greets to @Thnikkaman @DJTalent @Karuna @rtsnance
Greenie Citizen Cope – Son's Gonna Rise
nemesisurchin rb @vagoelocuente... hi and welcome to the cuckoo's nest :) (reblip)

phoenixrun run run

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"Girl In Port" by Okkervil River

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DJFrankie I did not spell it right. It's @caramck. So there. : )
nemesisurchin after browsing The Paper Chase for 20 minutes *migraine*

PsappEating Spiders

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nemesisurchin re-rb @BeatJunkie: "*YOINK* @nemesisurchin - good call!"... this fuckin knocks me OUT (reblip)


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nemesisurchin RB@RadioFreeIllinois: "RB@DownLow: they want to buy a couple art pieces from" ^Artomatic^!! your stuff online? Congrats! @DownLow (reblip)
nemesisurchin re-RB @loriiseclectic: "@yoyomama..."love the way you rock that Prius""...*squirm* ; } (reblip)
nemesisurchin got the weirdest urge to go to Noah's Ark (world's largest waterpark bitches)
Jazzhole A one word response to @nemesisurchin's previous blip.

Dead Kennedys/ Rawhide

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nemesisurchin @Jazzhole... a solid 10 from the judges, xtra points for brevity.
nemesisurchin vi@jboland... who is all about quality, not quantity :) (reblip)

MorcheebaBig Calm

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nemesisurchin one more to go out on. have I told you lately, how much you mean to me? (reblip)
Funkytarubuddha Where is the Bee Girl now ? anyone know ???

Blind MelonNo Rain

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Steely Dan Bodhisattva

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Performalosophos so beautiful... this is the beautyRB@CucumberMouse thanks mate. (reblip)
nemesisurchin hope Hertz still has my parking permit...cross fingers...cya'll soon
Jazzhole Loved this album when it came out. The Boxer was great too, but a great song from Alligator. Reblipped thanks to @s0ak (reblip)
nemesisurchin RB@amiblue...thanks and empathy to @SeanMurphy...well acquainted with what you've so eloquently described. (reblip)
nemesisurchin @Funkytarubuddha... sup doog?? :)

Dani California (Itunes Original Version)

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rkmonkey thanks.. love your exuberance @nemesisurchin re:f.yeah
nemesisurchin when's it ending, again??... just wanna plan ahead...
nemesisurchin its lemons kids

Radiohead Everything in Its Right Place (perfect audio)

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nemesisurchin RB@Will_the_bloke: "Circlesquare – Music For Satellites (Radio Edit) "..... @kingofcph (reblip)
nemesisurchin @Mollykills..... bring back the crow! ; ]


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nemesisurchin rb yessssssss@TheRealFluidity: ":~)♫ Visionaries - If You Can't Say Love" (reblip)
nemesisurchin rb and lmaorofl etc etc etc @Performalosophos: "@nemesisurchin i'm white on High-Out..."... co-workers think I'm loco (reblip)
nemesisurchin when my grandparents were young
nemesisurchin charmed I'm sure rb@Performalosophos: "@nemesisurchin take it..."...chivalry is alive & well in DC :) (reblip)
Performalosophos Today I declare my vagabondage.

AirThe Vagabond

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nemesisurchin end of workday, signalled by cannon fire and the wail of newborns.
nemesisurchin hail comrade RB@rkmonkey: "always up for a RH binge .. hey @SlipperyDistortion"... when I get tired of exploration I always wander back :) (reblip)

TLC - Waterfalls

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nemesisurchin I'm out... headin to the free clinic for a stomach pump :)
nemesisurchin pretend like you just walked in...ok, see that banana?
Will_the_bloke Nick Heyward – A Beautiful Place .. optimistic tune .. a real picker-upper .. .how are you today @nemesisurchin? :)
nemesisurchin @Performalosophos... you can thank me later.

Black Lodge Singers- Looney Tunes

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nemesisurchin "this ones in G if anybody wants to blow along with me"
nemesisurchin so this grabbed me by the throat
nemesisurchin rb and thanks @jsballard: "things behind the sun: a chewed up pencil, glass of water, broken dog collar, and some of that outer space." (reblip)
nemesisurchin cool! New to me...anyone heard this?

Wilcoany major dude

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nemesisurchin the brass section must be bustin a blood vessel, waiting...
nemesisurchin oh, nice. rb@jsballard: "Hello all. Nuther day in thesis lock down mode. Only twenty more pages! ...."... topic? (reblip)
nemesisurchin it was either this or Wendy O'Williams (reblip)

The AntlersBear

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Performalosophos morning rb @nemesisurchin: "rb@sonicmichel...[The Clientele - Five Day Morning]...good morning everyone : ]" (reblip)
nemesisurchin rb@b_s_lynn: "(imeem) String Tribute Players-Fully Alive ["... Mercy and Mona Lisa?!!! Oh, perfection! I'm toast :) (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks]
nemesisurchin [John Brown's Body – Conquering Heart Dub (Blue King Brown remix of Be At Peace)]
nemesisurchin [Counting Crows – Mr Jones (acoustic)] imeem free
nemesisurchin [broken social scene – ibi dreams of pavement (live)]
nemesisurchin [The Beautiful Girls – Morning Sun]... ripping up carpet
nemesisurchin @Jazzhole...[The Flaming Lips – It's Summertime]... P.S. Have fun tomorrow u lucky pup!
nemesisurchin reorganizational dancin' ensues at my state job..... the tempo is characteristically spastic... sigh.
jsballard boom sch boom sch. @secretlycrafty: out of props for you already. boo. @mister_e: "And here's where we give a toast..."
nemesisurchin @Performalosophos...[Genelec & Memphis Reigns – Chicken Soup]... feel better, J. You're missed.
nemesisurchin [Black Swan – Thom Yorke]...

Black SwanThom Yorke

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nemesisurchin [Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters]....
nemesisurchin rb@Byno: "mama come here quick and git that lickin stick. where oh where have i heard that before?"... deja vu....... (reblip)
nemesisurchin rb@MelBee: ""tell me something good - Chaka Khan & Rufus" so true right? @SpinninSara" (reblip)
nemesisurchin @HellenKellersIpod...[Mart'nália – Don't Worry Be Happy] xox
nemesisurchin [Elvis Costello – This Is Hell]...
nemesisurchin :) rb@DJFrankie: "Reblipping myself. In case @nemesisurchin never saw/heard this before...""... GONE off the rails!!!! (reblip)
nemesisurchin @jsballard... [Man Man – Engwish Bwudd]... : ]
nemesisurchin vi@cdub... [Jónsi and Alex – Boy 1904 (HQ)] (reblip)
nemesisurchin [violent_femmes_kiss_off]... a fitting end to a truly fucked day.


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nemesisurchin [The Beautiful Girls - Morning Sun]...
nemesisurchin [The Reindeer Section – Last song on blue tape]... @tubilino *waves*
nemesisurchin [Wilco – Kicking Television]...I'm SERIOUS
nemesisurchin [ass – Beer]...


| play
nemesisurchin [Jarvis Cocker – Hold Still]... . . . . . . .......... ...
nemesisurchin [Massive Attack feat. Mos Def – I Against I]...*trying to behave over here* (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod @nemesisurchin ha. You're a real wisenheimer. The 'nemesis' part is starting to become true ;)
nemesisurchin [Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun]... big hands, u know

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
nemesisurchin [Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song]...
Will_the_bloke David Gray – White ladder .. @nemesisurchin .. hope you had a nice time :)
ElekTro4 Can't think of trane without visiting this classic combo
Will_the_bloke Daniel Johnston – Speeding Motercycle .. glad you had a good time @nemesisurchin, sounds like fun ... so long blippers till next time .. signing off
tubilino Sound of Fear

Eels Sound of Fear

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nemesisurchin [Country Joe & The Fish – Thursday]... just s/u and play the f-en music already :) (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Volcano Choir – Island, IS]... give it a few to load
nemesisurchin [YACHT – Ring the Bell]...

YACHTRing the Bell

| play
nemesisurchin [Floating Points – Love Me Like This (2009)]... hey @Performalosophos, back up on the wire?
nemesisurchin [Delorean – NYCgaps]... ****** (reblip)


| play
nemesisurchin [The Pretenders – precious (live)]..
nemesisurchin [The Police – Does Everyone Stare]...
Will_the_bloke Yo La Tengo – Speeding Motorcycle ... @nemesisurchin ... the road is ours ;)
nemesisurchin [Depeche_Mode_-_Just_Can_t_Get_Enough]...


| play
nemesisurchin [Squeeze – If I Didn't Love You]...
nemesisurchin [Bessie Smith – Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl]...
nemesisurchin [BESSIE SMITH -"You've Got To Give Me Some" (1928)]... great slide show boys & girls

BESSIE SMITH -"You've Got To Give Me Some" (1928)

| play
nemesisurchin [Bessie Smith – St. Louis Blues (1929)]...
nemesisurchin hi @tubilino, how you? [Modest Mouse – Blame It On The Tetons]
nemesisurchin [Spoon – My Mathematical Mind]... phew.
nemesisurchin [Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)]...
HellenKellersIpod vi@TarinnAdaria This is my Ipod's favorite song by far when it's on shuffle (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Datarock – I Used To Dance With My Daddy]... screw that last mix shite.... damn I do despise the mix shite.
nemesisurchin [The Dandy Warhols – You come in burned]...
nemesisurchin [John Butler Trio – Mist]... mercy. (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Spoon – The Way We Get By]... remember?
Byno some essential funk for your badunka trunk, crunk.
nemesisurchin rb@Will_the_bloke: "Grizzly Bear – Dory"... this is beautiful, Will. (reblip)

Grizzly BearDory

| play
nemesisurchin [super mario bros theme song]...

super mario bros theme song

| play
nemesisurchin [Billy Bragg & Wilco – Someday Some Morning Sometime]
nemesisurchin [Cass McCombs – Prima Donna]
nemesisurchin [atlas sound – A Ghost Story]... figured maybe something new might be good...
nemesisurchin [Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hey]...hey, just bought a lawnmower. woot.
nemesisurchin rb@Mollykills: "I guess forget what I said about leaving. "... we're glad. ; ] (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Elbow – The Bones Of You]...mornin'
nemesisurchin [Miles Davis – My Funny Valentine]...*squishy* :)
nemesisurchin [Chromakey Dreamcoat: Boards of Canada]... the audio/video pairing works

Chromakey Dreamcoat: Boards of Canada

| play
nemesisurchin rb@tubilino: "thanks @kafesktm :)" [Kasabian – Fire]... neato :) (reblip)


| play
nemesisurchin rb@mark_till: "Mom, can I Get a banana phone, too? [Raffi-Banana Phone]"..thx :) much-played when mine were little.. (reblip)

Raffi-Banana Phone

| play
nemesisurchin perfect for what ails me rb@michelpoisson: "Monopolar Tech."...thanks (reblip)


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nemesisurchin @DJFrankie... [Delorean – As Time Breaks Off]... good wed-day 2 u
nemesisurchin [Elbow – My Very Best]

ElbowMy Very Best

| play
nemesisurchin [The Smiths – How Soon Is Now]... I'm out.
nemesisurchin [Busdriver – Imaginary Places] .... "kids- if you really wanna piss off your parents, show interest in the arts..."
nemesisurchin inspiration courtesy @Pesest.. [Aretha Franklin – Chain Of Fools]
nemesisurchin [HEALTH – 10-perfect-skin]
nemesisurchin rb@TakeThe Cake.. [Jeff Buckley – Witches' Rave] (reblip)
nemesisurchin rb@generalelectrik [transient – aura] ... chillin out in your playlist :) (reblip)


| play
nemesisurchin [The National Parcs – Awestruck]
nemesisurchin [Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong]
nemesisurchin [Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares – Bezrodna nevesta (Childless Bride)]
nemesisurchin rb@jsballard [Bonnie 'Prince' Billy – Bed Is For Sleeping] ... the death stroke :) I'm officially asleep (reblip)
nemesisurchin @Will_the_bloke: "Oasis – Slide Away .. .to my dear friend @nemesisurchin .. cheers babe :) "...plau sweetie xox (reblip)

OasisSlide Away

| play
Will_the_bloke Chapterhouse – Pearl ... happy gazing :) @nemesisurchin ...


| play
Will_the_bloke Richard Ashcroft – Science of Silence
nemesisurchin [Wild Beasts – All The Kings Men]... ***** !!!!!
nemesisurchin [Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Prove It All Night] @Jazzhole... ge⋅net⋅i⋅cal⋅ly :)
nemesisurchin rb@steveking [boards of canada – dayvan cowboy]... love surprises ") (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Shirley Q Liquor (SHHHHH!!!! mix) DJ ISAIAH BROWN]....shut up OK? I'm payin bills here.

Shirley Q Liquor (SHHHHH!!!! mix) DJ ISAIAH BROWN

| play
nemesisurchin rb@Jazzhole: "Hey..then it was one of those things when it just didn't look right. Sabe?" were one "a" short boss. Gotcher back. :) (reblip)


| play
Bastard @nemesisurchin Silly Urchin, hey is for Pixies!


| play
nemesisurchin [Wilco – Jesus Etc] u can rely on me

WilcoJesus Etc

| play
nemesisurchin [Wilco – Shake It Off] the pacing is deft

WilcoShake It Off

| play
nemesisurchin [Dirty Projectors – Two Doves]
nemesisurchin [Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come]


| play
nemesisurchin [Sugarloaf – Green Eyed Lady]
nemesisurchin [Pavement – Shady Lane]

PavementShady Lane

| play
nemesisurchin [TLC - Waterfalls ] (reblip)

TLC - Waterfalls

| play
nemesisurchin [Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good] (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Snoop Doggy Dogg – G Funk Intro]
nemesisurchin [Funkadelic – Can You Get To That]
nemesisurchin [Funkadelic – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On]
nemesisurchin [Bibio – Cherry Go Round]
nemesisurchin [Pavement – Harness Your Hopes]
nemesisurchin [The Married Monk – Night Prince]... how are you?? @Performalosophos {was kinda concerned}
nemesisurchin [Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business]
nemesisurchin [Sufjan Stevens – The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts]... @Will_the_bloke : ]
nemesisurchin [The Flaming Lips – Tale of the Horny Frog]... hoppin away...
nemesisurchin [UNKLE – Restless] fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkk


| play
nemesisurchin rb@dronnoisseur: "gimme fever..."... nailed it. Thank you :) (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Radiohead – Sit Down. Stand Up.]
nemesisurchin rb@rkmonkey: "don't take it easy on me... i never take it easy..."... hello, u in there? (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Sufjan Stevens – Super Sexy Woman]
nemesisurchin [The Dead Weather – Hang You From The Heavens] (reblip)
nemesisurchin vi@Performalosophos 's playlist which I'm sure he doesn't mind that I rummaged around in... [Andrew Bird – Imitosis] (reblip)

Andrew BirdImitosis

| play
nemesisurchin [The Police – Does Everyone Stare]
nemesisurchin [The Dead Weather – Hang You From The Heavens(Live)]
nemesisurchin [Jimi Hendrix – Fire] FIRE

Jimi HendrixFire

| play
nemesisurchin [Passion Pit – Sleepyhead]... howdy pardnr : ) @DJFrankie

Passion PitSleepyhead

| play
nemesisurchin [Autolux – Robots in the Garden] vi@Performalosophos...temporarily lost and wandering thru some Irish abbey ruins... "not sure which ones though." ; } (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Okkervil River - Girl In Port] (reblip)

"Girl In Port" by Okkervil River

| play
nemesisurchin reeb@Jazzhole: "Reblipped thanks to @vntsngrs"..doesn't it appear, at times, as if the world's spin could be powered by the reblip? (reblip)
nemesisurchin [The Dandy Warhols – (You Come In) Burned]...
nemesisurchin rb@tubilino: [The Shins – Pink Bullets]... buenas tardes y buenos días :) (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Eddie Vedder – Satellite] bright
nemesisurchin rb@dronnoisseur: "sure, who else would you be? "... beauty, D. (reblip)

SatwaCan I Be Satwa

| play
nemesisurchin [Pretenders – Precious (2009 Remastered)] evil Imeem
Jazzhole Hey @nemesisurchin, any time ;D

Pretenders - 12 - Mystery Achievement

| play
nemesisurchin [Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell]
nemesisurchin [Eddie Vedder – Satellite]
nemesisurchin [blind melon – soup (live)]...need another day under the blanket
nemesisurchin [Paul Simon – Peace Like a River]..@kingofcph... I got bored in Geometry and wrote it under the desk. Teacher busted me.
nemesisurchin [Spoon – Something To Look Forward To]
nemesisurchin thank you rb@dailystendhal: ":) love." [Bonobo – If You Stayed Over (feat Fink)] (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Sufjan Stevens – Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland]...eyes and a camera... progress. :) @kingofcph
nemesisurchin [Mos Def + Massive Attack – I Against I]
nemesisurchin [Circlesquare – Music For Satellites] courtesy @Will_the_bloke, once upon a time... I've been hunting 4 this. (reblip)
nemesisurchin [raffi – banana phone backwards]... @kingofcph... oh, god.
nemesisurchin [Country Joe & The Fish – Thursday] something was missing (reblip)
nemesisurchin [The Bees – (This Is For The) Better Days] courtesy @kingofcph and his Iphone thingie (reblip)
nemesisurchin RB@djwttw: ""One day maybe you will see the land --- touch skin with the sand --- you've been swimming in the lonely sea with no companion."" (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Radiohead – No Surprises] panic attack (yawn)
nemesisurchin [Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (1994 Digital Remaster)].. @jlryder... teach AND learn???? holyfuckinshitman :)
nemesisurchin [Elvis Costello – Dust 2 ...]
nemesisurchin [Black – Anybody Can Get It] whakkk (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Califone – South Of Heaven (with Modest Mouse)]
nemesisurchin [The Tallest Man On Earth – Pistol Dreams]... morning (reblip)
nemesisurchin [The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You]... thanks @secretlycrafty :) now get off ur ass
nemesisurchin [Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine] for @Will_the_bloke { xox }
nemesisurchin [David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)] ... sanity, check?

David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)

| play
nemesisurchin [Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg – Vomit Express] coffee OD (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Nick Drake – Things Behind the Sun] flailing (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar (Edit)] (reblip)
nemesisurchin [HEALTH – 10 PERFECT SKIN] bye bye @ll
nemesisurchin [The Pretenders – Private Life]
nemesisurchin [The Dead Weather – Hang You from the Heavens]
nemesisurchin rb@Will_the_bloke [Phoenix – Napoleon Says]... morning (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Wilco – Shake It Off]... brilliant tempo shifts... love this album altogether.

WilcoShake It Off

| play
nemesisurchin [Heartless Bastards – So Quiet]
nemesisurchin [Soledad Brothers - Handle Song]

Soledad Brothers "Handle Song" Music Video

| play
nemesisurchin [The Mae Shi – I Get (Almost) Everything I Want]
nemesisurchin [Boards Of Canada – Kid For Today] @kingofcph, who lives right next to danish disneyland
Will_the_bloke Wilco – Via Chicago .. signing off blippers, I'm off now on an important mission, cheers all :)

WilcoVia Chicago

| play
nemesisurchin [Finale – Heat] @MissM773...for my (limited) opinion, this is the finest :)


| play
nemesisurchin [Funkadelic – Can You Get To That] (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar]
aquietend looking forward to the fall rain & thunderstorms. the leaves have just started to come down too. which I love :D (reblip)
nemesisurchin [The Faces – Ooh La La] ... I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger

The FacesOoh La La

| play
nemesisurchin [Cat Stevens – The Wind] hi my friend :) @RadioFreeIllinois

Cat StevensThe Wind

| play
Will_the_bloke Elbow – Station Approach ... morning @nemesisurchin :)
nemesisurchin [Skinny Puppy – Use Less]

Skinny PuppyUse Less

| play
nemesisurchin [Bach - Air on the G string (Stokowski)] very rich rendition

Bach's air on the G string Stokowski

| play
nemesisurchin thank you @DJMORI [Deru – Next Door] (reblip)

DeruNext Door

| play
nemesisurchin rb@jlryder: "@nemesisurchin, @RadioFreeIllinois here's a friday anthem, enjoy the weekend!"... preCISely. Thanks :) (reblip)

New OrderSlow Jam

| play
nemesisurchin [Tiny Vipers – Forest On Fire]
nemesisurchin [Tiny Vipers – On This Side]
nemesisurchin [Lightning Dust – I Knew] is it possible to sing w/out the obligatory prefix consonant growl, anymore? (you have no idea what that means.)
nemesisurchin [Bill Callahan – All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beasts]
nemesisurchin [Kasabian – Fire] *sneer*


| play
nemesisurchin [Pavement – Harness Your Hopes]
markmac The Flaming Lips – Sagittarius Silver Announcement
Will_the_bloke West Indian Girl – All My Friends
nemesisurchin thankyouthankyouthankyou@CurtisFreak: "BEST Ok Go! video EVER." (reblip)

ok go

| play
nemesisurchin [Eels – Your Lucky Day In Hell] Burying the reblip button- FAIL
nemesisurchin [dEUS – Roses (from In A Bar, Under The Sea)] guys in sequin drag are distracting
nemesisurchin [The Dandy Warhols – Solid]
Will_the_bloke The Smithereens – Too Much Passion ... stoned, dethroned and enslaved bard always @nemesisurchin ;)
nemesisurchin [Pavement – Kentucky Cocktail (Peel Session 1)] never disappoints
nemesisurchin [The Dead Weather – "I Cut Like A Buffalo" Version II (Official Video)]... its the fuckin OFFIcial video OK?
nemesisurchin [B-52s – Hero Worship]

B-52sHero Worship

| play
nemesisurchin [New Kingdom – Unicorns Were Horses]
nemesisurchin [The Olivia Tremor Control – Hilltop Procession (Momentum Gaining)] hey @Jazzhole
nemesisurchin rb@Stolen: "Cheimous retrograde mnemosyne."... remarkable :) (reblip)
nemesisurchin [R.E.M. - Man On the Moon]

R.E.M. Man On the Moon

| play
nemesisurchin rb@PunkBroc: "@PunkBrocGirl chicken and rice and vegetables. but separated. gotta go not burn stuff." (reblip)
nemesisurchin wow rb@Will_the_bloke: "Ghost of the Russian Empire – August 1914"... who's the guy in your avatar pic? (reblip)
nemesisurchin [Vetiver – You May Be Blue] for amy
nemesisurchin [Phoenix – "1901"] WOW :)


| play
nemesisurchin [of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit] @BeatJunkie hey yo you
nemesisurchin [Songs: Ohia – Farewell Transmission] !
nemesisurchin [Songs: Ohia – Captain Badass]
nemesisurchin [Buff1 – Dream Streets]

Buff1Dream Streets

| play
nemesisurchin [Okkervil River – Westfall]
nemesisurchin [Red Hot Chili Peppers – can't stop]
nemesisurchin [The Nightwatchman – Saint Isabelle]
toasterfuk @nemesisurchin - for your Anti-Downer Day... this song always makes me smile. :)
nemesisurchin [Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Vanessa from Queens]