Jonnny who likes old california rap? i do i do i do i do
SlipperyDistortion Wake up, sleepyhead. Ease into the day like smooth shoulders wrapped in a fleece blanket.
SlipperyDistortion Trickling water, fog lifts, Parisian chanteuse emerges. What will you do?
SlipperyDistortion Shine them shoes, get out on the floor, and swing it. You know, IT. You know you got it.
SlipperyDistortion Why don't you meet me on the dance floor when it's time to be tough?
SlipperyDistortion Ooh, ooh, aah. There was not another soul in sight...
krystynchong ..telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight
SatinLegsSmith Always improves the mood. Everytime. (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith @bendrixThis is 1 of the most important hip hip tracks ever made & it's all Chicago. This sound is all hotness. @Bentta @CarolusMagnus (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith @Nirvana16 Thanks for the good morning. Nina with a jump blues groove. (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith Seriously. They, whoever they are & wherever they went, don't make music like this anymore. Somebody go find them and bring 'em back.
SatinLegsSmith While we're on blaxploitation masterpiece soundtracks, here's another. Ain't gon' let it sweat you, baby... got me singing, yeah...yeah...ooh
Goldie another hip hop classic for my homie @unmarketing we are gonna have dj battles. tho @LaurelBlackburn probably wont agree cuz the song isnt OLD enough
mz_rocko I cannot get enough of this girl!
4Sins Don't care where I come from, I'm on the road again.
boknowswhat I love this mix. 2 of my favs. Tupac & Phil Collins.Enjoy-
boknowswhat I need a little Sly Fox in my playlist.
iSiTi laughter and kindness create sugar for your lets get ready to play and say hey its all okay make some noise LA its going to be a beautiful day
gohardndapank Realized why I like this song so much! This was the song Chocolate Thunder and I danced to the night I met him! I didn't remember but he did! AWWWWWW!
sarah__o and, eventually, to kick some asses around.
scottlackey The Cure - "A Forest" Good evening from NYC at 12:15 AM. Tonight all The Cure. Hope you're all doing well out there.
nemesisurchin your avatar is starting to play tricks on my eyes @RadioFreeIllinois... looks like a guy in profile.... wakawaka
scottlackey Sia -- "Breathe Me". Thanks so much for listening. Cya tomorrow. Gnite.

SiaBreathe Me

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nicklokes - Wicked Game - Chris Isaak talk about melting my heart like butter baby (reblip)
Leo_RJ_2009 The Pretenders - BACK ON THE CHAIN GANG


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nicklokes great way to start the day (reblip)

Erykah Badu: Love Of My Life Feat Common

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nicklokes was somebody kissing me on my neck last night, or was that just a dream
nicklokes this one's for my long lost Dad, JOE ...
nicklokes bag lady .... deep pleasant breaths
nicklokes tell me what your friends call you and we'll save some time ... hahah they call me Colt45
nicklokes Can't imagine my life without music, I sleep to it wake up to it, it not only expresses me but takes me away and moves me unlike anything else!
nicklokes I love love love this song to death, reminds me of my permanent disposition =Dlove dancing solita in my cave ... HAPPY WHEREVER I' AT
nicklokes this hotties been trained >>> NICE que viva Mos Def ... 1luv ...LA LA LAAA lalala
nicklokes I forgot how much I love 80's rock ...
nicklokes dont go home tonight, come out and find the one that you love

The Smiths -- Sheila Take a Bow

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nicklokes doin my thing and doin it slow - CAUTION the road is wet
nicklokes come on you slow dancer, lets go


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nicklokes what I like about you is your tenderness, beauty is only skin deep
nicklokes Five, minutes of funk, this aint no junk So pull your bottom, off the tree stump Ladies real pretty, from city to city
AmazingJayce If you dont like this, I can't help you

Grand Puba - I Like It

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nicklokes My daddy rocks me with, 1 steady roll.Aint no slipping when once he takes hold I looked at the clock the clock struck 6.I saidDaddyU KnowALotOfTricks" (reblip)
nicklokes 'I wake up in the morning feeling fine knowing everything is gonna be allright' & IM PROUD TO NOT BE A NEGATIVE PERSON "Play on Mr.Music, Play On" <3
nicklokes touches u inside no matter how u'r feelin, this song surfaces self acceptance of the mistakes you made unknowingly and regret them
nicklokes Have a meeting with my dreams, Good~Night . . . . I'm out with a Bonita, Bonita, Bonita =D
nicklokes ♥♥ @EnJOYPEACERT @ChasingTao ☼ ... ☼ Don't forget #RAOK ☼ "To touch another soul in a positive way brings Light to the darkness." ☼
nicklokes eyes r starting to burn, bodys slowly winding down rb @JQuest: "Journey Onward" Jazzanova, Wasted Time (reblip)
whirlagirll26 fat freddy makes it funky on this one
whirlagirll26 Umi Says...perfect for a monday morning
whirlagirll26 In a Philly mood this morning...

The Roots-Star

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nicklokes rb @sandyriverside @Mike_Mongoose: "---The Specials – Ghost Town (remix) - are we in a church? because you are blessing me with sick dubstep rt now" (reblip)
nicklokes feelin the joy of life in this moment ... singin & dancin ... on this glorious sunday afternoon ... feelin the moment (reblip)
nicklokes yay that wasn't too bad Cameo – I Just Want To Be
nicklokes feelin the swt vibes =D @AbsoluteVenus here is a mellow one for ya..The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes @Joleesa @nakanohajime @AmazingJayce night y'all (reblip)
nicklokes love it, cuz at nt I can't sleep @aktovoir: "Great production @bendrix Interesting Find U make me proud<~~~echoes my sentiments exactly!" (reblip)
nicklokes @honeygirl damn girl ur putting me on game, where have I been, I never heard this cut, ILL (reblip)
tikal some/ recognize the light cant handle the glare
nicklokes @tikal: "Joker: "I don't even like Whodini...I said I'm bilingual ese!!"" (reblip)


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nicklokes =D @bendrix thanx for the luv - this track is a classic & I appreciate your blip statement;)=> @TheRealFluidity: ":~) These R the peeps I call friends (reblip)


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nicklokes No I don't wanna fall in love, my hearts perfectly fine just the way it is (reblip)

WICKED GAME [HD] Chris Isaak

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nicklokes swt @thamesgirl: "@digitpt @EFR56 @narataku0217 @nicklove01 @lasmart @DaisyDee @matriax @DJ_Valkyri Thank You <3 <3 <3 how can I not dance to this =D (reblip)

Jermaine Stewart- We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

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JazzyJ23 this is more like it! Dance people unite!

MIGHTY DUB KATZ MAGIC CARPET RIDE son of wilmot mix sample

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nicklokes Happy Thursday sweeties! Hope everyones having a great day ~Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah Make you wanna move your dancing feet now~
nicklokes ~♥♫♪♫ As my reflection in light I'ma lead you And whatever's right, I'ma feed you ♫♪♫♥~
nicklokes "all my blessings will be cursed ... if I don't put them to use" (reblip)
nicklokes MUSIC SURE IS MY AEROPLANE! Just one note could make me float, Could make me float away. "... I'll take that :) (reblip)
nicklokes ♥~ @Superfly the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings ~♥ (reblip)

william de vaughn- be thankful for what you've got (original)

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nicklokes on this note I'm off to a mtg with my dreams ~ Love u all, thanks for inspiring me today, it was fun ~ swt sleep be w me and warm the <3. . .P E A C E (reblip)
JazzyJ23 a lil dance muzak full of soul and funk. Get on the Groove Line tonight!
nicklokes luv ur precious <3 (reblip)

inxs - never tear us apart

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nicklokes thx for the props~ @LightSayber1 Love is on the way..All I got to say,is it won't let go..the breathing..the breaths..the breaths of passion (reblip)
nicklokes Thank You Blip~Family ... I'm off to sweet dreams ... PEACE
nicklokes luv u~> @GotBeauty247 shine your light on the world @nicklove01 yea, Nikki whuts up mama??? i so love you!!! (reblip)

Mos DefUmi Says

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tikal @nicklove01 i know my people que andamos muy contentos! Soy 1/2 :}
cubbymendoza if you will suck my soul, I will lick your funky emotions. ... so funky u can smell it
nicklokes From there to here, and here to there
nicklokes whoooo, like u know u should! thats right, Keep it Tight! @SAMSLICK: "trying 2 keep the blipp'n music real,thanx HEATWAVE – AINT NO HALF STEPPIN (reblip)
nicklokes lil troy - wanna be a baller ft luniz

lil troy wanna be a baller ft luniz

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spiderdadfrank CALI IS BACK

Snoop Dogg "Cali Iz Active" Director's Cut ft Tha Dogg Pound

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nicklokes I'm off to sleep, wishing you a lovely peaceful tuesday (reblip)

Chali 2na ft Beenie Man "International" Official Video

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DjFreakBitchBaby Yeah, I'm in that kinda mood. A Prince mood. Met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine

prince-darling nikki

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THEMUSICDOCTOR U r now listening 2 WJDUB! I b THEMUSICDOCTOR & I'm your MUSIC PHARMACIST!!! Here's Anotha Classic!!! Devante we miss your sound!!! SP!!!


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THEMUSICDOCTOR Let me prescribe u a dose of CANDY 2 sweetin up your evening! Put ya earz on this CLASSIC!!! Larry Blackmon still wears his red cup at shows! LOL! SP!


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nicklokes nothing like some HOT JAMZ for a coldddddd night ~Avant – Read Your Mind~
nicklokes Dorrough Music – Ice Cream Paint Job (Dirty)
nicklokes >>> watch Kathy Griffin on George LOPEZ

In Those Jeans

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nicklokes thats why I love u! @Kingsofdabeatz: "how we got along when we are both crazy @nicklokes ... "with a positive attitude we make it work"" (reblip)
nicklokes breakdown chillin

Soul Train rufus thomas

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Hold You Down- Alchemist Ft. Nina Sky

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Erykah Badu "Ye Yo" (live)

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muzicmajic time for me to escape the confines of this paradise and hit the stream (of cars, that is). have a great evening! see ya...
krystynchong ♫ ♫ let's jam d[^_^]b d[^_^]b let's jam, radioactive... d[^_^]b #MiLaNaBday
krystynchong I'm ready to go right'll be my only true lo-ver, no compe-tition - no oth-er...
MADDIE_MADD Next – Butta Love * i saw somebody on my timeline singing this and decided to

NextButta Love

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SatinLegsSmith representing my hometown. harvey, il the dells
SatinLegsSmith #funkfriday & one more kool'nem. hey, hey, hey whatcha got to say?
SatinLegsSmith slowing, smoothing out the #funkfriday offerings.

The Ohio Players Sweet Sticky Thing

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SatinLegsSmith yes, it's yo'friendly phone fanatic again... #funkfriday slowing down.

Mos Def- Sunshine

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wordwhizkid @CaveatEmptor17 i gotta finish writing this article, need $$ lol Jay Z – I'm A Hustler Baby

Richie Spice-Youths Dem Cold

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matadd Defs Zion I's best work!

RideZion I

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cubbymendoza @Bubbly3: "spending a nice rainy afternoon hangin out on my bed w/@NicoleVSanchez she's says hi 2 evry1 btw :~) hehe"- like double cherry pie (reblip)

Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy

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4Sins More nontraditional Christmas music. ~Joe Cocke -"With a Little Help from My Friends"~ vi@donnadontplay:"@JDS442 ~ We are all here for you!" (reblip)

BlakRoc: Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones

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Ghoster For the old days....and old friends. The memories never really fade.
GimmeSomeJohn Klassic instrumental Hot Butter – Popcorn (1972)
sizu_warrior Mungo Jerry con un éxito que queda para este clima del Defe!! "In the summertime" Jajajajajaja
Tseng Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking and we can get far

Nujabes and Shing02 Luv Sic pt.3

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Hypnotica Israel Kamakawiwoole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Mood & melody to start the day. RIP Israel

Hi Tek and Talib Kweli The Blast

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girlzoo this song goes out @SashaKane from everyone at #boobiewed for your complete healing. we love U & need U with us. "My Immortal" by Evanescence (reblip)

My immortal (band version) new !!!!! evanescence

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DJSID sid is back for a few more late night blips... (reblip)
iluffmusica all these accidents that happen follow the dots..

Bjork - Joga

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nicklokes thx for finding this, ;)playlisted! @tikal: "back in time rb@nicklove01 aka @nicklokes: you blip so many beats i'd forgotten about...thx!!!"" (reblip)
muziekfreak jajaja jij ook relaxtde dagen man (-: @DJSkalexy: "Dacht wel dat je die leuk zou vinden:)) Dank je wel en een hele mooie Freaky Kerst gewenst:))" (reblip)
outoforder And again, it's Monday! ////////////// The xx – Heart Skipped A Beat
nicklokes Turn Around and touch the ground
nicklokes hi~luv@tikal reminds me of ur 1st foto;)

Case And Joe Faded Pictures

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nicklokes @tikal Good night. Bless you. Let angels possess you. ty~@djwttw

Poncho Sanchez- Besame Mama

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AmyIsImaginary "NIIICE tunes today-->!!@iSiTi '? Did ya read that 'Good' book TODAY?"
eMotionBlur Perfect song for a grey day. Makes me smile and cry at the same time.
BiggL Tight @IVvalentine: "goodnight, sleep tight, don't let fear of the unknown get you uptight....One Love. *muah*" (reblip)

Cutiest Couples-Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige- All I Need and Eve-Gotta Man

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RichJava Nas & Damian Marley

Nas ft Damian Marley As We Enter

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RichJava New Mos Def — The Tournament
MysticB Friday Freakyness Lil' Troy – Wanna Be A Baller

Lil Troy Wanna Be A Baller

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AmbientGuru this is the haunting ethiopiques original of that kalimba version
goddessjaz if you want to know what love can do, open up your arms and you won't regret it. I got a mighty kind of love in store, you're gonna get it
DuneSea FFD in effect.

Fat Freddy's Drop 'Roady'

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DuneSea 100 years from now all the people living on this planet will be dead,its inconsequential what you stand for, its about what your ready to build.
DJ_Catman way too groovy! "Van hunt – Dust"

Van huntDust

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Let's Ride Q-Tip

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rinzwin ty @RickyBee: "Ladysmith Black Mambazo: 'Because I Love'" (reblip)
DJPuffonDaButt Florence and The Machine – You've Got the Love (The xx Remix)
DJPuffonDaButt A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out REMIX f. Faith Evans & Raphael Saadiq
DJPuffonDaButt A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)
DJPuffonDaButt A Tribe Called Quest vs. Towa Tei – Find A Technova (Dubious Fusionmix)
DJPuffonDaButt Towa Tei – Out of My Addiction of Love (feat. Miho Hatori & Peggy Honeywell)
fishkopp_deluxe rb @Totengrber @SabriESC @evsite: "The Smiths – Pretty Girls Make Graves" @Totengrber...sometimes they do make falafels and hummus, too, I'm sure : ) (reblip)
lillianwong Evanesence – Bring Me To Life
MadameYuki Oh! so much I like! ty ty very much! YEAH! @vittorio: "@critter_: "MADONNA: EVERYBODY @MadameYuki@flaviapm@GR8FL@scottsouthman"" Good day to you ! (reblip)


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nicklokes @Elske63@4Sins: "Hi. Thanks for the firefly song :)@renothespinner: "Owl City - Fireflies.......@4Sins""" (reblip)

Gangstarr "Mass Appeal" Uncut [HD]

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