chriseff My favourite scene in Trainspotting and a hell of a way to wind down after a hangover. Problems all left alone, weekenders on our own, it's such fun.

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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chriseff Natural Born Killers is a fantastic film. Leonard Cohen is a fantastic artist. And me, I am a fantastic DJ.
kristalyn512 Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend Christmas together!?
billibaracuda i miss my ipod and walking around to this song.
chriseff Search out to me with your weary eyes, I'll sing a song for you.
chriseff One Jam tune a day keeps the left feet away.
chriseff To all my friends and lovers all over the world: 2008 can rot in hell. We're bigger than this.
OhhhMikey first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain.... then there is.
cmiper What was that Kevin Bacon movie that used this song?
chriseff This is my Goodbye 2008 song. It was a rough year full of heartbreak and mistakes. This year is going to be the cleanest slate I've ever seen.
chriseff More Doves. You'll love them with me.
EshninerForest It is nice to see we are still really into our computers this year. :)
ghostwise saw the tail end of this song live from new york on the carson daly special last night. loved katie stomping and shouting in her red tights. rowr.
chriseff More teenage kicks. This is the first Blur song I heard. My gf at the time asked, "You wanna hear the cutest song ever?" This was it.
chriseff The word of the day is... ALRIGHT! Alright?


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chriseff Such a great song to bounce around the house to.
nightie82 - with a religious twist, apparently.
nightie82 Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again..
nightie82 Whaat? Danish people can make music!?
nightie82 Thom Yorke sings me to sleep.. good night, world.
chriseff Not sure what was so psychedelic about The Furs. All I know is that they made good tunes.


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nightie82 ..but nothing beats the original.
nightie82 If I had a vintage VW (and a drivers license) this is what I would listen to while driving it!
nightie82 Magical! To have seen these guys live, I would have given everything..
nightie82 @rushjr nah, it's just not the same, is it?
nightie82 Pictures came and broke your heart!
nightie82 the 80s you've gotta love them...
nightie82 wtf! why are all of my tunes unavailable... *dances*
nightie82 Some were even great!


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nightie82 ahh...

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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nightie82 An absolute favourite. All I ever wanted, all I ever needed..
nightie82 @kristalyn512: lucky for you I'm all cheesed out, at least for now. Oh, wait.. I feel some Celine Dion coming, how exciting!
chriseff To cleanse the palate after that shitfest of a blip I just posted. *smacks lips* mmm.
nightie82 This only qualifies as semi-punk, I think. It's good though.
nightie82 ...makes my morning complete! okay, need to go study now..
ghostwise vi@nightie82 this is so unbelievably awesome. *swoons* (reblip)
nightie82 Oh hello there, translation exam. Happy f'ing Tuesday!
nightie82 Guys... this right here is one great Pink Floyd track, it always makes me feel good.

Pink FloydMoney

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EshninerForest I think I dislike American music.

oasisshe's electric

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nightie82 @EshninerForest seriously Ryan! I was just about to post that tune as a reply to you.. wickedd! (reblip)

oasisshe's electric

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nightie82 Haha.. patriotism FTFW!

david Bowie - this is not america

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nightie82 @chriseff here, try this.. (I've been looking for that Pretty Things album everywhere!)
nightie82 don't you just hate it when the drugs don't work??
nightie82 good stuff from the 80s, indeed.
nightie82 psychedelic furriness. yum.
nightie82 one last New Wave blip... soo good!
nightie82 jazzy looove catsss....
nightie82 ...if only tomorrow was today.
nightie82 oh, let's build a house in all the colours of the rainbow and dance barefoot on its marshmallow floors..
nightie82 @chrisseff, enough with the depressing blips already!
nightie82 mhmm..

Love Comes To Me

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nightie82 I'd rather dance with you. I really would.
chriseff Found The Smiths Best of II mega cheap in a thrift store last night. Score.
nightie82 Pssst.. blippers, let's dance!!

BeckSexx Laws

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nightie82 that's what I'm talking about!
nightie82 ..I kinda wanna watch it again. Now.
nightie82 You're gonna see the reason why when they're spitting in your eye they'll be spitting in your eye..
chriseff This song was a lifesaver during my high school years. It also signified a return to form for the band. Fantastic tune and hilarious video.
chriseff High school lover claimed this was "our song". Despite that fact, I still think it's a good one :D

Depeche ModeHome

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nightie82 Le original.. (I'm quite sure that the one French word I managed to squeeze in there is used incorrectly..)
nightie82 HAHA.. omg!! this one's for @theecommune <3 (reblip)
schatze fuck yeah! yes. yes! YES! (reblip)

The JamIn The City

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speedyconkiwi Nothing better than a GOOD mash-up song. Love Robyn, love The Cure, this is pretty much PERFECT.
StylistBrighton Going to bed to read Oscar Wilde. Night night world. x x x
StylistBrighton Oops i have slipped into Sunday without going to bed yet...
nightie82 Haha.. One of my favourite covers EVER!
kristalyn512 Guess who watched Kill Bill vol. 2 yesterday?
nightie82 Oh-so-wonderfully acoustic! Tonight I'll dream while in my bed when silly thoughts go through my head..
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