nilsen31 jing a ling a linngggg :P

Keep Your Hands To Yourself - The Georgia Satellites

| play
RockinRobot In my humble opinion this next song needs no freakin introduction
nilsen31 She's a vegetarian...!

14 Deadeye Dick - New Age Girl

| play
nilsen31 WOOO!!!


| play
claire The Beatles- I've Just Seen A Face
nilsen31 "Aint No City" by one of my new fav bands Back Door Slam, Davy Knowles their guitarist is going solo - Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam
nilsen31 more Back Door Slam, covering Jimi Hendrix's Redhouse live.
nilsen31 lol, i post a fav from Tull and another BDS and i am outta here :P @23monkey67
nilsen31 They took their name from a Robert Cray song...and here they cover it well, exceptionally :P
nilsen31 ok, lol, one more! Back Door Slam original - Too Late. They've got slower and more "blusier" songs...but i like the modern touch of their other stuff.
nilsen31 Another cover from BDS, I'll be back tomorrow spreading the word of BDS :) . Post some originals of the few covers they do tho :P
nilsen31 more traditional blues from Back Door Slam... :)
nilsen31 Back Door Slam!! as soon as you figure it out
nilsen31 Wrote you a letter baby, but i couldn't send it off. oh lord, I wrote too little...Worried I said too much
nilsen31 wooo!! Rod!! funky beat... You must be crazy or half insane. Look at your eye balls, street cocaine. CRANK IT
nilsen31 LOL! I think i've blipped every BDS song ever, only got a couple of slow ones left.
nilsen31 "Sittin' On The Top Of The World" - girl can play geetar.
nilsen31 one of my favorite guitar songs...ooohhhh Hurry Sundown
nilsen31 Gimme a T for Texas, gimme a T for Tennessee - another absurd live one for Skynryd - also raises question did Skynyrd coin the phrase "make it rain":P
nilsen31 Skynyrd covering Crossroads and it sounding great, too good to be true? -- nope.
nilsen31 best live version of a great song, by the best live band
nilsen31 Riders in the sky - all guitar'd up
nilsen31 Outlaws!! so good live too. I'm a freeborn man, home is on my back..I know every inch of highway...every foot
nilsen31 There goes another love song, someones singin about me again!! Outlaws!! so good!!! live again of course!
nilsen31 one of the most beautiful songs ever made...skynyrds made out to be a lot of things, most aint true.
nilsen31 am i kidding? no. back to back HRs
nilsen31 can't stop!! - awww, i think shes cute, thinks shes cute as she can be....talkin bout a funny talkin'', a honkey tonkin Georgia peach
nilsen31 i'm a rocker!! , I'm a roller too babyyyy. me likey geetar solos.
nilsen31 one of my fav all time songs of all time ever , all time.
nilsen31 when you do the ooby dooby, i just gotta be near. Another absolute favorite, guitar solos are out of sight.
nilsen31 i wanna get close to you babyyyy
nilsen31 my favorite Alice In Chains song
nilsen31 talk is cheap, shut up and dance
nilsen31 New BDS song, I expect it to be on the new album (this summer hopefully!) -- taking audio from a youtube video of a concert doesn't work that great :P
nilsen31 find her on youtube. :) user: sweetafton23
nilsen31 80s. great. i know you're out there.
nilsen31 To Know Her Is To Love Her - The Beatles


| play
Adaptivia Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter ... my favorite Pearl Jam song
nilsen31 one of my favorite songs of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nilsen31 Steve Miller Band - Mercury Blues, funky rock n roll


| play
nilsen31 i love this version, just Lily and an acoustic guitar
nilsen31 if you like that new fangled thing called a geetar, give er a listen'
nilsen31 there are songs with guitar, and then there are GUITAR SONGS
nilsen31 and now for something completely different.
nilsen31 Molly Hatchet - Bounty Hunter --- did you know $500 can get your head blown off? ahahahaha it cannnn...geetar


| play
nilsen31 Molly Hatchet, covering a classic
nilsen31 one man's pleasure is another man's pain
nilsen31 "Cities on Flame with Rock n Roll" !!!! awesome.
nilsen31 Bad Company - Too Bad @TrainWreckRadio --- Too bad you're gonna cry!! Boooo Packers!! lol.


| play
nilsen31 one of my favorite oldies.

46 The Platters - Twilight Time

| play
nilsen31 of course, one of my ultimate favorites...I wonder, I wah wah wah wah wo-nder, why, why why why why, she ran a way
nilsen31 song about after school activities. bring it.
nilsen31 shut, shut your mouthhh
nilsen31 probably my fav Beatles song. christ you know it aint easy


| play
nilsen31 it would sure do me good to do you good, let me help
nilsen31 fav movie!!


| play
nilsen31 another one of my absolute favorites
nilsen31 some nice instrumental parts
nilsen31 can't go wrong if you play a little bit of that creedence song
nilsen31 it aint easy, it aint easy, it aint easy

Hot LegHeroes

| play
nilsen31 you're gonna dig em til the day you die.
nilsen31 cleaner sounding, but still...YES!!!!!


| play
nilsen31 still remains one of my fav songs
nilsen31 this is a story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world.
nilsen31 meet me up in hollywood, girl you know you really should. meet me on the south beach, my little georgia peach.
nilsen31 gotta little bit of hope , like a soap on a rope. -- woooo!
nilsen31 but where were they going without ever knowing the way
nilsen31 was i out of my head, was i out of my mind
nilsen31 who's that sitting in my chair? -- lots of weird lines in this one...great tho.
nilsen31 for giving me the best day of my lifeee
nilsen31 teach me about tomorrow and all the pain and sorrow
nilsen31 let her cry, if the tears fall down like rain, let her see if it eases all her pain
nilsen31 set your expectations high, and then watch as Hootie exceeds the shit out of them.
nilsen31 one of my top 2 or 3 Hootie songs.
nilsen31 give me a nice spring day and my best of hootie playlist...and im set.
nilsen31 Humble Pie - Natural Born Woman


| play
nilsen31 "Move Over" nice one from steppenwolf
nilsen31 might be your man, i dont know...
nilsen31 "Love Like A Man" - great song, includes one of my fav geetar solos
nilsen31 another good one from Ten Years After
nilsen31 YES!! some songs just make you go, ok thats absurd, nothings that good...
nilsen31 one of my fav post beatles songs from a beatle.
nilsen31 no no no no, i don't smoke it no more. im tired of waking up on the floor. no thank you please, it only makes me sneeze...
nilsen31 my fav ac/dc -- (finally frickin worked)

Happiness is a Warm Gun

| play
nilsen31 if you played a lot of GTA Vice City, this mite have gotten stuck in your head for years like me

0295 - Aneka - Japanese Boy

| play
nilsen31 "Crazy Dream" - Los Lonely Boys - geetar


| play
nilsen31 who you ask? i don't know, i answer.
nilsen31 One of my fav. Pink Floyd songs :D
nilsen31 there we go

Loverboy - Lovin Every Minute Of It

| play
nilsen31 Well I've ruined nearly all of my veins , Sticking that ****ing s**t into my arms , Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh , Givin' up, givin' up givin' a ****
nilsen31 The Beatles - Till There Was You


| play
nilsen31 Ramblin' (Live) - Toy Caldwell, ri - dic - u - lous geetar, think theres a version of this on youtube
nilsen31 a long one, 14 min, and it's damn good...damn good.
nilsen31 Charlie Daniels Band - Caballo Diablo - one of my fav Charlie Daniels


| play
nilsen31 "Three Cool Cats" - The Beatles


| play
nilsen31 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man, @adbert , i didn't know that!


| play
nilsen31 "If you were a ship, what ship would ya be?"... geetar
nilsen31 i'm surprised that you've never been told before that you're lovely and you're perfect, and that somebody wants you.


| play
nilsen31 AEROSMITH - F.I.N.E. ... OH YEAAAA


| play
nilsen31 i'm not liquid john...i'm not...i'm not liquid. Stealing Harvard, good movie
nilsen31 oh no, we gotta go, we're not gonna live forever
nilsen31 Most Skynyrd songs are better live...
nilsen31 goin to lunch, skynyrd bonanza will continue at a later time
nilsen31 Back Door Slam, now Davy Knowles w/ Back Door Slam just released a live album, its from Bonaroo 08...heres the AMAZINGLY NUTS live version of Redhouse
nilsen31 starts off a little weird, but then gets to rockin. still a bit weird :P , although, thats the darkness
nilsen31 anywho, b4 my grateful dead distraction, i was uploading this mother...THE BLACK KEYS
nilsen31 Back Door Slam Live at Bonaroo is on sale on iTunes!!!!
nilsen31 Stone Gods, they're basically The Darkness minus lead singer Justin Hawkins
nilsen31 real rockin song by the Stone Gods
nilsen31 tried pepto bismol but it stained my shirt
nilsen31 my fav Stone Gods song...Oh WhereO My Beero? great chorus
nilsen31 my 2nd fav Stone Gods song...cut it rox :P
nilsen31 ok back to The Darkness. "can't wait for the day you finally turn 16" :-0
nilsen31 a pretty little song, nice to listen to in the morning
nilsen31 some1 uploaded! i was gonna get around to it, the band is Hot Leg. "Oh the 80s, They were the gayties" lol!
nilsen31 Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, now w/ Hot Leg. he's a little weird :P
nilsen31 "we should be ashamed of ourselves, it's only cuz we watch this shit, they keep on makin more of it." -- a song about the crap on TV?

Hot LegAshamed

| play
nilsen31 don't ask me no questions, and i won't tell you no lies
nilsen31 walkin in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song
nilsen31 LDN acoustic, love it. voice sounds beautiful
nilsen31 i like how this sounds better, simpler - i took from a youtube video

little boots - meddle (live - later)

| play
nilsen31 lil noon block o' Zep, gotta get the Led out.
nilsen31 fairly recent Allman Bros, 2000 or so
nilsen31 The Beatles - "Tell Me Why" -- Tell me why I just heard the most bland music ever on Jimmy Fallon tonight. ;|


| play
nilsen31 1960s you say? nope...try 2005, just heard these guys and I went straight to iTunes and downloaded both their albums from 05 and 07.
nilsen31 Back Door Slam, new album June 16!! pre-order it on Amazon...iTunes - not up yet, Coming Up For Air - Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam
nilsen31 hey!! get, get, get, get, get over it. madden 04? can't remember :P
nilsen31 so you were born in an electrical storm
nilsen31 don't ask me!!! think this was in mvp 05...maybe 04. great game. Don't assskkk meeeeeee, ask me, ask me, how i've been
nilsen31 damnit-i wish i had my own classic rock radio station, they have such a limited playlist, how we gonna keep things goin, if they only play 1000 songs
nilsen31 crazy good version of Redhouse, live @ bonaroo - back door slam new album avail tues 5/19 on iTunes store!!
nilsen31 ***NEW*** Back Door Slam, literally released 1 hour ago on iTunes store :) :) :) !!!!!!!!
nilsen31 awesome solo, awesome song, don't know y it didn't make it on the new album

Back Door Slam New song

| play
nilsen31 the crowd here, is nuts. redhouse, video, bonaroo...this version is avail on iTunes
nilsen31 great Guess Who song, never hear it
nilsen31 paolo nutini cover, live @ i think Live Earth - video

What a Wonderful World

| play
nilsen31 covering Rory Gallagher's Walk On Hot Coals live

Davy Knowles & back Door Slam

| play
nilsen31 George Harrison cover, on the new album as well (Coming Up For Air) TREE MEN DUS
nilsen31 i hear jimi outside on the radio

Brett Favre Excuse-o-Matic

| play
nilsen31 Heard it in a looove song, can't be wrong...pretty flute
nilsen31 bonus song on Davy Knowles + BDS' latest album - duet w/ Jonatha Brooke, tis great
nilsen31 Davy plays one handed for a while and puts on a fucking show, think this is the end of Almost Cut My Hair cover

Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam @ Lollapalooza 2009

| play
nilsen31 Watch a near full set from Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam here: -- A good hour's worth! From a festival here in NY
nilsen31 skynyrd, awesome

T for Texas- Lynyrd Skynyrd 1976

| play
nilsen31 what's going onnnn? i said hheyheyeheyeyyyy yeaaaaaa
nilsen31 THE LOVE WILLOWS!!! love a few of there songs - album came out on iTunes yesterday
nilsen31 see!! more Love Willows!! i'm fallin even faster, faster!
nilsen31 love willows, continue. keep your head up!
nilsen31 Love Willows, finale, i've gotta make you mine
nilsen31 The Beatles covering Chuck Berry
nilsen31 paramore covering Use Somebody, interesting, love hayley tho :o
nilsen31 I previewed this in iTunes, and liked it, then I listened to it after I downloaded and LOVED IT!
nilsen31 Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam opened for Chickenfoot for a while on their tour, Chickenfoot bring him out and put the spotlight on him and he shines
nilsen31 lollll, awesome

Radio Friendly Song

| play
nilsen31 off Orianthi's new album Believe, came out today! Instrumental, steve vai is on this track w/ her
nilsen31 POP MUSIC THESE DAYS, right on the money

Jon Lajoie- Pop Song with lyrics

| play
nilsen31 paramore , covering foo fighters

ParamoreMy Hero

| play
nilsen31 DO YOU SEE WHAT I'M SAYING??? ... WHAT??!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU???
nilsen31 starting a serious Holloways block, im on a kick, and their new album has 8/11 songs that i dig, prepare yourselves :P this one's low on the list of 8
nilsen31 lyrically they're quite simple, but theres no denying there songs are catchy, this is probably my favorite...its about losing your TV remote :)
nilsen31 doo dooo dooo dooo doooo doo, mvp 04 or 05? awesome either way
nilsen31 California Dreamin - John Mayer Trio
nilsen31 crazy good acoustic verison, hoon's voice is ridic

Blind melon, paper scratcher

| play
nilsen31 Neil Finn - She Will Have Her Way

She Will Have Her Way

| play
nilsen31 The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin. i think, one of the most beautiful songs ever. "Speak to me only with your eyes. It is to you I give this tune"

Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

| play
nilsen31 "If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me." Another slow 1 from Zep
nilsen31 oh well - fleetwood mac

fleetwood mac oh well

| play
nilsen31 cover by Davy Knowles, 8 min section of the song, most of the longer solo, u no where he plays w/ one hand for a while and wut not, no big deal??!! :P

Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam "Almost Cut My Hair" Part 2 Summerfest

| play
nilsen31 Mistakes - Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam, and it hurt me so, so bad, just to see u go


| play
nilsen31 Amber's Song - Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam


| play
nilsen31 a guitar riff! wut innovation! in todays rock anyway...

The White Stripes-You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)

| play
nilsen31 probly my fav Jet song...sounds pink floydish at times...weird intro tho, but a really pretty song

JETMove On

| play
nilsen31 My fav Humble Pie song, just uploaded er...!!!!! OHHH YEA!!!!
nilsen31 Evryday you'v got to lift up ur head and breathe, Evryday you'v got to open ur eyes, You've got to realize that you're still alive, Alive (reblip)
nilsen31 one of the best geetar/skynyrd songs, have 3 dif versions of it in my library :P

Lynyrd Skynyrd-T For Texas-1976

| play
nilsen31 nother good one, from The Faces
nilsen31 Viking's announcer after Favre threw INT w/ 10 sec left in the they know how Packer fans felt...quite often.


| play
nilsen31 oof, good one sir elton
nilsen31 Be In Love - new album from Locksley, few of my favorites, continued.....

Days of Youth - Locksley

| play
nilsen31 Be In Love - new album from Locksley, another fav, continued for last , haha!!

Away From Here - Locksley

| play
nilsen31 Be In Love - new album from Locksley, its trueeeee oo ooooo, 2 more coming up :) ....

Darling, It's True - Locksley

| play
nilsen31 Be In Love - new album from Locksley, Locksley is fun, check em out :) specially the new album!! my favvv comin uppp....exciting?! ha.

The Whip - Locksley

| play
nilsen31 Be In Love - new album from Locksley. My fav off of it. sooo good. :) I want you, I need you, love you toooo

Love You Too - Locksley

| play
nilsen31 Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights

She's From The Other Side - Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights

| play
nilsen31 davy knowles and back door slam - slow one, You're too good for me :)

Too Good For Me - Back Door Slam

| play
nilsen31 this is my favorite off of Slash's album.
nilsen31 i love this song, and i love this album, its a must buyyyyyyyzzz
nilsen31 love this song, love this album, ha :P
nilsen31 NEW ALBUM - "PARDON ME" these guys are prettayyy good, southern rock and blues influences, lil bit like the black crowes
nilsen31 yes, and uhhhh, yes!!

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Perform "Pardon Me"

| play
nilsen31 more, more more. go download, what are you doing?! :P
nilsen31 everyone should love Tim Brantley!! he sounds a good amount like bruce !!
nilsen31 PARLOR MOB, fucking rocks. heres a softer one. singer sounds like robert plant at times, and awesome guitar. yes. fuck yes.
nilsen31 slow one from parlor mob and it rocks just as much. these guys have a real led zep kind of soundddddd :)
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