Jeffie My pappy said, "Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that hot-rod Lincoln..."
Jeffie Mornin' from southeast Texas - where "the sun is a-risin', most definitely..." :P))
Jeffie @fernand0 Tus blips de Jesus Christ, Superstar, me recordaron Godspell - parecido tema y época :P


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IRON100 And why not follow up Prince with one of HIS secondary influences...
IRON100 @REBlogGirl From the same era of Sinead..this one in my view has not been bested even by the remixers.
DownLow re-blipped for props. enjoy

B-52'sLove shack

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Jeffie How you gonna do it if you really don't want to dance - by standing on the wall? (Get your back up off the wall!)
Jeffie One pill makes you larger, & one pill makes you small, & the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all-go ask Alice when she's 10 feet tall!
lpowars wha wha give it to me baby....
thebrownhornet Nice song. And been sampled to death.
Jeffie Today started with a crazy kiss on our way home. We were in for a surprise - who would have known...Ooh, baby, I think I love you from head to toe...
Jeffie Well I'm on my way to the city life-to a pretty face that shines her light on the city nights. & I gotta catch a noon train, got to be there on time..


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lpowars if you know where this song comes from... what movie... you get bonus points!!!
funksoulbrotha Every time I hear this I think of Michael Madsen!
webb_art yes that malcolm mclaren... the former manager of the sex pistols
Sally29 @briangreene hardcopies are buy & lend (but only 1 chap 4 photocopies). e-library though, members only - very restricted. Educational purposes only!
Jeffie Girl u are 2 me all that a woman should B, & I dedicate my life 2 u always. The love like yours is grand; it must have been sent from up above...
EdOvett In the mood for Donovan, just a few tracks, here's Mellow Yellow for starters!
Jeffie I come from a land down under where beer does flow and men chunder. Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover
Aluciel Today feels like it may be a little maniacal...
Sally29 If we are swapping vinyl stories - my first 7" buy was this (by ELO) & I still have it in the attic! OK, maybe not my proudest moment..
Jeffie @lilwldchld I'm not even ashamed to admit it-the 80's are MODERN to me, musically :P) My daughter took dance classes & did 1 to this song - adorable!

Gloria Estefan - Conga

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Jeffie Good morning! "Rock n' roll hoochie coo; lordy mama, light my fuse. Rock n' roll hoochie coo - drop on out and spread the news!"

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic- Atomic Dog

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lilwldchld @sandraew Thank you! :) Love all the 80's bands, lol
Lexmonster he's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands
Sally29 Right boys - out with your drum kits...
mcnails the other one one didint sound right

T BI am the walrus

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lilwldchld When I'm there with you, there's no place I'd rather be... :)


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Jeffie I can see there ain't no room for me - you're only holding out your heart in sympathy. If there's another man, then girl I understand...
Jeffie Walking in rhythm, moving in sound, humming to the music, trying to move on. I'm walking in rhythm, singing my song, thinking 'bout my baby...
Jeffie I ain't never been with a woman long enough for my boots to get old, but we've been together so long, now, they both need resewin'...
crispast i love them! @marilovisky:always great music! (reblip)

U2Angel Of Harlem

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Jeffie ...& then the music begins 2 play; you feel a groove coming on its way. Are you ready (are you ready)? Well, u get yours, 'cause I got mine, 4 the...
WJIM Youre my blue sky, youre my sunny day. Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way.

Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky

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IRON100 I have now completely fallen off the table...Brit Reggae that went tops in 1971.
ShortiezRevenge 4. k i'm done with him now :-p
Jeffie ...Gonna have fun in the city - be with my girl, she's so pretty. She looks fine tonight; she is out of sight to me. Tonight, I spend my bread...
michelleoshen This is a kick-ass rock n' roll song!
GeorgiaWonder Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
cathy627 David Bellamy wrote it and Jim Stafford recorded it. "Spiders and Snakes"
johno 80s hour rolls on


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WJIM You make me shake and I like it, baby!
ARDELLd my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never ends, and it's you girl making it spin. first time I saw you I knew that i had to make you mine

Tommy RoeDizzy

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CarolannB G'night...the Romantics have been hearing you "talkin' in your sleep" zzzzzzzzzzzz....L8R
Jeffie ..There's something about her hand holding mine, it's a feeling that's fine, and I just gotta saayy-ay: she's really got magical spell!
Jeffie Ma belle amie, you were a child of the sun and the sky and the deep blue sea. Ma belle amie, apres tous les beaux jours je te dis, "Merci, merci"...
toosweet4rnr January 26 birthdays - David Briggs, Australian musician and record producer, guitarist for Little River Band
Jeffie ..I ain't no vision, I am the man who loves you inside out - backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out. I love no other way...
BacklotOPS @Stolen na, but know of him & took a look around the boards ... thanks for the CCR Spirit in the Sky Blip
Jeffie Cat Stevens - "Peace Train" (1971)
OracleBatgirl Jungle Boogie, Before Kool and the Gang lost the horns and went '80's...
WJIM I've got to let you know You're one of my kind
Jeffie Musical Youth - "Pass the Dutchie" (1982)
WJIM I wanna turn you on, turn you out, all night long, make you shout
gleegirlrock Los Bravos~Black is Black.....One of the First Euro acts to break the English charts
Oldies Vanity Fare – Hitchin' a Ride (@Jeffie) (blip.up) THX@Jeffie
Jeffie Napoleon XIV - "They're Coming To Take Me Away" Banned on some AM radio stations when it came out, for making light of mental illness (reblip)
jakks if they don't dance then they're no ffriends of mine
PeaceDiva Oh @MusicGuru, got to replip this classic disco!..Spinners...Rubberband Man (reblip)
MrsASoprano I wanna kiss you all over... And over again I wanna kiss you all over... Till the night closes in
Sinanyuz Put on your red shoes and dance the blues...
Marystudio A Taste of Honey – Boogie oogie oogie
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