nlanja @nickj365 @JacoLovesMusic @Alvaroxx: another famous Air song for you, heavenly ;)
nlanja kelly watch the stars... and the moon now that it's a full moon, Air at its best

Air-Kelly watch the stars

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nlanja @minervapaulus, here's another one, beautiful instrumental version
vincentdtok This one is for my new friends from "Phare breton" @pharebreton
nlanja beautiful background , burning bridges , nice alliteration;
nlanja @nastysurprise : I accidentally bought the version of this CD without the parental warning. I want the foul language, darn it! That must've been a ..
nlanja jus wanted to hear this voice again, Bruce Springsteen
DarkLady Calexico - El Morro

El Morro Calexico

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spacespencer // Camera Obscura - Houseboat
nlanja @LacedRadio: Just what I needed, thx for inspiration.
nlanja clocks and then to bed with the song in my head: yoohoo.


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nlanja Flush my worries down the drain , And fly away to somewhere new , Take a holiday in Spain by Counting Crows

Counting Crows❥Holiday In Spain

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nlanja @all : sweet DREAMS by The Cranberries
nlanja bad moon rising, creedence clearwater revival
nlanja from Air's "sexy boy" to boys better

Rox In The Box -The Decemberists

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nlanja good morning to some other parts in the world, with Eels

EELS Saturday Morning LIVE

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koiheart rb@Cris_tina: I never use the word adore lightly on Blip. It applies most certainly here. Kind thanks (reblip)
nlanja another easy listening song
nlanja Fleet Foxes – Mykonos
nlanja Thx for props, @Fujazz, that's my motto: go your own way (reblip)
nlanja rb @koiheart: "rb@jeflev: Beautiful! Thank you! I can't resist any Gurdjieff compositions ;)" wonderful melody, thanks for sharing. (reblip)
koiheart Icelandic Folk Music – Maístjarnan ( I brought this song home on an anthology the last I was there 7 yrs ago. a favorite.)
nlanja inspired by and thx to @LacedRadio INXS – Mystify


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nlanja Getting Away With It , that's the living
nlanja sit down next to me, original clip?

JamesSit Down

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nlanja stepping out

Steppin Out Joe Jackson

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nlanja TY , reblipping this great and famous tune from Twin Peaks @jojothepojo: "'Into the night' here..." (reblip)
nlanja wonderful, but still looking for the song called "the way it always starts".
nlanja Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds
nlanja dance music for the lazy, they call it .... graceful flow of music, enjoy ;)
nlanja from one Italian singer to quite another...
nlanja just one more from the Graceland album

Paul Simon- Crazy Love, Vol. II

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LionaB Hi!Ty for listening@tlephew: "crosses in the ballpark" (reblip)
nlanja @ThinkFloyd61@aZiMuTh: "Pink Floyd,Ummagumma [1969] > Studio Album > David Gilmour > "The Narrow Way Parts 1 & 2" @Ineluctable": THX for finding this. (reblip)
nlanja Pink Floyd – Another Brick In the Wall
nlanja THX for blipping @kavonk: Pink Floyd // Interstellar Overdrive" (reblip)
alexparr Nice to meet you @foreverinblu and I look forward to listening to your music! I hope you have a great Saturday! (reblip)
MinervaPaulus The Psychedelic Furs – Heaven
trinaunz rb & thx for listening @KCosmo: "love this song so much!" > me too...and that goes for the whole record! (reblip)
nlanja Thx@Angelitos55 TY@Aslai: "TY very much @Angelitos55! Ryuichi Sakamoto – Rain", even though it's still raining :( , enjoy this favourite of mine

Ryuichi Sakamoto- Energy Flow

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spacespencer // The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Breakup
nlanja @spacespencer // another great song by The Rural Alberta Advantage
nlanja this is the world we live in, interesting clip.
nlanja Australia would be fine
peppersnaps feelin this one today, in the rain

Sigur RosGong

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nlanja a look at the clock tells me : I go to sleep
nlanja indiemusic from Sweden, Shout out louds with Walls
nlanja Try one more ? Breathe Me @PiraticalCalypso :) nice @brianxfm: "vi @nlanja - Sia – I Go To Sleep"

SiaBreathe Me

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nlanja for Egypt, a rush and a push and the land is ours ...
nlanja @minervapaulus rb@opruimfee: "rb@DjblueClariz: "The Smiths ~ I Don't Owe U Anything"": Oscillate Wildly by The Smiths, from 90's period.
nlanja A tune in tune with the times: Changes by Stars


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Lady_Bastet La lune est libre je crois.. "Lo Boob Oscillator"~Stereolab
kavonk The #500_Greatest_Albums of all Time // No.345 Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads // Once In A Lifetime
dj_lmb HD | Travis | Driftwood [Official Video]

HD | Travis | Driftwood [Official Video]

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nlanja hauntingly beautiful, melancholic, and majestic
nlanja another favourite Yo La Tengo number @obblivion77, don't you think?
nlanja I don't like reggae, I love it (Dreadlock Holiday), 10cc

Andrew Bird -The Giant Of Illinois ( DWTN 2-13 )

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nlanja one of my favourites from way back
ABoyNamedSue This latest from Best Coast and my go to Summer jam of the week.
ZONE Bob Marley & The Wailers – All Day All Night
nlanja Longing for Boardwalk Empire ? Here's the music in any case ! (reblip)
nlanja Remember Bronski Beat ?

Bronski Beat-Smalltown Boy (original)

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kvstr Broken Social Scene ~ 7/4 Shoreline
nastysurprise It might only be Tuesday, but I am so ready for Friday.


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koiheart Calexico – Red Blooms
nlanja needs a rb: hang around for another round ;) @Alvaroxx: "The Cardigans – Hanging Around..." (reblip)
nlanja THX for blipping, reblip @Itacimirim and @sparkman232: Chairlift (reblip)
nlanja another Chris Rea for you: @Faddic @TarinnS: "ty for this one 2 ; Looking for the summer, I mean in this part of the world ;)
hajoni Clark,DiMeola,Ponty Indigo

Clark,DiMeola,Ponty Indigo

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MusicMine Still like this one! TY @sarahbellafina: "won't give you my heart... no one lives there anymore..." (reblip)
nlanja Why not Walk at Night ?
kavonk The #500_Greatest_Albums of all Time // No.326 Disintegration - The Cure // Lovesong
PumamanRedux David Bowie "As the World Falls Down" [from 1986s "Labyrinth"]
shiraemet VOLDEMORT@redwingjohnny: "lol, I feel a lil like da bad guy in harry potter that people wont say his name :) xo@KRIS23 @ you know who" (reblip)
nlanja @sleepydrummer : another instrumental track by the Doves , enjoy !
kavonk The #500_Greatest_Albums of all Time // No.351 Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits // Walk Of Life
nlanja @fun4lilli @Stef16 Much luv to T/P'er ~> lilli @Heargasm @redwingjohnny @threecs: another Devotchka track to enjoy.
kavonk The #500_Greatest_Albums of all Time // No.342 Violator - Depeche Mode // Enjoy The Silence
nlanja @MusicBandit: this is the one I used to know.

Echo & the Bunymen the killing moon live & rare

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Alvaroxx Depeche Mode – Waiting for the Night...
nlanja Inspired by @stedo85 indeed :-) @Dakeek: "great visual indeed rb @stedo85: "Efterklang – Prey & Predator"

efterklang modern drift

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Angelitos55 most welcome @On_The_Beach: "RB Angelitos55: "faithless.."" (reblip)
nlanja Sing me to sleep, goodnight !

Sing me to Sleep (Feat. Neko Case) [Fran Healy]

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e11enb Nice @TheSteadyDrifter: "been meaning to drop this one - thanks @weltschmerz: "I'm right here, of course I am, yes..."" (reblip)
nlanja @feranto: great to know Golden Earring is also known to music lovers in Uruguay ;) here's another track.
SoMuch Gem Club -- Breakers

Gem ClubBreakers

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daytonacharger @WithOutMakeUp,@SuperSpaceAngel--Golden Earring-RADAR LOVE,live-a really Brillant song & video which is the Greatest Driving song ever!! Marvelous!!!" (reblip)
Alvaroxx Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill...
nlanja @pratinsky , here's another to enjoy : your rocky spine !
Rhoden Harry Nilsson – You're Breakin' My Heart
nlanja great new pick ! THX for the blip ! @Kayo: "hello! #NEW" (reblip)
koiheart rb@czybulski: "The Innocence Mission – Rain" My most favorite from their new CD. Kind thanks for your featuring it!! (reblip)
nlanja @koiheart and @Rocketron: THX for blipping this great band The Innocence Mission, here's another song.
SoMuch YW and thanks for this one :) rb@Fangbaby (reblip)


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nlanja melodious song, accompanied on the piano
kvstr Joy Division ~ Shadowplay
nlanja simply irresistible to blip when you want to get in a relaxing mood
koiheart rb@prescottscott: "Keith Jarrett - Tokyo" This is the most beautiful thing I've heard today. No surprise it's on your list. Kind thanks (reblip)

Keith Jarrett - Tokyo

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Kouper The Kooks - Young Folks

Kurt Vile, On Tour

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Firecracker16 Hello, Sweetie...Hard not to worry...Sorry about the explosions....Hoping you stay safe... Mark Knopfler ~Why Worry~ @DjblueClariz
Greythorn @divadonna5: "TY@Alfea: "Hi Jenny → rb@jennyleepenny: "Massive Attack – Reflection""" (reblip)

My Morning Jacket "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II"

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donveto its almost morning, I better sleep (Moby – The Violent Bear It Away)
nlanja Wishing you good night with this wonderful melodious track by Moby
nlanja @Sheribaby_SPH @awriterchick: instrumental, laid back, just for relaxation on a Sunday evening
cubbymendoza My Morning Jacket – Im Amazed
nlanja @e11enb and @spacespencer: I'd suggest that Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National is The Perfect Song ;)
nlanja Need positive inspiration? Pink moon is on its way, Nick Drake
koiheart Patrick Watson – Fireweed..A treat of a song and for one having been to Iceland three times, that is unquestionably the location of the video.
Alvaroxx Phantogram - You Are The Ocean And Im Good At Drowning... !... ... .. .. . Gloop... glup... gruuuuulp... ... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
EduardoKaripuna the insight inside @DaDaSurrealist: "It was a hard find thank you! @xxxAdryxxx @alienjellyfish @LacedRadio" (reblip)

"Sheep" by Pink Floyd

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nlanja It's the time of the "dragonfly" - Porcelain Raft
joe61 Thank You @ulanbator3 :)) orcupine Tree – Hallogallo (Neu! cover)
nlanja lovely sounds here, Last Dance
SoMuch Real Estate -- It's Real
musicproduction @Gobosox54: "rb @NaturalDancer: "Love the echo effects in this song! Excellent live clip; HQ! :D @LionaB @stedo85"" (reblip)

REM Drive **HQ**

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nlanja Interesting fusion of 2 well-known songs by 2 great bands, enjoy ! (reblip)
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Sarah McLachlan - Ice" #nowplaying

Sarah McLachlanIce

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nlanja THX for tuning in : @Gr8tune @JonnyDoe @chow322 : recently discovered , great track to enjoy for you !
mark_till School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep (Alternate Version)
MuesliDD I do. :) @DJNickPapag: It doesn't get much better than this to me! Real music you don't have to understand to feel! Please enjoy your night! @MuesliDD (reblip)
nlanja Theme for great cities ... and great track for many to enjoy ! (reblip)
ellendiane Simon &Garfunkel- Wednesday Morn 3 AM

Simon & Garfunkel- Wednesday Morning 3 AM

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Will_the_bloke my fave S&B :) @Alfea: "→ rb@redroulettes: "Siouxsie & the Banshees - Shadowtime"" (reblip)
kvstr Stars ~ Ageless Beauty
SoMuch grazie, rb@luffe1: "solo buona musica, grazie!!! rb @marisalanuit : Sun Kil Moon – Gentle Moon" (reblip)
nlanja replying to @Alvaroxx Radiohead - There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere)...On the Road to Nowhere: the song just popped up in my head;)
nlanja simply beautiful, for the discerning music listener

Thom Yorke, Last Flowers (from the basement)

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Greenfields47 ty rb@fxp123: "really loving this group ty @LionaB: "Travis – Walking In The Sun"" (reblip)

Transmittens.- "Summer Won't End"

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CHaDmAn "A footprint haunts an empty floor! (Take my hand, Take my hand) A fading coat that I once wore!" (reblip)
MadElf66 The Vaccines - Wetsuit. From their new album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
obblivion77 Long time no Blip.......Seen these guys, The Walkmen,Zac Brown Band,Paul Weller, Kings of Leon and met Warpaint (lovely girls) since I last blipped
nlanja Inspired by @musicismynoise Excellent choice :) rb@orangekittypie: "Hello there, @musicismynoise! :)

YuckThe Wall

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nlanja WOW, another full performance, starting off with a fave: Australia THX !@Pedro_S: "ReeeeeeeeeeeeeeBlip vi@lukesharp: "@nlanja and @Pedro_S"" (reblip)
animationblock jynweythek ylow, aphex twin.
wejazz Thanks @Groenewaterman :) "CU wejazz you are the best!!! @ingridwessels welcome back!! Love you!" (reblip)

Wild Beasts "End Come Too Soon"

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ayogafriend Pink Floyd – Your Possible Past
WithOutMakeUp Beach House – Take Care - Special Presentation ~~Thank you everyone!! it was sweet! take care now!! xxx ~ bb
Greenfields47 ty Automatic4people album REM @CosmicSprite (reblip)

REM Automatic For The People Full Album

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