notquiteGonzo HeArt Splatter. Someone just played this for me about a month ago..."The sound of strangers sending nothing to my mind"...
notquiteGonzo One day the moon got tired of being up in the sky... man, moonbeams ARE heavy...
notquiteGonzo I have to say: most beautiful mixology of sounds EVER. My heart beats. With this...I go! We shared a moment or 2 or 10 here 2day. thnx 2my grrl reese.
notquiteGonzo I srsly wish the version w/KATE was here. It is not. i just blip'd this, but, I doooooon't CARE! It is AWESOME! If anyone has kate version lemme know. (reblip)

Common Rotation- Paper Planes

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notquiteGonzo This is up there with DevotchKa on my Heart Splat list of THIS IS THE SHIT!
notquiteGonzo ‎"Getting drunk and watching The Color Purple with you was one of the most fun nights of my life."

EelsBaby Loves Me

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notquiteGonzo I came across, I came across, I came across a friend I didn't trust. I kissed his feet I kissed his feet. I broke his knees.
DensOnAir Damien Rice • ♫♪♪♫ • Volcano
notquiteGonzo In honor of my NEW "Back to the Future"/"LOST" tee mash-up that i'm excited to receive. (note: video edits insert dialogue)
notquiteGonzo wow. another quasi heavy-un. but so, awetastic!
notquiteGonzo my favorite band right now. LOVE ALL their stuffSS. This ONE in particular! (and like a dozen more...)
notquiteGonzo YAY for Inspiration! I am the only person that i know that likes this song. @Indie_Tunes
notquiteGonzo slays me... rips my heart OUT, STOMPS and then throws it up into the fly with the birds!
notquiteGonzo I never skip this song when it comes on!


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notquiteGonzo one o my favo. rb @spacespencer: "// Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine" (reblip)

Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine

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notquiteGonzo ahhhhhh! wo he wo de yiqie dou shi wei ni.
notquiteGonzo when covers are better than awesome original...
notquiteGonzo Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser - all flowers in time. one for my foreversss

All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun.wmv

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notquiteGonzo one of my favorites (the band and this song)

Somewhere Out There -- Community 1.10

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notquiteGonzo I dooon't even like this band.
notquiteGonzo hey @NachoHoneyBadger, My phone thought it was outta my league. But, then... it found me. thanks fer the coffee! That helped. A LOT!
notquiteGonzo @EarwaxOfSatan ^.^ haha!! Your kind words almost equal your awetastical blips. ALMOST. I am getting a kick outta this video. hope you do too!

Mr. Blue SkyELO

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notquiteGonzo I. LOVE. JEFF. BUCKLEY. omgahhhh. I do.


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The Beatles-Sexy Sadie

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notquiteGonzo Wut? Dulli covering PRINCE? I freakin' LOVE it!! wooootwutwut TY, ty, !!! rb @nitologic: "tyrb :) @Naestopaz | The Twilight Singers - When Doves Cry" (reblip)
notquiteGonzo rbTY!! @Dj_Edurock: "Manchester Orchestra – I've Got Friends" (reblip)
notquiteGonzo song has been in my head for 3 days now (or is it 2??. i doooon't know).
notquiteGonzo :) what a nice surprise it was to open my email and see/hear this! <3

Manifesto [Music Video]

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notquiteGonzo Frightened Rabbit – Backwards Walk. an everlasting impression. This band makes my world brighter.
notquiteGonzo these kids emulate SPOON awesomely. This 1 song is the best of the bunch. Man, i was so Naive 2 think i'd finish this project by RIGHT NOW. (tbc)

The KooksNaive

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notquiteGonzo So AMAZING!!! rb @rRrAsTa: "rb@spacespencer: "Frightened Rabbit - Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms"" (reblip)
notquiteGonzo rbleepBloomBLAMnotblat T_T @DJJeannie329 Bear Bones – Oil & Lacquer (reblip)
notquiteGonzo Hellogoodbye – Betrayed By Bones --- ACOUSTIC!!!
notquiteGonzo love song & i enjoy this video...except- the end~ why smash glass on rocks? someone may cut a bare fooot, now. also...hello-wildlife! not very nice. (reblip)
notquiteGonzo tapes n tapes ~ 'Say Back Something'

Say Back Something

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notquiteGonzo sweet sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. with the band that is my heart.
notquiteGonzo two of mah favs! Hansard covering VAN! (btw- i Suuuck at surfing. I like to see it happenin' tho)
notquiteGonzo this is what i am now listening to...and will be on repeat.. at least thru week. LOVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
notquiteGonzo current band that i cannot stop listening to. On REPEAT rotation. 'ha ha tonka – Death of A Decade'
notquiteGonzo Portugal the Man – Lovers in Love (acoustic)
notquiteGonzo ha ha tonka – Lonely Fortunes
notquiteGonzo I doooon't think i have this tune?! I WANT!!! i have mad love for HA HA TONKA! rb @aquadog (do you know how, where i can purchase?) (reblip)
notquiteGonzo Thanks @Indie_Tunes! i was essited there fer a tick, but, alas, no. I already own that cd. these songs are new to me and not on the cd
notquiteGonzo Pete & the Pirates – Moving
notquiteGonzo these magicians play their hometown, like once a month. Yet, ANOTHER good reason to Haul ASS to colorado (also, low humidity there!)
notquiteGonzo Fruit Bats-The Banishment Song

Fruit Bats-The Banishment Song

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notquiteGonzo Dramarama – Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
notquiteGonzo many of the older stuff FLOATS my boat too... 'Man Man' =my new man.
notquiteGonzo Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!
notquiteGonzo I like the name: Omaha ~ for a person. "whatcha' doin' over there O-maha?" best name I never heard.

Omaha by Tapes n' Tapes

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notquiteGonzo so beautiful...close your eyes and enjoy...

Sia : I go to sleep (live with Yann Destal)

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notquiteGonzo The Cheek – What Goes On
notquiteGonzo just so you know, I WILL BE BLIPPING EVERY SONG from this asap. 'Muppets: The Green Album' #HaveNOTbeenTHISHAPPYsinceBIRTH
notquiteGonzo okay, music meant 2sleep2... is keeping me up. awesome stuff like this (& following). I'll post these then SLEEP. Pete & the Pirates ~ Song for today

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notquiteGonzo this one makes me think of "the island" #LOST
notquiteGonzo this one...well, I always get "caught-up" & "enchanted", when it rotates into play on my ipod. #tonightwasnoexception Seems to come on a bunch lately. (reblip)
notquiteGonzo long ago... the princess WAS THE DRAGON... "I AM A DRAG. [So...] Go, on. How do you STOP LOVING someONE?????"
notquiteGonzo This. (just came on...) Oh, I love this song (and band) so much.

The Magic Numbers-I see you, you see me

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notquiteGonzo io capisco un po l'italiano. 'Divenire' = (to become). Chi non fa, non falla. Arrivederci, a presto!

Bear Bones // Detour @ Wickerman 2011

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notquiteGonzo rb @resy: "i was in heaven. i was in hell." one of my fav modest mouse cds/songs! #backinthedaywheniactuallyLOVEDmm #onegoodtour (reblip)
notquiteGonzo 'The Brothers Solomon' movie is distracting me #fromseriousbusiness gah!

the flaming lips-the yeah yeah yeah song

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notquiteGonzo Badaboom!


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notquiteGonzo Hock it - is how i feel about. THAT. these days :)

The Blow: Hock it (the original, not that sh°tty remix)

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notquiteGonzo I shalt never again remove a ridiculous mcDonalds photo/comments, bc some1 overreacts/takes it wrong. #wasfunny I shalt not cater to douchewaffles.

dan le sac VS scroobius pip "Thou Shalt always Kill"

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notquiteGonzo How'd i miss this Wet Hot rendition? i look up at the moon and stars, whilst listening to this and the crickets sing...xxHappinessxx

Ken Marino singing "Danny's Song"

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notquiteGonzo Modest Mouse – So Much Beauty In Dirt
notquiteGonzo beginning to rethink listening to the mm i recently re-downloaded. keeping. me. up!
notquiteGonzo trust gravity? not so much. that's okay, just don't let go of my hand... (fav mm song!)
notquiteGonzo this has been in mah head for daaaaaayz now...ever since i saw the documentary preview.
notquiteGonzo if I could take the fire out from the water....
notquiteGonzo my old west coast sing-along song. "authenticity. whatcha talkin' bout? shut up..." - fav part
notquiteGonzo another standard on my playlists! 'Comeback Girl'
notquiteGonzo Parentheses!!


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notquiteGonzo #creepytrippyballs This is like an acid trip. -Gone awry... and yet, splendid. @BlipStarr: "rb @DJDANYA: (reblip)
notquiteGonzo The song from Tuesday's Sons of Anarchy was 'All of This Could Have Been Yours', album Black Ribbons featuring Stephen King as Will O' The Wisp
notquiteGonzo @Glen_Hansard ~ reminded me of 1 of my fav quotes,"You are the music, while the music lasts"~T.S.E, which in turn reminded me of this SONG. I LOVE.

Glen hansard leave

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notquiteGonzo is this place shaking? Or is it me... 'Stealing Tomorrow'
notquiteGonzo yeah, so that last blip... was incomplete...not full song. couldn't tell, at the time, from phone... I mean, who dares CUT this song?!! REAL BLIP!!!

Pearl Jam- Indifference (with lyrics)

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notquiteGonzo republic of Loose~ 'Break' ....


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notquiteGonzo this song was a pleasant surprise to hear tonight. kismet.
notquiteGonzo HijackPsych! ... it's like when i was just a tyke on my trike and all the big kids would flip lids on their bmx bikes.

mc chris- Hijack (2nd Version)

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Cold War Kids performing "Royal Blue" on KCRW

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notquiteGonzo SAIL!!- AWOLnation

Jeb Corliss Grinding The Crack ( official video) !!!!!

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notquiteGonzo !! The Naked And Famous – Serenade!!

Tongue Tied by Grouplove

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notquiteGonzo What if you drew a giant circle What if it went around all there is Then would there still be such a thing as an outside

One Everything

| play
notquiteGonzo tapes n tapes!!! more please thank you

Cowbell (Album)

| play
notquiteGonzo Omaha!!!!!!

Omaha by Tapes n' Tapes

| play

Bread By Yellow Ostrich

| play

Say Hi "Devils"

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notquiteGonzo @BlipStarr: "rb @WithOutMakeUp: @fxp123: Thanks for "Eddie Vedder - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" :-)" (reblip)
notquiteGonzo so sloppily intentional. does anyone know the punch-line... Purpose by Cloud Cult

Purpose by Cloud Cult

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notquiteGonzo love! forgotten how much i missed this... @d_upsettah: "one part lullaby two parts fear" (reblip)
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