openarms @Moura hi darling, tudo certinho?! Eu as vezes lembro do blip. (reblip)
ladyrasta Não existe no mundo versão mais linda dessa música. E tenho dito.

k.d. langSo in love

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ocdchick What could be better than a beautiful disaster?
RockItRadio Breathe for love tomorrow...because there IS hope


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green_i_girl Part Coldplay/part Oasis, these guys tickle the ears...
filthylawyer my stripper song. something about it just makes me want to take my clothes off
Orli No AIR!


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crispassinato I really lub this song! (reblip)

Jai Ho (PCD Remix)

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De_Ann could be fun to this tune... ;-)) @Bluespanther @patricia_coelho ...DeAnn ...take care ...someone has to move the body close to me (reblip)
GR8FL [I'm fine, my dear GR8FL, and you? BTW, love is all around... :D] my dear @abarbosa love is all around for me too... how nice for us! (reblip)
idowhatiwant every blip has not mattered until this moment


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ocdchick My all time fave Stevie Ray song. None better than him.


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threebears If I ran this is the song I'd run too!....South Park – Mentally Dull ...quote'n'rblip @Pirahboy ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
mindofitsown and if you let go the music should move your bones...


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miguesme Ace Of Base – The Sign@remembermstn si señor de salamanca capital y tu?

Ace Of BaseThe Sign

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miguesme La_Bouche_Be_My_Lover, con esta me despido hasta dentro de un rato.xao


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ocdchick Where is Chris Isaak? He had some awesome stuff.
BrewsCues One of the greatest rock songs ever. Almost 30 years old...could've been written yesterday. Amazing guitar, and Brad Delp's voice is incredible.
libertina when you're with the right person at the wrong time...
T_DeBarros Little River Band. Take It Easy On Me.~it's all up 2 u,but whetever u do,Take It Easy On Me~Good Afternoon @njschloss @CherryBlossom @MonicaOnline
darkjohn I’m not ready to make nice I’m not ready to back down
De_Ann whooaaa...I got a bandaid right here ;-)@ Oldies Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love ...DeAnn (reblip)
miguesme IL Divo – The Time Of Our Lives
ocdchick A little too tall, coulda used a few pounds...

Night Moves

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ocdchick She's bat shit crazy, but her voice is one of a kind.
resection Oooh Academia, Academia, Academia.


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simplesmente Eu não posso viver Se for para viver sem você. Eu não posso viver. Eu não posso conceder mais...
plhippie {The Sundays - Wild Horses} Such a good band...just discovered them a few months ago on Pandora and fell in love. :)


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adbert [Keane – Everybodys Changing] Raining in Argentina. Is @antenaweb here? I need a Colombian Coffee also. :-)
sheryonstone good morning sis @NeedBlues2Live are you home sick ? *cough cough (reblip)
RobertoFendler com ctz ta entre as top 5 dele :) @nataliaraujo (reblip)

(Lenny Kravitz) - Can't Get You Off of My Mind

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sheryonstone You can leave your hat on and blip. I've got a dinner engagement. Keep the xlnt tunes flyin ^_^
sheryonstone have to rb oop @BLUESBOOGIE to make up for how long it's been ^_^ (reblip)
julianasong @viagemaleatoria já te disse q meu dia tem q começar leve. essa história de já começar acelerado me deixa doida.
ocdchick Why is this song stuck in my head this morning?
ocdchick Like a light bulb in a dark room...
daihard Can't drink too much... it's still Wednesday. :)


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matgod "I'm trying not to think about you..." It's not working...
miguesme Imagine - John Lennon

04. Imagine - John Lennon

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robertobarreiro Para acalmar os nervos as vezes é preciso desacelerar
miguesme Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
DiscoDave This sone speaks to me... Barenaked Ladies - What A Good Boy
AlinaCosta Beautiful girl...lovely dress...where she is now I can only guess...!!!
ocdchick I know what I felt and I know what I said but don't think I don't think about it
ocdchick peeling the years away and we can't relive it... time for me to fly
ocdchick I take care of myself...I get the final say
ocdchick I forgive you for what you've done if you say that I'm the one.
randytho actually I liked this version 80's rolls on
pedrogouveia some people think they're always right
ocdchick whatever it is I surely hope you find but that hat don't fit my head
fe_innecchi Para começar o dia quebrando tudo!!!!
ocdchick Here I am. There I am. Here I go.

Bob SegerTrack 2

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Cod Actually I'm an idiot. It was Clayhill on Dead Man's Shoes not MMJ. They were on a Rough Trade doc I watched. You don't care, but I need to save face.
ocdchick I find refuge in the easy silence that you make for me. The way you keep the world at bay for me.
ocdchick My fave version of this song~ When my soul was in the lost and found, you came along to claim it.
ocdchick you wanna run but somehow you just keep on staying... LOVE IT even after all these years.

BostonPeace of Mind

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ocdchick Hope I don't lose this link like the 1st one. My favorite song ever.
ladypn Is there something on your mind? What do you try to hide?

DuffyFool for You

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Medicineman22 Sordid with a twist of Jamaica.
ocdchick Still lovin these Paula Cole lyrics. You make me feel a candy apple, red and ....


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lp1717 Lulu Santos – Deixa Isso Pra Lá
lilwldchld But you keep fronting. Saying what you going do to me, but I ain't seen nothing.....
ocdchick You saying you're a big boy now..... I ain't seen nothing. (reblip)
ocdchick stimulate you, haunt you, shock you, inject you, infect you
jerrroen Pfff ... Squarepusher and Aphex Twin in Eindhoven this weekend -

The Troggs, Love Is All Around

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ocdchick Truth be told I miss you - Truth be told I'm lying. Love it!
ocdchick Still yummy. I'm not afraid of you runnin away, honey, I get the feelin you wont.... (reblip)

Tom PettyBreakdown

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ocdchick So good. Why don't they make sounds like this any more? (reblip)
ocdchick Lights + prom night + "I love you + moonlight = "Is that it? That's what I've been waiting for? I think you did something wrong."


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ladypn I'm here still waiting, though I still have my doubts. I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out. I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing


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ocdchick Every single things she says is all good. A car this fine don't pass your way everyday. Don't cha wanna ride baby? (reblip)
Medicineman22 Thinking about melons...

Blind MelonNo Rain

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ocdchick Bam! So diggin this song.

Laura LeeDirty Man

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ladypn Totally different vibe in this cover. I like it!!
WalterAkana Whoa, thought it was a nightmare ... but my office is a mess... (Time to clean it up!)
MissingButton The Waterboys – The Whole Of The Moon I haven't blipped this for a while. ..You know how it feels to be too high, ... to see the whole of the moon
GR8FL adding one more anthem song to your mix @dswancanada @salleega
BlondieATC Lookin at him self and wishin he was someone else

Jack JohnsonPosters

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vaniakg [Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply]
ocdchick I have boy bands on the brain lately. (reblip)
kimmie everybody knows thats mine......
ocdchick I think of you all the time Alan & I miss you still. This was "our song" - someone who died a couple years ago.Thanks @mommyryland. (reblip)
ocdchick Yummy goodness this Sunday morning. @mommyryland I'm diggin you music - cause you in my head my sister from another mother. (reblip)
ocdchick Nice & soft. That's the way we like it when we have a tequila headache. (reblip)
organicsue All the things I can't erase.....
Czejohnson there is absolutely NOTHING uncool about Miles Davis' music.

Miles DavisSo What

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G2U Our Inner Voice-Our Heart-Our Gut Feeling -Is always sending us messages-Do U listen? Try to be TRUE To Yourself- I think you'll FEEL BETTER aboutU
ocdchick This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs ever.
ocdchick So long since I've heard this! Used to love it so much. I sorta think I still do. (reblip)
ocdchick Sure she's trashed and trashy, but she's right. You losing this game.
ocdchick Nina never goes out of style. You know how I feel. (reblip)
ocdchick I'm not angry, I'm just saying. Sometimes good-bye is a second chance. Good God I love it.
ocdchick Why does every moment have to be so hard? Love this song way too much.
ocdchick I am flattered by your fascination with me. Like any uncharted territory, I must seem greatly intriguing. But this is not allowed. Unfortunate....

Alanis Morisette - Uninvited

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MikeTrap Acoustic guitar version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Night all.
ocdchick My fave version of the classic. "...saw her bathing on the roof.." Could listen to it 100 times in a row and never tire of it.


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ocdchick I'm all caught up in Rascal Flatts this morning.


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ocdchick Etta knows how to say don't hate. Pretty eyes, etc, etc.
ocdchick I'm such a geek but I've loved them for a million years.
ocdchick So agree w/you @calamari I LOVE this song. It's been sampled a few times, but the original is stone cold cool! (reblip)
adbert [Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody] Music by Alex North, lyrics by Hy Zaret.
ocdchick Love this one and the Dixie Chicks spin as well. Just good no matter who sings it.
ocdchick Most men are ho's - he goes on the down low. He never ran a phony line once to me yet??? That's not iiiiitttttt.
ocdchick I wish my name was Sara and someone would sing this to me. (reblip)
immunity Maybe I was too blind to see that you needed a change...


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DownLow haven't blipped this one in awhile...i'll catch up with blipfolks later...time to leave as i finished a project eary today...cheers!!! cuz i'm gone
MaraBG I'm reading over your shoulder...
ocdchick causing me suspicion but there's no proof. (reblip)
ocdchick My kind of perfection. Love today.
ocdchick LOVE this song!@ calamari @trinaunz mentioned Marc Cohn earlier and made me want to hear "Walking in Memphis" (reblip)
ocdchick You're right. This is probably the best song I've heard in forever.
ocdchick Hell yeah. I so wanna be a doo-wop girl.
ocdchick My next husband. Of course this will be played at our wedding.

Kid RockSo Hott

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OcasoProtal So long Toots, bound for Chicago, it's been swell
robertfreedland O.K. this is a slow one but Gershwin is awesome.
pcc24 If I were a closer in MLB, this would be my entrance music. With fireworks.
matttbastard Morning, interwebs. Always wake up too damn early on the weekend.

BoyskoutBack To Bed

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zubeir Not sure why it's called Belfast, in fact where in the UK are Orbital from..?


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ocdchick There is a feeling that you should just go home.
ocdchick Me too girl! @Cerise "because i could listen to this song every day ..." (reblip)
heathrow I guess I'm in a pretty chill mood today.

Amos LeeColors

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ocdchick I'm growing tired of chasing you.
Eddie71 INXS – Original Sin ~ enough said!

INXSOriginal Sin

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serge_rehem Grandaddy. I didn't know this band till listen to it in I really liked it!
secretagentmama This song is just so good. Even if it is about adultery.
bthv Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the bridge
ocdchick Stevie Ray & Texas. Good God I love it.
ocdchick ~~I'd give up forever to touch you..~~ (reblip)

Goo Goo DollsIris

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ocdchick I want love, just a different kind. Perfect lyrics. My favorite song ever.
ocdchick This song is so stuck in my head this morning.

BostonPeace of Mind

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LEM_40 @tiltcr Beautiful...going to look at lyrics now as I listen. The sound is peaceful. Woah. (reblip)
ocdchick Beautiful! I love it. Thanks @erinjmtBasically and @brindather. (reblip)
ocdchick Don't let this end before I see you again.
sheryonstone I just updated Firefox and it appears to have fixed it @stevetuf but I know now that I stated that it will prove me wrong ^_^ (reblip)
ocdchick can't outrun it, it just keeps coming
Miss_Bella Who am I to criticize? somehow I'll get through it and you won't even realize, falling for your own disguise.
ocdchick She's all kinds of bat shit crazy, but I love her awful.

Amy WinehouseCherry

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b24welch24 Summer Tour '09, Get out and see 'em

IncubusAnna Molly

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millievanilly Charles And Eddie – Would I Lie To You Baby


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LoCoHeather ~~when you find yourself laying helpless in her arms~~
rguimaslima * * * * * Is She Really Going Out With Him? * * * * *
ocdchick One of the best ever. This is the way it should always be.
DownLow rb thanks@ambit other than some minor back pain, i'm doing well. and you? how is it going? (reblip)
ocdchick I think I'm gonna have to be on a Sophie kick for a minute.
ladypn Baby I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time, maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you....
allshallfade If I should be so bold, I'd ask you to hold my heart in your hand / Tell you from the start how I've longed to be your man
Up2DaRack Every time I blip this: Damn he can sing with emotion!
ocdchick You know me Honey. @Up2DaRack: "@ocdchick - are you looking for a do-over? ;-)" (reblip)
gotlongview Kickass tune. If I work all day at the Blue Sky Mine, there'll be food on the table tonight. (reblip)
Cest_la_vie_ami @abarbosa: "And if I didn't love you you would know " (reblip)
ocdchick god i love it.

ADELE 'Cold Shoulder'

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Jazzhole Haven't heard this one for a while...let me make myself a martini...Rb thanks to @frabjousDei (reblip)
ocdchick Totally. Terribly. Insanely.
ocdchick This is it. I swear. Sort of. God I love this song so damn much. I wanna be MJB in my next life. She doesn't clean house.
ocdchick I'm not at all sure what I think of this cause I'm a huge KOL fan. I'm always a cover whore.
MsIleaneSpeaks @TropicsZ4: "Remember the Emotions and EWF @scotlandloverBoogie Wonderland" (reblip)

Earth,Wind, and Fire with Emotions-Boogie Wonderland(12")

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Scott Stapp "Broken" NEW VERSION!!!

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Tracy Chapman: Baby Can I Hold You Tonight

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ocdchick My mission today is to listen to this roughly 87 times. Goals are good.
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