nanofoam they slept over my house in philly and it was wonderful! live show was a blast aswell. i give them one gold star and a million electronic hearts<33333
estrogen sali, herr @formalhaut... waren sie übersee?

scout niblett "kiss" featuring bonnie 'prince' billy

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onceacurmudgeon this. i feel stuck in this song.

the mountain goats - isaiah 45-23

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weething @randyhate promise me not to scare your kitty! (I'm kidding. I know you love the furry things.)
chaacattac OLD BLIND MOLE ORKESTRA – Pink Elephant
chaacattac Parov Stelar – Ragtime Cat (feat. Lilja Bloom)
bthecat ♉♉♉♉♉♉♉♉♉♉♉♉dans mon jardin d'hiver....☦
marienie @globalgrande her name is Charlie. Maybe from Charlotte? You can read more about her on
rollovellocet Gotta to guzzle....see youse all very soon mwah mwah mwah!!!
globalgrande Charmante.

amélie les crayons le petit caillou

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onceacurmudgeon for a bit i thought this delight was gone. still 100% amazing.
onceacurmudgeon @paperama this is the same song she did w/ ukulele in nyc. utterly beautiful... i want so badly to see her again....

Play the Game -- Queen cover by Nataly Dawn

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doubledrat Helium – What Institution Are You From? @Modster: one of my uploads. brimming with pride. (reblip)
AlloMarcel Camelia Jordana – Non non non (Ecouter Barbara)
vanessa123 back to my yeye for a couple ;) V xx
LolaLulu Ꭰᶤ Ꭰᵒᵘᵃ Ꭰᶤ Ꭰᶤ Ꭰᵒᵘᵃ Ꭰᶤ Ꭰᵃᵐ Ꭰᶤ Ꭰᶤ Dᵒᵘ ...Ꮘᵃˢ ᵈᵉ Ꮘʳᵒᵇℓèᵐᵉˢ... ..Ꮘᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗ.. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @anni09

vous les copains

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Amélie-les-crayons : Elizabeth

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pennylane8 I only caught a few of the words/ dig the sound. @GR8FL: "I've always wanted to go to France" (reblip)

Felipecha un petit peu d'air clip

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estrogen anch'io ... apart from the cruel first game of this world cup ;) @Quepasa: "..tutto bene, grazie... apart from the cruel deadline for this job :-|" (reblip)
LolaLulu Héy, beestachtig lekker Olalala@awoiska*rb: "hier een paar Franse stoeipoezen ;) @LolaLulu #frenchpopfriday" (reblip)
elhombrecohete Marchando una sopa de pereza e incertidumbre.

Donna ReginaWhy

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onceacurmudgeon why did no one tell me about this??? color me disappointed....

El Perro Del Mar "Change Of Heart" w/ Lykke Li

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estrogen thanx so much! I like it very much :) @randyhate: "#estrogen this one is for you dear. fairly certain you will enjoy." (reblip)


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AlloMarcel Salut @jpblogger - La revanche de France Fermier / Coupe Moi Le Souffle

La revanche de France Fermier / Coupe Moi Le Souffle

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bthecat love@mnemosine: "just found, and loving it. have to spread it around: (reblip)

Nicole SimoneMELT

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chaacattac DJ Badre - Romana Mix

DJ Badre_Romana Mix_hig quality

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toocoolferskool I'm way loving on this band right now.

The Pierces "Boring"

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chaacattac Bravo one more Victoire ! @ Olivia Ruiz – Les crêpes aux champignons
chaacattac DJ tagada - Berlin mon amour > 42 min de bonheur avec des fanfares des Balkans, du Gypsy Punk, Electro Tzigane, Hip Hop Klezmer, Balkan Ragga dedans

berlin mon amour

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onceacurmudgeon this is totally the song for today and my all over the place mind rumblings.
onceacurmudgeon i am amazed that this song is not the best selling song of all time. i need to hear it every so often to make sure my life is complete.
chaacattac a must listen (reblip)

173 - Balkan Hot Step Soundsystem - Rio Loco Balkan Club Night

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chaacattac really love this band from Marseille

Chinese Man Records - Washington Square

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bthecat @toreo: "i love the violins." So do I! (reblip)


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cleanskies When indeed? Are we arguing? It's so hard to tell...
doubledrat Zooey Deschanel & Becky Stark - Chiquitita (abba cover) live

Zooey Deschanel & Becky Stark

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cabron It's amazing how often top models end up singing pretty well. I guess that Mlle Hardy, in this clip, is one of the 10 most beautiful women ever.

Mon amie la rose, Francoise Hardy

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onceacurmudgeon i was trying to remember who sung this. thanks for the reminder @mammara (reblip)
chaacattac naïte cloub balkan miks

173 - Balkan Hot Step Soundsystem - Rio Loco Balkan Club Night

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rociof Del noviecito de A. se pasó al noviecito de K.
carolfour @purplesime thanx for rebliping that song. it's been years since i've listened to it... (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon @estrogen i am off to find much more about this band. this is fantastic. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon new artist out of minneapolis. but most importantly another sunday song. i am digging her voice. a lot.
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 6 to 26 J´aime Bobby Lapointe
UnsungHero YAY! The 6ths... Stephin Merritt covers the Young Marble Giants.


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Stephin Merritt - A Man of a Million Faces

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estrogen @randyhate .... ta soupe du jour.... ;)

Cali Rose Plays Ukulele & Sings "Soup Du Jour"

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Claymoore This is one of the coolest music videos ever. It's my inspiration for my next 500 shoots.

MonogrenadeCe soir

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bthecat @Faddic a little something for you tonight....

Baccara Parlez Vous Francais? Live

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LolaLulu @randyhate "Que nous jouions autrefois ✰ Seule, je la joue, maladroite ✰ Si, mi, la, ré, sol, do, fa." props4thx❥––✍ • ♫.٩๏̯͡๏)۶.♫ • #frenchpopfriday

Love theme from "Les parapluies de Cherbourg" (1964)

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Atomik Wait till you read 'Cry for justice' in trade @randyhate, its so bad its good: "for sue dibny and the rest of the comic book loving blipsters" (reblip)

Metasciences - Four Color Love Story

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crescentius Petula!

Si tu prenais le temps

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driczz hola @jude81 gracias por la props. Tenga un buen fin de semana o/ (reblip)


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estrogen mellow morning... ah....

Jody Kamisato Heaven on Thursday Trailer

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globalgrande Video here is even more beautiful than the beautiful music. Zzzzzzzzz@buda4u: "Turkish Lullaby - An old world sounding song from turkey. Very cool." (reblip)

Turkish lullaby

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globalgrande the video's the thing. :(

Long Red Hair °° Vermillion Lies

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onceacurmudgeon i missed her last night just blocks away from my apt. why did i opt to hang out w/ douchebag friend who never showed up? ugh....
estrogen ok, lovelies & let you - with this sweet little tune... enjoy your saturday night....
musique_mondieu Moz doing the Jam classic. Never heard this before. Lovely.
weething reblipping @Injun_Joe: "Perfect song for a hot summer night in the south." < It's perfect in the north too. sigh. soul searing. (reblip)
chaacattac [Dunkelbunt] best dj in the world : enjoy, reblip and RT this killer 79 min mix
globalgrande I can vouch for this one, from both sides! Great, great music and hilarious video.
johnny011 @randyhate would like this one :) and probably he's not the only one... :)

ODYSSEE by Vanessa Contenay-Quinones

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The Mad Tea Party "Every Way"

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rinzwin Konono No1- Guiyome

Konono No1- Guiyome

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elhombrecohete Recordatorio: escuchar este blip y mirar este gif para desayunar mañana #dándomeánimos
hanneengels Aeroplane – Without Lies. In the champagne, i prefer the bubbles.

Frau von Ungefähr / 17 Hippies

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estrogen lucky you @bytera - I am already entirely busy in trying to understand life forwards ;)
rinzwin Rokia Traore – Deli

Rokia TraoreDeli

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rollovellocet Blip night! as always....a pleasure to be here! Much bliplove!!!
AlloMarcel (Inna Modja) French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche)

French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche) Clip Officiel

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AlloMarcel Lilicub – Vieillir est le seul moyen que j'ai trouvé pour ne pas mourir
LolaLulu Ah..ah..@amphore itsi bitsi petit bikini!..

Another Fine French Pop video from the 60s

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TheOneAndOnly "Amiina – Souvenir" Cover, inspired by @randyhate // Hey @cuezaireekaa @PabloM @Domer1987


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melpimenta Bote essa menina pra dançar...No coco quero ver ela pisar!!!!! Bom diaaaaa!!! :)
elhombrecohete Cocinando sin redecilla con Vattimo y Débord, dejo de perder pelo por estrés gracias a las Balkanieras ¡Nasdrovia!

What´s Cooking- Las Balkanieras

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onceacurmudgeon thanks for reminding me of their name @Catoon. been trying to think of it for weeks. this song slays me. SLAYS me.

Noisettes, "Wild Young Hearts"

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onceacurmudgeon while it is only the 2nd day of the month, this is a prime contender to find of the month. thanks!!! @marienie (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon @Tranquil: "Life needs to be a lot more like this <3" indeed, sooooooo much #lifeneedstobemorelikethis!!!!!!! perfect colors for holi too (reblip)

Loafer Kahan Hai Woh Diwana

| play
onceacurmudgeon i simply CAN. NOT. STOP. WATCHING. THIS. soooooo effing hot! #lifeneedstobemorelikethis in spades! via @LolaLulu #frenchpopfriday ♥" (reblip)

PENDENTIF "Embrasse Moi" (official video)

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onceacurmudgeon AMAZING. pretty much exactly what the world needs more of in spades. thanks ever so much for this @Tranquil (reblip)
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