toosweet4rnr [more time - needtobreathe] just a few more months...
toosweet4rnr ok, i'll stop pelting you with the osmonds after this one. [yo-yo - the osmonds]
augieray Rodrigo y Gabriela's incredible nuevo flamenco version of Metallica's Orion. If you can, see these two live!
RadioMarie love her voice. did they make an album with all covers or something?
nastrorosa Sadness.... Sade dis-moi... Sade donne-moi...


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42 Caetano Veloso Cesaria Evora Ryuichi Sakamoto E Preciso perdoar

| play
onesanz hi djwttw it's a stormy night... but your blip r very good (reblip)
BarrysLounge @GR8FL Thanks for putting these tunes out there - Love His Bobness and Sir Brian !
onesanz @DJ_Jeero depression is the real enemy let's fight it
fishdeleuze In The Wee Hours – Junior Wells
formalhaut see you later blipsters, have a great day everybody.
onesanz see u later goin' to have a coffee with a passionate friend
chrice Just incredible!!!! (Singer is Tetsuya Fukagawa of Envy)
chrice Forgotten how good this band are. Making me smile a lot. Good memories. :D
tirebouchon tiempo de silencio, cesaria evora e pedro guerra...che voci, che suoni, un'isola lontana, nell'oceano


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Gigginternational Deep soulful slick house mix - Tabascosissimo!

Deep House Producer (Demo)

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onesanz the distance between u & me...
RadioMarie from the new Franz Ferdinand album, sounds good!
onesanz good nighteveningafternoonmorning


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djlock ...anybody remember roger at "the ministry of sound" early 90s...?
hajoni Yes! Found it! (BTW: worse than samples are "free ringtones" Please Plip: ban these annoying commercial crap-pieces)
formalhaut no love & music at the moment. my timeline is acting quirky. see you later fellow blipsters.
Diordan @Andarilha Hola sweets!


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sheryonstone It's Dawn Landes. :) @ladypn - thank you so much. I knew YOU would know. was just hopin you were there. I like her rendition, have to check out more (reblip)

I Wont Back Down

| play
ladypn @GR8FL Exactly! LOL! By the way, this gives me an idea for a BLIP REQUEST-athon! Everybody blip @ me songs with LADY in the title! ;) (reblip)
ladypn @andymooseman I love this Coldplay & don't think I've ever heard it! (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith And a second one. Marvin. Singular.
toosweet4rnr [Surfin' Bird – Trashmen] sometimes a bird is just a bird. word.
formalhaut thanks a lot for you perfect pick a few days ago. @davidwatts1978 here's something for you. njoy ;)
BarrysLounge Punk Surf Extraordinaire !
onesanz hi @formalhaut thanks god u exists !!

The Smiths 01 The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

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Dillin_Chillin The rims on vehicles...always like bands that sound like __________?
onesanz scott stapp's voice...last breath
formalhaut dedicate this one 2 @onesanz starting 2 close a few gaps of missing slick tracks. this one taken from: Millennial Jazz Compilation [SOURCDLP009/1997]
Stay19 <><>Korn Falling Away From Me v. – Korn v Crazy Town 19 (reblip)
Stay19 Bolero Triste – The rosenberg trio<><>
GR8FL [i love Almodovar] @FernandaW is that Pedro, the Spanish director of amazing movies? (reblip)
Stay19 I was Just Thinking – Teitur<><> ...
formalhaut good evening @onesanz how about surfin’ the interstate? ;)
Stay19 A Snowflake – Peter Broderick<><> until tomorrow. one of my fav ambient artists right now. i have a lot. love this cat a lot. all the love.
Stay19 Wake Up In New York – Craig Armstrong<><> writing.
ladypn I don't know why, @GR8FL, but this song always brings tears to my eyes. Its so beautiful, yet sad. (reblip)

Secret Garden - 06 - Song from a Secret Garden

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onesanz dedicated to all beautiful blipgirls the best Djs on web
Stay19 49 seconds. shouldn't of but i did. so here it is. <><> FATA - Mercury rising.
Stay19 So I know nothing of your taste. Its in your lips. Come on ....I finally have your attention. So listen closely sweetheart<><>NO NO ...Comeback here
ladypn If I could be the queen of popularity, things would come to me so easily... what I would do, what I could do.... I could do anything! rb@sheryonstone! (reblip)
onesanz travellin'


| play
jojofm have to blip again, and again, and again, and again (reblip)
Stay19 In case you haven't heard the love theme from (reblip)
Stay19 A Fine Frenzy – Think Of You<><> fine I'll do this instead. ..Its 109 degrees in this crowded room
onesanz sounds like a kiss.. love it !!!
nakatake It's my pleasure:D thanks for your reblip! @driczz
Stay19 sewn – lucid<><>


| play
onesanz peace sour


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onesanz a beautiful feeling dear blipladies
ladypn Obligatory, @djwttw? That's all we are to you is an obligation? LOL! ;) (reblip)
Stay19 <><>Michael W. Smith – Breathe
Stay19 Arovane – Tokyo Ghost Stories<><>
formalhaut @onesanz good night & sweet dreams!

05 Silver Screen Shower Scene

| play
luffdeborm Ibiza is waiting for me...
toosweet4rnr SFGate article: Red State Porn Purchasing Power - - Go Utah :) [Sex-O-Rama – I Like To Watch]
mmemaledicta here's something I love that you should hear if you haven't already
mmemaledicta maybe this will lull me off to sleepyland, because I am so not there right now
mmemaledicta I wish I was [title]. arghhh incurable insomnia...
formalhaut hi @antenaweb @bendrix @YoniBeat @onesanz enjoy this slick mix whenever you’ve got some leisure time. while i’m trying again to find some sleep no
onesanz lunchtime see u later dear
Stay19 Electric Skychurch – Heaven<><> vi@onesanz (reblip)
onesanz mr. Hammill

peter hammil- vision

| play
evablue blipping from my car on wonky wifi. told me to show up at 6 to shoot soundcheck. too late too early. musicians! worse than me. anya is opener tonight
ladypn Must be Sebastien Tellier day! Love this one too, via @musoSF :) (reblip)
onesanz vado a nanna CIAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thx & blipkiss
briangreene 13K woot! @threebears tnx. no not bored. over worked under paid. blip is props gives link love: action => appreciation = blip love
ladypn Reblipping one of the most lubbing blippers... @lub! ;) (reblip)
clarkowitz Eine kleine Paul Hindemith.

Hindemith: Morgenmusik (I)

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clarkowitz @evablue No problem. I don't understand more than you think. :)
HappyInBag I saw this Chicago band last night. I liked them a lot.
onesanz men without hats


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onesanz rare to find KING CRIMSON blip lovely!!!!!!


| play
Stay19 From Autumn To Ashes – Autumns Monologue<><>...a new improved version of me...of violence of love and of sorrow..hold me down, fold me in...deep
onesanz welcomw @abarbosa some comfort 4 u


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carlarafaela You gotta lick it, before we kick it, you gotta get it soft and wet so we can kick it || PUTZ. 12 anos quando ouvia isso? E minha mãe deixava? LOL (reblip)
onesanz L o v e i s a l l <Good night Buonanotte blipdream thx grazie>
HappyInBag I haven't Blipped my favorite song of '08 since early January. Let's see how it's holding up... (reblip)
onesanz 4 me it's Ok this morning too @Bluespanther here your sound for the night ... I will already sleep @onesanz @coloured @formalhaut (reblip)
steno thx @bendrix >> Definitely going in my playlist its DAMN GOOD=> rb@TheHobbyshopHERO (Hey @Jacidbazz @ DubFreakz <=ya'll really need to listen to this) (reblip)
Kerstov good night - Glenn Gould - Fugue No. 22 in B-flat Minor, BWV 867
AliveinMe I love this song...many blessings to you all from our AMAZING GOD! (reblip)
formalhaut RB @klitoria frau rhodes ist einfach großartig! danke! (reblip)

Garden state [Soundtrack] - 05 - Colin Hay - I just don't think I'll ever get over you

| play
ladypn When the color of the night & all the smoke for one life gives way to shaky movements improvisational skills a forest of whispering speakers...
Stay19 what can I do<><>a quiet start.
SatinLegsSmith Just a cool song.

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

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FineNGood There's nowhere for me to go I'm a long way away from home I won't go without a fight You'll never take me alive
threebears dawn broken (tried to repair it) thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/morning/day - don't blip in yr sleep or sleep in yr blips!
onesanz "the air between you and me" @DJstromer19 is a RB ? aw it's a pleasure... bye blippers
patch615 Very good single from their new album. Kind of addicted to it for the time being, so I appologise in advance for repeated blips.
GR8FL as long as the audio is fairly good and the blip doesn't suddenly cut off, I am good too @crispast thanks! (reblip)
disconnesso - questa è adorabile. La blippo di nuovo, scusate tanto. E buon proseguimento :)
Stay19 St. Vincent – All My Stars Aligned<><> @yamamiya glad you love this tune. fantastic! (reblip)
onesanz @adbert I agree. sharing good music it's a privilege for few people. I love this bass
adbert [Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes]

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
prinsesaa Give me one good reason to stay here, and I'll turn right back around...
craigz J. Mascis, lead 6-string on Trees Outside the Academy, Thurston's 2nd solo LP.
ARDELLd cause i don't want to come back down from this cloud - it's taken me all this time to find out what i need

bushcome down

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indigothirdeye Conjure One is a solo project by Rhys Fulber. Equally as amazing as Delerium.
hajoni thx@onesanz great place for jazz-diggers! took this one from there for tonight John McLaughlin Trio - live in Gothemburg


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formalhaut see what @threebears found: »I think I found a new note between b and c…« i neither knew about that new note nor about the mighty boosh! hurray! (reblip)
Stay19 Mobius Band – Hallie<><>
onesanz rb vi@crispast non vorrei prendere tutta quell'acqua notte cris thx (reblip)
steno work delayed ...for now... ,-)


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steno "Hello sweet pie, I'm really glad you could make it...I think we should get straight to business..."


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onesanz questo te lo riblippo @longtide sweettide for many years my favourite song. (reblip)
crispast [wow haven't heard this a long time....] and i rb too@AbsinthEve , my new friend on ning.blip:) (reblip)
zeoffline fala se não é uma das melhores músicas deles. by the way, tô viciado no último disco.
h0neyb "You let me Complicate you.." (reblip)
ladypn @crispast@portaufeu As long as we're doing a Buckley retrospective - this IS my all time fave of his. SPEAKERS must be SCREAMING when I listen!
Jacidbazz outta props for u @liquidjumper, but couldn't let this one slip by. Love it :-) (reblip)
klitoria hello my are you today?????...loving hugs from berlin...@GR8FL
santamistura good morning blippers!!!

passion songs for lovers- David Gray-Please Forgive Me

| play
Jacidbazz Found this last night while noone was around. Reblipping it for prosperity. Listen to it all, Prince kicks in with some nasty production halfway thru. (reblip)
jencvs I don't wanna be your friend ...I just wanna be your lover...Forget about your house of cards...And I'll deal mine (reblip)
onesanz @longtide rubati questo C.A. e anche il precedente besos
klitoria thinking of my best friend...ilka i miss you and love you...soo much...
klitoria hi @Atomik @Cosmix @OneLuvGurl @diskurs @santamistura @steno the music...give our hearts love and joy...
onesanz thx @djwttw nice 4 me 2 sometimes we cross our session i suppose Don R OK 4 U
MRijnsburger As used by Portishead....Lalo Schifrin – Danube Incident
Stay19 @crispast hey you, thnx for keeping it real, you know ! good lookin out. you shall enjoy this tune I hope ! cheers<><>
sandraew Save Your Love - Great White
HappyInBag Unfortunately, it's all too true in my corner of Kansas at the moment. The sky just turned a sickly shade of yeller.
Stay19 Melpo Mene – I Adore You<><> simply beautiful . vi@boston9 (reblip)
onesanz I LOVE THIS [Stevie Nicks] to all blipperladies


| play
jencvs It had been years since I heard this one....
Jacidbazz If u don't know sweetback, get schooled. Backing band for Sade, and some incredibly smooth sweet sounds...

sweetback - gaze

| play
jencvs I wonder what your doing...Imagine where you are
onesanz e ora cominciamo a calmare lo spirito
onesanz ruba ruba @longtide I love this !!! @Bluespanther sei sempre on ...great DJ
Stay19 The Sound Of Arrows – Danger! (Mr Pedro Remix)<><>
teamslut rawks out. this is dedicated to nakamura haha
Stay19 Bone Thugs 'N Harmony – Thuggish Ruggish Bone<><>
fuckin_twee ... y el sábado nos vemos en esto -juro que no vienen con dominique a, tranquila- y el domingo dejo que me uses, que sí
onesanz @Bluespanther grazie caro vado a fumare poi lastblip and night
Stay19 peaceful moments are good<><>
onesanz a place to be... ciao @Jacidbazz r U here @formalhaut ? miss your sharing
onesanz sorry but my jazzy instinct drives me ...
onesanz @rogue_fm this is the other best Italian songwriter. lyrics are poems
onesanz buongiorno @Orchideane@djwttw see u later dear blippers it'lunchtime
yamamiya Rokkurro - Heidskyr Heimsendir

Heidskyr heimsendir

| play
longtide @onesanz no per caritá nn ti distrarre da blip, facevo cosí per dire ... ;)
miaalien ------♥ I've been a bad, bad girl ;)
onesanz @Cosmix un ultimo blip per u my friend notte
onesanz waking up again thx @Bluespanther ! questa la mando anche al mio amico @tormento23 (reblip)
onesanz I'll use a candle... it's time of gypsies and witches


| play
RockItRadio Storms are brewing in your eyes


| play
ladypn From 1997 - this hit crossed the punk band over to the pop charts! This is a love attack!
julierthanyou @tac i think this is my favorite kings of convenience song...
threebears oops! @briangreene now they're back in the filter ... even neater trick!
sheryonstone watch out ! I tried for a min and now can't sleep :D just a few more blips
ko_gianni Rockin' and raining sunday. see u later and tnx @onesanz Grazie ciao @Bluespanther
longtide una storia infinita di ruberie per qs pezzo :) (reblip)
GR8FL [via@klitoria..OH and to GR8FL cause.. her lips taste so sweet..] hahaha @curatEar ) (reblip)
longtide sperando che sia meglio di oggi.
Blippo Aim – Cold Water Music // jumped in to listen to this beautiful song @karma_musings @onesanz @monica_online @wowi @Diordan @dieJulia
DesertLily 'It's a really good cloak.' Crash
Blippo @Diordan Thank you, it was a divine journey! Hope to see you soon;) (this song starts ... well, wait)
Blippo Today was the day that I bendrix officially adopted Blippo => rb@bendrix @ladypn I'm flattered, honoured and really happy that you like it! (reblip)
ladypn @bendrix (via @Blippo) no, I've not heard before, but I dig!! (reblip)
steno Dj Krush & Toshinnori Kondo – Shoh-Ka #11
steno Dj Krush & Toshinnori Kondo – Bu-Seki #12
steno Dj Krush & Toshinnori Kondo – Tobira-3 #13 peace out ,-)


| play
yamamiya hello. Yann Perreau – L'Ange Sur La Mezzanine (Avec Camille) (reblip)
disconnesso - ammé 'sta canzone non so perché ma fa pensare sempre ad una roba alla Miami Vice. O al film Cocktail.. boh
onesanz aaaaaahhhh hope doesn't stoppp


| play
bendrix I send you my warmest receivings due to your wonderfully thoughtful track & greetings=> rb@MeeJong *smiling and waving* (reblip)

Koop feat. Yukimi Nagano - Summer Sun (Original Version)

| play
karma_musings @Blippo "Blipping is pure, natural Endorphin :) @onesanz @28apple_chic @bendrix @ladypn @GR8FL @Diordan" nice to end evening with! Tnx (reblip)
Blippo ❦ ♨ ♂ The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Panama City @Diordan @onesanz @bendrix @karma_musings @DubFreakz check this out! (Playlist)
Blippo ❦ ♨ ♂ Quantic – Fresh Rhythm @Diordan @onesanz @karma_musings @DubFreakz @bendrix @artfuldodger @ladypn (took the wrong one whatever Quantic

Nitin Sawhney - Homelands (Maha Kumbh Mela Song)

| play


| play
Blippo ☯ ♨ Wax Poetic – Angels | I'm in love with this poets ;) @karma_musings
onesanz hi @ladypn@toosweet4rnr u've Magic Touch kisses now shower and fast running to the office 8.30 am (I'm late )
onesanz ciao @ko_gianni buona giornata che la forza sia con noi !!!
onesanz rb @CalMa ciao sono di corsa ma non posso non salutarti buona giornata Reblipping @QUEENRO (blip is a chain) (reblip)
jamreilly r/b thanks @HappyInBag I'm not planning to attend Bela Fleck's show tonight. Weak, I know, but I'll be out four nights in row starting tomorrow. (reblip)
onesanz la sento a occhi chiusi
fbrahimi slow-down-jazz-for-the-night...thanks for all props and all your marvelous music..GOOD NIGHT!! ....this is from @mgherring-thank you..... (reblip)

Paolo Fresu - Everything Happens To Me

| play
Fankorro i return to my small town....this song follow me in the fly...... (reblip)


| play
onesanz ciao @orbitalgroove ci siamo persi Cosmix stasera


| play
IKR Ravel: String Quartet In F - 2. Assez Vif-Tres Rhthme ...Sophisticated strings! Really Genius...
Blippo ♀ ✺ Azure Ray – Sleep Pretty song! Hello & THX@PrettyAsAPosie

Azure RaySleep

| play
Blippo ♀ ✺ Good folk, this dreamy song is another great pick /reblip @28apple_chic. THX, my dear blip-pal! :)) "sucking lemon juice from my fingers" (reblip)
orbitalgroove Cosmix il blip non suona come al solito eheheheh@Alita2001....pleasee dance !!!
Blippo ♀ ✺ Leonard Cohen leads me to Tina Dico @patita This doleful, folky balad could be a hymn for everybody suffering from lovesickness :)
GR8FL [Elsiane is a peruvian Artist - her music sounds like a chant to Tolkien's Arda.] thank you @Blippo I had not heard of her before... very nice sound. (reblip)
IKR Soul Bossa Trio – Tin Tin Deo
wapael @CalMa REM! Nice! Thanks for blipping this! I love REM just as much as I love my dog. (reblip)


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Blippo Dave Pike Set – Mathar (complete)
MeeJong @Stendhal Happy friday to you! Do you have great and wonderful plans for the weekend?
onesanz @Bluespanther caro amico un blip "state of mind" thx @SeventTenths I'm quite down
HappyInBag I'm considering seeing Emanuel Ax perform with the symphony tonight before hitting Steve Coleman's show. Do you suppose any $10 tickets remain?
Blippo @EarCandy "smeagle" Your comment made me ☺! I was talking'bout elves "Elsiane is a peruvian Artist - her music sounds like a chant to Tolkien's Arda (reblip)

Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams To Remember

| play
DesertLily In the dead Saturday afternoon, a Sufi began to weep... (reblip)
fredut 10 New Blips #9. U2s tribute to Frank Sinatra. Bono wanted him to sing it. Frankie refused.