Peteness blast from the past...ok, lame way to describe it - great song, though


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andreshc Electric Feel – MGMT

MGMTElectric Feel

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Hnomad keep getting this track on my random playlist and it rocks
karnevil dark, moody but with a sense of hope
ooopsydaisy and let the good times roll.
ooopsydaisy Homenagem à happy mob do Terra.
dietnam from the new album "Day & Age", a GREAT bonus track!!!!
mancho Escuchemos Apparat desde la distancia. A los de Bogota que van a ir, disfrutenlo por mi.


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ooopsydaisy if you wanna have a good time just gimme a call (cant get over this one) (reblip)
MarcosDN tomorrow never comes until its too late

Dj ShadowSix Days

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ooopsydaisy come see what we all talk about
elbaxter a a a aa (clap clap) a a a aao (clap clap)
ooopsydaisy love is these blues that I’m singing again
dean flexing like a whore... falls in a state of self-stimulation to the floor.. BOY!

David BowieTime

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ooopsydaisy tell the sun to start moving again

AthleteHalf Light

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dean had to end this little time sequence with this one, really, innit. The Time Is In 45 minutes...
ooopsydaisy but hey, who's on trial?


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ooopsydaisy running all the time, running blind

Van SheKelly

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Sandman5 @Quinine, Couldn't find the Carly Simon version so this one will have to do from Aimee... :)
johon If there's one thing that I could never confess/ It's that I can't dance a single step
ooopsydaisy (demorei até...) strictly. rolling. V - I - P
ooopsydaisy I reach out for you and our hearts collide
ooopsydaisy This is just coz i can't find melodrama
andrewburnett Scottish Tunes today : Teenage Fanclub – Born Under a Good Sign
ooopsydaisy gonna change that tune


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ooopsydaisy @Sandman5 if this song doesn't deserve a replay, i dunno which one does, really (reblip)
Sandman5 'Cos all I wanted to be, Is a million miles from here....
Sandman5 After all the jacks are in their boxes and the clowns have all gone to bed... You can hear happiness staggering on down the street...
ooopsydaisy a berce mon coeur pour la vie
ooopsydaisy I'm unquestionably captivated by your charms

CineramaYour Charms

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dean now this takes me way back to art school, when we knew that this music made us effortlessly hip ;-)
Sandman5 It's early on a Saturday morning but I'm [song title]...

Pearl JamAlive

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ooopsydaisy one that's already changed my heart

SpoonFiner Feelings

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Sandman5 @evablue, Sounds like a fun party! So, did you [song title]? ;)
blogowski I'm driving around in my car I'm driving too fast I'm driving too far I'd like to change my point of view I feel so lonely I'm waiting for you...
morningtide and you could have it all / my empire of dirt / I will let you down / I will make you hurt
evablue on man. one guitar. one stage. HUGE.
morningtide hey @ShyTrbleMaker, this is a very nice one from Paolo, enjoy ^_^

Paolo Nutini Tumbling Down

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ooopsydaisy second best, second best, second best


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ooopsydaisy Just hope you understand sometimes the clothes do not make the man
ooopsydaisy knows his claret from his beaujolais

BlurCharmless Man

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ooopsydaisy they call me miss fahrenheit
morningtide *some BRMC is ALWAYS good ^_^ love the dusty, ragged atmosphere in Howl =) *
kikaluthor A música de Capitu, achei muito fofa.

BeirutElephant Gun

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Sandman5 I wish The Postal Service would make another album...
ooopsydaisy i'm fighting things i cannot see
ooopsydaisy and now you've spent your life waiting for this moment
ooopsydaisy I am queen and he's my king
Sandman5 I wanna live with a cinnamon girl... I could be happy the rest of my life With a cinnamon girl....
lorylooove another soundtrack! i kinda love this beck version!
ooopsydaisy he knows so much about these things
ooopsydaisy looking forward to sunday morning

Faith No MoreEasy

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evablue must learn to love myself more than love to work
evablue @colocoowl you reminded me i should play this band :)

FlunkBlind My Mind

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evablue have to go dig my car out of the snow now. ugh. goodnight. might blip later as my adrenaline will probably kick in after all that physical exertion.
GR8FL This song was in my head when I woke up... Bang bang, that awful sound
ooopsydaisy fly me to my summer getaway, that'll do
ooopsydaisy he was the nazz with god given ass
ooopsydaisy Now did you catch what I said? Did you catch what I said?
Sandman5 reblip @DJAnon, who said "One of my favorite covers - Ive blipped this before and will again. :)" Nice cover version! (reblip)
ooopsydaisy you're a bedtime story... the one that keeps the curtains closed

MorphineThe Night

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ooopsydaisy so tired so tired so tired
Sandman5 reblip @GR8FL, who said "feeling a little twin-peekish this afternoon"... Great choice! Haven't heard this one in ages... (reblip)

Julee CruiseFalling

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ooopsydaisy always worth a blip


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ooopsydaisy au revoir blippin mates, off to my little holiday paradise now. back in 2009 ;-)
Sandman5 I think about you in the moonlit night, And the stars all seem to weep....
ooopsydaisy I will tell you how to find your place

To My BoyThe Grid

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ooopsydaisy One day we're gonna live in Paris. I promise. I'm on it.

Friendly FiresParis

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ooopsydaisy a heartbeat a flicker a line... it's just a line
ooopsydaisy I cant do anything but fall a-fall, a-fall-fall-fall
ooopsydaisy this band deserves props for its name only
evablue and who killed @angrybob's work internet life line?
evablue seriously, time to forage for food
ooopsydaisy What did you learn today? I learned nothin. What did you do today? I did nothin.
ooopsydaisy cut copy will make anything sound way more interesting
ooopsydaisy somebody's got the end of holidays blues
ooopsydaisy @paeix tks for the translated message, that was nice! got u in my favs list as well :-) (reblip)
ooopsydaisy something's wrong coz my mind is fading
ooopsydaisy just this one then i'll stop playing weller... today
ooopsydaisy just coz my heart flew to london tonite

BlurWaterloo Sunset

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ooopsydaisy dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984
ooopsydaisy your sunny someday will come one day soon to you
ooopsydaisy too young to reason, too grown up to dream
Quinine @Sandman5 sure, no prob! :) my pleasure; glad to help you pass a milestone...
suchafinemess Seriously the most depressing, honest and touching song EVER.
ooopsydaisy all i want is a room with a view

BlondiePicture This

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ooopsydaisy kinda shoulda sorta woulda loved her if he coulda :-)


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ooopsydaisy aaah back when we were too young to care...
ooopsydaisy coz sometimes a fortnight feels like 100 days and nights
ooopsydaisy reblippin @loylooove - beautiful (reblip)
ooopsydaisy the coolest girl you think you ever met
ooopsydaisy we try to keep it together until we fall apart again
ooopsydaisy Oh the boy's a slag/ the best you ever had
futurebiblehero i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this one, thank you victoria
ooopsydaisy i will be a plastic toy for you
ooopsydaisy eu só vou se for para ver uma estrela aparecer
ooopsydaisy (you know this one is for you) Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul
ooopsydaisy they sure will have to come out


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ooopsydaisy i can teach u but i'll have to charge


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green_i_girl Ok Sixteen candles's the song that plays when Jake Ryan picks Samantha Baker up @ her house after the wedding.


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ooopsydaisy It's when all the phases come around the clothes you wear, the sex and love it's enough for the time outta touch out of luck
ooopsydaisy And if it's in your power please purge the memory of this place
bendrix :) reblip=> @lub gotan was such a fantastic project & is a gr8 band! (reblip)
ooopsydaisy Isaac Hayes + south park = groove and a laugh

07. Chef - Simultaneous

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ooopsydaisy she told me more about me than i knew myself

CherDark Lady

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ooopsydaisy (a classic) fix yourself, girl!


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evablue @melodyofyourlife @NyQuilDriver <-- you two have too much love for each other. so which one is hall and which one is oates? :P
ooopsydaisy my all time favorite NO song

New OrderCeremony

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ooopsydaisy lazyn on a sunny afternoon... in the summertime
ooopsydaisy you can't have enough hats, gloves, shoes and summer breaks by the beach with predictable surfers music
ooopsydaisy the stereophonics version was bad... and i cant really have half a song with my 'i believe in miracles' statement can i?
ooopsydaisy change your heart and look around you
ooopsydaisy can i call u topshop hazel eyes
ooopsydaisy blushing @kaliana - tks for the replies, you've picked up some good ones as well... like this one :-) (reblip)
ooopsydaisy @GR8FL just this one and then i'll stop with the kinky boots ost
ooopsydaisy nudge @GR8FL (theme related and one of my favs)
ooopsydaisy dedicated to the man lying on the grass

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

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ooopsydaisy does anyone else think of jack black and children in a van
ooopsydaisy i feel too close to be losing touch
ooopsydaisy @DJnenekrawitz i'd sooo give u props if i had one... *sigh* guess i'm a big prop spender (reblip)
ooopsydaisy embarassingly love this one, in a shout along way
ooopsydaisy what do i know if death... i am alive
GR8FL santamistura those hideous green shoes belonging to @Bside4mymix have got to go! No dancin in that!
ooopsydaisy and tomorrow there’s no school so let’s go drink some more red bull and not get home til about 6

OrsonNo Tomorrow

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ooopsydaisy so wont you say you love me?
ooopsydaisy a little bit of high fidelity
ooopsydaisy quick! play a cool one and get your reputation back
futurebiblehero @redroulettes excellent idea: i'll talk to you under (title) soon. but for now i gotta get some sleep. good nite and good luck...
ooopsydaisy you can't truly see til you know the two sides of Monsieur Valentine
ooopsydaisy in the cold wet dirt i cried

The KillersBones

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ooopsydaisy gotta promise not to stop when i say when
ooopsydaisy you're my life, you're my hope, you're the chain, you're the rope, you're my god, you're my hell, you're the sky, you're myself
ooopsydaisy into the sea, you and me

Jamie Cullum & Katie Melua Lovecats

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ooopsydaisy isn't such a new thing

Peggy LeeFever

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ooopsydaisy Kotkata v orel dnes prevarni

LadytronBlack Cat

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ooopsydaisy i've got to - - run away

Duffy Tainted Love

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ooopsydaisy reblippin @Ireninach: Don't leave me hanging on the teleeeephoneee (reblip)
ooopsydaisy get it on bang a gong get it on
ooopsydaisy like gina lollobrigida in belles de nuit
ooopsydaisy I'm a lady, got my mind made up

SantogoldI'm A Lady

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ooopsydaisy observe the blood, the rose tattoo of the fingerprints on me from you
ooopsydaisy i looked at you and knew you wanted to...
ooopsydaisy shariii-i-iiff don't like it
ooopsydaisy even if to save our own lives, so says I, we are a brutal kind

The ShinsSo Says I

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ooopsydaisy the dreams we have as children, they...
MCWicket The greatest song in the history of mankind
ooopsydaisy oh we’re so disarming, darling, everything we did believe is diving diving diving diving off the balcony
ooopsydaisy love this quiet hearbeat


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ooopsydaisy J`aime l`odeur de ta peau le matin


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futurebiblehero @driczz full title: indecisé. or in other words: peut-etre oui, peut-etre non ...

Coralie ClementInd

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ooopsydaisy the stars the stars the stars
ooopsydaisy Yes I swear it's the truth and I owe it all to you
ooopsydaisy somebody is very karaokish today


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ooopsydaisy cada dia se la traga mi corazon

Mano Negra - Mala Vida

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ooopsydaisy a way, a way, you've got it they say... how do they know when they've never seen it?
ooopsydaisy we are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong
tranca_ruas @ooopsydaisy - my milkshake brings all the boys to the yaaaaaard, damn right!

kelis - milkshake

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ooopsydaisy u know where we are now

Poni HoaxBudapest

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ooopsydaisy the wind is telling stories about us
ooopsydaisy and there's the king of cute folk versions</