riot36 Früher war doch alles besser.
riot36 Like a bird, you know she will fly, fly, fly away
debas eu sempre arrepio com a cena do Ian escrevendo essa música em Control.
DoctorRobert Because someone has to defeat those evil machines
brunogola take a look at the law man...
adermoreira Dica para os momentos mais "quentes".
oorei Once I had a strange love...
russoz This is the noise that keeps me awake My head explodes and my body aches

GarbagePush It

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oorei Hola soy el volúmen de tu corazón........ Alo? Alo!

Plastilina MoshAlo

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Peperuka I'll do anything for you... For bibi yangu, "I am sticking with you".
Lolabe The mind is a razor blade indeed. This song is NOT from bloody José González! Respect the Swedish!

The KnifeHeartbeats

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DJBrandrede Smells like fish and chips ;) Die kommen auf ihrer Tournee übrigens auch nach D-Land. Wollt's ja nur mal gesagt haben.


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bkweb 'Cause all I need is a moment alone to give you my tone and put you outta of control...
deliofaleiro Não existem brasileiras na banda... pura inspiração.
oorei con el síndrome "principio de viernes noche"...

SurkinNext Of Kin

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oorei buena canción para tarde melancólica (lease aburrida)...

JehroAll I Want

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gigia algiuma coisa acontece, e cresce, e se mexe dentro de mim... seriam vermes colaborando com o movimento peristaltico? AHAHAHHA tosca!
JainuX tengo miedo, quisiera estar y vivir en mi linda Cuba

11 Soledad (con Maria Rita)

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sosureimparanoid I got my DD tickets for Friday! (emotionless & cold as ice... all of the things I like)
oorei Great video, great song... (L)

Bright Eyes At the bottom of everything

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mahrcinha She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man... she dreams in color, she dreams in red, can't find a better man.

Pearl JamBetter Man

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centralscru I can tell already that I'm going to be playing this to death!
djmisscloud Morrisey, acho que agora eles tem algo a dizer! "where the president, is never black, female or gay, and til that day,you've got nothing to say to me"


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088 Yael Naim New Soul

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DeceasedRadio Bye bye Mr Hutchinson...1998

INXSBeautiful girl

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DJDaleChumbley Never get enough of this one. Ever. "we don't need, anything, or anyone, if I lay here..."
DJDaleChumbley Reach up for the sunrise... You can touch the sunrise...
mlbroadcast Im not in love, so just forget it, its just a silly phase Im goin through.

10cc - i'm not in love

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UnCatfeLlarg bon dia pel matí! Dilluns... que hi farem :O
yamamiya mp3 blog UPDATE - L-Mo

L-Mo2 - Contagious

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nansan Since I started with Nutini. Thanks for this one @cosita! I love the early Winehouse.
nazaret Speed Up – Funkerman

FunkermanSpeed Up

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nazaret Stepping Stone – Duffy

DuffyStepping Stone

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nazaret Standing In The Way Of Control – The Gossip
nazaret Pale Septembre – Camille
RedRaspus ...and a live version of "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" to finish. Enjoy!
onceacurmudgeon my summer holiday in 99 was to portland, or. and i ate a metric ton of blueberries i picked.
mii きゃー大好きな曲 @ishibutsu Pharrell vs A Tribe Called Quest (reblip)
matador What would tyler durden do...?
ShyTrbleMaker Interesting group. "Punk perspective on blues" - their words. Based in California.
s_wool デリコあるじゃん。
Durante good morning blip


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MeandMySharpie re-blip from @bendrix This is awesome! she definitely is a gem. :) (reblip)
escolta ...musiqueta de bon rotllo per anar fent coses per casa...
LaurentLaSalle Mes paroles s'envoleront probablement en fin de semaine...
novazaneta I fell in love with his voice after watching the Life Aquatic, I listen to him at night and calms me from a day of chaos, I fall deep into his sound.
8pointed_antihuman sometimes you can take people for granted
brunoantunes Semana sem fim ... agora pelo menos consigo ver uma luz no fim do túnel ... demorou mas chegou. Salve a sexta-feria !!
Indraselina It´s Wonderful!!!!

Paolo Conte - It's Wonderful

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Rick_Rocks \0/ p q nem baladei no fds, (working)
Pathy @PaulaC a vibe axé não passa =/ Sou um peixinho fora d'água sem voceeee
PaulaC Candy, Candy, Candy I can't let you go [2] (reblip)
Elling_ A pesar de todo, estoy bien! :) (reblip)
kts2oo1 @thebrownhornet Alright. Time to relax and call off the dogs. Relax yourself and help yourself clear.
DrDisk @santamistura Thanks for reminding me of this. The perfect way to start the day : )
karatte 気をそらせ隊の誘惑。
Daren140 Could this be applied to twitter ? :) (reblip)

Yael NaïmToxic

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crispast sweet about me..nothing sweet about me, yeah (reblip)
deliofaleiro indo dormir cedo para acordar cedo também. gud näit!
formalhaut have a lovelee mondae everybody. see you. good night.
briangreene Not Gonna Get Us Downtown ~ Petula Clark vs. t.A.t.u.
amandamel machado de assis é indie.

BeirutElephant Gun

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skyleigh She wants a Muse – Muse v NERD (reblip)
rusticspiral "Some of those people was loaded on some drugs that it was too sad that we wasn't loaded on." Nice remix. (reblip)
HungryKid not heard this/of these before. it's good tho... (reblip)
oorei No hay mala versión de esta canción.
oorei Animandome...


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HeyCowboy oooh very nice @MysticTris i think you'll like this
LeSamourai is it embarrassing that I find this to be an excellent mash-up that I admittedly would think never would work... yet... does. wow.
LeSamourai for a minimal / house remix of The Knife..... hmmm. :P
oorei quiero que vuelva bowie, el joven, el que hacia estas canciones... menudo escalofrió...
oorei An empty shell I used to be Shadow of my life Was hangin over me...
riot36 This is NOT an aerodynamic afternoon.
nazaret Shut Up And Let Me Go – The Ting Tings
LeSamourai Ronson, one of the nicest artists I met in 2008. Hope to learn something from him in 2009!
LeSamourai five and 1/2 octave vocal range, bizzzzzzitch.
LeSamourai Kathy Diamond is hot!!!? haha. well at least she sounds the part. disco to post-2000 disco.
riot36 @anjuscha Won the maxi once on a Volksbühne-event. Ages ago. Great song! (reblip)
anjuscha last year i listened to it over and over
rosstimson Love this guys tunes at the moment, I'll be buying his new album Drop (Hospital Records) very soon.
LeSamourai and as my sweet dreams, <3

Beatles - Blackbird

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daddyjackpot And then there's this version... Also a source of happy feelings.
NowItsDark very dark, especially the ending


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womadabudhabi Appearing at WOMAD Abu Dhabi in April!


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onyourmark Um, never heard this version but this song was an embarrassing MUST for me in college. My roommates would fall down laughing if they heard this.
marlovely how deep is your love? what a great cover!!! :-)
Burgers !!!♥♥♥!!! For London ♥♥♥
dubo El mejor remix de Metronomy de la historia
nrgins Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - I Only Want 2 Be With U
haizee i think we need to brace ourselves @bunq @XmX
1indienation mucho antes de la Web 2.0, ya existía The Seed 2.0 :P -- haha (reblip)
1indienation i love rjd2 thx benny and lubby :) (reblip)
tubilino hola @sylvia638 dónde eres? tenéis sol por ahí? por aquí está que sale... que no... perhaps, perhapsss (reblip)
bendrix I had to meditate to absorb the profound nature in which this track captures my blip essence. ThanQ my glittery 4 appendage pal=> rb@Sparklepony (reblip)
MixMasterEddie thinks @CrookedPenguin 's find is off the hook. Nice! (reblip)

Gimme Freaks (Rolling Stones vs. Moguai & Tocadisco)

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Miss_Bella download the new Placebo track on their website legally and for free!!!!!
CraigSparks Hey @santamistura . . .while you're spinning Yael, Here's my favorite of hers.

Yael NaimToxic

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JessSM Recomendación de @ZeaMx ya que no encontre Dancing Box que era la que quería poner! :)
Dids @cjh, now even the grammar is wrong, hahaa. @justoffline, is it Egyptian?
MidnightsDriver One of their best songs ever. INXS - Never Tear Us Apart.
Alachia I knew I remembered Adele from somewhere @tai32. Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements. Great song.
bendrix Yes Sir I sure did ... Yonderboi is the mayne => rb@ChilloutScene: "Beautiful...guessing #bendrix uploaded? :) Chill...." (reblip)
anjuscha this video cheers me up in the morning...
sAngelle oh si! Bloc Party + Steve Aoki eso es todo! d-a-n-c-i-n-g

Steve AokiBloc Party

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Terrebelius Great version! Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood sing "Summer Wine"
jackstowe Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan

Lay Lady Lay, Bob Dylan

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liminal The Field – Mobilia

The FieldMobilia

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jackstowe This is Reggae mix. Enjoy!


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LeSamourai a podcast. the 2000's. the hood Internet being act 1. check it.
asterion last one cut out, that sucks, such a cool song...
asterion dont mind me, im like a bull in a China shop so the saying goes...
asterion yeah & dont forget your cute little umbrella while you sip...
bendrix I'm working with Naturally 7. They are the opening act for Michael Bublé. I just met them for 1st time today & spent the past 5 hours hanging out

Sinnerman by Felix da Housecat feat. Nina Simone

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asterion thanks my friend @djcruMbs: "Good Lookin Out Fo Ya @ asterion ! 1 ❤ 1 ♬ Disko Kid Gloves 4 of 4 (me) djcruMbs" & respect to you!!! (reblip)
asterion as much as i love chess & the like, i prefer not to indulge in...

YelloVicious Games

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asterion sorry had to interject...

Siouxie & The Banshees The Passenger

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asterion ...not really, ive live in my town since i was 1...
asterion im out love & respect @ll muah... ps special thanks to @djcruMbs for allowing me pleasure to pillage/aka now playing...
asterion i need more info but im hearing a call of reconciliation & public option, for your 2 senators, if $$$ is an issue 4 u what about cost of war???
chiron08 ✪ merci .. @Mysterymix: "toi aussi mon vieux @chiron08 ;)" (reblip)

DJ KozeEstrella

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asterion ok now im out... & hello, to someone.,..

Marina and The Diamonds: Obsessions (Golden Panda Remix)

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ZEGH printed in gold

Justice - DVNO

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EricSijbesma DJ #nlp weekend spinning. What a feeling. Enjoy your weekend. And i would say :NOW :)
asterion if you are for trickle down economics you best be pissing your pants!!! the people want theirs!!! & not a golden shower!!!
asterion we are all one under the sun... rock, water, tree, etc...

dubstep mix (joe cure caballo)

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dogslikesausages John Mayer – Bittersweet Symphony Live @ The Hollywood Bowl
Faddic Overwhelmed as always with ur sweet replies! tnx for ur presence.. hope i can do it justice one day! rb@BBlanca (reblip)
SpurenSucht Heute ist so ein Tag: Blur - Out Of Time

BlurOut Of Time

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sswayze All of your demons will wither away Ecstasy comes and they cannot stay You'll understand when you come my way Coz all of my demons have withered away
asterion i agree ignorance is not bliss, however, @ work it can be...
asterion thank you very much @Shiner: "night@rachidkas just got sleepy again Rb@GERK: "rb@DJ_SHERO "tune" very nice""i totally Love this song!!! (reblip)
asterion thank you very much @mizhelena: "very useful advice>> @creativeness: "THX ALL! #LOVETHELOVE !! HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY!!""... a delightful song... (reblip)

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

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asterion so it seems, im in a union (not a state worker), & it just so happened that "they" tried to lay us off the same week as Wi, we took our lay off...
ouniversitario Semana #ValentinesDay: Katharine Mcphee – Love Story
sasaloves i'm only gonna let you kill me once.

Diana VickersOnce

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sasaloves take me in and throw out my heart and get a new one.
anjuscha guten morgen! :) rb @Raha: "mornings" (reblip)

KoushikBe With

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New Birth "I Never Felt This Way Before"

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asterion a smashing Portishead remix if im not mistaken...
Faddic u're welcome.. please feel free to pick anything u like ;) rb@EmeraldEyes: "Elias – All We Want" (reblip)
diskurs @craigz: "<3 <3 <3" (reblip)

The Clientele - Paper Planes

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LeSamourai Diplo remix of Sleigh Bells... Kind of disappointing; there really is no big drop. But we aren't all standing in a club right now... so here you go.


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chiron08 ✪ sweet valentine @teresa_8888

Roisin Murphy ~ If we're in love

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Faddic No but, That’s it, start to pack.. Just wait 5min.4ur last song :D (lot of relations ends up as Crazy..) rb@hopedances:"i usually agree with u,but.." (reblip)

Violin Cover: "Crazy" Gnarls Barkley

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Faddic DearFriends like @lotuslight played GW 4me when IwasDown,&Now it's UrTurn toUse its healingPower & uCan always enjoy ur OwnBlues in A way. @ImJustBlue
uzura Sheila - Bang Bang


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GlobalPeaceTalk From sea2sea and gulf to freezing arctic this songs era was during peacetimes after we won the big one was there any more to win - USADefense = Peace

Groovefinder Vs Nina Simone-AintGotNo(IGotLife)

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Flames Randy Crawford - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Prablo_Escobar vi@28apple_chic a french girl's version of a irish dude's tribute to an african american guy (reblip)

Nouvelle VaguePride

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Faddic Why my friend!.. do u want me to play smooth happy tunes for you or u'r just enjoying the blues? rb@ImJustBlue: "I'm blue today.. sorry ppl.. " (reblip)
Tichinha02 "Sim, o amor é vão,É certo e sabido, Mas então (porque não) porque sopra ao ouvido O sopro do coração."
EK_krushsmoofy |O_o| whoa. John Dahlbäck – Blink (META Remix)
naughty_nurse @spacespencer: "have to get something done (which means work). cu later, thx @all!" thanks for the motivation! (reblip)
Backwards :PPPP

Royal Gigolos California Dreamin

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chaacattac Youngblood Brass Band – Nuclear Summer
asterion though i prefer tempera, cause, im too lazy to clean my brushes & it flakes off easily, if dont wipe of my brush after using acylics, they get hard...

Infected mushroom-Muse Breaks

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asamano Con esta rola quiero arrancar el trabajo mañana

Gossip-Heavy Cross

| play
MandyPenn Korn - Freak on a Leash (Dante Ross remix) --- I like this version
PrinceCharmless 19 shots because 20 is just too much.

Steve Miller The Joker unplugged

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Mtii bent ...."swollen"

bent "swollen" [full version]

| play
GR8FL that means nothing in this whole universe compares to you... miss you

Walking With A Ghost by Tegan and Sara

| play

UFO (Van She Tech Remix)

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asterion no prob, its been awhile since ive verbalized something i do everyday, so i got a step wrong, hehe...
asterion the key to revolution is to call for campaign finance reform, so as the politicians can no longer be bribed... demand it from your elected officials!!
1indienation awwwwwww this song is cute

"Little Drummer Boy", David Bowie and Bing Crosby

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Thaiangel feeling good is best:)) thxQ@Dancer12: "TYs, Hugs,Smiles@Thaiangel (reblip)

feeling good-Michael Buble

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nomuser un poco de musica cubana...oder so ;-)
chiron08 ✪ thx, LOL "@Dudelay Best wishes to your 55th Birthday, Emir Kusturica! You rock bigtime! (Riva Starr- I Was Drunk f. Noze) & Blackcat Whitecat)" (reblip)


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The_bluemarine 주홍글씨 M/V (이은주 – Only When I Sleep)

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Yuksek Remix).mp3

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listofnow I *should* have been at her show tonight. (Hope she did this one, because it's brilliant + probably would sound great in PCMH!)
Faddic A great soundtrack produced by Yoko Kanno.. TNX for these 2 beautiful blips rb@TarinnAdaria: "Wolf's Rain ~ Gravity - Maaya Sakamoto " (reblip)

Wolf's Rain ~ Gravity [FanCover]

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bendrix Yeah brutha I know I wasn't on this blip list but I'm snatchN this up its lovely latin cool thx=> rb@RonnieBebop (reblip)
asterion ...

Les Claypool- Highball With The Devil (6/4/09) Memphis TN- Minglewood Hall

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mark_till [cover] Dar Williams - Starman (David Bowie)

Mosaico Flamenco rehearsal "Roma" Vicente Amigo

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eraser buenos días/tardes/noches microbloggers del mundo...uníos... y o sino I shot the Sheriff #PPCiuSOe (reblip)
Lemon Shake y'r booty Blipsta

JazzanovaI can see

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nuria29 Desde que te perdí

Desde que te Perdi -Kevin Johansen-LETRAS.

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