Freestyler Unbelievable – Craig David
Freestyler Walking Away – Craig David
thedomesticdiva This song always puts me in a good mood and instantly gets me dancing. I love the 80s, such a great time period in life.
amberella I full day of meetings with HR never disappoints in making me feel like a cog on a wheel.
megsbaby Thank you Rock Band, my voice is gone.
Orli I'm keeping this great song as a new favorite! Love Lockdown by Kanye Wast
Orli Sometimes I feel I've got to run away

01 Tainted Love

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SmileyD loved this song in it's day!


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Orli Elton John in my morning playlist... happy Friday ya'all
Orli From my morning playlist - Wake up call by Maroon 5 (Lovely♥ morning)
oregonblip Bee Gees... oldie but goodie.
oregonblip One of the Eagles great songs...
oregonblip One of my favorite groups from the past...
oregonblip One of my favorite Coldplay songs... We have so many Warning Signs in today's world. When money stops ruling people we will be more united.
oregonblip Another good Coldplay song. Very nice arrangement and melody. Enjoy... Keep the Peace.


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oregonblip Really like this Coldplay song... I wrote a song for you... what would you do. Dance, relax, enjoy...


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zomigggs Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place.
oregonblip We really do live in a Beautiful World, now if we can just take care of it as Mother Earth intended us to do?
oregonblip More of Coldplay... guess I have it in me today, sorry... ha!
oregonblip For all those ladies with Green Eyes... I bring you Green Eyes by Coldplay. Enjoy your day...

ColdplayGreen Eyes

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oregonblip OK... last Coldplay for now... working all day long without a lunch. I was thinking of going on a 3 day fast to be more connected.


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oregonblip A little Fleetwood Mac... one of the best known songs I believe Rhiannon.
oregonblip This will get your feet moving... nice drum beat to it.

Fleetwood MacTusk

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oregonblip OK, get up and stop walking... Summer in the City... a classic Lovin' Spoonful. Smell the exhaust, ha!
oregonblip I hope we are all Happy Together... great song by and oldies group.
oregonblip How about a little Bread... good music for the easy listening when out on a date. :-)
oregonblip Everything I Own usually comes after the marriage and the divorce... ha ha ha! Great song though... young love... ah!
oregonblip Trying to do what the song says... "Takin' It Easy".
oregonblip A favorite Seals & Crofts. You sure do shine... glad I found you... great song.
oregonblip OK, now everyone should like this I think. Very nice melody. Keep Peace in your heart and share with others to hold.
oregonblip If this doesn't get you our of your chair then there may not be much hope for you... ha! Enjoy... When it gets cold outside... Rated: Heavy Breathing.
oregonblip Wild party, but Mama Told Me (Not To Come)... great left/right sound tracking.
ladypn @DougAlder I'm out of props for you & I have no money, will you take a congratulatory reblip? Congrats on the 500 badge!!! (reblip)

Pink FloydMoney

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oregonblip This is a really good song, at least I think so... and the video isn't bad either.
ladypn I will forever think of the Christmas lights display that was timed to this music, @concernedrancher. ;) (reblip)
oregonblip Nice Elton John song... this train just doesn't stop...
oregonblip OK... that's a wrap for me for awhile... some good old Zombies... later all, enjoy your evening.
OutdoorLori I stand up for what I believe and hope others will do the same. Fight for the underdogs... and those that can't anymore.
oregonblip Anyone remember Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? This is a pretty good one from them. Good Day to ALL
Orli This song always gives me chills: Queen - Show Must Go On
oregonblip One of their better songs... I had a code... now where did I place it. @ladypn wake up!

-Crosby Stills Nash Young Teach Your Children Well

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oregonblip It's Windy... song, not out side. Very pleasant here, had a light dusty of snow last night an now the sky is clear.
oregonblip One of my favorite Association songs... just like the beat. Oh the things I could tell you about Mary, ha!
oregonblip An oldie from the Led. Hello to you @EvDJ lovely day in Oregon after the small snow fall we had in the Valley. (reblip)
oregonblip @ladypn I need Peace of Mind, tea won't do it... ha! Hope your having a good day.

BostonPeace of Mind

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oregonblip It's shining up here too... I really miss John Denver... I get sad when I think about it. Always liked this song. (reblip)
ladypn Could you look me in the eye & tell me that you're happy now?
oregonblip It all seems so ordinary, but I know there is something more going on.
oregonblip One of 3 Doors Down songs that I think a lot of people can relate too.
oregonblip What use to be considered hard rock... ha! I like the drum solo if it is in this version.
oregonblip @ladypn is someone playing Mind Games? Relax breathe and listen to the music ... (reblip)

JohnMind Games

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oregonblip I have a friend that would be perfect for performing this song... he has done some raps that have come out almost like this. (reblip)
oregonblip @Anniepooh I forgot all about this song... nice to find it again... now move along move along move along just to make it through. (reblip)
oregonblip A favorite Cat Stevens song. You do remember the Cat don't you... ha!
oregonblip Anybody for Queen? When rock finally took a different direction. :-) (reblip)
oregonblip I've always like this song... been awhile since I've heard it. Thanks... @Panca (reblip)
oregonblip I like Santa Monica Blvd. at the boardwalk... wow... some sites there... ha! Maybe I will retire there someday.
oregonblip Haven't heard this one in awhile... sometimes I wonder what would happen if my father was around more when I was growing up? I guess I never will!
oregonblip I can't say I've never been to Spain, because I have been to Spain, was there just last year and most of the other places in this song...
oregonblip Wow this is a different version... no Beatles but not bad for a girl group, that harmonize good together.

A Hard Day's Night

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oregonblip High & Low here we go... on a Carousel.

PealCarousel Junkie

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oregonblip Jesse is in so much trouble with her... ha!
oregonblip Like both of these artist. But stop mocking me... ha!
oregonblip Something to remember each day. Most people are slaves to their job, we need to break out of that mole and start living life.
oregonblip These guys were good... this is another classic.
lpowars The Temptations - Ain't Too Proud to Beg
oregonblip Heaven knows... for sure along with a few other key people... ha ha ha!
oregonblip A classic Hollies song. Must take a listen... Peace to all. Feel the flow of music move over you as you play it.
oregonblip Great musical piece. (reblip)


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oregonblip Yes Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me, I'm not sleeping... did no you had a whirling ship. I wonder where he got it. It must be one of mine.
oregonblip A real classic Byrds. Get those stones to gather together... ha! Hi @sophie_o, @djwttw, @r0g1 and of course me @ladypn ...
oregonblip Yeah I miss California some times... especially the beaches and Solvang pastries yum yum... ha! Miss the days of surfing in warmer waters.
oregonblip I'm glad it is Thursday, Monday's can be such a drag... having to go back to work after the weekend. Oh hi to @ninetynine and @musoSF too.
oregonblip Stuck on classics today it seems... I can just see for miles and miles... really out into space miles...
oregonblip The way this starts out if you didn't know any better you would think it was a song from Queen, hi @DougAlder maybe that is because Queen did it too.

The WhoBaba O'riley

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oregonblip @djwttw that would be an interesting story, hum? (reblip)

The WhoSubstitute

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oregonblip When you mention James Taylor... this is one of the songs I always think about. HI @concernedrancher from the Willamette Valley.
oregonblip Just shout and you've got a friend all...
oregonblip Donovan I always thought he sounded a lot like Bob Dylan... This is a classic from Donovan. (reblip)
oregonblip When I play this, everybody clears out. I hear that @BlueJeanBaby I use to use that saying... just in teasing of course. (reblip)
oregonblip Yeah they are and they keep changing so each is special in it's own way... enjoy the day you have. (reblip)
oregonblip Well my minute is up to go home... might be on later... Later all.
oregonblip We might be standing in the rain tomorrow or tonight... anyone want to join in... ha!
oregonblip Take it Easy and don't even try to understand... just have some fun... hi @Veda thanks for the song link, felt like I was there.
oregonblip Can't say I have ever had a Tequila Sunrise... ha!
oregonblip Now stop laughing when I'm in such pain... not really.
oregonblip A favorite Guess Who song.
oregonblip A fav of the Guess Who --- ENJOY. Hope everyone is having a good day/evening.
oregonblip For those who like Kelly... one of her latest I think? Don't keep up with her. Catchy title though.
oregonblip Don't play much Poker... but those who do, this song is for you.

Lady GagaPoker face

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oregonblip One of the best Jason Mraz songs, play it and see if you don't agree... it is a snappy little song. Peace out... let's all go to the beach.

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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JulieK Bummer, lots of great Simply Red tunes are missing :(
oregonblip Jam with a bit of peanut butter... the good type not the recalled variety...


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oregonblip For those following the theme of Love... you know who you are... every time I look at you, no matter what I going through it is easy to see.
JulieK Friday night! Time to party!


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oregonblip A little Pink stuff... ha! Get Sober.


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oregonblip Trying to keep the someone happy mood... since my weekend is going to be a big bummer. (reblip)
oregonblip A real favorite by this group... with a hugh meaning. (reblip)
oregonblip Saw this song somewhere else... gave it a try... not bad. Catchy song.
nosgra And she'll tease you, She'll unease you All the better just to please you
tgaughran Is it gettin' heavy? Well I thought it was already as heavy as can be
oregonblip I'm done waiting on the World to Change... I'm going to start the Change... to massive Love & Peace. Get ready it is coming your way.
oregonblip For all you daughters out there,@djwttw, @MarthaPeaka, @Aluciel, @truejerseygirl, @Panca, @photogurrl and others I might have missed.

John MayerDaughters

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oregonblip Gravity, if you believe it, it will be.

John MayerGravity

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oregonblip Big Song for putting on video productions for sporting events, have used it on more then one occasion. (reblip)
mistermichael @ringslikeabell maybe a tie with "hot fun in the summertime" ?
phatdaddio Thomas "Fats" Waller ...incredible
sophie_o favoritem o @BNB_Tapas para poder blipar hoje na festa! Blip'n'Beer, HOJE, no Tapas Club (Augusta, 1246!) (reblip)
oregonblip Hey pick up the phone... Hello, how are you have you been alright... Hola @sophie_o
oregonblip OK, sorry I'm a day late with this song... just pretend it is Tuesday afternoon. ~~~ Imaginen que es martes por la tarde.
BlueJeanBaby Okay, this is for you Bob, uh, Betty.
oregonblip Get on your flying shoes... @BlueJeanBaby this is one of their best songs I think, maybe it was at a place in time in your wildest dreams.
oregonblip From my good friend George really like this song from him, of course I like many of his songs. He almost plays guitar as good as me. :-)
oregonblip With my back up playing this came out really good. I knew my 12-string would be good for something one day, ha! My Sweet Lord, thanks for everything.
oregonblip George and Paul having some fun and making money at it too... how great is that. So here comes the SUN! Wake up and greet the day to a new dawn.
oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby Yes I do... and I lived here for a few years. This is really different then Marty Robbins version of course.

Old 97'sEl Paso

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oregonblip Oh... maybe I shouldn't have played this... ;-( mood is not in the right place... come on get out of it ... I have things to do.
oregonblip Have been saved my self... so please know what friends can really do and be there for someone in need and make a difference in a life. Love & Light!
oregonblip You begin to wonder if you could find a better word...

The FrayAll At Once

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oregonblip I will Look After You, but remember 6+ billion people are a lot to look after. I will do my best...
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip Betty, here's an upbeat song. (I'm trying to help . . . .)
oregonblip She does have a way about her... Mother Earth that is... Think about it most of this song could apply to our Mother Earth.
oregonblip I found a Reason for me... but I'm not a prefect person but I continue learning and hope to find my way.
oregonblip This is "The First of Me"... it is a choice.
oregonblip Like this song by Sheryl, she is pretty darn good for sure. I bet she puts on a good concert.
oregonblip I don't understand... ha! Turning Maple trees while looking at them is that strong enough... but why do they turn counter clockwise :-)
oregonblip My really good friend Eric, he is just so amazing at playing that guitar. Beautiful song...
oregonblip One of my favorite Eric Clapton songs... very nice. I'm doing better @BlueJeanBaby are wouldn't be playing this song for sure...

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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oregonblip Done so much for you... but I believe it's time for me to fly.
oregonblip OK... last REO for awhile... Enjoy it was In my dreams.
BlueJeanBaby I didn't have time to re-blip (computer problem), but I had to hear this.
oregonblip Ok... let's have a Holiday... everyone up and dance in the streets and take pictures for Flickr and share on Twitter... ha!

Green DayHoliday

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oregonblip Like the guitar playing in this... something I can relate too.
oregonblip A little Neil Diamond... enjoy all. Morning @ladypn, @hairs2rose, @Greenie, @Aluciel, @r0g1, @worhorus, @BlueJeanBaby ... and others.
oregonblip For the Ladies... great song by Neil.
oregonblip That Mr. Bojangles is really something... saw him a few weeks ago at the Bowling alley causing trouble... ha ha ha!
oregonblip A nice song from Neil... don't know that I will but until I can find me... I will be what I AM.
oregonblip OK... just a few more Neil... while I'm in the mood.
oregonblip I think with every breath I took in 1983, this #1 song was playing on the radio... ;) I agree... great song. Thanks @ladypn (reblip)
oregonblip Grassroots... use to listen to them a lot... they have some great songs. Thanks @BlueJeanBaby (reblip)
oregonblip You took me by surprise, I didn't realize.
oregonblip No Time... according to some theorist and those in other dimensions time doesn't exist anyway so not big deal.

Guess WhoNo Time

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oregonblip No Sugar Tonight... maybe we can try something else then ... ha!
oregonblip Fun song to play on my 12-string... They really should have named the horse. Sure remember your name, but can't name the horse.
oregonblip For the Lovers out there... great song. Never ending love...
BlueJeanBaby No songs about hot water, either.
oregonblip Great song by Wham... it was probably one of their best at the time. Hi @photogurrl and @ladypn (reblip)
oregonblip A famous song from the Stones. They must have been listening to me think when they wrote this song... ha!
oregonblip Smooth tones... melting away all problems.

Sade - Cherish the Day

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oregonblip Lets all go on the Caravan.

Van MorrisonCaravan

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Sugartoes i'm totally a sucker for john denver
oregonblip It's like sitting on the islands and just watching the waves come to shore... listening to the waves making their music... Good song @BlueJeanBaby (reblip)
oregonblip Maybe not so Invisible after all.
oregonblip Who would like to go to the Park... we can pretend it is the 4th of July... we can share our food. I can bring drinks and chips... :-)

Chicago - Saturday In The Park

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oregonblip That is a big discrepancy 25 or 6 to 4... ha! Are they in the Park again playing this song? I do that, stare into space. Amazing sites... :) :) :)

Chicago25 Or 6 To 4

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oregonblip Wishing you were here... oh! Cool song... very interesting background sounds. Enjoy ...
oregonblip All she really wants to do is dance... so take her to a club and dance... it will be fun. Enjoy the day/night.
oregonblip Well we have any Witchy Women out there in Blip land... Raven hair, ruby lips, sparks fly from your finger tips.
oregonblip Great song to play on the 12-string... Taking it easy, don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Hi @Orli how's work going?
oregonblip A favorite from Prince or is it Formally Know as Prince... so crazy times. (reblip)
oregonblip We all become the victim of Love sometime...
oregonblip James ... in one of his best... great song... I have songs come to me in the night, but by morning they are gone. I have to start writing them down.
oregonblip A little Luther Vandross ... smooth voice. Enjoy
oregonblip I apologize if I missed anyone today... but of course it's too late to apologize... ha!
oregonblip you should sing this one to my mom :D I'd have to use my Cockney accent @thatgirlmegan (reblip)
oregonblip We can dance if we want to ... we can go where we want to ... we can dance... everything is out of control.
oregonblip Thank you to all that have joined my listening audience, recent joiners @tygerbaby, @SusieBlackmon, @photogurrl, @djwttw and @bluebummie and to others
oregonblip And finally to @Anniepooh and @berzerkeley thanks for listening...
oregonblip You best hold on tight to your dreams...
oregonblip I'm sure a lot of people have heard this of their most famous songs. We of course have no Evil Women on Blip, they are all pleasant ladies.
oregonblip Hello Mr. Tambourine Man, Hi @iKrissi this is one of my favorites from Bob Dylan... and I believe he Byrds did it too. (reblip)
oregonblip So how many have heard Ringo Starr... ha! Never really listened to his music before... but he is from the Beatles so can't be too bad, right?
iKrissi There can only be up, right?
oregonblip @hairs2rose I figured all the women were kind... Hey Ringo isn't to bad in this one... you know it don't come easy.

Ringo Starr - It don't come easy

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oregonblip We blew a gasket on the Grapevine and eighty dollars on repairs - So sorry @tygerbaby ... :-) cool little song. I'll have a burger and a root beer. (reblip)
oregonblip Look out here it comes... tumbling! Hey @iKrissi I see you on too... that's good.
oregonblip OK... this one is good too. I see these guys in concert almost every year at the county fair here...
oregonblip OK... this one is really good too. I wouldn't let her just cry... I would do all I could to help...
oregonblip Oh, this one is really for the ladies who love to be romanced... Hope your day is as nice as this song...
oregonblip Boyz II Men take on the Beatles... ha!
ladypn You KNEW this had to be on a party song list! Once I was a boogie singer, playing in a rock & roll band....
oregonblip @ladypn I really like this ... one of there best, thanks so much for bringing it back to me... (reblip)
oregonblip Another favorite by The Righteous Brothers. Hope you enjoy.
bucketofowls I love this song and since I'm continuing with my old school hits, this was a necessary song.
oregonblip Just one of Marvin Gaye's great hits... Thanks @DebiDeb (reblip)
bucketofowls I'm all out of love; I'm so lost without you.
oregonblip A-Ha... remember them right... aha aha ha ha ha... (reblip)

A-HaTake On Me

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oregonblip Oh yeah a classic Hollies... If I could make a wish, "World Peace", "No One Goes Hungry", "Everyone Cares", "Love is Everywhere", "Clean Air & Water".
oregonblip Can't go wrong with Eric Clapton... I shouldn't have missed those guitar lessons with him... ha!
bucketofowls Here's some Heart for you. I personally love this song, and anyone who's seen American Idol recently knows Allison did it total justice.


| play
bucketofowls A little MJ coming your way, gotta love the man. You know he didn't do anything, he's just really misunderstood.
oregonblip A nice little Sting... ha! Hi @all

StingFields Of Gold

| play
Shyone44 I'm here without you baby...But you're still with me in my dreams...
oregonblip Slipping away... getting the sleep E's ha! maybe this will help... but probably not. Hi @Shyone44, @Veda, @Ofallpieces, @iKrissi, @Aluciel, @djtwwt
oregonblip Maybe this will work better... Oh I mean hi @djwttw told you I was feeling sleepy... hands on keyboard but mind somewhere else.

BostonPeace of Mind

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oregonblip I don't want to miss a thing... so being up all night doesn't help me during the day.
oregonblip Watch Out... you might get what your after... hold tight, were in for nasty weather... transportation is key.
oregonblip Anyone still remember this... it seems to happening again... @SarahWV,@djwttw,@SusieBlackmon,@thatgirlmegan,@phatdadido
oregonblip A great Led Zeppelin song... Enjoy... headed for home... work has been a joy listening with all today. Later... Ramble On
Sugartoes the title track of the new cd. i love it.

U2 - No Line on the Horizon

| play
oregonblip You may say that I'm a dreamer....But I'm not the only one.... how true... dream of world peace and caring for one another, maybe someday soon. (reblip)

John LenonImagine

| play
oregonblip Woman... I can hardly express, my mixed emotions ... Woman I will try to express my inner feelings and thankfulness... Woman I hope you understand...
oregonblip Hey, nobody told me... actually they did tell me, I was just to busy to listen... ha! Now trying to figure out my purpose this time around...
tygerbaby Authorities were hot on the trail - The Borderlines
oregonblip If I lay here, if i just lay here, would you lay with me and just forget the world... Daily... I try but it keeps coming back... ha! Thinks @JulieK (reblip)
oregonblip Hey there @Clark_Griswold going on vacation this year? How about Cheyenne for Frontier Days... I might try that this year.
oregonblip Everybody's talking, but no one says a word...
oregonblip Here without you... ;-( please come back by the way, see if things are different... I'm here without you baby but your still on my mine... Yeah! Yeah!
oregonblip OK... your back... now Let Me Go... ha!
oregonblip Sounds a bit country... Looking forward to looking back on these days...
oregonblip Just fall back into my life and we will go from there...
oregonblip Here it comes over the horizon, the Sun. It's alright... Hey ya @BlueJeanBaby
oregonblip A little favorite of the Beatles... Oh did I say I was in a band and our main focus was on Beatles music. That was a while back... just a little info.
oregonblip Can we all just Come Together... ha! Never had my hair to my knees... I don't fit the song. :-) But do enjoy it.
oregonblip [Paul McCartney – No More Lonely Nights] Nice one from Paul... (reblip)
oregonblip What can you say... always a good time for the Doobies... Don't you think @BlueJeanBaby, @JulieK, Tygerbaby, @sheryonston, @Miss_E, @djwttw, @nosgra.
oregonblip A little Blues Brothers... hope you like... swing those hips and wave your hands in the air... turn on the love light... Shout out to @Carolynnnn
oregonblip She has such an enchanting singing voice.


| play
lpowars Led Zepplin - Dust in the Wind
oregonblip Nice... I could totally play that with my 12-string... think it would sound better on a 12-string too.
oregonblip Good Song by Wild Cherry... thanks @fzarpa for sharing that one... (reblip)
oregonblip A favorite Green Day I want to go on a Holiday... when when can I go on a Holiday... Hey @sophie_o,@Shyone44, @ladypn, @Dinzla, @thatgirlmegan

Green DayHoliday

| play
oregonblip Just a bit of entertaining your ears... the background music is amazing with the stereophonics. Hi @green_i_girl, @DebiDeb, @looby, @flexdaddy, @Orli
oregonblip For Frank and Bob, the two real human beings at one of my favorite sites. Well thank you my @BlueJeanBaby (reblip)
oregonblip Every little thing is magic ... umm-yeah... sort of like that... ha!
oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby... did you play this one yet from Aerosmith?
oregonblip Cecilia up in my bedroom... yeah, right!
oregonblip Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel... do like The Doors... @JustJulie let it roll baby roll... all night long.
oregonblip @oregonblip I think you'll like this one, this is great, thanks so much @JustJulie another favorite. (reblip)

Staindso far away

| play
oregonblip A little bit of the Raidohead... High & Dry... well what ever... nice sounds and good guitar background.
oregonblip Oh @JustJulie don't get me started... ha! Yes of course I like... thanks so much. (reblip)
oregonblip @JustJulie, so do you like this song by Dido?


| play
oregonblip @JustJulie, @tygerbaby, @BlueJeanBaby, @djwttw, @ladypn, @SusieBlackmon I think you will all like this song... I'm sure there are lots of others too.

nicklebackFar Away

| play
oregonblip Get up and dance... you know you want to... ha! Hi @Kaethe_Cox


| play
oregonblip For @BlueJeanBaby and others that are interested of course... share the music, share the love... keep on playing on.
oregonblip She is always interesting... don't you agree.

Imogen HeapThe Walk

| play
oregonblip Don't really walk away... Hi @green_i_girl... @JustJulie what about this one?

The Nadas - Walk Away mp3

| play
oregonblip I will be what I AM, the Solitary Man @JustJulie
oregonblip Here I Go Again... Home that is... Been good Bliping with everyone... let's do it more again later or tomorrow. Blip you later... here I go again.
oregonblip And the sky is gray... Oh... yeah... an oldie, but goody... thanks @shortygal (reblip)
oregonblip Hey it's sunny here today... yeah!
oregonblip Oh yeah... great song by Carlos.
oregonblip She has always been a favorite... great song.
JulieK If you're blue n you donno where to go to why don't ya go where fashion sits
oregonblip Keeping with the woman theme... A little Cat Stevens for you.
oregonblip More on keeping with the woman theme...
oregonblip Stevie Nicks... can't go to wrong... different for sure though.
oregonblip @pcornqueen If you only knew the magic around us... :-) (reblip)

HeartMagic Man

| play
oregonblip I use to be the leader of the band...
oregonblip Hey ya @BlueJeanBaby... here you go. Way back in 67... ha!
oregonblip There must be a @Josie in Blip land don't you think?

Steely DanJosie

| play
oregonblip I saw the other day she has a twitter account... for those interested. Oh oh oh oh oh... I wonder if @gaga is here.

Lady GagaPoker face

| play
oregonblip Interesting... haven't heard a lot of her songs, she is pretty good for sure.

Lady GagaThe Fame

| play
oregonblip Don't worry... really just be happy now. Hi @Maureen thanks for listening. Good day @sophie_o,@JulieK and @llrjerseygirl nice to see others joining.
shortygal Eddie Rabbit – I Love A Rainy Night
oregonblip It can be like this... get out on the road of life.
oregonblip So how many have heard this one before... very nice... one hit wonder.
oregonblip Another... one hit wonder I believe.
oregonblip OK, I believe I have walked in Memphis... many times. Road trips are such fun.
oregonblip OK... this is for @Jane hope she is listening...
oregonblip Let's all be Social... but without the Rumors... Hi @Orli glad to see you about...
oregonblip Could use some of that Afternoon Delight., always ready anyway... ha ha ha!
oregonblip Anyway... it is just a one hit wonder I believe.

Faith No MoreEpic

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oregonblip Oh I remember hearing this a few times for sure... see if you remember it too. HI @amberella, Carolynnnn, @ninetynine
oregonblip You do know who David Archuleta is right, from American Idol...
oregonblip Yes I do... Hi @SarahWV @SusieBlackmon @djwttw just tell me why. Great song... one of their best.
oregonblip One more Backstreet Boys...
oregonblip A little cold to play... in your head.
oregonblip @SarahWV been taking a sabbatical, will be back in action soon... in reference (Land of Confusion), waiting for help from above. :-)
oregonblip A Bad Day can be turned into a good day... with inner peace and just carry the joy around with you. Hi @thatgirlmegan, @sophie_o, @sheryonstone
oregonblip Oh @Ofallpieces you just need a little Bubbly, but maybe not the song variety... ha!
oregonblip A little jazzy... so if your not a jazzy person just click on next song... That's where it's At? It is a bit interesting.

BeckWhere It's At

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oregonblip OK... for @shortygal maybe this is something you will like?
oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby Baby Hold On... you remember these guys?
an_bhean good night - i'm out of steam
an_bhean Cat Stevens – Morning Has Broken
shortygal Lovin' Spoonful, – Do You Believe in Magic
oregonblip Who likes the Rod... Steward that is, ha! @shortygal, @photogurrl, @worhorus, @SarahWV, @Aluciel, @marilovisky good day to all listening.
oregonblip OK this is for @Maggie and @May if your listening... hope your day is filled with joy and of course I hope you like Rod Steward.


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oregonblip Hope everyone likes Bryan Adams. Hey @BlueJeanBaby... do you like Bryan Adams songs?

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

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oregonblip @djwttw this sounds like rain hitting the ground and dancing around ... sorry for the dreary day... the Sun is there... someplace...
oregonblip Let's get on the Caravan ... @nosgra Buenos días, ¿cómo se va el día?

Van MorrisonCaravan

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oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby... not Aerosmith again... ha! Here is some jazz for you...
oregonblip This sounds really good on my 12-string. What about America... you can't not like them, can you?
oregonblip Like this song by Simon and Garfunkel...
BlueJeanBaby @oregonblip Yeah, I went to all their concerts, but this is one of about three of their songs I actually like.
oregonblip Hi @Greenie thank you... happy almost Friday to you... I wonder if there is a @Windy out in Blip land... they should have a shout out... :-) too.
phatdaddio @oregonblip like this one too? I like it because it's so pure and innocent. it just is.
oregonblip She's go it... @Venus where are you? HEY @phatdadio morning or afternoon soon here.


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SarahWV We could conquer the world if we would
oregonblip Interesting @BlueJeanBaby be interested in your stories of those days. Although I like all the past groups I move forward and enjoy lots of variety.
oregonblip Give me love love love crazy love... yeah! Great song...
SarahWV Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive


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oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby, not locked into any music. I really like the oldies but I also like some of the newer groups as well and music. But do love the oldies. (reblip)
marilovisky Just a comment... But they really are.
oregonblip So do you think they still the groupies like they had back in the 60's... but now with the new groups? @BlueJeanBaby


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oregonblip Nice and Smooth ... anyone else like Sade?

SadeSmooth Operator

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toad the wet sprocket - 1992 - all i want

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oregonblip Beyond the @invisible is a whole new world yet to be open to us.
oregonblip I'm the Rocket Man... now where did I hide the rocket to take me back to my ship :-) Hope all are having a good day/evening.
oregonblip Looking for that train stop... must be around here somewhere. Hi @thatgirlmegan
oregonblip @iamjavamama yes... If you believe they put a man on the moon. I call it the rock.

remman on the moon

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shortygal Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart
oregonblip Anyone like Men @ Work. Hi @DrMollieMarti, @alexisholwell, @glueandglitter take cover... it get's crazy here.
oregonblip Sun fading in the sky to rise for someone else on a new day... a little Norah Jones. Just think each movement brings daylight to someone else.
oregonblip When you need a cushion from noise then you need some Comfortably Numb to put it behind you. Never carry that which weights you down.
oregonblip Thanks @sheryonstone... very cool... the sun is blinding... should have not stayed up so late again... ha! Thanks... I like it. (reblip)


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