pattyhalpin I wasn't an Elvis nut but I loved this song.

Elvis Presley-Kentucky Rain

| play
pattyhalpin Man am I old. I was ten when this came out.


| play
pattyhalpin The space age had begun and this song captured it for all of us with it's out of the universe feeling......
pattyhalpin For John Powers and Trish in New York City! I'm trying not to send it to Twitter. Sorry I'll figure it out..I hope.
pattyhalpin @pattyhalpin: "Having trouble..with this Blip thing." But I love this guys voice a lot. (reblip)

On Broadway- The Drifters

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pattyhalpin Heard this today on Sirius. A diversion from the NFL network that I love.
pattyhalpin I love this guy....

You Were Mine- The Fireflies

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Party Lights Claudine Clark

| play

Orpheus Can't Find the Time To Tell You

| play

Party Lights Claudine Clark

| play


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pattyhalpin I Met 3 dog NGT wrking at HolidayInn Ft,LD Bch. Fl. Made friends w them. Went fishing W/1 of them. Took Easter BSKS. 2 their Miami HTL Rm. What fun!
pattyhalpin Met these guys on a plane to New Orleans in the 60's. I was heading to homecoming at Ole Miss.


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pattyhalpin Cool song.....been recorded a hundred times by different bands.


| play

Julio Iglesias-Begin the beguine(1998)

| play
pattyhalpin A great song. Please listen!

Texas Tornados, Laredo Rose, Gruene Hall, 1992

| play

Elvis Presley-Kentucky Rain

| play

The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys- Traffic- Live -1972

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Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs -Little Red Riding Hood

| play

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons- Hits Medley

| play

Big Girls Don´t Cry

| play

KISS Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio Ramones Cover

| play

I'll follow the Sun- The Beatles

| play

Frank Ifield I Remember You

| play

frank ifield * nobody else but you

| play

peter and gordon woman

| play

Chad & Jeremy A Summer Song

| play

Andy Williams sings: "Born Free"

| play

Theme From Valley of The Dolls

| play
pattyhalpin Brevard County Florida "Surfing Rules". Kelly Slater - The Hobgoods and more following.
pattyhalpin I always thought it was "gold tattoo"but it's capped tooth - took me about 3 years to understand it!
pattyhalpin Took me about 20 tries on Blip.Fm to get the original "Summer 65" Satisfaction... and what a summer it was.
pattyhalpin Impossible to Blip.FM this and find the original by Hank Williams. Maybe on Rhapsody or Napster but not Blip.FM Hank did it the best. Glen&Elvis

The Everly Brothers-Cathy's Clown

| play
pattyhalpin Love this song...searching for the original right now.
pattyhalpin Got it. What a great song to sing....only want to be with you!
pattyhalpin Love this too..danced with all my kids to this song when they were babies.....Ahhhh music.......
pattyhalpin In those days was Sloopy or Soldier Boy! Without consulting Bing or Google I think it was 1964.

The McCoys Hang On Sloopy

| play
pattyhalpin Where is she now....Leslie Gore....

Leslie Gore- "You Don't Own Me" Live

| play

The lemon Pipers Green Tambourine ; Sony Music Entertainment Audio

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richie valens - la bamba

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pattyhalpin kelly likes this one....and boy can she sing!
pattyhalpin High Noon by Connie Francis!!!! New one on me.
pattyhalpin Great song from Fort Lauderdale Beach 1961...Where the Boys are,

Connie Francis - Where The Boys Are

| play

Candy Girl by The Four Seasons

| play
pattyhalpin Bobby Blue Bland - If loving you is wrong 1962 ! Whoa!
pattyhalpin When I was in 3rd grade I got this record for my birthday and played it over and over again at my Aunt Jean Browns home on Georgia Ave. in Lorain Ohio

The everly brothers- all i have to do is dream

| play
pattyhalpin One more before dinner....Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain.
pattyhalpin This doesn't apply anymore.People R finally getting together? Great words to live by..we need 2 stop splintering..bunch o nuts out there. b friends.

Reach Out of the Darkness

| play
pattyhalpin @pattyhalpin: "This doesn't apply anymore.People R finally getting together? Great words to live by..we need 2 stop splintering. and all B friends." (reblip)

Reach Out of the Darkness

| play
pattyhalpin In honor of Sky amazing it is to be alone up there. One of my greatest achievments next to Shannon- Fallon & Kelly!
pattyhalpin Great song...Foolish Little Girl The Shirelles...
pattyhalpin this is the better version...When I'm with you!


| play
pattyhalpin Good oldie 100 pounds of clay....He created a Woman.....
pattyhalpin Mr. Postman....deliver da letter da sooner da better...
pattyhalpin Brenda Lee...Coming on Strong...
pattyhalpin Boy I loved this song....All alone Am it. She was about 17 when she sang this I think.
pattyhalpin I loved Gene Pitney....what a voice....
pattyhalpin How fun to sing along w/ Gene! I remember being in 9th grade and my teacher actually played his album in class-cool school Elyria High inthe60s' OHIO.
pattyhalpin Dancing to this one......NBA magic low scoring so Back to Music !
pattyhalpin Connie Francis....Everybody's Somebody's Fool. Blip.Fm is addicting to music lovers.

Everybody's Somebody's Fool by Connie Francis

| play
pattyhalpin Message to Michael...Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick Sings Message To Michael

| play


| play
pattyhalpin Way up North....7 minutes until the NFL draft.. this should be great!
pattyhalpin This is for Norm. Sink the Bismark....6 minutes until the NFL draft.
pattyhalpin It's kind of early in the day for a song like this but I'm working and listening...
pattyhalpin Cliff Richards from 1961 "What I'd Say" see the girl with the red dress one. Remade 100 times....See we were cool then!!!!
pattyhalpin I ws "Geico Money" 4 Halloween- Riverfront Ron&Patti Coleman party. If u think u r too cool 2 NOT wear a costume u R 2 cool 4 their party. stay home.
pattyhalpin I was ten when this came out and when it did everyone started taking guitar lessons! Yep true. But my dad made me take accordian lessons! Yikes!
pattyhalpin Tom Dooley.Linda Brown cousin Lorain Ohio & I had all the song books & we sang this pretty good! No computers, no cell phones just the great outdoors.
pattyhalpin Sloop John B.No matter how old a song is seems someone else did it earlier but you don't know it til u blip it! Or just know it! Sometimes a surprise.
pattyhalpin Oh boy this was supposed to be Carolyn Kennedy singing, it wasn't but... JFKennedy - We all remember where we were when he was assassinated.

Little Jo Ann.....My Daddy Is President

| play
pattyhalpin Heather Nova...Out in New earth and mountains and sky...
pattyhalpin I've got a theme going Kate S. New Mexico, can't find Arizona ( who sang that? ) Kansas City here next probably Ohio.
pattyhalpin Kent State Shootings...Four Dead In Ohio...Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young. I'm from Elyria.
pattyhalpin When I'm with you....Chicago "Beginnings". Time passes must to quickly......
pattyhalpin Mike Douglas introduced the Lemon Pipers -Green Tamborine- then ...the Cincinnati Underground same group. Cleveland earned the Hall of Fame
pattyhalpin Oh man you forget about all these old songs...Simple Simon Says. Easy to dance to...Buddah Records


| play
pattyhalpin Lora Preece and I followed this band from Fort Lauderdale to Miami...Quick Silver Messenger Service.. in the very early 70's late 60's
pattyhalpin Quick Silver Messenger Service..a Green Song...What cha gonna do about me? Listen to the words...Stand up for what you do believe.
pattyhalpin Thanks Kate...I loved this song.. couldn't find it without you....Good Team we are.

Mark LindsayArizona

| play
pattyhalpin Peter Noon...Herman Hermits...but spawned by Mark Lindsay...again thanks to Kate S.

Teen Idols: Peter Noone, Micky Dolenz and Mark Lindsay

| play
pattyhalpin The Monkees' Last Train to Clarksville....
pattyhalpin Cherokee Nation....tomahawk and the bowie knife... taught English to their young...

Cherokee Nation Music Video

| play
pattyhalpin Leah...Roy Orbison...what a voice..and a message.

Leah -- Roy Orbison

| play
pattyhalpin One of my favorite songs.....You Got it! One look from you - I drift away...anything at all - You Got It! Play it- Sing it-Dance it...Alone of course
pattyhalpin Roy Orbison.....Crying. What a voice, do you agree? Who wrote this? I bet Kate will know. Shannon might know too. Shan, are you home from Key West?

Roy OrbisonCrying

| play
pattyhalpin The Weight.....might be a re-blip. Kelly do you blip yet?

The BandThe Weight

| play
pattyhalpin Boston....More Than A Feeling...I closed my eyes and I slipped away...More Than A Feeling.
pattyhalpin Boy I loved this 2..I picked up Paul Pincura fr US Steel - 5PM. Summer job his father made him work College break from Ole Miss. US Steel -Lorain Oh.
pattyhalpin The Vogues...You are My Special Angel (1968) I left Ohio (65) and went in Fort Lauderdale Florida. And all my family followed me, cousins too.
pattyhalpin Now for the version when I was 10. Bobby Helms. cost me a dollar plus tax!
pattyhalpin My Moms favorite Christmas Carol ( Song) from Bobby Helms
pattyhalpin Neal Diamond...this song was not on my top 100 list but look at him then.
pattyhalpin Possibly my favorite song....

Elvis Presley-Kentucky Rain

| play
pattyhalpin Or maybe this was my favorite.. in 3rd Grade.
pattyhalpin Gloria Gaynor...I will survive... send me your requests for songs because after 420 I'm almost out. This Oil spill in the Gulf is not contained is it?
pattyhalpin Never Can say goodbye. Oh yes I can! Goldman Sacs to Wall Street to defend the bank. Might work. Salmon on the grill!
pattyhalpin Carl Sagan Re: Stephen Hawking Cosmos. The Smartest Minds in the World and please watch Diane Sawyer now...Yes there is life out here.
pattyhalpin We would be Egotistical to believe we are alone...

Stephen Hawkins rapping

| play
pattyhalpin 1969 Phil and Eddie in Wildwood NJ booked the 5th Dimension.Be- 4 they were a hit W/ Age of Aquarius! Under contract they played all summer for him!

5th Dimension -- Stone Soul Picnic

| play
pattyhalpin Forget Him if he doesn't love you! Bobby Rydell Can someone send me some oldies I forgot? This is a hard job...PattyHalpin.Com
pattyhalpin Boy I must've been into it at ten years old. I loved these 1957 songs. Diana Paul Anka.....

Paul AnkaDiana (1957)

| play
pattyhalpin Lonely Boy... Anka. What a song writer...Sinatra would agree. Good back-up too.
pattyhalpin Wild One....Bobby Rydell

Wild One Bobby Rydell

| play
pattyhalpin Frankie Avalon, Fabian - Bobby Rydell grew up in South Philly. That Old Black Magic.on Flash Back favorites. That same old tingle that I feel inside
pattyhalpin Do you remember the show " Where the Action Is" kids today would be bored with what we thought was "ACTION".
pattyhalpin There's A Moon Out Tonight...coming up over the Ocean...Melbourne Beach is very nice tonight.

The Capris-There's A Moon Out Tonight

| play
pattyhalpin Busy tonight but I remember. First time I heard this song in Elyria Ohio being picked up after a Holly Hall Dance in High School by Alice Davies Dad.
pattyhalpin Little Red Riding Hood...Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs....

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs -Little Red Riding Hood

| play
pattyhalpin I remember who took me to this movie in the 60's I think I paid my own way.....still am!

To Sir With LoveLulu

| play
pattyhalpin Fire Songs....Johnny Cash written by June Carter....

FireJimmy Hendrix

| play
pattyhalpin In 1814 We Took a Little Trip....The British Kept A Coming...We held our FIRE til we looked them in the eyes.....

Battle of New Orleans, In 1814

| play
pattyhalpin Fire Brigade....1968...good words.
pattyhalpin Jose Feliciano...Light My Fire...another 1968 Song.....the time for hesitation is through..
pattyhalpin Good guitar....Jose Feliciano - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone.
pattyhalpin Ain't No Sunshine ....Michael Jackson..
pattyhalpin Sugar Shack....Jimmy Glimer & The Fireballs!
pattyhalpin listen to the 1st song..and please wait for the second...Hey 98.6 took me some time to find it by Keith..Hey 98.6 it's good to have you back again.
pattyhalpin Solitary Man....Neil Diamond....Part time flings..paper song.
pattyhalpin This DJ stuff is hard...but ahhhh....Music Soothes the Savage Beast. Originally fr. William Congreve. Music has charmes to soothe a savage Breast.
pattyhalpin Baby the rain must fall....1965 Glenn Yarbrough
pattyhalpin Leslie Gore....great song to sing....alone! Dance around a little..hairbrush for a mic.
pattyhalpin Great Lesley Gore song....She's a Fool..
pattyhalpin What a voice...My Heart Will Go On...Celine Dion...I just loved her voice the song had no meaning...just her voice when I first heard this song. Long
pattyhalpin Sea of Love by Phil Phillips good stroll song! If anyone remembers what The Stroll was!
pattyhalpin Earth Angel The Penguins but also done by the "Crew Cuts" what a name!
pattyhalpin Young Love...I loved this song. I was 13! Still know every word.
pattyhalpin Another name that would never fly in 2010...The Dixie Cups! Going to the Chapel of Love....

Going To The Chapel Of Love- The Dixie Cups

| play
pattyhalpin Shirelles.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow1961. When we had no electronic devices- we all played outside until dark W/ no fear of crime in Elyria Ohio.

will you still love me tomorrow? the shirelles

| play
pattyhalpin In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood what words! Love is a many splendored thing...Now I want to dance!
pattyhalpin Connie Francie..same song just stronger. Love is a many splendored thing.
pattyhalpin Pat Boone-Love letters in the sand.I'm heading 2 the beach(Melbourne Beach) right now..a 30ft. walk across SR A1A that runs from Key West to Maine.
pattyhalpin Morning Girl....the little girls growing now....The Neon Philharmonic to go back where love wasn't jumbled is more than kisses.

Morning Girl ~ The Neon Philharmonic

| play
pattyhalpin Before this song they were not Green Berets. "Sneeky Petes " In the shadows where they wanted to be. My husband was one of them. Still makes the bed!

The Ballad of the Green Beret

| play

Help! -- The Beatles[[w/Lyrics]]

| play

Re: Ruby And The Romantics-Our Day Will Come (original 45)

| play
pattyhalpin Crimson and Clover Tommy James & The Shondells.....
pattyhalpin The Shondells.Thanks Nick Campofreda from Fort Lauderdale Florida originally from Marlyand his father was ( WjZ in the 50's) a sports announcer.
pattyhalpin Written by a 19 year old boy....Eve of Destruction 1965......
pattyhalpin The Grass Roots- Let's Live For Today.....don't worry about tomorrow. Take the most from living...What a fun Mothers Day...four generations together!
pattyhalpin 1959 I was 12.I ran all the way home.Just to say I'm Sorry.I remember running home to play I want to hold your hand "Beatles" I paid $1.03 TX In 1964
pattyhalpin Is this the Original ? "Are you ready" to fall in love with me. You hear these songs and think it's the original and it's just not. Please listen.59


| play
pattyhalpin Are you ready? I don't even know how to love you just the way you want me to...Barbara Mason. The one I remember...But I'm ready to learn..Great Song!
pattyhalpin I was a Levl.22 Ft. Ld. Fl. PO Suggested this song 4 an ad It was turned down. Of course they used it years later! Deliver D Letter D sooner D better.
pattyhalpin Anyone who ever loved...The Orlons and I had only remembered it by Dion Warwick...I'll play that next .
pattyhalpin Derek, Eric Clapton & The Dominos - Layla......
pattyhalpin Bell Bottom Blues.....Derek And The Dominos- Clapton!
pattyhalpin After Midnight.....Eric Clapton- Geeze I don't see Midnight anymore. Early to bed early to rise makes me healthy-wealthy and wise? And boring!
pattyhalpin Itchycoo Park...What did you do there? I got high...what did you touch there? I touched the sky. It's all too beautiful....Ahh the 60's
pattyhalpin Listen children to a story..One tin soldier rides away....I love the message ..with our brothers we will share. Just great words so please listen! OK?
pattyhalpin Vanilla Fudge-Lora Preece and I met them in Miami about 35 years ago...they were just becoming.....You Keep Me Hangin' On. Where are you now?
pattyhalpin Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier....If you know your History....
pattyhalpin Stir it up.....Marley again...Stir it up little darling...It's been a long long time since I got you on my mind....
pattyhalpin Jackson Browne - Running On Empty....I don't know where I'm running ...
pattyhalpin The Stone Poneys - Different Drum ( 1967) Linda Rhondstat....If you live without me....I'm not ready...She still is great..Political but still great.
pattyhalpin Gloria Gaynor - Never can say goodby - Songs are so much fun- a universal release- NFL season ( for me) and music- life's simple pleasures.
pattyhalpin California Nights - Lesley Gore....Yes I love California Nights.....
pattyhalpin Sunshine Lollipos & Rainbow...I'm singing this now.....My life is ...
pattyhalpin 1964 Dave Clark Five - Bits And Pieces......
pattyhalpin Fabian.....Like a Tiger....

Fabian Tiger

| play
pattyhalpin I saw Paul and Paula at "The Note" on Lake Erie in 1965. Tom Gaul was there.
pattyhalpin Hungry.....Paul Revere and the Raiders.
pattyhalpin People Are Strange - The Doors....When your strange...
pattyhalpin Vanilla Fudge.....You Keep Me Hangin' On....Set me free why don't you babe?
pattyhalpin Left BankeWalk Away Renee- Lora Preece& I saw them in Lorain 65 followed the Cleveland Hopkins Airport sang this song backs turned to the audience!
pattyhalpin Willie Nelson - Always on my mind.....
pattyhalpin Your were on my mind....We Five.....
pattyhalpin The Seekers....You were on my mind.
pattyhalpin Elvis - Always on my mind......tour 1972 Your were always on my mind...
pattyhalpin The Look of Love....Brazil 66 Sergio Mendes
pattyhalpin Brazil 66 Going out of my head....Dione Warwick is better. Next.
pattyhalpin Little Anthony & The Imperials- Better than Dione...Going Out of My Head.
pattyhalpin Oh Man I loved this....Tears on My Pillow....Little Anthony and the Imperials...
pattyhalpin Foolish Little Girl...The Shirelles.
pattyhalpin Will You Love Me Tomorrow? The Shrielles......
pattyhalpin Baby It's You - Again the Shirelles...BlipFM.Com
pattyhalpin Skeeter Davis -The End Of The World.....Why do the birds go on singing?
pattyhalpin Great Song- The Cascades-Rythm Of The Fallin Rain 1963
pattyhalpin Nillson....Everybody's Talking at me.

Harry Nillson-Everybody's Talking

| play
pattyhalpin Kingston Trio- Greenback Dollar.
pattyhalpin This was Lonnie's favortie song in 1964 at Elyria High School in Elyria Ohio!
pattyhalpin Sam Cooke - Bring it On Home to Me - 1962
pattyhalpin Against The Wind - Bob Seger
pattyhalpin The Cascades -Rhythm of the Rain...

The CASCADES-Rhythm Of the Rain

| play
pattyhalpin What Becomes of the Brokenhearted...Jimmy Ruffin...hard to find this one...

Jimmy Ruffin "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" LIVE

| play
pattyhalpin Man I love this song.....You Were Mine....Your Were Mine...Wendy's birthday is on the 29th mine is on the 24!
pattyhalpin Emmylou Harris....Mister Sandman..bring me a dream..
pattyhalpin Procol Harum...A Whiter Shade of Pale....
pattyhalpin Walk on By...Laura Nyro

Laura NyroWalk On By

| play
pattyhalpin Streisand-Stony End....

Barbra Streisand- Stoney End

| play
pattyhalpin 'Up on the Roof" When people are too night the stars put on a show for free....Up on the Roof...I found a enought for two.

Laura Nyro, "Up on the Roof"

| play
pattyhalpin The Rain,The Park & Other Things.....Flowers everywhere.
pattyhalpin Age Of Aquarius -

Age of Aquarius

| play
pattyhalpin The Chiffons...One Fine Day!
pattyhalpin Dion & The Belmonts - The Wanderer
pattyhalpin Pitney - I'm Gonna Be Strong ( 1964 )
pattyhalpin Mecca - Pitney Kelly, Fallon and Shannon were "danced to Pitney as infants".
pattyhalpin Now for Dinner and Jeopardy but first- Elvis - Kentucky Rain...
pattyhalpin One more - Johnny Crawford - Cindys Birthday. And do you think Orlando Magic can win tonight ? If they all perform we can win it but Boston is great
pattyhalpin For Kate and Chandon from Patty....

The Rascals-It's a Beautiful Morning

| play
pattyhalpin Good Tune....Laugh, Laugh The Beau Brummels...sitting here waiting for TIGER!
pattyhalpin The Delfonics-Didn't I ( Blow Your Mind This Time)
pattyhalpin My favorite 3rd grade song. Left the record in the car and it melted! All I have to do is Dream....
pattyhalpin Getting Better- In regards to the Real Estate Market...getting better all the time. It can't get much worse.....better..better..better.PattyHalpin.Com

Getting Better- The Beatles

| play
pattyhalpin The Zombies....Time Of The Season ( 1968 ) I voted for Nixon that year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
pattyhalpin Boy did I love this song.....She's Not There. The sixties.
pattyhalpin My High School Graduation Song....Help!!!!


| play
pattyhalpin Malo I never met a girl in my life.Suavecito.Mike Horgan frm Napa turned me on to them in the 70's.A great song! Please listen. Patty McCray Halpin


| play
pattyhalpin My Brother Mike told me to Blip this party song along with Louie Louie,
pattyhalpin I love this song...Dee Clark Original Stereo....I was a little girl and remember singing it!
pattyhalpin Great Song recorded by several but I still like this the best.....The Rivieras.
pattyhalpin Pet Clark she hosted Sirius yesterday the 60's I listened it all the way to Fort Lauderdale and back. 300miles of music.
pattyhalpin Wanda Jackson had a hit with this and man was she cool. My brother Mike McCray turned me on to Wanda....Who was first?

"Let's Have A Party"- The Rivieras

| play
pattyhalpin Dee Clark. We knew every word no computers just song books! We played outside dusk/dawn no matter the weather. How different it is now. Not better.
pattyhalpin I know it reminded me of Steve this..wherever my heart leads me "baby I must go" My heart is mine to give away it never will be sold.
pattyhalpin I am not lonesome but I love his voice. I dont' even know if Glenn Yarbrough is still alive.
pattyhalpin Pet Clark ... We choose it win or lose it...Kiss Me Goodbye...she's still singing. Sings in French and German.
pattyhalpin My very favorite by Dusty Springfield. Only want to be with you!
pattyhalpin Petula Clark chose this her favorite Dusty Springfield song. Listen to the words. The only one that could ever reach me was a son of a preacher man.
pattyhalpin I met theTurtles back stage when I did I didn't know who they were in white t-shirts. He said do you like the Turtles - I said I came to see Bobby Vee

The TurtlesElenore

| play
pattyhalpin Met Outsiders a plane on my way to a Rolling Stones concert in 65 New Orleans Tickets 5 bucks & the plane wasnt' much more. I sat next to outsiders.
pattyhalpin shoobie doobie doobie do ba....Skeeter Davis. I can't stay Mad At You. I think the rappers could do this real good, everything stems from the 50's&60s
pattyhalpin Then He Kissed Me! This could be turned into modern rap don't you think?
pattyhalpin Andy Williams recorded this but Skeeter did it first? I'm not sure. Can't get used to losing you.
pattyhalpin Laine I spelled it wrong earlier. The Call the Wind Maria.
pattyhalpin Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleft -The Theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
pattyhalpin hey sheila check this version out by Andy Williams
pattyhalpin For Sheila Wilson....Andy Williams Moon River
pattyhalpin More Andy Williams... Sheila will like this too, play it to John. Great words. I wonder if this goes to face book?
pattyhalpin Vanilla Fudge Oh man Laura Preece and I saw these guys in Miami at the Fountainbleu Hotel...followed them afterwards!!! Ha, how fun.
pattyhalpin One of my favorite songs Dusty Springfield- I only want to be with you.
pattyhalpin Elvis Presley Kentucky Rain