Fluffybootz Speedealer – Nothing to me - tyvm@pcurl and for @c[unctn_again
morganh The Tubes - White Punks On Dope

The Tubes "White Punks On Dope"

| play
Tuneaholic Garbage – Battle In Me (Yahoo Music)
doyler29 The Gun Club - Walkin' With the Beast

The Gun Club Walkin' With The Beast (HQ)

| play

Elvis Costello Everyday I Write the Book

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Loved this song since I was just a little go go girl ;) Thanks! rb@DJBadBilly: "Flirtations..Nothing But a Heartache" TY @LilIvy @PDNJ" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Almost time for the embalming? @MFP4073 @roguetimeguy

Dr.T & The Undertakers-Undertakers Theme

| play

Little Montie Jones- You're Just That Kind

| play
NaturalDancer Saw them once; singer hung himself by mic wire! Was rescued! rb@Fluffybootz: "The Dead Boys–Ain't nothing to do (1977)- GOOD NIGHT bliplings!!!! xxxx" (reblip)
ducks2007 hey there! happy Thursday - done working out? rb @ellendiane: "ty for listening;) rb@WhiteHorse: "PJ Harvey - Down by the Water"" (reblip)

PJ Harvey Down by the Water on Jools Holland

| play

The Professionals -Just Another Dream

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice It's common knowledge. oops ;) rb@Fluffybootz: "The Reatards – "Your So Lewd" - (1999 7-inch) ;)) more like we are honey!! :)):@PDNJ - ** mwah** ttfn" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I could add some broth to my chili for you, @scotlandlover If you like it spicy, that is. :)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I'm more giggler than snorter. With the occasional cackle thrown in to annoy people. :) @Lunaladee
NaturalDancer Can't believe this didn't cross out... @SylverHawk
Tuneaholic She'll cast a spell on you :) That's OK it's just a Philosophy & I've got some Ash on my forehead anyway :):) TY rb@Miss_Philosophy (reblip)
pcurl Elvis Costello - "Radio Radio" // rb@ChIcCoDoRo@killerswp@yahowa57@me (reblip)

Elvis Costello ~ Radio Radio

| play
pcurl B-52s - "Private Idaho" // rb@NaturalDancer: "Big Hair days, but yet Bee-Hive style! :D rb!@LostSoul (reblip)

B-52's Private Idaho

| play
mark_till Jack Off Jill--Love Song (The Cure cover)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Time to get off it and get on it. Thanks @pcurl @oopipip @mxtxmxtxm & all you lovely weirdos! ;*
DarkLady Talking Heads – "Road To Nowhere"
SafetyPunk Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick (HQ)

Slime-Rebellen-Official Video

| play
killerswp @salondelynn: "Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry "Did You Evah" (Cole Porter) @killerswp" (reblip)

Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry Sing "Did You Evah"

| play
neilvalla There is one thing that sure worries me My good gal packed her suitcase, walked off and left poor me

'I'm Throwin' Up My Hand' REVEREND GARY DAVIS, Blues Guitar Legend

| play
pcurl My Brightest Diamond - "Inside a Boy"
pcurl I heard this the other day. I had to share it. Bill Black's Combo - "Smokie Part II"

Smokie, Part 2 by Bill Black

| play
pcurl Eddy Arnold - "Cattle Call" I love where this song takes me.

Eddy Arnold Cattle Call

| play
pcurl That boy needs therapy ... The Avalanches - "Frontier Psychiatrist" He also made false teeth ...
pcurl The Wolfgang Press - "Going South"
pcurl Duane Eddy - "Rebel Rouseer" from Hullabaloo.
pcurl Bikini Kill - "Hamster Baby" hellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohellohello

Bikini Kill- Hamster Baby

| play
pcurl Screamin Jay Hawkins - "I Am The Cool"
pcurl Blondie - "Fade Away and Radiate" feat. Robert Fripp

Blondie Fade Away and Radiate PARALLEL LINES

| play
pcurl The Dresden Dolls - "Necessary Evil" on Jools Holland

The Dresden Dolls on Jools Holland

| play
pcurl Props for this! Thanx: @MasterPimpBerrySlim (reblip)

Johnny Hit and Run Pauline X Live

| play
pcurl Eths - "Bulimiarexia"


| play
pcurl My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - "Babylon Drifter" ... Ride the Mindway!
pcurl MoistBoyz (Dean Ween's side project) - "Tweaker"
pcurl Skin Yard - "1,000 Smiling Knuckles"
pcurl Bloody Hollies - "Satanic Satellite"

Bloody Hollies "Satanic Satellite"

| play
pcurl Circle Jerks - "When The Shit Hits the Fan" (accoustic)
pcurl Gravity Kills – "Guilty" (Juno Reactor Remix)
pcurl Bikini Kill - "Hamster Baby"

Bikini Kill- Hamster Baby

| play
pcurl Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Black Betty" (Live)
pcurl Saaa-weet liveage! Sonic Youth - "Brother James" (Live)
pcurl The Fall - "Psycho Mafia"

THE FALL-Psycho Mafia

| play
pcurl Imperial Teen - "Yoo Hoo"
pcurl Sugar Ray - "Mean Machine"
pcurl R A M O N E S - "I'm Against It"
pcurl D E V O - "Uncontrollable Urge" (Live)
pcurl PJ Harvey - "50 ft. Queenie" (Live)
pcurl Richard Hell & the Voiddoids - "The Kid with the Replaceable Head"

"The Kid With the Replaceable Head" by Richard Hell & The Voidoids

| play
pcurl Juicy Bananas - "Bad Man" // They know I ain't no cop. They think I come to kill 'em, and I would. //
pcurl SNFU - "She's Not on the Menu"
pcurl I love this song. Mike Patton - "A Perfect Twist"
pcurl The American Analog Set - "Million Young"
pcurl Rammstein - "Engel"


| play
pcurl @Lavender Freaky cool psychic connection? You played Dead Boys, my fav band. Singer's from my hometown. Never saw u play 'em. Yet u did on my b-day.
pcurl Einstürzende Neubauten – "Was Ist Ist"
pcurl Dave Dudley - "Six Days on the Road"

Six Days On The Road by Dave Dudley

| play
pcurl Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – "Little Red Riding Hood"
pcurl Social Distortion - "Far Behind"
pcurl DNA - "Blonde Red Head" (from "Downtown 81")
pcurl The Veils - "Calliope!"

The VeilsCalliope

| play
pcurl Alice in Chains - "Check My Brain"
pcurl Clinic - "Shopping Bag"


| play
pcurl Wipers - "Doom Town"

WipersDoom Town

| play
pcurl Smashing Pumpkins - "Doomsday Clock"

Smashing Pumpkins Doomsday Clock

| play
pcurl The English Beat – "Mirror In The Bathroom"

Mirror In the Bathroom

| play
pcurl The Kills - "Monkey 23"

The Kills- Monkey 23

| play
pcurl Rocket From The Crypt – "Born In '69"
pcurl The Bloody Hollies - "Watch Your Head"
pcurl Duane Eddy - "40 Miles of Bad Road"

40 Miles of Bad Road -- Duane Eddy (in HD)

| play
pcurl Sic Alps "Bells"

Sic Alps "Bells (w/ Tremolo and Distortion)"

| play
pcurl Jenny Lewis - "Black Sand"

Jenny Lewis 'Black Sand'

| play
pcurl The White Stripes - "Rag And Bone"
pcurl P. Paul Fenech - "Nick and the Preacher"
pcurl Jawbox - "Lil' Shaver"

JawboxLil' Shaver

| play
pcurl Robert Gordon & Link Wray – "My Baby Left Me"
pcurl Ampersand - "Fake Motherfuckerz"
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice You're the exception. @Koei: "And if I was a little bit naughty, do I still get my cooky? @anderkaliber: "hahaha vi@me: "Good boys get cookies. :)"" (reblip)
pcurl RAMONES - "This Business is Killing Me"
pcurl The Organ – "Basement Band Song" // I love love love this song.
Fluffybootz The Arcade Fire – Wake Up:@InnerRhythm ;))
pcurl Garbage - "Bleed Like Me"
pcurl The Raconteurs - "Many Shades of Black"
pcurl The Cribs - "We Share the Same Skies"
pcurl The Goops - "Vulgar Appetites"
pcurl X - "White Girl"

X White Girl

| play
pcurl Warpaint - "Elephants" // This is a great cut. Thanks rb@PJharvey (reblip)

Video: Warpaint, "Elephants"

| play
pcurl ETHS - "Crucifère"


| play
pcurl The Fucking Eagles - "Gentlemen's Blues"
pcurl Lloyd Cole - "A Long Way Down" // From a great album!

Lloyd Cole, 'A Long Way Down', 1991

| play
pcurl Klark Kent - "Theme for Kinetic Ritual" // aka Stewart Copeland's "Theme to 'The Cutting Edge' "

Klark Kent: Theme for Kinetic Ritual (full)

| play
pcurl Tom Waits - "Missing My Son" // I laugh ever time I hear this
pcurl Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – "Scum"

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

| play
pcurl The Cramps - "Like a Bad Girl Should" // I'd readily risk a rash from Poison Ivy
pcurl Propellerheads - "Velvet Pants"
pcurl Eddie & The Hot Rods - "Teenage Depression"
pcurl I REALLY like this song: Земфира - "Снег начнётся" // I believe it's "Snow Will Begin" by Zemfira.
pcurl MARRS - "Pump Up the Volume"

MARRS Pump up the volume

| play
pcurl Radiohead - "Jigsaw Falling Into Place"
pcurl Chrome - "Zombie Warfare"

Chrome Zombie Warfare

| play
pcurl Soundgarden - "Hands All Over" (Live)
pcurl Death From Above 1970 - "Turn It Out"
pcurl The Cure - "Primary" // More bass!

The CurePrimary

| play
pcurl The Del-Tones - "Taboo" // Thanks @Lavender @pclovinU


| play
pcurl The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary"

The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary"

| play
pcurl Smashing Pumpkins - "Doomsday Clock"
pcurl Jane's Addiction - "Whores"
pcurl The Louvin Brothers - "Knoxville Girl"
pcurl The Cars - "Moving in Stereo"
pcurl 45 Grave - "Evil"

45 GraveEvil

| play
pcurl The Smiths - "These Things Take Time" // Modern times answer to Wilde
pcurl Ramones - "Carbona Not Glue" // The choice of a new generation!
pcurl Hog - "Get a Job"

Get a Job-Hog

| play
pcurl Zombina & the Skeletones – "Leave My Brain Alone"

Zombina And The Skeletones- Leave my brain alone

| play
pcurl April March - "Chick Habit" // This song drives me crazy - gets my head all wiggy
pcurl The Cramps - "God Damn Rock & Roll"
pcurl Blonde Redhead - "Equus" // I love this band and this song. TYRB@semmy (reblip)
pcurl Southern Culture on the Skids - "Soul City"

Southern Culture on the Skids: "Soul City"

| play
pcurl Man or Astroman? - "Spferic Waves" // I know a guy who was struck by lightning twice, yet he has the least electric personality of anyone I know.

Man or Astroman? "Spferic Waves"

| play
pcurl Spinnerette - "Geeking" // Going nowhere fast.


| play
pcurl Big Red McHouston - "I'm Tired"

Big Red McHouston (Mickey Baker ) I'm Tired

| play
pcurl Crystal Method - "Name of the Game"

The Crystal Method "Name of the Game"

| play
pcurl The Whigs – "Right Hand On My Heart"
pcurl Stone Temple Pilots - "Big Bang Baby"
pcurl Soviettes - "#1 is Number Two" // Hello and ty@kramehr@burcin@zoja01

The Soviettes "#1 is Number Two"

| play
pcurl Supersuckers - "Creepy Jackelope Eye"
pcurl Squirrel Bait – "Tape From California"
pcurl Donnas – "Who Invited You"
pcurl Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice"

Weapon Of Choice by Fatboy Slim (High res / Official video)

| play
pcurl Johnny Cash - "Rusty Cage"

Johnny Cash Rusty Cage Leno

| play
pcurl Little Eva - "The Loco-Motion"
pcurl Morrissey - "Irish Blood, English Heart"
pcurl Teresa Brewer - "Ricochet Romance"
pcurl Devil Doll - "Liquor Store"

Liquor Store-Devil Doll

| play
pcurl Descendents – "I'm Not A Loser"
pcurl Plasmatics - "Tight Black Pants"

Plasmatics Tight Black Pants

| play
pcurl Billy Childish & Dan Melchior - "Bottom of the Sea"

Billy Childish & Dan Melchior-Bottom of the Sea

| play
pcurl Stiv Bators - "I'll Be Alright"

Stiv Bators- I'll Be Alright

| play
pcurl Dyke and the Blazers - "Let a Woman be a Woman"
pcurl The Reactionaries - "Need Somebody"

The Reactionaries Need Somebody

| play
pcurl Lemonheads - "Pittsburgh" // Used to love to hang out at Eides in the Strip District


| play
pcurl Cher - "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves"
pcurl The Cramps - "I Walked All Night" // Hello and how're you @staceeshelly ?
pcurl Van Halen - "Little Guitars"
pcurl My Morning Jacket - "Evil Urges"
pcurl Jerry Reed - "Hot Stuff" // @JeffOfOhio Was recorded at that hooker motel near the old flea market/truck stop?
pcurl Le Tigre – "Deceptacon" // I looooooooove Kathleen Hanna.

deceptaconle tigre

| play
pcurl Stewart Copeland - "Kinetic Ritual"

Kinetic Ritual by Stewart Copeland (The Police)

| play
pcurl Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – "Crimson & Clover"
pcurl Talking Heads - "The Lady Don't Mind"

Talking Heads The Lady Don't Mind

| play
pcurl Dave Dudley - "Six Days on the Road"

Six Days on the Road Dave Dudley

| play
pcurl Elastica - "Annie"
pcurl The Doors - "Hello, I Love You"
pcurl Satan’s Pilgrims - "Theme from 'Beat Girl'"
pcurl Fu Manchu - "King of the Road"
pcurl RAMONES - "All Quiet on the Eastern Front"
pcurl Dragonette - "I Get Around"

dragonette I get Around video

| play
pcurl Echo & the Bunnymen - "The Cutter"
pcurl George Thorogood - "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" // I love this for the funny lines of the story.
pcurl PJ Harvey - "Sheela-Na-Gig"
pcurl The Blasters - "Marie Marie"
pcurl Neutral Milk Hotel - "Two Headed Boy"

Neutral Milk Hotel-Two headed boy

| play
pcurl Monster Magnet - "Slut Machine"
pcurl Nirvana - "Negative Creep" (Live)
pcurl Mike Patton - "A Perfect Twist"
pcurl Suicidal Tendencies - "Subliminal"
pcurl The Statler Brothers - "Flowers on the Wall"

The Statler Brothers: Flowers On The Wall.

| play
pcurl Jawbox - "FF=66"


| play
pcurl Josie and the Pussycats - "Main Title"

Josie & The Pussycats Main Title (1970)

| play
pcurl Jesus Lizard - "Mouth Breather"
pcurl Pixies - "Head On"

Pixies Head On

| play
pcurl Buffalo Tom - "Sodajerk"

Buffalo Tom ~ Sodajerk

| play
pcurl The Fall - "Cyber Insekt" // F#$@*%!!! {{SPLAT!}} Got 'im!
pcurl Alice in Chains - "Check My Brain"
pcurl Bikini Kill "Star-Bellied Boy"
pcurl Dinosaur Jr - "Feel The Pain"
pcurl JFA - "Preppy" // Heartwarming that Jodie Foster Army and Salvation Army call a truce during holidays.


| play
pcurl I sold it years ago. Doubled my $ @roc_one: "@JeffOfOhio: "@pcurl has their album@Fluffybootz: "GBH- Sick boy""" (reblip)

GBH- Sick boy

| play
pcurl Alice in Chains & Gretchen Wilson - "Barracuda" (Live at VH1 Rock Honours 2007)
pcurl Garbage - "I Just Wanna Have Something To Do"
pcurl Karma to Burn - "20" // Saw 'em long time ago. Interviewed them, but couldn't sell the article.
pcurl Tool - "Hooker with a Penis" // Yeah, @JeffOfOhio I guess I am a sellout. A fat bank account helps me sleep at night.
pcurl Black Keys - "My Mind is Ramblin"
pcurl Gomez - "Options"


| play
pcurl Helmet - "Ironhead"


| play
pcurl Fugazi - "Waiting Room"

Fugazi-Waiting room

| play
pcurl Casualties – "Brainwashed"
pcurl Capt. Beefheart - "I'm Gonna Booglarize You, Baby"
pcurl Monomen – "Over the Edge"
pcurl The Cars - "Touch and Go" // I'd love to see some full episodes of "Fridays" to refresh hazy memories.
pcurl Duane Eddy – "Rebel Rouser"
pcurl DEVO - "Mongoloid" (Live/1978)
pcurl A Wilhelm Scream - "Get Mad, You Son Of A Bitch"
pcurl Beastie Boys - "Professor Booty" // No one likes watered down Yoo-hoo @JeffOfOhio

Professor Booty

| play
pcurl The Fall - "Boxoctosis"

The FallBoxoctosis

| play
pcurl Dinosaur Jr. - "I Don’t Wanna Go There" // Inspired by @Suzbunny & @BetterLuckier

I Don't Wanna Go There-Dinosaur Jr.

| play
pcurl RAMONES - "Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Make Me Think of You"
pcurl Pixies - "Holiday Song"
pcurl The Atlantics - "Come On"
pcurl Young Fresh Fellows - "A Fake Hello" // Sincerity is in short supply.
pcurl Rick Derringer/Johnny Winter - "Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo" (live) // I thought it was koochie koo. Guess I'm just a big baby.
pcurl Warpaint - "Elephants"

Video: Warpaint, "Elephants"

| play
pcurl Pixies - "Ed is Dead"
pcurl Portishead - "Mysterons"
pcurl April March - "Chick Habit"
pcurl REM - "Academy Fight Song"
pcurl Siouxsie and the Banshees – "Cities in Dust" (Old Grey Whistle Test)

Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities In Dust (Old Grey Whistle Test 29/10/1985)

| play
pcurl The Who - "Squeeze Box" (live)
pcurl Interpol - "PDA"


| play
pcurl Gliss - "Anybody Inside"
pcurl Janis Martin – "Here Today and Gone Tomorrow"

Janis Martin-Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

| play
pcurl The Smiths - "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"
pcurl The Soviettes - "Her Neon Heart"
pcurl Tankard - "A Girl Called Cerveza" // Thought you could use a beer @Beeeast
pcurl Tad - "Loser"


| play
pcurl Black Flag - "Poice Story"

BLACK FLAG Police Story

| play
pcurl Minutemen - "God Bows to Math"
pcurl Minor Threat - "Out of Step"
pcurl The Bloody Hollies - "Mind Control"
pcurl Sonics - "Boss Hoss"

SonicsBoss Hoss

| play
pcurl Beck - "Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat" // tyrb@NaturalDancer: "Adore this! tysm! rb@mark_till (reblip)
pcurl Pussy Riot – "Putin Lights Up the Fires"
pcurl The Folk Implosion - "Natural One"
pcurl Radiohead – "Up On The Ladder"
pcurl Eagles of Death Metal – "Speaking In Tongues"
pcurl Redd Kross - "Researching the Blues"
pcurl Hog Molly - "Short Bus"

HOG MOLLY-Short Bus (Tad doyle's other band back then)

| play
pcurl Frank Black - "Hang on to Your Ego"
pcurl Mississippi Fred McDowell – "John Henry"
pcurl The Black Angels - "Black Grease"

Black Grease by The Black Angels

| play
pcurl The Kids - "This Is Rock 'n' Roll"
pcurl PJ Harvey - "Wang Dang Doodle"

PJ Harvey, Wang Dang Doodle 93

| play
pcurl Ride - "Taste" (Live '92)
pcurl DEVO - "Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy" (Live '78)
pcurl Generation X - "Your Generation"

Generation X : Your Generation : AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

| play
pcurl Agent Orange - "Everything Turns Grey"
pcurl Rocket From The Crypt – "Born In '69"
pcurl Metallica - "Bad Seed"

metallicabad seed

| play
pcurl Social Distortion – "Winners and Losers"

social distortion winners and losers

| play
pcurl Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"
pcurl Dead Kennedys - "Insight"

THE PLUGZ -"Reel Ten" (1984)

| play
pcurl Sex Pistols - "Schools are Prisons" // That's one I've never heard @JeffOfOhio (reblip)
pcurl Descendents - "Myage"


| play
pcurl Godflesh - "Dead Head"
pcurl Jim Carroll Band - "It's Too Late (To Fall in Love with Sharon Tate)" // ty@ifckdup@eraser@cyberfreak77@zoja01@Alvaroxx@barrypartington
pcurl Johnny Russell - "Rednecks, White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer"
pcurl Sugar - "Your Favourite Thing"
pcurl LaVern Baker - "Voodoo Voodoo"


| play
pcurl Murphy's Law - "What Will the Neighbors Think?"
pcurl Rocket From the Tombs - "So Cold" // From The Tombs came Dead Boys/Pere Ubu

So Cold By Rocket From The Tombs

| play
pcurl The Charlatans - "Weirdo"
pcurl X - "Blue Spark"

X: Blue Spark

| play
pcurl Pylon - "Crazy"


| play
pcurl The Adolescents - "Who is Who"

The Adolescents-Who is Who

| play
pcurl The Breeders - "Overglazed"
pcurl Peter Gabriel - "Shock the Monkey" // Always reminds me of wrestling practice. Always seemed to come on during our cool down run.
pcurl The Rave-Ups - "She Says (Come Around)"
pcurl Ronnie Hawkins - "Forty Days"


| play
pcurl Motörhead – "RAMONES" // rb@greentrees (reblip)


| play
pcurl The Rolling Stones – "Hang Fire"


| play
pcurl 7 Seconds - "Walk Together, Rock Together"

7 SECONDS Walk together,rock together

| play
pcurl Joan Jett - "I Wanna Be Your Dog" // rb@spooky_boy (reblip)
pcurl The Undertones - "Let's Talk About Girls" // Choc. Watch Band cover
pcurl Jay Reatard - "My Shadow" // rb@MaunaKether (reblip)
Fluffybootz Buzzcocks – I Can't Control Myself- hello Cost@cpunctn_again - Hi Cost :)"this bloody pc doesnt like blip (reblip)
pcurl The Weirdos - "Destroy All Music" // rb@SafetyPunk (reblip)
pcurl Motörhead - "Mean Machine"
pcurl Meat Puppets ~ "Six Gallon Pie" // That's gotta be one big, wet pie. rb@EarwaxOfSatan (reblip)

Meat Puppets-Six Gallon Pie

| play
pcurl The Ettes - "You Never Say"
pcurl Soledad Brothers - "Cadillac Hips"
pcurl The Adicts - "Love Sucks"
pcurl Beck – "Devil's Haircut" // rb@SylverHawk (reblip)

BeckDevils Haircut

| play
pcurl The Stooges - "Down On The Street"
pcurl Link Wray – "Hidden Charms"
pcurl OFF! - "Wiped Out" // Keith Morris' latest band. rb@Chickenwing (reblip)
pcurl Dag Nasty - "Staring at the Rude Boys" // Ruts cover. Hello rb@Sven777 (reblip)
pcurl Le Butcherettes - "I'm Queen"

I'm Queen-Le Butcherettes (With Lyrics)

| play
pcurl Stiv Bators & His Evil Boys - "It's Trash" // Hi @Fluffybootz Haven't seen you in a while. Hope ur good. I'd never heard of until a couple days ago.
pcurl Rezillos - "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In"
pcurl Veronica Falls - "Beachy Head"
pcurl 7 Seconds - "Young Till I Die" // One of my favs @Sven777 (reblip)
pcurl The Elite - "My Confusion"

Elitemy confusion

| play
pcurl Ian Dury and the Blockheads - "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" // There's a bio-pic with this title about Ian. Haven't watched it yet. 'm averse to biopics (reblip)
pcurl Saccharine Trust - "A Human Certainty"
pcurl The Pixies - "Holiday Song" / I'm doing good @Fluffybootz but I can always be better. Glad t'hear you're making bank even if it keeps you away from us
pcurl Dwight Pullen - "Sunglasses After Dark"
pcurl Monster Magnet - "Slut Machine"
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Hey, I wasn't gone that long but I'm pleased you missed me anyway. :) @pcurl
mark_till Finding Clyde--Get Higher
FromFullHouse Tyrb! @karjs: "David Bowie – Rebel Rebel" (reblip)
Beeeast I appreciate it!! Thank you and ditto! :-) @ifckdup: "oop@Beeeast: "rb@SanJacinto03: "Dumb me @restartist taste u""" (reblip)
pcurl Vibrators - Sonic Reducer / U no I must disagree, Dead Boys' is best. ur trying to get my goat @Fluffybootz now THIS is the best version of this!!! (reblip)

Vibrators : Sonic Reducer : AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

| play
pcurl Lyres - "How Do You Know" // Hello rb@Lavender I hope ur doing well. Thanks for the props. (reblip)
pcurl X-Ray Spex - "Identity" // rb@staceeshelly (reblip)

X-Ray SpexIdentity

| play
pcurl The Black Angels - "Young Men Dead"
mark_till Throwing Muses Bright Yellow Gun RB @katymonica: "Bright Yellow Gun" (reblip)

Throwing Muses Bright Yellow Gun

| play
pcurl The Smiths - "What Difference Does It Make?" (Live '83)
pcurl Mau Maus - "Sex Girls In Uniform"
pcurl Blow Holes and Q-Tips - "Hell Shovel" // Another rb from @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice (reblip)
pcurl Roger & the Tempests - "Bad, Bad Way" // 10-4
pcurl Tom Waits - "Down, Down, Down"
pcurl Tool - "Jimmy"

jimmy tool

| play
pcurl Sick City Daggers - "Evil Dead" // Hello @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Thanks for props, rbs and all the great stuff you play.

Evil Dead

| play
pcurl Wall of Voodoo - "Test Tube Baby"
pcurl White Stripes - "You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)"

The White Stripes- You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)

| play
pcurl RAMONES - "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World"
pcurl Lightnin' Hopkins - "Shake that Thing"
pcurl Dee Dee Ramone & Lux Interior - "Bad Horoscope" // Thanks and hello @NaturalDancer@cpunctn_again@ducks2007@barrypartington
pcurl The Fall - "Dead Beat Descendant"

THE FALL Deadbeat Descendents

| play
pcurl Soledad Brothers - "Cadillac Hips"
pcurl Soviettes - "Land of the Clear Blue Radio" // Is THIS the land of the Clear Blue Radio?

The Soviettes "The Land of Clear Blue Radio"

| play
pcurl Sonics - "Shot Down" // Nothing. Everything. rb@staceeshelly: "what's a matter with you?" (reblip)
pcurl Bad Religion - "Walk Away" (demo)
pcurl Cramps - "Hardworkin' Man" // oop for you too Stacee @staceeshelly In a manner of speaking, we park our cars in the same garage. (reblip)
pcurl The Mile Ends - "Bottle Up & Go"
pcurl Sid Vicious - "Born to Lose"
pcurl Sonic's Rendezvous Band - "Electrophonic Tonic"

Sonic's Rendezvous Band 'Electrophonic Tonic'

| play
pcurl Animal Alpha – "Pin You All"

Pin You All

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pcurl Black Flag - "I've Heard it Before" // If we miss each other on here tonight @Fluffybootz I hope this week is better for you.
pcurl Buzzcock's - "Something's Gone Wrong Again" // Doesn't it always? rb@staceeshelly (reblip)

Buzzcocks "Something's Gone Wrong Again"

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pcurl The Von Bondies - "Pale Bride"
pcurl Speedealer - "Double Clutchin' Finger Fuckin'" // Now this is what I call a love song. So sweet.
pcurl Wolfgang Press - "Mama Told Me Not to Come" // He-he-hello!
pcurl Redd Kross – "Stay Away From Downtown"
pcurl Satori - "Time Machine" // Hello @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice

Satori-Time Machine

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Fluffybootz The Exploited Beat The Bastards- Morning!!!!!@SmukkeCharlie

The Exploited Beat The Bastards

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pcurl The Vandals - "My Girlfriend's Dead"
pcurl Lillingtons - "I Need Some Brain Damage"
pcurl Tom Waits - "When You Ain't Got Nobody"
pcurl Mono Men - "Watch Outside"
pcurl Soundgarden - "Hands All Over"
pcurl Dag Nasty - "Under Your Influence"

Dag Nasty: Under Your Influence

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pcurl GBH – "City Baby Attacked by Rats" // Now that's the GBH I'm familiar with rb@Fluffybootz (reblip)
pcurl Interpol - "PDA"


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pcurl Dead Kennedys - "Chemical Warfare"

Dead Kennedys Chemical Warfare

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pcurl DEVO - "What I Must Do" (demo)
pcurl Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "We Real Cool" // Off new record "Push the Sky Away"
pcurl Motorhead - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Rolling Stones cover)
pcurl Bloody Hollies - "Tired of this Shit" ... for now. Might back later // ty@zoja01@rockedon@xtranguy@ifckdup@MFP4073@Haaz
pcurl RAMONES - "I Don't Care" (live '79)
pcurl New York Dolls - "Girls Girls Girls" +1
pcurl Mau Maus - "Society's Rejects"

Mau Maus :Societys Rejects :AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

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pcurl Ella Fitzgerald & Sy Oliver – "Dont Cha Go Away Mad"
pcurl The Gories - "Let Your Daddy Ride"

Barb Wire Dolls "Revolution" [Official Video]

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pcurl Aagent Orange – "Seek & Destroy" // rb@Bigfrosty13 (reblip)
pcurl The Plague - "Go Away"

The Plague- Go Away

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pcurl Alabama 3 - "Woke Up This Mornin'" // A girl once told me I look like James Gandolfini. Yeah, I'm an ugly mutha fucka, rb@xtranguy (reblip)
pcurl Murphy's Law - "Califonia Pipeline"
pcurl Pixies - "Motorway to Roswell"
pcurl The Alarm Clocks - "Yeah"
pcurl Dead Boys - "I Won't Look Back" (aka "Revenge")

Dead BoysRevenge

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pcurl P. Paul Fenech - "I'd Rather Be Crazy" // Guess I should've been more careful for what I'd wished.
pcurl Clinic - "If You Could Read Your Mind" // I thought my ESP was broken. Just needed batteries @Scott_hn mornin', ha, great minds and all @me
pcurl X-Ray Harpoons - "Fast Pussycat Kill Kill"
pcurl The Smiths - "Hand in Glove"
pcurl Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers – "It's Not Enough"
pcurl The Fall - "Dktr Faustus"
pcurl FEAR - "I Am A Doctor"
pcurl FEAR - "Mengele" // Kinda goes with the last one.
pcurl The Missing LInks - "Naughty Girl"
pcurl The Auteurs-"Lenny Valentino" Hello Nicki! Ur too kind tyrb@Fluffybootz: "- hello@me your bliplist excellent as usual!" (reblip)

The Auteurs-Lenny Valentino

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Fluffybootz I often leave diff peoples bliplists running yours is great tyvm@pcurl: "The Auteurs-"Lenny Valentino" Hello Nicki! Ur too kind tyrb (reblip)

The Auteurs-Lenny Valentino

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pcurl The Ettes - "Crown of Age"

The Ettes-Crown Of Age

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Fluffybootz PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me - Live- morning & tyvm@loetitia@zoja01@thyroid
pcurl Suburban Studs - "I Hate School" (reblip)
pcurl Thee Headcoatees - "Come Into My Mouth" // rb@spooky_boy@2_O_2 (reblip)
pcurl White Denim - "Shake Shake Shake" // rb@BluJulius: "shake it lyk u just dont care" (reblip)
pcurl William Penn Fyve - "Swami"


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TBFKA Onions for lunch@snaksac: "@steppinheavy@Shaman777 - Green Onions" (reblip)

Green Onions

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jenfromhell these ozzies rock

The Laurels 'Changing The Timeline'

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jenfromhell keep moving. nothing to see here.

XTC I'm Bugged

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Tropicsz4 Kings of Leon - My Party
pcurl Led Zeppelin - "Rover" // rb@romanus (reblip)

Led ZeppelinRover

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pcurl Peter and the Test Tube Babies - "Maniac" // Thanks @greentrees@cpunctn_again@Scott_hn

PTTB-Maniac (Orginal studio version 1980)

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pcurl The Wanderers (Stiv Bators) - "Beyond the Law"
NaturalDancer O.M.G.! tysm! :D rb@FUZZYsBACK: "Whew .. did someone kick their cage? AND some soundtrack work to boot!@NaturalDancer" (reblip)


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pcurl The Go-Betweens - "Was There Anything I Could Do?"
xtranguy rb!@spooky_boy: "cool willgiva listen! @vandaleyes: "hey all, mornin'. start it off right with the cramps doing an awesome link wray cover. ;)"" (reblip)

Rumble blues- The Cramps Rare 1981 rehearsal.

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pcurl Speedealer - "Kill Myself Tonight"
pcurl The Foggy Notions – "Need a Little Lovin'"
pcurl Chelsea Light Moving - "Burroughs" // Thurston Moore's new band.
mark_till Mudhoney--You Stupid Asshole
pcurl The Cars - "Candy-O"
pcurl The Kills - "Dropout Boogie"

The Kills- Dropout Boogie

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pcurl Booker T & the MGs - "Time is Tight" // tyrb@spooky_boy: "#gotthetime?" (reblip)

booker t & the mg,s ...time is tight

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pcurl Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - "Scream" // Hi @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Thought this would be up your alley.
pcurl JP Harris and the Tough Choices - "Gear Jammin' Daddy"

JP Harris and the Tough Choices "Gear Jammin' Daddy"

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pcurl The Cramps - "Sweet Woman Blues"
pcurl Me, too! Lux can't be replaced, but I hope to hear Ivy's guitar again. CU Later. By4Now@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "This stuff just makes me smile. (reblip)
pcurl Poison Ivy - "Peter Gunn theme" // That is so cool. New to me. Thanks! @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "So long, @pcurl Take some Poison Ivy with you. (reblip)
pcurl Modern Lovers - "She Cracked" (demo)
pcurl Airbourne – "Girls in Black" // Hello @Beeeast Here's one for you.
pcurl Screaming Females - "Poison Arrow" // I like it, too rb@NaturalDancer: "Like! ty! :D rb@cubbymendoza (reblip)
pcurl Blondie - "Hanging on the Telephone" // All-time fav. I seem to have a phone theme today. tyrb@Fluffybootz@BobOstwald (reblip)

Blondie-Hanging on the telephone

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pcurl The Deadly Snakes - "Everybody Seems to Think (You've Got Some Kind of Hold on Me)
pcurl Sex Pistols - "Satellite"
pcurl The Satyrs - "Yesterday's Hero"
pcurl The Gears - "The Last Chord"
pcurl The Vibrators - "Automatic Lover"
pcurl The Flaming Lips – "Be My Head"

The Flaming Lips Be My Head

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pcurl The Amps - "Tipp City" // Kim Deal-ishism
Fluffybootz Steve Earle – Galway Girl- just love this song even tho every trad Irish pub has someone playing it..;))
DamnTheMan Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance

Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty

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MFP4073 doin great hun thanks for asking! great to catch you @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Time to move. So long, my little freakies! :)
sir_edward_ross re-grange @Annaleise: "La Grange – ZZ Top""" (reblip)

La GrangeZZ Top

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Sex Pistols Here we Go Again

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jenfromhell dizzy

Flying Lizards Dizzy Miss Lizzie

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Tropicsz4 The Virginmarys "Portrait Of Red"
ScottHN The Donnas ▶ Kids In America // welcome new BlipDJ & new listener ----->> @HITPLAYER; hello & thanks for tuning in
sir_edward_ross re-jones-in' @SarahABQ: basketball jones (reblip)

basketball jones orig. 1975 animated

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NaturalDancer Ty! :D rb@imagine70: ""Black Sabbath - Warning"" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Haven't you heard? He came back! rb@DameGlorious: "Ahhhh poor lil Gumby. Dos bad ol' Romans. He died on the cross for you and me..... @PDNJ" (reblip)
cubbymendoza Band Of Skulls – I Know What I Am
Fluffybootz Mike Ness – Dont think Twice, it's Alright- and another version@Shantibaba1@BobOstwald@FOGGIELOANER
Fluffybootz Social Distortion – Don't Drag Me Down- ok off now more tomorrow.. hugs all.. ;))
cubbymendoza Devo – Come back Jonee
mark_till --The heavy- Big Bad Wolf (studio version)

The heavy- Big Bad Wolf (studio version)

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cubbymendoza The Stooges – Greedy Awful People
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Luvit! That's more than most can say.Got more?@DickUnderdog: "this was our 'hit' - when I say 'hit', it got played on BBC Radio1 once at 1am ha ha :)" (reblip)

MyopicPop Fosters

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