pelu I don´t even know what I am doing here...

07 Quick And To The Pointless

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pelu Maybe I´d sell you a chicken with poison interlaced with the meat
pelu recomendación de alguien que no recuerdo
pelu From the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack....
pelu bip bip...


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pelu cabeza de motor - as de espadas
pelu girasol, slunečnice...


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pelu Dormida estas siempre que yo trato de intentar por detras...
pelu luz de luna, moonlight
pelu now i am just another shitty old man...

green daythe grouch

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pelu And you may ask yourself, Am I right? I wrong?, and you may tell yourself...My god!...what have I done?
pelu She is mean and she is evil, like that old boll weevil... Guess I´ll try my luck with you...
Tsauro Best cover I have ever heard. Of course it helps that this is the best song ever written....
scartoe like it as much as the original if not more
pelu broken flowers/flores rotas
santamistura now is my time to work.... i have a lot of work today... i will be back later... sorry not to have time tom reply everyone :) good morning blippers!
UltravioletRed @DougAlder Cant go wrong with that! @mastrangelinar @UltravioletRed... Grace Jones is always a good choice (reblip)
DrDisk Bring out the big skeng - The Bug hits Copenhagen saturday.
gravelrun i'm in love with this song, and the video is awesome!
binausic Shortwave radio and toy organs.
gorobros ★4 - Shell Of Light – Burial
cydeweyz Was looking for Camote, but found this


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hairyasian a lot of these songs are incomplete

ProemLittle A

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lippsantangelo M, I just wanna use your love tonight!
pelu Eric Mingus/Rubber Soles
maurilao @geh we could do this all day long (though I won't lol). The Cure rules.
pelu tonight the monkey dies...


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megmagdah I know I just blipped them, but this song always has to go right next to Paris 2004.
megmagdah you keep changing your fancy, fancy mind

The NationalBrainy

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nandadzn musica de bar argentino

Andres Calamaro 5 Minutos Mas (MiniBar)

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virgil_incanto C'è crisi...

Bugo C' crisi

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Glass @MarthaPeake @hecyra ops...ho svegliato il "can" che dorme... :D
DP_BLEGG Sunday Coachella - Karen Oh Never fails to entertain, I mean come on she rolls around on broken glass!!!
tabike Charlie Don't Surf


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tabike "If you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the cane fields"
clarkowitz (.."we r all really just satellites, r'nt we??.." ;-?
pelu en el horno, no informo...

The TreatsCuchillo

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pelu And I've been putting out of fire with gasoline...
thrak My last one for tonight. Good night everybody -Acid Rain – Liquid Tension Experiment
amparomace i try to give u up but i´m addicted


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quakkaz ratatatatatatatatatatat
kxi Come de mí, come de mi carne
pelu Before they stand up firm on their feet...
atorres Ahhh Yeahhhh!!! u know what time it is...
pelu Soon enough, work and love will make a man out of you.
SeorseSpudOmurchu punk meets west coast... short and rocking...
msteen Is there anything better in Spain right now?
pelu recomendación directa de Fresán...


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sanderschenk I could use a minor holiday. Just two more weeks. Then we have Crocus holiday in Holland. Crocus as in the flower that grows at the end of winter.
fishdeleuze God Bless The Child – Billie Holiday
threebears going back to bed ... oops! forgot to say goodnight earlier... thank you blip friends for your company .. have a good night/morning/day ...xx

BoyskoutBack To Bed

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fishdeleuze Without a Song – Sonny Rollins
fishdeleuze Get Happy – Stan Getz

Stan GetzGet Happy

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fishdeleuze Night And Day – Stan Getz
Greenie nice instrumental... good bust out some work music
elrincondelrock Otra de Motorhead, me encanta esta versión que hacen del "Louie Louie"
sanderschenk Depeche Mode is always good. Very sensitive this is. Somebody. Pure brilliance. (reblip)
pelu my love can't go any higher..

Don EllisBlue Fire

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star45 Sparta - The Most Vicious Crime – @deichmann "I'm a Warrior" was excellent, thanks!! - @Lambchop so distant . . . Hiiii!
clarkowitz (,,there's a slightly faster version i like - 169bpm? can't find it now.. :/)
toosweet4rnr [Kiss Them For Me – Siouxsie & The Banshees] until we blip again @sheryonstone :)
sanderschenk This song is just so joyful. A real must reblip. Hat tip to @redroulettes. (reblip)
sanderschenk Meant to blip this yesterday but I strayed from this song to another one. Forgot which. Good thing I didn't forget. Totally love this song.
threebears Batman in the Launderette ... washing detour ...
threebears Ska Batman detour .....

Ska CoversBatman

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RustyBrown Rattle rattle rattle... Shut up, dude...

EnonMr. Ratatatatat

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RustyBrown That's what Rusty calls MUSIC... Shellac from the heavens...


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threebears another day, another not painting :( in your face Mr. Jones (disgruntled)!
pelu theinmates

Inmates_I Thought I Heard a Heartbeat

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pelu no tears for the creatures of the night...

TuxedomoonNo Tears

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toosweet4rnr February 19 birthdays - Falco, Austrian singer (d. 1998)

FalcoDer Kommissar

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toosweet4rnr Good night :) Remember blip's going down in a few... See you later!
blackberry musicas para ouvir de madrugada...

MolokoFun for Me

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Madigan Love it, it's got that touch of GLORIA they were looking for. listen to it loud :)
fishdeleuze Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane – Crepuscule with Nellie
Embroidery One of my other fav groups. Pick Your Pleasure Poison
Lions dance dance malditos dance
blogenter Buenos días! Es tiempo de despertar... esperamos que tengan una gran semana!
Ryuga_ A message to you and me


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meisterb jem- ahhhh it is sooooo amazing

JemIt's Amazing

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Jbags from @cammi' great had to reblip... (reblip)
Greenie K: Kasabian...Grog shop, Cle. Heights
AntiBrad Just getting some cleaning inspiration...
Mudo Johnny Cash cover. From the 2004 album "Awake: The Best Of Live".

LiveI Walk The Line

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JustinLeung I wanna hurry home to you put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up
ELORD YEAH yeahhhh! The Bad Plus.
debasteitor Unkle – Rabbit in your headlights (Feat. Tom York)

Chk Chk Chk - Take Ecstacy With Me

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smartard Morcheeba – Everybody Loves A Loser
pelu excuse me, what's your problem?....Oh, I see.... I should have known better...
pelu es el gallito inglés!!!

Zurdok Gallito Ingles

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pelu greatsong/greatvid

KinkyMexican Radio

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phsp Uma das melhores do garbage. Shirley volte para a musica!

Garbage#1 Crush

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djxkn "Rock el Casbah": 1982 The Clash hit single "Rock The Casbah" covered by Algerian singer Rachid Taha [+ video] - thanx @dharmaputra from USA! (reblip)
Ouroboros78 Beautiful remix of 'In This Twilight' sounds like the sun going down.
surforama @BlueJeanBaby The Jac Ttanna Band is terrific...What a relief from the god-awful Sons of Adam
sanderschenk @ZiraZeta: "I could've seen this band live and didn't. Really regretting it now." <<< I'm sure you'll get another chance some day! Great great band! (reblip)

Silversun Pickups, Rusted Wheel

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sanderschenk Calexico does Arcade Fire. One of three favorite ocean/sea blips. The other two being Sea of Noise (from The Sound) and Sea of Love (from Cat Powers).
Saesneg A nice bit of 65daysofstatic for a sunny Saturday lunchtime
Mtii nice to hear from you. @fabuleuxfab just want to say hi to..@stena @djilo

BrassyI Can't Wait

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by_starla [Telekinesis - Imaginary Friend]
tylermassey @moviegrrl The first time I heard this, I was astonished. It was like stepping into a different world. It still spooks me. (reblip)
pelu now some say he´s doing the obituary mambo ...
tabike "All the churches fill with losers, psycho or confused"
leaferi @Morrell - Love Underworld and you just blipped two of my favs.

Underworld Cherry Pie

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ffluxx Nightmares On Wax - Groove St --- A great week to you @Maigo ... Thanks!

Nightmares on Wax-Groove st

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ffluxx Dave Brubeck Quartet – Three To Get Ready -- RB@RobertoWolvie: "E um Brubeck pra começar o dia: Three to get ready." <--- Obrigado : ) (reblip)
pelu Tchendos


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Oonsty Written about his own grandmother. It was included on his 1971 debut album "Just as I Am" and reached number 18 on the best selling soul singles chart
ElZorro Johnny Cash – I Won't Back Down (reblip)
ffluxx Maximum Joy - Silent Street | Silent Dub

Maximum Joy--Silent Street/Silent Dub

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ecocity The only love that's righteous is the Love of Jah! ~dubbed~ at ya on #r&btues. And that would include the sparkle in the eyes of wild things in my boo
vilelyle @lornspectrel I tried to give you props for this, but i have no "credits" but awesome tune nonetheless. alltime greatest movie. (reblip)
vilelyle @ChadThomas haha that's so hilarious... Krokus is a name I haven't heard in a while. Hats off to you sir, hats off to you indeed

W.A.S.P. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Watch In High Quality

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vilelyle @keets: favorite cover of this song. video makes it that much more worthwhile. (reblip)
jreece22 "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" - Michael Jackson. His best track.

Michael Jackson-P.Y.T

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Greenie Electrelane – This Deed
pelu AEROsmith/RATSinthecellar
Elmetalismo - Candlemass || Black Dwarf || Vaya cara de enfadao!

CandlemassBlack Dwarf

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pelu tommyGUERRERO

No Time For Time-Tommy Guerrero

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ffluxx Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
ffluxx Jazzanova – Another New Day (Moonstarr Mix) - Good Morning @GR8FL : ) - Hi there @Blippo
ffluxx Miles Davis – In a Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix)
TwizzyDizzy Great tune... makes me feel like on a sticky sunday afternoon. Perfect setting! released on
evertonmoreth @elisandries Real and new brasilian music!!!

Seu JorgeCarolina

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patchit good weekend - psyched for this week! lots of good stuff in the pipes, if all goes according to plan :)

Kasabian Running Battle ( High Quality )

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Radiohead cover Joy Division/New Order

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sanderschenk @Epicrates: "great cover here..a Vertigo more to go..waves to @by_starla!" <<< What a pity, so short! Great song. (reblip)

For LoveHinterland

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threebears "One of my favorite trip hop songs of all time. Her voice just does it for me." ..quote'n'rb @misscelestia thanks :) (reblip)


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