Oldies Walk This Way - I will leave u all with this and say till next session @patita@DeAnn@DJYourMama@organicsue@NeedBlues2Live @suzan@rerkaizen - Good day!
perrythebirman dis ar teh wut mommy tells me evry dai, im yours.

Jason MrazI'm Yours

| play
perrythebirman I luv butterfliez! Evryone hoo lovez butterfliez, raize their paws!

Jason MrazButterfly

| play
perrythebirman Yez Mommy, heaven sent me. I can go bak 2 sleep nao?
perrythebirman Dis ar teh dedicatd 2 all mah gurl anipals.
perrythebirman @mishakidd this blip's 4u!


| play
perrythebirman this is dedicated to @Romeothecat raising $1001 FURPOWER $$$ fur Animals in Distress
BarrelhouseBeat Still reeling from last Friday's DEVO showcase at #sxsw. It was magical. http://tinyurl.com/TheBeat

DevoWhip It

| play
perrythebirman I did it mah wai. Nao plz pas teh nip.

Frank SinatraMy Way

| play
DJFloofyPantz @perrythebirman - A tiny tune for you, my birman buddy!!

TrickyThe Love Cats

| play
perrythebirman For mah mommy. and mah anipals on Twitter.


| play
perrythebirman @Bass_ this blip's fo u pal!

01 - Give The Dog A Bone

| play
perrythebirman @Bass_ not only I can speek dawg, I can sing dawg 2! woof
Oldies No Matter What - Badfinger @PriscilaFreitas - how r u this friday?

No Matter What - Badfinger

| play
perrythebirman Request frum daddy on dis fine fridai nite. an wid dat, i say nite nite.
perrythebirman Furst I had tuna tart 4 lunch. Nao iz desert tiem!


| play
perrythebirman happee birthday to mai pal @BrewskieButt!

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

| play
perrythebirman im goin bak 2 dat wan particular harbor - and pawty! first i gotta take a zzzzzzzz......
perrythebirman fur dose on da fence bout comin 2 da #pawpawty... Get Here! (reblip)

Oleta AdamsGet Here

| play
perrythebirman haha this whistling maeks dat dum dawg Sam bark. an iz gud song. (reblip)
perrythebirman this song iz for @BrewskieButt to celebrate hiz birthday and upcoming #pawpawty
perrythebirman hai @AussieKatieKat - this song fur you! luk up, iz me, Perry!!
perrythebirman @OscarTheCat iz right ther wid u pal!


| play
perrythebirman @SylvieDog here u go, add dis 2 ur bar 4 pawpawty
perrythebirman @SylvieDog iz dis wat hapenz wen u has 2 many barktinis? (reblip)

Sfx 27-50 - Howling Dogs

| play
perrythebirman hay to mai anipals in NZ on a fien sundai morning an mai meowzers taeking cat napz: (reblip)


| play
perrythebirman @pandafur dis for 4 mistah boots 4 when he carriez teh nip into teh #pawpawty. (reblip)
perrythebirman @Pandafur here iz sum groomink moosic fur u to prepare 4 #pawpawty:
perrythebirman hai @copious_tuna i found sumbunny 2 bring 2 pawpawty 4 u.
perrythebirman it's almost 2am somewhere, do you know where your pawpals are?

Slightly Stoopid2AM

| play
perrythebirman OMC @FreddieElvisCat move ovar Bristol, it's the SAN DIEGO STOMP! Who knew!
perrythebirman <sigh> nao Mommy wans 2 go 2 beach. ill be undr baordwalk until #pawpawty
perrythebirman wudnt it be niz if twittr didnt go down an #pawpawty cud start soon?
TotallyLamont Walk up to the kitteh next to you and ask what is new.
perrythebirman the offishul katnip song. but esp. 4 @PlushButt and #pawpawty peeps. (reblip)
perrythebirman @caplinrous was u lukin for rodents? #pawpawty

Michael JacksonBen

| play
perrythebirman i got sum #pawpawty munchies. must be from all dat 'nip.
fergusthedog Let's start with a little Tom Cat Boogie. (reblip)
perrythebirman @TheSharkTank herez nice song fur u. now b on ur wai. #pawpawty
perrythebirman during #pawpawty, @inigoflufflebum says that @rumblepurr gets his charm from da..
perrythebirman hay i aint too proud to beg, can i has moar nip plz?
perrythebirman i wan all da girl anipals to come see me in catifornia afta #pawpawty!!!
perrythebirman fur all my girl anipals on this fine #pawpawty occashun.
perrythebirman can you FEEL IT??? clap u paws!! #pawpawty
perrythebirman give dose #pawpawty dawgs a bone.

01 - Give The Dog A Bone

| play
perrythebirman dis is dedicatd 2 teh fail whale dat needz 2 sail away nao. #pawpawty

StyxCome Sail Away

| play
perrythebirman this is mai #pawpawty meow out to @TopDogVienna and her mommy and dad. we luvs you and miss you and will see you soon. (reblip)
perrythebirman iz there werewolves in london fur realz? iz skered. #pawpawty
perrythebirman #pawpawty wave 2 all mai anipals down under, i wuvs u. *nosetap*
perrythebirman #pawpawty wave 2 all mai new yawk anipals - u rawk! *nosetap*
perrythebirman #pawpawty everybody needs to give to Oscar's Furpower Challenge!! It's fur the kittehs!
perrythebirman #pawpawty fur da hamstas in da house.

The Official Hamster Dance Song

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty as we muv into our last 1/2 hour, let's SHOUT!!!!

Isley BrothersShout

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty Red Red Wine goes nice with 'nip.
perrythebirman #pawpawty oh yeah, pass the nip man. we be jammin.

Bob MarleyJammin

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty i hrd @Pandafur wans to get jiggy wid it


| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty the sun will nevar do down on all mai anipals and all the kittehs that need furevar homes!!
perrythebirman #pawpawty CONGA LINE starts here

Theme for Conga Line Dancing

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty oops CONGA LINE fell off and picked up!

Theme for Conga Line Dancing

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty i wud liek to dedicate this to @BrewskieButt and all the #pawpawty organizers. u can say u did it ur way. *nosetaps*

Frank SinatraMy Way

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty fur mai final song, i dedicate 2 all mai anipals everywhere - iluvsu *dismuch*!! *nosetaps*
CosmoHavanese Holy COW! We met our goal! #pawpawty Party til the Cows Come Home Yeee-Hawwww!!!! http://tinyurl.com/c4hgrl (reblip)
ottokin Freebird... solo #sxsw

Freebird - solo (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

| play
ottokin and a bit of Jethro Tull.. #sxsw

Jethro TullAqualung

| play
perrythebirman i thinx i was dancin to sumthin liek dis at the #pawpawty but i really cannut recall.
Chief_TWiT This really should be my radio show theme...
perrythebirman i think @SylvieDog haz a whole lotta shakin bawktending skills goin on - she noes how 2 shaek it! concats on 1000 followers! now where iz my niptini?
rumblepurr @mishakidd @Monkey_cat @PantherQueen @BabyPatches @petiethecat @Baby_Mittens @perrythebirman boat music!

EnyaOrinoco Flow

| play
perrythebirman @SirFreddieElvis come on nao, shake dat money makr! $$$$


| play
perrythebirman I had a dream...i wuz part of @SirFreddieElvis entourage...lalala
perrythebirman RT our boat music!@rumblepurr @mishakidd @Monkey_cat @PantherQueen @BabyPatches @petiethecat @Baby_Mittens (reblip)

EnyaOrinoco Flow

| play
perrythebirman bunny #followfriday to mai bunny pals! *nosetap*


| play
perrythebirman hay @Monkey_cat , noe wut dat copy cat is? Answer:

SlavaJerk Chicken

| play
rumblepurr #pussycat-island more music for our trip!@perrythebirman @Monkey_cat @Pandafur @Baby_Mittens @SimoneLeChat @PantherQueen I go get more boat material!
perrythebirman here's island song to get cranky pants @inigoflufflebum cheerd up 2dai.
perrythebirman they are going to play this when we arrive at #pussycat-island!
perrythebirman Here ya go @CosmoHavanese, i send u sum ov mai catifornia sunshine,kai?
perrythebirman Blue Skies shinin on @CosmoHavanese nuthin but blue birds all dai long!

Dr. JohnBlue Skies

| play
perrythebirman @CosmoHavanese needz to come to southern catifornia, where it nevar rains....
perrythebirman i wunder if da hous ov da risin sun cud be moved 2 catifornia? lawts of anipals live der!
CosmoHavanese Any Velcro Dogs? Me and My Shadow. Frank and Sammy.
Dixie_Belle Paws left! Paws right! Left! Right! Left! Right!

Jimmy BuffettFins

| play
perrythebirman @Dixie_Belle yeah! dat iz one ov mai mommy's fave jimmy buffett songz! (reblip)
CosmoHavanese Someone to Watch Over Me. Gershwin.


| play
perrythebirman dus frim fram sawz go wid niptinis and tuna?
CosmoHavanese More James Taylor for my anipals. One of my faves. Carolina In My Mind.
theotigsy We like this for cat-relaxation, MOL! -Theo
angiece Jazzier than I was aiming for . . .but very nice - Rhapsody in Blue . .
perrythebirman hoppy easter to all mai friends from ur easter furbunny pal!!


| play
perrythebirman lesall go to da easter parade!

Garland Astaire Easter Parade

| play
perrythebirman OK all u anipals, it's tiem 2 do da bunny hop! hop!hop!hop!
THE_ROO we're got the widows open!!! wooohoo...smell that yummy air
perrythebirman ya mon, iz be gettin ready to be jammin' at the #pussycatisland

Bob MarleyJammin

| play
perrythebirman dis is dedicated to dose bad boys at twittr dat bettr get der stoopid virus fixd NAO!
CosmoHavanese @fergusthedog Nice bio, thx for the woof out! http://bit.ly/iaxVt Sail On, Sailor. This one's for you!
perrythebirman Here iz sum smooth sailing music fur destination #pussycatisland

EnyaOrinoco Flow

| play
perrythebirman hoist up dat Sloop John B sail! it time to sail to #pussycatisland! where iz da first mate?
perrythebirman an we canut furget dose #pussycatisland dawgs pals neither.


| play
perrythebirman i think i can see the southern cross from #pussycatisland

CSNSouthern Cross

| play
perrythebirman how bout sum niz red red wine fur ur stay at #pussycatisland?
fergusthedog @cleominette Just for you, sweetie. #pussycatisland


| play
perrythebirman come on baby! let's do the #pussycatisland twist! <ow mai back!>
perrythebirman iz got speshul request fur DOOBIE bruddas on dis speshul #pussycatisland dai!
perrythebirman i wud like to dedicate this to @BabyPatches @SylvieDog @RumblePurr fur making a grate #pussycatisland day.
perrythebirman thanks also 2 @petiethecat fur helping in the planning of us going to #pussycatisland. you rawk!!
fergusthedog Anyone up for a quick Hula?? Get your grass skirts on. #pussycatisland

NaLeoHãpai Hula

| play
angiece "Union" Black Eyed Peas w/ Sting
perrythebirman @MollieWestie Pop can do da the Bop at da Hop!
perrythebirman @frugaldougal betr remember 2 bring our flea dip remedies. canut be 2 careful u noes.
perrythebirman @BunnyJeanCook ay yay yay yay, i iz da birman bandito! #pawpawty

11 Cielito lindo

| play
perrythebirman im sry adam lambert but dis ar teh how feelin gud shud be sung. tks bai.
perrythebirman who wans 2 do mexican hat dance wid me at #pawpawty?? raise paw!


| play
tubilino Slip Into Something More Comfortable


| play
perrythebirman o Sole Mio! i cannut wate fur #pawpawty! ole!!

Luchano Pavaroti - O Sole Mio!-The best - Track 1

| play
vjfdm being a bit of a lazy blipper 2day re-blipping from my radar still top tunes - big up to the folks i've reblipped (reblip)
perrythebirman i canut wate until #pawpawty so all da gurlz will do la cucaracha wid me!

La Cucaracha

| play
CosmoHavanese A glass of wine a fast embrace. It's called Hernando's Hideaway ole!#pawpawty!


| play
perrythebirman i wunder if anybuddy frum spain iz coming to #pawpawty
perrythebirman i wud travel round da world to maek it 2 a #pawpawty.
perrythebirman iz so glad elvis is alive an well in meixco
perrythebirman oh luk who elvis found down in meixco. huh.

James TaylorMexico

| play
CosmoHavanese #Pawpawty On! A nice one for you @topdogvienna. Thx for looking out for us!! Antonio Banderas -- Cancion Del Mariachi (reblip)
flicka47 A special #pawpawty song from all the rescue kitties & puppies for their forever Moms & Dads ~Thank You~
Oldies La Celestina – Para ti

La CelestinaPara ti

| play
perrythebirman fur @rumblepurr's mommy so she gives me headbutts dis fine sundai mornin.
Oldies Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star
ecocity Rally around the red, gold, and green. Red for the blood that flows like the river, for Gold that was looted,robbed, Green for the land Africa!
perrythebirman to all da mamas ov mai anipals, i luvs u! *nosetaps* happy mothers day! luv, perry.
Firebelly things are often what they seem. Despite how we'd rather see them! Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
perrythebirman @flicka47 nevar! is jus liek i said dis mornin. i'm growing older but not up! (reblip)
perrythebirman OMC - jason mraz doin bob marley, were duz a birman buy diz mp3? i has 2 hav it nao! MOL (reblip)

Jason MrazOne Love

| play
fergusthedog A white sandy beach for @sadiepetunia and @sirbarley.
fergusthedog For all your phenomenal Twitter cats!
CosmoHavanese @SylvieDog (Jump in de line, rock your body in time) OK, I believe you! Shake, shake shake Senora Shake it all de time!!!
perrythebirman dis is fur all mai bot anipal fwends on twitr, espshully dat cute @FluffyTheCat an @common_squirrel

StyxMr. Roboto

| play
CosmoHavanese @frugaldougal The Terrier song is back!! I couldn't find it for a while!
CosmoHavanese No reason to have the bluues in Chicago unless ur singing em with Lou Rawls!!!! #weekendroadtrip (reblip)
elineof For peace and quiet to my friend @henryandfriends

Sheep May Safely Graze

| play
perrythebirman im late 2 da pawty but happee birthday mr. scrubyliscious! an #meowmonday 2!
perrythebirman i will do da moondance wid da milk in da moonlight wid sum moonshine! *hic*
perrythebirman im outta da can, hand me down mai walkin shoes, iz gonna do da walk ov life.
perrythebirman mommy pls donut go away next weeknd, der iz #pawpawty! i wanna go to #pawpawty. donut go away!! stay!!
perrythebirman 2 bad mommy iz alwayz wurkin day an nite, she gonna miss a gud pawpawty wid all dat gud 80s moosic. bummer...
perrythebirman i need sum scozz bags nao, dat lonesome jutebox an harbor lites r callin me....
perrythebirman @Mishakidd de dododo de dadada, dats all iz hearin rite nao. de dododo de dadada MOL
perrythebirman evrybody wans 2 rule da wurld but it shud be left 2 anipals. i'm jus meownin'...
fergusthedog Perfect 80s hit song for #pawpawty! Ruff Mix by Wonder Dog. Check the vid - BOL!!!

Wonder DogRuff Mix

| play
perrythebirman @rumblepurr lil rumblez wonder - go rumblez go!!!
fergusthedog @perrythebirman Hoping "Things can only get better" for Sam.
zaibatsu You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson (Remix) Video
PimpTheCat @perrythebirman Oh yeah? You too, @BrewskieButt? (gets low, in stealth attack mode...)

2 in a RoomWiggle It

| play
tcallinan Greatest video in history. Skynard meets Elvis mullets, beehives, strings. Perestroika meets West. This was the night the wall came down IMHO.
Smudgeypooh @resa84: "SMILE :)" - Who doesn't love this song :) (reblip)

Nat King ColeSmile

| play
perrythebirman i has 2 stawt out mai #pawpawty set wid dis vid as its in mai 'hood, Del Mar - iz da Dog Beach Boogie! (reblip)

The Dog Beach Boogie

| play
angiece "Sunday Mornings" - Jake Shimabukuro
perrythebirman i keep missin mai pal @copious_tuna - were iz dat tuna?!?
perrythebirman @SirFreddieElvis donut wurry bout a ting...evary lil ting's gonna be alrite.
perrythebirman ooh tks fur dat reminder, @GrandmaStormy ! *nosetaps*
perrythebirman iz sailin' away....

"Come Sail Away" by Styx

| play
perrythebirman @PimpTheCat pimp u luk liek ur diggin' the scene wid a gangsta lean wid dat kewl avatar!
perrythebirman jus sittin here lala waitin fur mai yaya....

buckwheat zydecoya ya

| play
perrythebirman sumtime ur teh windshield - sumtime ur teh bug.
perrythebirman @rumblepurr @Wildboutbirds wut i say? i wans 2 see dat roastbeef shuffle! MOL
SugarBoobs Led Zeppelin, All Of My Love (Classical Orchestra). Beautiful choice, @czarwright. =) (reblip)
micahb am I the only one that didnt know Ingrid Michaelson did a Twitter song?
jet333 The Hollies - "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"... (reblip)
perrythebirman iv ur goin 2 #pawpawty, make shure 2 ware sum flowers in ur hair, kai?
perrythebirman i wans on teh magic bus - will it be at teh #pawpawty?

The WhoMagic Bus

| play
perrythebirman i luvs all mai flower gurls! *nosetaps*

The Cowsills-The Rain, the Park, and Other Things

| play
jet333 Boz Scaggs – "Breakdown Dead Ahead"...live
perrythebirman @marshallsheldon u donut has 2 ask twice fur CSN! i luvs dem!
perrythebirman fur teh bunnies - call Alice!! MOL

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE White Rabbit 1969 Woodstock

| play
flicka47 Listen while I play My Green Tamborine !
flicka47 That Ain't the Way to have Fun! Mama Told Me Not to Come ~ Three Dog Night ~
flicka47 Gonna get me a Piece of the Sky ~ Blood, Sweat & Tears ~ Hi-De-Ho
CosmoHavanese Popping in for a sec with some inspiration for the #pawpawty today. I'm Feelin' Groovy!!!! ba da da da da da da feeling garoovy!

The 59Th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

| play
flothecat 'Papa said son don't let the man get ya' CCR - Born on the Bayou #pawpawty live on
flothecat Janis actually had a Porsche #pawpawty Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
stacysnook My girls.. they like to make fun of my booty! :)
fergusthedog Testing testing - just checking the turntables for the #pawpawty to make sure there are no technical hitches today. (reblip)
perrythebirman i canut let mai dj shift go witout pulayin thriller. cuz i can. hehe #pawpawty
perrythebirman @hanseebundee fur ur mum..dese r a few ov mai favorite tings! hehehe
perrythebirman @hanseebundee iz also a cheezburgrtarian in paradise.. nom nom nom
perrythebirman @IamButton @theotigsy catch a googlywave an den we're off 2 lainey's house...yeah!!! @laineyspawtique
perrythebirman @SimoneLeChat i say lets take a spin out on teh dance floor nao! come *sway* wit me...

Michael BubleSway

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty tks fur grate tuneage @Chevy_Boo and can i jus say..who let teh dawgs out?!? (reblip)
perrythebirman #pawpawty or mebbe a meowgarita..i liek mine wit a nice lime...
perrythebirman #pawpawty fur hansee an poppy, goin 2 teh chapel, gonna get married...


| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty aftr teh wedding 2morrows we'll celebrate and toast 2 gud times!!
perrythebirman #pawpawty den at the reception mebbe we cud has sum tequila slammers...i'm jus meowin... @hanseebundee

The ChampsTequila

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty this will be @hanseebundee at honeymoon wit poppy... o-mai-stars-an-bones!!! MOL
perrythebirman #pawpawty slowin it down fur @bruddr an @foreverGinger ...
perrythebirman #pawpawty speshul request fur @Mel_theBC u liek to move it? move it!!
perrythebirman #pawpawty goin 2 teh chapel speshul encore fur @sadlovelyheart

Going To The Chapel Of Love- The Dixie Cups

| play


| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty i wunder were hansee an poppy r goin on der honeymoon, hawaii mebbe? oh well..furget dat..i wans sum tiny bubble drinks.hehe

Don HOTiny Bubbles

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty kai iz time 2 get dancin - twistin teh nite away!! (reblip)
perrythebirman #pawpawty OMC DIS JUST IN: i jus found where hansee iz takin poppy on der honeymoon - iz teh o-mai-stars-an-bones-hideaway!! hehe (reblip)


| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty sumthin bout a weddin dat alwayz makes me feel gud. i'm jus meowin... (reblip)
perrythebirman sumthin bout being at a #pawpawty wit friends, u noes evary lil thing gonna be alrite.
perrythebirman fur @pntbtrkisses hehehe *runnnnnnnnnnning away*.......
mattiedog One of my momma's faboritest! Dean-O Martin "Let it Snow!" #pawpawty

Dean Martin "let it Snow"

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty fur us peeps dat has been drownin in rain all week....time 2 catch a wave!!
flicka47 Rise By Herb Alpert Get up and dance!! #pawpawty

Herb Alpert "Rise"

| play
angiece "Pocketful of Sunshine" - Natasha Bedingfield
misterscrubby Imma be up in the Scrub doing whatever I like Imma be poppin that scrubby, cooling and living that good life
perrythebirman zooma zooma zooma ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMA
GeorgeTheDuck Celtic Thunder - Caledonia
theotigsy I'z Bond. Bengal Bond. I play poker wif da best of dem. -Theo #pawpawty

Lady GagaPoker Face

| play
fergusthedog I had to play this for #pawpawty - the video is cute. (reblip)

The Purrfect Girl. Cat lady

| play
perrythebirman #pawpawty when dat @CosmoHavanese iz not chica chica boomin.. he iz a CONGA machine!!! MOL
perrythebirman #pawpawty shake shake shake an den jump in teh line!! (reblip)

Rhythm Heritage - Gonna Fly Now

| play
mattiedog Happy #purrs4peace eberyone! Life is soooo short, lets enjoy it! Blessings!
mattiedog a beautiful voice gone too soon - but we celebrate her message of epace at #purrs4peace People Get Ready
theotigsy Strike a #pawpawty pose! There's nothin to it! -T&T


| play
flicka47 Summer in the City~ Go out and find the Girl! ~ #pawpawty
fergusthedog Big paw for @frugaldougal cos You're my Mate *whispers* it's your round pal #pawpawty
perrythebirman #pawpawty fur @fergusthedog iz time 2 drink drink drink! heh heh heh...
CyberAngst John Lee Hooker – Hittin' The Bottle Again
perrythebirman #pawpawty we has a request from @MidgetheMutt who has a thing fur witch doctors... walla bing bang...hehehe
mark_till very nice! TY! RB@annabanana_25: "@ mark_till ~ Anberlin – Breaking (Acoustic Performance)" (reblip)
perrythebirman #ATPawty 2 all those dancers out der... dose hips donut lie!!
Bdarealist The Isley Brothers – Float On
EnchantedA Awesome:)@lilwldchld: "We're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher...." (reblip)
coisalouca @hippiechick: "Simon & Garfunkel – El Condor Pasa (If I Could)" (reblip)
PabloM Peter Frampton – Live - Show Me The Way
BentonMD Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf
bluchyr51 Hopefully not!@weatherscoop: "Is it going to be one of these...? @bluchyr51" (reblip)
theotigsy We iz goin' old-skool 2nite. How's dat furriends? -T&T #pawpawty
kirkill Twang it DY! @pclovinU: "For @kirkill thanks! :) I believe you're a fan.... Dwight Yoakum - Turn It On Turn It Up Turn Me Loose" (reblip)

-Dwight Yoakum Turn It On Turn It Up Turn Me Loose

| play
MichaelPQuinlan I think I'll have myself a beer.

Reel Big FishBeer

| play
TMA7 @carlnat: "@Chieki: "✰♫✰Sly & the Family Stone – You Can Make It If You Try✰♫✰ #soul #funk ⁌Thanks for listening(✿◠‿◠) Enjoy your weekend! ★·Ciao·★"" (reblip)
perrythebirman #TrooperBash i wans 2 go down 2 congo square an see dose voodoo peeps...
perrythebirman #TrooperBash i needs a lil less conversashun an a lil moar acshun.... i'm just meowin...
perrythebirman #TrooperBash fur @DashKitten who lieks 2 do teh *shimmy* *shimmy* ko-ko bop!!

little anthony and the imperials ... shimmy shimmy ko-ko bop

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perrythebirman @BrewskieButt sawry 2 hear bout ur grandma mai pal. u an @BZTAT can lean on me... *nosetaps*
eraser #spanishrevolution preparando papeo pa llevar a #acampadasevilla esta noche cena popular in two seconds (reblip)
Hupwij Anything you can do I can do better – Doris Day Robert Goulet.
BLUESBOOGIE Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Carry On
perrythebirman #nipclub fur all teh bootiful ladies i has seen on teh red carpet, dis iz fur u! u all belong on teh cover ov VOGUE!

MadonnaVogue MTV

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perrythebirman iz time fur a #nipclub splish splash!!!

Splish Splash (HD)

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perrythebirman #nipclub wish all mai pals cud come 2 catifornia 2 see me!

Led Zeppelin -Going to California

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Dancer12 ♥ The whole wide world's gone Crazy...[Why Don't We Just Dance]. . . right up the stairs, banging into walls. . . OOooooOOOoWooooo♥ ♥ ♥
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