pianzi eponymous track...

BRYAN SCARY - Flight Of The Knife(Pt. 1)

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robertmoar @pianzi, this might hook you. but go back through my blips, royksopp 4ever is pretty epic. the girl and the robot is sugar.
pianzi My man Z-trip. Favorite DJ.


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pianzi surprisingly sweet song. apparently a jump off of sufjan jumpin off somethin else. Remix by my boy 65, feat my fav crazy chi-town rapper.
pianzi My favorite Outkast song at the moment.
robertmoar tictictictictoc. it's rap hour on blipmoar (reblip)
pianzi [A quick jazz/funk/jam instrumental, then on to... what?] nice... (reblip)
Mattynabib North Carolina white-frat-boy funk... but you'd never know it to listen. These guys have got it GOIN' on.

DagLovely Jane

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Mattynabib @pianzi my pleasure - always down with the funk! Here's one from Lettuce, the pre-Soulive Eric Krasno and Evans Brothers.


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Mattynabib Some early, funkier and less-modern-R&B-sounding BNH. Keep it coming, @pianzi!
Mattynabib And while we're on the subject... MACEO! Come blow your horn!
Mattynabib A different kind of funk vibe - rap meets jazz on the Red Hot and Cool compilation - Michael Franti and Spearhead
Mattynabib Mattynabib Ok, @pianzi @WIGSTA, back to the funk (between the Boston rock nuggets). The funk is just too good! Here's the Godfather...
Mattynabib Another new-school old-school group, Sugarman 3, funks it hard. First two albums are a great, classic sound.
Mattynabib Stanton Moore, drummer from Galactic, is more modern jam funk, which doesn't stop him from gettin' his groove on.

Stanton Moore Tchfunkta.mp3.mp3.mp3.mp3

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Mattynabib And one last jam funk number, a funk opus I wrote for my old friend Lisa (who still needs a dog, though her cat Otto is awesome)
robertmoar thanks @bduubz. love destination pt 1, but hadn't heard this. and will definitely be holding onto that empire of the sun remix (reblip)

Damn Arms - Destination Pt 1 (DCup Remix)

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pianzi this song is INSANE. good looks wigsta. (reblip)


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pianzi droppin some funk, then bed. was looking for banzai republic "never feel" but blip is slim pickins on them. this'll do.
WIGSTA I forgot how good on the decks Kid Koala is
pianzi Soooo good. @robertmoar, happy birthday again! also, can i use your studio for tonights all nighter?
LipTwin This is the Black Eyed Peas I choose to remember. This song makes me want to learn to break a little bit
pianzi @LipTwin, check out this remix by the king of pants.
LipTwin Favorite Atmosphere track right now


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dubstarr fave song i have found in last 3 minutes...... @minmae i certainly think his best work was the first 4 Smiths albums....
inktea Jazzy triphop stuff with delicious female vocals. I found an advance copy in Cheapo years ago, after destroying Uriah's burnt copy.
pianzi almost done with this devil paper. the final countdown. well...its already 3+ hours late.
Primadonna @SevenTenths you changed your pic...you kinda freaked me out for a minute! Don't mind me...too many pints! (reblip)
pianzi In honor of midnight. the other one was wonky. plus. its midnight.
pianzi one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard.
djilo Well, I'm out for 2nite. Hear ya'll later. Thanks to @ALLUDOPEBLIPSTERS // Here's one for you guys @ZOEBOE@WIGSTA

Polyrhythm Addicts - Big Phat Boom

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retiredprodigy these sound amazing with good headphones. crazy balance!
LipTwin @pianzi OMG this song just blew my mind! Thanks for posting (reblip)


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SteezandCrackers @pianzi impossible quiz/impossible paperz. yeah dawg.
Evan_Exempt @DJFeinX People can say a lot of things about Method man, but that voice... No one ever can compare, and no one ever will. Solid fuckin' gold. (reblip)
djilo Love the Journey sample. :P I dig it =) Thanks sista! @ZOEBOE: "It just came out (or is about to). Grew up with this cat and I see def potential" (reblip)
ZOEBOE Okay hip hop homies, check this out. It just came out (or is about to). Grew up with this cat..and I see def potential :)
ZOEBOE thanks for the introduction to these guys I think ima have some downloadin to do tonight :)rb@Karuna (reblip)


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djilo Was resisting another reblip from you, but couldn't help it =) Thanks =>@bduubz: "@THX3 @djilo @haizee @bunq @Nymph @HighNDrye @kooi" (reblip)
Mattynabib Great bluegrass covers 1: Grisman on Van Halen
Mattynabib Great bluegrass covers 4: Northern Lights takes the Beatles to that high, lonesome place.
Mattynabib Once-A-Day Set Track 2: The song that took me months to track down, knowing neither title nor artist. I found it through a Real Tuesday Weld remix
Mattynabib Once-A-Day Set Track 1: The song that made me love both Dr. Dog AND AIH.
LipTwin I can make your heart beat short
Greenie Lyrics Born - Quannum, I Changed My Mind, Stereo MCS Rattlesnake Mix
ZOEBOE Braniac, dumb-dumb, bust the scientifical approach to the course and the force is centrifugal
ZOEBOE Nice! I love hearing songs that are sampled from or samples of other songs.. :) rb@Tranquil: #ZOEBOE This is the sample hookline from whites lines.. " (reblip)

Liquid LiquidCavern

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THX3 @Her_Royal_Funkiness,...ok, here's another..:),@MusicIsMySunshine,@sammatthews,@cynfulred,@Anjee another one for the ladies, lol..
THX3 @emajik, such a good (not too evil sounding) breaks tune, seen Hyrbid a couple times,.always amazing.... g'night blippers, im out..
LipTwin Does anyone else think she sounds like Grace Slick? Am I crazy??
LipTwin Too hot for tea, but I'll drink it anyway...
pianzi shadow can do whatever he like...rb @staygold: "i can take apart the remote control and i can almost put it back together" (reblip)
LipTwin This song makes me want to bust out my calculator like I never have before ;)
Greenie i like that kid cudi says he rolls to these guys...
Greenie Joss Stone Feat. Common – Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now
ZOEBOE YES. Video LOVE >>>>>

Its like thatRun DMC

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LipTwin Still blowing my mind. Their Friday night show was FANTASIC! So much fun!

Kraak and Smaak on Jimmy Kimmel show

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LipTwin I love Erykah Badu, but I like this song so much better with Jill Scott
djilo See ya l8r! It's been fun @BohemianChick:"Gotta wrap this up for the evening, with my favorite song! Thx for the P's and R's! See ya later BlipStars!" (reblip)

Sun Goddess-Earth, Wind & Fire with Ramsey Lewis

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Nicko Most likely my all time favorite Jay-Z song.
djilo No really, I'm leavin'. U guys just make it hard ;-) @superfluxx: "KENNY DOPE – SUPA (DEEP IN BROOKLYN MIX) <--- Thanks 4 inspiring @djilo" (reblip)
robertmoar @pianzi, this one's great, but that video for gifted is fucking out of control amazing
itsRamel Souls Of Mischief – 93 'til Infinity (reblip)
Juse love this hook by mystic
djilo Nice one! @DJ_suckage: "I'm callin out so holla back u'all" (reblip)

Lyrics Born-Callin' Out

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djilo Coolio =) @DJ_suckage: "@djilo @Performalosophos @arti360 so ... if you guys r into Lyrics Born, whatcha think of my boy Mark Ronson? " (reblip)
pianzi this was supposed to be dance for me by the cunninlyinguists but this works for multiple reasons.

sashaDance for Me

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pianzi For anybody with 10 minutes, i'd love feedback.
turbolax CAUTION : Not Safe For "Rage H8ers"
ZOEBOE Whut up @DHS ;) (this is still my favorite remix of the song).
robertmoar @pianzi, i could have blipped a better sound quality version, but, you know, nostalgia. also, this guy ain't bad
ZOEBOE Very nice :) She's saucy huh ;)rb@djilo: "LOVED that you blipped that New Mastersounds track! I know I've got another track with Corinne's vocals... (reblip)
co3z @ZOEBOE this is the song my 3 yr old loves to jam too check it out my man @chaos33176 out of Miami tell me what you think........

Grind Mode-Im so High(She's so fly) Jook

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ZOEBOE I dunno what's up with me and dub lately....


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ZOEBOE Hey @djilo have you heard this? Check it out. @Deesound @THX3 @Tranquil <you guys may appreciate it too..


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ZOEBOE NICE! On Wax I'm asuming? RB@Deesound: "(::) ...#ZOEBOE @djilo @paulastudio @Blippo ....@freehiro ...this is gonna be my next buy ....) ..(::)" (reblip)
ZOEBOE Beautiful voices with beats..

Les Nubians FT the Roots-Sweetest Taboo

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Deesound (::) ...have 2 play one of my all time favourites ....my thirst tagged upl. ...) ...(::)
ZOEBOE And this is for all the new listeners. Thank you for lending me your beautiful gazzillion ears...
ZOEBOE I have slight theme going..
ZOEBOE DJ Rap showed me her "tan lines" once..true story (and probably the only D&B dj I would ever be okay with that) ;) hahaha @THX3: "#ZOEBOE (reblip)

DJ RapFeel It

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ZOEBOE Dear Diary, what a day it's been....

Free The RobotsDiary

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ZOEBOE I just have to blip this...because the title makes me laugh (the track is chill too)
djilo Your John Bigbooty track reminded me of Buckaroo Banzai. Thanks for that track :) @ZOEBOE

buckaroo banzai hot butter popcorn

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djilo Pretty. Thanks :) @birdgirl: "Very cool cover vi@mariss" (reblip)

Caetano Veloso Billie Jean

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ZOEBOE @co3z I think this was early 90s..
WIGSTA @seizuresalad: "@WIGSTA well, I wouldnt send it to u if it wasnt, would I? ;) ***" Soooooooo True (reblip)
ZOEBOE oooooo nice one guys! @THX3: "rb>>@echodex: this thumps my pretty hard! " (reblip)
ZOEBOE @pianzi this one is pretty dope...but not as dark...(I love Trentemoller so, that may be why) Do you like darker music, cause I have a ton of that ;)

Ol' Dirty Bastard-Shimmy Shimmy Ya

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davidwatts1978 right on

Digable Planets -La Femme Fetal

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ZOEBOE I loved his old stuff too (like this, my fave tricky cut) The new stuff is well..."progressive" @DHS (reblip)
ZOEBOE @MANOTAS how bout some hot dubstep ;) Check out this snake-eater..
djilo Afefe Iku ROCKS!! Hey @BohemianChick@masterkid4u check out the last couple of tracks I blipped. Nice deep house stuff
Deesound (::) ...Hi Blip Junkies :)) ...tjeee ...i've been f*ing things up with blip-up ...twisting names %" .../ ..this is 'You Go' Funk by Funkstorung ..(::)
Deesound (::) ...it's 5.20am ...think i'll close the laptop and my eyes aswell ....have a very good night @ everyone ....(::)
itsRamel Donny Hathaway – Love, Love, Love (LP Version)
itsRamel Donny Hathaway – A Song for You
itsRamel Donny Hathaway – Little Ghetto Boy
robertmoar good and dark and persistent and fantastic


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pianzi mista scruff...

Mr Scruff 'Music Takes Me Up' (Official Video)

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pianzi hahha classy. rb@djilo: ""Your technique, it leaves me weak. My heart knows it's the beat that I seek. And I found it! Just Got Lucky.."" (reblip)
dubstarr @dojodub I'd say you were spot on. Speaks volumes that that traitor Blair is now on the payroll JP Morgan...... (reblip)
SheLuvsHipHop currently loading my indie/electronic playlist on the ipod. I think that's the right genre for this. correct me if I'm wrong.
SheLuvsHipHop I know this is against, sheluvshiphop, but allow me to re-introduce myself, I am of variety.

SiaBreathe Me

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SheLuvsHipHop going to "blazed and confused" at the gorge, woopwoop. slightly stoopid, snoop dogg and stephen marley. I don't even smoke haha.
SheLuvsHipHop and he's playing the keys.

Illa JShowtime

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SheLuvsHipHop biting off my friend Ronnie for this one.

Ya Boy feat. Hope- Who am I to say + Lyrics

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Primadonna Thanks for that last blip! @tubilino Luvin your Blips today! @mammara :)
Juse @LadySandStorm your blondie set made me think of this krs-one - rapture's delight
Juse nas with godfather beat

NasThe Message

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Juse call me nicety, @mellomatic...old school dr.dre beat


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itsRamel Kaye Fox – Life (L.A. To Chicago)
WIGSTA Ok kids duty calls I gotta go, I only have 14 hours to save the earth. Yes thats right I am the saviour of the UNIVERSE. FLASH aaaaaaah


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WIGSTA Couldn't Help it

Flash Gordon Remix

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ZOEBOE happy to see (and hear :} )you 2! R u enjoying Canada?? @bendrix
djilo Thanks for this soulful, funky track! :) @ladypn (reblip)
ZOEBOE Okay...last blu blip for now..

Blu & SeneOn Mars

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ZOEBOE for you :) @solid_au (fun toon with a cool tune) ---------->
ZOEBOE Step1,first u grab honey by the waist,Step2,then u move @ a ghetto pace,Step3,then ya look her dead in the face,Step4,now its time 2 leave this place

Grand Puba - I Like It

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pianzi sweet rb@djilo: "Are you kidding, I eat funk for breakfast ;) Thanks for this. I dig the Whispers sample :) @solid_au" (reblip)
djilo Nice! Thanks :) @CamelWalk: "Solid hip-hop remix of Lonnie Smith's "Funk Reaction"" // I think kitty might like @ZOEBOE (reblip)

Track 05

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Juse @SpinningDiscs @tubilino @ZOEBOE saw your avatars in a video piece i saw about blip... don't forget your roots! peace
ZOEBOE everyday I'm hustlin... rb @ita___thedjcat (reblip)


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ZOEBOE one of mine too ;) rb @CLARITY: "steadily a top favorite atmosphere track of mine #ZOEBOE @sandyriverside @mkvkelly @Fangbaby. (reblip)
DJFrankie This video is fan-flippin-tastic. : ) (reblip)

Map Of The Problematique (Does It Offend You, Yeah) [Remix] by. Muse

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DJFrankie I vote for #Blip.fm to be the 12th @Twiistup Showoff"<tweet this 3 times if you ♥ blip
DJFrankie Am I still allowed to play this song? I declare that I am!

MGMTElectric Feel

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DJFrankie epic. (Ignore the youtubery.)

the TheGiant

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solid_au guess I should technically wait until Sunday to put this up >>> sry can't wait 5 days. @ZOEBOE @ComputerNationRadio @Mike_Mongoose @WIGSTA
ZOEBOE HAHAHAHA. that is all :} rb-->@CFallerRun (reblip)

9th Wonder & Buckshot Go All Out Feat. Charlie Murphy

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shouxing "I'm gonna kick your poncey soul all the way back down the tunnel til you choke on your own ribs" - great sample or greatest sample?

Cockney Thug Remix (Scratch Perverts)

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ZOEBOE Not that I'm a fan or anything @bendrix :}

Little Dragon Forever Remix

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djilo Thanks for the Gilles Peterson podcast! ;) @puntito // For @ZOEBOE & @Thnikkaman too :)

Q-TipGettin' Up

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pianzi @ZOEBOE @djilo Q-tip's encore. I was at this show, it was nuts and hilarious. z-trip went on next. and no, i wasn't one of the singers.
DJFrankie reblip @Elling_. Love this one, thanks. Check it out -- Jack Black's in the video! (reblip)

Beck: Sexx Laws

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Greenie Breakbot – Happy Rabbit
djilo Statik Sound System - Amazed By You // One of my fave dowtempo grooves from the late 90's

Statik Sound System-Amazed By You

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djilo Mother of all break beats (apologies to James Brown)
djilo Rapgenoma - Con 1 Basta // A little hip hop from Barcelona
solid_au great cover >>> @Karuna: "This is my wishlist guest star for tonight" (reblip)
djilo Nice! Great find. There's still another one I'm thinking of that I thought you put on my radar. I'm thinking it's a Japanese outfit @ZOEBOE @luakabop (reblip)
WIGSTA rb@EddieEntropy: PON DE FLOOR KIX ALL YO ASSES (reblip)

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor"

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WIGSTA Getting wobbly legs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
djilo Divide & Kreate - Ray of Mayo // Madonna mashup

Divide and Kreate - Ray of Mayo

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djilo Just keep playin' the beats ;-)@Oss: "Thanks to @Dr_Wes @djilo @DJToasterBiscuit @ukgal for the props :-) The Outhere brothers – Boom boom boom " (reblip)
ZOEBOE It's beer thirty. Time to go. See ya'll later!
pianzi my next project is mix this with nate dogg rb@ZOEBOE: (reblip)
ZOEBOE Know anyone who just says the wrong things and the right times? I've dubbed someone like this "The Buzz Kill"
djilo Goose - Bring It On (Stanton Warriors remix)

goose-bring it on (stanton warriors remix)

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ZOEBOE Dope rb-->@MsButterworth forwarding to my paper plane partner in crime @DJTalent :} (reblip)

Eazy E, Tupac MIA Paper Planes Mash up

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BarryJive one of the better hiphop acts I've found on blip. plus this song is about hawaii!! @FireCrotch (reblip)
ZOEBOE @fuzzygroove: "Little Dragon is like Erika Badu + The Knife. So good." <I SO agree. Saw them live a few months back @ The Independent..Awesomeniz. (reblip)
ZOEBOE look @Flow over there with his mad game ;) hahaha

DeamsMad Game

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DJLOPZ Still cannot get enough of this beat...
WIGSTA @spinecut @ZOEBOE @Karuna @millymuso: Me and the boyz would stagger around the room after a big night and rap to this. It must a been a messy sight HA
ZOEBOE ahh yeah, another "night" song to add to my collection. Thanks u RB--->@DJTalent (reblip)
DJLOPZ @MisssV33 this is unfortunate that you have to work. However, with the help of DJLOPZ and blip.fm, we shall turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN!


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DJLOPZ DJ Krush and Black Thought could take over the world if they put their minds to it...@MissM773: "DJ Krush feat. Black Thought – Zen Approach" (reblip)
staygold second favorite song to sing while drunk
pianzi not sure if this was a good idea. i just slapped it together this afternoon for no good reason. @inktea @staygold @robertmoar @ZOEBOE
ZOEBOE one blip from Amsterdam.... I'm off to the cafes. :)
bduubz @ZOEBOE JEALOUS / amsterdam is one of my fave places / enjoy

Chillin (Wideboys Remix)

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DJLOPZ How can you not laugh at this shit?

Three 6 Mafia Poppin' My Collar Video

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shouxing Thats a great remix/mashup @ZOEBOE: "The only way I like Britney...when you don't know it's her." (reblip)
shafa @pianzi ; you heard this shit man? these lyrics kill me...

Why?Good Friday

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shafa @pianzi !!! a song created by mixing different ppl's youtube vids... more at http://thru-you.com/ if u dig it
solid_au hehe @ZOEBOE 1. agree; 2 things can't live w/out 2. money & woman ≠ root all evil. me: men > women wrt evil http://tr.im/D3NS then http://tr.im/D3RH

Don Carlos "Money & Women"

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toreo when you smile; oooh how i feel so good that i can hardly wait to hold you.

PortisheadAll Mine

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SheLuvsHipHop BBD-Something in your eyes <3 G'night hehe
bduubz @neonmonster: "took me soooo long to find this track on vinyl" // it's a great track // i ripped it from the respect is burning compilation cd (reblip)
pianzi a discotech remix was featured in my back 2 school mix. the original is just as dope (and the first verse is left mainly untouched)
pianzi @ZOEBOE i'll be going over the last month or so of blips - thanks again for all the good ones :) here's a mashup i randomly found on the interwebs

GaraGaraBoots Blaze

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DJLOPZ Good evening your honor :)) Swedish Hip Hop group in English @rockthetropics
ZOEBOE I can tell by the look in your big brown eyes..

Chromeo Needy Girl Bloc Party Remix

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Desire Lines Dubstep: "California Love" remix

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djilo Thanks wheels (sorry, couldn't think of a better nickname) ;-) RB@Bicycles (reblip)

TeV95Shoot Em Up

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djilo Rhythm Scholar vs. Art Of Noise – Close To The Edit (Rhythm Scholar Deftly Diverted Remix)
djilo Nice! Thanks for sharing :) RB@Bicycles:"I can't help it, this song needs to be heard by the entire universe ;P.I hope everyone's day is going well❤✌" (reblip)
DJFrankie rb@nastysurprise72. The song's pretty good as well. I was humming it on my lunch break. (reblip)
DJFrankie Watch out, it's gonna 'splode!

FoalsHeavy Water

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djilo "Eyes Without a Face" by Billy Idol ;) RB@TheRealFLUIDITY: "Love the backdrop! don't remember what song that is but cool flow over it! via>>@ZOEBOE"" (reblip)

Kaz-well "Three Words" with Lyrics

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djilo Nice one! Thanks :) RB@EFR56: "Hello; U were sayin @GrassyKnoll to @honeygirl about Outer Bongolia? So let's dance!" (reblip)
DJLOPZ Wish more peeps would give this one a listen. :))@Karuna: "This is so my vibe right now. <3 RB (reblip)
itsRamel FLOETRY – HEY YOU (REARRANGED) (reblip)
DJFrankie rb@HobbeLink: "Yeasayer – Madder Red" See this is why I need blip. I wouldn't have thought to listen to this on my own. // Hi @jamreilly (reblip)

YeasayerMadder Red

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formalhaut good evening rb@ladypn rb@harmony60 mandatory reblip! beautiful music indeed. thanks both of you. (reblip)

TotoTrip To Arrakis

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