UPTOWNflavor I almost forgot I had an account over here.
macedonia saw the video for this song last week and it's been in my head ever since. a truly exquisite moment from *the love below*...
pipercarter it's about time music got good again
MeccaDonna @DrPostAlot@PiperCarter@Haziq..You gotta love me for this one!
huny sexy, flirtatious, sweet and longing. the live version is even better. el carino que te tengo, yo no lo puedo negar...
pipercarter man oh man i love me sum kelis! she's the ultimate!

Kelis80s joint

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pipercarter i don't care what people say. i love her!
pipercarter what a beautiful song


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africamiranda my personal homage to the 80s. hope you enjoy!
africamiranda "no need no makeup to be a cutie" could listen to this everyday...if he doesn't make u feel like this--he's not worth it (reblip)
cosita and when i say kemosabe this automatically follows

Sugar Hill Gang - Apache

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DonP "I'm on a ride and I wanna get off, but they won't slow down the roundabout." (The ride's called "Work.")
pipercarter common now donald byrd is my favorite
pipercarter driving & chillin or cleaning the house
pipercarter how can i play donald byrd & not think of bobbi humphrey?
funksoulbrotha sleep ..... yea that would be nice.
pipercarter i used 2 kill this song. my mom used 2 beg me 2 play something else...lol (reblip)
pipercarter ok how many hot songs are called hollywood?
pipercarter sa-ra just gets it right


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pipercarter my #1 favorite singer, well her & chaka khan
pipercarter man oh man is this true or what. gotta love her.
pipercarter ok now sarah vaughn sings this song best of all my girls but billie makes me feel it 2 can't deny miss holiday.
ants pra espantar o mau humor matinal
Antenaweb @YoniBeat mira y que?.. que tienes para el fin de semana??
pipercarter if you are a friend of mine you know how much i love the beach. (reblip)
CelsoBessa @pipercarter "love nina simone 4ever" - There are 2 kind of people: the ones that love Nina Simone, and the ones that don't know they love her :-) (reblip)
pipercarter i used to kill their album! every saturday morning i'd play them to welcome the sunshine.
CelsoBessa @pipercarter: by the way, i did love your pictures. :-) (But the website flash is kind of heavy. )
melodyofurlife A Nice Friday anthem! I'll be repeating this at about 5:01 like I do most weeks. Then Monday, I get back in bed with the man!
lpowars ready for the weekend..

Move for me - Kaskade

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CelsoBessa Doidona. Pena que não dá mais para subir direto os arquivos dela.
RealtorLefebvre I'm plum out of props. If each listener could just give me one prop, that would rule. I have a catalog of 1,500+ songs. You will find SOMETHING.
lunarboy tá todo mundo sabendo que música 'francesa' que toca na sua casa é zook de kaoma. desiste @gingerlipstick

A Tribe Called Quest ft, Mos Def — Hydro

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A Tribe Called Quest ft, Mos Def — Hydro

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Sugar Hill Gang - Apache

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CargoCulte @Diordan You drop some cool blips my friend...
CargoCulte One more before I head out for lunch!
pipercarter yes yes yall

Nucleus - Jam On It

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pipercarter oh man i love these girls. this is where destiny's child got their whole swagger.
TheAngel Boiler Room Diaries Blip #7 - De La Soul - Keepin The Faith - mmm hmmm whistlin and feelin good
pipercarter what would a neo soul collection be without this jam?
pipercarter i don't care how many times i hear this cut it always makes me stop & enjoy it. (reblip)
RLS8000 I was so mad when Funcrusher Plus 2 didn't come out. This song had me anticipating it
RLS8000 One of my all-time favorite tracks from The Roots
pipercarter lazy afternoon music to give me a lil boost
RLS8000 If you not up on Black Milk you should get up on it.
pipercarter this kid is puttin detroit back on the map!
RLS8000 I've had many good nights playing this track. It's just beautiful. What more can be said about it.
RedRaspus and some blues from Lee Morgan to close out. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!
evablue @briangreene i think i forgot to say thank you. thank you! :)
eleskimo get the flow

03 Ghostwriter RJD2 Ground Zero (featuring Mass Influence) Dynamic Syncopation

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03 Ghostwriter RJD2 Ground Zero (featuring Mass Influence) Dynamic Syncopation

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illuminato Keep the groove on, shake off the work week. (reblip)
mcadwallader Oh yes. oh. yes. Played this during my one time foray into real life DJing, I was one half of Scratch and Sniff
deadcowaroma Before I had status and before I had a pager.
novaslim maaaaaann!!! makes me wanna suit up like skywalker and fight storm troopers!!!
deadcowaroma Damn it, who puts 10 second clips on this dumb thing!?
pipercarter kool keith is so funny

Kool Keith - Drugs (Memory Man's ''Back In the '70s'' mix)

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mcadwallader Beautiful track, beautiful lyrics, and someones playing some ancient lcd game in the background
you999 Fromidable!   1234 – Feist (reblip)


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yurivs "What's Going On" – Quincy Jones.
dianadhevi Good morning, btw. Feeling nervously optimistic today :)
Sandman5 There is no political solution, To our troubled evolution, Have no faith in constitution, There is no bloody revolution....
Contrabandito Think they'd have sold even more records if they changed the intro to "Reach out, suck face"
Mary68 Why has she given half her life to people she hates now?
dianadhevi "I want to fuck you like an animal/I want to feel you from the inside/My whole existence is flawed/You get me closer to god"
pipercarter this movie is earily very current.: "Dr. Strangelove" (reblip)
pipercarter sometimes you need a lil piano in your life (reblip)
pipercarter sometimes you need this kinda track to retouch photos (reblip)
huny yesterday I asked what songs made people happy. I said american boy but I should've said this song. there's beauty in the breakdown.
clarkowitz In Due Time. Cee-Lo sez, "You can only do your best, and let them do the rest."
pipercarter man oh man goodie mob outkast what great memories
browneyes Case が華々しく?デビューした頃、「オレ従兄弟が case なんだぜ!」と威張ってるコが横田にいた。
duffboy Me thirsty, I need a Raptor, the cheapest of energy drinks.

common feat. kanye west - the food

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JimmyJustice it is still 150 years away, but still dawning!
paisley Pop the Glock (Original Mix) – Uffie
pipercarter this was my myspace profile song for the longest last year! (reblip)
pipercarter she makes this gray day bright with her bjorkiness
djwashingtonson (Just got an email from the Obama-Biden Transition Team!) A Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke
pipercarter the gap band is so awsome! this is great photo retouching music!
deadcowaroma This == Vanilla Sky. Anyways, The Prestige is awesome because it properly portrays Tesla as a hero and Thomas Edison as a dick.
deadcowaroma One thing I don't like about living here is that it never rains. That's what I liked about Halifax, as weird as that sounds.
Sandman5 Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light....
RLS8000 Classic Detroit ish. Hardest female ever.


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HAMMER32 Don't get me going on Blondie, Cap'n. I had the biggest crush on Debbie Harry when I was little.
zynzelay Stays in the rotation...Helps me think.
HAMMER32 I don't bother chasing mice around...
HAMMER32 "Please don't bother trying to find her..."
pipercarter i just love george clinton.
Sandman5 Dig it. Cardigans and Tom Jones cover Talking Heads...
sudaca70 ... when it comes to b&w it is not the same as in analog photography; no pure b&w, image noise... I studied photography long ago @by_starla...
Contrabandito Feeling very double-oh, seveney all of the sudden

Duran Duran A View To A Kill (James bond Theme)

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pipercarter i love classic salsa. ruben blades & willie colon! common man! hot hot hot!


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pipercarter man duran duran was like the actual awsomeness when i was in 7th grade! (reblip)

Duran Duran A View To A Kill (James bond Theme)

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pipercarter this song always make me want to challenge ellen degeneres (reblip)
sudaca70 @antenaweb para mí, por lejos, el mejor tema de esta banda -además del buen cover de Talk Talk...-
pipercarter this was my myspace profile song for about 3 months in '06, i think. lol (reblip)
pipercarter i love weather report! wish there were more of their songs on blip.
pipercarter fun remix of erykah badu 1 year old throwback
gigia @Loud_Dog vc fala portugues? como assim? ;) loud_dog é produto de exportaçaoo, @claudix (reblip)
pipercarter oh man you know i gotta represent for detroit! love anita baker man.
NyQuilDriver @by_starla I think I've figured out my next open mic song I'm doing... This one. :) It's pretty rad acoustic. cc: @sheseesred
ListenToLeon "I got no game it's just some b*tches understand my story..."


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pipercarter this song got me thru troubled times! stank u very much! :)
pipercarter this song gets me thru alot of retouching.
deadcowaroma Not a big Mike Myers fan, but this song reminds me of my favorite movie of his. It's not from one of his scenes though.
pipercarter rare nina simone upbeat moment, lol still talkin blues, but love her man!
ita___thedjcat shit that outlives time is the stuff... there's at least 50 shits...
bendrix @laviniacarvalho - You put me in a Goldfrapp mood. This is one of the most beautiful crooner tracks ever made. :)
Nettys On the other hand I know nothing here will change for the better. It's time to get out #Wales. Sorry. I still like Cardiff a lot...
pipercarter foreign exchange is the actual factual
pipercarter love the killers new album
onceacurmudgeon i finished 1.5 hours ahead of schedule. and am thinking about a quick nap. hmmmmmm
PauloStudio2002 Velha infância – Tribalistas
onceacurmudgeon i can not express my love and admiration for sonic youth in mere words. (reblip)
pipercarter good morning!

Danny Gatton, Bobby Watson, Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman New York Stories 08 5 4

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MeandMySharpie hey @pumpkinshellz I see a theme☺

Stevie Nicks Dreams

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ABoyNamedSue Another blip from an artist not enough people got into this year.
theknickermafia Always perks me up in the morning

Take ThatShine

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silverton Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah ... yeah, like that.
gingerlipstick ♥ i don't want to be your friend i just want to be your lover ♥
djmisscloud this is an awesome album! @mellowmello yeaaaah! Not many ppl now this band, well done! (reblip)

Sneaker Pimps Low Place Like Home

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briangreene if i could choose a lullaby singer, but I wouldn't get much sleep.
DareToEatAPeach playing some songs for my mom that she hasn't heard before.
toddtyrtle Why did it have to stop?

JigsawSky High

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ambit cLASSIC Kenny Loggins: THIS IS IT!!!!
briangreene Get What You Want ~ Operator Please
by_starla @MusicRex--no worries--send me anything! laughing b.c i just blipped Woke from Dreaming about an hour ago. :)
SoulMusicSummitDj Corinne Bailey Rae - The Other Woman - Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
Blackempire Boyz II Men ~ There'll Never Be...They still can't touch Switch... (reblip)
Figgywithit @CooperHarris That's not Willie Dixon, it's Clarence Gatemouth Brown. Kidding! (reblip)
JRex ... don't forget ... he might have an inferiority complex - in which case he'll need to be reminded ... :)
jerryp007 When your heart's on fire Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.......
SoulMusicSummitDj Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
SoulMusicSummitDj Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
SofiaPopia ⌛❀ @PlasticRobot Oddly enough, Liz Fraser actually dated Jeff Buckley. She's featured in the BBC Documentary on Jeff Buckley, which is worth seein
SoulMusicSummitDj Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
Vickingo You're No Good – Linda Ronstadt
toosweet4rnr wrapping up the "hey love" soul portion of the evening w/ the stylistics. "Don't be afraid to help yourself It's never too late"
SoulMusicSummitDj Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
SoulMusicSummitDj Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
SoulMusicSummitDj Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
pipercarter he makes this song have such a sexy feelin
SoulMusicSummitDj SoulMusicSummit Good Music 4 Life Support Good Music! The Soul Ambassador www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
sukie Fucken Poser....You can't be me, I'm a Rock Star!!
Airpork If the dizzying high don't subside overnight, Doctor Blind, just prescribe the red ones.
ladypn I believe things will always change.
punksinger @dmtr bh! x) sp, só em algum final de semana de janeiro! (reblip)
gigia o pequeno tigrinho...
ranblv Never heard a vocal version of this one WOW!!! Dave Brubeck would be proud.
pipercarter i'm so corny. i love that corn with the cheese on top!
SoulMusicSummitDj What a strong & beautiful gift she shared with us...Love this tune. (reblip)
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