nieuwbouw20 What is hip: the bony projection of the femur which is known as the greater trochanter, and the overlying muscle and fat.;-)
Diordan @thahy o hoje só é bom se termina, se convida o amanhã! :-)
DonDahlmann Need some motivation for my work on sunday
fike A gravação original de Route 66.
2Serenity Wendy & Lisa's new album came out today - White Flags of Winter Chimneys --> - I'm enjoying it a lot. Acoustic, simple, pure!
browneyes listening 2 "Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali" – A.R. Rahman | via @siraj (reblip)
2Serenity Eternal Flame was my jam in junior high school. Ha, I thought I could sing. Not, but it was wonderful to dream.The Bangles = female empowerment for me
pjebsen Nice '70s pop-jazz with great horns arranged by Jerry Hey (EW&F, Al Jarreau): Seawind's "We Got A Way". #popjazz
pjebsen Nile Rodgers' great solo album "Adventures in the Land of the Grood Groove" will reissued on Jan. 21, 2009. More info at Facebook:
AndrewEglinton Sing along know you want to :)
pjebsen I just noticed that the great reissue label Soul Jazz Records (UK) is available at emusic (incl. "Studio One Funk"): #reggae
pjebsen "Paint the White House Black": George Clinton & some members of P-Funk will play at Dionne Warwick's Inaugural Ball on Jan. 20.
Diordan I wanna a sunday kind of love! Hello Blipsters!
pjebsen @Kixka, re: "Uplifting im richtigen Moment ..." - ein schöner Muntermacher nach einer langen Ballnacht! ;-) #steviewonder (reblip)
pjebsen @stustevens Ian Dury, West Street Mob, Marva Whitney, Spoonie Gee, Jean Knight, Gil Scott-Heron - your blips sound like my Last.FM radio! ;-) (reblip)
Diordan Shan Lee, just passing by... see you later blipsters!
Dave_Malby I Just Want To Celebrate – Rare Earth (reblip)
pjebsen @AndrewEglinton: I always liked "All My Ex's Are From Texas" - pretty catchy! ;-) The rest of your playlist is nice, too; a very eclectic mix. (reblip)
pjebsen My "T-Mobile G1" test sample has Marcus Miller's "Blast!" preinstalled. How did they know about my musical preferences? ;-) #googlephone
pjebsen Another Blackbyrd favorite of mine - "The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean)" from "Gloryhallastoopid" - isn't available here. "Airthang" will have to do. ;-)

Muppets - Mah Na Mah Na

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pjebsen Johnnie Taylor works for me as well ("I Could Never Be President" - what else?). #inaug09
pjebsen From Lee "Scratch" Perry's "Arkology": The Heptones & Jah Lion, "Mr President". #inaug09
pjebsen A helluva song ... from Larry Williams' and Johnny "Guitar" Watson's great album "Two for the Price of One".
pjebsen "Paint the White House Black" and "Chocolate City" made sense, but why did I forget about "One Nation" last night? ;-) #inaug09
pjebsen @abarbosa "All my life I've always been so blue... Born to lose and now I'm losing you." Didn't know this Ray Charles song before - thanks! (reblip)
pjebsen @davidwatts1978 Another song I missed last night ("Black President"). ;-) #nas #inaug09 (reblip)
pjebsen @Diordan My funky friend from Brazil: I'm glad to see that you're hip to Patsy Cline as well! ;-) (reblip)
pjebsen @ladyorange Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues" gives a different meaning to "Walk the Line". ;-) (reblip)
Diordan Blips been down for everyone? Well Just Back!
pjebsen @Xioger_a Yes, Little Richard is tha bomb. There are less obvious songs than "Tutti Frutti", but even that hit is always nice. ;-) (reblip)
pjebsen George "Dr. Funkenstein" Clinton talks about his love for country music: GC appears in CMT's "Gone Country". #funkadelic #pfunk
pjebsen @slidetone It was good talking to you @ MBC09! Let's start a Dave Edmunds appreciation society ... ;-)
roxination Hands down to Mr. Vaughan...guitarist GOD
pjebsen Talkin' 'bout soul overload: Here's the ultimate example w/Jennifer Holliday. Her version I heard live on Broadway in the '80s was even better, ;-)
pjebsen Wow! Just listened to N.A.S.A.'s "Spirit of Apollo" for the first time. David Byrne, Chuck D, RZA, G.Clinton, Kanye West & Co. rock!
ladypn @liquidjumper @2HandedJam This is too much! Can't believe you found it on blip! "....toughness, courage & self-denial" ;) (reblip)
pjebsen Great football collage! RT: @liquidjumper @2HandedJam This is too much! Can't believe you found it on blip! "....toughness, courage & self-denial" ;) (reblip)
pjebsen I don't really like heavy metal, but I'm okay with David Lee Roth's version of it. ;-) #bumpandgrind #tongueincheek #vanhalen
pjebsen A nice mashup/megamix: The Notorious DLR (Notorious B.I.G. vs. David Lee Roth)
pjebsen Right after "California Girls", I wanted to play another Beach Boys cover (the Fat Boys' "Wipe Out"). It's not on, bur I found "The Twist".
pjebsen Does anyone remember Richard "Dimples" Fields? His first smash: "She's Got Papers on Me". #smoothsoul #quietstorm
pjebsen Thx to a reply to my Top 15 Albums list - - I listened to Stevie Wonder's "Fulfillingness' First Finale" for the first time. Great!

Stevie Wonder - You Havent Done Nothin

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pjebsen Fresh Phish for free! You can download this weekend's Hampton shows at More info at Last.FM: #jamband
pjebsen The great concert movie "Wattstax" turned me on to Little Milton again ... he's worth looking into (including his more current Malaco albums). #blues
TroyHolder "Funky Worm" by Ohio Players

toda meninha baiana - gilberto gil

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pjebsen IMO, Tony! Toni! Toné! are one of the best late '80s/early '90s bands combining old school soul and new school funk/hip hop.
BohemianChick Hello BlipStars! @pjebsen...thanks for stopping by! ;-)
pjebsen @Diordan via @DJVee Thanks for reminding me of Freak Power! Haven't listened to them for a long time. #normancook (reblip)
pjebsen Lowell Fulson's "Tramp": One of the funkiest blues songs ever.
pjebsen Haven't listened to this one from 1993 for a very, very long time - but this still is one of my favorite Toni Braxton songs. #soul
funkymc This song kicks ass! Its so retro funkysouly I could scream! Compressed as hell. Brass stabs. Compromiseless Guitar work.
funkymc Best bollywood breakcore by Enduser. Love these vocals cut by evil breaks. This is a liveset version - scream
pjebsen A Curtis Mayfield song I didn't know before: Say "hello" to the natural "hi"! ;-)
pjebsen "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart (1977) is about as retro as you can get. My favorite German term for it: "Schweinerock". But I love it! ;-)
pjebsen Mary Wells: One of the best voices Motown ever had the fortune to work with. #motown #marywells
pjebsen Looking forward to Kurtis Blow who will play the Baltic Soul Weekender. #bsw2009 #balticsoul
pjebsen If you're a Last.FM subscriber, you can listen to my personal #BalticSoul radio: #bsw2009

Gloria Scott - What Am I Gonna Do

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pjebsen Die Welt-Folge von #Dittsche rechtfertigt einen Gruß an Frau Karger: "Stand by Your Man"! (Wer immer das heute ist/war.) ;-) #wdr #germantv

Patsy Cline - Stand By Your Man

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sgatling go John!

Johnny Adams - There Is Always One More Time

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pjebsen A Saloot to the Boot (@Bootsy_Collins, that is): "Airthang is Airthang" , written by Paul Heaton (Beautiful South), read by Casper. #pfunk
pjebsen Saturday's #Soulkitchen reminded me of Junior who performed at #BalticSoul 2007. "Mama Used to Say" still sounds great. #britfunk
BohemianChick Vi @studiojm Thanks! ;-) - Kyoto Jazz Massive – Eclipse courtesy of @Blippo Thanks! (reblip)
Diordan tottaly addicted since Greg Wilson's live performance in my home city!! @420thoughts @GR8FL mestre @boamorte como estás? comigo tudo ótimo!!
pjebsen One more dynamite Johnny Adams song from @sgatling's playlist (her comment: "go John!"), and then I'll shut up. ;-) (reblip)

Johnny Adams - There Is Always One More Time

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BohemianChick @pjebsen...Kyoto Jazz Massive is fiyah, glad u liked it! ;-)
Diordan @pjebsen Do you know this guys? I think this song is as hot as it gets!
sgatling I saw him in person, third row at Nassau Coliseum in the late 60's...
pjebsen Just a short clip, unfortunately: Whitney Houston & Archie Shepp in Material's "Memories".
pjebsen Does anyone remember the super group Little Village (Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner, John Hiatt, Nick Lowe)? It's not on, so Ry will have to do. ;-)
pjebsen This song goes out to my Twitter friend (and long-time P-Funk web colleague) in my favorite US music city: @DJSoulSister in N'awlins. #zapp
Diordan you cannot give @DesertLily more than three props a day and not even a huge HUG cuz She's in DF..... (reblip)
pjebsen @Diordan: Solomon Burke - another nice choice! :-) (reblip)
SnootyFoxLily Andrew Sisters- Mr Sandman ......N'night all,sweet dreams!!!
Diordan @i_Dea Eu tô ótimo, ocupado em cavar minha carta de alforria! Dando passos importantes! Vou ficar como o Pinguim!
pjebsen Hahahahaha ... I searched for Rick James' Stone City Band and received the cheesy Bay City Rollers among the results. ;-) #britpop
stustevens @olumi_day @Deesound so much music here, again the zip files will give individual tracks not a mix (reblip)
uh_clem Top 40 #10 - Burning Spear, "Down by the Riverside" studio one version - strangely a video?
ernestina Wir Frauen sind eigentlich so einfach gestrickt, und er hat's erkannt.
joko9395 I feel like Ive been on a mountaintop experience after listenin to Patti sing She toured with Marvin Gaye back in the day & shut the house down
pjebsen We all love Indeep's "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" - but "When Boys Talk" wasn't bad, either! ;-) #disco #newyorkcity #indeep #michaelcleveland
neil_alan Kelis - Trick Me. Track 06 on The Neil Alan Show Soundtrack.

KelisTrick Me

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pjebsen Very nice! @joko9395: "Some hole-in-the-wall from Syleena Johnson's daddy. Fiyah! Was underrated just like his daughter." (reblip)

Any Way The Wind Blows by Syl Johnson

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Ibo Diesen Song habe ich gestern bei WDR 2 gehört und wollte euch das nicht vorhalten, da es echt nice ist. Viel Spaß.

Lemar- If There's Any Justice

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pjebsen Thanks again, @lbo, for turning me on to Lemar! Great soul pop with terrific singing, catchy songwriting, and smart production.
funkymc @pjebsen stimmt... also nochmal für alle. U-Bahn Revolution in Hamburg doch erst am 29sten Juni. #u3 #u2

Quick Sand by Osaka Monaurail

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HoochieMan Cause I like this song

Shaky Ground

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pjebsen Enjoying the funky soul of Gwen McCrae again: "Keep the Fire Burning". #soul
pjebsen A nice live version of Dolly Parton's self-ironic song "Backwoods Barbie", feat. the CBS Orchestra (from David Letterman's "Late Show")
pjebsen Never looked, but just found one of my favorite Flavor Flav/Public Enemy songs on You Tube: "911 Is a Joke". #publicenemy
pjebsen Irving Berlin's song title "The Song is Ended (but the Melody Lingers On)" is deep - but I only found the instrumental version.

The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)

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pjebsen My favorite song on Jazmine Sullivan's debut album "Fearless": "Switch".

Jazmine Sullivan Switch

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pjebsen After listening to lots of MJ, "Heartbreak Hotel (This Place Hotel)" remains one of my favorites. Brilliant production, funky-crisp rhythm guitar.
pjebsen Soundtrack for today: Sugarhill Gang's "Hot Hot Summer Day".
pjebsen @bootsy_collins is on the 2008-2009 theme song of the Cleveland Cavaliers: #bootsy

Cavs R Ruff (Get Pumped)

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pjebsen Listening to my favorite Huey Lewis & the News album: "Four Chords & Several Years Ago".
pjebsen When my iPod's shuffle threw "Thriller" my way, I initially wanted to skip it - luckily, I didn't. What a perfect piece of pop!
pjebsen George Clinton: "Digital Underground didn't just sample P.Funk songs. They sampled P.Funk characters!"
pjebsen On Don Was' website, you can download the great Sweet Pea Atkinson song "Back In Love Again" for free: It features James Gadson.
pjebsen @slidetone Ich höre gerade Jerry Lee Lewis' Cousin Mickey Gilley (eMusic-Compilation "Absolutely the Best").
pjebsen Thanks for this clip by a wonderful guitarist (and Ry Cooder collaborator)! @thesuingone: "David Lindley. She took off my romeos." (reblip)
pjebsen Sorry to hear that you're not in Northern Europe! Resending @John_Fogerty: (...) On our way to see our friends in Europe (...)
pjebsen Just saw "Kambakkht Ishq" - despite fart & cream pie jokes, an amazingly entertaining #Bollywood movie. Mainly shot in Hollywood.
pjebsen Just finished downloading the last 45 of this month's 90 emusic songs. Found "The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2006".
pjebsen Money-B's Raw Fusion was Digital Underground's strongest side project. B's flow still is rockin' to the P.M.! :-)
pjebsen Just talked to Gary "Mudbone" Cooper - looking forward to meeting him later this afternoon. This track is from his 2006 album "Fresh Mud". #paris
pjebsen A very nice version of Afrika Bambaataa's and James Brown's "Unity" (great bass work by Doug Wimbish).

J Brown & A Bambaataa unity pt 2 because it's coming

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pjebsen Well, I'm not addicted to the Ting Tings, but I like 'em. ;-) @Wetwillies: "Anybody else addicted to this band?" (reblip)
pjebsen During the "#Bollywood and beyond" film fest (live tweets:, I listen to lots of soundtracks. An eternal favorite: "Dhoom Tana".

Om Shanti Om- Dhoom Tana

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pjebsen Just watched a nice concert with Hugh Masekela on German channel 3sat. There's more to come tonight: (Miriam Makeba/Freshlyground)
pjebsen Elvis Costello on emusic's Jukebox Jury: Intteresting comments on songs/artists played to him.
pjebsen One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies @"Bollywood and Beyond" film festival. #musicmonday Legal download:

Luck By Chance (Pyaar Ki Dastaan) FULL SONG *HQ*

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pjebsen "Oh my darling, I'll never change partners again!" Was looking for Elvis Costello's brand-new version but only found Patti Page's.
pjebsen Just finished revisiting the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main St." (1972) - what a brilliant album! I love the horns & Keith Richards' raw riffs.
pjebsen Found 3 emusic albums with P.Funk's Lige Curry: / Ligedelic: / The Naked Funk:


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pjebsen Wow! Just remembered Jevetta Steele's "Calling You" (from "Out of Rosenheim"). Next stop: Gospel by The Steeles (if I can find my CDs).
sonti bonne nuit, tous

Luigi Boccherini: Minuetto (classical)

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pjebsen Fun(k) fact in waxpoetics' Roger Troutman issue: Mico Wave lost eight teeth to the talk box.
pjebsen Gospel has some of the funkiest soul ever ... here is the song I'm listening to right now (on CD - only has a bad YouTube copy).


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pjebsen Unfunkingbelievable! Thanks to, I just found out about the Williams Sisters.They almost make me regret that I'm an ignostic.

The Williams Sisters Jesus will pick you up!

| play
pjebsen Hey, atheist/agnostic/ignostic funk fans - don't tell me you're not moved by this blast of a song! ;-) #gospel
pjebsen Larry Williams and Johnny "Guitar" Watson accompanied by David Lindley's and Chris Darrow's Kaleidoscope: "Nobody".
pjebsen My favorite Dale Watson song during the bike ride back home from the @slidetone gig at the Indra: "Country My Ass".
pjebsen In a similar vein: Larry Cordle's "Murder on Music Row" (the original of George Strait's and Alan Jackson's cover).

Murder on Music Row

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pjebsen "The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had 1 more for dessert. Then I fumbled thru my closet for my clothes, & found my cleanest dirty shirt."

Johhny Cash and Kris Kristofferson

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pjebsen Knoxville's just reminded me of Kristi Rose - downloading her albums at emusic now.
pjebsen @Interozetor Here is a longer Les Paul clip from YouTube.

Les Paul & Mary Ford Show: World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

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pjebsen @techtravel mentioned Bürger Lars Dietrich. Lars' cover of Dr. Hook's "Sexy Eyes" used to be one of my guilty pleasures. ;-)

Bürger Lars Dietrich Sexy Eis

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pjebsen Amazing! Another 'nugget' from "Treasury of Northern Soul" Sugar Simone has a Willy DeVille vibe to him.


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pjebsen Nice! The Shack Band (feat. Cologne Horns) is giving props to Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker & Pee Wee Ellis. #funk #german
crowjane I don't want to be hurted~now dat's country~lol~obviously you are putting me down~~my homegirl Barbara George switched to Gospel music before she died

I Know(You Don't Love Me No More)-Barbara George-1961

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pjebsen Tonight's final mention of Their Northern Soul channel is fine as well! #northernsoul

Benny Troy--I Wanna Give You Tomorrow (1976)

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green5violet melody :) dont mind abt the hero or the language :D

manasa song

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SteveMiami The Wild Tchoupitoulas ♪ Hey Hey (Indian Comin) #musicmonday
pjebsen Thx, @andrefriedrichs! Without your thumbs-up on Facebook, I may have missed Charlotte Roche's favorite band Kitty, Daisy & Lewis!
pjebsen One of my favorite Southern soul singles - with a helluva title: "Your Husband Is Cheatin' on Us", by the great Denise LaSalle. #malaco
masterkid4u Para animarte el inicio de semana!! See you soon!! be happy!! te dejo con el proyecto solista de Tom Schuman, tecladista de Spyro Gyra @nuria29
masterkid4u Bueno, una mas... la del estribo jajajaja..... Jean-Luc Ponty - Point Of No Return... sensacional!! @nuria29.. ENJOY Gigamegahyperterathrillion Kisses
pjebsen Mann, Mann, Mann, Jan Delays "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul" ist wirklich heißer Scheiß.
pjebsen @DJSoulSister Thanks for posting this on Facebook - Garry, StingRay, Mallia, L. Frantagelo, Clip, Dennis Chambers, P-Funk Horns sound great! #pfunk

Parliament Live: Theme From The Black Hole

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Lichtmalerin @pjebsen Not only Badmarsh&Shri - but also the funk collection you blipped. I'm addicted to music, bringing out the pictures to the camera. ;)
pjebsen Miles Davis & Easy Mo Bee - wonderful! @Lichtmalerin: "@gecwitscher: "na also, geht doch." Wurd ja auch langsam mal Zeit, ne ... ;)" (reblip)
pjebsen Super - Wiederhören/-sehen macht Freude! @gecwitscher: "Noch eine Stunde, bis #kottan wieder #ermittelt..." (reblip)
str8jgirl mmm...loving some Dr Hook and the Medicine Show @oregonblip (reblip)
pjebsen The sound quality is horrible, but the performance is energetic: Ian Dury's "Oh Mr Peanut".
pjebsen From the great compilation "Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown 1973-1980" ( Ken Boothe, "Is It Because I'm Black" #reggae
pjebsen Nice find - After Bach's "It's You" from 1981 (thanks to Back to the Old School webradio: #funk
pjebsen Great live performance by my favorite #LyleLovett collaborator Francine Reed - @Popkontext inspired me to check out her YouTube videos. ;-)
pjebsen Just listened to Michael Bublé's new album "Crazy Love". Surprisingly, I pretty much liked it. ;-)

All I do is Dream of you by Michael Bublé

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pjebsen Another surprise: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings perform on Michael Bublé's "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)" (on the "Crazy Love" album).

Michael Buble , Mrs Jones & DAP KINGS-Baby,You've got what it takes

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pjebsen Hier das Video zum großen Ohrwurm. (RT @flueke Rainald Grebe + Kapelle der Versöhnung: Massenkompatibel #ohrwurm)


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popr333 @Interozetor danke for pippi German version- like that one better but couldn't find it at moment :^) (reblip)
popr333 @pjebsen funny on Small World, couldn't hate ya for that, heehee. here's another silly 1 (reblip)
snoopsmaus Miss North is the leading lady of the german soul! #musicmonday

Astrid North singt Paul Wellers „Bull-Rush" live bei NEUE HELDEN

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snoopsmaus Jamie's really fantastic version of Rihanna's "Don't stop the music" - ilike! Thumbs up! #musicmonday
BohemianChick Yes! Finally finished cooking eveything!
Marystudio Dee Dee Sharp ~ Mashed Potato Time
pjebsen Flavor Flav doin' what he's doin' best: Cold Lampin'. #publicenemy
BohemianChick Thanks & Happy Turkey Day! :-) @Robizzy @onyxqueen @DrCocker @pjebsen ~ @ambit: uh me at the dock, we're getting on a boat! ;-)
BohemianChick All this rain is making me sleepy...see ya later BlipStarz :-)

Jazzyfatnastees-Tumbling (2002)

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pjebsen Dedicated to the preservation of the motion of hips - swift lippin', ego trippin' and body snatchin'. (Parliament, Houston 1977)

Dr. Funkenstein Houston-1977

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pjebsen This is the original Yahoo! yodeler: Wylie Gustafson, available at @emusic (
BohemianChick Thanks for the props, rb's and replies BlipStarz! =) ~ Thanks for this u/l @steno ,-)
popr333 rb vi@MusicWithMsB: "How 'bout a rockin' sleigh ride?" sounds like a plan to me :^) (reblip)
pjebsen @SatinLegsSmith I don't particularly like Christmas, but with songs like this it's almost bearable. ;-) (Ramsey Lewis Trio) (reblip)
pjebsen @Lichtmalerin: There only seems to be one video from Bootsy's "Christmas Is 4 Ever" - plus this Snoop Dogg song:
pjebsen @MahoganyGirl: "'Phuck You Symphony....' - Haha!" Haha indeed ... a true Millie Jackson classic. ;-) (reblip)
Diordan Me to but not within two hours... I'm off for a run blipsters =) see you all later! Hey @CargoCulte dear friend! How's sweet Oregon?
Lichtmalerin Dedicate this to my friend and dear colleague @pjebsen - have a merry christmas, looking forward to mix up things in 2010 ;-)
pjebsen Wow! Sounds of Blackness & Roger Troutman live. Found it by accident while looking for "Do the Funky Chitlin'" from "The Night Before Christmas 2".

Sounds of Blackness

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Blackempire Gwen McCrae & Latimore--Let's Straighten It Out

Gwen McCrae & Latimore--Let's Straighten It Out

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dnya Kailash Kher – Teri Deewani
dnya Am addicted as you can see RB @CalMa: Another great one track by @ZONE: "Gypsy Anandi..............beautiful.....INDIA : ) (reblip)
Blackempire Brady Bunch – Time to Change
pjebsen is playing ex-Bride of Funkenstein Dawn Silva right now - here's the title track of her great solo album.

DAWN SILVA ( All My Funky Friends )

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dnya You might like this sweeet bengali tune as well @UnderWorld @pjebsen @CalMa via @ZONE: Ami Kul Hara : ) (reblip)
pjebsen I just realized that it's Dawn Silva's birthday today - my best wishes, and greetings to Sacramento!
crowjane to the Almighty king of night time love round' Blipsville @broadwayg ~baby~baby~baby~keep dat' baby-making music flowing in 10'~as only you can bro~
SatinLegsSmith The soul/gospel #pianosunday break. The piano and organ duet is just as brilliant as their vocal duet. Perhaps best gospel duet ever. @professorkim
SteveMiami rb @ladypn: "Chris Isaak – Cheater's Town" (reblip)
pjebsen I'm still into listening to Willie Mitchell productions. Can't shake him loose tonight.
crowjane lights down low~music soft and flows~daddy's home~that's where it's at~~see you later alligator~a girl's got priorities

Sam Cooke -That's Where It's At

| play

Raydio ~ For those who like to groove

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SatinLegsSmith @kimwind13 Your Jean Knight blip reminded me of this Betty Wright classic.

Betty Wright / Clean Up Woman

| play
nuria29 The Lucky One

Jeff Kashiwa The Lucky One

| play
nuria29 Better

Angela Johnson Better

| play
crowjane Hell ~I ain't no damn mind reader~what da' hell wrong with you~all moody and shiiiaaattt
crowjane @Choonks: "@crowjane: Survivors in the Trenches sing to cancer loud & clear ~ Release Me~ "Pluuuuuueeeeeesssssse~lemme go.""~awesome creativity sis~!~ (reblip)

Johnny Adams Release Me

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funkymc woooooooooow! this groove is sooo layed back - Geniously deep! @pjebsen check it out! #music #reco
nuria29 Come on !! @Fonx - Avanti a tutta macchina
pjebsen Anybody remember Betty Boo ("Doin' The Do")? The music has aged quite nicely, still love it.
2Serenity Oldddddd school forever ever! Biz Markie was the jammy jam for me back in the day.

Biz MarkieVapors

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pjebsen R.I.P., Mallia Franklin (ex-Parlet)! Her solo album "Funken Tersepter" is worth looking for.
pjebsen One of the best horn intros ever: Brides of Funkenstein, "Disco to Go".

Brides Of Funkenstein "Disco To Go"

| play
pjebsen "Mr. Melody Man" (from 1978's "Pleasure Principle") isn't one of Parlet's strongest songs, but I love the funky ballad bass.
jlightbody I'm in the mood to obey...lead me astray;)
pjebsen Orquesta de la Luz' great Latin version of "Saving All My Love For You" isn't available at But this one's nice, too.
crowjane ~U may think no other woman wants that piece of man~pitch him out in da streets and honey u will see~1 2 3 oops~yo bad~~if he harry hippie~her bad~lol

Joe Tex 1 2 3 Yes He Will

| play
pjebsen A powerful live version of Funkadelic's "Into You". Thank you, Raymond "Stingray" Davis! #pfunk #musicmonday
crowjane stone cold pimp~dey' extinct now~~Women today would kick em to the curb~~after we kick their ass
crowjane nothing sadder than a play~wanna-be pimp~with a wife~~heee heee~back in da day
pjebsen Höre mir endlich mal ausführlich Ina Müller an. Großartig! (Frank Ramonds Texte sind kongenial.)
2Serenity Can we talkkkkkkkkkkkkk for a minute. Girl I want to know your name!! I started to write you letters, but I wanted to be more clever.........

Jessie Mae Hemphill with Eureka Jones

| play
FRIEDCATFISH down in Orleans... Drive thru Daquiri bars.. and free beads if you show. #blues
Lichtmalerin @pjebsen - Bollywood dreams and little India in Paris. Just adorable! Thx for inspiration ... ;)
Marystudio Nicolette Larson ~ Lotta Love
Lichtmalerin FastFeierabendSound! with special thanks to @pjebsen, @beichstaedt, @amirkassaei, @amirtavakolian, @Tubabo, @amphore ... ;)
pjebsen Looking forward to this year's Notting Hill Carnival.

Hot Hot Hot- Arrow

| play
Blackempire Chocquibtown ~ Somos Pacifico
Marystudio Jonny Maestro And The Crests ~ Could This Be Magic

Could This Be Magic Jonny Maestro And The Crests

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Marystudio Tennessee Ernie Ford ~ Sixteen Tons
pjebsen Im NDR-Fernsehen beginnt jetzt ein "N-JOY-Geheimkonzert" mit Jan Delay (läuft bis 0.45 Uhr).
pjebsen I saw Bobby Bare live in NYC in the '80s. He staggered on stage & slurred: "I hope airbody is drunk. Cuz life is much better when you're drunk!"
jlightbody "We are drinking beer at noon on Tuesday" if that was the case I had a buzz in class today...hmmmm;)
Lichtmalerin Greetings to HH for some special friend ;)
pjebsen With a shout-out to @NZ_Lokalchef: the Bobby Womack video "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much" (the title tells the entire story).
BohemianChick I'm still waiting for a "Jersey Girl" that's not gonna happen!
Lichtmalerin Have a nice weekend @pjebsen - with this Bollywood item :)
crowjane do the popcorn~but~~this time~with a feeling baby~~~Gotta go lQQk busy~~be back
Amirovski @Lichtmalerin Danke! Und da kann ich noch eines draufsetzen. >8-)

Bole Chudiyan with Lyrics in Hindi & English K3G

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Amirovski @Lichtmalerin Das hier muss auch noch sein.

Khabi Kushi Khabi Gham HD

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asko_b Nina Hagen – Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen … (reblip)
davidwatts1978 inspired by @modarcadia what a performance, no bloody ads in the corner here
SteveMiami War with Eric Burdon – Spill The Wine
pjebsen My favorite Klymaxx song, co-produced by George Clinton.
pjebsen Who woulda thought that good old prankster Malcolm McLaren (R.I.P.!) was a pretty decent vocalist in his own right?
pjebsen RT @chuckdafonk: WHAT A SUNDAY FUNK FIND!!! WOW!! - Bootsy + Phelps (Collins) + Gary (Mudbone) - Together in Heaven [Pt. 1]
pjebsen Retweeting @chuckdafonk: I favorited a YouTube video -- Bootsy Phelps and Gary - Together in Heaven [Pt. 2]
HoochieMan A year and a day and still no employment...but plenty people still trying to make a buck off of me...

The Unemployment Rap- Fresh RIA MC (no lyrics in video)

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pjebsen @chuckdafonk: Thanks for reminding me of this James Brown/Full Force jam! Had forgotten about it. #musicmonday
pjebsen This programmatic classic will be my 100,000th song on Last.FM!
pjebsen I've been listening to lots of salsa lately - still one of my faves: Tito Puente's "Señor Burns" (The Simpsons).

Tito Puente in "Señor Burns" (The Simpsons)

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Lichtmalerin Inspiration for @Tubabo, @charlott7777, @amphore, @pjebsen and so many others - have a nice Sunday! :)
Lichtmalerin For special reason - @pjebsen, this one is for you ;)
Marystudio The Doo-Wop Dolls ~ Needle In A Haystack
Lichtmalerin Greetings to @pjebsen, @Tubabo, @amphore, @guido_augustin, @die_heldenhelfer - have an inspired day :)
MaxK (The Winans) Live At Carnegie Hall – Let My People Go --->(inspired by @pjebsen)
pjebsen Old school rap from the mid-'80s: Word of Mouth's "Coast to Coast", produced by Sugarhill's Duke Bootee.

Word Of Mouth-Ft-DJ Cheese---Coast To Coast

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pjebsen Talkin' 'bout tight: Can't get much tighter than this. From the brilliant movie "My First Name Is Maceo", w/Fred & Pee Wee.
snoopsmaus Gute Nacht @slidetone @pjebsen und all die anderen lieben Menschen da draußen. Schlaft gut, träumt süß. #musicmonday

Melody Gardot "Goodnite"

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Diordan Mais uma bela dica da @pafurada Que baixo esse hein? Obrigado!
Blackempire The Jackson 5 / The Jacksons – Blame It On The Boogie
Blackempire The Jackson 5 – Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
Marystudio Rb@Angelitos55: "Ooh Baby Baby:@tenderlee" Aretha Franklin & Smokey Robinson (reblip)

Aretha Franklin & Smokey Robinson 1979 Ooh Baby Baby

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Marystudio RB@BluesdaddyD: Jubalaires - Casey Jones (reblip)

Jubalaires -- Casey Jones

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Diordan essa é pro mestre @clonazepam e pra todo mundo que curte um scratch e uma colagem, ainda mais com uma banda dessas @Daytripper @luenac @thaprado
Blackempire Rick James – Below the Funk (Pass the J)
pjebsen On tonight's "Soul Power", @DJSoulSister played this early West Coast rap song from '82. I like it better than most gangsta & electro rap of that era.

K-Hollywood Hollis 'K-Hollywooda Rap' (Central City 1982)

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pjebsen Another funky rare groove unearthed by @DJSoulSister on WWOZ's "Soul Power" show: Thundder's "Moove Everything You've Got". Nice!

THUNDDER ( Moove Everything You've Got )

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pjebsen Another fine discovery on "Soul Power" by @DJSoulSister (live stream at "Silver Lining".

Melody Gardot - High Night [Alta Noite] (Gioca)

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pjebsen @prothmann Da du bei FB gerade munter Miles Davis huldigst, ist hier einer meiner Favoriten. Konnte man '83 auch zwischen Hip-Hop-Scheiben auflegen.
MaxK Ist ja auch bald wieder wieder. CU later
Blackempire Maze ft. Frankie Beverly ~ I Want To Feel I'm Wanted....
MaxK I'm so f**** 80's this evening, but it sounds good
Diordan This is for @pjebsen Hope you dig this one friend! @Mysterymix might like this one too!
pjebsen @Diordan: Muito obrigado, amigo, por Yarbrough & Peoples! Don't stop the music - we're bangin' the boogie all night long. ;-)
Diordan Sorry If You're Lookin' for A Night Of Fun Look Past Me, I'm Not The One =)
Diordan don't hurt your feet @MisteryMix

Seductive Souls-Dazz (Instrumental)

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pjebsen On a semi-funky retro tip: Nancy Sinatra's "Lies", from her 1966 debut album "Boots".

Lies Nancy Sinatra

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Blackempire Scritti Politti – Boom! There She Was
Marystudio Little Richard, Fats Domino, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Didley, Ray Charles, James Brown (Giants Of Rock 'N' Roll)
pjebsen Oops! Excuse me! The groove got me! (Was looking for one of my JGW favorites and found this kung fu mash-up.)

Booty Ooty-Johnny Guitar Watson/Angela Mao Tribute 9

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Blackempire The Commodores – Fancy Dancer
browneyes listening 2 "Hey Mr. D.J." by Zhané #R&B ★★★★
Diordan Check this sample @Mysterymix @pjebsen Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't stop the music 1980
Diordan for you dear @pjebsen and @djilo Sandra Feva – Leaving This Time
Blackempire Donald Byrd & The Blackbirds – Dreaming About You
pjebsen "Hump de Bump", killer track from Chili Peppers' "Stadium Arcadium" (feat. Chris Rock). Thx, @stozotheclown!

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Hump de Bump

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MaxK @pjebsen #weißensee war doch noch gar nicht... und um halb fünf am caipi-stand geht ja vieles...
pjebsen Honky tonkin' the way I like it: Zac Brown's "Chicken Fried" at House of Blues New Orleans.

Zac Brown Band "Chicken Fried" Live From HOB New Orleans

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pjebsen This live @ Letterman version of "Aeroplane" is even tighter than the one I just heard at Florence/Italy's Joshua Tree Pub.
pjebsen Can't get my favorite song in #RTR10 's "Love Aaj Kal" out of my mind - one of the best #Bollywood tunes ever.
pjebsen "Flash My Dread", Barrington Levy's reggae version of "Jingle Bells". Makes the worst snow melt!
Blackempire Prince – Gotta Broken Heart Again
SteveMiami Emmylou Harris – Wheels
pjebsen Honky tonk at its finest: "Crank the Hank, and crack the Jack / Give me a jukebox and a bottle / 'Cause she ain't ever comin' back"

Dallas Wayne & Red Volkart Crank The Hank SXSW 3-18-06

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popr333 rb @bytera: "Nice choice! Merci@SabineWe: "J'adore cet orquestre. Un beau jazz - folklore. Merci @Cris_tina (rb)"" (reblip)
SteveMiami Papa Grows Funk – Right Place, Wrong Time #nola #mardigras
SteveMiami Buckwheat Zydeco – Ya Ya #zydeco
pjebsen Thanks to funky AVRO Back To The Old School radio for a perfect T.G.I.F. soundtrack!
pjebsen AVRO Back To The Old School radio keeps 'em comin': The Controllers, "My Secret Fantasy".

the controllers my secret fantasy

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Diordan The Gaylads - It's Hard To Confess
Marystudio Ray Price ~ Bubbles in My Beer
fbrahimi wow wow wow wow wow wow wow Le clip !! Extra

Beyonce performs "Run The World" at the BillBoard Awards 2011 (HD 720p)

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Marystudio Tanya Tucker ~ It's A Little Too Late
Marystudio Rosanne Cash ~ My Baby Thinks He's A Train
Blackempire The Isley Brothers – Voyage To Atlantis
Blackempire Ray charles – Night Time is the Right Time
Blackempire Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Scorpio
Marystudio The Four Tops ~ I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
testspiel "Thinkin' of a master plan..."
fbrahimi Ah yeah ! @redoctopus: "Thank you @Gr8tune: "~~ Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On ~~"" (reblip)
fbrahimi @redoctopus: "The Wild Magnolias – Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) @TrishLewis (have your fun)" (reblip)
snoopsmaus Anker werfen, Segel setzen.

Stefan Gwildis-Anker werfen, Segel setzen (Rockpalast live)

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Diordan Dear @pjebsen! Good to know! I love Banda Black Rio do you know Mundo Livre S/A? Just love this guys!
Marystudio Gene Mumford & The Serenaders ~ Please Give Me One More Chance


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BJAZZAY The classic song style of the late great Sam Cooke.

A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke, 1963

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fbrahimi #PauseDigitale Merci pour vos messages :-) Je vous dis à bientôt en musique. Attention, c'est magique ! (reblip)
Christiane Song for the night ;-)

Aerosmith Love in an Elavator (LIVE 2004)

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Betty Davis-If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up

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Marystudio Al Green ~ How You Can Mend A Broken Heart (Saw Al in concert in CA)

Al Green "How can you mend a broken heart"

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nawlinswoman Smilin'..Rb @fridayschild: "Hey woman! How you? "Hollah! 2 u 2! Rb @DoctorOfJazz: "When hear you name ... my heart jumps to attention baby (reblip)
Diordan Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me To The End Of Love
pjebsen Never heard of this before! Nice! RB @nuria29: "Digging Your Scene" by Paris Match. (reblip)
snoopsmaus Good night.

Josh Kumra "Don't Go" Acoustic Performance

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