naapstermaan yup that song is super tight @ramcosca Soothing, calming, modern jazz+soul. (reblip)
MaddMatt Missed ya the last couple of days @ladypn I knew I'd see you again!

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints

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TheBrettRosenberg chromatics makes some fine music.
Fated thrash (fall of troy-f.c.p.r.e.m.i.x.)
JoesRobot Sorry for repeating this blip so soon, loves it tho
naapstermaan haven't heard this song in forever!
naapstermaan off with your 'til you're dead
naapstermaan best mashup everrrrrrrr. (nirvana, johnny cash, blue oyster cult, new order)
naapstermaan so chill

My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus

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Swampratje @ Anderkaliber.. alles okay? hoes't huus?
himynameischris As the clock tick tock it's hard to stop!!! @DJChynnaSKEET Ventura, CA.
naapstermaan yes found it! epic cover of Depeche Mode's "It's No Good"

Chevelle- No Good [Still Picture]

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naapstermaan such a great chill indie/rock song

CursiveThe Recluse

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rico @lomovogt: "Some nice moves in the video... ;)" very nice indeed! (reblip)

Maroon TownNostalgia

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rico Move away Joe Frazier!

CASSIUS CLAY * Dennis Alcapone.

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Swampratje @Junit1@ElNito : new to me, both thanks for this one.. love it
STEVENDOES RITZ - COCKNEY REBEL (PSYCHOMODO) Another end-to-end brilliant album. Everyone should listen to first 3 albums. For me, they are up there with Bowie!
Branchla Eläkelaiset version Kraftwerk model :)
TroyHolder "Nothing" by Ground Zero (US)1979

Ground ZeroNothing

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UrFunee The Dollyrots - Hysteria

The DollyrotsHysteria

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MiaSloane are you out there- do you hear me...
MiaSloane sarah blasko- no turning back... had to pop in and post this. the vid has me purrrrring.... mmmmm i love it! thanks
plaguy in it for the music

A Taste of Honey

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plaguy euroclassic

For A Few Dollars More Theme (Ennio Morricone)

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plaguy giddy up

Waco by Lorne Green

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plaguy Ready to cover in ska

A Taste of Honey by Herp Albert and The Tijuana Brass

| play
plaguy Mid winter

Summer is over Dusty Springfield

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plaguy ooh oooh ooh ooh

Still I'm Sad- The Yardbirds- 1965

| play
plaguy through merg and bone

MonacoBilly Bones

| play
plaguy peter, paul, bjorn an duh

The xxCrystalised

| play
plaguy skinneke

In My Garden

| play
plaguy my little pony

Serena Maneesh

| play
plaguy best music quality without a vid


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plaguy scheissegal

Royal Treatment Plant: Half As Much

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plaguy new mixie new viddie not for the worst
plaguy one of many you can blip of this lot
plaguy rulende robbie

originaL video send me a postcard mariska veres shocking blue

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plaguy Story of my life

Nashville Pussy - The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out

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plaguy 9-11

Tommy Tutone 867-5309

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plaguy Long time no hear

Naked Raygun- Treason

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plaguy 30 years old


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plaguy lots of fun in the UK

CrisisUK '78

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plaguy is this the mother of Florence and her machine
plaguy searched 20 years for this gem

Asher & Trimble ~ Humble Yourself

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MiaSloane Heartless Bastards~Done Got Old ... music soul food. (reblip)
plaguy dig the switch baby

Planet funk the switch

| play
plaguy classic p-funk

PARLET/ pleasure principle/ 1978

| play
plaguy this is exciting

Motor Booty Affair

| play
plaguy memos memos

The Brothers Johnson (Strawberry Letter # 23)

| play
plaguy where's the film

Ohio Players- Mr. Mean

| play
plaguy rudy a message don't mess with oranje

"STEREOTYPE" The Specials 1980

| play
plaguy not very nice


| play
plaguy full lock drifting in my 6pack charger

SNIFF N THE TEARS Driver s Seat 1978

| play
plaguy got cherrie bombs got my v8

BOMBER performed by Girlschool

| play
plaguy soundtrack for a roadmovie
plaguy cataclysm

Monster Magnet-Nod Scene

| play
plaguy I won't apologise for acting not in line
plaguy Oh so handsome oh so strong
plaguy a better strutter

The DonnasStrutter

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plaguy @Kuif easy score

new order jetstream (technosystem remix)

| play
plaguy my nominee

"Purgatory Blues" Juliette and The Licks

| play
plaguy better than betty page

Julie London "Wives and Lovers"

| play
plaguy vermin call anti cimex
plaguy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
plaguy synthetic psychadelica
plaguy fantastique je me ne gene pas
plaguy accents


| play
plaguy bross revisited

Boo Radleys Wake Up Boo!

| play
plaguy after a long winter

TexasSummer Sun

| play
plaguy fools in paradise

new order - close range

| play
MiaSloane le tigre – tell you now

le tigretell you now

| play
Branchla This Finninsh electropop band debut album is out this week! :)

Villa nahEnvelope

| play
plaguy beat this

Till The End Of The Day- The Kinks- 1965

| play
plaguy french poison de spin uh tourne peut etre
plaguy @Kuif dan maar t beste


| play
plaguy nina person popgodess in extremis

PARADISO Bailando 1996

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plaguy karaoke inzending under the bridge
plaguy @Kuif boy you'll be a man soon van harte

girl, you'll be a woman soon Urge Overkill

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JimmyStagger RB @JamrockRover: "When I find her I'm gonna kill her" (reblip)

"Lorraine" Bad Manners (1980)

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marialuisavela que lindura > @Rumbaman: "@marialuisavela pues que la gocen :) yo estare en modo corporativo." (reblip)
plaguy knock knock

Cosmic Psychos lost cause

| play
plaguy zangertje van radio birdman

New Christs "I Swear" (1988)

| play
plaguy set it off

Chemical Brothers -It doesn't matter

| play
plaguy go on

"If I Ever Feel Better, I'll Go To The Disco"

| play
plaguy brothers gonna work it out
plaguy diggy diggy diggy

WeenVoodoo Lady

| play
plaguy @Kuif status quo rules

The Kinks , I'm Not Like Everybody Else

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plaguy reblip

send me a postcard original by shocking blue mariska veres 1968

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We Are Scientists-Callbacks

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JimmyStagger RB @Kubrickx one of the most underappreciated bands in rock and roll (reblip)
JimmyStagger @Epicrates this is one of those "baggage" songs for me, reminds me of a terrific girl, just didn't work out.
plaguy leidse glam @ronnieq


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marialuisavela @mauricioloza tim armstrong fue mi traga un rato ahi
newNEWwave Songs from the Sunday run #3

Gold Guns GirlsMetric

| play
plaguy strickingly human woman I 'm in love with her nose

.: Ellie Goulding 'Starry Eyed' :.

| play
plaguy @carcrass haal je maar nix in je harssessie
ElDorkoPunkRetro Slobster – Sudden Death (excellent garage punk)
plaguy belgian classix

There will be no next time -the kids

| play
plaguy plastic bertrand in person not bad belgian classic arsenal leading 0-1 in barcelona
somebody2love Chiswick Records was one of the early British independent labels, and when punk hit they put out a lot of instant classic(hey, punk) singles...
ElDorkoPunkRetro Husker Du – Pink Turns to Blue
plaguy @Kuif hebbie al us een playlissie gecreerd

Loreena McKennitt- The Old Ways

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wicketwarwick nice! @luciash: "La Revedere (WorldWideWoofers rewoof) by WorldWideWoofers ▶ woof !" (reblip)
Fleagleman It's chill out time. Find your favorite...recreational substance
sanisis55 New Order – Mr. disco

New OrderMr disco

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Swampratje m'n'n .. daily routines
Branchla I have listened many many times Pariisin Kevät latest album Astronautti during the last week! Excellent combination naivistic lyrics& great melodies:)
DJ_FiNcH @DJ_FiNcH: """weeeeeeeeeee areeeeeeeeeee the used!!!!!"""""""""" (reblip)
TheRocketLife #Nowplaying :"Jerk it out" by The Caesars. --->
Bright_Blue THE 69 EYES – Dead Girls Are Easy
JimmyStagger Welcome and thanks to new listener @xJulsx1 Hola Colombia!
JimmyStagger @tread everyone seems to dig this Scandanivian power pop gem when I blip it, maybe you will too.
rico Njet #dub Da

Strikkly Vikkly: Strikk Nein #1

| play

Swell Maps-Vertical Slum

| play
JimmyStagger @stellartara The Barracudas- "Dead Skin" ...ha, my music nerdhood does have some pluses

Barracudas "Dead Skin" (1983)

| play
JimmyStagger RB @greentrees ...and with this, Mr. Trees wins Blip. Game over, kids. Pack it up. (reblip)
plaguy Great Estonian drinking song

JMKE Kapid

| play

Pariisin Kevät Pikku Huopalahti

| play
rico cooyah!!!

Tight Spot- Dave Barker

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HaloNReverse Poe - Angry Johnny

Poe Angry Johnny

| play
HaloNReverse Lowlife – A Sullen Sky

LowlifeA Sullen Sky

| play
crowjane You can find it all~`In da' streets~`especially across 110th
Kuif Four Tet – Ringer

Four TetRinger

| play
mettee summer went away too fast...but it's still warm, and I'm going swimming later today @Paris49 Hi :-)
cryostasium @aigin: "Transform." This is awesome. Awesome. And I see all your Wire blips, everyone. Rule-age. (reblip)

Enos04 Transform

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cryostasium @aigin: "Terminally charged." I'm terminally charged. *vape* (reblip)
by_starla #2010bystarla {The Black Box Revelation, Silver Threats}
kateism currently fixated on: Break by The Cinematics

The CinematicsBreak

| play
brucefraser awesome tech death band from Montreal. New EP out in 2010 is great! "Beneath The Massacre – Anomic"
raumsinn r.i.p trish keenan († 14.1.11)

BroadcastBlack Cat

| play

Genocide SS. The Final Doom

| play
ElDorkoPunkRetro rb @radolo: "who says there's no good new music these days? Old fuddy duddies, that's who!" ...nice... (reblip)
tenderlee Cuchy Frito Man~thank you rb @Angelitos55: "Cuchy Frito Man: back in a while...." (reblip)

The Skulls "On Target"

| play
LaHaine Smith & Mighty – Move you run. vi@2Tall Gracias!!! (reblip)
Xyling @neo_akira, Here's Electronic (Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner) doing the Winwood song.
cryostasium inspired by @obz

Flying Saucer Attack "Crystal Shade"

| play
cryostasium @mirrormirror: "@cryostasium Love Stereolab ... this cover not so bad either. :)" wow almost sounds like JD doing it....not bad...not bad.. (reblip)
SGMan Studio ~ West Side

StudioWest Side

| play
EvilBlackAngel ♥♥ rb @sch3rzkeks: "@EvilBlackAngel ♠ The Birthday Massacre – Red Stars" (reblip)
LaHaine "MARIANA, SHHHT MERCI" vi@TGunnn NE ME SHT PAS!!!!! (reblip)

Toro Y Moi "Talamak"

| play

Suicide Commando-See You In Hell

| play
cryostasium so glad someone decided to release the video of this. after all these years.

the United States of America-the garden of earthly delights

| play
plaguy Doe ik wel een andere keer in ieder geval in playlist @Kuif: "The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute [Full Album] - ja, ga er maar even voor zitten" (reblip)

ZouZou / Il est parti comme il était venu (Tom Jones Show 1966) [HQ]

| play
garbageman01 Another road trip . . . also cinematic . . .

JACQUELINE TAIEB 'Le coeur au bout des doigts'

| play
garbageman01 Another Jacqueline vid . . . a beauty!

JAQUELINE TAIEB '7 heures du matin'

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