djstefone for you mum ,miss you xx

Paul WellerSunflower

| play

Sinead O'Connor MANDINKA

| play
ForeverInYourSmile #smile Van Morrison & The Chieftans - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (reblip)
polytunnel i wish i was special!

Radio HeadCreep

| play
polytunnel it only takes one tree to make a thousand matches, it only takes one match to burn a thousand trees!
RudeSkaRadio Listening to: The Jam – Town Called Malice (live on the The Tube) @TheRegalKings" (reblip)
polytunnel oh yeah!


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Boboli Garden-Carmen Burana

| play
gbrish @e11enb: "Still working on cheering myself up. Thanks @HeyAmaretto: "rb @ear4you: "Blondie – Heart Of Glass""" (reblip)
polytunnel when faced with my demons, i clothe them and feed them!

CatatoniaStrange Glue

| play
polytunnel tell me everything i need to know!

Van Morrison: Caravan (Rocks His Gypsy Soul)

| play

Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips: "Night Nurse"

| play
polytunnel he just liked to live that way, and he loves to steel your money!

the jam sweet soul music

| play
polytunnel im the esay rider!

Joan Armatrading ~ Drop The Pilot

| play
polytunnel she said your'e like a disease, without any cure!

JamesLaid - Live

| play
polytunnel unable to fake it anymore!

JamesShe's a Star

| play

UB40, BAGGARIDDIM, Customized-2011-Remix/Cherry Oh Baby & The Buzz Feeling.wmv

| play
polytunnel @clarky5 remember this we went to the front and soon craweld out again, happydays! @Unaturalsoul hi @Spica7 ty!


| play

The Temptations -I Can't Get Next To You Live (1970)

| play
dANGELofLOVE TYSM 4 RB @Peppermind: notevole dopotutto @dANGELofLOVE: ╠✿╣ⒽⒶⓅⓅⓎ╠✿╣ ø‿ø ✿☞ FЄЄԼING ├♥╥♥┤ GƠƠD ☜✿ ø‿ø ╠✿╣ⒽⒶⓅⓅⓎ╠✿╣ ◕══#Musє══◕ ㋡ ЄÅSTЄR WISHЄS ㋡ (reblip)

Rare U2 Pride In The Name Of Love Live 1984

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The Beatles Twist & Shout (2009 Stereo Remaster)

| play
Jessica_Rabbit @pclovinU: "I'm gonna getcha - getcha - getcha - getcha..." (reblip)
SanClemente @S4W2E0D: "@ibeeri @ChIcCoDoRo: "@OrangeCounty: "@isuccessi: "@Knuckleheads: "Beer and chocolate cupcakes. only there was it ever the perfect combo! (reblip)
polytunnel i know where i come from, how about you?
polytunnel lovin it! @dANGELofLOVE cheers!

U2 & BB King: When Love Comes To Town

| play
Unaturalsoul ..More The Merrier..@Dietmar22941: "Really Paranoid @HawkNoize: "@Unaturalsoul: "@Wolfie82: "Black Sabbath "Paranoid""""" (reblip)

Black Sabbath "Paranoid" Music Video

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BobTheMediaGuy A day for optimism and hope....Happy Easter, Good Pesach!
ahsan remembering u standing quiet in the rain as I ran to ur heart to be near & we kissed as the sky fell in,holding u close;remembering u,how u used to be

The La's "There She Goes" (Original Single)

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Blue Monday by New Order

| play
polytunnel just kick back and let the feeling flow!
polytunnel bright and shiny things!

U2Silver & Gold

| play
polytunnel @polytunnel: "but when you ask in a strange town, they say dont know, dont care, and ive got to go mate! " (reblip)

The JamStrange Town

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gbrish @80smax: "@lillianwong: "Hiya Pablo! Great DM! tyrb@PabloM: "DEPECHE MODE Enjoy The Silence ►WTC Twin Towers Tribute""Ty- nice:)" (reblip)

DEPECHE MODE Enjoy The Silence ►WTC Twin Towers Tribute (full clip HQ)

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polytunnel brecon beach


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The Jam Tales from the Riverbank

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eighth day hazel o'connor

| play
polytunnel im free to do what i want, any old time!
polytunnel i wish i was special, your so f***ing special!


| play
polytunnel funky horns and a nice beat! @cidermaker

The JamCircus Live

| play
polytunnel i know a place, aint nobody crying! @djesthersterre
polytunnel one day you'll walk right out of this life and then you'll wonder why you didnt try! @ciderboy

From The JamGhosts

| play
polytunnel you talk dirty to a priest, it makes them human at least! @shawnystar, @dj esthersterre, @ scareyclarey thanks for listening!


| play
polytunnel watching the world wake up from history!
FieryIllusion "I wanna do bad things with you..." #nowplaying Jace Everett – Bad Things
polytunnel they used to call me tricky kid i lived the life they never did!

TrickyTricky Kid

| play
polytunnel one thing i can tell you, is you got to be free! he got soul!
polytunnel they only hit untill you cry, after that you dont ask why!
polytunnel such a good feeling!

Always There Incognito

| play
DJ_EstherSterre Especially for patient > @Peter__007 Get well soon.☺
polytunnel alone at six oclock, you drop a cup you see it smash,inside you cant go on!
polytunnel what an amazing voice! love it!
polytunnel with the boys from the mersey and the thames and the tyne!
polytunnel the bitterest pill is mine to take, if i took it for a hundred years i couldnt feel any more hate!
polytunnel just about to take the stage,the one and only, hold the front page!
polytunnel i want to bring you starlight and sunshine! love this, really cool beats.
polytunnel make hay not war! @djesthersterre enjoy
polytunnel you should learn you walk, should learn to crawl! @Corts
polytunnel cool tune! and he is still banged up!
polytunnel i am a one in 10 a number on a list! @shawnystar cheers! @DonkeyRide

UB40One In Ten

| play
polytunnel rise up and declare yourself an internationalist!
polytunnel no way baby lets go! lovin it!

Primal ScreamLoaded

| play
polytunnel you've got to tolerate all those people that you hate, im not in love with you but i wont hold that against you!
polytunnel i love this! music really smooth, lyrics really clever and cutting. de la soul is not dead!
polytunnel nice intro, funky tune! i see double, thats my trouble!
polytunnel chris and kelly - before and after! sound amazing together though. the phonics one of the best three bands here in south wales!
polytunnel cool tune! reminds be of the early 90s when i lived in bristol. what a summer!
polytunnel a taste of the valleys from the manics, complimented perfectly with nina persson, nice tune!
polytunnel time's gonna make you a man some day!

The VaporsNews at Ten

| play
polytunnel something bout her she reminds me of you something bout him he could be me too! sounds like summer, which helps as here in wales it rains alot!
polytunnel make up your own mind!

Purple HeartsJimmy

| play
polytunnel i saw finley at a festival in leeds. what a cool bloke!
polytunnel went to see the specials in cardiff for my 40th, it was like being 12 again!
BattLady Joss Stone – Free Me ~ Don't tell me that I won't, I will!!!

Joss StoneFree Me

| play
polytunnel ray charles what a guy! what a sound!
polytunnel used to make love under a red sunset, i was making promises i would soon forget! love this, its got it all!
polytunnel i always loved this song, and wellers voice just gets better, and still full of attitude!

Paul Weller The Butterfly Collector BBC4 Sessions

| play
polytunnel we dont get alot of country music around here, but this rocks! @neilvalla @ rudy1
polytunnel ive tasted life and im ready! cool tune, nice voice! @DonkeyRide mid-wales mate. brecon beacons

gene fighting fit

| play
polytunnel f**ck them and their law! real dirty sound, nice! @satansearwax @KarlekGroda

The ProdigyTheir Law

| play
polytunnel ooh la la! funky tune. hi @DonkeyRide cheers@derricksthomes no worries @Dakeek
crispast lol :D rb@Ricardo_SSA: "áudio do show do U2 em São Paulo, transmissão pelo Terra ...;-) (reblip)
Dakeek ha? why do you surprise? rb@Peter__007: "YW surprise me... @Dakeek: "thanks for listening @Hotyoungmom @polytunnel @Sandinei @FrankEggen (reblip)

Faith No MoreEasy

| play
polytunnel saw this band at a festival in leeds, really sunny day. they can really rock! @ruby1 hi!!
polytunnel its all a load of bollocks! a happy little tune!
polytunnel the first tune i ever bought! cheers me right up!
polytunnel pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name! @DonkeyRide
polytunnel gotta scream along with this! feels good! @EarwaxOfSatan
polytunnel son im thirty, i only went with your mother cos she was dirty! who says romance is dead?
polytunnel i think i was 12 when i first heard this, the falklands and the miners strike.the uk was a dark place. bitter sweet!
polytunnel you dont have to take this crap!you dont have to sit back and relax!lights go out and the walls come tumbelling down!

The Style Council-Walls Come Tumbling Down live

| play
Alvaroxx Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (Club Mix)...
MrsASoprano I hope the weather there is as gloriuos as it i here. :) Happy Saturday@avard: "GoodMorning@MrsASoprano: "reblip @avard"" (reblip)

janis joplin me and bobby mc gee

| play
Alvaroxx The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?...
LOVE4ME @77ozzie:In this world.Oh,yes,oh-if someone comes along who gives you some love and affection-I say-get it-while you can-Don't U turn UR back on love (reblip)
polytunnel @polytunnel: "f**ck them and their law! real dirty sound, nice! (reblip)

The ProdigyTheir Law

| play
polytunnel if i gotta beg and plead for your sympathy, then i will 'cos you mean that much to me!
polytunnel i know a place! ill take you there!

joss stone ft mavis staples

| play
polytunnel you can go sleep at home tonight, if you can get up and walk away! im pretty sure i was at this gig!
polytunnel im a lucky man, with fire in my hands! all the love i have is in my mind!
polytunnel there's calling me, that i cant touch or see!
polytunnel i dont give a f**k about combat 18!

SenserNo Comply

| play
polytunnel gonna win, yeah we're taking over. your ballroom days are over baby!
polytunnel @polytunnel: "mother do ya think they'll try and break my balls?" #iheartmom (reblip)
polytunnel siad youve been threatened by gangsters, now its you threatening me!

The SpecialsGangsters

| play
polytunnel when we meet again, you know i am to blame!
polytunnel its a hot one, like seven inches from the mid-day sun! love rob thomas' voice. very smooth!
polytunnel everyday i spend my time drinking wine feeling fine!
polytunnel what do i mean to you? ill show you if you want me too!
polytunnel i wanna talk tonight, 'till the morning light, 'bout how you saved my life! @MARCOSFRBASTOS hi!
polytunnel liberation for woman, thats what i preach! preacher man!
polytunnel can i get a witness!!

Happy Mondays: Reverend Black Grape Live at Fuji Rock 2007

| play
polytunnel banging tune! loved it then, love it now!

Born SlippyUnderworld

| play
polytunnel got a feeling higher than high!
polytunnel love,love is a verb. love is a doing word. fearless on my breath!
MrsASoprano reblip!@Nicekitty:"@zoja01@dickie1me: Ty! "Well, I've a lust for life!" Today's my 1st Blip-anniversary! Ty listeners for your generous support! XOXO" (reblip)
polytunnel im standing here, i really dont think you know that im in heaven when you smile! i dont think you think like i do! im everywhere!
polytunnel its brother against brother, father against son, and as for solidarity, i dont see none!

Style Council / Council Collective Soul Deep Live

| play
polytunnel hey joe i got the news tonight, i should of laughed, i should of cried, i should of stayed and fight!
polytunnel whenever her face is frozen, unable to fake it anymore!

JamesShe's a Star

| play
DJ_EstherSterre Have fun. CU @marcdennis: "cu later...Eels – Goddam right It's a beautiful day" (reblip)
polytunnel but when you ask in a strange town, they say dont know, dont care, and ive got to go mate! for @djesthersterre and her great taste.

The JamStrange Town

| play
polytunnel caught up in the wilderness with my ever changing moods! hi!@djesthersterre
polytunnel i swear we are always on the run, its an endless chase to find the sun!

John Lennon- Nobody Told Me

| play
BeccaStardust @rguimaslima: "(((((((((((((((((((((( Hey ))))))))))))))))))))))))" (reblip)

Pixies Hey

| play
yewerman Bleeding Knees Club – Have Fun
LionaB Carlos Santana- Smooth ft. Rob Thomas (reblip)

Carlos Santana- Smooth ft. Rob Thomas (Supernatural album version)

| play
bluebrummie The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom.... I'm done! LOL. Thanx in advance 4 props, RB's etc. & if I haven't thanked u already, thanks! End song next! :-)

The Beat Mirror In The Bathroon MTV video

| play
Alvaroxx Massive Attack – Live With Me... !... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Alvaroxx Tricky – Piece Of Me... ... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

TrickyPiece Of Me

| play
polytunnel what we are dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law! fuck um, and their law!

The Specials "Concrete Jungle" from 'Dance Craze'

| play

The Style Council-Walls come tumbling down.

| play
dANGELofLOVE ▉ ❤ԼƠƔЄ❤ ▉ ❥☞ Thє Prσmḯsє... If Yσu Wαḯt Fσr Mє... I'll Cσmє Fσr Yσu... ☜❥ ▉ ❤ԼƠƔЄ❤ ▉ #Trαcy #Chαpmαη •¸❤¸• #Outstαηdїηg #Nєw #Vїdєσ •¸❤¸•
mark_till Boulevard of broken dreams by Greenday Lyrics

Boulevard of broken dreams by Greenday Lyrics

| play
mark_till Where is my Mind- PLACEBO Frank Black :

Where is my Mind- PLACEBO

| play
Official_Tippa_Irie Check out my new track "FREE" & Sub mi channel

Tippa Irie (Free) LockDown Productions...Exclusive Music Video

| play
polytunnel cool band, my cousin rick hits the drums!
polytunnel you played yourself!

Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul | Fallin' (Official Video)

| play
polytunnel who lives in a house like this?@JacoLovesMusic hi


| play
polytunnel in the time of chimpanzes i was a monkey!

BeckLoser (Live)

| play
JacoLovesMusic Groove Armada – Easy

Groove ArmadaEasy

| play
feynschliff Placebo – Black-Eyed.

Placebo- Black- Eyed

| play
polytunnel @jacoloves music hit me! lol

lets go crazy

| play
polytunnel new light on the avenue, god knows what got in to you!
polytunnel i stand accused of the things i ve said!

U2 & BB King: When Love Comes To Town

| play
polytunnel you give me fever all through the night!
polytunnel little off centre and a little tune! im alright!

Jerk It Out-The Caesers

| play
polytunnel high as a kite!

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

| play
polytunnel tune in russia, tune in new york, listen to the welsh kid talk!
JacoLovesMusic Good weekend :) @BlipStarr

Pure Morning- Placebo

| play
polytunnel tell me did i see you laugh about that? ty @kaltasosdark

The Black Crowes "Remedy" Live

| play
polytunnel im not down, but im feeling low! keep keeping on!
polytunnel i say yeah! listen what i say!

Toots and the Maytals-54-46 Was My Number Live at Printemps de Bourges 2009 HQ

| play
polytunnel you fight your war and ill fight for my life! you pay your dues and ill pay mine!
polytunnel you know they dont give a fuck about anyone else!
polytunnel even after all the murdering! ty @ daddyganja lets get lit! lol
polytunnel @daddyganja have you ever had the buzz feeling? lol

The Buzz Feeling

| play
polytunnel god damn the pusherman! i never touched nothing, that my spirit could kill!

Steppenwolf (The Pusher)

| play
polytunnel the same old wealth in the same old hands! same shit different day! all the way down!
polytunnel bring it down, and then rip it up!

RedskinsBring It Down

| play
polytunnel remember boy youre a super star!
Bertl Madness – One Step Beyond
Bertl The Selecter – Missing words
aaadka Midnight Oil-Beds Are Burning
polytunnel take a look to my left check out the worst and the best! ty @Alcide ty@aaadka
polytunnel theres things i want, theres things i think i want! @Bertl @Alcide @aaadka


| play
polytunnel look at me! you know what you see? you see a bad mother!

James BrownThe Boss

| play
polytunnel i know karate and carazy!

James Brown "Payback" live in Zaire, 1974

| play
polytunnel trade all your heroes in for ghosts! @feynscliff @Jazmin @Alcide aaadka @Bertl

Manic Street Preachers -Your love alone is not enough [Glastonbury 2007]

| play
polytunnel you me and destiny, i guess that it was never meant to be! @aaadka @feynscliff @Bertl @Jazmin
polytunnel whores a keep whoring, junkies keep scoring! get ya rocks off!
polytunnel what do i think of you? ill show you if you want me to?

the charlatans-north country boy

| play
polytunnel one day youll walk out of this life and then youll wonder why you didnt try! theres more inside you that you wont show!

The JamGhosts (live)

| play
polytunnel as i stand here by the edge, i can see the faces of those who left pissing theirselves laughing! and the flames grow higher!

The JamFuneral Pyre

| play
polytunnel under different circumstances we would probably be friends! im yours for the taking!
polytunnel nobody knew what they were gonna do, but tchaikovsky had the news!

AC/DC Let there be rock (1977, Unedited video version)

| play
polytunnel for my little girl riley who swims for powys in cardiff tomorrow. enjoy it baby!
polytunnel we could be kings, this planet is ours! its time to tell my friends i love them! @brandywine @Jazmin @Tijana @daddyganga
polytunnel you talk dirty to a priest, it makes them human at least! (reblip)
polytunnel luca brasi, he sleeps with the fishes!

CatatoniaI am the Mob

| play
feynschliff Jenny Owen Youngs – Fuck Was I.
polytunnel he only come to town about twice a year!
polytunnel i stand accused of the things i said!

U2 & BB King: When Love Comes To Town

| play
polytunnel lord knows ive paid some dues, comming through! tangled up in blue!
polytunnel pleased to meet you! hope you guessed my name!

The Rolling Stones : Sympathy For The Devil (live) HQ

| play

The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel 1981

| play
polytunnel all night! thats what i say, see the girl with the diamond ring, she knows how to shake that thing! @Siberia
polytunnel gonna rock it inside out!
mark_till The Heavy--How You Like Me Now (Lyrics and Song)
polytunnel they used to call me tricky kid i lived the life they wish they did!

TrickyTricky Kid

| play
polytunnel keep your eyes on the road and ya hands upon the wheel!
polytunnel stacks of green paper in his red right hand!
polytunnel she said i aint your girl and i aint your chick!
polytunnel so i said im on the road so i need a car!
polytunnel being good isnt always easy!
polytunnel it takes courage to enjoy it! big time sensuality!
polytunnel its a beautiful noise and a sound that i love! its the music of life!
polytunnel got to be a joker, he just do as he please!

Come Together- The Beatles

| play
polytunnel used to hate the black man till the black man reached out and saved his life!
polytunnel hi @LaxtonsSuperb no worries, glad to help.


| play

Norah Jones- Come away with me *lyrics*

| play
polytunnel dont be afraid of your freedom!
polytunnel its a dirty job but someones gotta do it!
polytunnel why should i comply with this, why should i conform to this?

SenserNo Comply

| play
polytunnel bottles and cans, just clap ya hands!

Beck Where It's At Live 9-6-1997 New York,NY

| play
polytunnel stop the rock, you cant stop the rock!
polytunnel i noticed comming second best is close to ideal!
polytunnel get out of bed at eight am and out my head by half past ten!
polytunnel a friend in needs a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better!
polytunnel its friday lets smash it up! stand up and be counted!

AC/DC For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) Live At River Plate

| play
polytunnel she said youre like a disease without any cure!

JamesLaid (live)

| play
polytunnel the arena is empty except for one man!
polytunnel ill take on anyone, aint scared of a bloody nose, drink till i fall down with one eye on my clothes!
polytunnel aint you the guy that used to set the paces lining up in front of a hundred faces!

The WhoBell Boy

| play
mitrovix Tricky – Every Day

TrickyEvery Day

| play
polytunnel but the main thing is unless youre a fool, you know you gotta be cool!
polytunnel theres still somethings you dont understand now!

"Shop Around" TRUE STEREO MIX Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1960) HQ Sound

| play
ocliao acoustic version Luka

Suzanne Vega "Luka" Live

| play
polytunnel cymru am byth! come on wales its just the french! lol

PINK FLOYD. The Dogs Of War.1987.

| play
polytunnel silver and gold!

U2 Bullet In the Blue Sky Live In Boston

| play
polytunnel tonight i think ill walk alone ill find my soul as i go home ty @Jazmin
polytunnel i was the one who the faceless man who spoke to the crowd!

SECRET AFFAIR , sound of confusion

| play
polytunnel rise up now and declare yourself an internationalist ty @FUZZYsBACK

The Style Council Live Aid 1985

| play
izzymissizzy Norah Jones-Sunrise / Songs I already love are starting to sound better :) #cantstopstaringathisface

Norah Jones-Sunrise (with Lyrics)

| play
2_O_2 those pics of the Buddhist monk on fire was something I always thought was fake when I first saw it on RAMs album cover@ellendiane: (reblip)

The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" (with unused rare guitar solo)

| play
polytunnel no! surrender. went to justins gig in bath on monday, smooth voice. went for a beer with him after the show, really cool fella.

U2-Helter Skelter

| play
polytunnel her daddys gonna kill me and thats a fact!
polytunnel dont let the walls cave in on you! @ishibutsu cheers

Basement Jaxx-Where's Your Head At (Live @ Glastonbury 2004)

| play
polytunnel everywhere i look theres a dead end waiting!

Beck Devil's Haircut Later With Jools Holland 1997

| play
polytunnel great sax! gad you liked it @FUZZYsBACK great taste!

Secret AffairMy World

| play
polytunnel no one ever said it was gonna be easy!

Inspiral Carpets I Want You (Peel Session)

| play
polytunnel and i wish you would leave me, and i wish you would go! @FUZZYsBACK @Namastequila @2_0_2 @MZDancer @Buzzz

LONGPIGS On and On ( BBC Radio One live session track ) 1995.

| play
polytunnel i spend the night just watching you. ty@harmony60@ fuzzysback@ mzdancer @ 2_0_2
Tropicsz4 The Cult - Sweet Soul Sister

Matthew Barber- Where The River Bends + Lyrics

| play
mark_till --The LA Riot Spectacular Fuck Tha Police Snoop Cops!

The LA Riot Spectacular Fuck Tha Police Snoop Cops!

| play
polytunnel sipped another rum and coke,told a dirty joke! you know i feel no sorrow! dont you want days like these?
polytunnel but dont think that this is the end,cos its just become my friend. ty @JustBeMusic

The CoralPass It On

| play
polytunnel do you think i care or im aware?
polytunnel its gonna play al the records in the hit parade!

Jam-Pretty Green

| play
polytunnel sometimes i grow so tired, but i know i got to ramble on!
polytunnel you shine like a star, you shine like a genius! ty@blpgirl justbemusic cheers
polytunnel i wanna open up another door! @blpgirl its a cool tune, glad you like it!
scotman 1973 us 24

Millie Jackson "It Hurts So Good" (1973)

| play
FUZZYsBACK This isnt strictly true. I may touch myself when thinking about others too.

Cindy lauper- When I think about you I touch myself

| play
DaveL 1966 I guess I'm expecting too much, too soon. Can't have summer with 22 Fahrenheits, and only 20 more expected to join the group, today.
mark_till --Massive Attack-Angel (Mezzanine album)

Massive Attack-Angel (Mezzanine album)

| play
polytunnel yes i think youve seen me before.

Suzanne Vega "Luka" Live

| play
polytunnel aint nothing going on but history! hi@MaxKeller and hi @DaveL


| play
polytunnel can i take you to a restaurant thats got glass tables you can watch yourself while you are eating