l3it3r No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now.
johno first concert i went to in college. mmmm.
g_jones Anything can be a weapon if you're holding it right
g_jones So if you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politesse, or Ill lay your soul to waste.
g_jones There's nothin' more a man can do. Don't get your bollocks in a twist, settle down

Flogging Molly-Salty Dog

| play
DirtyUrine fish w/ teeth! @Bracus72: "@Bracus72: "If you've ever been stabbed in the back by someone you trusted, you'll understand the lyrics."" (reblip)


| play
Derrick1011 If you ain't no chump...

KanYe West Gold digger feat jamie foxx(HD)

| play
anothercraze Under the Covers, pt. 7: The White Stripes cover Dolly Parton. Best of the bunch.

White StripesJolene

| play
Derrick1011 Maybe if you tell me the BAD NEWS in a GOOD WAY it won't SOUND so bad!
g_jones You are a dream among the sharks Beautiful and terrifying. Living restless. We dance in dark suspension
poofie watch out boys, she'll chew you up.

Hall & OatesManeater

| play
poofie you got to make me change my mind. (reblip)
radiobarz @poofie: "i make the rules up as i go, just try and love me if you can. #musicmonday " (reblip)
johno here it goes again, work that is.
g_jones She said Ill show you how to fax in the mailroom, honey and have you home by five

Sultans of Swing

| play
Derrick1011 Sweet and slightly insane. Appropriate for a love song, I think.
poofie i'm frightened by the devil, and i'm drawn to those ones that ain't afraid.
poofie RB @johno - and if you don't expect too much form me, you might not be let down (reblip)


| play
Derrick1011 Love this. LOVE. I will have sex with it profusely, marry it, and bear it's children. (reblip)
johno jump on it jump on it jump on it (reblip)
g_jones But hes striving and driving and hugging the turns. And thinking of someone for whom he still burns.
poofie guys you know you better watch out, some girls, some girls are only about, that thing, that thing, that thing.

Michael Jackson Thriller Lyrics

| play
Gorillamonk The Smashing Pumpkins – Zero - Lets get this friday started!
johno start the day with one of my favorite mj tracks
johno son can you play me a melody? its sad and its sweet.

Billy Joel: Piano Man

| play
poofie i'll paint you mornings of gold, i'll spin you valentine evenings.
DeadairDennis @bad_decisions @poofie Why is someone planning on breaking some hearts?

Mary Prankster - Blue Skies Over Dundalk

| play
poofie what a lovely way to burn.

Elvis PresleyFever

| play
baltimoregal The sun's still shining in the deep blue sky But it don't mean nothing to me Oh, let the rain come down Let the wind blow through me (reblip)
g_jones I don't want somebody to love me Just give me sex whenever I want it
poofie it's like red, but not quite.


| play
g_jones So after much harrassment, fatcat has been resurrected. <3
CarlaJean126 Listening to KT Tunstall- Black Horse and the Cherry Tree-"My heart knows me better than I know myself, so I'm gonna let it do all the talkin'"....
poofie does it take you breath away, and you feel yourself suffocating?
poofie i've got my 9, well that's 9 millimeters, sounds cooler than my point two seventy inches gun.
g_jones But I am still around..I'll always be around
g_jones I'll be you're whatever you want
Derrick1011 I'm not sure why they are, but I like it.
Derrick1011 Oddly, the precursory cough really makes it.
Derrick1011 Feel my approach like a fire in her blood? Yes please.
Derrick1011 Pretty much what I'm shooting for, I'd say.
Derrick1011 Awesome band to see live. They intentionally offbeat their lyrics to trip up people singing along. Heh.

CakeLove You Madly

| play
Derrick1011 Heh. Now THIS is the attitude I was brought up with!
Gorillamonk If you don't know this song, you should get to know it. Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby
g_jones I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside. I want to reach out
poofie and the feeling that its all a lot of oysters, but no pearls.
poofie you are my sweetest downfall.
poofie i'd like to hire a plane, i'd see you in the morning.
poofie in all my life i've never found what i couldn't resist, what i couldn't turn down.
poofie one day, @BakedLorraine and i will sing this at karaoke. and i will be Lionel.
poofie come down and waste away with me. down with me
poofie she tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne, she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the hallelujah.

-- Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah

| play
poofie if you cut your hair and bleach it too, you gotta know that i'll have a crush on you. i'm a sucker for a short-haired girl with a pretty smile.

Move to Bremerton MHS 2009

| play
poofie we'll import a token jock, and then we'll kick his token ass!

Regina Spektor- Laughing With (Official Music Video)

| play
g_jones for @poofie (little miss sassy) thx for cheering me up at lunch.

relient kPirates!

| play
g_jones I'd take another chance, take a fall

"Apologize" One Republic Music Video

| play
poofie but he sure found out the hard way that dreams don't always come true. (reblip)
g_jones I've got the scars to prove that love has had its day and it's way with me

LiveRun Away

| play
poofie shall i take back everything i've ever said?
poofie @johno i like John legend very much, i think Get Lifted is his best album.
poofie he's got me running 'round the office like a gerbil on a wheel, he can tell me what to do but he can't tell me what to feel
poofie and if i could move i'd get my gun and put her in the ground.

Kenny RogersRuby

| play
poofie like any hot-blooded woman, i have simply wanted an object to crave. (reblip)

Beatles- Eleanor Rigby

| play
poofie in a booth in the corner with the lights down low, i was movin' in fast she was takin' it slow.

Loretta Lynn & Jack White "Portland, Oregon"

| play
poofie play on, playa.

No Diggity

| play
poofie i've got life, i've got my freedom.
poofie but i don't care for sugar, honey, if i can't have you.
poofie if i were you i'd take precaution.
poofie yes sir. RB @1043Dennis: "God bless the 2Twelve22!" (reblip)

Mary Prankster - Blue Skies Over Dundalk

| play
poofie good lord, you got body for days.

John Legend-Alright

| play
poofie i know you hate me, but i'll ask anyway.


| play
poofie rb@johno: "rb@meadowsling: "I want to watch High Fidelity." agreed!" - same here, now! (reblip)
poofie i like this live version WAY better than the album version... sorry about the intro?
poofie cheese alert: i told her someday if she was my girl, i could change the world, with my little songs, i was wrong.
poofie fast cars and explosions, party hats and motion lotion.
poofie my heart's on a roll, i'm easy in my soul, there's no hurry, no worry, things are goin' my way.
poofie come on, baby, do you do more than dance?
poofie i make the rules up as i go, just try and love me if you can. #musicmonday
poofie you had me several years ago, when i was still quite naive.
poofie @UPSLynx not instrumental, but this song makes me cry every time. thanks for bringing me down, sir.

Stevie WonderLately

| play
poofie for lovable losers, no-account boozers, and honky tonk heroes like me.
poofie you've already won me over, in spite of me.
poofie she knows she's more than just a little misunderstood, she has trouble acting normal when she's nervous.
poofie baby, you're a lost cause.

BeckLost Cause

| play
poofie she is one of a kind, well she's the last of the American girls.
poofie and i'm only doin good when i'm havin fun, and i don't have to please no one
poofie if someone takes a spill, it's me and not you. who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade!
poofie i can think of younger days when living for my life was everything a man could want to do.
poofie i dont want to be responsible for your fractured heart and its wounded beat

alanis morissette - Not the Doctor

| play
poofie ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strain.

david bowiechanges

| play
poofie maybe you're right, but i don't think so.
poofie coolin by day then at night working up a sweat...

Salt-N-PepaPush It

| play
poofie i flip the circuits on, i've got dragons of my own.

Broken Bride Part III

| play

Michael Jackson-P.Y.T

| play
poofie @cambrose Hank III.

My Drinkin Problem (Hank 3)

| play
poofie you don't care about what i think... i think i'll just stay here and drink.
poofie take me to them dirty ladies every time
poofie strictly handheld is the way i go, i never rock the mike with the pantyhose.
poofie and this old world is a new world, and a bold world, for me.
poofie but with you up there to light the way ican wear a smile as i survey the faces in the dark, waiting for you to hit one out of the park
poofie how stupid is it? for all i know you want me too, and maybe you just don't know what to do

WeezerEl Scorcho

| play
poofie hell yes! i'm movin this way i'm doin this thing, please enjoy.

BeckHell Yes

| play
poofie i'm a girl with the right allocations.
poofie who's looking good today? who's looking good in every way? no style rookie, you better watch don't mess with me.
poofie i go crazy when i hear a cymbal, and a hi hat with a souped up tempo
poofie i'm sick of the things i do when I'm nervous, like cleaning the oven or checking my tires
poofie anything can be a weapon if you're holding it right.

LudoSave Our City

| play
poofie whiskey river don't run dry...
poofie sometimes it's ok to be completely literal, right?
poofie some other men, they long to control you. but how can they control you Bernadette,when they can not control themselves
johno some newer motowny stuff
poofie i'll place the sky within your eyes.
g_jones sleep the day let it fade

BushCome Down

| play
g_jones Cruisin with the windows rolled down

EverclearAM Radio

| play
johno @mtotheeli my boss just walked in and started singing this song. well played (reblip)

SublimeWhat I Got

| play
g_jones I'm a go-getter guy with a gun in my hand. But just searching for that someone to be firing it

LudoGo-Getter Greg

| play
poofie truly outrageous


| play
poofie sometimes i think about leaving, do a little bummin around, throw my bills out the window catch a train to another town
poofie baby sometimes i think I catch ya crackin cynical smiles and in a short while you’ll be my hearts grave digger
poofie you make a grown man cry, ride like the wind at double speed.
poofie those who think it's dirty have a choice, pick up the needle, press pause, or turn the radio off
poofie but watching stars without you my soul cried

Des'ree Kissing You(OST Romeo & Juliet'96)

| play
poofie the way is clear if you're ready now, the volunteer is slowing down and taking time to save himself.


| play
poofie like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close, sway me more.
poofie you're shaking my confidence daily.
poofie just so happened to be The Best Song in the World.
poofie starting with the ABC of it, right down to the XYZ of it
yesican32 "strange fruit fell, struck me to the core..my heart became a single flame..it wanted nothing more"
poofie oh, Hank: you know you need and want my love yet you're afraid to try

Blink 182-I miss you

| play
poofie i could drink a case of you, and i'd still be on my feet. (reblip)
poofie people stop and stare, they don't bother me. for there's no where else on earth that i would rather be
avivajazz Dominic Miller + Pat Metheny | Shape of My Heart | #nujazz #smoothjazz #jazz #guitar

Dominic Miller Shape of my Heart

| play
poofie but the airways are clean and there's nobody singing to me now... RB @LaMamaMia (reblip)

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

| play
poofie and it's knowing I'm not shackled by forgotten words and bonds and the ink stains that have dried upon some line
poofie me and a gambler we couldn't agree, we got in a fight over Tennessee, we jerked our guns, he fell with a thud and I got away on the Tennessee stud
poofie love those high notes, Roy...

Roy OrbisonCrying

| play
DeadairDennis And this is why I will always love the Beastie Boys, despite Intergalactic Planetary.

Elvis Costello and Beastie Boys- Radio, Radio

| play
poofie don't get me wrong if i come and go like fashion, i might be great tomorrow but hopeless yesterday

Pretenders Don't get me wrong lyrics

| play
g_jones Just a few po' boys trying to get up out of Missouri.
poofie i can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes...
poofie i'm not gonna lie, i'll not be a gentleman.

Toadies: Possum Kingdom

| play
poofie heaven help me for the way i am...
poofie and i would be the one to hold you down
poofie what if she touches with those fingertips, as the words spill out like fire from her lips
Derrick1011 Stalker's anthem. (reblip)

Every Breath You Take-The Police w/lyrics

| play
poofie soft hair and a velvet tongue, i wanna give ya what you give to me.
poofie strange what desire will make foolish people do.

Chris Isaak-Wicked Game

| play
Derrick1011 I want to spread the news... if it feels this good being used, keep on using me, until you use me up.

Bill WithersUse me

| play

Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

| play
poofie i don't usually like John Mayer, but i liked this! @memilia: "@schwella: "Is it?" I hope so." (reblip)
poofie i ain't foolin, i want some sugar in my bowl.

I want a little sugar in my bowl Nina Simone

| play
poofie when you're done with being beautiful and young, when that course is run, then come to me
poofie she is frequently kind, and she's suddenly cruel. she can do as she pleases, she's nobody's fool
poofie on a Billy Joel kick... she's got a smile that heals me, i don't know what it is but i have to laugh when she reveals me
g_jones But its sad and its sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger mans clothes

Billy Joel: Piano Man

| play
g_jones But I knew I was out of luck

Don McLean- American Pie

| play
g_jones big plans for October so, wake me up when September ends
dj_atrophy "If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied... illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs..."
g_jones Oh I've finally decided my future lies beyond the yellow brick road
poofie give me back my point of view cause i just can't think for you, i can hardly hear you say what should i do, well you choose (reblip)
poofie dear Loretta Lynn, i wish i was half as sassy as you are. love, Patty
g_jones I’m not feeling alright today, I’m not going to smile today, you're out living it up today, I’ve got dues to pay.

CAKE "Sheep Go To Heaven"

| play
poofie cause i'm gonna guess they won't be prepared for thousand fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes, invincible.

ok goinvincible

| play
kathymcc Gah! I have this song stuck in my head. I need a scrub brush to get it out of my brain!
dj_atrophy "So stay with me and I'll have it made..."

Blind MelonNo Rain

| play
poofie well, don't just stand there, say nice things to me.

Matchbox 20Push

| play
poofie you only got one finger left, and it's pointing at the door...

Lord Only Knows

| play
tiberiuslazarus there's never a wish better than this, When you only got 100 years to live

Five for Fighting "100 Years"

| play
poofie it wouldn't be nothin, without a woman or a girl.
poofie i got a closet filled up to the brim with the ghosts of my past and skeletons, and i don't know why you'd even try
poofie the impossible is possible tonight
poofie now there's no welcome look in your eyes when i reach for you.

Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (45 RPM)

| play
poofie i still want you by my side just to help me dry the tears that i've cried
poofie how you like me now, when my pinky's valued over three hundred thousand?

UsherYeah (OFFICIAL)

| play

Owl City The Saltwater Room

| play
poofie i could use a small vacation, but it don't look like rain...
poofie you want me? fucking well come and find me, i'll be waiting.
poofie what you need, do you know i got it?
poofie we know i can't construct a poem, cause words like girls get bored and run
poofie blow my mind, her royal flyness, i dig her bangs

Vincent (Starry, Starry night) with Van Gogh's paintings

| play
poofie i love searching for one song and rediscovering another

Garbage, Push it

| play

Jukebox the Ghost "Hold It In" OFFICIAL

| play
poofie please me, show me how it's done. tease me, you are the one. (reblip)

The Smashing Pumkins "Zero"

| play
poofie your clothes are dirty but your hands are clean, and i'm the best thing that you've ever seen.
poofie i'm an ordinary woman, with feeeelings.... i love Carol Burnette
poofie all the odds are in my favor, something's bound to begin.
poofie picking me up after work, putting up with all my silly quirks. you really didn't have to.


| play

Idilio. Willie Colon

| play
g_jones but your love made me a prisoner, yeah my heart's been doing time
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