purplesime Of a time - and what a time.
purplesime Not talking about shoulder pads then Calvin?
purplesime I bought this as a child, before I knew who Stanard Ridgeway is! Still cracks me up :)
purplesime Better than the original? Hell yeah.

Ray LamontagneCrazy

| play
purplesime Not sure you'd wanna steal mine, but hey...
purplesime Old skool DnB. Shamefully, now a reality TV star. Oh well.


| play
purplesime Was a huge fan of Throwing Muses, so it was never in doubt that I'd love Kristin's solo work.
purplesime Friday afternoon joy.

MuseNew Born

| play
purplesime Start that weekend with a bang...
purplesime Something for that 3am moment when you're chilling.

Scott WalkerDuchess

| play
purplesime Hunt down the Perfecto remix of this song, it almost usurps the original for me. Almost.
purplesime Wicked song. Good cover by Counting Crows, too.
purplesime Had to get something by this amazing British band up here. Signed in the US, every album is a must-have record. Agree?

SouthNine Lives

| play
purplesime Can't believe it's taken me this long to Blip some Jimi. Must dust off that Marshall cab!
purplesime Like The Damned meets The Pixies meets The Cure meets the latest New York bands, all mixed up together to create something special.
purplesime His welding was a tad shabby, but for a carpenter's son, he didn't do a bad job.
purplesime Hadn't heard this in too long, just popped up on a shuffle moment.
ADorkable Nothin' to do, nowhere to go-o, I wanna be sedated.
purplesime Classic number, reworked by Neptunes; still one to savour, especially that solo. Woo Woo!
purplesime Close my eyes and I'm in a field, off my head, dancing like my life depends on it.
purplesime Saw this performed by Mr Weller in a pub around the corner from where he grew up. Don't get better than that, does it?
purplesime Worked on their original website. Liked this song. Saw them support Hard-Fi too. Not bad.
purplesime 10 years on and still making amazing music.
purplesime This album still sounds as good now as it did all those years ago. This is a fave track of mine.
purplesime The more I hear of YACHT, the more I like. This song was my introduction to the band.
purplesime It'd be a travesty not to Blip this man.
purplesime An unmistakable riff matched by an unmistakable voice. Now isn't soon enough for this song...
purplesime Could this be the best band name ever? Thankfully, the noise they make more than matches the name. Blissful.
purplesime Reading Festival some time in the 1990s. This song. Good memories.
purplesime Cracking Scottish band. Best seen live, this is off their latest LP. Worth checking out previous releases, as they are more edgy.
purplesime A contemporary of Dylan's and, in a UK way, a little better, perhaps? I like 'em both.
purplesime Cutting lyrics from Bob. Ouch. A great lyricist (was). Hehe.
purplesime Graham Coxon did a great version of this song, too.
purplesime Perfect, stark and eerie. Before they went all Meatloaf!
purplesime Another not-that-well-known band. Well, about time they were. From Northampton, UK. Check 'em out.
purplesime I go mad for this song. Brilliant.
purplesime That voice with these dark beats. Inspired.
purplesime The world is a vampire... whatever, Billy. Great song nonetheless!
purplesime I once drove 400 miles with only Up The Bracket to listen to. Never got bored of it.
purplesime I'm feeling outshiiiiiiiiiined!
purplesime I interviewed John once. Bloody decent chap. Also check out Beware the Flowers... no seriously.

John OtwayHeadbutts

| play
purplesime Probably over-played now, but still able to stun a crowd into silence. If you've never seen the video, go watch it now.
banale nota che la relativa voce italiana di wikipedia è attualmente, come dire, poco aggiornata. poveri grandaddy. 3/3
purplesime Before Pete lost it (or maybe there's truth in those "rumours"?)
purplesime Never a chore to listen to The Raveonettes.
purplesime I think I lost a listener because they assumed I didn't like Babyshambles! Well, here's another of Pete at his best.
purplesime Well deserved the Mercury Music Prize. Angelic.
purplesime Much to my parents' disdain, I was a huge fan aged 6. I think I wore masking tape on my face for effect!
purplesime Beats, beats and beats. Menacing rhythm and melody. More so with the Mitchell Brothers on vocal duty.
purplesime First Prince song I heard. Hooked me instantly.
purplesime More music I remember from growing up. This was always playing in the house. My Dad probably fancied Debbie Harry!
purplesime While on the subject of Nick Cave, this is one of my all-time favourite Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' songs.
purplesime Love the original by Johnny Cash, but was amazed to hear this cover the other day. I do like a good cover of a great song I already like.
purplesime I won the use of a sports car for correctly guessing this song in a radio competition. I liked them more when I saw their Glastonbury set that year!
purplesime One of my first gigs. They were supposed to support Senseless Things but the headline act cancelled and Charlatans took over and rocked.
purplesime Must get more of this man's stuff. Love this album.
purplesime A more uptempo number from Damien Rice. With naughty words!
purplesime The original and still the best. Hmmm, that phrase sounds familiar?!
purplesime It all adds up... to a good song.
purplesime What a riff. A short, sharp shock of a song.
purplesime A song that makes 'work' go that bit quicker. Consistently good albums, songs and sound.

Jimmy Eat WorldWork

| play
purplesime Because I'm wearing a pair.

LadytronBlue Jeans

| play
purplesime Have I Blip'd this? Oh well, it's good enough to Blip twice!
purplesime The iPod is delivering some great tunes today. I'll share this with y'all.

FC KahunaHayling

| play
purplesime Another South song. Probably their biggest hit to date.
purplesime That's what I was hoping for, but I just got caught out in a downpour.

Blind MelonNo Rain

| play
purplesime Satire in a song, you gotta love that.
purplesime For my 200th Blip I typed in that number. This is what came first. How cool is that?


| play
purplesime Is there such a thing as a bad Spoon song? Nah.

SpoonI Summon You

| play
purplesime Love everything that Ani does.
purplesime I remember watching this video on TOTP when I was a kid. IT freaked me out at the time, but guaranteed Bowie another fan.
leftywill all sparks must burn out in the end..

EditorsAll Sparks

| play
purplesime @leftywill A different kind of sparks, but love the theatrical nature of this song. Siouxsie and the Banshees did a good cover of it, too.
purplesime Because I wish I was on a beach next to one.
purplesime Beautiful song about a terrible event that could have been avoided.
purplesime Another great song about a hill. Erm, there isn't a theme happening. Honest.
purplesime I love the child-like nature of his work, it's always surprising to me. Enjoy something different.
purplesime Goes well with a little Chemical Brothers, this gem from East Anglian songstress, Beth Orton.
purplesime And here's Beth Orton again on one of the last decent song Finley Quaye recorded. There's a Buskwacka remix worth a listen somewhere...
purplesime Because that's what my 13-month old daughter is doing.
daylightgambler Same feelings as now - only I was about 16!

AshGirl From Mars

| play
purplesime Well, someone must, otherwise we're all in the sh*t!
purplesime Another great Ani DiFranco track.

Ani Di FrancoSwim

| play
purplesime Hard to pick one Clash song, but if I had to this would be it.
purplesime I'll buy flowers and chocolates...
purplesime Used for a film, I think it was Pretty Woman. Launched them into the commercial arena? Who's to say.
purplesime Took her to a supermarket? Classy move, Jarvis. Not as classy as that one you performed during Michael Jackson's set at the Brits, though.

Pulp - Common People

| play
purplesime A song that gets into your head and doesn't leave.
purplesime Dressing like this might get you the wrong attention, unless you're under 21. And more likely if you're a man!
purplesime Not my last goodbye, but it for the day.
purplesime Work, back at it after a few days off. And as I ascended in the lift, so this song began to play on my iPod. Good morning, especially those at work!

Morning RunnerWork

| play
purplesime It's your eyes that make me smile, oh yeah!

The SubwaysOh Yeah

| play
purplesime Ahh, something sunny and brilliant to change the mood.
purplesime Got his album as a freebie. Honest, I would have paid for it. Go treat yourself.
purplesime Turn this up. Press play. Repeat.
purplesime If you like The Fall, check out this band. Beachbuggy are sadly no more, but rank as the loudest band I've ever seen live. Louder than Motorhead.
purplesime Knuckle down... something I gotta do now I've quit my job!
purplesime Should've Blip'd this the other day. Jeez, I'm losing the plot.
purplesime Flypaper for Freaks just came on. Couldn't find that, but this is as good, if softer.
purplesime Those drums! Go! Team. Go!
chmanceau oh yes, love love this dandies song !
purplesime Whatever people think, his Bowie period was great, as are the songs he covers. I prefer this to Sweet Dreams, but only just.
purplesime Anyone recall the Naomi Campbell version? Nope, didn't think so.
purplesime I wish I was in a taxi being one.
purplesime I said it was hard to pick on song by The Clash. I was right. So, I'll pick some more.
purplesime This new PJ Harvey album is exquisite.
purplesime Makes me laugh every time. Now, where's that Urban Spaceman?
purplesime I'm the urban spaceman baby, I can fly... I'm a supersonic guy.
purplesime My fave Pixies track.

The PixiesDebaser

| play
purplesime A forgotten gem. No longer forgotten.
purplesime Couldn't decide which to pick, so clicked with eyes shut. Good choice!


| play
purplesime Sad and beautiful at the same time.
purplesime They're just little boys throwing stones. And it's easy to ignore 'til they're knocking on the door of your home...
purplesime Makes me wanna bop about the office like a lunatic.
purplesime My introduction to this zany band. If it's yours I hope you're similarly hooked.

OK GoGet Over It

| play
purplesime Not easy to pick a favourite. So going with what's currently playing on my iPod.
disappunto @manu e @albameccanica - io avevo 17 anni con questa... :)
purplesime @leftywill This is just for you because I couldn't wait to Blip another Guillemots song! Maybe I'll Get Over It!
purplesime Another Guillemots song. Off the latest album, Red. Enjoy.
purplesime Headphones, dark room and a spliff. Those are the memories I have of this song! I was a student in 1995 :)


| play
purplesime Old skool synths and hypnotic vocal loops. This band has it all.
purplesime Because I'm doing one and getting off home. I need that lift... See you all in the morning...
purplesime I say morning. It could be afternoon for you. What's the view like? Laters...
rafadc ¡Buenos días! ¡Por fin es viernes así que hoy toca un poco más de marcha!
Geo8 Punching my stomach. Jimi's alive!
purplesime Let's have a singalong to start the day. Ro-o-o-o-se-abi-i-i-li-i-i-ty :)


| play
purplesime Rode in on the train to this song. Have to listen to it again right now.
purplesime I'm off to get drunk. That's my tonight, tonight. God help me tomorrow morning!
purplesime Time to have a jump about. Go on, you know you want to!
purplesime A bit of an emotional song; love the guitar on this.

remlet me in

| play
purplesime Will there ever be a band called the iPod?

The WalkmenThe Rat

| play
purplesime But I remember, when we were young...

Joy DivisionInsight

| play
purplesime Oh well, the other Bush song isn't available. Will have to go with the masses and choose this one! Written for his Dad, I heard.


| play
purplesime 250 listeners (thank you so much) so let's have a modern classic to celebrate.
purplesime @Geo8 You're right. Time to be free, Stone Free!
purplesime It's the one and only D.R.E.
purplesime My name is... Slim Shady. Well, not mine you understand, but his.

EminemMy Name Is

| play
purplesime This'll get the blood pumping. Can't get enough of Thee Oh Sees at the moment. Check out their latest album if you can.
purplesime Thankfully, it's on here! "Never argue with a rozzer, never show him insolence..."
purplesime They've got everything but at least they share it with the world.
purplesime Something from the new album by the Jews. It's great, go buy it.
purplesime Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, engines on...
seancarmody Our eldest used to call this one "windmill"....he loved it
purplesime I love the story that the original line was "It's there" but Shaun Ryder couldn't say it properly. True or not, it adds something to this song.


| play
purplesime Something sweet is required. Magnetic Fields hits that spot. Saw them live in London recently. Fantastic.
purplesime They've reformed and are just as good. Here's a sample listen from their second album.
purplesime This is playing in the office. Cool.

ToolForty Six & 2

| play
purplesime Written about Brett from Suede, apparently.

BlurCharmless Man

| play
purplesime 300th Blip. This is what comes up on a search for 300. Good choice!
purplesime Another great Cash cover.
dietnam if you are a dj, and you suck (like me), this is the solution: everybody will move his ass! :D

InterpolSlow Hands

| play
purplesime Evil? Only in title. Check out the video too, directed by Charlie White.


| play
francesco Do you have plans for this weekend?

MGMTWeekend Wars

| play
purplesime Now she's a gardening expert on the TV! Still a great 80's song.
mammara it's all under control

TunngThe Pioneers

| play
purplesime @mammara Another great sound I hadn't got around to Blippin'. Thanks for the reminder.


| play
purplesime A little bit special, this band.


| play
purplesime Do you remember when we used to sing...?
purplesime Time for a spot of lunch. Can't think of a better song to leave you with. L.O.L.A, Lola...

The KinksLola

| play
purplesime It's just a little bit of history repeating, like my cheese and pickle sandwich!
purplesime Yep, the new album is gonna be a corker. Judging by this, that is.
purplesime Listen carefully to the lyrics. Love the line: You were screaming at your Mum and I was punching your Dad. Ah, young love! :)
purplesime If Danzig made you giggle, check this out!

Type O Negative - Summer Girl

| play
purplesime I'm on it, get on it... These drugs are just an hour away...
purplesime A great voice in the making. She's been around a while, though. Great interview in Dazed & Confused magazine last month.
remarkablealex ...i can give you life....

Bloc PartyBanquet

| play
disconnesso - ok mi fermo qua che è meglio :p
disconnesso - mi scuso e la finisco qua
purplesime A great writer, a great band. But who'd want to be such an asshole?
purplesime Gotta run for a bit. This is a Song To Say Goodbye. Although it's more of an au revoir :)
purplesime Not the brightest, most positive song ever. But hey, it's Neil and that's what counts.
purplesime Anyone else remember the film Singles? This was off the soundtrack - a OST worth owning.
purplesime It's my brother's wedding tomorrow. Didn't want to Blip Billy Idol, but loved this band way back when.
purplesime Not really listened to much from this lot, but that'll have to change on the strength of this song alone!
purplesime @calamari Your Blips have just turned me on to this band. Cheers :)

Mute MathWithout It

| play
purplesime I'm growing to like this more and more.

Lykke LiLittle Bit

| play
purplesime What I consider quitting my job to be!
calamari @purplesime Thanks. Loved your Cardigans blip earlier as well. Have you ever heard Nina Persson (Cardigan's lead singer) solo album? It's lovely.
purplesime @calamari No I hadn't heard it, but I think I'll be hunting her album down on the basis of your Blip. I also found this to Blip, it's amazing!
purplesime People try to put us d-d-d-d-down...
purplesime Give me a spoonful of this any day of the week.
purplesime Not a huge fan, but I do like this song.


| play
purplesime Fast becoming my favourite Beirut song. From their first EP.

BeirutElephant Gun

| play
purplesime I leave you with this. "I'm not to blame, no cracks in my shell so far..."
purplesime @spinstertoo Wouldn't want you to think I'd let you down and not play another Radiohead classic!

RadioheadLet Down

| play
purplesime Sadly, it's true of life. But it's what you Blip while you're here that counts! :)
purplesime Like a hip hop fairground ride.
purplesime How are things are on the West Coast?
purplesime O'Yes, it's O'Death. Cool band.


| play
purplesime Baby, did you forget to take your Meds?
purplesime Not Debra or Deborah, but Debbie. Another great band name, too.
purplesime Hit and miss for me, Mogwai, but this is most definitely a hit.
purplesime I still can't stand 'Chasing Pavements' (try singing Waiting Tables instead!) but this is bloody amazing. The remixes are good, too.

AdeleHometown Glory

| play
purplesime Time to add some NIN to the mix.
purplesime Could be Bloc Party, too. Until those drums punch in, of course. Karen O at the top of her game.

Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps

| play
purplesime Classic!

Vapors - Turning Japanese

| play
purplesime Welcome to my new day. Enjoy the opening tune. :)
purplesime Darn it, gotta re-boot. Windows updates. Yawn. Here's something for ya while I'm gone.
purplesime Worthy winners of last night's Mercury Music Prize sponsored by some faceless corporate nonentity who's name I won't repeat.

ElbowPowder Blue

| play
purplesime @Holycow This song is off their latest (fifth?) album, which is actually one of their best to date. They are sailing below the commercial waterline.

GomezHow We Operate

| play
purplesime Wouldn't it be nice to get on with me neighbours? But they make it very clear that they've got no room from ravers!
purplesime Saw this lot back in 2003 supporting the Ordinary Boys. No really! How times have changed :)
purplesime I hope it is bright tomorrow, I'm getting fed up with all this bloody rain. Hope this makes you feel like dancing - it does me.
purplesime @dean I fancy a sing-song too. Good choice, props accordingly sent your way :)
purplesime Let's have a bit of Mark Lanegan back when the Trees were riding the grunge wave.
purplesime A definition of my lungs at the moment thanks to the ever-increasing amount of snot running into them. *cough*
purplesime @leftywill If fallen angels could sing, they'd sound like this!

ElbowFallen Angel

| play
purplesime Not a fan of U2 much after Joshua Tree. Back catalogue is good though, this included.
purplesime I'll probably Blip this whole album over time! I reckon it's worth it, unlike a certain cosmetics brand! :D
purplesime To take me to lunch, I choose this song.
purplesime Actually, I had to put something a little more upbeat on to take me to lunch! Love these strings; lyrics remind me of my youth!
purplesime Come with me, we'll travel into infinity...
purplesime Brilliant. It also makes me think of Jack Black and the School of Rock DVD extras!
purplesime It's almost over now, almost over now. There's a Zero 7 remix of this that you should check out.
purplesime @threebears It's great to see a new star! I'm going to a wide open space now to scream with delight! Don't want to scare my colleagues!
purplesime A very good morning to you all. Here's an angel of a song I'm sending you.
purplesime @leftywill I'm in the sun now. And this song shouts out the artist's name!
purplesime Brings a smile to your face, don't it?
purplesime The clouds are forming, time to go as dark as they are. Here's a bit of Tool.

Tool - Prison Sex

| play
purplesime And it's saying, "Eat me! Eat me now!" Probably.
purplesime I gotta run. Meetings to attend, copy to write, lunch to eat.

Gnarls BarkleyRun

| play
purplesime Take a deep breath and press play.

SiaBreathe Me

| play
purplesime I lived there. It's exactly as they describe.

Good ShoesMorden

| play
purplesime What a comeback song. Find your volume button and twist it until your ears bleed.
purplesime Did anyone see this performed live at the Mercury Awards? It's on TV tonight. Sure BBC iPlayer will have it later. Be sure to check. Amazing.
purplesime Like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs met The Cure and made a record. No bad thing.
purplesime I'm locating a track someone mentioned in a Blip, so listen to some indie while I tour Google!
purplesime @doc_holiday_67 I hear ya! Got a Tim Booth treat if it'll upload, just for you. In the meantime, here's another Tim's solo project!
purplesime @doc_holiday_67 Here's your treat. You can hear the sound of James leaking in. Or the other way around! Great song all the same.
purplesime Get yourself connected...

Stereo MCsConnected

| play
purplesime @crispynoodles This, along with Noose, is one of my all-time favourite APC songs.
purplesime Let's have another Shaky Hands track. Why not, it's Friday after all.
purplesime I don't speak French, but that doesn't matter with this track as it sounds so great anyway.


| play
purplesime I'm off to storyboard some scripts for a global telecoms company. I leave you with another storyboard. This NY band should be on your radar.

Bloodshot Revival- The City as Our Storyboard

| play
purplesime I think this would make a great song to use in a film. Actually, any excuse to play Interpol and I'll find it. Or make it up!

04 take you on a cruise

| play
purplesime the Sultans were dancing at the disco. But it could all backfire...
purplesime @redfiasco Sorry, it was black and then we went white. Here's the best of both :)
francesco "I Sold My Hands for Food So Please Feed Me." Pure genius.
purplesime I love it when Calexico do covers. Here's an example of how they do it their way! :D
purplesime Underrated band, overshadowed a little by The Coral. Much better in my opinion. The Stands.
purplesime Can anyone do morose like Interpol? Morose, but still amazing, that is! Love this song.
purplesime @optimistprime Along with The Mighty Lemon Drops & PWEI this was one of the favourite bands of my youth. Ah, the memories...


| play
purplesime If you have control of your volume, turn it up to 11 now...
purplesime I've not had a lot of Blip time today. So, keeping things slow and chilled. Starting with Woodpigeon.


| play
purplesime The Zutons' first single. Shame they've lost their way since this came out. Probably their best ever song.
purplesime I'll be the corpse in your bathtub. Useless! Nice lyric :) Beautiful tune.


| play
purplesime Let's take a different path now, thanks to The Wave Pictures. Genius.
purplesime New band, discovered recently. From Denmark, I believe. Reminds me a little of Idlewild, but without the accents!
purplesime Search for different ways to make it through the wall...
purplesime Sorry, popped off for a meeting. Back Blippin' now. Let's start with this, reminds me of Beirut, Death Cab for Cutie, etc. Well, that's what I reckon!
purplesime I love bands that sing with their own accents. Here's one. Gorgeous.
purplesime Reminiscent of Interpol and Editors, but that's to do all those bands and these guys an injustice. Check them out.
purplesime @calamari have you listened to the Soulsavers album yet? Mark Lanegan at his gravelly best :D


| play
purplesime This band has been a long time coming. Loving Fade In A Day too. See their MySpaz page for more.
purplesime @calamari Let's have some Gutter Twins too, if we're doing the Lanegan Blips :)
purplesime @calamari Wow, that takes me back. And seeing Belly reminds me to Blip some Throwing Muses. I chose this song as I've suffered from this!
purplesime This is where I'm going now: home. :D


| play
purplesime Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
purplesime @redfiasco As a fan of Scott Walker, I was always gonna love the Last Shadow Puppets' stuff.
purplesime Talking of Sheffield lads and Scott Walker, Jarvis Cocker is another top chap with a good croon to give.
purplesime @redfiasco I'm sure you'll get lots of Happy Mondays replies, so I choose this for my fix of Ryder...
purplesime Live on Jools Holland this coming Friday night. Check out the BBC website or iPlayer if you can't watch it.
purplesime A great song, sung by a great singer-songwriter. I Blip'd the Counting Crows version before, but this is closer to the original. Joy.
purplesime was thinking I needed some Siouxsie but wanted something different. Hence, The Creatures.

07, Pluto Drive

| play
purplesime @RadioTwitter You should really play this, it even has Tweet in the title. Mark Vidler (aka GHP) would be proud. :) Wish I could make the night :(
purplesime Been away visiting some of these: my beautiful friends. Love Cranes, too, it's not just a Bible pick; by Bible pick I refer to 'Running with Scissors'
purplesime Another band with catchy tunes. I love to sing along to this one. Which I'm gonna do as soon as it loads up :)
lausen Won't get fooled again - The Who
purplesime Probably the best use, ever, of Chris Martin's voice.
purplesime An anti-Christmas Christmas song. Love the lyric about Back to the Future!
purplesime Life just got that little bit better now that this is available to Blip. Kinks b-side. Used to play this in one of my old bands, as a rehearsal song.

Mr. Pleasant

| play
purplesime @SlipperyDistortion I have to say @Heike happens to Blip good stuff just about every time. Much like your good self. Two DJs never to be culled! :D (reblip)
purplesime You tried lifting that Blam? Phew, it's heavy.

FEWNHeavy Blam

| play
purplesime @pyrrhoX Judging by feedback and lite version it might have done better to go to Beta first. Still, £1.79 is fairly cheap. Official one might be £5!
purplesime r/b @GR8FL This stopped me writing, as soon as I heard it, and so I had to r/b it. (reblip)
jojofm thanks @purplesime, Snuff are the only way to listen to annoying pop songs, I'd love to have heard them cover britney
purplesime Take cover! Riff alert! Oh yeah!

Black SabbathN.i.b.

| play
purplesime Quite possibly the track of 2010. So far. Yeasayer's new album is amazing.

YeasayerI Remember

| play
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