quanyin The song is playing in my head and I need to hear it now.
quanyin This song just hits 'home' for me right now. It was a favorite about 20 years ago - by Blind Faith.
quanyin This is such a compelling song, it's one of my favorites (it's also one of the most "get inside your head", for me, where it can consume you).
quanyin This is one of the Top 20 of all time for me. I just love the sweeping violins. Powerful, powerful stuff!
quanyin I LOVE the combination of the beautiful piano and the "screaming harmonies" of Axl's vocals. Beautiful combination that touches the soul as it rocks.

GUNS N ROSES - November Rain

| play
quanyin This version translates better than the live one. It's almost "classical with a hard edge" :)

November Rain - Guns N Roses

| play
quanyin I like this one for the melodies, and hard edge. Hope you enjoy!
quanyin This one flows quite well from Taproot - Birthday.
quanyin Same with this one. The album cut kicks it far better than the live version we heard earlier, so I had to go back and correct that.

RushTom Sawyer

| play
quanyin This is actually quite good. I had not heard it before, and I'm going to add it to my playlist. Amazing how well the instrumentation echoes the vocals
quanyin This one is a favorite, especially if you *KNOW* the beaches in Kauai, when you sing it correctly: "on a white sandy beach, of Kauai!"
quanyin This is right version. The other cuts off in the middle. Iz called his producer and said they had to record it at midnight - he know it was magical!
quanyin It's not raining in the desert where I'm at, although this song reins supreme right now! :)
quanyin I know it's become more of an anthem or activist song, although I liked when it was "just a great song", when it first came out.


| play
quanyin The other version was among many that ended in the middle (suggest they read feedback and eliminate the duds impersonating gems or warn us)
quanyin I love the combination of edgy and sweet/melodic with Amy Lee!
quanyin This one is powerful - especially in the DVD she plays live on Navajo land on a plateau before a storm!

Alanis Morisette - Uninvited

| play
quanyin This one I especially like from the live album he did in the '90s.
quanyin This was a favorite back when I wore AC/DC shirts to school and saw all the bands in the outdoor venue near where I grew up.
quanyin This was the first favorite from the Scorps, who were fun seeing live, back in the days of the Monsters of Rock tour! Now I hear it @ a Mex. restaurnt
quanyin If you get a chance, check out the live version of him doing this at the Amnesty International concert - it's one of the most riveting things to see!
quanyin This is pretty raw, yet it's one of my favorite songs and I grew up near Milwaukee, so I have to give this a whirl :-)
quanyin I love harmonies and this is a fun, melodic harmony that sounds a little different in each version you hear. If you like it, you can find great ones.
quanyin I feel like some great melodies right now, on the mellow side. Enjoy it if you are, also.
quanyin This is one of my favorite - mellow to mayhem songs. chill - and rock - out with me on this one!
quanyin This was a favorite in college. Had a friend who could play it on guitar. Love the sound of the acoustics.
quanyin Listen to the musicianship on this track, and then I have another great followup next for you after this gem.
quanyin I hope you're enjoying my "Nothing Else Matters" set, which is fun bringing to you. I think you'll like this, as well, and where it's leading to next!
quanyin That last one was a good version of this song, so let's get it right, from the source!
quanyin This song is alright, it's our transition piece, shall we say (and I admit it's kind of fun digging back into the stuff I used to listen to always. :)
quanyin I was going to play THE song I used to use when I was down or frustrated, to become electrified and turbo-charged, tho this is the way to end KISS


| play
quanyin This is HOTTTT!!!! - previously I started listening to her album and thought it was OK, although this is worth checking out.
quanyin OK, let's step it up a little, with this more glamorous, happenin' version.
quanyin This song is worth checking out with the Indian beat in the beginning.
quanyin This is pretty well done. I think you'll enjoy it.
quanyin This is one of my all-time songs, played loud and on fire. It instantly takes things up several notches and lifts the spirits, getting the heart pumpn

Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer

| play
quanyin I used to like this song a lot, back when it was called techno, rather than dance. It's kinda fun hearing it again, tho not as timeless as some.


| play
quanyin Don't be deceived by the "mellow minute" at the beginning. This song really kicks it. It's complex, and interesting.
quanyin Let's slow it down a little, at least for a minute.
quanyin I like the sounds, the words, the melodies and beat of this track.
quanyin This song has interesting perspectives about a guy's life as a woman sees it.
quanyin This one is pretty fun, and the thing is, it works! :)
quanyin Now that we've had some comic relief from The Fray, let's showcase their smooth sound and vocal/rhythmic talents, as well....
quanyin It may not be easy, although it sounds great! :-)
quanyin If you get a chance, listen to a live recording these guys did. He's a great story teller. Once @ Lake Taho he heard someone playing him, got up +sang
quanyin This is one of the most dramatic songs I've heard. The way it builds momentum and power, carrying you with it like a dam breaking and water cresting
quanyin One of my favorite songs by Nirvana, from the Unplugged album, a David Bowie cover.
quanyin This is the original artist for the song Patti Smith made famous. Bruce is one of the great performers the world has seen, as we hear here.
quanyin And now we go back to the version you loved and forgot about. She is truly one of the first strong female rockers with heart, and that haunting voice!

Patti Smith - Because The Night

| play
quanyin We now return in our Nirvana set back to another haunting vocalist, Amy Lee, doing amazing things with her Heart Shaped Box on this piece.
quanyin This is a great vocal chemistry, and I love this version. Both on the edge, off the beaten path, and you risk slipping and falling over that edge.
quanyin I had forgotten about this attractive, edgy song, also haunting with Amy Lee's dynamic presence.
quanyin Let's bring it back to Nirvana, and wrap up the "On The Edge" Set. This is my second fav from the Unplugged album.
quanyin And finally, my friends, we end up where we began, except this time by the original artist of "All Apologies". Hope you enjoyed getting a little edgy
quanyin I was thinking about that thing where the brothers thought they were the Beatles and more popular than God. May not be the most humble blokes.
quanyin I used to really like this song when I was first learning to play guitar. By the way, Tom is good live. Saw him at Summerfest, world's largest music f
quanyin This is one of my favorites, and Stevie Nicks lives in metro Phoenix, which is in the desert. She also sang that crappy song with Tom Petty.
quanyin Let's wind down this set with my two favorite Oasis songs. (I had wanted to play "Silver Springs" live by Fleetwood Mac, and did not find it :-)
quanyin This is the first song I heard by Oasis, and it will probably always have a special place in my repertoire. I hope you enjoyed this set!
quanyin Let's quiet things down and do an "Dawn Meditation" reflective set. I used to have my own new age radio show, back on WSUW, so this is fun :-)
quanyin It's hard to imagine me going from Nirvana to Enya in the same day :-)
quanyin This is one of my favorite Yanni songs. It's easy to just let go and flow into it. (It's also quite a romantic favorite for those special quiet nights


| play
quanyin Alright, great... found it! :) This was the song playing in my head that 'forced' me to play an interested Weezer set, which expanded my listening joy
quanyin I had to end our Weezer set with the one that began it all for them, which is probably still their most well known. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I
quanyin This is a great follow-up to Weezer. I don't know what the song is about, although I always liked how it sounds. Maybe it's about losing innocence.
quanyin Here's "the real" version of this song, which really cranks it out (with synthesizers instead of guitars, although it still works)...
quanyin This one is curious-looking enough to play. Server load is allowing me to preview it only in, well, blips, so I hope it plays well live and soundsgood
quanyin I forgot how much I like the Cranberries....clicked on this thinking it was a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song, forgetting that it's a great original!
quanyin This is one of my favorite songs (maybe top 50)... it's always good to listen to every few months. If you haven't heard it in a while, enjoy!
quanyin Let's finish the Cranberries with their first hit before we start going back around the circle (lest we linger in one place too long ;-)
quanyin What happens when words are spoken? :-)
quanyin Every good deed you do really does count. See, you heard it right here - ! After this, let's go back to where we began and close the circle.
quanyin Let's go from "needing you tonight" to having you "tonight, tonight" :-))
quanyin I wanted to bring you the original that we covered earlier, although this is a great sub - the famous pool scene from "Fast Times @ Ridgemont High!
quanyin Excellent. These songs on the album are together, and need to be heard together. This was a long-time favorite!
quanyin I used to love this song. I forgot about it until it came into my head during my last set... so here it is - (It's Great!)

Gary Moore - Empty Rooms

| play
quanyin I'm feeling like a set of '80s rock ballads, how about you?
quanyin I know now this stuff is all lumped into "hair bands", and yet it was really good at the time (and fun to re-listen, every decade or so ;-)
quanyin Get out your lighter and sway with the crowd - these old shows were fun!
quanyin I'm not entirely sure that one had Chester in it. It sounded like a woman singing...or maybe he can have a pretty voice when not screamin. She does :)
quanyin Let's go back and deliver the original. Not when Vince Neil is in a wheel chair and needs oxygen ;-).
quanyin This is the favorite song from Styx I couldn't find a few weeks ago. Turns out I spelled it "Sweet Madame Blue" ;-) - This song is powerful. Enjoy!
quanyin I like the image of the guy not knowing which direction to take or where to go with his life and hopelessly asking for guidance. Also melodic song.
quanyin And of course no Styx set would be complete without the track that started it all for them. I think it was 1979 when this song broke wide. Still great
quanyin Let's transition away from Styx and into another 80s supergroup. Tommy Shaw of Crystall Ball sang with these guys; another singer sings w/our next act

Damn Yankees - High Enough

| play
quanyin Jack Blades was the lead singer for both Night Ranger and Damn Yankees. Or he's actually not on this, or the next song. Still the main voice in NR.

Night Ranger - Sentimental Street

| play
quanyin Can anyone tell me what that last song is about ;-). I think I saw NR in concert. I saw these guys twice, they were great shows...our next act opened.
quanyin This is the song where it all began for REO Speedwagon, and it's still a stand-out classic... especially the live version. Enjoy!
quanyin How 'bout a little slow song or two from the guys you used to sit with your sweetheart by the fire, laughing, sipping wine, your arm around her/him...

REO Speedwagon - Can_t_Fight_This_Feeling

| play
quanyin We're getting ready to have REO take it away, and I have the other band who headlined for them lined up. Enjoy this ballad, first, and one to closeout
quanyin OK, be honest with me. You were singin' on the last one, weren't you? :-) I was, couldn't help myself. Let's fly on out of here to the last of our set
quanyin You remember this? It broke the band wide open....Live at Buddokan. This I think was in 1979.
quanyin This song is interesting because it's disturbed, harmonious and thoughtful at the same time.
quanyin I had forgotten what this one sounded like too. It's time to bring back these old, fun, songs with some bite to them :-)
quanyin I laughed, remembering my 8th grade guitar teacher saying "Cheap Trick is a cheap trick when I wanted to learn probably "Surrender" :-))
quanyin I've been waiting a long time to hear this song, so let's start a new set...:-)
quanyin May we hear some more Rod Stewart? Sure, Maggie May! :-)

01 Maggie May (avec intro)

| play
quanyin This was a song I liked a lot at one point. Great mix of melody, mystique and harmony.
quanyin I think I remember liking this song a lot at one time; I forgot how it sounds. Let's take a look :-)
quanyin This was another favorite song from Alan Parsons. I like the sound of this live version. Talented band... hey guys, give us some fresh stuff!
quanyin I wanted the real version, by Alan Parsons Project. It doesn't seem to be available, although this one seems like a good cover.

04 Games People Play

| play
quanyin I searched long and hard for this one twice earlier....it's here now, so let the last set of the evening commence. This is a favorite song, their best
quanyin I had not heard this one at all, although I like the sound of it a lot. Is it instrumental throughout?
quanyin This is one of my four or five favorite Cure song's, which makes it a favorite overall! By the way, I somehow never saw them live. Maybe I still can
quanyin If you get a chance, look for the unplugged version of this song, which is exceptional. Another under-appreciated or known-about Cure track.
quanyin This is another one of my favorite Cure songs, which seems under-appreciated.
quanyin Let's rap up our Cure Show the way we began it, yet by the original guys. Hope you enjoyed as much as I!
quanyin Of course we had to end The Cure with their best and most beloved song. I had a lot of fun playing this set for you, and we'll end with one more fun 1
quanyin We started as we finish, with these guys. This was the song I signed off on my radio show each day, when I was "DJ Dan". See you next time! :)
quanyin I just found this great song I'd been looking for for weeks - This is it, so reminisce with me, and rock out a little :-)
quanyin I saw Dio live (great stuff!) and I'm pretty sure I saw Yngwie, too. When I saw they were doing "Dream On", I knew we had to hear it!


| play
quanyin This is one of my favorites from Bruce. Did you see his halftime show at the SuperBowl this year? I thought it was great!
quanyin For the longest time, this was my favorite Bruce song and one of my top favorites overall. However, I think our next song is even better. (Stay tuned!
quanyin You know what I'm talking about.... as much as I love "The River", this one hear IS Americana....it's like the song of a generation - your youth!
quanyin This song you can really feel the momentum build - it's powerful, beautiful, melodic - and VERY edgy!
quanyin I had forgotten how much I like this song until I heard a 3 CD live show a few days ago. Now I wanted to hear it again - and share it with you!
quanyin I used to like this song a lot. Now it seems most versions at least here are remixes, which "rap" it up, when I appreciate the harmony/melodies in it
quanyin I heard this on the radio and I almost had to pull over and listen; I was just captivated by its purity and beauty. And I had to stay to hear who sang
quanyin On a whim, thought I'd search for "the right" version of this song, & it's right there, top of the list. (Earlier was a lame version.) Love the lyrics
quanyin Remember this oldie? I just love the harmonies. Vince Gill was pretty fun to see - in Sedona outdoors amid the red rocks.
quanyin Let's bring the edginess back, going from Amie to Amy! (She has one of the best, most haunting voices I've heard!)
quanyin For some reason talking about edgy and harmonies made this song that was my favorite as a kid.
quanyin For some reason its an eclectic mix tonight, focused on harmonies, for the most part. If you're not liking it, then go ahead, Take The Wheel ;-O
quanyin These guys were a favorite I saw live, back in the day.
quanyin Let's turn this around and apply it to you: BE young, and wild and free! (This was my favorite song for a long time, quite inspiring!)
quanyin I love the contrast of hard and driving, with soft and melodic. (Kind of like a wolf in sheep's clothing ;-)
quanyin This is what "Bruddah IZ" sounds like, in something that you probably have not heard before.

israel kamakawiwoole - kamalani

| play
quanyin This one may be a sad song, although it's still touching and sounds great. After this we'll get to the heart-warming, popular stuff :-)
quanyin Curious to me how much more raw the vocals sound live (how much polishing they must do in the studio; also the pacing seems a little hurried.
quanyin This is a great example of how beautiful Stevie Nick's voice is, and how talented the band is.
quanyin Let's let Stevie go back to her home in Phoenix after the encore. Curious how I'm not sure the reunited Mac needs Christine McVie. I could do w/o her
quanyin For the longest time this was a favorite song. Come to think of it, I don't even know what it's about - just love the sound of it.


| play
quanyin This one sounds great - and it's a surprise that's different than the title :-). (They do this classic very well, giving it new life!)
quanyin Let's close things off after one more track - this is the longest single-band set I've played. Hope you enjoyed it. (We might do a Part 2 soon ;-)
quanyin How long, to sing this song? (I don't know what this song's about, either. ;-)

U2"40" [Live]

| play
quanyin I had forgotten how much I like this song until they played it at either Chilli's or Stone Cold Creamery :-))
quanyin This is one of the most powerful and moving songs I've heard, especially watching the live video - it's so compelling and has such meaning!
quanyin This was a favorite years ago, and I still enjoy bringing it out once a year or so. Just think, this whole set came about because of Goodnight Saigon!
quanyin I always associate Billy Joel and Elton John together, and this used to be a childhood favorite. Still like bringing this out once in a while.
quanyin I'm not sure why I'm in an AC mood right now (Adult Contemporary radio format). Probably because these are songs I used to like singing.

Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

| play
quanyin I just realized he speaks about "Blue Jean Baby" and also, of course "Norma Jean" (Marilyn Monroe). I doubt he'll hold her close, yet we can :-)
quanyin I remember this being a favorite on 93.3 WQFM rock radio back when I was on a competing station. The instrumentation still sounds great today!
quanyin I had to close our Sir Elton set with this one, in homage to when I saw him live, he started playing this. Stopped. Teased us. Then played it for me.
quanyin This is still one of the Top 3 James Bond theme songs, along with "For Your Eyes Only" and "Live and Let Die", although I like the Madonna song, too.
quanyin I don't understand what the spices have to do with the fair...the lyrics may make little sense, although it's one of the more beautiful songs ever.
quanyin (Full version) - Paul Simon was one of the best shows I've seen, at Summerfest right on the lake. Because I believe he played this. Great show!
quanyin I really liked this song when it came out and even bought my girlfriend an inspiring book she put together around the lyrics. Still love the sound.

Leann Womack - I Hope You Dance

| play
quanyin For the record, this sounds like the original, by Joan Osbourne, not Madonna, although that would be fun to hear!


| play
quanyin This is easily one of the three best songs of all time, up there with Stairway to Heaven, and maybe Hey Jude (a stretch) and Layla, possibly.
quanyin OK, let's count them back, from No. 3, to No. 2, with E.C. and the boys!
quanyin And the No. 1 song of all-time (even my dad wanted this on his MP3 player...!
quanyin Let's class it up a lot, and I think you might like this version, by a virtuoso.
quanyin Two more songs, slowing it down considerably. (We skipped the Pat Boone version of "Stairway", which sucked, although I do like this song still.)

-Debbie Boone You Light Up My Life

| play
quanyin This song still is one of the most beautiful I've heard. I'm not even sure I saw all of the movie it came from, which would be fun to look for and see
quanyin I like how he makes this his own song by doing it with his own style. Sounds good!
quanyin This is the most widely known and played version of one of the best songs these guys have created. It's also helped raise probably hundreds of thous$
quanyin Remember how much impact this song had when it came out? It seemed to speak to a segment of the community. Still like the sound of it, & its vitality
quanyin Let's take things back to where we began before the rap interlude. We started with "Hey You" by 311. Guess what's coming next!? :)

MadonnaHey You

| play
quanyin Yet we had to wrap up our walk through the Legends of Rock Time Machine Back Trak Look at "The Floyd". The star ship has left orbit!
quanyin OK, my friend, let's wrap things up with this fun, interesting, and quaint cover of "The Song" by Pink Floyd. I like their interpretation. Numb(er) 1
quanyin This is a favorite song, and it's likely I was at this show live :-)
quanyin This one sounds too interesting to pass up checking out.
quanyin This one I almost didn't play, although I gave it a chance and I'm glad it did. I think it'll grow on you, if you like the song.
quanyin This version is quite different, and adds a lot to the "conversation" - what do you say?
quanyin It's great seeing this song gain new life and take different directions, 35 years after "Europe '72" - so many ways to play it. One more after this.

Slim Pickins I Know You Rider

| play
quanyin Let's go back to "the roots" of the song, yet as they're still alive today, from the original "Dead" lineage! Thanks for playing with me, I had fun!
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