SarahABQ Howdy! ty:-) rb@SgtMacAttack: "Johnny Cash - "Solitary Man" Howdy all!!! TGIF!!!" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat @Nicolex2: "Joss Stone & Rob Thomas - Stop dragging my heart around~ *a favorite* :)" RB Nice KAT (reblip)

Joss Stone & Rob Thomas-Stop dragging my heart around

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LaLaMama Glee Cast – Can't Fight This Feeling (HQ)

Pat Monahan "Always Midnight"

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sir_edward_ross Neil Young – Sugar Mountain RB @amberbrown: "i think neil is my all-time favorite..." (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @Supaviv: "didn't know Janis sang this song! thank you!!" (reblip)
AtheDJ Thank you so much. :D Picture is 2 days old. rb@killerswp: "@AtheDJ: "love the new icon! (reblip)
kirkill RB @organicsue: "Hello hugz @adbert: "[The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun] Hello @hopedances!!! :-)"" (reblip)

THe Beatles Here Comes The Sun

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Dancer12 Oh, Me Too!! GM to You!! RB@str8jgirl: "Good Morning!!! You're a perfect disater!!! [Me too!!]" (reblip)
Dancer12 Just striking all right chords! Mind's preoccupied today!! TY RB@avard (reblip)
lilwldchld Good morning, Thanks:-D @SarahABQ: "GM! loved it! thx:-) rb@lilwldchld: "Don't who you think you are but before the night is through.. (reblip)
rizzoyzuko No More "I Love You's" Annie Lennox knew her stuff.
Koshka like i said i wouldn't believe anything u said today. @droolius: "and u would never guess I am working(puters) amongst this silliness @palisadehills" (reblip)


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tracy chapman ft bb king - the thrill is gone

| play
Viol1st Brown Eyes - Destiny Child
straywebsurfer ♫Richard Thompson – "Waltzing for Dreamers" @Shanti_baba: "And miss,you don't know me but can't we pretend? @revbeatman @TinyTania @Condor @greentree" (reblip)
rachidkas Mary Black – Sonny

Mary BlackSonny

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Broken_Arrow John Lennon - Watching the Wheels

John Lennon-Watching the Wheels

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MikeattheMike "Know what Donovan was like in bed? You’ll be surprised. Read Blue Jean Baby" (reblip)
musecrossing How'd you get your pants so tight?
Lollyblop The Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life
formalhaut need a planet without, cars and wars, no wars, no cars, no wars, no cars … I wish it could be true …

ellen allienwish

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addkerberos My love wears forbidden colours. My life believes

David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto-Forbidden Colours

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Pretty Woman ^^Julia Roberts Video^^

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dANGELofLOVE Good Morning! A Beautiful Song! Thanks For Sharing! Wishing You A Wonderful Day! @kelsie_love: "One of the best songs I've ever heard!" (reblip)

Damien RiceDelicate

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Sheribaby_SPH If I was a cowboy you'd say worsh instead of wash!

Kid RockCowboy

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Jim Brickman "Beautiful World (We're All Here)" Live In Concert

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qvigear Prayers for the innocents in the Gulf ...
TJim -"Chocolate Chip" by Miles Davis #jazz .... time for a 2nd (or 3rd) cuppa coffee ... getting wired on Miles ...
nawlinswoman Just thinking about water cools me off..Howdy &rb @JoanieBeachMusic: "Thanks and have a great day!@dannek" (reblip)

David GraySail Away

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rachidkas TYSM!@scotlandlover: "rb @sir_edward_ross: "Touch...Touch Me In The Morning"" (reblip)

Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning

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BluesdaddyD she is very sexy and quite a singer (reblip)

Ana Popovic Live Bigtown Playboy

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qvigear tyrbb@Ineluctable: "Loving your blips! Don't forget this absolute cracker, written by Mike Nesmith, sung by Linda Ronstadt,First band @beatlechick" (reblip)
ShiaoMei Hello!! (-:@JTMaustin:-)) "@ShiaoMei @bytera: "a little Billie Holiday for your day ..." ~ "Willow Weep For Me"" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE First Time Hearing This! What A Truly Inspiring Song! Thank You So Much! ((^__^)) RB@DjRuca: The One....@dANGELofLOVE. Tks Prop. (reblip)

The One by The Q Effect

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DoctorOfJazz A great way to get moving ' TY @Crazypaws: "The Curly Shuffle (Get your day started doing the Curly Shuffle)" (reblip)

The Curly Shuffle

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GGDANCE @Jeffie: "Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way"" (reblip)
PinkPrism Joni Mitchell - Woodstock.....this was the first time this song was ever sung. Joni wrote the lyrics in a motel room...couldn't make it to Woodstock
digitpt Steely Dan – Aja - "Aja/ When all my dime dancin' is through/ I run to you "

Steely DanAja

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qvigear Wish U Were Here ...

Jamie Foxx- Wish U Were Here (W/ lyrics)

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qvigear tyrb@whereisthefire: "Nuclear Daydream, Joseph Arthur-"I won't ever cry for you anymore. The days when I would die for you are now gone"" (reblip)
qvigear tyrb@whereisthefire: "@CocoPancakes Love Never Asks You to Lie, Joseph Arthur-"I can see clear through you eye. Love never asks you to lie. (reblip)
qvigear "The First Time I Loved Forever ..." (reblip)

The First Time I Loved Forever by Lisa Angelle

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gramof13 you DID used to be green! Nice song-thanks@Tequila_Kitty: "So hear me if you're out there, Take these words and try to understand" (reblip)
qvigear Peace to all. ty rb@hairgirl: "@rocket1206: "~~ I Wish You Peace ~~ @PinkPrism ...Goodnight TiP xxxx"" (reblip)
ElZorro Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
SabineWe Smooth Jazz / Chet Baker ~ Beatrice. Très différent ce style de Chet. J'aime. J'imagine que c'était bien avant ses envies de suicide @redoctopus: (reblip)

Smooth Jazz / Chet Baker ~ "Beatrice"

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J_Bay Chicago - You're The Inspiration
rupprECHT - Ein musikalisches 50-Jahr-Jubilaeum auf dem Cover des 'Spiegel' #music #history
prettyfnmess Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere & It's Now
Tequila_Kitty So hear me if you're out there, Take these words and try to understand (reblip)
gramof13 RB@BBWolfey: "ty!@TropicsZ4: "Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23 , Thanks :)) @BBWolfey @patita"" (reblip)
Tequila_Kitty Who Am I To You? ...I'm waiting for the answer (reblip)
shawnystar Janis Joplin - Work Me Lord - Live - @ Woodstock 69 - DvD! Look what I found.. What a SHAME! (reblip)

Woodstock '69 :: Work Me, Lord by Janis Joplin

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cpcdiniz rb...@elinejv: "Van Morrison – Bright Side Of The Road" (reblip)
djpuggie @Kelvin373: "É, eu gosto de ouvir de vez em (sempre) quando..." (reblip)
Matericia Today's North American Scum award goes to Sarah Palin who in the face of the oil spill disaster is calling for more offshore drilling. She's so oily.
Silveramberz One of my fave songs :) @kirkill: "Within Temptation - Ice Queen" (reblip)
diamondgal @deAngelofLove :) our angel of the morning :) x0x0
TJim My good pals from Calgary Canada - Kelly Jay and Crowbar "O What A Feeling" - get up off that thing and dance
TJim McCoy Tyner Quartet – "Trane-Like " .... nice .... #jazz
IamLezbionic Big shoe dance :-) @sir_edward_ross A Pee Wee Virgin eh? @scotlandlover: "straight to the hard stuff. (I have never rb'd a peewee song before ew.) :-P (reblip)

Pee Wee Herman Tequila

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tyrelassie "Radiohead – Karma Police - Iconic song from their critically acclaimed album 'OK computer'. Progressive rock at it's best! Enjoy!"" (reblip)
SarahABQ ty&hellohugz!! :-) rb @bellbtmblues: "Happy 65th, Bob Seger" (reblip)
DoctorOfJazz I'm with you Mary TY @Marystudio: "RB@chazzz: "@jazzguide: "Lets go Modern!!Jazz that is!!"" Modern Jazz Quartet - Swing Low Sweet Chariot" (reblip)

MODERN JAZZ QUARTET ; Swing Low Sweet Chariot '64 (6/6)

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Thaiangel how could not to rb :) thxQ @Frauenpower: ""hach ""Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues"""" (reblip)
organicsue Hey Everyone! How are you? Here's to a fantastic Wednesday! ~~ Young Rascals – People Got To Be Free
PeaceDiva Ahhh, Brazilian Romance...Sarah Vaughan...Love and Passion
Thaiangel that what I say ... it's a wild world out there !

Cat Steven- Wild World.

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TrishLewis Hello&TY!>@DonaldD: "#FuNkFriDaY one of my top 3 from tha Godfather.......SHUT YO MOUTH." (reblip)
barefootbeans @daytonacharger: "@scotlandlover---The Proclaimers-500 Miles (Live 8 )- a really Great song & video from this Scottish band which really ROCKS!!!" (reblip)

The Proclaimers 500 Miles (live 8)

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THEORDEROFEARTH o*o @foxy_kida: "Amo fantastica Ana Bacalhau :) @perolaspop: "«Agora sim, damos a volta a isto!» @foxy_kida"" (reblip)
De_Ann Janis Joplin – All Is Loneliness
lasmart Sofie B Hawkins ~~ did we not choose each other ?

patch did we not choose eachother

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LynnSunshine Goodnight Honey@dANGELofLOVE: "TY 4 RB@Awannabeangel:@dANGELofLOVE: Cheb Khaled Ft. Carlos Santana ~ [[LOVE TO THE PEOPLE]] ON BLIP! (reblip)
milkfish More horns than you can shake a stick at. Hi RBers @BleakMouse @lisoquinha
AtheDJ I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song !My favorite version.
katterfelto Always happy for a Harry blip. @Garrett_The_K: "inspired by @katterfelto who rb'ed @Koshka. Another take on the perfect day, a bit sweeter one." (reblip)
ShiaoMei <3 Hi~>@DeAnn: vi~"@dawnie22: "'Oye Como Va' -Santana- <~~[: Must move to this"" (reblip)

SantanaOye Como Va

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daytonacharger @Vaiva---Rory Gallagher-Messin' With the Kid, live in Europe-a really GREAT song from the BRILLANT guitarist Rory Gallagher!! FANTASTIC!! (reblip)
jordan1507 TY rb @TricksRadio53: "TY, RB & added ...@dannek @JudiSueandYou Van Morrison ~.~ Have I Told You Lately" (reblip)

Meat Loaf Did You Ever Love Somebody

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Flying_Roundhouse The Godfather – Andy Williams - Speak Softly Love ~ waving at the Godfathers & Godmothers of Blip ;-) @Shaman777 @by_starla @briangreene @antenaweb
ShiaoMei ..Yes, I did!! rb ~> ((-:@Jazzistico: "You snuck up on me! Hi, Jeannie. @ShiaoMei ;)" (reblip)

Edwin McCain-I Could Not Ask For More(lyrics)

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ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Alicia Keys - Wait Til You See My Smile (2009) : R&B
wegaworld Full Steam – David Gray and Annie Lennox


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dANGELofLOVE Good Morning! A Beautiful Song! A Must RB@organicsue: "John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change" (reblip)
TheJohnC Thanks @lafnalot: "This tugs at my heart" (reblip)

Carleen Anderson, Nervous breakdown

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daytonacharger @Lisa_Michele,@donnadontplay--THE DOORS---Not To Touch the Earth,---another classic song from JM & the Doors!!! BRILLANT!!!! (reblip)
gramof13 Listen to the whole thing to get the amazing poem from the amazing voice.. (reblip)
cpcdiniz What a blessing you are for many! @NicoleVSanchez: "you are always so kind to everyone in your life! What a blessing you are for many! @rock2monster" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE YVWM! RB@JendeMen: OKTY!@dANGELofLOVE: {{Music Video With Lyrics}} ~Sarah Evans (reblip)

Saints & Angels~Sara Evans~Lyrics

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AtheDJ i crossed the ocean ... went the distance and now I'm right where I belong!! Wooohooo!!!! :D Michael Bolton - Go the Distance
Flying_Roundhouse Foghat – 1978 ~ "I don't want you to wash my clothes I don't you to be true >>> I just want to make love to you!" Inspired by @Chow322 @vmadray


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blues_b_us @bytera: "Ahh! the feedback. Thank you kindly for being one of my top proppers. Much appreciation@divadonna5 (reblip)
blues_b_us My pleasure!@donnadontplay: "Thx so much hun! Good morning! @blues_b_us: "and so shall you!@donnadontplay: "~ Maroon5 - She Will Be Loved ~""" (reblip)
GimmeSomeJohn Run-DMC Peter Piper

Run-DMC Peter Piper

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Sometimes When We Touch, Dan Hill

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its4am .

Will Downing and Gerald Albright The Nearness of You

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its4am .

BONEY JAMES-sweet thing.wmv

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its4am .

Chuck Loeb The Music Inside

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Lisa LoebStay (1994)

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softbluenrock I crank up Cher in the studio & rock while making pottery...
softbluenrock Love this one by Cher... cher-athon ;-) Funny that u & I picked Believe & blipped @ same time @klynnDemar
Gypsylyn And this one is for me...;-D My fav ~ Come Away With Me ~ Norah Jones
Bronsont @melsite1: "The Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Three to Get Ready"" (reblip)
BaldCelebOuting @BaldCelebOuting: " love the carrie underwood video!" (reblip)
BaldCelebOuting @ukcarrie: " love the carrie underwood video!" (reblip)

Richard Marx "Now and Forever"

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softbluenrock @azandiaMJBB: "I'm still sending *TY* 4 props from Sun & Mon {lol} (reblip)
DoctorOfJazz Thank You & Welcome @NewGuy, @tmilesgantt. Check-out Jessy J

jessy j tequila moon

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DoctorOfJazz Here's a great tune by guitarist Freddy Robinson.

Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt Dont know much

| play
HOOVILLE47 The Rite of Spring – Salonen/LA Phil (I) --> @scotlandlover , @GaiaMix
NatalieCA @just_some_lady: "::: Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - Bill Withers - #nowplaying" (reblip)
icinu one who would take me for myself--and if i find my hard headed woman-- i know the rest of my life would be blessed
wordwhizkid this one's for @vyrtue77 Ella Fitzgerald ~ Dream
DoctorOfJazz Nice@Lingerer: "I like @backtoback: "well start a blipping so I can reblip...let me get another cup of jo first @DoctorOfJazz"" (reblip)

Yesterday's New Quintet- Broken Dreams

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DoctorOfJazz In a similar mood myself@backtoback: "how could you tell? (giggle) @DoctorOfJazz" (reblip)
jroack Albert Hammond – It Never Rains In Southern California

Exile I Wanna Kiss You All Over

| play
shawnystar Rb @matriax: "@Llltex1969: "Janis Joplin – Summertime (Live Gröna Lund 1969)""" ... that is just the best...I Love It !!!Ty!!! :D (reblip)

Malted Milk [Remastered] ROBERT JOHNSON (1937) Delta Blues Guitar Legend

| play
Greenfields47 TY rb@reginakohn: "Prince – Prince Mix .... special for @Englischbox .. (reblip)
iWOODSTOCKi @AmyisImaginary: "Vitamin String Quartet viva la vida – Coldplay" (reblip)

Woodstock '69 :: Work Me, Lord by Janis Joplin

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ShiaoMei One Night in Rio ~ Louie Austen

Hallelujah- KD Lang

| play
THEORDEROFEARTH o*o thxs @organicsue: "Coldplay – Pink Floyd cover medley - The Trouble with Echoes" (reblip)
THEORDEROFEARTH Thxs bro! Bring it "o"n @fxp123: "ty @yesterhits: "thx@fxp123: "Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (1986)""" (reblip)
Angelitos55 TYVM@tender13: "Speaking of women who look good on pianos..." (reblip)

Kate Bush / Heads We're Dancing:The Sensual World

| play
SuzySue thanks for this version! @czybulski: "ty @SuzySue Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah" (reblip)
Angelitos55 tyvm@amphore: ""Kendra" – Janis Joplin - Summertime - Beautifull Voice" (reblip)
SolarRadiation Thank you for remind me Neville. :) @Awannabeangel

Aaron Neville Ave Maria Pavarotti Friends Charity Gala Concert

| play
jet333 Natalie Merchant – "Carnival"...
carlnat @svanopbergen60: "@williamhunt: "I've got you under my skin - Diana Krall" Nice William.................greeting Sandra...." (reblip)
cpcdiniz rb: @hodhod: "@patita: "Hey friends.............. we don't need no thoughts control!!!!! :D gooooooood afternoooooon!!!!!!"" (reblip)
DoctorOfJazz B.B. King with Bobby Blue Bland. Hey Everybody. bonton rule.
jroack Serenely pleasant. ty@PORTERla: "beautiful. rb.@SnailKid: "The Sat. soothe-set continues. More vi@EFR56. Passing to @wahwahwah."" (reblip)
crowjane @Dancer12: "rb@crowjane: "@Dancer12: "Blues for New Orleans: party is on until/then some!!!""~~hell yeah~~~""yeah babe~~ (reblip)

Cyril Neville and Tribe 13 Doc Alters,Tab Benoit , Robert Cowan " Blues For New Orleans"

| play
tbell can't seem to get the blue outta my head. thanks. @by_starla: "[Lucinda Williams - Blue]" (reblip)
Dancer12 TYRB@seaux: "YEAH BABY WE DID IT!!!!@Dancer12: " "rb"Super Bowl Baby>>>WHO DAT"" XD""" (reblip)

WHO DAT... Saints Theme Song

| play
xelavee rb@yanman22: "yet another great song.=D" I bet the Saints are singing this all the way home \o/ (reblip)

KD Lang -hallelujah

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GaiaMix I prefer milk chocolate, but I can´t eat chocolate! Big bad headaches! @ShannonGrissom: "Dark or milk? (reblip)
jet333 Richard Elliot – "Rock Steady"..jazz ..good morning:))
avivajazz Paul Simon / That Was Your Mother / ...a little New Orleans flavor... (reblip)

Paul Simon- That Was Your Mother

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smilingstar88 saying good night with this sweet song from Mary J
UncleRay late 1950's jazz magic for those that love jazz in the wee small hours
BetaSantAna1 ..just listen too!!..i love it too!!!!! x ;)
andiethewestie Almost Lover- (by A Fine Frenzy)....the story of Becoming Jane...

Almost Lover: Becoming Jane

| play
Tequila_Kitty everyone has a beautiful song...

Rascal Flatts Why

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djpuggie Live from back in the day. 90's memories... (reblip)

Lightning Crashes Live with Lyrics

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UncleRay nice footage here in fine sound

Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man

| play

Ben Harper Jennifer Nettles I'm on Fire Bruce Springsteen Kennedy Center Honors

| play
OrganicGuru Ive seen Sting twice. He is amazing and so very talented. Here is one of my all time favs, Spanish Guitar
LaLaMama "!" George Benson & Earl Klugh – Since You're Gone
LaLaMama for my kids~ I cannot express the love and appreciation I have for you better than this :)
sweetashone Beyonce ft Kanye West - Ego Remix thanks for listening and the props @sandraew @SarahABQ @Mysterymix and @bytera thanks for the welcome!!!
LaLaMama rb@kellyhunts: "RB ~~~ @elinejv: "Fink – Walkin' In The Sun" LIKE THIS" (reblip)
ginhollow thanks @MONIKKA: "Rb vi@Contactdavel: "Movin' music!" Nice pick! Thanks :)" (reblip)
Antiqcool @RickyBee: "Please see for me if her hair hangs long, . . . . Bob Dylan: 'Girl from the North Country'" Long time no hear... love this song :-) (reblip)
sarahlaidler One I always loved, message is kinda obvious, I guess
sweetromance Sometimes you have to settle for 2 out of 3 and move on

Still Within the Sound of My Voice Linda Ronstadt

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jet333 America – "Ventura Highway"...

We' ve got tonight

| play
jet333 George Benson - "The Gentle Rain"...nice:)
sweetashone Thanks for this, I enjoy Prince! @Lemon: "A very smooth Prince track 4U :-)" (reblip)


| play
rockdad_e #nowplaying Juan Sosa – Chill. Instrumental Jazz

Juan A SosaChill

| play
ginhollow thanks@tender13: "Bless your Soul - I've been lookin everywhere for this song~one of my favs : )) RB@EclecticVagabond: "Spooky, Dusty Springfield"" (reblip)

Spooky, Dusty Springfield

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RunswithCizers Take Me Away by Avril Lavigne... I can't handle this confusion..

Art Tatum : Art's Blues ( 1947 ) ( Fabulous Dorseys )

| play
wordwhizkid gracias! nice pick! RB Archie Shepp – 06 - Blues For Brother George Jackson @Piehooerseef: "@wordwhizkid you've got a good streak going today (reblip)
EclecticVagabond BB KIng – Eric Clapton - Buddy Guy -Jim Vaughn .Rock Me Baby
DependableSkeleton I think my ex-mother-in-law will be re-painting her kitchen this color.

YeasayerMadder Red

| play
tuatara Any rational person sees the fallacy of this law. :)@MalcolmSchmidt: "@tuatara You do know I don't really agree with the govenor? I'm slightly worried (reblip)
EclecticVagabond The Beatles - A Taste Of Honey 1963

The Beatles A Taste Of Honey

| play

Celine Dion and Elvis Presley

| play
gramof13 I've looked for this for a long time!! Thanks (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE MORE HUGS >@Dancer12: HUGS>>@dANGELofLOV<<HUGS>>@Dancer12@dANGELofLOVE:@Dancer12@myluna78@Dancer12@DjRuca: Victoria Vox – Somewhere Over the Rainbow"" (reblip)
hodhod =))) e c'avevo una cassettina che l'ho squagliata!@mnemosine "pure mia! *__* @hodhod e allora attenti..altra mia (vecchia) fissa@JunglePablo:vediamo

I don't know much, but I know i love you

| play
redbirds78 @TropicsZ4: "Nice I blipped this yesterday great sax solo :) rb @donnadontplay: "Inspired by @TropicsZ4"" (reblip)
MTAZGal James Taylor – Best Live - 01 Sweet Baby James
mellejohnson this song really inspired a 6 yeard old me to get into music @robsonag: "@uilian: "I`m back! @welderMM @Doggonahogg (reblip)
DanGordon @drivethruhr Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
tuatara Off from work...and immersed in spring cleaning at home. Ah, well. Still can't complain. :)@GimmeSomeTruth

Jimi HendrixFreedom

| play

Ozzy Osbourne Shot In The Dark

| play
BestYet2B it's been a while since I heard Elliot Yamin TY @Tequila_Kitty (reblip)
raawr_x WIN.

Dirty Dancing Music Video "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (1987)

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Tzadhiqua Love Sean Paul,Santana, Joss Stone "Cry Baby"

sean paul santana Baby doll cry.wmv

| play
yejele Le moins qu'on puisse dire (à la lecture des + 260 avis) voilà un musicien qui ne laisse pas indifférent ! Moi j'aime bien

Lang Lang plays Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1 1M

| play
celaborelle @Charmdeyes: "rb TY@harryhaller: "I plead no contest rb@amsiebee: "@harryhaller your bizarre love of mandy moore being dorky thing #1 :)"#musicmonday" (reblip)

Tracy Chapman~Baby Can I Hold You Tonight ***With Lyrics***

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yejele merci @SabineWe pour cette petite tranche de nostalgie

Piano, Tranche de vie

| play
rachidkas Hi!Luv this song! I'm Fine TY & You!@desyslava: "#RockBallads "Queen - The Show Must Go On" Hello ! How are you? :-)" (reblip)