mammara i'm addicted, i have to blip them.


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sfs i always forget about Save Ferris. fun stuff (reblip)
firefliesfly Good for a lazy afternoon.

Carla BruniL'Amour

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Burgers !!! I am working as well! Crunching numbers! How is your day so far?@r0g1 (reblip)
sproutdr Billie Holiday – But Beautiful
alessandrita classic. first cassette tape i owned. i think i was 7 years old.
pura いつ聴いてもすてきです、姐さん。
pura ねこカフェ行きたいな。いやガマンだ。
r0g1 *sigh*, paris je t'aime.. . (reblip)
thekid416 Lets take a ride, and run with the dogs tonight, In suburbia...
r0g1 mr, mr.. .


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KevinDoyle Currently listening to.... The drum beat is just awesome!
milas You´re my last breath, you´re a breath of fresh air to me.
BXLfm What did she say ?

CaliElle M'a Dit

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sandraew Love Is Alive - Joe Cocker
dkj Thanks, to @tine_cms47 ! His Song of the Day was just perfect for getting me started working today. (reblip)

The FallMountain

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dkj So sweet and heady, like my love.
Figgywithit What's up with my heart when it skips a beat? vi@lorisgirl (reblip)
AnaLutetia Ladyhawke – My Derlirium
bepppo love 'em and leave 'em fast. good night
baltimoregal Flashback to "Pump up the Volume" and when Christian Slater was still H.O.T. (reblip)
r0g1 mus1ca.narc0t1ca.. .


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parislisbonne it's wonderful!!!

Paolo Conte - It's Wonderful

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Paolo Conte - It's Wonderful

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LeBomba Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing
briangreene special place in my music heart for this melancholy smiths track. who wasn't 16 clumsy & shy? just me then :) ok. <blush>

SmithsHalf A Person

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crosby .............................................

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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matt4e "Were on a Mission from God" Jake and Elwood Blues!
RealtorLefebvre Oldie but a goodie... Hands down my favorite song about ungulates.
mellepelle ....and on with the GIRLS playlist
r0g1 "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde (reblip)
sapam Deep Purple - Soldier Of Fortune
StonyTunes I AM ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS - Garbage - sure is plenty here now
veriserpa Hey you've got to hide your love away Hey you've got to hide your love away
r0g1 g00d.mornin' listenin'.. . thank.U!. . (reblip)

DidoThank You

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TibiDabi so che questa è per @CalMa per il semplice motivo che gli piacerà.Sò profetica e me ne vanto: )
slugger41 My baby makes me proud, and when she gets...Charlie Rich, Behind Closed Doors
bender74 naaaa nana naaaa nana naaaaaa nana naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Kula ShakerHush

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r0g1 (na.nana.naaaa) x 3.. . (reblip)

Kula ShakerHush

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Jinjirrie Redemption is possible, with a little help from Bob :)

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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r0g1 . (reblip)

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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TankPilot Top 20 Girl Names in Song Title #15

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

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bramirez37 Para ti amor, porque há sempre algo a brilhar do outro lado... (reblip)
sonosebastiano ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ︹︺ ⊙⊙ ﹏
FernandaW bem o carnval acabou, amanha eh dia de trampo...the wilde side
mahfrot Chris Isaak has a new album out today...why can't he just do THIS song all the time
nicavieira @star45 Quiero la misma cosa que escribiste pero en portugués!Venga!Te desafio!\o/ Hay que hablar un poco de portugués...o portuñol:) <3
paeix from@Radiobread............................thanks (reblip)


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FollowThePigmeu Don't carry the world upon your shoulders


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adbert RINGTONES [INXS – What you need]

INXSWhat you need

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r0g1 /me.needs.♥.less.0ns ;) ? @Babuxoxoxo (reblip)
lethal_lolita for some reason this one doesnt work on my ipod. grrr.
r0g1 'nuff.sa1d.. . (reblip)

Album- Nostalgia

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sfs awesomely awesome awesomeness!
purplesime Builders cut my broadband! All fixed now :)

KasabianCutt Off

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cejas like it very much...already blipped...prendedora!
purplesime The Bangles' cover will never eclipse this version, IMHO. Although they were far better looking! :D
Burgers Wakey Wakey! Good energy to get you going!
Burgers Here are a couple for you! @Sally29 Thank you! (reblip)
PizzaBabe No use in pretending no use in saving face ..for my love is never ending you are my saving grace ~Ben Harper – By My Side~
Burgers Thanks for the smiles! Passing it on! @Jewisha (reblip)

Roger MillerDang Me

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Burgers Yes Thanks for all the words & props & blips, my friend! @Greencoconut (reblip)
dwek Classic but still groovy! Never fails to cheer me up!
agarzola One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.


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r0g1 . (reblip)


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PriscilaFreitas All You Need Is Love - The Beatles \o/ (reblip)


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r0g1 luvvvvvvvvv.. . (reblip)


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abarbero Not one of my favourites, but this song is really great!
suzan "Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues Let's dance to the song they're playin' on the radio". #18 1983. (reblip)
gleegirlrock Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven...had to hear this takes time to grieve :(
paulzy Woot! booked my Europe trip. First stop Italy.
Maureen first heard this on a cassette tape my friend Jim made for me. On the other side was Big Black's "Lungs" EP. Formative.
MFeldman They played this in the yoga class I went to last night. cool. Go on, Betsy, LLYC.
Nabor_Garrido Una banda como esta quisiera que me despertara todos los días.
atrapasuenios se fine.....o anyway¡¡¡¡¡
JulieK Always always always I love you I hate you I can't live without you


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eyefry It ain't no fun when you're sleepin' by yourself!
DJFrankie "Running on Bravado, as if to say, as if to say, who doesn't like chocolate!?!" Stands up, I think.
r0g1 /me.. . (reblip)

Live - I Alone

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starmunki i want to sleep with common people, like you...

PulpCommon People

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jerrycurl RadioFreeIllinois @ladypn @DJstromer19 not quite punk but this is too easy
eyefry Okay, back to the blues and down to the Delta with the Wolfman.

Robert Wolfman Belfour - Treat Me Mean

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olorle The music to this is incredible.
melena el tema hoyyyyy: canciones y los Oscares. Aqui una de Slumdog Millonaire

MIAPaper Airplanes

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DeeJayEm "Now that's what I call funky!"
theneener C is for surviving... with Cake

CakeI Will Survive

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biaacorrea hahahahaha o problema é que meu feriado foi tão zen que tbm me irritou @paula_h