Youth of a Nation-P.O.D.

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missAnthropia @PloedeQ: "THX kannte ich das noch nicht...gefällt!! ;-)" (reblip)

"Young Forever" Jay-Z | Mr. Hudson (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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dj_AM and now a map for yours...

Map Of Your HeadMuse

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Choonks GD Survivors, Tweeps, Djs, FbFs, @Choonks on the scene covering U with some~Me Love~ on this rainy Tuesday.

Sean KingstonMe Love

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Jalapeno Going out to my blip sister @NicoleVSanchez.. u rock girl :) some Avril 4 u :) Keep holding on (reblip)
romanazumont @TropicsZ4: "!, Hi, Can't take my eyes off of you :D - ) RB @lilwldchld: "Love this!! :-D rb @TropicsZ4"" (reblip)
Ricz @theFRUKE: "Ok. Let's. Me too! dont even know why... just catchy. @AshliVicious: "we can live like jack & sally if you want. love this =] rb! (reblip)

Blink-182I Miss You

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jriley13 it's an across the universe soundtrack kind of day!

kompressor does not dance?

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randomlove07 reminds me of my highschool crush

How could an Angel break my Heart ~ Toni Braxton Ft.Babyface

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randomlove07 all of my life where have you been...

"Again"Lenny Kravitz

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jordan1507 Michael Jackson – Human Nature
DjKirk90beta Gilbert O'Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally)
Breezee1287 this is the song when i think of usher that i think of u-s-h-e-r r-a-y-m-o-n-d

UsherNice and Slow

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5uelen The Offspring – Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
randomlove07 follow me if everything is alright
randomlove07 would a guy sing this to me?

Tal Bachman--She's So High Above Me

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randomlove07 fire burning on the dance floor

Sean Kingston Fire Burning Somebody Call 911 HQ!!

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randomlove07 reminds me my college crush, he likes this song..
randomlove07 I'm all strung out, my heart is fried I just can't get you off my mind
kaatje159 Nevermind me, I'll just cast shadows on your walls...
randomlove07 my bestfriend is crazy about this song right now
randomlove07 I'm tired of being alone so hurry and get here
DjDiddlesSkittle <3 this @melarimo: "just hit the spot... Christina Aguilera ~ DIRTY" (reblip)
Nessa1972 @SofiaFada: "thanks! @nicaprincess: "inspired by @SofiaFada - 50 FIRST DATES – 311 / Love Song"" (reblip)
randomlove07 want to stand with you on a mountain. I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to lay like this forever. Until the sky falls down on me
HollandPMeads Here is your Monday song/video! Enjoy - Holland
MissLalala Can' t resist to reblip this 1, love it too much xxx@mark_till: "Regina Spektor - "Fidelity" [OFFICIAL video]" (reblip)
randomlove07 I get so weak on my knees


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randomlove07 I'm sorry I can't be perfect..

Simple PlanPerfect

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randomlove07 I'm glad Glee is back! I love this version Jesse and Rachel's voices are well blended
CrowleysGhost reblipping @moondancer - Revolver is one of my top five albums... (reblip)

TAXMAN-the beatles

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randomlove07 please don't walk away and please tell me you'll stay
randomlove07 Cause I was born to tell you I love you and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine Stay with me tonight
thomo12 @Time2Burn: Yo Bro! How r ya? "Hey bud! @thomo12: "Jet - Start The Show!! \m/!! Yo Guys!"" (reblip)

JetStart The Show

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randomlove07 heard this on Kick Ass but not for the first time

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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randomlove07 she wants to go home but nobody's home

Nobody s Home-Avril Lavigne(Official Music Video)

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randomlove07 it's not suppose to feel this way... I need you,,, I need you... more and more each day...

avril lavignewhy

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randomlove07 Cause I want it all Or nothing at all There's no where left to fall When you reach the bottom it's now or never Is it all Or are we just friends
randomlove07 I love No Doubt and Vitamin String Quartet ^_^
randomlove07 weird and sad but nice to the ears

Damien Rice9 Crimes

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randomlove07 hello world! this is me..
randomlove07 here they come, the beautiful ones..

SuedeBeautiful Ones

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randomlove07 you are out of are so far..we were never meant to be G

Out of Reach-Gabrielle

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randomlove07 it feels like home to me

Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk (lyrics)

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randomlove07 you'll see a side of love you'll never know
randomlove07 how ever far away I will always love you

311Love Song

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randomlove07 oh can't you see you belong to me ? How my poor heart aches with every step you take
randomlove07 Feels so far away I want to see your face Are you even there? Can you show me? Can you make me believe?
randomlove07 the boy is MINE

Brandy & Monica | The Boy Is Mine | Music Video + Lyrics

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randomlove07 If I let you know about the way I feel Don't know what you gonna do So I keep it locked inside And imagine you were mine

Key To My Heart by Jessica Jarrell (With Lyrics)

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randomlove07 I can't get you, And I can't get used to that.

Fallbrooke- "I Can't Get You" [Acoustic]

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randomlove07 I know that it's out there There's got to be something for my soul somewhere
randomlove07 I cried not only a liter of tears for the jdrama but a bucket
randomlove07 maybe I think you're cute and funny
randomlove07 Just because everything's changing Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
randomlove07 I'm not a Bigbang fan but this song is really makes me dance

VIStrong Baby

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randomlove07 I hope to hear this song on my future wedding day..I wonder if it will come..maybe someday..

Something Beautiful By The Newsboys

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randomlove07 goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream
randomlove07 This is 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure, 50% pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!
randomlove07 I need to have your heart next to mine for all the time hold you for all my life I need to be next to you
randomlove07 Will you see me in the end Or is it just a waste of time Trying to be your friend (reblip)

KeaneHamburg Song

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randomlove07 I never knew That I could love someone The way that I love you

White DressBen Rector

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randomlove07 ♪ okaeri, sweet home ♪ Knight-o!!! remember this??? It's been a year!!! I love Knight-o! @minnie0911
randomlove07 Now I can't spend my life standing by cause even when I miss you, you're still not missing me

RJ HeltonMissing Me

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randomlove07 I wanna be in this beautiful mess ~We're still here What a beautiful mess, this is It's like taking a guess when the only answer is "Yes"~
randomlove07 I think of you..I think of you..I just think of you.. (reblip)

Tata Young- I think of you (with lyrics)

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randomlove07 All this time we were waiting for each other, all this time I was waiting for you
randomlove07 So I just want you to know that I've been fighting to let you go, some days I make it through and then there's nights that never end
randomlove07 all alone..where are you..

Matt WhiteWasteland

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randomlove07 what is love? what is love? I just want it to be love

Matt WhiteLove

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randomlove07 Goodbye, you're just what I'm lookin' for there's no one I want more, you're just what I'm lookin' for
randomlove07 Be my friend hold me, wrap me up unfold me I am small, I'm needy warm me up and breathe me

SiaBreathe Me

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randomlove07 I'm not a Paramore fan but this song is an exception ~ "you are the only exception"~
randomlove07 "I cried for you and the sky cried for you," (reblip)
randomlove07 my Moroccan friend sent this song to me..
randomlove07 very nice Ke$ha, very nice..

Ke$ha Goodbye (Official Song)

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randomlove07 I tried to discover a little something to make me sweeter Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart I'm so in love with you I'll be forever blue
randomlove07 thankyou for D brokenheart&thankyou for D permanent scar coz if it wasn’t 4 u I myt 4get,how it feels 2 let go & how it feels 2 get a brand new start
randomlove07 I'm terrified..U set it again,my hart's in motion evry word feels lyk a shooting star I'm @ D edge of my emotions watching D shadows burning in D dark
randomlove07 Boy,I think I'm falling crazy over you,I'm clueless bout what I'm gon do.Because you're so far away

distance romance (music video)

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randomlove07 would you sing this for me? ~When I see your face there's not a thing that I would change cause you're amazing just the way you are~
randomlove07 on repeat now.. ~"Cause you're the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry, you're the smoke to my high"
randomlove07 It’s not like the movies but that’s how it will be.When he’s the one,you’ll come undone & your world will stop spinning, And it’s just the beginning.
randomlove07 Talking to the Moon try to get to you in hopes you're on the other side, talking to me too or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon

Talking To The Moon Lyrics By Bruno Mars

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randomlove07 a very nice song for friends ~ ♪ ♩ ♪ You can count on me like 1 2 3 I'll be there and I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
randomlove07 What if I’m the one for you? And you’re the one for me?

Jason DeruloWhat If

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randomlove07 Pitbull never fails to make me wanna dance with his songs
randomlove07 You made it look so perfect when it wasn't meant to be. Your love made me blind
randomlove07 Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere? Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place
randomlove07 what do guys really like more, smart or sexy girls?
randomlove07 So many things are trying to keep me & so many voices trying to reach me to tell me that this is not the way, to tell me that this is my mistake
randomlove07 And even when your hope is gone Move along, move along just to make it through
randomlove07 I may not have the softest touch, I may not say the words as such, I know I don't fit in that much but I'm yours

The ScriptIm Yours

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randomlove07 Sing with me, sing for the year Sing for the laugh, sing for the tear Sing with me, if it's just for today
randomlove07 We say goodbye, we hold on tight To these memories that never die We say goodbye, we hold on tight To these memories that never die
randomlove07 Out of breath, I am left hoping someday I'll breathe again
randomlove07 Everything I can't be is everything you should be and that's why I need you here
randomlove07 I don't feel lyk doing anythng I just wanna lay in my bed dont feel lyk pickng up my fone so leave a msg @D tone coz 2day I swear I'm not doin anythin
randomlove07 What if I took my time to love you? What if I put no one above you? What if I did the things That really mattered? What if I ran through

LemarWhat About Love

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randomlove07 Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash, You tossed it in the trash, you did
randomlove07 I'm perfectly lonely cause I don't belong to anyone, nobody belongs to me
randomlove07 I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will find me leave the past behind me, today my life begins
randomlove07 Sorry that I fell through,sorry I was falling in love with you.I’m sorry that it came true but sorry doesn’t turn back time
randomlove07 thinking of you...

Katy Perry -Thinking Of You [Lyrics]

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randomlove07 Tell me what you want to hear something that delight those ears sick of all the insincere I'm gonna give all my secrets away
randomlove07 Daisuki da yo

[English/Romaji Subtitles] Otsuka Ai Daisuki da yo LOVE COOK TOUR 2006

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randomlove07 I miss watching Hana Yori Dango

大塚愛 大塚爱 プラネタリウム ai otsuka Planetarium live 星象儀 星象仪

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randomlove07 When I get you alone.. When I get you you'll know baby
randomlove07 I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart..
randomlove07 I always try to do this on my own but I was wrong cause only with you can I move on
randomlove07 and in other life I would make you stay so I don't have to say you were the one that got away.The one that got away
randomlove07 I can’t sleep ,I can’t speak to you

Azure RaySleep

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randomlove07 I'm still in love but all I heard is nothing
randomlove07 Everybody, everybody wants to love. Everybody, everybody wants to be love
randomlove07 We could have had it all, Rolling in the deep, You had my heart inside of your hands, And you played it to the beat,
randomlove07 If only I could let go, But his love is still in me, Like a broken arrow.
randomlove07 I like this song now..makes me want to party!
randomlove07 I heard this from HIMYM's LegendDaddy episode ~~Because I’ve been here before, Ya I know what it’s like,~~
randomlove07 this song makes me want to fall in love ~If it’s love and we’re two birds of a feather then the rest is just whenever~
randomlove07 Can you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I’ve been waiting for you to come rescue me.
randomlove07 I like singing this song haha ~ I, I love you like a love song baby~
randomlove07 someday a guy will tell our story and it'll start something like "There's this girl....."
randomlove07 I love the #janebydesign theme song.. ~~my dreams, they won't fall apart through the stops & starts when you're life is a work of art~~
randomlove07 I'm amazed with her voice


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randomlove07 my favorite Oasis song ヅ


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randomlove07 The sun goes down the stars come out and all that counts is here and now. My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came
randomlove07 I'm coming home tell the World I'm coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
randomlove07 ♫Hunger Games, how do you look? ♫ hahaha I love this parody
randomlove07 I don't know why but I love listening to this today #OnReplay


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randomlove07 I've got my memories always inside of me. But I can't go back, back to how it was
randomlove07 wow! fantastic baby ~ T.O.P!!!
randomlove07 I'm singing my blues


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randomlove07 I still look for your face in the crowd

The Script If you could see me now lyrics

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