djhelcat Ok this is kind of random, but found Last of the Mohicans with... bagpipes and pan flutes and new agey bits.
djhelcat @phanse yes, i love a good symphony. Especially the 2d movement of Beethoven's 7th.

Symphony No. 7, Op. 92 - Allegretto

| play
ratbreath D.P.O. done brung this song back to the front of me noggin!

James - Ring the Bells

| play
ratbreath My this moment favourite
ratbreath you never get your lips you don't
ratbreath getting myself connected for a laid-back Sunday


| play
ratbreath Had an epiphany during this song whilst stoned and lost and London
ratbreath my favourite sort of jangly junkie pop
ratbreath song which sums up most of my waking moments
ratbreath funny bunnies and a cool whale tail
ratbreath For those who played pool with me at the Metropole and that upstairs dive in N.Sydney
ratbreath Because I'm a heel and I miss my bubby.Hope you're keeping warm my love.kinky kisses all over.
ratbreath I just can't get enough tonight - I'm on the groove train
ratbreath I want to have Meg's babies


| play
ratbreath A nice way to end a very long day. Goodnight all my shiny new friends.
djhelcat Another one from the Cellar Door days: Total Coelo.
ratbreath Sunday cruise in the combi, with the window down, sun on my arm and the radio working
ratbreath ahhh.....I need to enter Sunday the slow way
ratbreath ....that happiness makes you cry
ratbreath time to step it up a little - good typing music
ratbreath a favourite from a few years back
ratbreath you're a slave to the money and then you die
ratbreath sometimes you just have to hit the high notes
ratbreath I'm like a waterlogged ball that no one wants to kick around anymore
ratbreath Really going this time - have a rocking Sunday folks!
ratbreath 'cause it's making me smile this afternoon - I'm twisting baby!
ratbreath I'll get back to future shortly...let me roll around indolently
ratbreath All I need is a Vegemite crusty, a nasty scowl, double math and I'm back at school...mellow out or you will pay!


| play
ratbreath Don't know what triggered off this flashback - old friends on facebook I think.
ratbreath I got no where to go now
ratbreath bit maudlin, but...

Concrete Blonde - Tommorrow Wendy

| play
ratbreath Forever twirling...twirling!!


| play
ratbreath The song Dylan wrote for me when I was two years old.....probably
ratbreath Found myself (in a far too common scenario these days) singing along to this in the supermarket.Yes folks, I'm a sad, sad, sad little man.
ratbreath A favourite of mine - I had it on vinyl for a while before someone left it in the sun and it warped - I need new record-respecting friends.

Public Image Ltd, Rise

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ratbreath Ah! Two wines into the night and I'm floating along with Roxy music
ratbreath Kate!! Our patron saint of Singapore. Light the way home Miss Moss.
ratbreath I'll put any Suzanne Vega up here, but I haven't heard this in a while.
ratbreath For those times when every frickin bank turns you down for a personal loan. Grrrrrrrrrr......"we're the renegades, we're the people!!"
ratbreath such heartfelt wails...It's just the thought of you. Ahhhhh-rips me guts out every bloody time!!!
ratbreath One of my favourite live concerts (Wembly) - wish I'd been there!


| play
ratbreath I'll leave you with this one tonight kids. Damn! - Blip is definitely going to finish off my relationship. Night.

Devo - Beautiful World

| play
ratbreath and we're off! - catch you tomorrow
ratbreath I'm in an off-kilter mood today so I think I'll pick some tunes that reflect that
ratbreath great band, great song. Alright? alright.
ratbreath The song I woke up to on the radio this morning - bless you Adam Spencer. Stopped me from throwing the alarm clock at the fish tank.

Neil Young After The Gold Rush

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ratbreath "Discovered" a lot of great tunes (and bands) pouring through 'Rolling Stone' over the last few years.Took to this one.
ratbreath Something sunny for the greyest day
ratbreath "I had a commodore64, I had to score"
ratbreath my head is full of bubbles and love and bubles of love today. No more ether at breakfast
ratbreath ...always liked this song though
ratbreath For my bubby - 'cause I'm a sad old sack of sap and sentimentality!
ratbreath stomp around to this one a bit
ratbreath Possibly the title to our trip up the winding roads of the coast last year.
ratbreath Surprised it took me this long to get some Doors up!
ratbreath see you cool cats I'm off for a hot dog
ratbreath It's best to kill them and bury them out in the forest where no one will ever find them
ratbreath For all the fellas who screw up and feel like they've got to move on - but know it'll be their nuts if they do!
ratbreath For my Sue - Happy Birthday baby! "I'm so in love with you - feels like fire!" (I know it's your favourite bub.)
ratbreath I used to be a werewolf, but I'm alright nooooooooowwwww
ratbreath Banjo plucking - love it


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ratbreath It's raining and I'm mellowed-out.
ratbreath I really should get out into the sunshine - let it penetrate my soul for a week or two.
ratbreath been singing the chorus of this all week
ratbreath a million miles, a million miles...


| play
ratbreath Do a little dance, make a little love - some lunchtime groovin' music!
ratbreath floating through my Sunday
ratbreath another late 90's fave. too beautiful.
ratbreath lots of Portishead, Massive attack and Faithless today - must be in a mood
ratbreath ...and cigarettes.


| play
ratbreath Not a huge fan - but I do like this.
ratbreath ...I have plans for us....nights in the scullery
ratbreath no meg, but still good advice..."find yourself a girl and settle down, live a simple life in a quiet town"
ratbreath dang-a-dingity-dang-a-dang
ratbreath "leave me lying here - cause I don't want to go!" ...but I must folks; last for the day - later everyone.
ratbreath Reminds me of botanical garden picnics, friends and bbq's and bbq'd friends
ratbreath Won't be online later, so save this one for tonight.

Concrete Blonde - Tommorrow Wendy

| play
ratbreath She's not happy unless she gets a couple of Nik Kershaws in
ratbreath I used to be able to find him in the record store when he was called Prince - one of my favourite toe-tappers
ratbreath Who said they were depressing?
ratbreath I smell your sweat on my skin...
ratbreath Off to enjoy the day - keep rolling along my blipping buddies!
ratbreath An gentle start to my blipping day.

Air - Kelly Watch The Stars

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ratbreath Should have put some Beck up a looong time ago.
ratbreath I use this term far too much for a white guy
ratbreath ...and I just can't seem to get enough.
ratbreath woke up to scary monkeys at 12pm. v scary indeed.
ratbreath for my brothers and sisters.
ratbreath a bit more beautiful Beck
ratbreath Thanks go out to Mr Awesome
ratbreath God I love a good freak out

ChicLe Freak

| play
ratbreath Won't say no to a bit of poppy stuff either.
ratbreath I'll do the moves for you too
ratbreath I liked the 90's - gave us this band
ratbreath No time soon..."happy hours, golden showers"
ratbreath gallons of wine and my best gal - possibly our wedding song
ratbreath These last two are for my nurse -Spongebath at 3? I love you dearly bub

The Verve - Lucky Man

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ratbreath til tomorrow...oh it's such a perfect day...I'm glad I spent it with you.
ratbreath Because there is more to them than Mrs Robinson.
ratbreath something to sway to today as I move through the city
ratbreath "the saints are drunk howling at the moon" - just a beautiful, soulful wail
ratbreath had this on a heavy rotation way back when
ratbreath the charles bar, early 90's, naughty plants and hot water heater explosions
ratbreath "You better give me something, so I don't die" - jazz bar for lunch
ratbreath It reminds me of my time in London - pleasant memories
ratbreath Last for now - far too drifty and dream-laden today - must watch out for cars!
ratbreath Good combo - Johnny Cash + Nick Cave. A dark way to start the day.
ratbreath RDO today - lots of blippin to be done - starting with this.
ratbreath In my top 3 best live bands
ratbreath next to impossible NOT to sing-a-long to.
ratbreath still among my favourite late-night musts
ratbreath this is chilled white wine at a picnic - beautiful

SiaBreathe Me

| play
ratbreath will listen to any of their songs - love this though
ratbreath It's not for the money and it's not for the applause....
ratbreath love those opening twangs

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
ratbreath used to think it was dag central but now I love it!
ratbreath interesting - you can make out the words too
ratbreath "Rise and amplifyin' when we come in wit de swing"
ratbreath First song I heard of theirs - it stuck with me
ratbreath Theme song, sure, but still nice and chilled.

Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning

| play
ratbreath at least he's honest and upfront
ratbreath ....and I'm just about to folks. Blip you later!

Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home

| play
ratbreath It's probably only 5 miles tonight, but I WILL be falling down at her door.
ratbreath Seriously, last one - hope to hit 200 songs tomorrow - cause for celebration. Have a great night everyone!
ratbreath start the day with the great, growling, gravel-gobbed man himself
ratbreath "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good..."
ratbreath "...they all go round and round."

BlurPark Life

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openarms Do filme Crash, voz magnífica. @mrsmustard então, é que as duas tem voz anasalada, perceba bem...
ratbreath "Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city"
ratbreath Don't know where this one disappeared to - some dusty corner of my mind. Found it though.
ratbreath "it's got a cd player, player, player, player, player, player...
ratbreath Me favourite show as a wee nipper...."your friends will be there when your backs against the wall"


| play
ratbreath Should have saved this one 'til I had to go, although it does say "Since YOU gotta go"
ratbreath get down, deeper and down
ratbreath It's probably been posted a hundred times already today - but hey, I'm in love too!
ratbreath first heard this watching 'Into the Wild' - fine example of film and music blending to make magic
ratbreath C'mon! - it's 3:30 on a Friday - of course I feel gooood!

Better Than Ezra - Good

| play
ratbreath Something more up-tempo. Good energy.
ratbreath thanks @nixe for reminding me this was out there
ratbreath "what happens when you lose everything?"
ratbreath wow - 200 blips already! Thanks for the props - sorry I can't give back as many as I'd like. Love most of the music everyone plays. Blip on!
ratbreath it might be hard - he's a pretty big guy
ratbreath thanks @seancarmody for jigging my memory - good Geldof song
ratbreath It's "violently happy." Am I? Hell yes!! 5pm and I'm outta here. Might push my boss out the window. Violently ecstatic.


| play
ratbreath Love this - another London '98 song.Came out just before my girlfriend of 3 days broke up with me. Coincidence? Me thinks not~!
ratbreath what a terrible thing to lose...
ratbreath At last, my lift is here! Catch you tomorrow. Enjoy your weekends. Leave you with something uplifting and optimistic.
ratbreath for @sheseesred. Congrats on the 100! Have a star.
ratbreath For Sue - cause she loves them so damn much

AFIMiss Murder

| play
ratbreath Beautiful, haunting version. Better than the original?
ratbreath I should be more upbeat than this on a Saturday, but it's bucketing down and shows no sign of letting up. Good for blipping though
ratbreath "You kick the bucket and I'll swing my legs"
ratbreath I wanted 'only you' but this will do - great voice!
ratbreath The perfect give and take. "You went away but now you're back"
ratbreath Love a bit of the, wait...I meant..ahhh!...."gotta meet the plane so I can get my monkey, teach him to be cool but a little bit funky"
ratbreath love this - plus I'm a sucker for the piano
ratbreath One of my favourite Dylan songs and kind of fitting for today ..."I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form."
ratbreath go on...admit are. I'm sure as hell fighting for yours!
ratbreath For Sue - who's home alone in the cold and damp while I'm snuggled up here, all blippy and cosy. I am a bad boyfriend.


| play
ratbreath One for the kids with their dancing shoes on. "I...just don't want to be lonely"
ratbreath "Since..since..since you've been gone away"
ratbreath For my bub - cause I'm starting to feel guilty now. Emo it up baby!
ratbreath well...I'm still a bit of a sook. The next few songs should clarify that.
ratbreath I'm sure the spelling's wrong, but hey, it's a great song.

vaste - touched

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ratbreath ha! I like this version
ratbreath Because I saw @SamJagger play it and thought it could do with another run. Been looking for this for ages!
ratbreath Off to see the swans. Bye.

Voice of the Beehive_I Say Nothing single mix

| play
ratbreath still preferred P.G. as the lead singer but "this is the world we live in"
ratbreath a song from strong, independent woman to my very own strong, independent woman. Happy 1yr anniversary bubby! Let's have some big fat fun!!
ratbreath Ahhhhhhhh...A sunny spring 'Father's Day', b-b-q, beer, some tunes and my girl...all that AND the Swans won last night. Does life get any grander?
ratbreath as per usual, a nice mellow, slip into a hot bath sort of start to the day. Good morning...
ratbreath A lot of people bagged this when it came out, but I Iike it.
ratbreath great band, awesome song, brilliant video clip


| play
ratbreath For Tils, a big fan of the big band
ratbreath Don't know which decade my head is in today.
ratbreath I am going away - but only to lunch
ratbreath more nice trippy, chilling sounds
ratbreath welcome to the chillout lounge. Dose me up...
ratbreath "...the truth is we were much too young."
ratbreath lovely song. Just can't seem to get out of cruise control today.
ratbreath feels like a good one today - lots of life's soundtrack to be set down. Let's go! Spin spin sugar!!
ratbreath sunshine seems to seep from their pores
ratbreath Dedicated to all the cars I've ridden and slept in.

Gary NumanCars

| play
ratbreath was going to do a FNM double with 'last cup of sorrow' but couldn't find it.

Faith No More #02 Stripsearch

| play
ratbreath Wake up! It's the Breakfast Club!!
ratbreath I would, of course, date Gwen Stefani except for the fact that she'd probably make you do 100 sit-ups before going to bed.

No DoubtNew

| play
ratbreath A little bit of bouncy morning music
ratbreath A couple from Yann Tiersen because I can't make up my mind as to which one I prefer today
ratbreath Number 2: (and I'm sure it's La Noyée)
ratbreath Scibby dib-a-dib yo dub-ub-dub...
ratbreath For my noisy, nosy upstairs neighbors who are moving out today - a bit of leaving music. I'm going to crank this. How do you like me now!!!
ratbreath "....only for the sexy people"
ratbreath 'cause I really don't put up enough Nirvana.

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

| play
ratbreath I was 13 when this came out and steadily having my teenage heart crushed by every girl drawing breath - good times.
ratbreath ...and while we're blubbing about in '87.
ratbreath ready to dance out the door to lunch
ratbreath thanks to @lalai for this song

Van SheChanges

| play
ratbreath 'cause we were listening to a bit of R.P. over the weekend and this got the odd run (or ten)
ratbreath I'd like to get SOMETHING published
ratbreath again, not a huge fan - but I've always liked this
ratbreath "the one and only reason is fun, fun, fun."

Right Said Fred - Dont talk just kiss

| play
ratbreath well, I'll have to play it now
ratbreath did think about setting a small fire here so I could get to lunch 20 minutes early but will settle for this
ratbreath Ahhh...I've asked myself these very questions many times
ratbreath a nice, tranquil, trancey song.
ratbreath These guys toured with Daft Punk last year. Great electro-house coming out of Sydney.
ratbreath These guys are/were up there. Been waiting to here some new stuff for a while
ratbreath Grooving through the afternooning
ratbreath Been waiting for them to get this up.
ratbreath always try and blip before lunch or else you'll forget those five melodic beauties you wanted to get up on your list. Oh well there's always tomorrow.
ratbreath "...oh I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger."

FacesOoh La La

| play
ratbreath Was watching Rushmore the other day - remembered this.
ratbreath Good live version

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel - Me and Julio Down By the School Yard

| play
ratbreath thanks to @jencvs for reminding me how great RS is
ratbreath @jencvs No I haven't. I like it though.
ratbreath "A million young poets, screaming out their words" Touring here soon. Guess I lost touch with his music after 'The Lonesome Jubilee'.
ratbreath Nick Cave's been haunting my Blip of late. Creepy, wonderful SOB
ratbreath lots of versions, but I had to put the original here. "Let me go home...I want to go home"
ratbreath Heard it on 'The Simpsons' this morning.
ratbreath for my old friend, who loved Boney M.
ratbreath For Sue - who seems to be slipping further away from me each day.
ratbreath I think we already are - happy Wednesday everyone!
ratbreath I know who'll be doing this at karaoke tonight (and it won't be me Sue!)
ratbreath "Everything I've ever done, everything I ever do." Quite fitting if you were a teenage boy when this came out.
ratbreath I'm dancing into bed. Need a Grandpa nap before my job interview. Three wines at lunch = sleepy (especially on top of two breakfast vodkas.)
ratbreath kicked ass! Got in, got out and then rode like the wind.
ratbreath and now, our lady of the lilting larynx...Suzi Vega
ratbreath sitting in front of the television watching football while she's out at karaoke, oh tell me...
ratbreath Only just remembered the name of the song (and artist!!) otherwise I would have had this up earlier
ratbreath and as we enter the night...something spooky and's spunky
ratbreath celebrating a kick-ass interview with a bottle (or 3) of champagne and a friend (or 2). Nothing but funky for the next five songs!!
ratbreath bubbles up the nose ain't no drag
ratbreath some aussie funk - whoa-oh-ay-oh
ratbreath daggy little muppets but by God those boys could jump. wiggidy-wiggidy-wiggidy-wiggidy

Kriss Kross - Jump

| play
ratbreath one hit wonder reminds one of another one


| play
ratbreath November, 1991 (Oh what a week!) Schoolies week on the Gold Coast. Drinks at night, all you can eat for breakfast - Best.Time.Ever!
ratbreath arrrrr!! No loud music until this little hangover of mine dissipates. I blame those cloudy bourbon and Baileys floaters. I fink she done poisoned me!
ratbreath My second-favourite Neighbours star turned sultry songstress.

Natalie Imbruglia - That Day

| play
ratbreath my girl will turf me out; my hangover will stop; I will win the lotto jackpot and admit to my crippling addiction to ...when?
ratbreath got to love a band who use their name as community service announcement.
ratbreath I've always loved this - never been there, but I like that it has the word Phil in the title
ratbreath "I apologise a trillion times"
ratbreath saw National Lampoons Vacation for the millionth time on TV last night
ratbreath the only song that would play on a beat-up old cassette tape that I carried throughout my jaunt across the UK
ratbreath will one day earn the recognition she deserves - Doin' the Do - pure genius
ratbreath because I always wanted to live in the tardis

KLFDoctor Who

| play
ratbreath all this recreation of the 'big bang' has been the cause of some lively debate round our way. this song is about as religious as I get
ratbreath a little bit of rock and soul for this early evening
ratbreath oh man, if I could possess anyone's pipes, I'd choose Joe Cocker's

Joe Cocker - With a Little Help From my Friends1

| play
ratbreath before ok computer came out I really like Radiohead, but once I heard this I knew they were musical Gods
ratbreath "and God is empty...just like me."
ratbreath thanks to srta_flor for dragging this one to the front of my conscience.
ratbreath classical and techno come together to form 'clatecal'! Perhaps not - but I like it.
ratbreath sweet Beth. Just right for this time of night.
ratbreath new to me, but that's what Blip is all about - thanks @musicmakinginagin
ratbreath north shore summer nights in the nineties - loved it. "Nothing, seems to kill me, no matter how hard I try."
ratbreath time for snacks - hope I can hear this upstairs
ratbreath From one of my fave films -Harold and Maude.
ratbreath Here's the guy that would come runner up in my 'if you could have someone else's singing voice" competition.
ratbreath Oh yes! Props to @sheseesred. I don't think this one is going to be topped for me tonight.
ratbreath Damn...wish I could stick around for a few more hours. Dedicated to twighlight zone, addams family, indiana jones and every other machine we'd play.
ratbreath I'm not listening to these guys much anymore - sure proof that I'm frikkin nuts!!
ratbreath Something chirpy to start the day
ratbreath Was hoping they'd have Hungry Town up here, but amazed that they have any Big Pig at all!
ratbreath It's so easy to slip back a decade or two. So familiar, so accessible
ratbreath "That's what I like about you, you give me props at night"
ratbreath If there's an REM love in then let me add this @melodyofyourlife
ratbreath tough night last night - sad songs today
ratbreath "while you are away, my heart comes undone, slowly unravels"


| play
ratbreath I really should be getting back to my planet soon
ratbreath don't blip the king too often - he's feeling my pain tonight though

Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight

| play
ratbreath "...we thought they'd never end"
ratbreath I like the Prince version, I really do, it's just that I prefer this
ratbreath ...and onto my blip

Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car

| play
ratbreath Off again soon for another night/week.
ratbreath all right kids; enjoy your Saturday nights and make sure you're all home blipping at a reasonable hour.
ratbreath shame she's not doing 'that thing' much anymore
ratbreath "Just when I think I'm gonna get away"
ratbreath is drinking Manhattans and dancing around the room on a hot-springs day when he really should be writing.Sim!
ratbreath needs an icy cold shower and the warm breeze on his wet skin
ratbreath agrees that Manhattans do funny things to your brainy bits
ratbreath For my sexy hot chocolate (with two sugars), Sue.
ratbreath my favourtie blip (of mine) of the week. Flying high and happy today
ratbreath up go the speakers, out comes the esky, off come the work clothes and into the sun we go!
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