KentHenderson Cool beats-Playing Ellerslie Racecourse, Ak NZ on July 4th! Get there, should go off!
KentHenderson @KentHenderson: "Wicked song, recommended by my brother! lol." (reblip)

Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab "On A Good Day" Official Video

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razorfire Everythings better in the original klingon.....99 Luft balloons

Nena99 LuftBalloons

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razorfire Do you believe in heaven above, do you believe in love?
razorfire I walk along the avenue, I'd never thought I'd see a girl like you.......
razorfire Doctor, Doctor, can't you see I'm burning, burning!
razorfire Ending where it all begin, August 1st, 1981. (it ended sometime in 94 or so)
mariankelly 'I'm broken.. when I'm lonesome..' - Seether ft. Amy Lee - Broken (reblip)
inchukalns positivePositivePOSITIVE!!!!111
Gen22 Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Soul To Squeeze'

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Soul to Squeeze with lyrics

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MsLucy "My heart bleeds for none but my own."
MsLucy "I will not fail again, I will not let you win."

ChimairaPower Trip

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marijaanadj Korn – Freak On A Leash Feat. Amy Lee From Evanescene
Metal_Rocks Heathen - Goblin's Blade. Great thrash band from back in the day! #ThrashinThursday
razorfire HE who controls the Spice, controls the universe! You shall no them by their blue within blue eyes

The Spice Must Flow

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Cephy Pearl Jam Alive

Pearl Jam Alive

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razorfire Kik ass tune! @scorpionkiss: "@Wolfgirl_Leah yep,groove thaaaang on and working!!!hahahahaha" (reblip)
MisterSeven Lovin KMFDM's bass beat and the distorted vocals in "Split"
MuzanE This had the breath shuddering in my throat; that sound is HUGE. RB w/thanks@usin420: "Koan Sound – Mafia (TRiLLBASS Rmx)gimme the f#kin money" (reblip)
MuzanE As a rule, I generally loathe music videos. But this song is delicately exquisite, and the video stuns. The wonderful Trentemoller, RB@nastysurprise72 (reblip)

TrentemollerMiss You

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MuzanE Oh dear. Let's give the Angelspit another go 'round, this time with the *full-length* version... :)

Angelspit 100%(110% remix by combichrist)

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MuzanE Just now: playing some Boris for the household. Some enthusiasm evident! This track came up. Room was evacuated within 40sec. ^__^
JDS442 Lookin' for some action ... !!! #BHT

Riggs-Radar Rider (From the HEAVY METAL soundtrack)

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LeandroAzevedo Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
MuzanE Gojira never disappoints me, particularly not when they lean towards drone metal and minimalism. ^___^
MuzanE The man does not lie. What a very tasty appetiser it is! ^__^ @Radiata: "This track is a beast!!" (reblip)

The ProdigyShadow

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Dysn0m1a That's gone in my playlist incase I 4get:) @razorfire: "Here comes that angsty punk cover again... like lovers do!~ @me (reblip)
MuzanE I shouldn't have delayed trying more Andromeda 5 for so long ^__^ Another huge beast of a track, RB courtesy of@Ddraig (safe trails!) (reblip)
MuzanE Now *this* is more my speed: Atriohm never neglects his roots, but the glitched-up, ground-down bass of this thing is like a fist through the skull.
razorfire Pitchshifter – Genius and some Geniuous!!! to get ur morning going @Shukitty @DamianaSkye @tjps @wahwahwah @CooperHarris @LittleC @LikeAnAngel @DJCZ


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MuzanE An interesting remix of the one Angelspit track that I truly love. "Skinny Little Bitch": RB courtesy of @quorum, and have a good'un, @GrassyKnoll :) (reblip)
razorfire alright blip time to get busy, with some acceleration,laterz (MOLG Rules btw) @Wolfgirl_Leah @SkyeCebh @TPJK @pieopah @leaferi

Machines of Loving Grace -- Acceleration

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die_Kalte rb@nonlocal: "@die_Kalte @razorfire before there was plaid there was the Black Dog..." - hahahaha i was just about to blip this =p (reblip)

The Black DogVirtual

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die_Kalte rb@nonlocal: "@die_Kalte Lassigue is a nice bridge between IDM and your EBM interests..." - dont I know it :) I have their more bassy tracks ~_^ (reblip)
Scka :Buena song! @razorfire: "nice, never heard arovane or kleine @die_Kalte: "Aphex, Autechre, Arovane, Kleine, Schnauss, all @nonlocal"" (reblip)
nonlocal @die_Kalte @razorfire LFO is nice... This could go on all night... :)


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die_Kalte @nonlocal @razorfire @LUSCIOUSDDJA @ilklovn - since some have never heard of Arovane U_U

ArovaneTascel 7

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MuzanE Hurry up, snow. Hurry up, Winter Olympics! Distinct longing to see brave souls plummeting down steep inclines at tremendous speed. Meantime:more Kaly.
MuzanE Replaying.Already.Bcuz I'd forgotten how *violent* this track is; the video suits, is relevant to my interests, and is one of the best I've ever seen. (reblip)
MuzanE Reblip! Because "devil made me do it" Family Specials are always hilarious, and TKK is always rock. ^__^ RB@razorfire: "I made me do this" (reblip)
MuzanE Is that Full Metal Jacket? I'd wondered for a year where that sample came from. Duly ashamed. But not of blipping Kaly Live Dub four times running :)
razorfire hell yeahz, that's some METAL shit right thur! \m/ @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Evergrey - "Blinded" ♥ " (reblip)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ RED - "Death Of Me" ♥ [.."You take it all and still it’s not enough, You try to tell me you can heal me, But I’m still bleeding"..]


| play
MuzanE A little more Kaly, as we get back to work here.. with thanks to you all :)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "Broken Wings" ♥ [.."Come reach inside my inner fear, Come feel my sorrow and my tears"..]
razorfire this song rawks! @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Halestorm - "I Get Off" ♥ [.."I Get Off On You Getting Off On Me"..] (reblip)

Halestorm- I get off LYRICS

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MuzanE What a clever little bit of apocalyptic cruelty this is. ^___^ You remind me why I adore you, Front Line Assembly.
MuzanE Oh, Slater, you vicious beast. Who are you, and what have you done to my speakers?! ^___^ Dubstep telling me to Calm Down? Cognitive Dissonance.
MuzanE If you kidnapped Cheveu, fed them equal parts vodka and PCP, and sat them down in front of Clockwork Orange for a few hours, they might produce this.

Enter ShikariHavoc B

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MuzanE At first it seems simple - like some very lush drone; rich,melodic. And then Vex'd reminds us that they're grimey dubstep. With a fist to the face. :)

Vex'd-Thunder [Dubstep]

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MuzanE It's a little bit drone and a little bit trance, but at its heart... it's one huge, grimy, dubstep beatdown. Search&Destroy's "Candyfloss", Loefah'd.
MuzanE I'm told that the appropriate term is: "psykelimikusipäitä" :) But really, all I know is that Psykovsky's a wonderful example of the darkpsy genre.
razorfire tru dat, double tru! @MuzanE: "If Angelspit could just channel some Scandy, they'd be unstoppable. Alas.. :) "Crush On A Robot", @quorum" (reblip)
MuzanE This is great morning music, all whispering energy and subtle aggressions. Headscan's "Orbital Shift", RB@atank. (reblip)

HeadscanOrbit Shift

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MuzanE There's often this point in the evening at which there's so much great music happening that my mind implodes.Today it started at 8am. RB@Mike_Mongoose (reblip)
razorfire DId I tell you I wanna have ur embryos?:) @MuzanE: @razorfire, never been gladder to confess that I can't play the flute. :)" (reblip)


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razorfire I can't never stop working hard....hard work, determination I got to keep pushing myself......Work time, laterz blip! @DamianaSkye @Shukitty @MuzanE


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razorfire Emergency Procrastination blip... @Untamed @DamianaSkye @HeatherMaccart @rxrx1776 @evilinside2020 @MuzanE @Shukitty (NSFW BTW cause that's how I roll)
ChadThomas I added it to my blip playlist so that I will remember to blip it often!! @Franimal: "What do you mean playlisted @ChadThomas? Like searched for it?" (reblip)


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MuzanE More Nero? Oh, you know that the answer is always YES :) RB@Mike_Mongoose: "Another MASSIVE Nero dubstep tune" (reblip)

NeroThis Way

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MuzanE So there I was, getting the quiche into the oven, when suddenly, across the room my speakers began to *shudder*. And then I *knew*.. ^___^ RB@spinecut (reblip)
MuzanE My speakers, my ears... long list, really ^___^ Sick, sick Jayou! RB@spinecut: "@MuzanE ;) yer speakers luv it " (reblip)


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razorfire KIck ass track! @DamnTheMan @Angie74: "A Sickness so pure Are you like me? Are you ugly?"" (reblip)

The ExiesUgly

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quorum [2558/5300] :: philosophy: The ability to bear with calmness the misfortunes of our friends.
chiron08 hey @steno.. we really missed you on @tanzbunny s birthday .. (bist ja noch wach .. @fini .. kisses )

Shatner Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword

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razorfire @BohlianSunshine: So here I am life at last and I'll savor every moment of it!!!!!!!!!!! @DamianaSkye @tjps @SkyeCebh @Wolfgirl_Leah"" (reblip)
MuzanE Soundtrack for dinner: Mt Eden - Sigur Ros - what could possibly go wrong? ^___^ A decidedly dubstepped "Saeglopur".
MuzanE Why don't I play more Rotersand? I have NO IDEA, but plan to rectify in near future. Meantime, superindustrial "Alive", RB@razorfire: "Killer track!" (reblip)


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razorfire saying hello to my Swedish Metal Goddess, with a smooth dub mix @SkyeCebh

Katatonia- My twin (opium dub version)

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damiana Queens of The Stone Age • I'm Designer
razorfire My new theme song till I get my portfolio filled up. Hopefully meet with new client this wkend,... PUSH THE TEMPO! @DamianaSkye
razorfire Oh sexy GF, they're playing our song! @LUSCSIOUSDDJA @HeatherMaccart @TPJK @inavision @Ddraig @Lady_Frostbite @spasmylotic000 (reblip)

ShaolynFace Down

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razorfire too smoothed out to be sappy:) Love for the Swedish Metal Goddess! @SkyeCebh
razorfire "SRC FTW! @MuzanE: "I know I've been playing this for days - but trust me that it warrants the replays :) I appreciate atmospheric inspirations."" (reblip)
razorfire relevant to my interests! @leaferi: "rb@Ddraig: "NEW** Terminal Choice vid. IMHO, the girl is freakin HOT... count to four in German, often. :) (reblip)
razorfire Off the Craft soundtrack, Light as a feather, stiff as a board, lolz letters to cleo- dangerous type

letters to cleo- dangerous type

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razorfire Cause I can't blip LSL's cover without the totally kick ass SRC cover
razorfire more SRC love Snake River Conspiracy – You and Your Friend
razorfire Wake up Grab beer Grab rear Shave beard Put on some scene gear! @HeatherMaccart @Angie74 @DamianaSkye @LUSCSIOUSDDJA
razorfire cause my girl @HeatherMaccart knows how I like to roll, yo!
ChadThomas Love Patti Smith!rb@LUSCIOUSDDJA: "someone started a cover-craze yesterday n it hasnt quite wore off yet! @razorfire @LUSCIOUSDDJA @DirtyUrine@DeAnn (reblip)
Ddraig Just so damn frikkin COOL!!!!! **Waves to @MuzanE** and thanks @Totengrber


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razorfire It's got a good beat and I institute anarchy to it! (A)! @JezebelTheGreat: "Nice... rb via @rxrx1776: Aus Rotten - Modern Day Witch Hunt" (reblip)
MuzanE One of my very favourites from IAMX. "A daily maze of flesh and rage; I'll follow any truth..." RB w/thanks@Ms_AineseY (reblip)


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MuzanE I seem to have acquired a new CEK favourite. This thing is a slow crawl across a filthy floor, and I *adore* it ^__^ RB w/thanks@Mike_Mongoose (reblip)
razorfire time for some uneasy overcaffeinated dreams, until consciousness finds me again... laterz all @DarkMuse

Scorn / Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix)

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Shukitty hey @razorfire // none of you better look at me funny. you know my name, now give me my money!
axefield @Shukitty / @razorfire | Ultimate Client Reply to delayed payments
MuzanE If SebastiAn went dubstep and fueled itself on nos, the results might sound a little like THIS.. ^___^ Downlink, RB@WIGSTA (reblip)


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MuzanE Ditto that. DittoX10, in fact. SUCH fun. ^__^@WIGSTA: "DROP EVERYTHING THIS IS DOPE" (reblip)
MuzanE I apologise in advance for the demise of your sub-woofer.


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Ddraig @mizhelena *innocent look* I no idea what you mean... :)


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Ddraig @razorfire here is an interesting XOTOX and SOMAN mashup... @mizhelena hehe, well, you know I am not capable of angelic-ness by now, I would hope.

Mechanische Unruhe vs. Mask (Xotox vs. Soman)

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Ddraig Crap. I cannot help myself. Just have to blip this...


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razorfire no sleepy pills? @Ddraig: "Another beer dead... This insomnia crap is killing me slowly." (reblip)


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MuzanE Dub the whole thing performance art ^__^@Totengrber: "rb@LikeAnAngel: "@Totengrber re: salsa leave it and tell people it's blood splatter? " (reblip)

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PlasticRobot vi@Mysterymix: Wow! Hot remix! I'd not heard this one. Love Amon Tobin too. Thanks! (reblip)
razorfire Nice track It almost makes me want to switch to Metric!:) @storylet: "Gold Guns Girls – Metric" (reblip)

Gold Guns GirlsMetric

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razorfire U know the day destroys the night, the night divides the day @S4W2E0D @DirtyUrine @Angie74 @LikeAnAngel @Darkangelkas cuz I'm all about brknonthru!
razorfire More break on through , as channeled by Scott Weiland @LikeAnAngel // @Shukitty has the Muse returned your calls yet?

The Doors ♫ Break On Through ♫ (by: Stone Temple Pilots) HQ Audio

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razorfire To the other side @LikeAnAngel @MuzanE // @Shukitty Heh, damn demi-goddesses. Got a mob with torches and PF demanding my port, gotta throw smthn up!
MuzanE Speaking of early-morning wake-up music... :) There's nothing quite like Cubanate! RB@Totengrber, @atank (reblip)

Cubanate Hate Song (Extended)

| play
razorfire rbing for area saturation effect, cause we kill everything we see! @rf ) @MuzanE: ""Another glorious day in the corps! !" " (reblip)

Skold Vs KMFDM Bloodsport

| play
skunk63 fucking violated brutal intro
razorfire Cause my ass needs more of this morning, damn dentists POWER DESTRUCTION ENERGY OVERDRIVE!!!!!!!!!!
skunk63 on of suicide best and well known even on planet blip

Suicide Commando Bind Torture Kill

| play
razorfire oooh, stanky bass! @MuzanE: "This is some fancy noisedeadly to subwoofers and a delight to the ears.Vitalic-ish..M, RB w/thanks@Mike_Mongoose" (reblip)
Mike_Mongoose Disgraceful track, disgraceful.
razorfire I give it a Fuk yeah! \m/ @skunk63: "this one kick my ass -and what about yours " (reblip)


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MuzanE So complicated, so multi-layered that for a moment I was certain a webpage must be playing something else in the background as I listened..


| play
Dysn0m1a Must rb@razorfire: "Was trying to remember who did this cover forevar, Incubus, Saliva, Seether nope, nope, nope " (reblip)
razorfire Tactical Sekt – Xfixiation (Hellfire Mix By SITD)
razorfire have a good one miss, and Birthday since it's close @JezebelTheGreat: "If I don't see you before I leave...HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS, have fun!" (reblip)


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gilvanblight NICE! - RB@razorfire: "EA rb @glitterdream: "GREAT cover!!"" (reblip)

Emilie autumn-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

| play
razorfire this video is so full of relevance to my interests WIN! \m/ @MongrelArchitect: ""Love Missle F1-11"" (reblip)
razorfire I drink Rockstars so I can work longer so I can make more money so I can buy more rockstars so I can work longer so I can @DamianaSkye
razorfire a fitting end, for me to stomp out of here <Cartman> Screw U gaiyz, I'm going home!</cartman>

combichrist-at the end of it all

| play
axefield Get ready for some Havoc.


| play
axefield More massive dubstep = win.

SkismThe Blank

| play
razorfire about ready to get kicking on the night shift, yo XP8 – Cutting and Drinking (Grendel Remix)
skunk63 massive beats -fucking madness
quorum [941/2700] :: next: Vendetta by Nachtmahr :: Sinners can repent, but stupid is forever.
razorfire \m/ BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ @TaraKLucero: "awesome tune! \m/ rb @vagrantdead: "This song makes me want to run through a fucking wall! AAAAHH! #metal (reblip)

1349Sculptor of Flesh

| play
darkrider1 @Totengrber: "rb@northmans_pet: i do love my fishnets ;)" Dildo..err I mean ditto.." (reblip)

Dirty (Urkom Remix) by Grendel

| play
razorfire relevant to my interests. @neto1973: "Untoten vs Soko Friedhof – Perversion Bizarre" (reblip)
razorfire laterz blippahs, got shiat to do...There ain't no rest for the wicked, money don't grow on trees... ain't nothing in this world for free!

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant |Lyrics|

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TaraKLucero Type o Negative – Angel

Type o NegativeAngel

| play
razorfire When you can't run, you crawl. And when you can't crawl, when you can't do that … you find someone to carry you. @4Sins (firefly fan?)

Ballad of Serenity

| play
razorfire The Unbleeped version, mother Bliatches! @Angie74 @DjDiddlesSkittle

DMXWhats My Name [HQ]

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kaninabeh Skip if u r not psytrance lover...
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Puscifer - "Rev 22.20" ♥ ["The pressure is so overwhelming and building / What is she what is she what is she waiting for?"] ✰ Mmm! Damn! [grins]

Puscifer Rev 22:20 Underworld

| play
razorfire Handicap people making Handicap faces! @DJTIMMY: "@DamnTheMan: "Inspired by @razorfire" MY THEME SONG :)" (reblip)

Create Desire-Mercy Cage Remix -- Angelspit

| play
razorfire listen to the cure... Snake River Conspiracy - Love song


| play
razorfire relevant to my interests! @spinecut: "mmmhmmm (reblip)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Atreyu - "Her Portrait In Black" ♥ #metal ["Can you feel her, Burning through your veins; She will always live forever(can you bear the burden?)"]
razorfire word, sleep when ur dead! @skunk63: "and finally gonna rave to my grave ." (reblip)
razorfire It gets me down in the biblical sense, In this basement apartment with how to pay rent!!! The Caulfields-Devils Diary

The Caulfields-Devils Diary(I'm Bigger Than Jesus Now).wmv

| play
razorfire See to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering. Hey yo, I'm slipping, I'm falling

DMXSlippin (Dirty)

| play
MuzanE Now this is some sick, sick D'n'B. And I love it ^____^ Arkon, RB@spinecut (reblip)

Arkon "Altered State"

| play
razorfire haha, WIN! @mizhelena: "@philhawley I do like your choice in beverages ;) xx" (reblip)

Red Bull and Vodka

| play

TKK-Days of Swine and Roses ( studio version and lyrics )

| play
razorfire @MuzanE this is some of their newest stuff, more electronica concept prog rock/ambient stuff. psychedlic awesomeness

StarNations Hawkwind "Black Elk Speaks"

| play
razorfire Spiral Realms – (Hawkwind)
razorfire Hawkwind – Realms


| play
razorfire Hi, I'm #RazorFire and occasionaly I freebase the #DnB! also Ghost in the Shell:SAC is th3 Win @HaloNReverse @Mike_Mongoose
razorfire stompy hardstyle with a message :) Da Bootleggers – Bitches And Ho's @evilinside2020 @rxrx1776 @Mike_Mongoose (Disgraceful!:) )
razorfire ahh yeah, this is what I'm talking about @Klangphase @Mike_Mongoose @MuzanE Jungle/DnB!

Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Pt. I)

| play
razorfire this track is relevant to my interests! @Klangphase: "[Babylon System – Everyday Hustle] #dubstep | @axefield@Str8Ballin@Mike_Mongoose@rf" (reblip)
Klangphase [Babylon System – Gangster] #dubstep | @axefield@Str8Ballin@Mike_Mongoose@razorfire | *rrrrrrrr* fav allstar killer track!
HaloNReverse That was pure win. Rukus brought! @razorfire: also Ghost in the Shell:SAC is th3 Win @HaloNReverse @Mike_Mongoose " (reblip)
MuzanE @razorfire, I'm just trying to live up to what was a pretty damn inscrutable day. But the music's been fantastic at least ^___^(Love Merzbow, ew fist)
MuzanE Good morning, morning! Have some jungle DnB: Guns Blazing, RB courtesy of @razorfire: "ahh yeah, this is what I'm talking about" (reblip)

Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Pt. I)

| play
klitoria bis später Schatz...@formalhaut....und das nächste mal bitte rasiert......hilft auch gegen die boogie infection...@cremeweiss.....
razorfire #METAL #BRUTAL!!! Shadows Fall – The light that blinds
Mike_Mongoose Mad wobbles here, RB! @Klangphase: "[SOUL SINNERS-BLITZCRIEG] #dubstep | #Mike_M blitzkrieg in full effect.. fast and effectiv :)" Fwds@JuniperBEET (reblip)


| play
razorfire @Klangphase: "[Gridlok – Illegal] #dnb | illegal.. who cares? " a touch dubstepy too, win! (reblip)


| play
razorfire @TPJK tori "eat my pussy"

tori "eat my pussy"

| play
razorfire cuz everythings better in the original klingon! @DamnTheMan @HaloNReverse @Louden @donnadontplay @Untamed

Muppet Show plays Rammstein Engel

| play
razorfire TIme for some Designer Drugs! where my Rockstars at!
razorfire relevant to my interests. Gotta code these forms first. @leaferi: "@rf Yeah, methinks it is time for some sleep, or to at least try." (reblip)
razorfire Win!!!!! @sabragirl: "Thanks to @YellyHasNoPants for making me want to listen to George Carlin today. :)" (reblip)
razorfire #MontageSongs From the classic WoW ep of SP - Live 2 WIN!, yeah.! Whoever that guy is, he must be 1 bad ass!

Paul Stanley Live To Win South Park Make Love Not Warcraft

| play
razorfire best techno evar:) @TPJK @NikkiPixel

strong bad: techno song

| play
MuzanE @razorfire: Flaccid credit/USD exchange-rate. ART IMITATES LIFE. ^___^ And high-energy dubbeasts cure all ills.


| play
quorum Props Only - [22/1257] :: There is nothing more silly than a silly laugh. -- Gaius Valerius Catullus


| play
razorfire So good, I'm gonna reblip myself! Good song 4 getting dirty! CD! @Mike_Mongoose: "Should be illegal, disgraceful ... <3"" (reblip)

TombaAnal Diaries

| play
razorfire Jew-Jitsu! @Mike_Mongoose: "Some atrociously heavy dubstep filth for new listeners --- @rasbo @Greenfields47 @DjKetto @johnhutch11 @washingtonson" (reblip)

TombaHebrew Hammer

| play
quorum Props Only - [1161/1257] :: economist, n: Someone who's good with figures, but doesn't have enough personality to become an accountant.
skunk63 Goblins emerge ripping flesh of bone, worms and maggots breeding , in the midst of dying groans, carcase rotting, witches feeding.
razorfire I LOVE IT @RedHeadBitch @Angie74 @DjDiddlesSkittle @darkrider1 @backasswards // I wanna hold @tuatara like they do in TX plains

lady gaga poker face cartman version with lyrics

| play
razorfire of the Foxfire soundtrack @backasswards Srlsy, I don't want to think about it
razorfire HIGHLY RTMI // Leaether Strip feat. Unter Null – Don't you want me // I picked you up, shook you up, turned you around
razorfire TETSUO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MuzanE @Mike_Mongoose

Koan SoundAkira

| play
razorfire It's already begun @MuzanE KOAN Sound – Akira (Dubstep 2010)
Str8Ballin if you can defeat my 3 fist style, then i'll let you leave here @razorfire

DatsiK3 Fist Style

| play
razorfire cuz a little sunscreen never hurts

Everybody is free Music Video (sunscreen)

| play
razorfire Fiona had me at this videos raunchy 70s porn vibe @RedHeadBitch: "I love this song @MuzanE: "Aherm. A Criminal that was RB @LikeAnAngel."" (reblip)

Fiona AppleCriminal

| play
razorfire ZOMG, been trying to remember who sang this forever!!! U Rule!! @jong: "I wanna live in Los Angeles not the one in Los Angeles (reblip)
razorfire On the subject of Lector and serial killer inspirations // Slayer – In-A-Gadda da vida // Manhunter ruled
razorfire not quite #90sHipHop but got stuck in that folder // Smoothest most bad ass shit evar Spearhead – Hole In The Bucket
razorfire h4wt.This is relevant to my interests @Carmilla: "@lvleat: @AngelVashir: I want it loud. I love it fast. I need it deep. ... I like it sick (reblip)

Uberbyte Industrial Bitch

| play
razorfire and the studio version // FUKKEN LOVE THIS so much i'm rbing myself!! @axefield @revbeatman

Death in Vegas 'Dirt'.

| play
razorfire all aboard the Ourorborus to dive through flaming benzene rings on #Deathmonday !! // Prometheus Burning – Ouroboros Deathride (reblip)
razorfire so you friends forget you and leave you far behind
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