rogue_fm @playalongjon Just outside Victoria British Columbia on Vancouver Island. 5 mins from water & sea lions, hence last blip. Mix of urban & natural.Nice (reblip)
ladypn Doing the happy dance, thank you @patita for another great Keane! :) (reblip)
Dillin_Chillin Hello, Blogtv, Tumblr, Twestival 2009
girleddy Love this guitar....From The Beginning – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Jeffie Los Bravos - "Black Is Black" (1966)
adbert @AmberCadabra [Still Got The Blues – Gary Moore] Have a great weekend! :-)
adbert [Cold Day in Hell – Gary Moore] Hello @Sally29! Send all my love to Treacle, it's a good pet! he he he. How are you? :-)
girleddy Early Stones... As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones As Tears Go By

| play
Lowell Is it wintertime where you are?
Oldies Yes – Owner of a lonely heart
Jeffie Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Up Around the Bend" (1970)
adbert RIFF-TIME [Black Sabbath – Paranoid]
adbert RIFF-TIME [Cream – Crossroads]


| play
lemerodrigo @carlarafaela I am glad you are changing. :) - Hi @Shukitty, everything is ok, and you?
sandraew @NeedBlues2Live I just blip the odd tune on twitter. You disable it and then put a + sign and a space and it shows up there. (reblip)
adbert RIFF-TIME [The Doors – Roadhouse Blues]
girleddy Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Born With a Broken Heart
girleddy son used to sing along with this when he was about 3, he had no he does!...New Riders Of The Purple Sage – Panama Red (reblip)
girleddy @KiddRock..need...more...props....Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tightrope (reblip)
stevetuf Another gr8 standard from the Allmans..!
rogue_fm When I hear this, I'm back in my res room at university, listening to the Syracuse radio station coming from the other side of Lake Ontario. Magic.

Fleetwood MacSara

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readmylipstick Any and everything Gary Moore does is great. This one is better than great.
Ozarksagent Well thought you might want to go to the Love Shack Yeah Yeah!!!!

B52'sLove Shack

| play
readmylipstick Different from Moore's norm, love it though.
stevetuf 2 much echo chamber on CC Rider! I would have preferred that the FX were kept to a minimum, and includes the guy's voice! Thks for props and reblips
readmylipstick Oh Lordy Lord, this hurts me so bad in such a good way...
readmylipstick Never too tired for Gary Moore.

Gary MooreToo Tired

| play
readmylipstick Boz Scaggs through the ages. Love the old stuff... love today's jazzy tones, too.
readmylipstick Makes you want to head to Memphis doesn't it? I'd leave now if I could hear Cohn live!
readmylipstick 1st time I heard this, brought tears to my eyes. Had just heard Eva's life story, her young death... understand this was the last song she sang live.
suds Just Going Back a bit,excuse me,
readmylipstick Satriani is a master! He touches the guitar and magic flows...
readmylipstick Two guitar & blues greats... Missing BB King. The thrill is gone away from me now that you're gone.
girleddy @WildBrian...THX!, say me from looking for it!...Molly Hatchet – Flirtin' With Disaster (reblip)
readmylipstick I wish I could have been riding with the King when this song was recorded. Not a bad cut on this CD.
girleddy @NeedBlues2Live...Stevie Ray Vaughan with Albert King – Pride & Joy...think I'll take another nap!
readmylipstick We get it almost every night... we're all dancing in the moonlight. Outasite, far out, cool.
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live... Never heard a bad note from Stevie Ray Vaughn. He could play that darn guitar, make it do things like no one else. (reblip)
KimWood Just because I like the name of the band [I like the name of the song :) - Hi Lisa !!!] (reblip)
readmylipstick Yep, my multiple personalities have multiple personalities. One of 'em likes flute almost as much as the rest like a good guitar.
adbert CLASSIC [The Doors – Riders On The Storm] Hello @dickadcock!!! Happy Saturday!!! :-)
readmylipstick Beck + guitar = chills. @Lowell @ Rod's kinda posing as a bluesman don't yo think? (reblip)
readmylipstick Oooooo, this is NICE. Better n' nice... Tx @Lowell for sharing. Change of pace for Mick (reblip)
Lowell In the south you grow up with the blues
threebears @readmylipstick jump in the water & kiss that frog! In the UK frogs don't ribbit or reblip they croak (slang for die) know the nationality of yr frog!
adbert CLASSIC [Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein]
readmylipstick In answer to Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake ;-)

Something So Right - Annie Lennox (Fet-Paul Simon)

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Jeffie The Pure Prairie League - "Amie" (1975)
readmylipstick Lookin' 4 Bob Segar's version, couldn't find... but this is pretty good.
sandraew @readmylipstick Found Bob Seger's Turn the Page.

bob seger bobseger turn the page

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GR8FL Talking about Smooth, here it is. @thaisypecsen for sure and thank you for the blip and also @sandraew (reblip)
readmylipstick Michael McDonald has a song for every mood. Love his voice. Understand he's shy abt getting on stage.
Ozarksagent @NeedBlues2Live @realtyman havin probs with Blip now, must be overloaded, later bluesbuddies:) (reblip)
Jeffie Lenny Welch - "Since I Fell for You" (late 1963-early 1964)
readmylipstick This is not the kind of song you dance to with someone you just like a little...
readmylipstick One good Gary Moore deserves another, and another... more coming!
readmylipstick Another nice mellow Gary Moore song.
readmylipstick Blipped this before, can't help myself, gotta do it again!
GR8FL I love the whole Avalon album with super smooth Bryan Ferry
rogue_fm It's only 8 o'clock here. You guys aren't all going to poop out on me, are you?
stevetuf Finishing like I started off tonight.... Goodnight all! see you all next time... Great blippin with you @DeAnn @CherryGhost @sheryonstone :))) ♬♬
ZachsMind U, Y, and Z is for nobody. Cuz you didn't fave or prop me if you got a name that starts with one of those letters. Well that was fun. Now what!? (reblip)
readmylipstick Never heard this one before, just rambling thru songs w/ crazy in title. Really like it.
readmylipstick Crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy... for Aerosmith

Crazy - Aerosmith

| play
readmylipstick Going way back with this crazy theme.

PocoCrazy Love

| play
readmylipstick Nothing crazy abt how absolutely GOOD this is.
readmylipstick I got to hear it from you... mellow, mellow ya think?
cagey2519 You remind me of my favorites SO many times, @readmylipstick. xx/oo!
readmylipstick @patita, have u ever heard this one? Put BB King with anyone & they move up a few (or many) notches.
readmylipstick Some of the good stuff from way back when. Dare you to try and sit still while listening to this one.
readmylipstick Somthing 'bout the blues that reaches into your soul and makes you feel so good when you're feeling so bad.
readmylipstick This is one concert that'd be worth remembering. Course, most wouldn't given the times ;-)
readmylipstick In honor of the Doors and all the greats of the past who are one toke over the line, communing with the spirit in the sky (ala norman greenbaum)
readmylipstick via @SteelGuy Open Arms - Journey (reblip)

Journey Open Arms

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readmylipstick Love the gravely voice. Every part of this song works. Makes you want to be held, sway, move.

NickelbackFar Away

| play
readmylipstick I like the CD version better, it's softer. I haven't a clue what he's saying, but this song is guaranteed to take any romance up a level.

Luis MiguelNo Se Tu

| play
readmylipstick Another favorite. Yep, I'm all over the map tonight aren't I?
readmylipstick Up at the top of my list of favorites.

EaglesWitchy Woman

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readmylipstick Saw this while scanning for Miss Sun, had to listen. I think you'll like it. Even if you don't, I do ;-)
readmylipstick Can't believe I haven't seen any Gary Moore tonight...
readmylipstick Great song to sing in the car with the windows rolled down, or the top down.
readmylipstick One of Jim Morrison's best. Interesting bio to read if u ever find, not sure of title.
flavytcha from the same soundtrack, 9 1/2 weeks :)
readmylipstick I like the Cocker CD this one is on @flavytcha from the same soundtrack, 9 1/2 weeks :) (reblip)
readmylipstick Version one of Europa that I'm going to share. Love 'em both.
readmylipstick Love, love, love this one...


| play
readmylipstick Best version of Mary Had a Little Lamb you'll ever hear...
readmylipstick Great! @NeedBlues2Live @comix....thinkin bout all the love that you laid on my table...great your list - lookin 4ward to blippin w/ya! (reblip)


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readmylipstick Wow, this is GOOD. I mean, REALLY good.
readmylipstick BB King and anyone is always good, but this one is better than good. Much better.
SteelGuy We Will Rock You - Queen

Queen - We Will Rock You

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ladypn Is such a thing possible? Oh... never mind... ;)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

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ladypn Love these two together. Let me hold you, for the last time...
readmylipstick I'm not getting anything done, listening to gr8 blippers @DeAnn @mikeskyway : hm yeah. those greeeen eyes! :-) another blast from the past... (reblip)
Jeffie The Doobie Brothers - "Takin' It to the Streets" (1976)
readmylipstick ummmmmm, think u'll like this version... who'd a thunk the Zombies could do this so nice?
readmylipstick Well, I was lookin 4 something else, saw this & had to blipidy blip blip...
ladypn Hi @moderntimes! Love this Annie Lennox song! (reblip)

Something So Right - Annie Lennox (Fet-Paul Simon)

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readmylipstick If u spell Byrds with an i instead of y you can't find them :-) Going way back here...
SteelGuy While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Across The Universe
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live I'm doing gr8, trying to work, music calls...


| play
readmylipstick Heading back to the 70's for some real rock...
readmylipstick Coven did this originally for Billy Jack movie. Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez both did their own version.


| play
readmylipstick Work from home so every day is Monday and Friday... this one is good any day of the week.
readmylipstick The world may be going through hard times baby, getting harder all the time, but we're gonna get through it. If nothing else we always have music.
readmylipstick Everything Gary Moore does is superb. This is the one you play at the end of the night, after the rest...
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live @patita @evolandis Looking for Satriani's The Crush of Love, think it's his best. Anyone?
evoland @readmylipstick, Satriani is really good. I don't know his best song, his discography is very complete ;)

Joe SatrianiS.M.F.

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readmylipstick From the 70's again... Rod Stewart did a remake. I like this one.
Oldies Dave Mason – Pink Lipstick
readmylipstick Well, I'm not planning on making this trip, but I like the song.
BeccaLee Went to the fortune teller to have my fortune read!
readmylipstick Classic.

Led Zeplin - Stairway To Heaven

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rogue_fm @playalongjon Thanks for your blip-mail this morning. Sorry I missed you. I'm sure we'll catch up sometime this week. Cheers.
readmylipstick Peaches and cream delight... last of my Bryan Adams 3fer
GR8FL [I beg to disagree, @abarbosa! You are the Blip-angel! ;)] I agree @ladypn (reblip)
ladypn @FrankieK said: "Why can't I do this for a living." LOL! Welcome to Blip!! (reblip)
readmylipstick Been talking all day... yacky yack yack.


| play
Jeffie Foghat - "I Just Want to Make Love to You" (1977)
readmylipstick Come on. Gotta ramble, gotta gamble. Keeping the footsies a movin'
readmylipstick Can't say I'll always be around no matter what you do, but hey, I'm here now...
Jeffie Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Lookin' Out My Back Door" (1970)
readmylipstick I like the feel of this if that makes any sense.
readmylipstick Love it! AND, I'd send a lifeboat. @ladypn Joan Rivers' theme song... ;) (reblip)
readmylipstick Yum. Just makes a girl feel slinky.
readmylipstick First Ray Charles, next the Joe Cocker version, talk abt contrasts! this one via @cagey2519 Sewed up like a pillowcase - huh! (reblip)
readmylipstick Hard to believe some people don't like Cocker.
readmylipstick Me and ol' Bobby McGee, we've been through a lot.
readmylipstick Takin' a blues break from nasty old work...

Gary Moore-Walking By Myself1

| play
Oldies The Blues Brothers – Sweet Home Chicago - Hi All!
rogue_fm Not really here yet today - This'll have to do 'til I get more coffee into me.
readmylipstick Clap your hands, tap those feet, sway those hips...
readmylipstick Going back... way back to the really good stuff.
readmylipstick Like the early REM the best...
readmylipstick Can't help myself, gotta have some more REM
ladypn I'm staring out into the night, trying to hide the pain. I'm going to the place where love & feeling good don't ever cost a thing.


| play
readmylipstick Just stopping by for a second, reading emails. Hi all. Bye all. via @PrisHayes Neil Young – After The Goldrush (reblip)
ladypn Could you look me in the eye & tell me that you're happy now?
readmylipstick More appropriate for my quick stop here... just passin' thru. via @playalongjon (reblip)
readmylipstick Chrome plated for sure, where we all end up sometimes.
readmylipstick Would pay big bucks to be at any of her concerts.
readmylipstick Wonder how Sting and Annie Lennox would sound in concert?
readmylipstick One of my favorite Elton John tunes, really like this one by Sting, too. OK, one more & I really, really have to go or I'll be late.
ladypn @sheryonstone.... aren't you blipping this about daily? LOL! ;) If I could, I'd send you one! ;) (reblip)
ladypn @GR8FL & @sheryonstone Did I walk into the middle of a Eurythmics kick? ;) Not that I'm complaining... ;) (reblip)
readmylipstick I'm heeerrrreeee... nyah ha ha hee heee
darrylheron Had 2 stop at the wishing well singing,"& the only time that u're satisfied, is w/ur feet in the wishing well."shout out 2@NeedBlues2Live & @girleddy.
darrylheron "Kissing like a bandit stealing time Underneath the sycamore tree". #12 1988.
readmylipstick First time I ever heard Chris Rea was on this CD (Duets). Don't they sound good together?
readmylipstick night @lemerodrigo (one good Coldplay deserves another)
readmylipstick Just one more moment, that's all that's needed.
readmylipstick Say what??? I say make that guitar talk to me...
readmylipstick I could listen to Gary Moore all night long.
readmylipstick Have an old vinyl somewhere w Beck, Clapton and two other guitar gr8s, gonna hafta dig it out (& buy a turntable)
cagey2519 I love this song. Period. *And so do I, @loveHIGH. Great blipping! (reblip)
CaryAtid Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood for @dickadcock
readmylipstick Was looking for Gary Moore's version, but this one will do just fine.
readmylipstick Love being reminded of good songs! Was thinking abt this one the other day, couldn't remember group. (reblip)
readmylipstick If u want to feel good, listen to this one.
Jeffie Badfinger - "Come and Get It"
Oldies Phil Collins – Burn Down the Mission
adbert FRIFF [Aerosmith – Cryin']


| play
Oldies John Lee Hooker & Jim Morrison – Roadhouse Blues
readmylipstick @rogue_fm Don't you love it when you're humming part of a song, trying to remember what it is, and then you remember & you look for it & there it is! (reblip)
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live Remember that song Panama Jack? Greatful Dead? New Riders? Can't remember, can't find on here (yet) @Glorybound67 (reblip)

Van HalenPanama

| play
readmylipstick @Oldies. I'll have u know, I'm ON a diet <g> Jeff Healey – The Weight @readmylipstick THX (reblip)

Chris DeBurgh - Lady In Red

| play
readmylipstick Thought I'd do 3 that weren't as well known as some that get played a lot. Oooh I just say @stevetuf blip Procol Harum vs John Mayer hmmm gotta listen
readmylipstick OK, maybe I'll hafta blip ten hundred thousand bazillion more of SRV...


| play
readmylipstick @Jeffie u are magic! all week I've been trying to grab hold of this one, kept thinkin ship, various artists... (reblip)
readmylipstick I get a kick out of this one. Wonder what he would have done with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
stevetuf Tried several other version of this... didn't like em... either they faded out or they weren't the real thing!
readmylipstick Night @lemerodrigo (this song has nothing to do with anything, just blipping it when I saw u were leaving us)
readmylipstick Time for some Gary Moore, going through withdrawals
readmylipstick I really wish I knew... I try so hard to do my best.
readmylipstick Every time I hear this I have the urge to vacuum for some reason.
readmylipstick When things get boring, slow... drop a bomb in the mix. Tx @randymatheson BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!! (reblip)
readmylipstick Never enuff! Night @ribbondeflector @ladypn @GR8FL @Jeffie @NeedBlues2Live @DeAnn @patita @rogue_fm & everyone else I've enjoyed blipping w tonight

Simply RedEnough

| play
flavytcha hey @Oldies, I´m someway like this, but trying to get better :) what about you hun, how are you doing today?
readmylipstick It's raining & storming here... Take these next few as my personal anti-rain dance
readmylipstick Ain't no sunshine when there ain't no sunshine. And their ain't.
readmylipstick You're not helping my quest for sunshine with blue morning, day songs <g> @NeedBlues2Live Hope you don't have a.... (reblip)
readmylipstick @Buzzz if it's Gary Moore I'm a blipomaniac, compelled, hafta, must... reblip (reblip)
readmylipstick @Jeffie this song just begs to be reblipped... so good... The Temptations - "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" (1966) (reblip)
readmylipstick Hi @Oldies, tx for blipping this one, love it; James Morrison (ft. Nelly Furtado) – Broken Strings (reblip)
potele @NeedBlues2Live, I think I could give you some lessons (of Spanish, of course! ;-)
readmylipstick Hey @Oldies, it's working! It's stopped raining. No Rain @readmylipstick (reblip)

Blind MelonNo Rain

| play
readmylipstick My Mama told me not to do a LOT of things... did I listen???
readmylipstick Bye all, things to do, hope u have a great afternoon & beyond
CBSpinner ☺♥ Dude (Looks Like A Lady) ♥☺ If Pro is the opposite of con, what is the opposite of Congress?
De_Ann @Donnie44: we have a few 'wanna-be' snowflakes coming down...nothing to worry about, tomorrow will be sunshine again. No tornadoes last night either (reblip)
readmylipstick Here we go... getting closer to just the right tune. It's coming... I know it's on here somewhere.

TroggsWild Thing

| play
De_Ann @ManaJunkie, @stoneytunes, @tresatresa: are y'all hot blooded enough for the walk on the wild side? (reblip)
readmylipstick whoa, you guys need to stop with the good music coming so fast, I'm becoming a reblipaholic (via @flavytcha) (reblip)
readmylipstick You know that sooner or later if I'm here, I'm bringing Gary Moore to play for all ya'll.
readmylipstick The other night I wondered how Sting & Annie Lennox would sound together... voila, the music muse heard...
readmylipstick Hi @PrisHayes & Hi @GR8FL. and I'll echo THANKS for this one. Traffic (gr8fl) – Glad (reblip)

Traffic (gr8fl)Glad

| play
readmylipstick From my neck of the woods. tx @BBBlues A dash of Allman, with a pinch of Robben. Tastes great. (reblip)
readmylipstick If I could fly I'd want to get a list of good concerts around the world first.
readmylipstick Santana with John Lee Hooker? wow @ladypn @RonnieBebop Fantastic! (reblip)


| play
readmylipstick How 'bout a little bit of Georgia? We have some good ones.. R.E.M., that country singer, what's his name... (actually, Alan Jackson is good)

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing

| play
readmylipstick I'm gonna hafta leave again... PBA is having a special, the Police with Sting. It's their reunion tour. See you on the other side.
darrylheron "U're livin' a dream....wo u on top My mind is achin'....lord it won't stop Thats how it happens....livin' life by the drop"

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Life By The Drop

| play
darrylheron "She's my sweet little thang She's my pride & joy She's my sweet little baby I'm her little lover boy"


| play
readmylipstick I think I'll stick with the cold theme for a while in honor of our beautiful snow (GA)
readmylipstick Hate it when my feet are cold. Not that this song has anything to do with my feet.
readmylipstick Hey, this is pretty good. Never heard it before. Love finding new stuff.


| play
readmylipstick Still talkin' abt the snow. It's stopped snowing, but still good cover.


| play
readmylipstick I haven't got a clue what's being said, but I like it... took French in school, but most is long gone unless you talk slow :-) @myriam @organicsue (reblip)


| play
readmylipstick Oh yes @adbert, fantastic choice! Outta props for you, so I'll reblip. GIBSON MASTERS: Eric Clapton [Eric Clapton – Layla] (reblip)

Eric ClaptonLayla

| play
readmylipstick @Oldies, you're always good to me! Miss you when you're not on here blipping all those great tunes & talkin' with us
Oldies We Will Rock You

Queen - We Will Rock You

| play
readmylipstick I can handle, ur making good choices. This one is better than good, it's great @ladypn @chiron08 for this upload! (reblip)
readmylipstick This song has been running through my mind for the past few days, finally broke down and played it. Wonder if that'll make it better or worse?
readmylipstick Going way back... great guitar in this one and the beat will have you bopping in your chair if you can stay seated.
readmylipstick Wouldn't we all like to fly? Satriani gives wings to his guitar.... soooooo goooooood
readmylipstick Joe Satriani does THE best version of this I've ever heard, however, it's not on here. @GR8FL I mentioned this a while back, imagine this by Satriani
readmylipstick OK Satriani fans, tell me who YOU think is doing this one... hmmmmm...


| play
readmylipstick Have a great night, and week; like this one, never heard it be4 @mikeskyway (reblip)
comix the clowns have all gone to bed .... footprints dressed in red - you think he was high? loved him just the same
readmylipstick Not many on east coast r going anywhere right now, much less 500 miles <g> via @adbert [The Proclaimers – I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)] (reblip)
GR8FL Okay BERT, @adbert I, FL, GR8FL surrender! (reblip)

20. Surrender - KD Lang

| play
Oldies Simply Red – If You Don't Know Me By Now
readmylipstick My Gary Moore radar is still working @adbert [Gary Moore – Checkin' Up on My Baby] (reblip)
readmylipstick Love this one... it's probably me
readmylipstick @BBBlues glad you found this, this is reblippable to the nth degree (reblip)
ICEGIRL152 Joe Cocker – The Letter @iamwhatiplay--very reblipworthy! thx (reblip)
readmylipstick Not under anyone's thumb... but I can like the song.
readmylipstick I like pretty much anything with cinnamon on it. Does that make me a cinnamon girl? Like NY's music, don't think I'd wanna be his cinnamon girl tho
readmylipstick @patita, perfect song for mood I'm in right now! Tx (reblip)
readmylipstick @gmolino, have u ever heard this version? I love it...
readmylipstick @Oldies, some blipping someone flatlined ur let me play with your pooodle, so here's a white rabbit to play w instead... little wilder animal <g>
readmylipstick @Jeffie, heard they still won't tell what the lyrics mean. Uhhh... can we say high as a kite? Who cares? I like the song. <g> @toosweet4rnr (reblip)
readmylipstick Heading to kitchen to make cup of tea, curious to see if song abt hot tea... shock & awe, there is & it's by someone I've heard of, too <g>.
readmylipstick @Jeffie, can always move w/ Creedence Clearwater Revival; good wake ur self up & get happy song! (reblip)
readmylipstick tx 4 blipping this one, love it. Guess I have a lot of love 'ems @tubilino (reblip)
readmylipstick @playalongjon, not as long as there r blippters in blipville <g>. btw ur right was Buster! Do ever get that feeling sometimes that you are all alone! (reblip)

Pink FloydMarooned

| play
readmylipstick via @adbert[Eurythmics – When Tomorrow Comes] With very special thanks @LexiePixie, a.k.a. Μαρσύας. :-) (reblip)
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live, I'm boogie-ing outta here 4 a while, perfect song, dancing shoes on to go (reblip)
readmylipstick No way you're NOT singing with this one <g>
readmylipstick @CBSpinner You are spinnering some GOOD tunes today ☺♥ One Way Out ♥☺ (reblip)
readmylipstick @CBSpinner, I was digging thru every part of my brain looking for this one last week without any luck. YOU found it! All I could remember was "time" (reblip)
readmylipstick hey @Buzzz I'm gonna hafta think abt this choice of song & why it made u think of me <g> I do like it tho, a lot. @readmylipstick (reblip)

Amy WinehouseRehab

| play
readmylipstick @ladypn, I heard this on radio earlier, it was going to be my next blip choice. Here's to good timing. @timido66 (reblip)
readmylipstick @toosweet4rnr is out to wiggle, woo, wop, wham us today! [Reverend Horton Heat – Wiggle Stick] Let me flip your switch (reblip)
readmylipstick Stick this one in your brain... see if u can get it out <g> I wear my sunglasses at night. Not.
readmylipstick @toosweet4rnr I'll raise you one woo, toss in a whop t bop <g> This one shakes, but your wiggle one was the best bop t bop bee bop
readmylipstick Hafta take a break. Meet you on the other side.

KeaneBend And Break

| play
readmylipstick I've never been on the cover of the Rolling Stone, never known the thrill...
readmylipstick Saw a special on Van Morrison this morning. He's on an "Astral Weeks" tour. Wouldn't mind being live at one of the concerts. Interesting person.
readmylipstick I know who did this one, do you?

Wild Fire

| play
readmylipstick It's bopping @rogue_fm It was just time to hear it again. Damn it's a good song. Just see if you can keep your head from bopping...I dare ya'... (reblip)
readmylipstick Like this version. Like all versions that include "Allman" in the whodunit column.
readmylipstick Guess I don't need to hold the fort for @Oldies -- @Jeffie is doing an excellent job! Good one. Marmalade - "Reflections Of My Life" (spring, 1970) (reblip)
readmylipstick First I've heard this, really like. Can u translate title 4 me? @alfonvaina (reblip)
readmylipstick This is little different from what I normally blip, but it's some of the most beautiful music... Uplifting. Takes u to good places.
readmylipstick Here's another favorite. I have no idea what the titles say, I'm so unfortunately language challenged. It's gorgeous in any language.
readmylipstick Perfect concert: Mayall, Beck, Clapton, SRV, Gary Moore... bring in a few others, BB King, Muddy Waters... who'm I missin?
readmylipstick Here's one 4 u @GR8FL, she puts on a great concert, too.
readmylipstick Nice and easy... until it gets rough. There are some great versions of Proud Mary, may have to sample 'em all. The beauty of blips.
readmylipstick @TrainWreckRadio, link went to general YouTube page with lots of videos.
readmylipstick @TrainWreckRadio worked good this time. Watched a number, really like Moonlight Tango, favorited some on my YouTube page. TX
readmylipstick Takin' the night train outta here sadly. Long nice intro on this, great song.