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rebelletsjunior the original version redone by Laura Brannigan....:-)

RAF "Self control"

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rebelletsjunior sisters of mercy clones but they are damn good!
rebelletsjunior great song!

BLUE PETER A3 Red Filters

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rebelletsjunior great track for the evening....still playing around with the blip thing....
rebelletsjunior listening mode.....hmmm....this is an interesting site....
rebelletsjunior Bong, if you're reading's me blipping....
rebelletsjunior tripping still...and working..hahahaha....

The Icicle Works-Understanding Jane

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THE KREW Paper Heroes {official video + interview}

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The Radio Dept.-Pet Grief

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rebelletsjunior testing testing one two three....

"Butterflies" by Half Life Half Death (1995, 'Pymyth Prahn')

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rebelletsjunior Meet Atty. Rain Paggao....

Blushing Girl by Rain

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culture club -ill tumble for you (full version live)

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rebelletsjunior @gobcarlqvist: "Happy."....thanks and will be reblipping... (reblip)

Ultramarine, Happy Land, United Kingdoms

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Lotus Eaters 'Out On Your Own' 1983

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Passion Puppets Like Dust 1983 Beyond The Pale

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Scary Thieves / Inside The Night

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rebelletsjunior one of my fave songs from the man....
rebelletsjunior before they became the cult...

Southern Death Cult-Flowers In The Forest

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Howard Devoto-Rainy Season

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rebelletsjunior taken from a 60s tv series...the theme song I mean....

Dominion- "LUKSA" (unofficial vid)

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rebelletsjunior @greyskiesblack: "rb@Alfea: "The Mission °*° Wasteland""....thanks, reblipping (reblip)

The MissionWasteland

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rebelletsjunior @coolculinary: "everyone needs some, sometime....liquid courage"....thanks! (reblip)

THE MARCH VIOLETS B2 Electric Shades

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Figures on a Beach "No Stars" MTV video

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apotygma Berzerk-unicorn

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rebelletsjunior Hmmm...wasn't this originally done by Olivia Newton-John?
rebelletsjunior @mimiMH: thanks...reblipping...too lazy to think of any song in mind.....:-)....on the verge of sleep! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior @ultimateanswer: "The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning Live at Max's Kansas City / and Jim Carroll holding the microphones..."Thankies!!! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior ah yeah! Thanks and reblipping!!! (reblip)

HeartBarracuda (1977)

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rebelletsjunior I don't know if anyone remember's this classic!

Prince 1999

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rebelletsjunior @TheGartna: "Ex Waterboys member. Good song."...thanks and reblipping! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior @TheGartna: "One hit wonders rule"....I almost forgot this song! thanks for reminding me:-) (reblip)

SexbeatSex Beat

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rebelletsjunior @FLASHBACKFREDDIE: "Here's the horn section~~~"...yup, enough to wake everyone up:-) (reblip)
rebelletsjunior tripping over this...I don't know why....
rebelletsjunior @Lunaladee: "good night, pleasant dreams ~ rb@GothTinkerbell: "night lovely blip peeps x""...thanks and reblipping! (reblip)

Pan's labyrinth lullaby

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rebelletsjunior @djpuggie: "@mejules: "@star45: "The Kooks – Too Much Of Nothing"""...hehehe...thanks and reblipping... (reblip)

The Kooks - Too Much Of Nothing

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rebelletsjunior a later version...for aaron james kojima and the rest of avayadown....hope you guys like it.
rebelletsjunior @Dancer12: "RB@dANGELofLOVE: "HI! I Am Here! TYSM For The Nice Song! HUGS >>>@avard: "WHERES ANGEL"""...for Avayadown...reblipping (reblip)
rebelletsjunior @mizannie: ""go forward, move ahead!" ...thanks and reblipping upon request.... (reblip)


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rebelletsjunior another version:-) matter who remakes this song..still magical...
rebelletsjunior @DamnTheMan: "Pantera – Drag the Waters"...thanks for mind is blank right now... (reblip)
rebelletsjunior finally found this! the lyrics just kept on playing in my head a while ago...
rebelletsjunior I was around 10 or 11 I make that 12 or 13...
rebelletsjunior just suddenly remembered that Tom Cruise movie...hmmm....
rebelletsjunior can't find The Breed itself playing but thanks to Beowulf for covering this....:-)
rebelletsjunior this song was overshadowed because of that famous song of theirs from a sly stallone movie...
rebelletsjunior @DevinC: "so good <3"....thanks and reblipping.... (reblip)

The Time We Lost Our Way by Thievery Corporation

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rebelletsjunior @JimmyStagger: "Alright, 3:15 EST means time to go. Thanks for all the great stuff, as usual."....thanks Jimmy! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior for Vic, this one is for you, apologies for the delay!
rebelletsjunior I keep on forgetting to play this in blip...sorry...
rebelletsjunior enjoy everyone! Moving forward to tuesday!
rebelletsjunior for them haters....if you are experiencing this...this song is for them..P, are you hearing me?
rebelletsjunior why do I keep on forgetting to blip this song...ugh!

Oremuz-Angels Do Weep(Live)

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rebelletsjunior they have a new facebook per their myspace page...
rebelletsjunior I used to have this but I lost the tape that my friend gave least its here!
rebelletsjunior oh yeah!

Patti Smith--Dancing Barefoot

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rebelletsjunior I haven't blipped for days so yes, I'm trigger happy
rebelletsjunior @renothespinner: "Thnx2 Dallas Fan>@lilbratsie: "Journey – Any Way You Want It""..:-) (reblip)
rebelletsjunior good morning everyone!

Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain J Peel's sessions

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Cyndi Lauper- Hat Full Of Stars HQ

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rebelletsjunior yup..her first break.

Cyndi Lauper Blue angel Maybe he'll know 1981 performance

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rebelletsjunior @VegasLiveMusic: "She Wants Revenge w/ Psychedelic Furs 6/26 the House of Blues @mandalaybay_lv" (reblip)
rebelletsjunior and it's one way to start a conversation...old school way that works....hahahaha....
rebelletsjunior this one's cool:-) of my mp3 faves...
rebelletsjunior "I'm The Mono Messiah Of Your Stereo Desire"....profound:-)
rebelletsjunior :-) this is an essential track that should be in your mp3 list:-)...just me talking out of my head...
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