redduffman I can smell the whiskey burnin'
dean mood music... how to compose good music with samples lesson #94
redduffman Big, wild and half insane
dean love the atmosphere in this one.. and in the right timezone for London UK

Zero 7Monday Night

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dean Bonobo make trip-hop / downtempo into cinematic beauty.. I want this played to me when I'm in a coma


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redduffman Best Bond tune ever.

James Bond 05 - You Only Live Twice - Nancy Sinatra

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redduffman Please stand for the national anthem.
tangledcord Bleep bleep bleep bloop!

High PlacesGolden

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dean great cover version... marvellous re-interpretation
delboydare Why? Cause when I was 5 years old I wanted to be a super spy like Joe 90 & it makes me smile. So there :P
dean "Out in the west Texas town of El Paso" sung in the south London town of Croydon... every word... every bloody word imprinted...
redduffman Have you checked behind the fridge?


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redduffman Current Steven Seagel trailer.

Marc MoulinBalek

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dean wicked reggae track with the best title: Hog In A Ne Minty - major props if you understand the patois :)
redduffman Legrand does Bond from Never Say Never Again.
MrsFiddlesticks quirky - but quirky is good sometimes.
hieronymus someone goes and mentions Tainted Love, so I have to play it.
redduffman ... the orbital way, only this time with the right track.

OrbitalLush 3-2

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francesco Heaven is the place where nothing ever happens.

Talking HeadsHeaven

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francesco (Right title: "Is That All There Is) Heaven is the place where people don't ask themselves questions but break out the booze and have a ball instead.
francesco There is another version of this song by J P Harvey, but I couldn't find it.
francesco Welcommen, Bienvenus, Welcome, ins Kabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret.
redduffman There is Happy Mondays and there is Happy Mondays. This is Happy Mondays.
dean here is the clock.. the Trumpton clock...


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dean OMG i am transported a million years listening to this (which totally expresses my childish mood today)

Retro - Camberwick Green

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dean OK, Blipscope down.. I have an edit to edit. Open Rights Group, I am yours, chopping like a ninja sword-wielding banshee
redduffman A little Massive Attack to clear the cobwebs.
secretlondon This reminds me of last summer when it was on a tape played in camberwell squatted centre.
redduffman Just imagine the sun rising...
redduffman Coming up next Elizabeth Taylor but first will you please welcome Tony Hatch and his orchestra.

Tony HatchMan Alive

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dean I have no shame in pimping my fave MySpace band the wonderful and eccentric Unio and Petitio - this is Bamboo Wig (I'm going to make the video... !)


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Danacea Never fails to give me get up and go; thought I'd share some round this morning!
PrinceJsJukebox @afriendofps and with the new day it all begins again...

The KinksAlcohol

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redduffman Looking for something else and found this...
briangreene Wonderful World, Beautiful People – Jimmy Cliff
delboydare That's what happen's to me brain juice after 38hrs caffine misuse. I feel fine. Honest gov.

GorillazDirty Harry

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zenzi get up in the morning slaving for bread, sir
christofoletti atendendo orientanda do mestrado. O trabalho dela? Identidade de professores em blogs...
briangreene Music To Watch Girls By - The Higsons
briangreene Suzi Quatro like a 1970's KT Tunstall

Suzie Quatro If You Can't Give Me Love

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redduffman Now this beats Lucy in The Sky all ends up.
redduffman Lalo does John Williams. Wow!

Lalo SchifrinJaws

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redduffman "We're stronger with you than without you!"
redduffman 'Please state the nature of the medical emergency?"
briangreene this always reminds me of back to school.

MadnessGrey Day

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redduffman A little Ska to help my tea go down
redduffman Ziggy play guitar.


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redduffman Rounding off my century with a Kinks double.
redduffman Suitably anthemic for my 100th Blip I hope.

The KinksShangri-La

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redduffman An appallingly uplifting track for a Monday. If you wish to stay miserable, don't press play.
delboydare Zbigniew Preisner's genius still takes me from sweet melancholy up to heart bursting joy. The nearest I get to a spiritual experience
redduffman Bond with Bongo... I mean bongos. A match made in heaven.
redduffman Not heard this version before.

FacesJealous Guy

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esav Tai Chi Meditation

Chinese Folk Music Relaxation Tai Chi Ch'uan Way And Meditation

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redduffman Scorpio and my name is Terry
dean at the risk of losing a hundred listeners, and in honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day: STAND AND DELIVER!
Netty das Lied könnte ich immer hören
philcampbell Right, that's it. .. no more blippage for today - my shoutcast server will have me skipping around thou - (itunes/winamp)
redduffman Paul Merton In India trailer.

ColdcutTrue Skool

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solobasssteve perfect Sunday morning mellowness from Metheny/Haden -
redduffman Damn good thrashing...

Musica Viva 01 Fawlty Towers Theme - Yorkshire Entertainment

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solobasssteve ahhh, the Twitter Song, first thing in the morning :)
Documentally Think I need a drink and a wash.. not necessarily in that order. I guess I could have a wash in a drink. Then a much needed sleep.
briangreene Sheila Chandra - 1st charted with this weeks after she turned 17, in April 1982
francesco In my opinion this version is much better than the original. And you should listen to "This is not America" sung by Juliette Lewis.
briangreene @jojofm i always think of the guy with his hand in the bin of ice trying to fish a bottle of heineken
Danacea @redduffman there's only one answer to that...
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